The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 29, 1923 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1923
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 1923 THE H UT C tt^N S ON MEW3. FAfiK THKKi!,. None ocnulno without this signature. WHY WE LIKE TO SELL N ARCH-PRESERVER slippers and shoes to every one. BECAUSE— They are the only genuine Arch-Preserver shoe on the market today. Because they give the most comfort to achy feet. Because they keep good feet good? Because they give the best service. Ask the lady who wears them. We are always glad to demonstrate. . 0*fords—$9.50 and $10.00 Pumps—$9.95 and $10.95 AT Phoenix ^ 'M ^Tjih Have you ho»e to ^i^25e*WHBBfcfc»^'*^_J noticed our We olooe at five o'clock beginning July 1st, except Saturdays. BURSTS AND DUDS-— DAVISC0URT TRAINS IN HARVEST FIELDS Wichita, Juno 29—Diok Darisoourt (has been harvesting nil weak as a nionn3 of training for his bout here on July \ with T&rro Miyalte. He is slioekiiij: "wheat for $3.00 a day and board and ho 'thinks lie Is getting about $6.00 a (lay 'Considering the amount of Ills eating. A friend of Dick's tnhes him out to the wheat-fields each niorhlog In his automobile. Ho goes after hm each evening. In overalls ami jumper, Dick looks like a real harvest hand and he knows his stufr. Even. Iii3 employer odhtUs he la no green hand when It couios to toastog the bundles. Dlok Isn't working In the harvest field fot. the cash :he gets out Q| It.- but toe Bays he has found that It takes off weight better "than anything else ho has found to do. Yesterday the farmer on whose place Davlsoourt was working had a little hard luck. ILls binder, stuck in a mudholo. But Oiat'a where Dick earned his $».00. Usually they have' to get sonio kind of a" pry under the binder but ft was unnecessary iu tills case an the big toy got his shoulder out aud the work wont on. T July Victor Records Out Tomorrow Stop In and hear them, Victor records are at their best when played upon the Vlctrola. , ~DANCE RECORDS * List No. Price. 19058 $ .75—Swlngln' Down the Lann—Fox Trot Great White Way Orch. 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Waltr International Concert Orch. Guy Maler-Lee Pattlson Guy Maler-Leo Pattlson Sousa's Band Sousa's Band Final road gam* tomorrow at Sapulpa. Mark Purtell will then bring hi* tribe home for a 13-day •tand during which they will meet, all of th* southern team*. Cleveland's Yankee* will accompany the Shocker* horn*. . - —i— The toam'a record on. da trip cannot be said to bo bad. It Ims won 8 and loot 8. To break even It will be necessary to win the remaining games with Sapulpa. A double header likely will be played today. —x— It lookB fairly certain ittoat Johnson won't do. He has shown comparatively little etuff and yields many hits and peases every time ne steps onto the mound. —i— If tho Shockers are to cop ths pennant in the second season which opens next iFrlday with Muskogee here It la certain at least one now pitcher of some class will have to bo acquired. Johnson hasn't the stuff, Bauor seem.s to have gone to pieces with •his Injury/Shelby has failed to •hit hts stride aud • Morbltzer Is not -developing like it was hoped tho would. Henry and Uoode can't do It all. • ' _ ' —x— . Wayne .Middleton apparently, has j cracked. The Kaws batted him out of the box yesterday but Joe Victor, Mat- j ty's other ace saved 'the day. Middle-" ton is~badly needed right now by tho Rentiers who-are plodding along on top with Muskogee ready itc-take advantage of. any slip mid move Ito top. The Koflners must play i'ho Kaws" wihile the Mots'dally along with-the 1%'ly Millers who will do well If thoy taTte two of the eight -games there. ' —x— Sapulpa, Bartlesvllle and Hutchinson wlll-»'have a 3 -cornered fight for third placo In t;lre first season. It appears. The Shockers retain tulrd' place today but a defeat might send them f> fifth. Loss of three stralgut eaiues by Ted Waring'* 'Be*rcatB has helped the Purtellmen. Bldori Shupe, southpaw pitcher . when .ho, isn't coaching various phases of athletics at Pratt high Bdliool, is 'having another big year with the Grand Island club •of the Nebraska State league. Shupe has won C and lost 1 game. Tho game he lost went by tho 1 to 0 route, Shtrpo allowing but five hits, but his mates got but three. •—x— Joe Bloomer, tho graduated K. U. Btar who declined an offer to pitch for Hutchinson in favor of farm work aud Sunday pitching for the Great Bend aemi-pco team, turned In a no- hit, uo-rtm game last Sunday -against Pratt. Two men reached first, none reached second. One man walked and another lived on an error. —x— Karl M-cKown, Pratt's justly famed polo vaultor, has taken up baseball for summer pastime." He was pitted against Bloomer In tho game at Ureal Bond and was nicked for 10 tallies. _ —r— Barllesvlllo Is going to stage field program similar to that held hero a couple weljksago as a fare well to tho llearcats " who leave the friendly village .for hostile camps Saturday evening. A lot of ,<;ash and other tilings have been donated for the occasion. Muskogee has returned to 4 o'clock as the time for starting games. Thoy can't seem to get it right. They call 3:30 too early and 4 o'clock too late. In all of tho smaller places It Is noc essary to start the games late. —x— The Snliua Union arises to assert that Ooffeyvllle need not bo so huffy over the transfer of tho Mlllor-Met final series to Muskogee. The Java-town alarmists are told that 3ulina wlll"do -its bit toward keeping the iMets iu their place at Muskogee, Saliua or any other place. - SACRED NUMBERS 1.50—Elll, Ell! Die Ncuer "Kol Mldre" .75—Saw Ye My Saviour O Tender Loving Shepherd .75—Sherheid, Show Mo How to Go Blest Christmas Morn Cantor Joseph Rosenblatt Trinity Mixed Quartet Trinity Mixed Quartet Trinity Mixed Quartet Trinity Mixed Quartet LIGHT VOCAL SELECTIONS LOO—I Want What I Want When I Want It Royal Dadmun Rolling Down to Rio Royal Dadmun .76—Down Among the Sleepy Hills of Ten-Ten-Tennessee - Blily Murray-Ed. Smalle Beside a Babbling Brook Georgle'Prlce .75-—Barney Google Georgle Price I Love r.'.e Bill/Murray .75—Underneath tho Mellow Moon Alice Green-Edna Brown River Shannon Moon Charles Hart-Lewis James- AMERICAN FOLK SONGS .76—Cowboy Song—Whoopee Ti Yl Yo Qrenn-Shannon Quartet Levee Song—I've Been Workln' on de Railroad Shannon Quartet A SPECIAL LiST C H "BLUES" List No. Prlco 190ai ""7BC —How High Is Up?—*'art 1 How High la- Up?—Port 2 76o—'Taint Nobody's Blz-ness If 1 Do. " < Trillin' Blues 75c—Down-Hearted Blues Waltln' for th* Bvonln' Ma! 71 19086 1606* 18791 Mall orders, odd 10r. first record— 6o for added records. Orders over S3 ..postage free," j-wjENKINS' V# SQINIS MUSIC CO. R. F. Hulland, Mag,,122 N. Main St, Arthur Moss-Ed. Fryo Arthur Moss-Ed. Frye Lena Wilson Lena Wilson Noble Slssle-Euble Blake _. Noble Slssle-Euble Blake 'Be—BaTtlmore Buzz—Fox Trot Eubte Blake and His Shuffle Aiong Orch. ' Bandana Days—Ons-Stop Eubi* Blake.and Hla Shuffle Along Orch. Those Interested In Blue* records wilt also .tak* pleasure iu thlo number already listed In the Victor Catalog. 19083 75c—I'm Goln" Away Edna Hicks You're Always Messln' "Round With My.. Man Lizzie Miles 19064 76c—l'«n Broke Fooling With You ' Rosa Mendm-son Good Woman's Blucc Rosa Henderson iJVe think tho Coffeyville howl jultlfled. Transferring a series such a close race just isn't done, •has 'been attempted in other days and always- stopped. We have just a faint suspicion that, the alleged Miller jinx ou the Mots win crack on this series All of whioh gives tho Coffeyville Refiners a harder row to hoo. —-x.— A fair fan who baBhfully wishes her name withhold writes utt to •please have Mose Solomon hit one • Ivor the fence some day when the ~- Golden State Limited is passing. "I've always wanted to see the ball go through one of the ear windows,'' ahe says, "or to fall so someone on the observation platform can catch It." Mose, do your duty. —x— •Solomon doesn't get far with his homers away from home. He left home with 19 to his credit and it looks like he'll have to get his twontleth here Sunday afternoon. —x-Pick, SlhootB, Banks, Lenten and even Purtell are hitting them over but Solomon has apparently lost 'his eyo temporarily. —x— » Eddie Hanks has filled a mighty big gap with tho Shockors. Eddie iBn 1 tho flash Kelly Wales ls-hehlnd "tho bat, thinks' and acts slower but is "good enough anytime for tho emer goncy and looks to have pnsslblltl«8 at first base. Ho Is young and close application might do something in-baseball. He has been sand lot­ ting here for several years with various amateur teams and has always been known as a good fielder, whether Infield, outfield or behind tho bat. His weakness was always with tho ntlek bat since joining the Shockers he has wielded tho-muoe cunslstontly ami-is above the .UOO mark. Summer Suits $15 to $40 Knox Straws Cool and well dressed at on< Beautifully made summer clothes,*with an air to them: different only in fabric from the smart clothes for winter. We are proud of them. Mohairs, silks, gabardines, tropical worsteds; we have 1 them all." Tailored with equal care. Manhattan Shirts ftoridy Brand (fibthes Holeproof Hose for men and women SAPULPA POUNDS PITCHERS HARD Cleveland's Yanks Take Opening Game of Series by Score) of 16 to 4. Sapunpa, June 29.—Tho Sapuljio Yankees fell on "Bauer and Johnson for a total of eighteen safeties in the opening game of the series yesterday and won from the Hutchinson Wheat Shockers 1« to-4. The Yankees iced tho game in the opening Inning by running In eight tallies. Bauer who started, was wild aud yielded hits Iu the pinches and was quickly jerked. Johnson who re- lleve»d him could not stop the Yankoes until Beveral more-runs had scored. Matthews, local southpaw hold the shockers safe at all stages. The only time when the visitors were able to bunch hits off -Matthews was 'the fourth when JA >Bter tripled, scored on Solomon's two bagger and Solomon came home on a clean single by Pick. Johnson -was iu trouble throughout the game and the Yankees ended their great hitting spree with almost as hig a spurt as that whioh marked the start, scoring five runs iu the eighth. Willard Grows In Favor With Bout Approaching OTHER GAMES IN THE SOUTHWESTERN LEAGUE Muskogee, 2; Snlina, 1- •Muskogoe, Okla., Jimp 2!l.--Olson's double scored llabbitl with the winning run and enaitU'd the Musk"^"! Hhurtstop to get rcvuigi' on hit* former teammates. 'Mu*lttim!u won 2 to 1. Moth Muskogee runs wore made by meu who had walked. Score: SaUna Oerali | lent ft Hutchinson— AB R H O A Purtell, as 4 o 1 3 5 Foster, 3b .-.3 1 1 2 2 Lemen, 2b 4 1 2 i g Solomon, 1b 4 1 1 10 • 1 Pick, rf 3 0 1 1 0 Shoots, cf 4 o 0 1 0 B »nks, c 4 0 0 8 0 Coats, If 4 \ 1 o 2 Johncon, p f 4 "jj , Q g Bauer, p 00 0 0 0 2b Hun.', lr-cf Tati .Hl .'io, lb S; JI lull'], rf HJlWlffH. Cb Oils. 11 Nuttiui. nt I.".'liny, If Koullnn, p ah h pti 0 : Munk'>K«l« . ct Itiihbitt, lli.H^on, l.ltraui'lilRf 2I> S U'.'IZI'I. If 2|Ouylirook. lb Uiflufrnmn, rf''liil(0. 3h 2|l-'t.iTest, o OlJtuHh, y 30 4 24| To! ci.La Hi. h 110 i 1' si 1 1 c. .1 0 2 t 1 s 2 1) 3 2 1 0 2 0 4 0 0 26 4 27 Total* .34 4 8 24 18 0 Sapulpa— AB R H O A E Wllles, 1b 3 4 2 12 0 0 Kelly, 2b 8 1 3 3 2 1 Scott, cf 5" 1 6 4 0 0 Fllppen, ss 4 1 0 1 8 0 Cleveland, 3b 5 1 2 2 3 0 Funk, o 4 1 1 4 0 0 Brown, lf_ 2 2 1 0 0 1 Adair, rf" 4 31 0 0 0 Mathews, p" 4 2 3 1 0 0 Tolnls Scoio by Innings; I Sulhia 4)00 tOO O90—1 I Muek.jgoo 010 4»l 00 .x- a | Suinmary-~2-hiute liibi. Di -nny, Ksmuie, i Olrton. 3-i, /hit. Briiuohl?. .Sun ifluo! hit, Muro. Stolen uas <-H, 1U.W,UI 2.! I>'jwbli> rcluy. Herald to flio-Hliio. Suui -k : out. by HoiilK.n 4. by Kush 4. B USHIS mi ', hulls, oft llnulton 4, off Itu.lh 1. Hit: batsman, Kabbltt, ForieM. Kunn, Mare, Habblt.t, Wetzt'l. Krrera. Olson, Olay- brook. R*nnvt}. Tinio nt i;am>\ 1:25. I.'in- ulres, Wilklnaon unci llondurunt. Independence, 5; Bartlosvllla, 3. Bartlesvllle, Okla., June 21).—-Mc' (luire was driven to"tlu' showero in the first innlug and Independence wou the- first game of tho merles here, 5 to II. Score: Indopymlonoo ) l;av-!l.:f»vlllii --Acreage nit of timber in this country a year is about' lO.OOO.OuD- Big Jew Willard once more 1B hard at work at his tralulng quarters pro- paring for hlB battle with Luis Firpo Willard says 'the fight with Floyd Johnson helped him a great deal and tie will be In much better fonditlon for the South American, Jess will have to bo a great deal better than the day he licked Johnson If h»-is to taker the measure of the Bonior. Immediately after that Htfair tho general impression was that Wll-I lard would not have much chance] against the hard hitting Flrpo <ma It was predicted that tho Spaniard would be a 3 to 1 favorite. During the few week* that have elapsed sines the Johimon bout Wll- lard's victory has grown in tho public mind and hie faults have been forgotten. Hlght now Plrpo Is only a 1 to 5 favorite and by -the time tho men are ready to eater the ring tho betting may be even money. In tho Jong run the early impression may prove to be tho more accurate. Willard'H victory over Johnson was a remarkable feat for a man of his age, even when It 1« considered that Johnson could not Total* 37 16 18 27 11 2 Score by innings: Hutchinson 000 200 011— 4 Sapulpa .800 021 05x—16 Summary: Home run*—Mathews, Brown. Three-baee hits—Foster, Scott, Funk, Mathews. Twojbaso hits—Scott 2, Solomon, Cleveland, Lemen, Willis, Coats. Sacrifice hlto—Funk. Stolen bases—Coats, Scott, Cleveland, Willis 3. Struck out—by Bauor 1; Johnson 4; Mathews 3. Double pl»ys—Purtell to Lemen to Solomon. Hit by pitcher —Adair, by Johnson; Willis 2, by Johnson. Karned runs—Hutchinson 2; Sapulpa 18. Base off balls—Bauer 3; Johnson 2; Mathew* 1. Left on basec—Hutchinson 8; Sapulpa 9. Wild pitch—-Johnson. Umpires—Moody andl Quigley. Tlme^— 1:68. Hahn, of | Mltctht.ll. 2b ' Mason, MS Kvntr* t|, eh 'nflold, 3b Wi.,1,,-11. if iJlllaul, If i Brown, c , ( rioyel. 11 ah It [to 4 2 2 1 3 1 4 1 I 0 u I 4 0 4 1 > 0 lllliillcr. 2b 2'Wllllii. If Zl'.'lillllpa. rf 1 King. 3b 0| vinliliiiu lb. ilJIevinK. of llli'Mi'x. »:l 7 l,;imb, c. O.McOulre, P flrunor, y ab h po 35 tl I ZDIdeiveove No metal can touch you Buy Wideweave PARIS for their style; wear them lor their comfort. Longwear in every pair — always higher in qualit7 than in price. Say "PARIS" when you buy. "3000 Hours of Solid Comfort" A STEIN & COMPANY MAictrtn . HKKOSY Can.,. N EW Y ORK. enough to break a paper bat;, but ho did nothing that would indicate lie can boat Flrpo. Wlllard'a defense was .wldo open. Johnson was able to bit him almost at, will. Wlllard'B hitting, though poworful, was very' slow. He Was not half as fast as the senior and his blows lacked the snap that J^rpo can put Into a wallop. Willai-d's otiiu chance to wiu I« to land on<> of his powerful right, upper- outs on Mrpo before tho latter gets Bdirtwi. As I'Mppo ia so much faster and more uggressivo, It noos not stem possible that Jcso -will score first. Once Flr .jK> begins throwing gloves at .Teas the latter is likely to be too busy to do much hitting on bin own account. 41 is one thing to counter a blow so light It dooa not have to-be blocked and iiuite aaothor to oouutor Mt, hard'vrti6!i one has been badly hurt. Totala 32 7 27! Tolals tioore by innlntra: Indo::titidt'no« 400.000 100 IJartleivllls OlO 001 ltW- Summitry — Kurnt ^l ruttts, Ha?-llo.*vlllt' Inuoponjjcjnca 2. 2-hasa hlto, Woote HevliiK.' 3 -baHa hit, King. Kacrlflco Mitchell, Boyd. Hauk. Buses on balls, off j Boyd 3, off Brunur 7. struck out. by 1 Iloyd 6„ by . Brunei- 4. Double piayti. Mafton to M!t6hell to J-^vans 2: Hank to Under. Tilt bafBmon, Hahn by MoOulre. Sohot-nflctld by'Brunt -r. Huns, Hiihn 2, Maaon. Evans, Schocjnflblci, Willi*. KInf;. Caahlon. Krrors, Evaita. Uutlor, Willi.". Ijlmb. Time of uatne, 1 :f>3. Uruplr", iJodwon. Coffeyville B, Topeka 7, Coffeyville, Kan., June 29.—After knocking Wayne .Middleton, ao.o of the Ileflners' pttHilng staff, from tho mound In the seventh and taking u 7 to 0 lead, tlio Kaws let tho Ilefinors slip up ou them and "Score two runa •Iu their half of the seventh and win tho opener of the series hero yesterday, 8 to 7. Tlte'score: Topoha - I r.'orfc'yvUU b h po • ab h po I 1 J Ktibdot. 3b 4 11 4 E 0 Iltt'-hanl, o 4 1 10 1 fi'Hyrne, lb Kn(:aves. uu Strohin, tb Dlc-k, 3t> aiatthewa, of kakouf, cc», rf ric. iitr . Ilcna, o Jonas, if llroaa, P •Citoke* lb •1 I 2 a 1.': 9 8 "i Matthctws, Bb SUta. If 01a -^8, rf Dotiand. ua "x..we, cf Mlddlscon, p iVtotOT, P 1 Kali.tot, tilll. I 'l.ircH-. n-o.i, I 'OUblt- plrtv, oil .Mbblli't-' iriniiti,'.-*', nff third imiint: hall.-i, r.(t Ml> out. by MM.11 llrc«« 4. Hi Olf-tMl). Tift IS by MIJ- l.'crtp'.ro. Renault Fouls Jamleaon. and Rapkls, Mich.. Juno 3n.> Ted 0 a Totu.Ja 3: unpM iu ninth Toula 8y l& 24 •li'rokor httttt-U for J Scoro by Uminga Topfrktt 103 000 300—T Coff8jrvtU« m W>0 8 Hummajry—S-t>aao hlta, X>lck 2, •latiiiGBon of MP.waukwo won a ten round no iltxjltiluit 1>OUI, '.vhmi w:\a Umied In 1ht« f.hlrii IUUIH I by .Jarlt Renault, ''(uiaUUui hr'avyw^igtjt, chtuu- I) Ion. Ensign Wins From MSnneola. Minneola. ,)un» 29 • r '** ,j '" wtl Mtnneoia In one of the boat games played her« thla »<moo b> in« z,*..^:** of S to 2. T4ie «atmu w a a oiio uvt» foatares flf *-he si«ir»K f<?«ttval. Liat- teHea wer&— Haitian. Oalll^'an nn<l Krioltlor; Miutiooia, Donaoda *;itj

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