Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 17, 1941 · Page 13
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 13

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1941
Page 13
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^October IT, 1941 PAILT . Thirteen Wh: Olfta* ( M!HwJgevi!ie Grange Holds i Hallowe'en Party Wednesday Night Members or the Milledaeville Orange met Wednenday evening In their hall in MllledgevilJe for trwlr rtirulsr mating. The hall was prettily decorated In keeping with Hnl- 'etl At the huMne« session it announced that »5 had errvfd ss coTKJuftr«« and Mr L».uBhltn ax »s.iwv;lat* p*trf«n. A dinner prer^^f^d tri* ?7>*£. Miliedgtvillt Duck Hunters Do Not Bog Many Birdi Thursday rammws Appropriate $gg r ?QO For Construction of Roads in Ogle County Th* 1 duck hunting s^sson which r>i>"n*>ri Thursday *"** not th* mo»t, Idffll duck hunting day judging (mm experience of the majority of Carroll county hunters. The best duck hunting weather are thnw day? when rain* fall Intermittently snd ! roun[v m „«,,„„ „, v ., !t - whfn storm* are threatening. R« | wppK ' Vrtlw1 appmprmt.ion?. eston Kretder were .... „_- , —„,,,,,,.i,,-,n The board of vipervlwr* nf Ocle In session at Oreson thLs given to the new national Orante building at Washington, D. C. A Hallowe'en P«rty f« October 29 and ft potluck supper and hobby show for November 5 was also announced Elwoad Dlehl. * member who will I Jeav* next week for Induction In Army, was remembered with a gift. After the busin*M meeting the following program was given: Sorts By the group: roll call was answered With "A Hallowe'en Prank I Did;" Mn. Emery Lester gave a poem, 1 "Hallowe'en;" a humorous reading, *-My Brother's WeddlnR." was given by Thurston Sarber; Mrs. Edward Obendorf told a story. "October f)ay." Oames were then enjoyed And later a spelldown with Mrs. Don*ld Dennis as winner anti Harry psatlnrfr second. Refreshments in fcttplnf with Hallowe'en were served a» Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge Baylor. Mr. and Mrs. B*rt Site* and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dennis. • Lutheran Society Meets Wednesday Mrs. William Albers was hostess to the Lutheran Aid society Circle S at her home in MUiedgevilie on W*4ftt*day afternoon. Mrs. Garfit FrmHrick was in charge of the tllB4lmiil ptriod. After the bu«- gmv ami program the ladles sewed CM towels lor the annual Christmas An interesting letter was _ from B*T. and Mrs. R. C -•mVl,JWio faetntly moved to chi- •'ttft Rffrtanmtnte were served by -tht utttota to tight members. Church Services TRINITY LUTHERAN — Bible aehaot at 10 a. m. Morning worship g* II. A tutst minister will bring tht gMNMmft. Ladle*' Circle will meet • g« WtUntaday. The members are fjaanint a church supper In the •mtreh basement, on October 33. ,. iOLLEDOEVILLK CHURCH OF THE BRETRHEN — W. 8. Benshoff, a. m.. Sunday school. 11 Mun?, and Preston Krelder were among thow who hunted near the slouch* alone the Mississippi river. Thry reported that huntes* were tn of Jour to eight. When «un- and jm- up c«me motor . skirted out • HU wofanlp atrvlce and homecom* tg« prtfram. Sermon by tht Rtv. J. Hay KUnstnanith, Ashland. Ohio. II o'algck •wirt hour . basket dinner and in church basement p. m. proarain of intertst to l. 7:10 p. m., program and . hy B*v. Uingtnamith. Tht to cordially invited to thaw t, •:• ' METHODIST — Sunday school at !• a. m. Bally day will be observed •i It a. m., with tht following pro,«ram: Frelude, Margaret Wtteell; vtltomt, Marvelous Prowant; pray- •\m. Marguerite Fletcher; aong by tht H§KMp; Htrclss, "Btcauae Its Rally Day, by Evelyn Muni, Tommy > Bwm. BUnlty Wagn«r s Carol Jean MeKtan, Harry Wenger, carol Let Union; piano duet, Phyllis Boyd And Margaret McKean; promotion in charge of Mrs. Earl «a.700 for ron-M ruction provement of ro«d. 5 The procram inruidf. 1 * c-onMnH non of about 3* miles of hituininou.^ surface rood. 1 ; and over MX mil"** of (travel .'.urfsce ronri5. The following -••- -.-- • • ... . ._., ; appropr!8tlon«. were marie for con- sounded more like a hundred f hl ,, immous hiRhways: directly overhead. Duck* _ from the shore edge to blinda. The , sirplnnes were few. The Mlll«df«ville. men didn't get any here. Charles Moon and Rev. Paul Miller had more luck closer to home, and Alfred Hartje ftlso was listed as having success on the first day. of |j§.ooo for a road en- tending from the west end of the brickyard in Pine Creek town-ship northerly between Rock vale and Marion townships to state route ~ Ladies Circle Meets; Large Attendance The ladies of Circle No. 1 met Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. E. A. Soltenourger with M present. Mrs. John Harrow had charge of the devotional*, and they were in kwplng with "Columbus Day." Three splendid articles were read by Mrs. i L. Mackey. Mrs. J. J. Schmltt and Mrs. Bollenberger. The chairman. Mrs, Henry Jones, then took charge and after the regular buslnean. each member exchanged a package she had brought with some other member, keeping up the e*chang« until she was satisfied. After a social time was enjoyed, homemade Ice cream, cake and oof- tec was served by Mrs. Boll*nb*r**r. MilledgtviUe Briefs Rev. C. M. Btajs and son Earl of Rock Falls and Fred Btfgt of Camp Forrest, Ttnn.. are visiting in the home of Mr. and Mr*. Reynolds Woodinr r Janet Hawkins. Evelyn Gnagey and w. W. Milroy motored to Chicago Thursday, taking Mrs. Norman pearlman and daughter to their home there after a week* visit in the horn* of Mr. and Mr*. Mn MU- roy and family. Three Inknced Meals for PorochMte Troops at Byron brkiee, 112.000 for a extending five miles west from Plain: Center to Woods corner: ail.- 000 for a ro«d besinninR at the village of Cre*ton and extending three mllea north In Dement township. The sum of fS.OOO for a road extending two and one-fourth miles weal from Porreston; M.OOO for a road on WlnnebMO-Oftle county line. bejrlnnlnR at the west end of the present blacktop road near Middle creek church and extending wtsl for two and one-fourth miles: M. 000 for a road beginning al the Wlnnebaito-Ogle county line near the northwest corner of Monroe township and extending south three and one-half miles on Kishwaukee road to state route 73. Other A»pr»pHatl«w The following appropriations w*re made for the construction of roads with an earth grade with a stone or travel surface; W.OOO for a road be- Kiiiinlng at Hawlhurst in Eagle Point township and extending north two and one-fourth mile*: $8,000 for a road extending two miles north to state route M from near the southeast corner of Lynnvllle; 14.000 for a road beginning a.t U»e Pines road south of Stratford and extending northeasterly two mile* to Fine ._. „ Creek township. l program of Marionettes was pre- The sum of $500 was appropriated • wmed at the meeting of the Wed- the board from Its motor fuel tax I nesday club held at the home of 6IUETIIIEWS Mm. Funeral Rifts Held Thursday Afternoon For Mrs. Elizi Grabb Funeral rit*a fen- Mr* EUra Gnihb of relltXnw Instruction*. Th* Christian Endeavor Sortfty with its new. Iy-»lwt«1 offffr* is forging «ne«d. and more onr ymme wint th»!r prOfr?^-; in nhip stnre th* oresnirJ«tlon of the Bbout a year ago Youn? of the community ''ho ri" not to *nv othfr orEanir^tion are cofdially invited to m^et with our ycnmn p^r" *t 7 IS each 8-m- day evenlnt. You will enjov tlie fellowship »t the ChrKtmn Enfirn 1 .or hmir. To any and *11 our service even-body uc rnont welcome. Cynn M. Buf>hmtn. Sunday school Superintendent. Lieut CoJ. R. A." taker of the Chicago quartermaster depol holding packages containing three square metis for U. 8. army parachute troops. Together they weigh only 32.88. ounces, yet contain a balanced diet yielding 3,728 calories. ^^ Martonetti Show Is Feitured it Mtcting Clllfa An interesting tnd entertaining Oy UlC K7OBMU MUIU *W mvrwv* ***«.• *«•» - HVeU«*> VMIU IITaU a»v *s»« icw-u.^ — • allotment for the maintenance of a, 14153 id* walker on Wednesday af- * blacktop road north of Forreston. j ternoon by Arnold Labahn and Ver- Board members also appropriated' n on Reuss of Blue Island, former] $300 for the repairing of a bridge ipupjig O f Miss Walker while she in Brookville township. The town-j^s on the grade school faculty in •hip will pay the oUier half of the thJU c ,t y . The young men had at- total repairing cost, which is WOO. tended a school of Marionettes in A county defense council was or--y ermont during last summer and —'—• by the board of supervis- g ftve „ demonstration in'"* V| »" rnn - of town Tuesday evening. Contract followed with award* going to Mrs. H. J. Donaldson and Mrs. Willis Pittingcr. Polo Briefs Mr*. Anna Bytrs U making an ex- tcKtied visit with rtlatives and friends in Chicago. Miss Ina Reed has returned from Evanston where ahe had been a guest in the home of Btv; and Mrs. , E. Fluck. Rev. and Mrs. Ttvernner the former* TVvtnnt? on , , 4_ • *J ' * ^meting of marionettes during the, ""* -="« f hour rollowlng the pro-™ nome OI ntUUatmnot Sunday school . by Rav. W. S. FWdwiaeh; mTtring; wtlcom* to the pastor, 8. O. Oran; rtmarks from the pastor . and bvntdieUoh. A picnic dinner will , be onjoytd after tht program. Go to Rochester Mr. and Mn. C. Langahaug and •*•* Bnret and daughter Carol and tjwa *tft Thurtday morning for tVartf, Minn, where they will visit TA. homt el Mra. pajvata, Mr. and Mra, , Mr. and Mra. Unft. .„.. to go to Boohetter, ._ mi Friday whtrt Mr. Lanja- 'BSBf vfll ttiter tht hatnttal for an "-•=-"— *—-- fumy w uj ramaln hiileHiee Closs •f tht Fhilatha* •tt TMtomty tMnlng to tht «C Mia. Bibart Thornfrtn, •Mk Mra. »lmbtth Ovtrhalatr ana 1 Mn Bailt Kpmi asaisUng. O«m«tu tott ami ImvtomM for ~ tht tuiming e by tht niwidtnt, BUtBbtth Ovtrhaitar. at tht Mat matting. A social timt MM tAjtptd and later dainty Visit Rock Foils r. and Mr*. Otrald Laughlin, A.. •, Ojyit and Mn. Maud* I l5^ma»te» O. B, S Mr*. Lonork High School Will Participate in Special Program Lanark Community high school to this Friday ^ «**^ » ™**: one of theten aehoola in Ulinoii' Ing of the Rock River division of chosen to participate in -Tht school!the Illinois education aatoclaOon of of the air of America." Oct. II. The ichurch Wllus Mttenm. Mtntrtaton- United Stetea office of education dent of the local high school, is association and tht Illinois state de- president. The atssiom 0'J»« "- partment of public Instruction are I aociation. which includes De Kalb, •^ ™* T . r .. . w __ tf^^.\^ AH «ft YftrVltAaCjlA tfWMKVftlftmJI on Named to the council were A E. Hawn. chairman of the board __. if. Weeks, W. 8. Sanford, Jess H. gram^ While her* • tht Messrs Reuss Smith, J. Ambnwt Long and D. J. - ----- - *— • Hoffman. . Mrs. J. Lee Sullivan of Paris, ni- ls a guest of Miss Lillian Sehelt. Mrs. Anna Orotts of Monmouth h f »!•» tunic 1UI . extended visit in ton Earl and fam Attend Institute Instructors in the Polo grade and high schools attended the Ogle county teachers' institute which was held in Oregon on Thursday and this Friday are attending a meet- and Labahn were guest* in the of Miss Walker and her father, C ; A. Walker. cooperating in tht program Ward Black. amitUnt ttate superintendent of public Instruction, who visited th« Lanark •ehotlt. Oct. S wa* well ntoaatd with work of the whole tchool, and wa* partieularly IntetMted tn the tnaech rltstas and recording dtvtot which It employed in that department, and ht invited the l*nark school to pr«tent "a group, attected by tht superintend- tnt. cpctch toaehtr and tht tatml •eitnot inttruetor. Twelve ctudente wart ttltcted by tht Lanark faculty group* at likely candidate* from which tight will bt ehettn tor tht program. Thty art nint atnior* and thrtt juamn as follows: Merrill Bower*, Vtoltt Flick- inftr, Donaftnt Oamtr. Wtynt Heat, Jun* Hoak, RmaatiM Undaty. Rohart Mtrehant, Margaret Nww- otmtr, Barbara Packard. Marilyn Ftat, Btonlay Warptt amt FhyUit Peat. Yearling Steers Top for TKeir WeifKts A thinmtat of OarraU tmouy tat. U* *ttt amoM tht fcteji ttUan ft- tht Chios** tta* yard*. O. Rap Moll of Lanark tant in a mrgt) iMp< mant of yearling atom that topped for thtlr ••iffht* Wimniiu at I I12JI par tvt. Thtrt wtt» • hoad in the drovt ami ttkty a««fa*jad M . mt • • . iLtt OgW and Whitesidt oountiea. were held at the auditorium of the Olson high school. Red Cross Elects Tht following officers wtrt chosen at a netting of the Polo branch of tht American Red Crom held at th. Mall library oh Tutaday evening call chairman, Mra. Alvis Buck; vice chairman, Mis* Lillian Foole; secretary. Mrs. Ralph Rted; treasurer Buell Brodle. Bridge Club Moors Mr*. Charles Wolf was hottttt to bar brMft ehib at her homt Tutt- day trtning. Frlatt wtnt to Mias Manartt Waterbury and Mis* Mil- Stitch and Chotttr Mr*. Frtd Eivnty wa* hattett to tht members of th* W. R. O. Btttoh and Chatter club Wt4n*mmy aftor- HM at her homt. mar with her daughter and atn-m- mw, Mr. and Mn. Uoyd Stttmi. thuraa met wUhMr*. Utrd WtU Mr Dinner spending a month's vacation _. hfrmt of btr partnU, Mr and Mrs.'D. J. Prey. Mrs. M. E. Bchryver left for Evanston Tuesday for a visit In the homt «-K.« .„ *rf htr-dauihter, Mrs. Marshall Long. — — _. oraham en- IM ^ faniiiy. tertained a group of friends al a " ua "• niu ^ > g o'clock dinner at 'their home Wednesday evening. New Arrival Bom. a daughter, to Mr. and Mrs Russell SchoU at the Dixon public hospital on" Wednesday; Oct. 15. She ha* been named Gloria, Jean. Contract Club Mias State Burkt tntertelned tht member* of her contract-bridge elub at a . - . Mrs. Frank Rink and Mn. Mar, garet Gilnant of Dixon. and Mrs. I Mike Barry of Los AngelM, Calif.. kwcre Tuetday and Wednesday futtte I In the home of Mr. and Mn. Frank Nelnan. •ATUBOAT BABJEBY SPECIAL* Cloverleaf Roils, doz. . Rath Buns, doc. ...... . Cup Cakes, doz. .. — Creemi Puffs, 21 c 24 C 24 C C Mitteeor: Pmm#m Pies, each . •••III! lilEIT nt M AVB. Gives look Review Rtv. Jfamt* FaU* avatamtoa 1 si botk rtvttv mi "Btrtta Bmrr 4 m\ WHnnaty tuning at lha •odiat church. UMfk Iriofs Mr*. Mary after m% FCTUI LARD 3 ». HRiit with •eet « Lb. BMMmmmm*mm*mmmBjBmmmwmmmmm NE 913 POT BOAST Lb. WOUND SWISS Lb. a* a BUTT BOASTS TRY MS WR SiRVICf, TRY US K>R QUALITY. , at her late home at 2 o clock ami a wen-ice, at the Cole-U Christian church at 2.30. Rev. H. E. Sniffer of the Rock Pull* Christian church officiated, snd was assisted by Rev. C W. Marlow and G. P. Ventura. Two songs, which were raivrt«t«! by Mrs Grubb. "Beautiful IMe of Somewhere and "Let the Lower Light* B* Burning." were sung by Mrs Donavon Dreta and Mr*. J. D. Flynn. Mrs. Vera Heath presided at* the piano during the. service*. The many beautiful floral tributes were in charge, of Mrs. John Kilt*. Mr*. Clark Stanley »nd Mr*. Ralph Hlnes. Six nephews of the deceased actwl as casket btarer*. F»y Pengh. Charles Peugh. Roiw Peugh. Olerki Peugh. Fred Overholser, and Harold Kimmel. Besides th* many relatU-es arid friends present from Colet* and neighboring town*, the following relative* from a distance were present: Mr* Addle Flynn. Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Flynn of Toledo. la, Mlns Bird Peugh of Chicago, and Mrs. Lawrence Dennis and daughter Patricia of Farmlngton. Church Services WEST OENBflEE— J. W, Bucklln. pastor. Sermon anfl Communion at 2 p. m, MAIN STREET UNITED BRETHREN — Rev. E. C. Owen, pastor. Sunday school 10 a. m. Morning worship at 11 o'clock. Evening service* at 7:30. Midweek prayer service Wtdnttday at 7:30 p. m. PENROSE UNITED BRETHREN —Donald C. ElbUng. pastor. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Christian Endeavor a*. 7:30 p. m. with Lowell Wtchaler as leader. Worship services at 1:15 p. m. Bally day will be observed in tht Sunday aehool at this place neat Sunday Oct M. All membert 'and friend* art urged to join with ua on that day. OROVE STREET UNITED BRETHREN -~ Donald O. Sibling, pastor. This Sunday is Rally day in the Sunday school with an attendance goal of at and adHratttt by Eara Fabtr and O. L. Harrison. Basket dinner in tht town hall and a sacred concert beginning at S:W p. m. with Instrumental music of various instruments. The entirt public is invited to attend these service*. Chrtottan Endeavor at t p.m. with Mary Atnta Cane as leader. CHRISTIAN—Biblt aehool at 10 m. Otmaninton and wonhlp at 11 o'cloek. Chriatmn Bndtavor at 7:15 in tht evening. It U vary encouraging and gratifying to tee a number of our Uttlt folks in attendance at the Bible school and worship hour*, ants who art una Attends Homecoming ftpv. and Mr^ A. X Harrison «», tended the homecommt of the Unit- led Brethren church «t ER«n. 111. on .Sunday. Or! 12 and save on Rd- jdrew. He will nlso attend the nome- comine al Woodland U. B. church on Sunday. Oct. 19. purch!M*fl the Etnjrf piftperty on North Main street. Crmdwick, snd «-j)l tiifce pww*«?if»n within a short time. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Etnyre snd family will move frwn t-hr Etnyre house ffl the 1. M. . Mr f»nd Mr*. will mfn - e to the house vacated by th* Hartman family. Hostess at Bridge Mrs Lester MorL"w« entertained the members of her bridce club Wednesday evening At her home in chndwlck. Prlres in the tames were en-en to Mrs Albert Hartmon and Mrs. Rllry Temple Mrs Herbert Bpealm*n will be hostess to the club in two weeks. New Arrivol Mrs. Ralph'peugh announces the birth Of a son Oct. 15. to her brother-in-law and sister. Mr. and Mr*, timer Tappenriorf at Rock Wand. Mr*. T«pp*hdf>rt was formerly MlM Lucille Hannen of this vicinity. Coleta Briefs Mr. and Mre. Ralph Peueh and children *njo> - ed a motor trip to Oalcna Sunday. Mr. ajid Mrs. Carl Shuman motor, ed to Chicago Tuesday for their son. Pvt. Russell Bhuman. who will spend an 11-days furlough from Camp Forrest. Term. with his parents. Arthur Lorke returned to hLs home near Colela Monday from Rochester, Minn., where he was a surgical patient. Mr. Lorke expects to return to Rochester for a second operation In about nix week*. Rev. C. R. Smith 6f Van Ortn. III., presiding elder in the U. B. church, waa a supper «ue*t at the home of Rev. A. X. Harrison recently. Truth Seekers Meet The mret:n« of the Truth Seeker* das* of the First Lutheran church of Chadwick. which was to have been held Wednesday. Oct 32. in the horns of Miss Anna Towert near Ml. Carroll, ha* been postponed until Oct. 29. Chadwick Briefs Mr* Walter Edelen of Ban Diefo, Calif., was R truest of friend* here Thursdfty. Delbm Etnyre. who U stationed at Camp Forrtst. Tenn.. has arrived to spend ft 15-flay furlough In th» home of hi* parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Etnyre. Mr. and Mr*. Vaughn Ctldwll and daughter Monya Oay have returned U> their hom« in Chicago, after having spent §ome time in the hotnt of Mr. and Mt». L. B. Spencer. Ray Marlowe of Camp ClAlborn*, La. and Mrs. Marlowe of Clinton, Iowa, spent Wednesday with th« latter's mother. Mrs. Mary Kradle. lira. Marlowe is returning to camp Claiborne with her husband. Church Services ST. PAUL'S LUTHBBAN — J. W. Bucklln. pastor. Sunday, Oct. if. 1:30 a. m. Sunday aehool; 10:46 a. m, worship. Sunday, Nov. 3. Reformation sen-ice and Holy Communion. HOPE EVANOEUCAL — L. M. Phillip*. Sunday, Oct. ». 1:30 a. m., Sunday school; 10:30. tarmon by tht Rev, Si O. Ehtrly of Polo, former pastor of Hopt church; «:45 p. m., ChrUUan Endeavor, leader Walter 7:10 p. m, tarmoA by Rtv. Dr. Italy hat dtviMd a fancy new warplane gun-aimer that automatically synchronite tht. spatd of tht enemy plant and tht vataetty of tht bullets. Some of tht par- kbit to stay and attend tot ttrvioM thttatelvw bring tneir ehUdrto to church and under tht watchful tyet and guidance of tht grandpartnts and teaehtn thaw tht botfiu T " ' C THI CHEAPEST MEAT YOU CAN IUY 19c «> YOUNG CHICKENS ALL SIZES ALSO PLENTY Of DOCKS AND OTKEB POULTBT! f s Poultry PAIR HAVEN EVANOEUCAL — Fmut Fmrlty, pastor. • p. m. Thursday, praytr atrvic* M tht church. Friday afternoon. W. M. S. rally at BvaattUeal church. Friday tvt- .. B. U O. E. aecial at tht Bart Ntlton home. Sunday. Oct. It. 10 a. m. Sunday aehool; 10: Si, morninf worahip^ luy Etnyre House OF. Hartsaan W Ohadwick ha* HULK IS HEALTH ky «kt Wt- >v«UMUy, by vital to 121 LOCUST Dairy VmONBiMI -I SPRING FRYS and TURKEYS BBJty tkt beat to fowl* this wttfc after yt* want to wt H ami tht ^f Prtsli Ceuntry Eggf PRII DELIVERY lock Falls Product Co. FtRST AVE. ROCK FALLS FKJOHB Hf OLBMN V. mcWETBY—Rtttar known M "Fate." STUD, K.23i 1.2Ot i.25t WAHL S MARKET SSIST stn 'FOUND < a 4 NT HIST ••MP^^MI 23 Rock Foils Doiry •r »Aniv Fmog*ucw • mOCV FALLS Sliced BACON, jb. L*mjl CHEE ft. Bulk SAUSAGE, per tb. ........ HIT U. F««ey LAME CHOW •t t SeMH 8TEAIC8, Ife. CREAMERY OUTTEt, "OW Hetmitotr *. ISo RATirS TEHOER.MAPE PICNIC HAMS ». lie FANCY SPRING CHICKENS, 5 ft. evg. »k21e FATNINI IMIt FRESH 1EEF TONGUES , . ». Me HOME-MAOf MIPDING, LIVER SAUSAGE , It, Hie i ft. ill Lkltt Lk.»i MINCED HAH AMER. CHEESE T-:. :,-... 27« BMCK OB. LOMKKMtM Am. free I FACKAGi LARD

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