The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 1, 1971 · Page 18
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 18

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Friday, October 1, 1971
Page 18
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FLWTITONES Ogden StandarcUExamirier, Friday, October 1, 1971 BUT/ WHERE WE "GO WILL. PEPEN ON HOW WELL HE POES 1M THE NEXT FEW .MINUTE!?/ BUZ SAWYER ,6iVEWET«E MESSAGE. 1 WILL THAT SHE GETS rr. HO, I HAVE A MESSAGE OP IMPORtANCE FROM HER GRANE7MOTHER. ACTUALLY, I WANTED ONLY TO TALK WITH THE AMERICAN GIRL, KELLY 'IRELAND JUST WHATPO YOU WMJT OP THIS RODRIGO, MONEY! HOW INTERESTING/ SHORT RIBS UNCLf RAY'S CORNER By RAYMON COFFMAN 4t THERE XET ttHARtfeTWM VIM ASQUE OPTMEOAWE Trie-fVfcRE OUTPL/WEO, SCANNING THE STARS By SYDNEY OMARR Forecast for Saturday, Oct 2, 1971: Many young persons today JOQOW more about astrology tan do most astronomers. Some young people know more about astrology than do- some'old-line astrologers. Indeed, astrology is a subject that has vitality and appeals to young and old. Admittedly, most astronomers wish astrology would go away and hide. Fortunately, however, that is not destined to be the case." Astrology will continue to flourish—and some astronomers are getting ready to climb on the bandwagon. ABIES (March 21-April 19): Some basic issues appear to be obscured. Stop making excuses Face facts as they exist. Travel is not especially recommended. There are things to do at home, research provides „»„..,- (April 20-May 20): Friends could complicate w.tiat was a relatively simple matter. Heed your own counsel. Steer clear of one who professes to know all. Accent is on money— Deligent answer. TAURUS LIBRA (Sept. . Renewed hope is featured. .Leo is involved. Accent on health, basic chores. Journey may. have to be delayed. You are recalled for purposes which', ultimately are beneficial. Remain optimistic. Turn on .charm. SCORPIO (Oct/ 23-NoV; 21): Follow through on hunch Spotlight is' on sticking to investment, money.' convictions. Don't change iii midstream. Key is to apply lessons learned in recent past. Aquarius individual plays prominent role. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec.; 21): Forces tend to be scat- GEMINI (May 2I-June You assume added responsibility In so doing, you enhance chances for additional reward. You can gain greater sense of direction. More emotional stability results from reconciliation with family. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Tread lightly. Some are anxious to misinform you. Know this— proceed accordingly. What you seek may not be immediately available. Wait for puzzle pieces k 1 _.. to fail into place. Check to go—concentrate efforts.,.Stick >rrespoudence. j to basics. Finish what you start. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): j check property.'values^ Correct Pressure may be applied where - - ' ^ 1 spending, collecting enter picture. Strive for balance Know that responsible, older Fjords Created Long Ago Long ago there were river valleys where fjords now exist., 't appears that the ground sank j until the sea swept over the ^ .,-,-, rivers. The water in the fjords, BARNEY s salty. •-.„ .' During the- Ice Age, valley glaciers moved downward and 'ouged out many of the valleys, naking the fjords extremely deep..Sogne fjord, for example s 2,800 feet deepter than the nearby part of the sea. The sides of fjords are steep, sometimes sheer walls, and the cliffs rise to a height of from 500 to 6,000 feet. Those of the Norsemen who made -their home in Norway usually lived around the shores of the fjords. -In their voyages they used long open boats which were, moved forward by oars and sails, one sail to each ship. A .vessel . known as - : the "Oseberg ship" ; was dug "from | under a mound on the Oseberg j farm in southern Norway. It is i 69 feet long, and dates back) more than 1,100 years. • REMAIN OF WOMEN Inside that vessel were the remains of two women. One of the women is believed to have been Queen Aasa, the other her GOOGLE and SNUFFY SMITH •y »ED LASfWCU the and individual Refuse to Stand pat. You will win. corner. burned. 'VIRGO Wait for is in your be pushed, (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): others to initiate contacts. Tendency exists for oremature starts. Permit mate, 19): Obtain hint from Sagittarius message. Pace yourself. Check possible legal loopholes. Not wise to take persons for "lady-in-waiting." It was custom "for Norse kings _chieftains to be placed in boats, after ' death. Sometimes the boats were put in holes in the " mounds were built In other cases -the lire while "The "bseberg ship contains 15 oar-holes on either: side. At least one man was needed for each oar, so there must have been at I least 30 . oarsmen on board.' There was room for the car- arid for from 30 to 40 smen, women and children as well, household goods granted. Some promises; will befe—j^j; inrk'nWihat broken-unless you protect self ™^ orsemen transported cattle 111 ClinCtliSS. ' -L- -fu^i- /\r«iTi Hnat*; . » . ^-v-r-m , i- ._ nn Y-^-L. tn\ .. ill! Ulcir OUcIl JJUato. AQUARIUS (Jan. uicu^tu^ o^.-. - Open lines of communication. business partner to have say.(whatever you do, do it with Your time will come; for now, i ze st Halfway attempts now play waiting game. Message ! r .esult in loss—prestige and becomes increasingly clear financial. Gemini cud Virgo section of "YOUNG HOBBY CLUB By CAPPY earns that can be played by two friends, one of whom takes .a memory test which .the other player applies. The roles may then be reversed and the tester becomes the tested. . The only equipment needed is a picture book such as is shown in"Figure l. .The player who is the tester flips the pages of the-book slowlv enough so the other slaver hasabrief chance to see and identify the illustrations. After 10 pages have been flipped and viewed, the tester clo«es the book. The player whose ability to observe and remember is being tested then attempts to recall afoud what he saw on the pages as the boy is doing in Figure ' of the illustration. TESTER MAKES LIST The tester makes a list of the thing, the player remembers. When the oae being tested can think of no more togs to add to his list, the book is again opened to the 10 pages that used and the list and the are com persons may be involved. Some people talk fast^slow them. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Family member deserves special consideration. Professional endeavors- succeed— if you adhere to diplomatic, conservative course. Avoid extremes. Give benefit of doubt to Libra individual. "Yes, tut did you ever nsk yourself, is thft world wortli over?" DAILY CROSSWORD PUZZLE more pages A PICTURE book is all you will need to play this fun "flip-over memory game. •"Flip-Over" is a memory book and the game continues. The player who can remember the longer .list of things he saw is the winner of the contest. TOMORROW: WHEEL BLOCKS, TO_tJSE_FOR Puzzle w/VA rAe Builf-In Chuckle O R«arrano« Utt«rs of th» . four scrambW words be- Ichw to form four simplm words. GEEMUL i GI RET I" * SYUI K | s i i i 1 •« ACROSS 1. Fountain order 5. Smite and thigh S. Musical work 9. ••_ - in. .the Life ' of Ivan Deniso- vich" (2wds.) 13. Lavish. reception 14. Emissary 15. Rainbow 16. Peak • IT. No thing: IS. Word of cheer 19. Julie's mom, 20. Badly 21. Disdain 23. Follower of an ism 24. O.T.lJOOlC 26. Prompt ST. City in Florida 29. BOWK 1. Until now (2wds.) 2. Verdi's works S. False bravery (2 wds.) . 4. Peer Gynt's 23. mother S.Manhattan to Jersey City tube ^2wdS.) 6.XJnTit 7. Diamond .throw 10. Coffee- and item. (2wds.') 11. Sloping 1 (2 . 25. Othello character 26. Hunger after 28. Provoke E Y J~ RO 0 Newi item on amus«ment page: 'The comedienne has ien kids. She's famous for her good ,." »-» O Complete th« chucfcl* quol«d by filling in the missing word you develop from st.p No. 3 b«low. PRINT NUMBERED LETTERS IN SQUARES UNSCRAMBLE LETTERS FOR ANSWER Yestertifay't Answer 30. Inventor's "insect" 31. Exist 33. Gardner ' 34.Yoko— -. 35. Shed tears SS-Wintaclc 38. Part of a ticket 39. Relaxing, (2wds.) • 40. Gaelic 41. Electrical •unit ' 42. Watched DAILY CBYPTOQTIOTE— Here's how to work it: : AXYDLBAAXR • J* X, O N G F OB I. r, O W One 'letter simply stands for another. In this -sample A i» • used for the 'three Us, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the -length- and formation of the words are all hint-3. Each day the code 'letters are different. A Cryptogram Quotation . • N EGKKFMMDD FV K XJGI.W RDDWV KFALMnV N'AH S GL J V ( . — KFBMGA QD JBD , ' Cryptoquote: HONEST DIFFERENCES ARE HE DOES, BUT HE'S GONE OFF FLOAT F1SHIN' FER fl WEEK BLESS HIS HEART!! flCO'I ALWAYS THOUGHT HE HATED MEWUSS'N WOLF PIZEW SHUX- HE DON'T MIND/ ZONiE MAE CflME TO VISIT WIF ryiy BRBV SISTER PER TWO-THREE DflVS- UH --1F .JHATWUTHLESS HUSBflNP OF HER'N DON' MIND MORGAN, •Z TUOWRTTKE -WST THING HELLO/I'M B.- ADAM /I'M WAVING PINNER WITH P*. /MORGAN/-HAS HE ARRIVE? X£T - NOW, THAT -SOOND3. UKEfW/ LII FALK * PHIL DAVIS MAGICIAN MANDRAKE HERE'S YOUK GUESTS — THE FAMOUS MAGIC MANANPHI58UDDY/ NOW OPEN UP, OR THEY'LL'GET IT/ •SHOV? THAT MAGIC MAN OUT THE GUARDS MIXED UP. THSY PONT KNOW WHAT TO PO. »X SAUNDERS and WOOGON MAYBE, INSTEAD OF CALLING MS. CHESWICK'S LA\VyER-WE ) SHOULD HAVE PHONED POLICE FIRSTS HE MIGHT BE GEORGE CMNSHA ..... «AV£ SSAUTV, IMTELL.16EKC&, / \f ALFRED ANDRIOLA RIGHT.'.. ANP THE CHICK TROTTING BEHIND HIM POESNT LOOK LIKE A NURSE TO Mf.' ANYHOW, _ COMES THE GOOD POCTOR NOW.' l STILL SAY IT'S NOT OUR CONCERN, HAPPY 'WE'VE GOT FOUR MORE CALLS TO MAKE TOCW/ NORMALLY A POCTOR • WOULP HAVE A PECAU ON ,WS WINDOW, KERRY, OR AH -JNSkSNIA ON HIS LICENSE PLATES/.. NOT A SLOPPY, HOMEMADE CARD/ 29. Scarlett's plantation.'. 30. City In Idalio 32: Subsided '• 17. Swiss river 38.-: • double B G .V D -V Babied — Savor — Gland — .Facial — CAN BARS A stripper is * show iirl "who «how* more than <h« CAN BABE. ^3t> •esora OFTEN A HEALTHY SIGN OF PROGRESS.— MAHATMA GANDHI ..-•- , -..- -. •' .-'-.- IToaturca Syndicate, lue.) ' MARY WORTH By KIN ALUM I'VE ADDED UP THE. "MUST" BILLS, ELTON 1-THE.. HOUSE, THE. CAR., AND THE 'INSURANCE! WE'LL".. NOT-HAVE. MUCH LEFT TO GO.ON! -THERE'LL BE. , MV BOWK-NEXT - WEEK, WHEN THE , .COMPANV'4 FISCAL VEAJ*. ENDS!THAT'LL EA5E'THINQ5U > V'KNOW— OFFEjyNG TO DO THAT TYPING FOP.THE. SCHOOL . COMMITTEE THIS AfTERHOON- IFI HAD AMACHINE,ICOULD PROBABLV EARN QUITE ABIT HERE AT HOME.'. THIS BLOCK ISN'T ZONED COMMERCIAL HONEVl ^SERIOUSLY, LORI. IF THE TIME EVER COMES „ THAT MV WIFE HAS TO WORX,^ I'LL K.NOW -WE ARE UVING j BtYOND OUR MEANS'. ;, DEAR! -J

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