The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 21, 1975 · Page 8
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 8

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1975
Page 8
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Putting a value on sporffish/ng WE NEED to p«t a value on our fish. Our gamefish, that is. If we did, then? would probably be some abrupt Changes in the thinking of a lot of people. WE ALREADY know what certain commercial species arc worth. Bui that has nothing to do with what gamefish are worth, By that, I mean there is no direct relation For instance, a speckled trout may be worth only 50 cents a pound on the market But speckled trout are worth far more than that in terms of the money each pound caught by a sportsman puts into circulation in the coastal economy. THE TEXAS Parks and Wildlife Department is working on some surveys m>\\ that could tell us just him much they're worth But some preliminary report* indicate the numbers could be shocking. In one study it was found that the l>< p.utment spent $5,000 stocking rainbow limit in the I'l.i.<..-. Ki\ri helnw Possum Kingdom Dam TIIEXL'MBEIl of lishermen visiinu'. ihe area tripled following the release, ami those Oheiim n spent some $142.000 in the local market on bait. me;il-. gasoline ;<nd other fishing-related expenses So. lor ex try $| spent putting rainbow trout in the river, recreation worth $>;! to the local economy was produced Keep in mind this was one small area the tailraee below Possum Kingdom Dam And it involved only .1 few thousand fishermen Now let your imagination rornp. lnmi>.n;e seven! thousand times that numU<r of fisheimcn pursuing the wily bass. And add the thousands who go after crappie and catfisli and bream And sou begin to get an xle.i 01 the value of sport fishing to our state's eeonmm NOW LETS go a little farther Let'-; look at the Texas coast. Latest figures from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department show Unit in just four of (lie state's major bays, a total of 4.8 million pounds of fish were taken b> sport fishermen in 1974. A breakdown shows 2.2 million pounds of speckled trout were landed. Fishermen boated 412.000 pounds of Orient TV-770Sony Black G White 7"" screen 11 > -asui» r d di<'i< jot Mily On/ (*„•; h built i- StdU," I! I lilt I V V.:i pictu(«-th-jt spojkl' cjofddiMi.Whi.hi It'i. <l S< f, ly. Fedtutes ];*! --i.,l-t.i», • -!' • Ki'ir : . r .•'•• . - * '• , v.i!hdd!ity AJi >. ITS A SONY" 23 S, GULF BLVD. FREEPORT 233 1545 redfish, 313,000 pounds of black drum, 347,000 pounds O f flounder, 211.800 pounds of sbeepshead, 464,000 pounds of croaker, and 551.200 pounds of sand trout. Jt'ST HOW much it cost fishermen to land each pound of fish is the figure which would open many eyes. For whatever it is. it would be multiplied by 48 million In these four bay areas alone. This would show how much the fish were "worth" to the area economy. Begin to get the Idea? Okay, So Texas' garneflsh are worth millions of dollars to our economy. What's DM? poinl'.' SIMPLY THIS. If our fresh and salt water garnefish are worth so much, then they deserve far more consideration in the operation of our lake levels, and in the work done in and arouml our hays Kii'.ht Mnu, generation of power and irrigation are piaclically the only considerations on muny of our bin lakes. And on the coast, transportation and industry gt-t first consideration • M.rvbe we're overlooking an industry that rates right along with these Maybe we ncwl to quit treating fishing like it were some enjoyable by product of lakes and bays, and start giving it the consider,!turn it deserves from an economic standpoint MSIIIM; ISN'T just fun It's di»! business. Deer season opening AUSTIN — Depending on where you hunted, the first weekend of deer season was either very good or mediocre at best The Hill Country famed for the sheer numbers of deer harvested -• yielded few animals during the first two days of hunting Parks and SVildlife Department (PWD) regional law enforcement supervisor John Wood in Brownwood said the kill in Bumet and San Saba Counties was light, but with good reports from Kerr and Comal Counties. But in East Texas, a part of the state not usually associated with good deer hunting, PWD information officers, wardens and biologists report enthusiastic hunters with large deer One such whitetai! taken from Angelina County had 23- point antlers with an inside spread that measured 24 inches. BIOLOGIST GARY Spencer at Silsbee said that recent dry weather gave hunters access to bottomlands along the Angelina and Neches Rivers where they harvested many deer In Polk and Tyler Counties, wardens counted 120 bucks through their check .stations during the weekend. Warden Welby Fountain HUNT HARDWARE DISHMASTER *W J 49 91 PARTS IN STOCK 248 Plantation Of. Lake Jackson INSURANCE PROBLEMS? COME TO SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS. FOR MORE THAN 55 YEARS WE'VE BEEN SOLVING PROBLEMS ON HOMEOWNERS AND AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE FOR THE BRAZOSPORT AREA. NOW WE ALSO HAVE EXCELLENT FACILITIES FOR WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION, LIABILITY AUTO FLEETS, MARINE COVERAGE AS WELL AS BONDS. FOR AU. TYPES OF BUSINESSES. SAVE MONEY ON QUALITY COVERAGE CALL 233-5252 HARDMAN, JR. IARRY R. FARLEY, CPCU FREEPORT INSURANCE AGENCY in Cherokee County estimated sonic ISO deer were taken in the area on Sunday — the first day of the season for Cherokee County Regional supervisor Bill Daniels of Mount Pleasant in North East Texas reported only a fair to low harvest, but with many violations. IN NORTH Central Texas and the Possum Kingdom urea the opening weekend wa.i the best in many years. From Bosque County, one of the best deer-hunting spots in the area, warden Ed Henry reported deer to be in excellent condition. Jay Pemberton in Erath County reported seeing more deer in local locker plants than in recent years. Despite unwa,ioriably warm weather and abundance of natural food, hunters in the Permun Basin kept locker plants filled to overflowing. One locker in San Angelo had to turn away hunters Sunday afternoon after registering more than 140 deer in one day. PWD information officer Tim Lcifeste in San Angelo said the physical condition of the deer taken was excellent with field- dressed weights averaging 92 pounds Most of the bucks taken in the Permian Basin were eight- pointers. The heftiest buck taken throughout the state no far seems to U- a 222- pounder in Brown County near Grosvenor, U K K It H U N T 1 N C. seemed to be considerably slower in southern Texas Plenty of cover is left, few deer are moving and the rutting i«oso.T has yet to start in this part of the state 1 . Brush country hunting, however, ifi traditionally belter during the latter part of the season After making the circuit of deer check stations in Webb County, I'&WU information officer Kd Dutch could account for only Ha deer tfiken in the county over the weekend and reported through the four check stations. Most of the deer taken in Webb County so far have been bucks under 3',? years of age. The largest so fur was checked through the Laredo station and weighed 175 pounds. Biologists estimated its age to be 5'4 years. ///'. -Hut. LUNCH BUFFET 7 DAYS A WEKK 11 AM-2 PM * CAVATINI - VOU CAN EAT! ., LAM JACK JON <M f IAMTATION C« W- rtft t MHI V.s l.\tl ({SUN ftCi.U S At MOST Hit f AK-. f Off »)""•<•"'* I *i. U V. j ! • Playoffs nothing new.,, td rt XJtulaf ft!.l.(l IV.: 5 U t-'fHK •;.»>- wot th«- i.'sJMV h>r*>"<<'? ..>!':<i' WitwTi v-..«u ••If. prrtl> AtK-uU !., CtKViprtfr- ifwi lr;»:n '.<', ...fir-i IT. 'h* ('»»*!. ' !vr -jj;-l 1 Jhtni !}wf trarts jUi '.'..-'> ;> ' i(-J.-5 !.VK«- •*•• -fit • i:,. .:. fc D rr.ii!y i'.;v*-i f;%if , 4-5V ,, ? . ,_,_,, , Hi ., j.,f learn rr-iiiv SlK'k '.<. '".I 1 . ?H \ KlKlTh M t -i'-V! ' •. k.njt rr>.^:^!-. .-<-. .'5 ...-»'-. ', f !;«-»t TKiift A? Sr.ift', Up flf (Wi>J^r **>-< !i'«.r ',r. ;•: t-!'.:;.'?- I*. '. '• )*.:•.: pi4> f**:^!.aH, l.r 54;-.! !-.v-«r-,** <.j.-I »j- .i..-•.-•• Hilt fh« U-jfr, fv,»5 .1 ii!!!'- ::.;•>•! .!*•-.. i-.s-j •-.:• rvv;-.'- • • S > II\V> S\tf> j!',!-,. -,;,;: :'. t*-»-r. in sh->" (jj.i'""^ •-'. MARSHALL KOtt VttDS St \1t( Ith:s I l»H \ Kt t » I\ I t! ' M * «»A;o»fO«f >»vf. '»»r•*•<>•. n.*v*».t .*<* Sports Editor Jesse Miller will be in the pressbox, on the sidelines, in the dressing room then on the phone to give Facts readers a clear exciting play-by-play description of Saturday's bi-district contest with Austin Travis. {Sunday morning Read it all in,.,. •••• MA<Ol<rO*f ^f— The Facts MMtttHIO I til

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