The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 14, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1859
Page 3
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NEWS. J. M, JLLLCOTT'S ADVERT'T. AND CHEMIST, *08 EAST WATER STKEET, HAIK <& TOOTH 1?1« IS.. KS. A COMPLETE and Kleg&nt assortment of London and American Tlalr and Tooth Brojshes, jnst received by ' 3. M. ALLCOTT, janl ' ' , 208 East Water Kreet. Pure French JUrandy. /"\tD POET and Maderia Wines, Nativ« Grape U Wines, London Cordial Gin, London Porter, Scotch Ale, Congress Water, ic., *c., just received by jaql J .. f J. M. ALLOOTT. L.UBINS' tiXTKACTS. ' A LL the new and choice varieties Lublns' .caps and Toilet 1'owders, jnst received by janl - ^' J.M.ALUIOTT. FANCY SOAPS Si SHAVING CUEA1UJS. A eOHl'LWK assortment of Olearer'a, Low's,Wright's andllagioj' Honey Soape,Uousseis& Peters' Shaving Creams and Gale's Shaving Oomponnd, for rale by Janl J. M.' ALLUOTT. . ALLOOTT'S conrporivD CAMPHOU IDE WITH GmVlCEUlNE. A 6UEB care for Chapped Hands and 'ace. Sore UPS, Sunburn, Ac., tc,, for sale wholesale and retail by • J. M. A1ACOTT, jant Druggist and Chenjist, iOS Eaet Water Bt. C O M KANE) Cs B K A REIVAL of an entirely new and splendid Stock bl French, English and American JEWELRY ! - Of Latest Styles, at A. K. VAW COTT^>S, Oor.Eaet Water and Wiuxauln Streets. Having lately disposed of most of my former stock, 1 exercised myself in searching at the Eastern Marlets for all Uie JVew. Styles aud Patterns, Which bare been imported and manufactured since the last panic. I have also purchased a large stock ol Ladies', aixd Gentlemen's Watches, With movements acknowledged as Uu most superior by the American public. uovSO John Marquis, Architect, JUNKAU iJLOOK, Is prepared t j furnish plans for all kinds of buildings at the-shortest notice. REFERENCE? : J. S. HtREIE,'] J"BX H. Sn.tHiS, LPMSDEB UBOTDBE, W THKAITS, S. FlKU>, C. E- DiNPOETB, DiKrOBTD a PritKres, Lonia B. MACS., C. JOItJB. Ieb20 E VERYTHING reqalred lor a full and assorted stock for a drat Class Wholesale and Retail Drup Store if kept by Harrington, and of the very best quality.— "I'rlceB as low as any other route " C. HARRINGTON, 151 East Water street, febS Directly opposite the Auction Uoom of Hie Excentrlr and Celebrated C»utn Wau J, H, CORDES& CO, Glvt finite? to their huBlne«« friends that they have removed tlietr Vfholesale Grocery HUSINKSS BACK TO THEIR OLD STANb,? Near comer ff EAST WATTtt A M» UKTUOIT vrv.. Where tliei will contiaue tht »(i,mt KS Iteretofurp REAL ESTATE. N O. No -.St. . Wanted ! 1 UAVE another chance for somebody U> get* good brick home »nil lot, centrally situated, at » low price, in accordance with the Umei, without paying any cash down. 1 will exchange the property for mortgage! on unencumbered city property, or apart can remain on the premises for & long time, «t a fair Interest, • JNO.&WKfcD novl2 .••'••• 18 Wisconsin Eire » HOUSE AM» WAGON WANTED. 1 11AVE « Dice comfortable home and lot near Spring Street lirirtgc to trade. Ilia-worth *8,(KiO, but I am Mtborized to offer it Ttti-$8,000, and to takefiSOOin Horse and Wagon arid other peraonal property. -The balance e»n remain on mortgag* on *>'* preinlBes. - mOsBrVSLD, decIT ' 18-Wisconsin street. LEASE FOIC JSAL.E AT A ISARUA1N. I WILL (ell a three years lease at a nice boost on the hill, In the Second Ward, at agreul sacrifice. It IB one of the most convenient houserlor a small family In the city. The pwnerfi going Into the country the 1st of March and therefore oDer» It for sale. Must be sold nl once to raise money. ' JNO. li. WEL1>, declfl 18 Wisconsin street. WHO IS FOli ATKADKP W K HAVE some very choice ptuperly, Improved and unimproved, which we will trade on reasonably advantageous terms. Duly a very little cash will be required to purchase sonic txctlleut property. We will trade a brick bouse and lot In Seventh Ward, a corner lot on Wisconsin street, a corner lot In First Ward, a One residence lot ou Walker's Point. Farms tn different stages of -improvement, and » variety- ot property, all of which we offer for sale cheap or will exchange for other property. We can offer somv rare inuucements now In real estate. JNO. 11. W KLD, novl2 18 Wisconsin street. 1 W1L.L. KXCWANGrK A GOOD FARM for a house and lot, or a good vacant lot lii the city. The Farm Is In Waukesha County, In a good neighborhood, and contains 140 acres, well watered and Umbered, a good house and barn and some fruit trees. A very superior tract of^and, and will be sold low, or exchanged for city property as above.— Here Is a rare opportunity. JNO. B. WKL1>, novl2 18 Wisconsin street. MILLINERY GOODS. HOI I - fc;S . ltKNTKl>. \TJTIL1.1AMS A KODB'AY will givt- to vKc TT renting o» Uunsrs. ParPJi-f lisvlnp Hous.-s Ui Rent, or^risblnp to procure ten^menta, will pleast cal at 19 Wisconsin streel- For Male Tlirap lor t a«.h. t ft THK Dwellmp llousr, with lease of (.roond, IsTEBEU «itoaU;d OB tlpt north east corner o( lliddir and lltjil Uilwnut« gtrerts, out o( tin- mnst desirable •^**"*locatione in Uie cit.v. Immediate jxisscysion given. Enquire of apr8-d4l GEO. SOUTHWELL, Jr. JtJS'l liKt'KlVKl) A'l' HUNK A C K O M B Y ANOTHEB KNVOIOI' OF CHOICE FRDIT, 1859 POPULAR TRADE, 1859 IN Ribbons and Milliner} b'ooiks. IUIIBONS! K1BBUMSI KIBBOiVS I TO MERCHANTS, MILIANEKS, JOBBGR&, DEALERS IN 1UU110NS, M1LLINKKY OOO1). J , AND OASU UDYGlUi IN ALL SECTIONS OT THE COUNTRY, TUKCAB13 ttlBUON HOD8K. U« OHAMBKB8 STRBKT, NKW YORK. ' JNO. PAKWELL. ESTADLJSBED 1S&8. \Vr have originated a new princlple^—a new era In the Ribbon trade, whereby we make this business PLilH, SIMPLR, ABti eTAPLK A& THAT Of BaOWH SUKKTIHOS. WK SELL FOR CASH I WK BUT FOR CASH I We are satisfied with & PBS OKBT PB^riT Ask no httoud Price. Hivve ull our goods marked in PLAIN FlOURES, BO that man, woman and clilld "buj alike," and receive tlit- sa".e value lor their mom-y. Oor Priren Tor best Taffet:i KibboiiH, all rolors, are No 1 12 »'U per pl»M-c, No. 4 :Ci\c e p^r j.iei-p, •• IX lt> " " •' C 74>i " "! " 'i 'M^t " " " S 87!« " " •• 8 SS)« " " " W 5-U'lM " No. 1C »1.47^ pet plecr. WE OFFER FANCY RIBBONS "ALL STYLES," "ALL COLORS," "ALL QUALITIES," AT PK1CES uKvriNG COMPETITION, ANIJ COR OASH ONLY. Oar«t>meiil VK vl.f centrv ol attraction IOT RIUBONS, "yuick Half-s," "Liphl ProoU," anj "(tood Value," for Cash KorCHKP! ROL't'll^" New Styles and Paterm, nl a navmc n' SIP PERCENT FROM CKKMIP I'll 1 OK*. Examine our Bamplrs, nud l»e coti\-ipre.l. ItLOND LACKS. QUiLTINliS, 1C , *C , Our lint- of UieseGoodg alwaya lulL We lrn|x.rl nn.l "Job" them at once for I [M.T cent advance. Markrd pnc-rs : till (inodp "in Plain Figures." A SAVING OF 40 PEE CENT ON THESE OOOIK- FliOM CREDIT PUCES. Our inlentior. l! to make tin- Ribbon Trade na iitaplr in rt-p^rd to prices &s tlonn-stir pooiln. Tn .lo llni. w^ must i-ell ONK MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF GOOI>? PKR ANNUM! We lire llniou Men. il No NorVh," "no South " \\> solicit the palronairr of MerrhantA, iii rvrry ni*ciiori <•[ the Tuiled tilates, and are the »t-r^-anu< ol all n IK. favor us with their trade and patronage. JNO. FARWELL, CASH KIUB(PN HO !>E, 116 Chambers strret. New York, B. w WAi.LEtt near tin- liudnon Riv^r Rallroail Depot. INSURANCE COMPANIES. P ORK KIMCS. io Btorr, lor wirl f /"lOslPlUSING KKIPbancls Apples, HfrrifUid Frail), 'K> Vy boxes of Oranges; 1U l»oxes Lemuiif. l.tHtu lb> Bjispberries: 1 cafe Kresh FIRI and I bwrel Peaches, all ol which we are sfllmi? at price* Ingly lo nl l>ri.-il KALOII^Il- teblC H AVING locatol himself ID Milwaukee, oHert hit sen-ices t<i Uie public In L has servitl in tl.r British Army forulu-en yeart,, in India, Uurmnl. and in the Crimea. j £0 Sarpical case? promptly attended. | f^?~ Office corner UurnL iiiil Van Burer. tt jao£0-d8m BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES W E are prepared ic our BmdDT-y u. Bind Periodicals or auythmp else in the torni ol Book, in neal and dorable etylet. ut low rales. l.nbh PTaiCKl-ANI) A CO by Sf.HNOEC'KHI. A OOMMISKH)N M 1-JiCHA NT.-.. Seal Rstait and Alm.f.y lirokm. NOTARIES PUBLIC, MILWAUKEE, XVIBOONSIN OrrtOf— Nn.4 Market Squkri-, oippnsltc the Old Post- Office. mart i mart Tlie heel assortment of the finest IVittrlicit, Silver \%are« Jen'rl FANCY Ever hroupht In MUwfuiker. Jnst thf thlii^r f< day preaenia. JUB! reoe)vt-d verv cheap f,.rrtvs MAT- ON A IXJO ilerl-- ty)} F>WHI Water slrenl. Mil waul e--. 11. W VKTI-'.KI'V All * SI B«i r«l>, KORMKULV Or CL>\ ELAND. u , ree(M-''i;ully i[if..ruiB iP.t llir rilir.eii!. <>[ MilHaukt-e tliMt, IJ. C 'OKSON, T O H N E \ AT I. A W A T HAS removed to OHir*. N.. I Slau DanL Building, corner ol Water and MirtHfuii .trr-. •<., 1,1 ;':wHuk.->-. All il au-<i i a m gr, n.1 h In . w ar ranltd. l- vv;.ti tup i-ra^Itr. In- .A ai,rt iJWk TuU D. st b.ppruve<l h'.vU-, nu.l, ti Lttt ronfidrncr r»f Uic , ht- refers to ttir follow jrentleineu, wh<- havt- eni- ploycd Mr Bfdhefui niany imr^ profess. onatlj ir, the eoun*<r often ye-Rrs We Irel jOHtibed ll- HayitiK "'al \i» pr^'lK-. is sui.fc ifr lo tht- ^cDt-ral ruL of \ cUrnimry fract ni.tM-re ELM t:lTV . D IANA, Concord, Union. Villapt;, B«rl.eccs uml l>el- awarf (irapt Roots L»«-t..rj W •.cklp.-rrj-'., anil BuUon Eaeplierry's Mr A v.,j'.- Ba)»-rior, IVaboHjY. llaalboy, WiVson'B Albinj hi.-tii!lmi:f anil Earlj B'-urlt-^ Btrawberrys, at wl, .l e! .al» or r. uul, on corner <•'. Kasi Water and Btr«-u,. Onlcrt snlir led and prompt ly Blled bj C11AS R 80UTUMA11), aprZ'i-dSl- AK'I Klin City Nuwrj John C. Morrav Wllso Wm. J ..iti , Try^r A C<-. M M Jnn KtrkUri Vjp-ILL find TT sp Mortp;i^'ea aoi] o having si spectior of Uondt and curltiefe offered for R.-ile. Persons Wishing to obtain Ltianfi or MortK&gef or oilier securltien for sale, rnaj Lnd it «• the Interest to file Will, me theii aiiplicatKn.s -or statement C SCHLt'V, yl«, Opposlt.- Walker lloatie It O O It V/ Book »l the TubliBtier's price We can furnts^ ^ ortier any book which cxisU, either In the Enjrlish or other lan^iiapefi We receive new j aa tuHuttd from the Presa BTEUOK ALNH A 00 hsv. them H'n, boonar C Iii HdJord U klli OF OLJir E Gi-«r 4 l *' Vjltlen, Jft.rue* Kelly, I N, A Brown, ! Jaroet Poley-i W J Qatain,' While 4 Newel MKMBERb or THR tluHHB bUKKIIKS'e nllCllfT/ J. K. Curtis, Win. Palls. Biiaa Merchant, Win. K. Adams.' (3T~ Oflice. Klrhj-'f Livery Stable, Malr. street ''•P'^^""^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ IRON FOUNDRIES. C H, Si-yniour l Hook -n ilrmiintl, &nd t retail. ' BTICIOKLAND A OO. %. H. I,OKI> A: MARBLK WORKS, Oorner tii>rinff nrul VAirrf Btrtebt, MILWAUKEE ............. .......... WIBOONS1N. T HE sabscribere raecate »ll ktnilt o{ Marble Work for Buildings, Tiling for Floors und every description of ITIAKKI>E WOBK.L We have in our warerooms MAN'l'LK.H Of erery description conBtintly on hand, at prices rangiDR from $16 and upwards. MONUMENTS AND 8TATDABV of all kinds executed at the shortest notice. .,../,_ febfj-dly A. H. LORD * OO- R E M O V A L . IKCRsEA^I^Or BUSINESS. L ADIES— your attention Is now called to the best stock of BOtfNETS, RfBBOlfS AlfD FLOWERS, Ever brought to Milwaukee, to be found at BI^AN^H ARC'S, VAUNTS KL.OCK* mAIfS *T. PKKIfllUifl J»B DOUBLE THREAD 8KW1NQ Thai took the FIRST I'KElttlUM & WIPI.OMA, tor ftunlly nse, at Uie Wisconsin State Fair, October 8, sj-e for sale at the Sewing Machine Enipori n in YOUNG'S BLiOCK. ocl» . OOOli WANTEL>. A GOOD one Immediately, a.1 261 Wain street. «.pf23-<nw ' , - gS^flresh »gs, receiv^thl. ft*^ COCOA SAMS. 'enison Boca »t HDNK 4 OHOSBVB. EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY LAVTON a PLA N BI r*Tfw D NKW KOOKS. P ICTURE? OP COUNTRY LIFE, by Al.ce Gary The MelhftdisL. or Incident? aixi Oharjutu-rc frnoi Lift in Ll.r l.ailiiin.rc Confrrnrr. liy M. Kletct'fi . F. TKRIiV A CO.. No 1C" Kart Water street- «*»d MACJH1NK WOJJKS Tl UTOK A NKU( <».1llt, Propnetors. No*. 2»(i, SSttK, .KM), »4>1.' lllKl *» I W K S T W A U 1 K K H 'J' K K K T Two block! below tl.p La Orossi R. E. I PjlANnrACTCBS HTEAM KNQINKK, (JRIHT A RA» MI.LLb, LINEBUAPT1NG, MILL GKAH1NQ, HORHEPOWKKiT PILK DRIVING MACniNKh, URI1XJK. RAII.IUPAI) »oJ BTKAMIiOATOAOTlMU8, IRON OOLUMNR, for BnildlnfTA, and every variety of Job Work, in tl.e best manner, and on the most liberal terms. The attention of Mill-owners and owners of Water. Power, Is particularly called to the 'TUTTL.K WATKH WliKKJ, As being by far the most powerful, dnrahlr anil ero- rfonilcal Wheel ever invented—not HaWe Vo ft-l out o 1 order, not affected by Ice or backwater, and using lea. water In proportion to the power produced than any ether Wheel in the market. A descriptive circular for warded upon application, free of charge. jan«-d*w L*Y T)KDWKtUNO, Store or Merchandlieliunredf II not; call Immetllatery and get them Insured In Hie following "First Class,"'old eslahllsheS and prompt paying Companies: •• . • ' .ETNA INSUIlANCie COMPANY, Of Hartford, Connecticut, ,. .- ' 1 X 00 HP OK ATKD, I N 18 t 8 . i. Cash Capital and 8arplus.....\ 'SlfBlfSa. 08 I7AKTPOKD 1NSUUANCE COMPANY, .; , . Of Hartford, Connecticut, 1 N C 0 B P O R AT B D 1 N 1 8 10. Csuli Capital and Surplus, ...|798,C82 00 IIOMK INSURANCE COMPANY, i ' Of New York City; Oash Capital andBnrplns,............»1J)7I,«90 40 lIOWAttO INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New York. INCORPORATED IN 1826. Cash Capita) and Surplus............ ...$388,960 33 'PIKKN1X INSURANCE COMPANY* Of Hartford, Connecticut, Oash Capital and Surplus,. .,.$419,084 06 1.AMAR FIRE INSURANCE CO., Of New York, O-11. Capital and Surplus,. $269,069 33 RESOLUTE INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New York City, Cash Capital and Burplus, (240,889 68 CITY FIKK INSURANCE COMPANY, Of Hartford, Connecticut, Oash Capital and .Surplus, $308,231 48 1 solicit business for the above named Companies, en. lirely upon their own merits and responsibility, anJ refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of all Losses heretofore, as a guarantee for the future. Pollcles'ls- sued without delay. W. UKNRY HOLLAND, Agent. JOHN liai.un>, Ass't. Northwest cor. Main and D. 1'. UiKBHjm Surveyor. Wisconsin sts., Milwaukee. septS BLANK BOOK MANDFAOTUKERS, KUIjEKS A BOOICB1NDTCKS. Bf"' Binders' Btoek, Printing Ink and Flat Pipers, always on hand In large quantities. , Amqoi Duureo in the Neatest ityle. _ _ i No. Sl» KABT WATRB BT M KKKKI.ANB'8 BLOOK, aprt MI Jj W'A U K K K . NEW BOOKS ! ! F.U TURK LI F E OK, SCENES IN AN.OTUEIt WOULD, BY GEORGE WOOD, , 1 F K AJ^ .-, J_H A; N C3 E. TIC I'STICKS OF THE Mutual Lite Insurance Ci.mpam, OF THE STATE OF WISCONSIN. for t/flti4Spt/*4- Wm. A. Lawrence, Morris U. Smith,. Jo*lah F. WSllBrd, Molomou Hutson, Benjamin F. PUley, Charles Norton, James Mel, James It. Knowlton, Jt.liu J. R. Pease, John I'. Dixun, Joseph A. Sleeper, Kdward 1. Dimock, DA% i.t Nogplc, II. ». Oolilns, Jutio 0. Johuston, Moies l'nrh»rJ. Ansno EUlreii U. H.Oamp, For Uilwavttt, J. 1). Martin, H. U Dousma Oharlea H. Kaehc, for L. J. Himeon Mills, Harwell. for Ravine. Jam - B. Ilrtolittle, Georpe 0. Northrnp, U. J. Oilman. Far BeMl. MMlticw 11. Carpenter, John llactett, Lucius G. Fisher. for Orant Cnunty.— J. Allen llarber. for PlaOvUlt.—la\ti\ 11 Rnnntree. For t&rUfftUvn. — Lukf Hloufhtoli. Ff<r NfAQ t>tyytnvit — James II. Earnest. for \mietmtrr. Autrustua H. Scovilli', M. C. Hall. ft* ShnUMtntrgh . — Georpe W. l,ee. J. A. HLKKPHR, President. H. W. COLLIES, Secretary. A. PHI Bin, Vice President. 'H. <;. tvii.sorv, Atrcnt* >ept2H M Wisconsin street, Milwaukee, Wis. l.lKfc: 1N8H :.ANCK. rilHK l'iuBtep« of the Mutual Life Insurance Company I t.l Liu- Klau- uf \\isronsm will meet at tln-ir office ji the cit> of Janesrille, on MomUy, the ISth day of Novt-iubt-r next, at 8 d'clork r. n. Mt-rtion ^ of the charter provnlea aa follows: The i.jwrations and bQBintas of thi* rorj.-.ratlim si. all IT rarrlnl on in the riVy of Jnnt-9vill«., at sui-fi >*lac*' as the irudtecs shall direct, EI> far ^ pnoripal cilhcr. Hutr.l Janrsville. Se-|.t It. IttiB By order, JOHN rait t>r U J (i HNSTON, o<-r»l Api-ii M 1 1 . W A I i K K K. t:iTV In .tlllrtiell Itulld lii|f , MlLWACKKK, \VlrO 71 1 < i.'HA I A 1'1'I'A /., $2oO,mm BOOKS AND STATIONERY. Co. MODERN PILGRIMS', &C. The Ministry of Life, by the Author, of Ministering Children. Mela, dray, by M. J. Uclntosh. Dora Deane and Maggie Miller. The Julia. Prince of the House of David — new edition. Livingston's AfrUa— 12 mo. edition. For sale by [febl») E. TEKRY A CO. A NEW SUPPJLV. TV ATURK and the Spiritual, by Dr. llushnell. i.1 The Land and the Book, by W. M. Thompson. The Power of Prayer, by B. J. Prime. Memoir of gtoddard. ' Bitter Sweet, by Holland. For sale by B. TERBY A 00., feb20 !«' Bast Water street. .JUSTICK-UOCKKTS. M ANOFACTDRED expressly for that purpose, out ofurst qualltv paper. K- TKBRY i CO., ,ey 'O7 Kail Wti.., ,1 A NEW^BOOit by John 8. Abbott. 1 ' The Empire of Austria. Life or Douglas Jerold. The M.o'.ftry of Life. JUeta Gray. Downing^ Fruits and Fruit Trees. Rt-vlsed Kdltlon. The House, a Manual or llonse Architecture. For sale by E. TKRKY, mart8 . 161 Kast Water street. WISCONSIN STATK DIRECTORY -AND— FOK Ib 58-59. PItlt'F. TWO IMM.L.AItS. THIS WORK CONTAINS TUB NAJUE AND ADDRESS OF EVERY I'EKSO.N ENGAGED IN BUSINESS O N hla own account tn the 8tale of \ytgronsin, from the Wholesale Merchant ami Jobber to the amali dealer. Keprraeutinp both the Mercantile, Manufacturing, Mechanical and Prcfessiooal lirnnrhfa <•! Imsj- nt-ss alphabetically arrantffil KI.<I (I ASMfllllt I IMIlKK THEIR BUSINESS DIRECTORY The following Lilt of Business Moose* »r..l Mafcufac- loring KiUblltnmenU are among the t»{ ami most promlnentln tbtlr.rMptctlvc lines of bralneu. apr2S'. ; ij. . :' ,' ' .". ' Architect*/ J, M, GROSSMAN, ARCIUTC4 T * SUPERINTENDENT, OFFC1E— JJO. 10 YOrSO's' NJ!W BLOCS. Plans and Specifications [or all kinds of Buildings fnrniatied at short notice and en the most liberal terms. jelS ; J _ HKAUIKUS. Information relative to Backs, (showing their capital, date of orsaniiattfui, circulation, km.) and value M securities deposited,) Railroads abd oilier ,n<-on M >rai*-rJ ' companies. | Agricultural And Manufacturing Statistics of thr i StaU-; a Sketch of th*- State by C.,unn«, a Il.««ricaJ i .Sketch of the :*latf, and a full and comprehensive Ap- j pendlx. •vAdvrrtiBrmeD'n of the lead>u£ Imslnccs house* : coniplruously displajc.i OQ iitilr-I pagca, invert ea?»-1 | through Ihe bod) uf L)if work ' Tf-f Bof.k la of full uctav» MIC. tijvndnf mrly printed, ' rontainiuj: about aU hundred papf> The advantage* j the htisiQcSj rotiimuntty denvr fr"W us central circulatum, an a bt-ok nf rpf«Tt*n<-p, throuyh'tut lh«- l f*talc, aod the priDDf al Rasirrti Cuu s nUi-rdin^ a_s it ' tto«&, a Vnif f xhlhtt uf tht pr<>« \1., l,i«u>rj , r*"*«*um-», statistics, wealth, in faot, n j«-rft-<-i rriMT'.r r,[ i.s t.yci ' nt-sa. In (if int-sLimablr- v\lu>f, stut raritu i h-- t<i pr-ner ally apprrr;4t.<t fg^' Ttit- Book will h*- i»-nl t»y mail, fr-f p f f ^-.tncr, on receipt of TWO DOLLARS. Law and Llhra ."IRICKl-ANP 'ksellers. Mil x< a«h Paul in. $1OO,OOO. P*ivtl. W^^kSI•. Kft.t.. HikHi:* (iici!>bk: HI HE CT" Rf C I' DiVlh. llr«r-nmtT. H. O^nuifc.4, \\ . A- PRMTlttrs H. KHUBaHACHT, JIIKIPH F. liu.l.. J is. McraLii, Urt>. DTB& . 1.. PALHEt, \ N?KNI», Prt-jiilcnl. A L. WAI. HATH. M -r-l»r) M XTII ^ WIS( JON SIN For flair «t fehl'J J'l KK'S A NKW MAI', sho^liu! H in Kansas, jn-il ri- icKi.Asn * I Ka-l W»u-r - ri-:.\K. e Ui.ule I, nve,l h) ."1 KI U K ' A.M> t i Tl A KIM, .. T 1I1V nmlrrsiirnen ,. ,.. anil Fire Risks on i r Wrplern InBuranct- Co . f-f rater a* l>r oUifrr of this weil-lcni-wn. !'.n(.- ,. ito rt.nndrri |.»rr<l ..loc*- i <v>w.-cii I li . • kr M». re', m Uic Nortl. York, st as low Tnt re|.utatlon ompany *-ntille> C SMOKK1 ) 1 l.\ I .1 .1 BUT 1HOII.K Smi.krJ llnlliDuliu ; III NN i I'lmsi novfl HORATIil HILL, Agrnt, HI . nir,- ..f II A i. V. II.IV <- I. 1- A I.I . TO., BY STATE AUTHORITY, WISCONSIN CiKNKKAI. INSURANCE AGENCY 1 3(! RAS Mil. WA I'JCEK, Itilltu/.irturrrs an \VATt-:i< STltF. !•••! il ITWu/l/s anil ArUill W ort.n r f -, • tr. N'.lll , ^ r lu- i < HAHTF.ll OAK KIKl: I > S., Conn V CA.«U Ag.-iKTS J.".ll < <>., iit«-n;<. WORTH A!Hr.KI<-A> I III F I > S. t «. Harllonl, Conn. c A: fti ASSETS faM.scn it U"F.STF.K>' II \S-<. FIIIK I>N < «»., O' Plll«he|.l, M».S CA.itl A.SSKTT.a »20i,C»<) 41 CO>\VAV FlItK I>M HATVJ i: < «>., Of Conwaj . MJLC&. CAfll AgpKTf t2*.'i,4,M 47 HAIirDF.N FlItE INsrKA\€ - r <0., !*prlnirneld, Mass. r». u n A.sfrrf .. .... »«. p ..n«p(i 1.1 u \it u rim i-MS. i Of Phlla.|p-lp»pla CA.«H AHffT? frlxl lt«l s.-l-rlf found iti tf.r ^i» Nr-ri-lof(.ri-, will, Tf> ** maoy new rastotutrs .v US a .-aJl, Wr w<.tiJi1 «av nn«- o 1'tirk, anJ we h»v. t\. ihliea " uficiurc of fr.r-<l* iliat ran r<- all timtrS rea-Iy U-l».ii- .-,.,J> ni jind tiiTp luri-D fi:»l'le\l t» rt k.ll<Ilt of pnf,.tl», wtnrli Wr '' lowest pncr* ir. \Vr3tt-rTi ^ r We art cotatanilj rtrWTit and wilt kppji tt so roiuj.lf-u- &* i« c. fill cr.lem fnr any kirxl ..< ^ixl.Ht inern' <.r Trunk Maktri 1 HU>rn, ar><J ner to give daLislariiun in refjH-ct lo We t\l*<j kt-fji afj assorldrtit nf H.-ut FelloeR, E-pTifc*-.*, Hubfl, Ac., Ac . an.) h «rul, or will mm-Jcf u>oijrr. nujL rifcge, Wapon or Team liaru^si Ofcll and aee fnr younflv«. ! IMTKD <*TA'|-FS TIAUN The Fann»-nt Loan A Trust C.-m 1 ' Tile Milwaukee A Superior R .11- ( . I i.-.r.s lc. "u .ir at all iin »rnapr Tn an ! [.ru-r» 'l-if'S, tih»fLa .nsinnily or: •S SAI.I.- I2S4.7W 78 J. W. t'rain, City of , J'.hn SU- OFPIOK, NO. 8, MARTIN B1X3OK, np STAIRS, I mar29 Mflvaukee, Xflsconjin. ' LEDYARD'S ADVERTISM'TS i ' (ii,.urrir<I \V x»t l*-r.i,n(r, and rl . J A<»KNC:Y K>H -0»1 Pale € SAI.K sday, Ji rram f this l I'rl { HAVE oonsUntlj on lianrt, a f<ill supply i celelirateii Ale. Onl, r > fn tn tlie c'cunlrj- a' rate l)fmse> mup' Vie arcom|iliBh 1, casli TOT AI.E A N n CASKS. On the return <•( Cunl*, Uie prict- |>aiJ for th«-m will he refunded or allowrd for in account. JOHN W. LKDYARI), tirocfr and Win* I)e-al*-r, mar24 1C1 East Water street, Milwaoit-e.- < II \ JVI P A « i\ I U I ft i;. i-f \Vi the ftb on Tu Ihe h the City nf Mila-JUikff |.n mi».-« ni»TiH> tn-il i ruu^e, and Jr-B^ nl-*-d H. bud in futurr ici l»e ai'tj t> and r t al •;^lItLe ul t/, and Super «ir Railroad the Dr-i rlivisu.n of u 1 in«l hy \tm.uf of & Jr- rrr ma.lf jrl of the Uiule.I Ma'ra, »»r thr I u tK«r DmeteentN ilaj ..f Maicf,,! l*-'l c»uir, 1 sNU' »f-u «l f'ul'l.c A o «i»> i.f Am-um. ln.' :1 •)'.:) froilt thr Hi*-}.* (if ttlr (."U«lt [U Ho a I n.n.J iar. it.*. ill <if ,-. ni(.laiQt it, , real a^l |«-r*i , present i pr»jj>rr- 1'ity ut Oreen Ua.v in na..! Siate of tanre uf orn- hundrr-d an*! twenty ni ri^rht of VKj . »n<] l&hil occupied liy 8 naitl roatl, (-ubjrt-i to the ri^M, i t at.i ilcK-mlaiiti Stewart, Allrr. WuotstK. or eu-hrr of U.ein, way h*v tit muliinp s»i i tlerr^f, lo lan-l u[xii. CASES of this Celebrated W ne, in quarts and pinU, Joel rt-relved by JOHN W LKDYARD, Grocer and Win*- Merchant, | an 26 161 Eait Water street, l.A YKH KA1SJNW , I N quarter, halvei and whole boxes, a larpe lot jusl received ai JOHN W. LRDYARD, \Vine And Ti-a fiuire, jan&G 161 East Water meet, Milwaukee. by NEW BOOKS! A NKW History of the Conquest of Mexico, by R. Wilson. The Austrian Empire, Its risf and present power, John 8. 0. Abbott. Thorndale or Conflict of Opinion', by William 8m I Hi. WhJ Bporti In the Par West. For sale by TERBY * OLEAVEH, mar* 167 East Water street. O PPOSITE THE JAIL. Street Thoughts, by Dexter. The Higher Christian Life, by Boardman. New and rood Books at B. TERRY A 00., mart 167 Km Water sL GOOD CHAN OK. HOUSE AND LOT FOR SAI.F, CUKaP. C BE nndcrsipied will sell his House and Lot, now I occupied as a Tavm by him, situated on Main st,, Racine, Wisconsin, Dear the Steamboat Lftndng and Uie K. & M. U. B. Depot. The house Is located on the best business place, and the House as well as the situation of the Lot, would answer for any branch of business especially for Wholesale Store, which branch Is already now projected at that rerj locality. Those who like to make a good bargain, are requested to apply atthetmder.lEned. , OH M EARTH. Racine, Jaoa»ry 86.1859. )an27-<lEin NEW J*. «. MOLASSES T"> EOKIVED bj flnrt boat from Buffalo, 0,1 li *prt HBNN4 CBOSBT'A fjlKREA IAPOMOA.80 <™%%'XlJGTON, { e b8 , At 6 ceaU. per 100 Ibs.J|' TI'RKINH I.ATAKIA T«»IIA«'«'O FOR M K K U S C H A X) M P 1 I' K H , M ANUFACTURED exprensly lor the London Clubs, a superior article for Hmoklnp, jusl received and forsaleby JNO W. I.KDVARI), tel>19 Grocer and Wine Dealer, 1C1 F.ast Wntrr st. N KWARK OIDKR, Champagne Cider, In qunrt tot- ties, better than half of the tmi>orted Champagne, price MB per doaen. JNO. W I.KDVAItn, fi-blS Grocer anil Wine Dealer. N EWI1URG, N.T..XX Ale, In |iinU!, a fresh lot ,ust received at LED YARD'S Wine and Tea Rtore. ery superior article just LF.DYARD'3 Wine and Tea Store. |7"ENEBEO BUOKED SALMON, just received at IX^ LEOTARD'S febia Wine atyd Tea Store. fet>l» I TALIAN MACCARON1, recvlveil at febI9 >~B. BDTUia D. T. POST. Livery & Hoarding Slabh*, Pool of Mason sUccL, (on tlie T BE subscrlben have*e4n*T«t their«locktMim:Uie stable formerly occupied By them, corner of Main and Huron strectl, to the o\t estaMlshmeiit foot of Mason street, thai consolidating the two establishments,; making the largest ami best appointed Livery ectubllsliroentiri the West. W<- shall be glad to see oar old friend's and customers, tad feel confident that we can furnish them with Mgqod anil stylish a turnout ai any similar ettAbushment In the city. Thankful for past patronage, we hope VTmert a continuance of the ssme. ' ''"''.".,' \3T" Particalar attention gireo to furnishing carriages and hearses for fnnerals. • myl» .-;• BUTLER O. GV.JAVA COKFF.E -O r superior quality, a Wtf« the best in the city, at •orf. •.;•...;; ; HDHNtOBOSB ' .»< muin, a dm ile*, lueluiluu' ifie ild firbl dlvi*,.,ii -if ,T ciaan, whu-h the iit^, Mahm and e had at the litnr which »a.l t Rail- toitn f.'onnty. iflilk. I AM prepared to furnish the cltlseni of Milwaukee daily with I>(1KE rol'NTKY B1II.K rom Ui? well known Dairy of -»!. BARBER, Esq., at a fair price »n«l In quantities' from a pint to a puncheon. Those wishing to be supplied, can leavo their orders with Mesirs. Unnn A Crosby, opposite the Walker House. • T. P. Alitiorr, rny26 Yankee Milkman. AMERICAN CORNET BAND! CAI'T. AI.P.X. SCOTS', I.EADEK. I8NOWEEADTTOFTJENISU ANY number «f Instruments, from one to ' tweoty-t^o, lor Balls, Parties, Parades, Kicnniorii, if., tc., at reasonable rales. Apply or address Capt. Am. SCOTT ot at Hempsted's Music Ktore, ITS, East Water «t. augll ____ I >n &. mtlV-autaetlTTooting. _ MUHltAY, PK10K & CO., Seaman's MmnmoUi [louse Furnishing Block, IttTKON STKEET, or, IXD rUD-ias i« STOVES, TIN, * GALVANIZED IKON EOOHNO, Gutter anil Conductor Pipe. Also, agents for Uollina' celebrated Ventilators and Chimney Caps, Hot Air Furnaces and Registers, Ventilators, tc. &T" Orders thankfully r«eelved and promptly alien ed to. myS8 <><a« & stcttlll fifte filler. ISAAtJ JvlNCsyLi^, <;AS & STEAM PIPE FITTEK, NO. 931 EAST WATER STREET, WHOLlSiLi ihD ntTAIL DSiLIEIS UA8 AND STEAM PIPE.S, GAS, OTEAM AND WATF.R COCKS, GLOUB AND CHECK VALVES, ODAGE OOCK8, *e., Always oft baoU, a lariftf assortment of « A ^ *- 1 X * V K E S IVork done In a workmanlike manner, at sl.oit Dotlr. and lowest prices. je9-tily Itlillard ...... . ........ ^ ...Mnniilatiurcr III I.I I. \ It l> TAUI.E "HAM F.«'TOU\ VV 1 1 ,U Kl !\f lilh. M K K, Cur. Killli A I'rnirn -I., K iltiouriilown SI. ATE A>0 A K III. F. TOf With Dime, Triangular and Cniluooi Ililllard Table Cues, Balls, Ac.,alwayfl on liao.l for sale. 8?conJ hand Tabtea repaiml at low rat^i tSiT OKyiCE— Coroer or lluciJs sod Uark^utreet opposite Wetatein Uolt-l. my 15 Itooli*. .... A . . ^boea. N. I,. (ililS V\OI.I ) ,fc CO.. am IL DKil Kful Ill l.aDlltS', OENTl.WlKN'rl AS • i'HlLDB.KN'3 IIO«»TS, SIKli:s AMI (.All I US. U A SO X S T K K K T , Opposite thr V^ n I U r r H 'i n * '• . I' . \V K I N )'. 1C K N N K 1C , UlNCrACtl-HkR «SIl Iiktllu . 1(00 i'S, MIOF.S A \ II <4 i I I I H*. M). v4 SI'KIM. STIIK.KT, O i> n ^i « I t e A in i- r 1 r n ii 1 1 n n » r "••>'' Itool A MUM- ^lor**, >0. is IMS'! U V I I-.K Slid FT .M >MN I'l 1 l-.l .AN, KKU'S »l«-^y« nil l'»u.| ,n.".l .-u«l.,ni ra. t .l- llniu «n A!' kin. Is of Laille?' *ri I 1 inadr td . Ur In : V- 'ni. M F URNITIJRE S ALES OTJT!" -A. "3? NOTES, FLERZHEIBf & 'CO., B EING about to dissolve tht'ir Go-Porta«nhlp re, xhe best and Iftrgeit stock of ^, rhHr whole titm-lt FURNITURE -if! EVER OPPKRED IN THIS UITY, AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOB. THK NEXT SIXTY DAYS. THE MTOCK IS HEAVY, AND MUST B§. Mil,!) 218 and 220 East Water Street, aprS-d2mo RAILROADS. Wat. ABaraboolalltj 11 u, \VA.I liri.;. \v isi «» xi-.. RAILROADS &TRAWSPgR'N i* i: \ i >» u \ \ t •* , fine I^Ake, Ocon«nii«wnc, atertown t ove- umtua ai 4.20 p. m., arri ving in Milwautt-*- n 'I l~, Paasen^erti arriv;(i(t at Milwaukee by Hi-- MilwAukc--- Ohicatco K. R-, La Croaar A 1M K. R., &n-i Mil. A M..-. tt. R M or by Boat, c»a proceed to ihe above ^Uecu. OnonectinDS are made at Watertown with it M t '.N 1 >.\ \ . I'll li. i i.' ni, ,,.ll , ,.. ,< I,.,.,,. ., . • _ ,.'iiMi >* - - r fiina •>!! Uir- i.Hii PittsburgQ, !• orr. w iTlilwaukoe4& lloriron 3S. AND HTKAMBOAT LINK. T IH^ ONLY RO'JTS by vrhlch liajaen^er. rr.,m w&ukea reach ^Tur«i^3, Ornro, Butt* l>tt> iri OtihJkofA, Jfe«ntih, and J/rmu/ui the ,KUII. .luy onlv route by which [»asseoger> from AV'r / i, (fill* U'-m inn, H>- , mch .Miiiriuli-. it..- i.un- i», TRAINS LKAVK MILWlPKrli At ;.iu .\ M. «n.l '1 15 P M . »i..l ABRIVE AT .MILWAr'KKK *t 10.41) A.M «.;../ 4.2ii P. M Ask for tickets liy Mii«auii--c iri.l dor..--d rt. r vim Berlin je3 JKSPlSa VLIKT. Hup^noirn i- A HI l.i „,-» .11,. . ,-... , v Bi.1l.irj, F I'-iP.jr, f . . -<>n, .•,,!• ai(liei<i. iiu.iu.>. , ,. »rl» an.I W iieflllli.'. iu.| .M i. • l aylv:im;i, V rj.rn-,. \l ,tr , .,,-,., ,\ I MM t-.K. I •;>>!>. .\ KKAN( . r-.M I MJ< HKiAN CJKN'l'ICA I - A*) I>G. Western (Canada) Railv^ay 1:00 ,%. 13. - I- l:*)*> A . '8 . - ''1N< INN A fl HXPRK.": 1 .-«.. - t.-r^'i-t | \ rr v.- v. I j.; . r. i [• HMO ». M. l.-dHlNlN-r * \PriK .- ,-. ,, •-I" <••!, i »rr ^ ^1 t! l/.-tf .. t . .... -'lOt I P. t| .- Nn HriMI p. .Tl. - >K^ Y.'KK • '. :. II..-T..N n x r - x I r- I'-.-j.l ."-ilil r 1 iv i ^ • i . . *: D.lJ'li t. ! I < t 1 1 t^ I t 1C A K -> I- K , DliAl HH 11 liKSTl.KMKNS' \ l.AIilKS' l(t>nX> A Sllii \ > It 'IAI>I I tl Oil Dili. .\o. 'J I « i S nm \lnlcr Pit., b«-l\t«-fii 7l %O|1 &. \% 1%4-olif.l II »!*., iuyl l»)lllK A < 14-ulllll Ir.KNS'l' l.ASCHJ., or, r, • nl J >•" . « I • •- • • I '• r M T!?^''»'>"."7n''l"-.",'"!," ". w U V... HuSa. I !.*.«• ll .r n •-» '» i . . . . . M^J *.. [M.. r L.I - .t. *. I . :il * '. •,',..! . . . ' Wl)'.- K ...'•''-L . U." l.-ll • ! 'I -. . M ' t . ' Ji. . '• H'lPi I-,' " '»>. I Ml. .- Lj»k- t I'- ,:' .-r- : -• . l . , .. I'.-,-, ., . JT rHfc r»JSAL, SVI ' T T« t . fck Hlik. \\ ,.,. ali.I > »o.-j Ijjnt.Ci.;' :,.-. i nr, ru, U u -i. |i,.,i.k.L> > ,1. l , -,i >,i • Ih- i.,. -• , |^y- A' HI. .!• . I ' 1 U.. ,i • < », -T ' » ITT B « . u.t t, !><-lroil A Ilil. li.-t l • V -• i . r < In fl:i nil H HI. i, 111, III r. .T(.).-,i.J'] I I I ATI ;i .1. 1 . S A IIIII I , II VU > I --s ,v K I . U MAM I- ATI i i.l i. A i .\ ..ii. \ . • i i. '.»i >;^ No. «- »».,l » »lrl « i 1' '• A «> . r < > l l N ni i . V\ II II I I S \ | I It |; I «. < I s I . Si' - fTA.-T W \ I r i. Tl;r H , H j. , .-: i. -."••' . '.. ...i , Celebrated Uniou \voiks Cyl.iukt GUss. - M«.,u'i> ur..l»: l,'.- ,,.|. l •-.. < . T.« .. r'.l :-,, I . 1 - «-r ! u. . I , . • • . • ," '.\ sporting \ p |>» r n l U f n< U I'-, A i . \\ . < . C-< K i K A < < '., ( o n n i H N i o \ M i u < u \ > i FuUKt* i S AN!' I M ) \l KST !< ' K kl" IT.- Also, i? etiU ft>r Uir- uiif . i I- i rv \% ork *. NO. t «> \\ I S I O N S I N N I 1 K K K 1 f3ff~ D<>m«*!.ic Fru.U. .-f ' vrry .Irsrr pt..,n rr ei r--- Old lii.ick Mar l.iin- i» »* -'iaSl5—- i ^ -:». ( > M THY . IKS- V II. S I' A A N . STAI.1.S 94 11, .-K\KNril «Akf) V *KRhT UiPl'.*l VK(iKT\lll.l'J ( '•' »ll »n.N, !ir,t -irry m..rnin<, .h !-vrrril :' rr -<1 . h * r *-e i.. any [Mirt ' if., -ity, \i-..\ ; Meamlx.ats, .-.r nUier |..'». ^^ H .*p*au will tfl. .-f.rap f. r .-i.t.. *n I will fi-vv.- r t'ainl al»ay» the t.^sl »o-i <-»r',i-»: v r-k-r.lAi-'^'' L..H.-* I'xlillrr*. \ K.MS 1 lit.)' < , A' I H >N N 1,1 .l.\ !• A I N I i: l£ «,, <- U » I N I K •« . i///./<AA'.S .-1A/' •>///'.V ll /./'/Ay..s, < liic(L(ro nt.. t>«-l\vf>rn ?l a 111 A \\ntor. 1&f~ Particular altetilioD p^t.I l K aUomineir,£ l'«il I >.»<>. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT aiikee A. »l iw*j« y?^y-VTr-ir~ ~T*.r4£r- I HA 11, H< >AI ). i MI. SH< )K'ri-;>'i i Tiovr i\i»f. ni rin > i«>i j y 1.1 II ;i r r It r o I h 4- road company na^ locatedvita way, and for which no pensatioti ha» hee-n mt'^e HI ineni,) toother with the superstru. lure and track there- ti, aud all raila and other ojateriali u«cJ therein, bridge*, viaducts, cu I vert*, ftrncea, eqmpmenle, nect-fsa-y d*-p«»i grounds ami hiuldtnya thcreoti, bcfooffiti-j to thr Haul Ka.lroad Company, an<l aU rnlhnK nto< k, cnffine^, tentl*-rs, car», li><)ln, material* , rnachlDery, Oituren, and all other per- KODal proper!) ap|«-rtaiolnj; to nai-1 first division of bald mad, and aL n, h(» tht-rrtu, and nueresta t« be ac <|UireU by sad defendant, the Milwaukee and Superior Kail road Cumpaoy, togvltier with th* name and func- ttona appertaining to the Sai*i tint division uf said ruud, all tolls, rents and mcoroo to bt had or It-vied there from, aiid ail corporate and nther franchises, riRhl.s and pnvl't-peB of the said tiailroad Ourupany m or t.> or con r cr n i D f[ the same." Marshjl'e, Office, Milwaukee, Wla., April fi, 1SVJ M. J THOMA8, Un tn. flutes Marthal. District of Wisconsin. KMMOIS, VAN DTIB & HAMILTOH, Oompl'u Solicitors. apr21-dtt The Farmers I-oao & Tro?t Com 1 * pany, I vs. I The Milwaukee A Superior Rail- District Oourt nf roa«l umpauy, Ine Tnited Htales fur Oily ol H Iwaukee, th^ District of Wls- John Stewart, consln. Johano C. A. Allenlinp, In Equity Christian Hahtn and OottfrLed Wootsch. I T having been re/erred to a Maaier of this Oourt, tij- a decretal order of reference made in th a cause on- the nineteenth day of March, A. D., 1S59, to take an account of the outstanding bonds of the Milwaukee and Superior Railroad Oompaby defendant, secured by a certain tnwt deed on mortgage executed by the said Railroad Company defendant, to the P»rmer4 Loan and Trail Company. In trual^ Hearing datr first day of January, A, D., 18i»7, and which are a lien upon the mo-t- gaged premises deicrlbed In the laid mortgage; and of the number and holders op s&ld bonds' ; cf the amount due thereon for Interest and principal ; of the number and amount «f B '**! bond a, which are pledged or held aa collateral eecunty for defcis or obligations of the amid E&Urci&d Company , andlbe Emount of princ.pat and interest doe npon the debta or obligations for which men bonds are so pledged or held as security; and alao to examine any of the holdera of auch bonds, any Of the parties to this eult, and any witness Chat may be produced by any party interested in said Ccmpany defendant, as ft stockholder or creditor thereof, or tn the Bald mortfage or tmivdeed: And it being farther .provided in and by the Bald order, that all persona holding or claiming to hold ary of the aaid mortgage bonds, either as porchuera thereof In good faah, or as collateral security, hare leave to appear before ffald Maaterj anil be heard upon the m alter of such account and examination: And the matter* embraced in the said order 1 of reference having beeu given in! charge by the Complainant's Solicitors to the Dndenlgned, one of the Master of tula Court: * • Nctlce Is therefore hereby given, to all perions concerned that I, the undersigned, shall proceed to take gnch examination and account, and to proceed in the . matters tx> referred at toy toffice, lo the City of Mlliraa- Icee, In the BUte of Wlaeonsin. on thealxth daj of June, A. D., I8&9i at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, and upon otherfinbseqnent days to which sath proceedings may from time to time be adjourned, at which time and place all parties concerned, or >ome one for them are to attend. ; >- . Dated Milwaukee, tbta fiSlh day of March, IStO. - WINWaXD 8UITB, aprSl-<J3w Muter In Chancery. IIOi;f-» WHIN,SHIP. CARRIA(,k ANIi uEN\HrS !•• ; I'nllllrrv* <. lixyl« v r» A l*i\ |>fr.Hailt£i r% | IMITATORS UP WDul) ANDMAEOI.K, N <>. :i i) o > i: i i» ,\ s T u K F. r , A FSW iXiUKS SASTnf TIJg if-J A'A S'l Onl'S, N KI ,S( >N W KliS'l'l- K, \% l .%(». I !»«> U'KST U'ATKU STKF.FT. WBOLtHALW DBALKR III •v\/ In os cfc Hiiciviors Also, distiller of Port: Spi.rit* an«l Whiskey. sprtS Kcal I- »tntp A.... .. I n oil ra n r J(>Nh;H A WtilTKHKAl) General Land and Insurance Agents NOTAKIF.S IM Itl.H , AC., OfFIOK, rorner nf Reeil pin.l Or^pon jtrecti, M.-yi ,..«•'! Illort, Klllh \S ill attetpd to Ihe hujiog and »vll nji o( R«al rlstatc, Insuring Goods and Building in reepunalbk Compa nles. Attend to the Collection ot Accounts, MiilOK ml of Deeds, MortKages, Contracts, Leases, ic. All Collections Blade on accounts place.) in our han.l wVU be promptly paid over. A. O. J0»ta jyM KOBIIRT WHITEBUO. Tt-a» .. 1 of f<?c» TEAS Ai\l> W Ht> I, KS A 1, K. <ft K K T All. —AT— Koberfl finriiey'tn filtCAT \VESTE UN TF.\ STOHI H4 EAST WATKR STREET, Retail prices from 111 to 1S> per B> lower than any oths.r store in the city. Coffee Roasted and Ground on th« premises by the most improved methods. Jara 19c. Klo ISc. St. Domingo 12X. Remember the number 174 Kast Water st,,£eaman * Wing's Old Store. jyll Fluuo ._. ._ ._. ._-. Man u liif turorn JUSTIN * PI.ANKU, IMANO ITfAKEHS. MARKET STREET NEAR MARTIN, Repairing and Tuning Jorie cheap. Pianis constructed with a new grand action, which Is unknown to any other manufacturers t3f Pfanos kept constantly on han-l for sale. aprSn WALT, PAPER. WB KEEP A GOOD STOOK O» WAL.1, PAPKK, BOKI>EltS CHUTAINS^ "HE BOARDS, ETC., Which we offer to the trade at wholesale, or to the pnb- ' "•• BtKIOKLANI. * 00. l.:ii:»m ;;, I.a < Winona, Read a Land.n^ Rtd Wing, < bnnec ol I'mic. )l«mla>, \prii • i*.!«. I NT TII « I > I I \ X < s <! I I \\ V I K I I . 1 "11 \ ii , Arr'v n* *t .1 iri^iv I - : U) I' \1 Mn ! -.. n i J.1 P M I'nir - 1 i i ti -ii - '"I I' M i . tin.-, l nrf iv th :h. I'ri.Ft*. : i i' 1 .11- i .' n T K x i N i. i: \\-FS TI 11 u » i u i K .'. "5 P M , Arn>inir »l Jmiv —v il- •• .'.'. i' M Mn.i.. . 1" IKI H M l^~ Far. i.. ill p.,,nt9 ." ii..- M..)..- ,. I!.. , . H 1LI.I AM JKftVI J LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE 11 Mi. J;OAI>. 'Hl> l» I \ . X I'll I -' .1 Ii Si'KINO AUKANC JUM I-.N 1 «iHEAT KOItTII-\V > I ^ITI ll STATES MAIL A F \ Pll rvv A.\'l> OM.Y Ml UAH Kin TF T<) I. A (ROSSI. Oil Ilic I 1-PFK IIISSJSMI'I'I ltl\ I U. On luni nArr Mirniiay, April '^MS Two Through Express Trains Dailj, KKAVK lYllJAVAHKKK, KROM DEPOT ROOT OF PHKSTNIT HTHKkT IB roixowa: *«:43 A. n. and 12:45 P. II. Trains arrive at Milwsuber st 9:3O A. M. AND ii:3O I'. M Clone connections are maitt? at LA4Jro«!*u. Twice daily rnch wny with Mir Minnesota Pnckcl <"Oio"pan>*i INrw uud Splendid I nitrd Siutr., Jlml ol SK'iluiors Id A from St. Puul f nnct intrrmediiiic points. fST~ Passengers, by taking this route, will «ve li«> miles In distance anil IS hours time, from Clurairn <T Mllvaukee to La Crosae or St. ^anl. nwr ttiy tiUicr route. 'Mondays enreptetl. tSundaya excrptetl Milwaukee, April 24,1839. iN'S t'U. NISH'ii ro \. »c \ \ >. , ,, 5 , s if. <; Manager. L umbel* for ^. Schconer rashlnn, 224 tuns. Schooner U Newhal>, 19O tuns. Pcow Schooner Rugby, 1C3 tuns. The abpve vessels wlU be :ioM at very tuw prices Tu satisfactory security, Oood title. TAYLOR i JKWKTT, Buffalo, New Turk. Enquire of B. B. Jos*s, Mil *«kee, Wisconsin. febgft FAMIL.Y N EW York Mills Floor, constantly on, u mart: HUSN * CSOSQT'S. O O CD QD S aa e.' p 0 r 4 H H H Q H. H U S S i. 1 S'l'A'rH >NKK Y. o I' K s r <> «• K i: -Tl n 11 » r i: v E VKRTTHmOev«r keul In t Flr-.t Clana Wper an.l Stationery KstabllahinenL, »hlch we ulleT u |)ri.-e« which make It the inter-it for ill lo try us. in-.'-'ll ' STRICKLAND A CO. A LCOHOL 91 per ot. tt MEinufncturo's price,.

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