The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 29, 1914 · Page 5
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 29, 1914
Page 5
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f Monday Evening, June 29, 1914. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Kve Resinol heals baby's itching skin fp ESINOL OINTMENT and Resiaol (JV. Sotp »re absolutely free from anything of a harsh or injurious nature, and fan therefore be used with confidence in the treatment of babies' skin trouble* --eczema, teething rash, dhafings, etc. ^The/stop itching instantly and speedily fieal even severe and stubborn eruptions. Doctors have prescribed Resinol for the jast nineteen years. ReanoISosp and Kenaol Ointment mn Ktd fcy all druggists. For trial Bile of each, write to Xaoaai, DeDb E. Baltimore. Md. Play Tennis! One of the finest out-door exercises for Summer. We feature the famous Wright and Ditson line of tennis goods. Merchandise bearing this trade mark will be replaced if found unsatisfactory. Let us assist you in laying out your court. Haines Essick 217 F. WATEE ST. Both Phones 1256. Commies Take Fifth Straight Game. DONICA'S BAD BOBBLE Manda, Welday and Scherer . Lead in Singling. PROGRESS OF PENNANT RACES ECZEMA Yields to our Saxo Salve Baxter, Pa. -- "I suffered terribly from eczema so that my skin would crack open. Doctors' remedies failed to give me any relief, but Saxo Salvs helped me right away and I am nearly well. I never found anything to equal Saxo Salve for eczema." -- Mrs. MAURICE WANK, Baxter, Pa. If we cannot cure your skin trouble with Saxo Salve and Saxo Soap, we will buy back the empty tube. W. *.n.M,--rpi;, Deratiit, III. Dr.JJ.Shallenberger The Regular and Reliable Chicago Specialist. rllS BEST REFERENCE- four town monthly for the past-16 yean. Bloomlngton Pantagraph: -- Donlca's costly tumble of an easy chance oil of Duggan's bat in the ninth and which should have retired the chesty Commodores without a run. turned the apple cart upside down, transformed what had previously been a beautiful game. from the sublime to the ridiculous, and sent home the fans sloomy anfl disheartened. It was a sad finish and Illustrated how easy a sensationally played contest can be turned into a farce. Waldorf Indicated that he was disheartened over the indifferent support behind him and it was enough to test the nerve of any slabman. TALE OF NINTH. Kaiser, who was first up in the final session, popped to J. Jackson. Manda hit safely, but Delos Brown fanned. Biltr was walked and then Duggan rolled an easy one to short. It looked like a cinch, but Donica foozled and then the burlesque opened. Lynch. Wejday and | Scherer all hit safely. Kuepper letting Cfiarley Jackson's perfect peg to the plate roll between his legs, the error costing two runs. KAISER SINGLES. O'Brien was passed and Kaiser singled the sixth runner skating over, not one of which should have been scored. Manda up for the second time, skied to J. Jackson. The fans sympathized with the Mendota slabman. He p'itched a game that would have won with any kind of backing. He had the slugging Reed birds eating out of his mlt until the f i f t h , when the scored one run on a pass to Lynch, a single by Scherer. that Donica almost nabbed, and O'Brien's sacrifice fly. FOUR MORE. In tiie seventh. Welday's r«ller to G u r t z partially blocked, but going for a hit. a hit to right by Scherer, a pass to O'Brira and Manda's triple wltlch nicked the third sack, followed by a single by Berkel, scored four scratchy luns. It was Saturday's story repeated for the Bloomers, inability to hit with men I on bases Score: THBEE-I "IF" TABLE. Cacatur . Springfield Dubuque ........ SO Qulncy 27 Danville 24 Bloomlngton ... 28 GAMES TUESDAV. Decatur at Springfield. Bloomlngton at Pooria. Davonport at Dubuque. -- Danville at Quincy. ME8IXT8 SCKPAY. Davenport. 3-7-1: Springfield. 2-S-3Blt- terles--Wells and Slmplon; Miller. McManus and Jacobs. Second game: Springfield. 3-5" · Davenport, 2-5-2. Batteries--Kellerman and Jacobs; Lakatt ana Simpson. Dubuque. 2-6-2: Quincy, 1-2-1. Batteries --Carroll and Hammerschmidt; Keupper Ketter. ^Second game: Quincy. 4-W; Dubuque S*5-3. Batteries -- Cummlngs and BUTM'; Grtgg and Hammerschmidt. Danville, 3-3-1: Peorla. 1-6-2. Batteries-Seloy and Erloff: Seaman and Telle. DECATCR-- ' Mnnda, 2b. . ' Berkel. ss. .. Biltr. cf ... Uuc^m. 1t. . \vVidaj, I f " .' scheier. rf . O'Brien c. Kaiser, y ... Brown, ps Totals BLOOillXGTON-- C Jackson.,If Craig, cf. .-. .1. Jackson, 3b Gurtz, 2h Llste, III O'Berta, rf. Donica. ss Keupper. c Waldorf, p ..... A B E H. P O. A E DECATUR DECATUR HOTEL Wednesday, July 1, 1914. One day only--and return every 28 days. Office Hours: 8:00 A. M. TO 3:45 P. M. I treat snccessfsllv the cases I nnc'crtakeaBcl accept no fee from those that cannot he successfully traated. That i^ why I continue my visits year after year, -while other soeciaiists make only * few visits and ceasoto return. Dr. Shallenbcrffer is an eminently successful Soccialist in the treatment and diaffnosls of Cnronic Diseases. He has a long-established and well merited rcput.non. as the result of his lar^e practice and estensnc Hospital experience, uhich has made him so proficient that he can name and explain your trouble in a few minutes. It costs no more to be under the care of an experienced physician than an Inexperienced one. I successfully treat CATARRH, Eye. Ear, Nosa «od Throat. Have special treatment for Lung Diseases m early stares. SURGICAL CASES and RUPTURE circa Speci.1 attention. VAR1COCELE and HYDRO- CELE treated. Stomach. Liver, Kidney, Heart, Nerve, Blocd'-and Skin Disorders. GALL STONES, Rheumatism, Neuralgia and BriKht * Disease in tany stages. Inflammation o: the Bladder and diseases of the Female Organs. Goitre or Big: Neck treated 5uentif f "'Hy. Piles, Fistula and Fissure treated without the use o£ the knire or detention from business. - - DISEASES OF MEN. I havo a special treatment which I would like to explain in person. Yaars of study and personal observation ot many patients m your vicinity should warrant those afflicted to call and obtain the benefit of his ion? experience. Examination, Consultation and AdTiac Free of Charge and Strictly Confidential. REFERENCES: South Side State Bank. TELEPHONE DOUGLAS 5809 Dr. J. N. Shallenberger 3967 Michigan A»e. Chicago. I1L "To Whom It May Concern: 1 was. tick for two years with stomach, kidney and heart trouble. I was unable to work and felt miscraBlc all the time and had almost given up hope. I could- fl cat very much and had to suffer a eat deal. Today 1 am enjoying good health and eat what I like and feel good. I was. treated by Dr. Shallen- herger. who hat visited our town for the past sixteen y«*r«. and I can recommend him. If you ^dtll v. n'te me T wi]! tell vou all about my cose. J. W. Ma- baa. R. R. 4. Morrison. 111. . 35 11 12 2T 15- 2 4 o ·1 0 4 1 2 1 4 1 4 0 3 {t 5 0 o 0 Totals 32 3 9 27 B S Dcf^-lur" "ff 0 0 0 0 1 0 4 0 6--11 Bloomington 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 -- 8 SUMMARY. Two base hits--"Waldorf, Donica. Three hase hits--O'Berta. J. Jackson. Manfla. Sto^ len bases--Manda. Bcrkel. Double plays-Manda-Berkel-Dugan. Sacrifice hits--Blitz. IVelday, O'Brien. Kal»r. Bases on balls- Off Waldorf. 6, off Kaiser. 2. Left on b»»es --Bloomlngton. 5. Decatur, 7. Hit by pitcher-- Manda. struck out--Bv Waldorf, 6: by Kaiser, S. TVlld- pitch--Kaiser. Umpire- Brown. NOTES Off GAME. It will be Bluejacket for Bloomlng- ton and Kirmayer for Decatur. Delos Brown, a Millikin college player, who was signed hy the White Sox and then turned back to Decatur. broke into the game at short in the seventh, after Berkel had been spiked by Gurta when the latter attempted to steal. Brown had several chances and handled all of them cleanly. He whiffed at his only time to bat. But Errors Lose Game Come Across. for Pitcher GoeiEler of the Come Across ball team had everything in the line of -curves and speed balls at Mattoon Sunday and struck out fifteen men but errors at critical times behind him lost for the Decatur team, 7 to 3. But hits, three of these of the scratch order ·were made of fthe Decatur southpaw. Boner also pitched a very good game for the Boosters, and although touched · for eight hits, kept them scattered. The I score: MATTOON"-Weaver, cf. ... . \rbuckle, 2b 4 Clancy, as lunlor. Ib 7onnaghan, c ·hater, 3D ..... Shoot, If Fuller, rf. Boner, p A.B. R. H. P.O. A. B. 4 1 1 3 0 0 2 1 3 2 1 3 1 1 S 0 « 4 1 1 3 2 1 4 0 1 4 0 0 4 0 0 7 « 2T IS J (1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 S O 0 0 5 0 1 2 2 1 15 0 1 Totals ............... 38 COME ACROSS -Moran. It ........... S 1 2 Wright. Sb . . . . . . . . . . . 5 1 2 -Mintun, c f . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 0 1 C Rushing, ss ......... 4 0 0 Parian!, rf ......... 4 0 0 K. Bushing. Ib. . . . . . . . 4 0 0 Connora. 2 b . . . . . . . . . . 4 1 1 Crver. c ............. 2 0 1 Goessler. p .......... 4 0 _ £ _ £ _ £ _° Totals ............... 34 3 8 24 3 4 By jnnlng«- , . « . . . ,, ,, . Mattoon ......... -· ..... 0 1 20 O S 2 0 « -- , Come Acros ........... 1 0 0 X 0 0 X 0 0 -- S ^- SUMMARY. Bates eto!«n -- Arbuckle. Connaghtn, Shoot. Wright. Two bais hits -- lel«ney. Moran. Three base hit -- Connors Bases on ball* -Off Boner. 1; off Gosssler. 2. Hit hy pitched ball«-- By Boner, I: tiv Goessler, 1. Struck fMt -- By Boneiv G: by Goessler, 13. Passed ballK--Cryer, 2: Connaehan, 3. Attendance XN MAJOR LEAGUES. Club-Philadelphia Detroit St. Loul» Waihington Boston Chicago New York Cleveland American. Won. 37 Mi 33 83 01 22 *2S Club- New York .. Cincinnati .. Chicago St Louis Pittsburgh .. Philaflelphla Brooklyn ... Boston Club-Indianapolis Chicago Baltimore ... Buffalo Kansas City Pittsburgh . Brooklyn ... St. Louis ... National Won Sf! 33 31 31 30 31 .12 3? 41 Lost 21 SO 31 32 30 30 32 34 Federal. Won. Lofct 36 =5 as "6 :,i -.", SI 34 24 32 26 40 Pet .613 .54' .537 .524 .516 .503 .373 .359 . .474 .439 .424 Fct. .-,00 .S« ..159 .554 .4' .·j .420 .304 MOXDATS GAMES. National, Cincinnati at Chicago Pittsburgh at St. Louis Philadelphia at Boston. Brooklyn at Kaw York. American. Chicago at Detroit. , St. Louis at Cleveland New York at Washington. Boston at Philadelphia. Federal. Indlanapolli at Kansas City. Pittsburgh at Buffalo Brooklyn at Baltimore. Heavy Swatting of Ex-Commodore Helps in Game. Cincinnati, O, June =9.--The Beds won a double header - here Sunday, mainly through the hitting of Heinie Groh, although Schneider, the recruit pitcher for the Northwestern, pitched his first major league battle and held the Pirates to three hits in the second game. The scores: GAME R. H. E, Cincinnati . o o o o o i i o s--7 i: s Pittsburgh . 1 1 1 0 0 0 3 0 0--6 6 C Batteries-- Koestner. Douglas, Rowan and Clarke, Gonzales. Adams, Conzelman, McQuillen and Coleman. SECOND GAME. S H E Cincinnati . 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 x--1 4 1 Pittsburgh . 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 C--0 3 0 Batteries--Schneider and Clarke O'Toole. Kantlehnor and Coleman. OTHER MAJOR I/EAGCE SCORES. American. Chicago, 2-8-1: St Louis. 1-6-6 (10 Innings) Batteries--Scott and Mayer; James and As- new Second game. Chicago. 3-12-1. St Louis, 2-7-1 CIO Innings). Batteries--Clcotte Benz, Faber and Schalk; Wcliman, Baumgardner ana Crossin and Asnftv Detroit, 0-6-2: Cleveland. 4-7-4 Batteries --Covaieakle, Dauss and Stanage; Blandlng Morton, Bowman and O'Xeil Open dat« for other clubs National, St Louil. 8-9-1: Chicago, O-5-2 Batter!'. Doak and Wlngtfi Cheney, Smit 1 ! and Bresnahan and Hargrave. Second game- Chicago. S-ll-3: St. Louis, 5-9-1 Batteries-Pierce, Vaughn and Brtsnahan. steelc, Sallee and Snyder. No other games scheduled Federal. Chicago. 7-14-0; St. Louis, 3-11-2. Batte --Fisk, Lango and Wilson; Brown and Chapman. Kaniai City. 2-8-2: Indianapolis, 0-3-i Batteries--Packard and Easterly. Faiken- bserg Billiard and Rarlden. Second game Tndjanapolls. 8-10-2; Kinsas City, 7-lt-r, Batteries--Kaiserl»nc and Rariden; CuHoy Harris, Stone and Easterly. No other games scheduled. . ILL! WELL! AT Some Fed Team Will Claim World"* Championship. Chicago, June 29--Some team of the Federal league will claim the world s championship this fall. This announcement, in effect, came today from the office of James Gilmore, president of the league. He stated the winner of the pennant In his organization will challenge the winner of the world's series between the National and American leagues. If this 13 not accepted--and it will not bi the winning Federal league club and a team of stars from the remaining teams will play and the world's championship will be claimed by the victor. The Federal league bases its claim to major league calibre on "newspaper »nd public recognition." The National and American leagues, however, are parties to the national agreement ana are barred from contesting "with so- called outlaw leagues such as the Federal league. AH but Come Across Win-Blues Beat Sibley. AMATEUR GAMES PLAYED SUNDAY Blues, 4; Sibley, S. Federals, 3; Blue Mound, 2. Moose, 9; Lincoln, 8. Latham. 10; Niantic, 1. _ Come Across, 3. Mattoon, 7. Monticello, 4; Champaign, 3, ninth Inning, with Smith on third Pitcher Rutherford drove out a slngl bringing in the winning run. Tb score: Dec»tur . . 1 0 0 3 0 3 0 0 2 1--9 11 1 Lincoln . . 0 0 0 1 4 1 0 1 1 0--8 SUMMAftT. Home runs--Houck, Funk. Two has hits--A, Keck, Bowman. Three baa tits--D. Cope. Stolen bases--A. Reel Savage H. Keck, Williams, Ad«ns, W Cope, Lord. Struck out--By Rutherfor S; by MorKanitine, 4; by Zollars, Bases on balls--Off Rutherford, 2; of Morganstine, 2; off Zollars, 4. mm PI Decatur amateur baseball teams played winning- ball in neighboring towns Sunday afternoon. The Come Across :lub was the only team which lost, it going down before the spesdy Mattoon club. BLUES IN WARM BATTLE. The Decatur Blues pulled a hot tattle out of the fire at Slbley Sunday when in the ninth inning, Behrns and Thompson singled and Gepford hit a two-hager, bringing In Behrns with the winning score. The final score was 4 to 3 for the Blues. Faith pitched a great game for the Decatur aggregation, al lowing but four hits. The score: Blues 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 1--4 9 3 Sibley 0 0 2 1 0 0 0 0 0--2 4 3 Batteries--Faith and Gardner; Key nolds and Cavanaueh. FEDS WALLOP BLUE MOU.VD. The Decatur Federals, strengthened by a n u m b e r of the Monarch players Sunday, defeated the Blue Mound team, in a. close nine inning- rub. The final pcore was 3 to 2. Both Peters and Shulke pitched good ball and kept hits well scattered. The score: R. H. E. Blue Mound 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0--2 6 4 Federals . . . 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0--3 1 4 Batteries--Peters and Smith; Shulke and Herbrig. LATHAM BEATS JTIANTIC. Latham defeated Niantic In a game pla ed at Latham Sunday afternoon by a score of 10 to 1. Stinnett, the Latham twirler, w~es in great form, striking out eleven. Kiick and JIason connected for twobagger?. Score by innings: Niantic (1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0-- 1 L a t h a m 0 2 2 3 1 0 1 2 x--10 Hennebry and Scott; Stinnett and Jarvis. MONTICELLO BEATS CHAMPAJG5T. In a game played Sunday afternoon, the Monticello club defeated Champaign, 4 to 3. The batteries were Khodes and Marquis for Monticello and Harrison and Blaisell for Champaign. Tuscola Athlete and Wife Move to Champaign. Tuscola. June 29--Mr, and Mrs. Harold Stalker moved their household goods to Champaign the last of the week, where they expect to make their future home, and where Mr. Stalker expects to enter the University of Illinois the coming school year. Stalker was one of the best high school athletes in the state last year and probably the best all round athlete in central Illinois. He is expected to show well on Huff's squads. SIGN THEM*UP, GEORGE REED Decatnr Monarch* Have Player* Who Hit cue- .500. According to records kept ani corn piled by Manager Dombroskl of the Monarch team, his aggregation Us hitting at over a . 4 0 0 clip. In nine games. they have made n i n e t y runs and 135 hits. His averages follow. =laiei -- G A.B. H. B A HerbrlE Kitchen Thompson F Augu'U'n'' M Augustine H BPliTns ·W Behrns Pajjanl Coover ... Kruse Grav Shultz S 11 S 2S 4 !) 34 IR 0 37 17 9 33 14 fi 27 12 7 27 12 S "4 14 7 21 10 1 5 4 IS 4 14 .85' .56,1 .30"' .500 .450 .459 .424 .422 .422 .412 .40C .400 39 23 18 DECATUR MOOSE WIN BALL GAME Defeat Lincoln Moo*e ana Are Jiow at Top of I.eaeue. MOOSE IEAGUE STANDING. Pet .571 .571 .500 .333 Won. liost. Decatur 4 J Lincoln 4 ° Springfield 2 · Clinton ·_· -j_- · 2 4 Despite eleven errors by the Daca- tur Moose at the local Three-I lot Sunday they succeeded in defeating the IJncoln Moose, the league leaders, in a ten-inn!n= battle, score 9 to S. In the .All sizes to 4x5. Films Developed, any size roll lOc Bring your work to the only Xittman chop In Pecatur Wo use nothing but Eitnfran paper and chemicals. The proof of our superior workmanship lies In the fact that u e send our prints all over the Unitad States. Mall orders solicited. All work runnmt«d C. A. MORROW, tit NORTH WATEB ST. Mrs. Emery Creech, w«r« D«catur visitors Miss iconic Polard was a Decatur visitor Monday. ^ "GETS SIX-POUNDER IN THE CREEK Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Peadro Enjoyed Trip. Sullivan, June 19--Mr. and Mr*. B. F Feadro who hav» been In Europe to the past aeveral month* arrived horn Saturday morning. Both enjoyed thel trip and have many things of Interes to tell tneir friends. MATTOON PAIR WED. David M. Kiramel and Mrs. Mary Ev erett both of Mattoon were united 1 .rrlaffe Saturday afternoon about o'clock at the Preibyterian Mane b Rev. W. H. Day. They remained her until the Illinois Central passenge train at 9:37 p. m. before returning t Mattoon. GUNTER-SOPER. James O. Gunter and Hiss Nellie So per both of Sullivan township wer united in marriage Saturday afternoo by Squire C. Enterllne. The bride is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sope of west of this city and is well know here. CHATJTAUQUA MEETING. All guarantors and persons Inter ested in the chautauqua which is to b held here later are requested to mee at Dr. W. P. Davidson's office Tuesda evening at 7:30 p. m. Miss Carmen Green went to Decatur Sun flay afternoon for a. eevera! da* \lsit wl 2Ir. and Mrs. Joseph B. Miller. Duett Elckelberger of Granite City, in be for a visit with his sister, Mrs. Harry S Barter. Harold Day, who has been attending a den tal school in Indianapolis. Xnd.. and ert graduated this spring arrived home Sa urday for a visit with his parents. Rev H. Day ana wife. LOVE BACK ON THE JOB. A. J. Love, lineman OD the Chictgo Eastern Illinois railroad, is able to go work again, after being confined to h home since Friday from poisoning Mr. L was in Arthur Friday and ate a lunch one of the reEtaurants in that city and o his arrival home was taken suddenly ill the station and a physician was called an pronounced it ptomalnj poisoning and 1 aine p to bio Jok £hrlmw M*kc B Becor* Cute* at Creek Scuom. John Chrisman., local sales manager for tn« Falrlawn cemttery, od catch in Steven* cr«ek, Sunday. Ho was fishing- about bait war £· tween th« wagon road »nd tn» river when he landed a sis-pound cat-fish. This is'(boat the blgg««t catch of the season from Stevens creek. Mr. Curitman la an enthusiastic fisherman, and make- many early moraine «* cursions to the «r«ek. been confined to bio home ever sin until today. MB* PATTERSON BURIED. The body of Mrs. Ruth. I* Patterson, wl dl«d in San Francisco, Cay., June 24, at t home of her son Earnest Patterson, arrive in this city- Sunflav evening over the Ch cage and Eastern Illinois railroad at 4 2 and was taken to the home ot Mr. and Mr J. H. "Waggoner on Eaat Jackson stree where it remained until 3 o'clock Monday a ternoon, when the funeral was held at tl Christian church, Rev. W. B Hooper, past of the church, officiating-. Interment at Greenhlll cemetary. Mr*. Patterson born April 20, 1343, and dieG at San. Francisc Cal., June 24. 1914 She Is surviiefl by thr sons. Earnest of San Francisco. Cal.; Osc of Chicago, and Harvey who lives In Illino Mr. and Mr* Wesley and children sse Sunday in Sbelby villa with Mr. Shanks' mother Mr. and Mrs Harry E Barber and little daughter and Mrs. Barber's brother. Duett Eickelberger. MS! ted the fonner'« parents, Mr and M i s LI. E Barber, in Dccatur Swn- dax Mr. and Mrs. Jame* DcBruIer of Ffndlay, nrri\ed Sundav noon for a visit with the litter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L MeCune Mr. Df-Bruler will remain here for a few weeks helping out In the DeBruler and Olehy butcher shop. Tha women of the Christian, church have charge of the Gem theater for tonight and the u r e c k mo\mg pictures will be shown Misses Ethel KUburn and Mies Minnie Wright will sing solos at the shw. SURPRISE PARTT. Mrs. E J. Gllnam was given a. pleasant surprise last Friday evening, when her sister?, Mrs, S W. Johnson and Mrs Charles Barnhart planned and carried out a complete surprise on her in honor of her thirty-fifth wedding anniversary. The members of the Twentieth Century club and N N. N. club were Invited and a ve'-y pleasant time was had. Each. of the club's members presented Mrs. Gllham -with a handsome present Light refreshments were served Mrs John P. Miller, Jr., went to Beardstown Saturday for a visit with her father. Mr. Brockway and Robert P teams of Chicago, are here for a %lsit with their aunts, Mrs Steele McDonald and Miss Gertrude Meeker Miss Helen King returned to her home In Hay worth Monday morning", after a. visit heri» w i t h friends Miss Bertha Haydon returned to Decatur Monday morning, after spending Sunday here with relative?. FireworksR The 4th Of July Is Here Again And so are we with a big line of Chinese Crackers, Salutes and night pieces, such as Roman Candles, Sky Rockets, Electric Mines and Cascades, Colored Torches and Wheels of all sizes. CHINESE FIRE CRACKERS All kinds, Ic to lOc per package. ELECTRIC SPARKLERS The harmless kind for the children, from Ic per box to lOc each. PENNY GOODS Exact reproductions of the big pieces in minature, including all the new specialties. BALLOONS Ready to set up. lOc, 15c, 20c, 25c and up SPECIAL PIECES Would call your attention to our large line of lawn displays for private use. The prices are reasonable. OPEN EVENINGS June 30th, July 1st, 2 and 3. Kelfimjton Dieekhoff 345 K«rth Main Street. Come to the HI* Store to Boy Firework*. KAUFMANS Jl *^ DBCATUR ILL!HOI* " ^^ line of HERE'S a great outing clothes that will go a long way toward making you forget this sweltering weather; clothes that combine both style and comfort and are at the same time moderately priced. Better com«f Jo Monday and get "rigged out." PALM Beach suits, $8.5Q, Mohair. suits, $12.50 and $15.00. O* immense straw hat stock, the newest, exclusive things, $2 and |3; PjOUMs and Ban- koks, $5. And shirts--a world of them--newest Yorkelpidifctkm 8 -- so ft French cuff models with detachable and .attached collaWin madras and- soisette, $1.50 and $2, in silk and linen, $3.50, in pure silk, $6. . And then iere are splendid lines of outing trousers--$3.50 to $5--evwylMng in fact for hot weather wear. _ .'SPAPERf

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