The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 4, 1973 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 4, 1973
Page 2
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MSMlAllWrollT FACTO Household items make good toys By JIM IH'PNAOKl. A PATIO OINNICR PARTY honoring Miss Debbie Jfouston, dauber ol Mr. and Mrs, G L McKay ot Due and a recent Braznswwirf urndittte. was held m-enifv in the hwive «»f Mr, and Mrs. Marvin Pate of Cl*« with Mrs J M. Morgan JUK) Mrs Dave Ortqjo assutinft as w »*>.ijfses They presenteti her with a ccrsagie. a i;oW crtwa and chajn. and a photo album filled »nh Mtss Ikiusjun's i«rturestaken MWS-birth. A special gu«t was the mother <rf tl>c fK«»mw Mis* Itowton plans to «t«wi the l'iw»-ersity trf Texas, at Austin. Please Remember BLOUSES-KNIT TOPS-SUCKS-JEANS GOWNS & PJ.'s, BELTS PURSES, JEWELRY lor LADIES and teen fashions plus others Moderately Priced Ilappj- Birthday: STANLEY tOTT. LESLIE LOTT, N-ELOA CANTREIi, ROMA SPRLNGKIEU), DEA.NNA RHZ, Mrs, LLOYD BRANDT. Mrs. OWEN HOWARD. GARY SPECK, SUZANNE WOODARD. Happy Anniversary: Mr and ilrs. BOBBY LEGl£R (JSiht. . . Back to Backs Backless fashions can be atXntctive but it takes a cer- ' Lain kind of presence, toot to • mention a certain kutd oi .b»cki to wear thorn. Popular suiger Fran Jejfrws is a prime example of a woman who knows how to put up a good bock. Our loy-o-woy Summer PUyweur and Swimwear .- t-rr SM Our Maternity W«*r T °P* P»nh Swimwcar | Lingerie HOW Dresses Gift Certificates Her* an wan* tips to help you maintain your own unity when ywr cWWrw. or thc«e of a »bitinj friend, art cwped up In your apartment on a rainy day, Hang on to assorted "nduli junk." sudi as oW buttons for stringing into necklaces or empty s*wing spout* they can use to blow soap bubble* H»vr same alphabet tpaghetU anxexl tor jpelling words or pU> tag anagrams Little girb like ciMt-oM purse*, compact* and jewelry white boys enjoy ties and wallets Tie a small magnet cm a yardstick or a ptay fbhing pate with » string «r s and MMUir nw<al around the ft«.>r for charges to ptt-k up. clip* and bobby pmi all make ftwf "catthes " Whip up A batch of kitchen modeling day Mix one eup d flour and v, cup »f wit in *« «jp of water wto a white "clay" mix which caa b* molded, dried and wen painted with ordinary walervttksrs Or inakr c«for«d clay by adding (cod coteruig while the msilur* w still rootst. White jou're at it. mix ap *o<me (in^tr putnJ w;th two cups at boiting water sjirml into one cup ot lUrvh in a cup of tt>W »a!tr Sut until Ihc ttutture is i;ki»r Add a cup c< soap (lakes and f*w«l coloring.. a.od your IVasjo a ready to create llarxi puppet* are a griral diversion and can b« tn*6t from s«.'Ju. mittens, or paper sacks. STW oa toour button* for fjcul features or M jowr child paint hi* tmn puppets on paper wcti letter* of »«in«, yarn or strips erf paper* *eri well fee creating hamfcu Channel a child'* natural wciasattco to ccJVtt Uungs »nto a "coJkctHsi" «;rjf>fc«3ci Dtcncilore *rrapbooki. sensors and S !u * ->re all ywj need for this grrjt ramy-4»y tune-poiwrr Le< the dnJdrai kx* through oM wjtfannr* for things to pause up Make a tkifl jtaiwe froC! a pop txKllc suck. soro* siring aad a raeul fruH jur ring TW the nng to (he slick wttli a two- fool p«or of string MX* place the txXUe en Ui «4r no the floor . TV object a to took the ring over the neck of tie brtlte and Ml il upright without dropping the bottle or leiiasg it slip ott the nn* The stick takes tune and Jkitl Keep a ttettstockrd box of apecul iteira for sick mbctl or rain} day fun If you own a frftvuitw oW (nick or cheat. paint it to look like a tremtire chest and stow in tt loji aad gjroti that ociiy come out of hiding when they're rvally needed. If you don't have a trunk, a cardboard box wtth rope handles make a good ."pleasure chest " NOTICE! SUMMER SHOE SALE NOW IN PROGRESS ENTIRE STOCK OF LADIES! MEN'S AND CHILDREN S SUMMER SHOES NOW ON SALE. OVER 4,000 PAIR TO CHOOSE FROM HURRY FOR BEST SELECTION -I !»,'•! I* w N ^ M 0 N t ^ / • -1 ; V DEAR Heartbroken over choice of amputee ly Vm lw.n • tm M nm* TM»M»» T am I«M. • DKAH ABBY. Our d»U|ht«r 1% M and » mtm Sh» toak a jot> several thoMnnd mttei from home uxl h*j t)«m |oae warty • ye*r We ««r« hoping ihc'd now home Urt Cbrbtmu, but the *«M itw'd eume home ne.u tutniMr ami fartaK her fUnce I She »«ad wrttum atom a ytHu^t maa tto'd fatten in VJY« wrth. dMcrlbin« tub "beautiful atlltu>le«, bril mind, aod ouUUad!U« character " we know why the dWat brio* him hoetw (or tie's w ampiUM' tk hart both h><» >jrt MM the knee when he itoppcd pa • mliw n**r SaJ^m. W« Warned thb ye*terd*y trum a l«!»r ate wrote «. We ar« hearUidt She 1 * tuch a beauttful gwl aad cowVl easily get a whole nun, Abby, tow do parwsU »djuat to knowing their daughter will «pend Ihe rart trf her M*» e«f- te(S for an tanalidT lUtARTttROKKJC DKAK Y*« WWtM W MMM4 kww W*« MM fvi^.1* ( •• artifleial (twin. TVre b a* r«a«Mi to W k*» Wi ->wfcaf" fWHiH ^r k«f tt far her ya*wr. TMn ewM k. a e««|*H^y kwMltM M* DUVR ABBY. Y<* Mto«d a bwno^tttal M "MM who has erotic feetia** about nteosbm of hk [oe her} «•« ««." n b mjr mtrnUaditt« that hetefa.<»u-h woartuoea h«re erotic feetin«i about mentbm otf Iferir tfwts ««. Am I a»W»keo? And by the way, do jw thM DO MOT DKAK ABBY My htmtki^ U»i c* to a where there w*» aa orch»»t.*a for «t*ac*B^ ** even h3»* OOB daac* whto say hsjotMMai Wt las, tayteg he'd be bAck to a aiaotr Net fh* rataate* User I «r* tea out on the flcwr daa<rto« wah a <tel I juat «*t UM«« *i«ae aad w)jicd for him After what *ee«*U lake fue-r»«r my fcuofewsd c»«w Nt<* aad iik! oem of th» ej«oi«t«» *nked fetas tw p with t-Ja w^e fcwc»uo«r be fu* MCOJU^« I wani«J w with Mi McrtUry »nd b« dadti't w«e« ti> ieir* KM »l2* What about MK" t w«« Ivfl uii&g *i; to nutter y. f ioi« to daac*. a»l ay d lh»e h«v» b«n »Try t<rw hate been afefe «» daaoe. acrf 1 **» rraJJy hart tXirtsst the eioettia* my tosbawd bT. ne TttRia: tiaaw to M* that I*IB« btiy to dance. 90 her iaabaetj cwti! wtth bi» ntcfrtary. TV -Kecrwury tud * where, but be e*T*r juknl tot i» djuK« I tofcf ray husband wtett w* pX hwaf I w*» and hurt 4wl be vUd t VM the tw>; woauro «!r«» »r» wouid react that way Aaj I" OOO «ro*UN Ot"T DKAH 0OO: H«« wkfti fat if YM MrMfrtBt* wrtto to AMIY: IM N*. CdK. Cil. BC student nurses at district meeti Braxccpnrt Coikfc Huckct aunts Carol Kenned; and Fran Duvorak, atoog with irutruclor Mr*. . an at Nur»et THi IAI FAGS Mr and Mn Gerald 0 Humble ol Brazoru anMunre Ihe birth ul their *oo. born May n at Community Hotpttal lie weighed I pound*. 4 ouncr» Mr. tux] Mrs. Arthur T »'«! erf Bntzoru amioooce the buth Uthetr daughter, born May a at Cwnmuwly fi«piul She weighed 6 pound*. U'- t ouocw Mr. and Mrt. Kotcri Saldaoa of Krwpoft aoaouncc the birth of their too, burn May 28 at Community Hospital. H« weighed 7 pound*, 15 ounce*. Mr, and Mn. Johftoy Joon «T ForUmouth N. H., where he's with Uw Air Korce. have a mr* MM, JK*UJ Jdlef), U*n May 24. lie weighed 4 pound*. 13 ounce*. Local grandparent* are Mr. and Mn. Vcnwn Sorter* ot Prccport. Ideas on controlling roaming youngsters My VIVIAN HHtmN "ViHJ fc* !«id «f !'**! *•*>»< IA the tiwt fl Mnder*t*t*'t °** h What U> «to a Unit filming have Any " t chiktmi ««me tuiwner? The l4<fa«* *gr*««J that ife*» t * InaddJUentoatllhedatttftr* U |*a»*ing the lurking about *b*n thUdt«n trT<r*pt*watiS«M"' jK '"' ar* f«*taun*, their (rwforo t* In f**« »«•> lillrly to he A hap|ie'n)»g for dog »aififc«4« neighbor*, pwsfite for Mtutg The klc* got a wwksut ai a recent nughtiuihood iLaffiNtktobKll *he ftfv One »vmirt IIMWII un't «ntKtui4r«« *»e« ^,. . , »fe« to net * ftvrtt*r. l«! *JM *MM t» fa«f*. <>•*«»!-* *(* Chlfeli«» &% big » {MM-thiMJ it i <JK^ Ofjao A efeliti t M |«t<ri* 1» <fe*» J»* l^tlrtl iff t hrf ihikl »Jf i)L »is4 f M is* »SJ he wiglw rt MW Ijstfe- jtucitt ia KB tJ»Sft t!ut ifc* bttlc Ja* If* {w?, ••«! feb» i.t.1 to *4>'. **•? *v*j U» Net »lc PNi^b* Sa»<c5 »if««"«3i*' rSTuJ^.^ U church la s«Ctt. i f tlttf <->{«. ' wad IB* ai begins VBS s tonight M pu£t,«i up ;ut: Nr'-Jtiw L! tl MSrrr S&B Ww «B« ifesW (Mck !.,.* '* < 4! r .;«i.-r drti La Leche League plans next series f^' -''"-4=11 i;i'-i .'^ v : -.4 VM V^itr:, J.i V 4-3 lA^ ti V 4 '^ *f* NtW uw TVi(f •f? > '^f *>•&''•• • ts^ n t~-1 'Stft;? W.'l'ers,}*^!?. -^ ^T 1 .';:*—^;^. (s» Iff* yuf^rjuf of fvMjfa.|frr,*ej )~.f, ',-,-, bubitrt m <!•* ,'rijrr. c» The 19TT WtJ In to total itudcal nuf»<-n. (bit meelin| wilt provide td«44 for b«(l*f rotnrounicatico b*4»f*n U» different org*oii«iionf througlxM the datrxi. «nd In each *eparate group. to othrr recent «tivvut», fitre BfAiosport College student nunM «mt to UM blood b*fik at John S»*ly lloapiul and donated bfood fw leukemia victim M»»k Margjn ol Kreeport They vere Martlw Matcbrtl. Agnes Harm. dr«i Kennedy. Carol Abfc.X. and Judy Crammer Others who went but *er« unabie to give blood wcrt Kran Davorak. Sorrid* Tuiiw, and Jani* Bcnge Abo. a »)»tchoterohip wu awarded to Mr* Agnes H«rrii by the T«««* Nurwt AMOci«Uoa, Ih»lnct J5 Our of Style A wo* Id wide campaign U lave the crocodile and 1U reptilian relative* should make the ecologically cermd think twk« they buy pum* or made from i t' <une / ' t»lk!y It et«pi »a< If i« a Uitjftysj (f 4 £•('. Ifcr tiin rut i !wr» $.4 wi far ItW 4 MEONESDAY SELECT GROUP OF WEST SO PASTELS SELECT pflMT GROUP rANT HIP HUGGER & HIGH RlS[ KNIT TOPS SMALL MED LARGE COLORS ::: MAIOVOCr* i i fcuirrutfo I PINOMNAIU § Far information I call Uflrf* o» THE 297-2211

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