Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 7, 1930 · Page 14
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 14

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1930
Page 14
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DECATUR HERALD fUESDAY, OCTOBER 7, Y930. DECATUR HERALD Cross Word Puzzle Created By J. X. White IS ·so 3ft sa. -tl IB ·35 16 so -4S 19 1 ·38 SI n -** 10 it ACROSS i Ov »fj of 4* * Faint* 10 t PtmlnlM Mm* 11 Tardy n t* AlgonhHm IMMn m 14 SWt (t 15 (HuaWr. tram Iowa u 17 A routing iMoh.) II Partry t» Feel* Irritation of the *klii ,, tt T* bun with a hot J fluM ' 14 LftrK* kirita * K VIM. * 11 Ct4k «l OblchM, Teal, Ate Sin School for boy* tn England Paradla* Underaland Brlitlo 1'lam POWN A whit* Unon veal. m«nt «cct. Hallor colloq.) EM (comb, form) "Public commttnlty n*in An*w*r to t MatetiliM nun* T A breed ot Fwnch «hoop (pi.) t A kind of hunting t Abundant Id Hawaiian 11 Shada 14 \ youns 10 Th« 11 MlnoraJ duck tl 11 PtTlsh 14 IMrlved fi«m i; *t*ftrin '' · K HUin « A color ts Alloy of copper *** itnc U Comply U Hlver mouth 44 A cold prnparttkoa l To th« IM tld II Senator from ·J7 Conception' III Lubricate* 19 Sclnon 31 Bpane 3! Marked wttfi lln*» it Uonkw M UabtrlM W Or»ln bei ID On* *poti 40 HMl 41 Wmx 41 WltwlU prIOM 46 Fatn 4B Amorlmn Jurtot 1844-1121 4T Bora 4X FloM Aviator On Flight To Rio Gets Close-Up of Marvelous Country D, C.~"W« ot one own Kludow olciw, itti wu on ttid cloiuh lillth rivet- Vlrtorln Uild flow «6llth for Kin. l''or j'tiu ctm go 'Ilolllng IViwn to f{ld' now on hlpr ferry hoaw (if thu sky, K't'i' 1 W'tiplnufN Ihfit ply bdtwoiin thu two Amur lent,' wrltua Knulorlck Hiiniilcli, Nut I (inn! KOO- tfraptilu nocloty cot (·oBjiondont with thn pnrly inrvnylnK filr rotilc* from low tu utie Ilia court' try. wu cum i' In the v»st jiliinlBtlons on tlip rich, Ki'iwn pluln^ ai)uut Caiti- IOH, Hdi'MOH unl ciiiiiR by (luHiscindi KnizMl tlu'fo; tunny Itordt ulnmpcdod whim wu roni'cd n fnw ynrjft liMiiti, t j nons, cult lilt; It on Mj,- ox curti, nrtil wovoii ' ni It l.i known heuay nt on« end of a glittering toy front boulevard around to K race course at tha other, with club build Ings graceful as ancient tomploa In K«ypt. their much'-1c» tit (is Ovor muddy roiul.n |il(ildliiK ox tfiuns him tod thu hnrivy cnmi ciutn to the miftiir mill, or 'cor (D nil llm world'* cnno workers. Field overticMii tn wliltn milt.i sat nbout on nlock flfidtllo horru!!, I'atiri 101) Miles "On one wlmli! (IK'lit troll) Wustv lugton. no itrrlili of Hi'flnury huit been more h'ritphlc aiul aljtiorbiriK. It wutt l i k e 11 ion milp punoi or mural of 'Country Uto In Hnull,' with farm folk gnrli*nlnK. f mull UK !!«·*, ell op. pint; wood, mllklnj,', or limflttK- Children wt't'ti nL piny, onu group with d pint IwrnccHrd In n little wiipon; at (ivory (mm lioiuio chloVtcns run fw covfi, (hlii It I UK xic « MK lutwh. ' "Then It ruined. Wntor foil nil litjmit 11,1. U nlull out u wurld-fiumid t low wo hull wall ell ful'-'till) flouk ot otl1, [iiiT-il»fi[i«l miiutiLnln About Itln. TIIPM uro » fllir Thev lixik ji1tm«i n n t r i r l n t , on thu forth, yd not n[ It You fnnoy that iiomt' I'lfj Pnvld im another pi fin K lined hh Hlln: to hurl thwso bniildcis tin (til nh n|Kti nt our world, with Klo M ht'i b n l l H t'jv, "When » holii of ll(jhl showed ·h«iul, I ' l l f i t lluwklni K'Wfl tlm hljt Nyrba plnnn '»11 the nvtoin luit.' imd *·» ffiltly rncml for llmt cloud bti'tik. And thorn wiit Uln, overt-tint, hut vH Iblf, with ItM ffiiuoiiH mountain (he Plnfter of (loci, nwhlntf U|) n n t l pok Ing Into liiw clotKlH A City of Many I'urtit "Kroni tin- (ilr you fee lili'i not an imr bltf city u n i t UUn CUIuuKo; a llff city, ypx -wllh more tlinit 1,300. 000, but 'brolceu into knlcklorcoplc part* thnt tire tin-hod inlo valleys, «(it on point* «I lund, mircml In the graceful bind» of beautiful hluo Iwyn, or ollnnlfis Ilkn Tlhotnn to utoop, woudt'd hills. And boldly, unlit uttnlKht through tho Immense, opulent Cliy P vim* (ltd tninauo Avcn- Irtd Tllo Primt'o It IK KltVs nmln *r- tery now. I'vw other cltltm on earth (itunl rnunlcIpul uouragD "hi let (hem t'iir» Like "Llko a colosaal Ilrotly an ilium limtcd ncrlul tram cur crawls up It cubic, currying (Uhtseors to gltttorlng Fllo at night, from th pouk ot a up; n r Loaf Mountain, H[gt\ up nlong tlio top of an old Roman llko aqueduct, which brought clt wnter In Portutcueeio days, a itr«o car lino now rum blew, and hordes o democratic Brazilians ride thu utree ctiTK for thu sheer pleasure of seoin lllcli' homa town. Highways, smootl and hard, wind Into surround In, hllli, to fclva breath-taking vlflws o tho (nr-fhmjc city and lt» majcutl iilnnd-stiicliiod bay; ntop one pen' Id rlficn a heroic stono flgtira {'hrlat, with urina outstrctctied ovo Rio, "Parh, Nnw York, Snn t'runclitco nil blnnd hero. Troi- shaded botilc vurd cftf«o; loop flics of Fifth Ave mtc-dtylo bu»sea nnd a ferry ncrofia (hit bay, of th form thut forrlw you from would to do. 'Yoti n»cd ti lonjt. '!«"· nn» riRUt thnwusU X»ur crowded «lty," tho i1«nnerji nitld. Hlo Ofwvor- 'O K.' and thuy tore down hun- HIGH LIGHTS OF HISTORY No. 14 George Rogers dark- Clark Sends .Spies to Illinois By J. Carroll Mansfield ID OtSOSVCR THE RtU. 5TReN(STH OF tH6 ' SENT TWO COLtRA^EOU* yOUMQ HUN1FS5, MoOSe,1D Spy-0*4 THE 6MEMV POSTS IU THfc IU.IWOIS COUNTRY, · · ··--·* ' town OF Sriouisr MISSISSIPPI ANp; POSIN6 AiTb«ieS,VI$ltH TVOESRITISH PMT4 At CftWOKIA AMI? KUKASKIA. THEY rowo* OAROI sons STRONG AN WEU.* HKlPLlNEfc BUTT MOT EXPECTM6 AN ATTACH. Ccpyrl(tit, 1930, by ]. Cufrtl Mmiifitld) 0MBY ALSO L6AWW THAT THE FRBHCM tMHABtuwrs of THE RMIOM WERE iMCU«ir 10 Q£ FWEMrxv TaWAQPIHK AMIRlCAMS IN $WTE OF IME Bmeft AWfi-AMenicAM wo- FO*ANt?A BV THE- BftfflSH. -- · .LyMMANp-MOOQfr Rf , jwMtuaaAup^vfr CURK A r*UILfl ACCOUNT OFALUMfcV ' ClARK THAT H(S PLAU MRTHe COHQUfST W JANE ARDEN Learning the Trade - Mm- It ft street ovor to OdWnnd. Arls luoriitlc Itomci, IIH on old Nob Hll I n f l n U o cottcei ohop.H, for cottt'e 1 mor« jMipulnr here than sjilrttM. An more French Hpokcn, nroitnd hotets theaters niut Intellectual centers than thn uvorago American hear ovon In I'arin. "Abovo all, (lie Brazilian himself, A now rncc, in u way; at least a now rticlnl mlxlurf 1 . descended fioin I nil inns nnd those who migrated here. More tlmn half of Brazil'* population, and jiructleally all It*' city dwellon. aro of this racial nrnaU" runt Ion, and the moderns arc proud tn bo culled - Et«iiHlcroi. - It 1.4 a nocldl error to cull them Poitu- ttucao. Football t» their Mhh, He- fore tlin Kiimptuous bulldlups of hlR ('allied crowdd litock traffic to read the foothult sonroa. Fnothalt la uliovp politics, htirio tnws. nc\vn from - *vt'ii nbpve the coffee ctuo- "I'll II Ui« TMitli "Itlo, as you see lu now, Is a town, Quulnt old fcctlonH remain, remindful of PorlURtiose days. Then- ID lUuv Oitvldor, like nurrow ntrflots cloned nmny other ·v (ill vohluular traftle: a favorite promemide 'where you're miro to meet whoever you're iioklt))j for.' Old otreelit, too, with old-faititlotted nnnie», such ns 'Pull Iho Teoth Street.' where old men peddle tlvo ehlckern In ptinnlcrs borne by belled mules. "But the eonsplcuoiifl phnso of Rio, when you upproftcli )t viu the BH ml I, backward const-towns from the Amawn delta nouthward. In Itn hrlitht. (ipotloiu nownoas, Vwsl fcrt«ne», In recent years, have come from real estate. Skyserapera rise, tr, challenge the hills nnd plnpue the dr«il» of bullillntt*. itnd now here lJi fouls ot urtlsitlc conacrvntlvta. I IMo Urani!(». A »« w *'' fttl * v * iml1 ' " ftunwl the AuterlcrLii Commercial Al- -""·" "" tfiohe In a 22-story building, put up by one ot lllo'a seventeen dallies From his window you see the bay. with big ships from everywhere unnplanvs coming and going and many war cratt of the Brazilian fleet, whose personnel Is trained by a Yankee naval mission of 33 of- | te itrowlnjt pains, you «eo workmen dy- s rocky hill* away to mnke lot* or exmnd bourtviwu, or away «lMit hydrapllc J "^e'cnlcally, nrchlUcturftlly, B i o , Parties you with lu Ihentrlcal char- net«r, Vwm W hotel window the nhv lino Irjokit like u string of fan- twtlo pfllncos at dome world fa r. And the long wal«r(ront li unju* ' No dirty dock». wharf cafe and r bo»rdln« hotutes. In-tead. you rid* from th« dignified Wm«rlc»n Km- ficers and men, who glvo their dnsh of color to the local American colony. "What a buy, at sunset! Serrated blu«""£.'·« sawing Into golden skies; bon ifcHod against white beach SB. Shadowy ripple i s weeping tho gun protected steamer lanes between for Brazil's Orange Crop Finds Brisk Market in London ,(Ky I'nittJ JVojj ) LONDON -- Brazil'9 third navel oiange export crop to Great Britain totaled 151,000 cases. The slr.e of tho eitjwrta far surpass the two previous crops and J, C. MunU, consul gen- oral for Brtvzll in Great Britain, told the United Press In an exclusive Interview that tho crop established bursting Into btnze. making; Rio as gorgeous by night as by day. It tt stood on the beaten travel trail around tho world, what tourist hordes -would swnmp Itl But trade, not tourists, make It great. It is the capital and chief city of a nation that embraces nearly half of all South America--both In area antl tilled hill*; then endless arc lamps'population." Brazil on the markets of Groat Britain. While the select ravals* from San Paulo stopped arriving about the middle of Aufrust, Brazillano ranges will probably remain on sale throughout Groat Britain -until the elcse of September since shipments ot Pom oranges from Rio do Panorio are now arriving. Duo to the size, thinness of peel, nnd the richness o( juice and flavor Munlz bollevos they will bring excellent prices. Surveying the navel eioj Imported Into Ortfit Britain from Brazil the Consul General aatd to a. United Press representative, "Brazil in now ranked aa one of the leading orange growing and exporting nations by the British fruit Importers. "The excellent condition of tile 1930 crop practically has erased the bod Impression made by the 192( crop. During the 1923 season large number of oranges, shipped by many small houses, were vent from Braal! to Great Britain, Untortun- ately a large number of cases arrived ii* an over-ripened condition La*t y*»r Brazilian organe* were iorced to sell ugainat the handicap of the reputation established during the 1928 season." This year practically all of the oranges sent from Brazil were handled by a tow large firms. Inspection, which resulted in the fruit arriving In splendid condition, eoon established the quality and condition of Brazilian navels; Munlz In speaking of prices said. "Boxes containing from 60 to 100 oranges "brought an everage of H shillings. Boxes with 120 oranges sold for 15 shillings, wlille those with 150 oranges brought 13 shillings. Boxes with IT6 to 200 oranges tn ought tho highest prices, generally selling for one pound sterling. "Smaller oranges were preferred. Thin skin* with a deep grange shade also brought better prices since th« Briton buy* by appearance us well aa taste. All of tbe oranges were sold by private treaty," Dlscus«lng the possibility ot in ureas Ing sales in Great Britain, Munlz said, "Brazil exported only 13,000 cases ot navels to the-Continent Great Britain Is our beat mar- bet and a* UM quatllty of the Bratll- WOMEN WASH FACES THENJ»UT ON MUD fflir Vxttrtt /"int ) CARDIFF -- Women wash tbelr face then put mud on it, only they don't know It, a delegate to the Pharmaceutical conference revealed In announcing the bails of moot Rood face powders 1s a peaty deposit token from the earth and dried, Washington Governor , Sends Bird* to Maine PORTLAND, Me.--Governor Hoi- and H. Hartley, of Washington, has presented 30 pairs of Mongolian pheasants to Governor W. T. Gardiner, of Maine, a* contribution to Ion fruit becomes known, our exports should Increase, Tho policy adopted by the Brazilian Mlnlatery of Agriculture has ralsd the standard of our fruit and Importer* now want our orange*." the sama slocking program of the Down Baat State from Uie Pacific Coatt common wealth. Theaa pur* Mongolian ring-neck* ar* direct descendant! from the first pheaaanta Introduced Into the United State* from the Orion I. The original ihlpment. of Mongolian pheasant* wa* nent from China to Seattle In 1681 by Judife O. W. Denn«y, who at the tlm* waa th* Halted State* Coniul General at Shanghai. They were u»d for breeding purpose* In Ui« itit* ot Washington and U I* from (he few pair* that practically all ting-neekad )h«*- ant* In thl* country wc*t of tbt HlMlnlppl ar* descended. » - Scotiik Train But* 700 PjfcoM in Race i By Viilttt Prot.1 LONDON -- The crack Flytng Scottman exprcM ea*i)y won a raca to Newcastle again*! TOO carrier pig- ton* released In th* eourtytrd of the Hou*c ot Common*. "' f NEW SUBSTANCE FOR FACE POWDER FOUND lt\/ llltltnt /'I'M I LONDON,--A new mibwtunco fui face powder I* olalm^i to have bcrii dlvcavcrcd by N. Iitgrftm yourtg retail cbcmlii, who earth *ubatnce hitherto for chemical filtration nwktt* ft inor« Idaal . the preicnt one* which have rlc« and Ktarch powder M their Mi* H*nd«y *ty* th* d*po*tu which if* * p«mty BUtaUnc* known w 1»' tomaceou* earth, Art found only near water (either wait or frMnl, and that when dry, Uwy form » very light tuvt porou* powder wbwa I* M*al for toilet u**. -«- ti«" LAnBLOMOMtt (iv v*ltti frni.) UBDVORD, Wll^-8*v«ral t»M o» tb* farm of W«4t*r rouoh, Chv«l»nd townrtlp, MoMMm md lw»* ·! th* of lh» orchard In ·prlBf Urn*. bud* on lh* tr*M wtr* th* frett tfirtr iMt ·print. Th* of John · N*» York ta, CrofMiey. IMi*i a t«B known M Bt n«ctlcut. 3«v nanU have louriy. Anotf tjr atte THIS IS M^JS/JANB-TAKe AWOOO t«OKATHER.\ 50, YOU TRIED TO GETAWAY FROM NOT BY A JUS FULL.'YOU'LL FAY, RIOHT NOW, WAS UIKB VOy, AND MAD AMfNDOF MBR OWN-NOW ffM» JUST MiND9-VOuVe SOT TO l_EAftN TO TAKE MYOADBRS OR TAKE WHAT'S 1 J AlfA- THAT Rl9HPt OR YOU'LL STAY HERB FOREVER^ CHIEF- SHE'S' -- ·- · - FOUND OUT YOU CANT SHAKE DOWN S WAITI N'OUTff t DE TIME YOU'VE FOUNDOUT YOU CANY SHAKE IffHAM SHADE HOUE, PRIMP t-tASIMi JANE ARDCN, TOO HM HA! HAI vou an THAT JOB... READ THC QUALtmCATIONi) ...PLfAVNt LVE At*WWS)PHLT I DESTINED TO DO BIGGER THINGS IN LIFE... MINGLtt WITH MILLIONAIRES AND PROMINENT PBOPLC. AT LAST THE CALL HAS COME. 61ANC6 OVER THAT ACWERTtSEMEKfT, AMY. WHAT* COME OVER YOU LATELY? MUMBLING TO ttUJRSELF--DOLUNG UP LIKE A MATINEE IDOL.. ANP TODAY VOU TIPPED THE ICE MAN A 01ME. CONP1DENTIAL MISSION NATIONALLY PROMINENT FINANCIER ...LEISURE AND TRAVEL NAME OVN SALARY... H«l HA! ..WELL... QU HAVE COURAGE TO CALL YDUK 'PEfiMNAUTY PLEAS IKIQ... Enough to Discourage Any Man SINCE 'READING THE ABOV6 WANT-AD IN A METROPOLITAN i NEWSPAPER. HEM HAS NOT BEEN . HIMSELF, By Frank Beck TOOTS AND CASPER W1U OVER THE CWT THE SLUG PCM FOR OM IT THAT VWE SAW DOWN TOWN NEARLY TWO POB Yrxi! V/SL1.,lfVE TO BUY rr FOR You! PHOME THE. IF THEY6TIU. HAVE FT TELL THEM TO ^NP iT OUT CHARTS mo ME! THAT, TOOT*? A Lady's Intuition Jimmy Murphy wwwcr oo CARS- t GO VslHCAE WBUL- I'VE SOT THE l_ OKTHE BOT THAT OOMT tUROPE" IT TO THE, MATTER? BRINGING UP FATHER THAT- COOMT- DOMS IS THE So I'LL SAIL QKt TWAT SMtP It Makes a Difference · m Ml tMtoH Stmtf. tot. QMit Brluh) *t|tD (mrml. that nf tb» ' question*. Ar and flndn I private burl lrop«rty ha* Otto, a vjetl notlco Hn Dracula, a night, Annai barn, murdc R bt«* him i Ing H *cd d bridal finer. no coffin Ir mora thn · neatly fillc band*. Dfati fort* to get Bh« ref tjBB time a clreu try hor.iedot irtlrcr ri Jt Unant of B tak* polo CH "That'a · ( sa Cn itwked comn of nub A. worl of horses alwayi chord lr Mlfl Tlutlet i« ihrc tier. He's one that ever wer "BIcM will erl(i.»ry. ' It t tells In L hu w th re *tnnd)n» the i'rt ehall not the Fxird chf hnnd uf B wo "You' i p q BlhK a r ti't ThtvnUfi to Miss W.'j' w the Bouk hr. roply. 'I his lestlr which h n h:u The Rlil « er«dlt. She * ·he (flake lh » ' And th lu right and Lord, ' " he n curtou* int Hccompanled out thine em with a wave chai arc," So abeorbe strange com «alt*d her a* had not rea the BftW of With a. »t ·urprlac and atarcd up a windows, th hope," was ntld from th arm througl hoy A you an people who i The veter the white pi t be*" Hie ent as tliou foi'o a cliuu thin old pi a was most BV lithcA!) and nlnft, It Is Teach u a, days, that i lo wisdom/ fnptl the K lnr to prci vVicic Abb; yottng mint "the peal with which tier to he p R«fore II Ktftlln In th wao convln Noah Penh Crftiinon, o ary for mil (grated. 1 there was Bending o\ ling a mou too eevere thf-pftthetl · man of t«rlnK to t' pttfenU w vr^s as mo tnblUhcd ! cities. Dmc Of Draci Cranson a aKtn^ one croed bctw tan of the t wild horse Btrohg atvi breed Ing which he ·Ions, The Kill 8 PAPER I

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