Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 13, 1959 · Page 10
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 10

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1959
Page 10
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10 THE PAMPA DAILV NEWS FfdDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1959 51st Year You For Socialism? Someone suggested the other;public ownership type of operation day that if people really recogniz-jhas the following characteristics, ed that government schools were,whether it is called communistic, actually socialist schools, a great;socialistic, nazl, fascist or what- step would have been taken in,ever: i) the enterprise is owned causing them to see the fallacies inherent in the popular gun-run system. There are few in our by a government or by some agen-l Qt o , tf) fe( f cy acting for or in the capacity | about hini He BETTER JOBS % ft. C. ttOtLfeS Can Labor Clean Its Own House? ?fo. 2 In the last issue I was quoting from Sylvester Petro's address before the Congress of American Industry on the subject "Can Labor Clean Its Own House?". Thc last article ended with the difficulty that members of unions would have if they attempted to clean the house of labor. Member Jtn* Little Control Petro continues In this manner: "There is no likelihood that such a man will have any influence on the way the union is run. An organization which can control a man's activity against his will is very solicitous have to tread s to tread at Speaking Of Midwest Hoods e- ' allNot much houge cleanj oan pains to be expected of nim Au that ^ be of a government, 2) the enterprise.. sofu , f he society does not seek profits and there-' aU ' Not ^ uch h right now who would willingly ad-' fore at no particular mil that they were backing a com-Vf™ its customers, 3, the enter-j ~p^TTsThaTVconTtionsYe'- munist Instrumentality. Also, there P^e supports itself on income it;^ abgolutel inlolerable (or certainly aren't many who would \m*y derive from its customers j candidly give their support to an;but additionally, it supports itself, no alternative but to po institution which was domonstra-: by force, since it customarily there are ]ef . K bly a socialist set up. loads "P the tax gun and goes out whf)J ' ag a who) ^ haye ^ ry house clea.ning, if, stomach for indeed, they,, can even recognize dirt when thev see it. When our So, the problem is lo get people' and , S et , s whatever loot it needs to to look at the government school niake lts book9 balance ' system in an objective manner! For purposes of simplification and recognize it for what it is. (we can sa y th &t under a private ; people in government get sen- Any kind of business, enterprise, i° wnershi P type of operation we; oualy conccrnec i with doing "their profession, service, industry or oc.'fr™ a ca P itaIist ' c enterprise; and job in ]abnr relttttonai they ^ n cupation falls automatically inlo ! that under a public ownership type want to rcpea , the expropriation some kind of classification. It isn't^ operation we have a socialistic inherent , n tne appropriate-bar- possible for one to exist outside j en ^ r P ns f- • gaining-unit and majority • rule of a classification. And th! 3 would,! , T rT e !!_ '?._ ^ "° °Hl e _ r way i principles. (irmvml Wfltor Co«s*fvatlon tMstflct Xo. x, .South of thB f.'ilnatllftn River In Texftft IP receiving ApplKrAtlonM for ilptiufilory for funds of the Above !!.«(- (vl Jilstrlr-t. Appllciulons will b* re- reived (mill 1il:nn a. nl.. February 7, I!>R!» nt the District Office, Box 637, White Deer. U. (.'. Durrett, iPreildcnt Rrmrit of Director*. Ground Water Conservation District Xo. :t. South Of Hie Canadian Itlver In Texas ATTRRT: Russell itcConnell. Secretary Fioard of Directors Jan. 2,1-SO, Feb. « NOflCfe to CREDITORS OF tHE ESTATE O£ ETTA M. OLIVER, DECEASED Xntice Is hereby given that original NeUers Testamentary upon the Estnte if Klta M. Oliver, rlorensed, wore granted to the undersigned nf ln- lopeiidf-nt Kxccntor of the Kstate of Ktta AT. otlvpr. deceased, on the llth d;iy of FehrtKU'y, IHSn, by the. County 'oiirt nf f!r«y Coulty, Texas. AM persona havln.c claims asraln?t tild estate (ire hereby re>iulrer1 to irescnt the same to me within the line prescribed by law. My Post Office address Is P.O. Box 221. Pampa, j Texas. /«/ VKi^rom-: u OUVKR, Independent Kxecntor of the Kstate nf Ktla M. Oliver, deceased. 9 a.m. , .... !i rt* fintry fc far Cmftsirfed Ads. Saturday tot Sun. day edition, 12 noon. This IS also thfl u a.nv daily And t p,i«. Saturday fof About People Ads Will be Ufcefi »fc to edition. LAsSlhfeB RAttl 1 b«.y -- Jle t>*f iin« 2 Diiy* — Sle psr ilns f>8f daf S Dayg — 22o per lint p«f dtf 4 DAy« *• 21 a per line p»r d*y £ Day* — I9o pec line pM day 8 Dfty» — 17c per line DM Atiy Monthly fatst J2.70 «*«• lift* p«f Month, (no cojsy chant*Minimum Ad; three 6-uoint lifts*. The Nsw* accepts responsibility fof *trot* oh thft first Insertion rtnly deadline for dd cancellations. Mainly Personal it AppHtfltt Repair f-f&tftfp-* &•&?'-'¥ tf-i* 1 & fc,fm*&&a repair, rent of toll AutortvAtte «r». 1121 NS« Rdftd. MO 4-81T* 34 Lab G&M TELEVISION 125 N. SomerVllle Phon* MOI- UNITEDTELEVISTON MO 6101 N. Ifolmrl. For ReiHtbiV TV Service Cft QENB & DON'S TV SER^IC tj4 W. Foatef Ph. MO 4 Antenna Service. New and tiled lennas for »&le. 1117 varnon Ot' MO 4-4070, G^rgs Wing. nt] of I f MONUMKNTS. dcllverefl anywhere. $35 and up. Fort Granite .fe Marble Co. MO 5-51522. Special STAUFFER neducinir Tltth. Fof free demonstration call Mrs. R. O. Cleni» ents. MO 5-5310 or MO 9-9187. Robert Alien Reports: be true of schools in the same degree and in the same manner as it would be true of churches, hardware stores, newspapers, shoe shine parlors or bakeries. Each of these institutions pro- 0 ' Now, up the situation, then, what kind of opera- H Former Officers Violence OOPS Unpunished "Government action in the labor! tion is that of the government re]ations field rannot he laUon sc . school? Clearly, there is only onej r|ou! ,, v at al]< eilner _ nntj] mlr dulv | possible classif.calion for it. 11 is ronst u uted authorities begin art, . .. a socialistic operation. ; . st rnightforwardlv. vigorously. | A *& Hi 10 Government schools are not',.,„,,„„,„.„„.„„,,„,„ 0 ^ 0 ^ 0( \.^^,_ 0 !/-\l C U/UC vides a product or a service. Each ! ~ e d~'r,7m-ivat^ 'r^ons '%ctin- a " d < 1 ° ura P c ° usl .v. a * ainst violence of them operates within certain I e % the r ,?nei vor foint?? Govern l " Iab °'' dispute8 - The '' e ls "° **' rules, which rules provide the nee-1^ ™£f s ° a Vo2d Gh ° *£ Cllse whatsoever for the practical- essarv guides so that the nature |^ lrn ^°f cement I -hJol ^^'^H/l'? ^^Tr d°[,cove£ eraUOa "" ^ COrreCUy | ^ ^ l ° r^ a PV ° m - ^™T£££^ lor'S UUI.UVCICU. I (ho r'nn row thov rim at a ntar. . ^ Bid For A Smile A British lord was grently Interested 'In the attempts that have been made from time to time to find petroleum In Britain. One day »n engineer at one of the English "bores" sent him along a sample of crude oil and asked him to have It analyzed. A maid was called and told to take tha bottle to an analytical chemist. Tin girl put the bottle down on the shelf while she wont to put on her hat. A few days later this British lord received a telegram: "fongratulations. Tour fortune Is made. You havo struck paregoric!" Man — T»o you knnw that your wife is teilin? around that you can't keep her In clothes? Friend — That's nnlhlnp. T bought her a home, and 1 can't keep her In that either, (the contrary, they run at •Innr.iial loss. And the money re the der which any enterprise would | cured by the government schools be operated? Well, we have per "i about a third nf the national in-i mcr military officers, now holding s f~!come. and 1 understand that there 'high-paid jobs with companies do- billions of dollars of defense WASHINGTON — Numerous for- warning system costing many mil- ,aro over seven million nonmilitavv ia collected at the point of a tax; fcdpra| ; ul , opa , em lovp! |. j work, ft in u-ith rnnfi.Qfn I inn t -\f ni-nnnrl v _ . . _ ' i ;„. v. slatcfl foi' rrilical srrut- _,,„_..,_„ ^. ' ... . , . : ' ^ '-»\ 1 Ct I . iTL/1 l.(.T , n I II I M Jl. U.{ t: I I I f 'Jt » VtV, I ' number of |gu r, with confiscation of Pr"pery; ln the abppn( . e ( , f thc most Vogent! iny by one of the toughest con- lions of dollars. Legislation lo curb such conflict- try's attention on the budget and Democratic schemes for large- scale spending. I am convinced we can put through your budget, Mr. President, if we can win the Luclllft's Bath Clinic Turkish and Steam Baths. Swedish Massage R* duclng. 1520 Alcock. MO 5-4212. Pampa Lodge No. 966 420 West Klngsmlll Wr-d.. Feb. 18, 7:30 p.m. Study & Kxam.« Thvirs.. Feb. 19, 7:3(1 p.m. !•'.('. Degree Visitors welcome. Members urged to attend, Oscar Shearcf. W.M. Alcoholics Anonymout Ph. MO 4-7600 STAUt'FBIl Home Reducing Plan. For free demonstration, call Vickl Williams. MO S-5G64. NOTFPR TO PUBLIC: T will no longer be responsible for any debts contracted by anyone other than myself, from I his day, 2-11-50. PAUL MUSGItA VK TRY A CLASSIFIED AD? 10 Lost & Found 10 Hawkins RAdie 9t TV „., 11? 8. Barnes ltd 14 r] *: HADlp & TKhBViSiON repair ae on any make or model. 10 to *: savings on tubes and parts. Ant nas Installed. Fast and rella , Time payment*. MonlsOmery any. 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Among these names are: awaiting the luckless rebel who i free market, free enterprise, cap- refuses to pay whatever it is the ! italist, communist, socialist, nazi, (government school managers think! fascist, welfare-state, distatorship. -they ought to have. L Probably our readers can think of; But, if you differ with our -- '° n < evidence and argument to the con- an- trary. one may therefore insist ' a . re "P cn " in f enou ? h to us to expect basic prolec- Armed against brutality, violence, I with a grcssional investigators. Representative F. Edward bert (D., Ijn.i, chairman of Me- of-iritorost operations already has backing n( Soulnern Democrats, been introduced by Representative | Bllt an Administration civil rights (Kmanuel Celler (D.. N.Y.I, chair- bm wi]1 b(J no hel to ug on thflt „ man of the House Judiciary Com-| vvhile flllly agreeing with Hal- mitteo. Companion hills will be' LOST: Dark brown female Screw Tall Bulldog, lost in Skellytown. Reward. 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If so, we would like to be may be a number of half - way j allowed to examine those profits, j Do you hold that government schools are not financially sustained by the guns of the tax collec- Services Subcommittee lators Estes Kcfativer (D., Tenn.), long record of forceful and Joseph O'Mahoney (D., Wyo.). alvsts In w"hat U reroect l do U vou di'f> nd intimidatio » ! » lab or disputes, (probes, is shortly starting hear- Cellar will shortl conduct b aiyais, in wnat respect oo you an- .. Thia , nnf „ „,,»,„,. ,, nr . n ,,.v,inh imra tn ^otormino u-hothor. tho o-nv. , ; _ i .• ,,..._ ...... ' 'This is not a matter upon which reasonable disputes. Again, there are no dif- Do you hold that government. J^" ° r ™™W™ technical .h^ni. rv,«,i,o „„ ea J ^ ™ob»; Problems; U is necessary only to ings to determine whether the gov- j lie hearings on these drastic meas- ernment is "losing or w a s t i n g , urc3- money, and how much" as a re-1 T jagt year Representative He- leck on the importance of not antagonizing Southern legislators, Senator Dirksen favored an Administration civil rights program at this time. However, he emphatically advocated "moderation." "There is no use proposing something that won't get any 13A Business Services 13A Carpet Service 35% Discount on Hug cleaning. 9x1 J| $5. All carpets cleaned, work gua" anteed. MO 4-83S1. G. W. Fields. 451 45A Tree Nursery , iTRKK Trimming. Free estVnatea. M , Q ._5-j:i01. Lowell Satterwhlte KUU Kxpert floor waxing and window _,._ ___ cleaning In your home of business. ANV TVPl 1 ' of free Service. Calk illl MO 4-0205. A -I Window Cleaners. i B-n.15,1. Ourlpy Hoyd. 15 Instruction 15 between these two ex- cover « so w the source points tremes. But we discover that a free market, free enterprise, capitalistic operation has these characteristics:! (the enterprise is owned by j and the methods of their collection if they are other than we say. The truth is that government of like to dis-1 their funds i i i gathering at a strike-bound plant. It should be a great deal easier to limit picketing to one or two persons than it has been to disperse n Little suit of the influence and activities be ,. t ma 'de headlines with the dis-! where," contended the veteran II- private persons either singly or jointly, 2) the enterprise seeks profits as a reward for the risks entailed in the Investment and op- authorities have been dismal failures. A more or less futile court order after violence has occurred is the most that schools popularly called public! . . tu . schools are socialist institutions. I Cxpect ' Aa thln * s are one can going, eration of the enterprise, 3) the en- And, therefore, the truth must be terprlse supports itself on income!that if you favor government,! [Ian employer can count himself lucky if he doesn't have to pay It derives voluntarily from those!schools, you are, whether you like (""employment compensation when who use or otherwise approve ofito admit it or not. favoring thel?" 10 " vlolence discourages people . r i . ..." frnm \n'n rlr 11 cr I its services. Likewise, we discover I maintenance of a socialist institu- that a tion. The Yankus Saga We don't suppose there are many In this region who ever heard of Stanley Yankus. In a minor way, perhaps, Stanley Yankus has mada a contribution to contemporary history that flhould not pass unnoticed. So, herewith is his saga, the Etory of a poultry farmer who couldn't buck the machine. Yankus has a big poultry layout in Southwestern Michigan. Or, at least, he used to have a big poultry farm. It may be that even as of how much wheat he sowed, he fed it to his poultry. So, to begin any further emphasis. from working! "Any talk about a clean house for labor is absurd and ridiculous until violence and the conditions in which it breeds are extirpated. Peace and order bring one kind of of these one-time military men. They include generals, admirals and officers of other ranks. Heading Hebert's list for a close look are former Air Force officers against whom a number of complaints have been received. These claim the ex-Airmen have been employed by companies expressly to "sit on the other side of the table" from service friends lo obtain large and lucrative contracts. These charges particularly in- other and volve missiles, rockets and costly push-button weapons equipment. This investigation is expected lo prepare the ground for still another one. That probe will be aimed at closure that the Air Force over- j linoisan. 'Section Three' hasn't a paid General Motors millions of, chance in the Senate. It was turn- dollars for engines. As a result of | ed down there last year, and it the Louisianan's vigorous invest!-j won't get any further in this gallon, the government ?9,000,000. MISSING "SECTION THREE"— The Republican Leader of both the House and Ihe Senale had the last word on President E i s e n- bower's new civil rights bill. At a White House conference the evening before the measure was sent to Congress, Senate Leader Everett Dirksen, 111., and House Leader Charles Halleck, rnd., succeeded In eliminating ils regained j press. All it wilt do is precipitate, a fighl that will block any civil rights legislation." Attorney General Rogers suggested that at least an effort he made to seek votes for "Section most controversial provision. This was "Section Three" to empower the Atlorney General to businessmen who take Defense De-ido Iwo Ihings: (1) Directly insti- partment jobs. The staff of Representative He- person to the fore; violence and in- 1 bert - s commitlee is examining al- conditions in legations that certain of these timidation are which another kind of character Pentagon officials are directly par- flourishes. The point doesn't need Ucipating in negotiating contracts with, tt didn't seem to him that he fell under the acreage allotment Idea. Secondly, Yankus is one of the original Yankee Doodles of this Laws Unenforced "What cannot be overemphasized is the failure of government to enforce the basic and sensible laws of the land, federal and state. Both involving their former firms. One of these cases relates to a country and he had a pretty federal and state laws forbid all sound idea that it wasn't anybody's kinds of economic coercion in la- business except his what he raised on his land. The land was his. He'd bought it and paid for It himself. Well, the Agricultural Stabilize- bership upon unwilling employes through the use of economic pressures. This means that such plain- tute legal action in behalf of nny individual who claimed his civil jly. "You gentlemen know rights had been violated; (2) originate school integration suits in Three." "If we want to hold the line on the President's budget," declared Dirksen, "it will be necessary to win Southern votes. With 'Section Three' hanging over their heads, they are not going to cooperate with us on the budget. We are going to have to trade for votes, and we can't do it with this provision in our civil rights program.'' "Then it will have to be eliminated," said the President quiet- t h e and your situation in your chambers, we will have to abide by tlfGH PCHOOL. at homo lr w spare f time. New texts furnished. Diploma awarded Low monthly payments. American School, Oept. TV N. Box 374. 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Vice President Nixon, Attorney General Rogers, and Assistant Senate Leader Thomas K u c h e 1, Calif., strongly favored "Section bor relations. Employers are pro-j ly coercive measures as stranger hibited from coercing workers in [picketing --- that is, picketing by regard to their choice of unions, j a trade union which represents Unions are equally prohibited. The \ none of the employes of the picket- Taft-Hartley Act and the laws of' ed establishment — we go to press he has sold out and; tion and Conservation Board fixed j many' states, "which" pro P e'riy"un- 'unionism" contracts am™!! To' y- headed for more friendly tern- Yankus with a glassy stare andjderstood and interpreted, declared cotting techniques are forbidden. fined him for exceeding his acre-.that unions may not force mern- ' a age allotment when he hadn't tory. In for If he can find it. any case, Yankus had bunch of hens which used to pro- (even signed up for one. It seems duce for him something close to|he had planted 36 acres to wheat 50,000 dozen eggs a year. To feed; instead of the 15 acres they might jtured red-handed has his dav In Compulsory Membership Three." But the President agreed to on my wholehearted support if that is your final decision." its! "I'm sure of that, Charley," said ,1 elimination at the urging of Dirk- 1 the President, throwing his arm sen and Hallefk. around Halleck. "I always have Hulleck went even further. He. counted on your loyalty and help, ,.._. ., ,. advised against any civil let: and I know you would never legislation. |me down." "My thought may seem out of During this White House discus- line," said Halleck, "but as I seejSlon it was agreed the Administra- it, it would be a lot better for us | tion will vigorously oppose t h e "It is a well-known fact, that the j not to do anything on this issue j "community relations service" administration of law leaves tin- this year. I say that for two rea-1 agency proposed in the civil rights on adjoining acres which he ^*,vn- 'them, ed. About five years ago, the Federal Agriculture Stabilization and let him P ' ant had he asked |front of a jury. But not Yankus. And here's a major point. Altho Yankus was in technical violation of a bureaucratic regulation, he Conservation Board fixed thejhad broken no law, either federal, amount of acreage that farmers istate or local. The lawmakers of could sow to wheat. The idea was to control surpluses while at the the land have never passed a law which says you can only plant so same time artificially providing a I much wheat or else. That's a de- government market for the pur-jcision which comes out of a chase of all the wheat grown. |reau, which comes out of ... It made a kind of sense if you | you know how it works. bu- but believe in compulsion. If the gov- j Anyway, the ASCB cracked him ernment is going to buy what you ion the knuckles, moved in and at- You see, there's no law that says he did anything wrong. So, there being no law, how could he go to court and argue his case? Clearly, if the ASCB had permitted that, they'd have been up the w e 1 1- known creek without a paddle. So, no court will take the case, but the ASCB will take the money. Yankus' own views of the situation make instructive reading. He said: "I'm actually afraid, not for myself but for this country I touched most of those forms of union coercion. As a consequence, the Democrats will do anything on one may conclude with confidence j this matter until next year, that the unionization which we "Second, we should do every- love. Over the last been produce, certainly the government Cached his bank account. They leaders have is going to have to be a little 'found $3.848 in a il - j Belief that it owes'them 20 years its have known for the past ten years or more has been, to a considerable extent, coerced unionization: employees have been compelled, the national labor poliry to the contrary notwithstanding, to accept unions not of their own choosing. "It is necessary to distinguish between the anti-union coercion of ; which employers are guilty and the coercive methods of organization pursued by unions. No one sons. First, there is little chance | measure sponsored by Senate Democratic Leader Lyndon Johnson, Tex. Attorney General Rogers ihing possible to focus the conn- particularly critical of this. was Blanks to Fill Answer to Previous Puzzle „-„„,, „. ,„ , ... . . „ . 3° lnt acf - ount i people and seducing them into the I threatens to fire a man for join- cagey about letting you produce, land walked off with $1,700 of it. ! relief th = t if „,„„= ^ ___ ,,..,__ I, • J bribing the J doubts when an employer fires or the I threatens to fire a man for join- a living.'ing a union that the employer is from running - • away -. wiuh cnnr« v a im ,'ft , , ,nr± H control orders when they were put out because you —. he wasnt producing wheat. He | robbed was producing egga. Regardless I been managed. Even a felon cap- :-owmg a" tne blame on Stan-: ) ile we were brought up to de-] union coercion, hold the employer '.Meanwhile, however, just to. test. I find my friends and neigh-I guilty of an unfair practice "in him knrm, «,*,„„ he stood, they bors are afraid of the federal gov-^act. in the current Investigations $4,000. ernment . . . Who made the lawiof the Senate Committee on Cor- u ,1 P°. ry "I 8 -" fou £ ht back that seized rr^y savings? I didn't rupt Union and Management Prat- He tried to get into court. If he'd vote on it and you didn't." tices, the committee is to a bank, that could have i All of which is true. But the re- ' siderable extent (Hie IJamjia fiailg N0ms YOUR FREEDOM NEWSPAPER We believs that freedom t« «, gift rrcm Gosl *nd not % political from government. Freedom is not license. It must be consistent with Uie truths expressed in such great moral guides as the Golden Rule, The Ten Comruandmentg and the Declaration of Independence. Thia newspaper ia dedicated to promoting and preserving YOUR freedom a# well M our own. For only when man Is free to control ftnd »il ho produces, can be develop to hia utmost capabilities. SUBSCRIPTION RATES WS to F*fflW. 3«o P«r week. Palol in »dvanc« Ut o«ice. »3.90 pei |T.$0 DM « laonUw. »15.«0 per year. By 01*11 per y«*r ia maU M. |&M »M yw outiid* ret»ll w^aiug cent. Price lot »ln«i» Staff Ko K*U orders *,cc«ptetf Is localJtle» nerved by c»rri«r. |JJ' 84mr4»y l>y tii§ P4tup» D^ilv Newi- A.tchi«on »t T«f«*. Flione MO l-ro;'j an 'lepwl«ifiLt. is merely raking over cases in which thc NLRB 3 Moderate 4 tire 5 Church part 6 Parsee sacred wntings 7 diem 8 Bazaars 9 Century plant 10 Ethiopian lake 11 Formerly 17 Fence crossings lOUancor, Cas'.le 23 OI people Ptmpa, suits haven't changed. Finally, _ Yankus quit. He gave up the strug- has found employers guilty of un- gle. Last word from Cass county'fair labor practices, is that he'll sell out his farm and' "As yet. however, the commit- say goodbye to his hens. ,tee has not seen fit to inquire into The saga of Stanley Yankus is, the thousands of cases in which an important one. not because he's; the Teamsters and other unions a local boy, which he's not. but!have been usJJig stranger picketing because, in this fight against bu-and various kinds of boycotts asj cif all our lives, i methods of compelling i.inion:xa-[ be neighbors, jtion. Tliere cannot be the sliight-' Tho you may find right no w'est doubt that stranger picketing i that you've got an inside track j and boycotts do'involve economic with the government and that it's'coercion of precisely the same doing you a lot of good turns, j type as the employer's discharge watch out. There are lota ofjor threat of discharge. Likewise. Yankus people around, and you'there caruiot be the slightest doubt never know when your turn will i that such coercive methods of or- com-j up for persecution. Don't ganUation are all clear violations, say you didn't know it would hap-iof the Taft-Haitcly Act." j |>en to >ou. You've been warned, ' (To be tontijuue<0 1 ACROSS 1 -- and mouse 4 - judgment 8 A -- worse than death 12 Brown October 13 -- the way 14 Wing-shaped 15 Chewing — — • 16 Dislikes 13 Realms 20 Trick or 21 Before 22 -- and that 24 Arrive 24 Apple center 26 -- Eunyan 27 "My Gal - ." 30 - ade 32 Octoroon 34 Measuring devices 35 Reach for 36 Compass point 37 Famous English school 39 Son o( Seth. 40 -- and repose 41 Droop 42 Hi-rort 45 Sneaking 49 Interpret 51 An - to the ground 52 Bird's home 53 Wjs indebted 54 Small (Scot.) 55 Affirmative votes 56 Li^bt brownj 57Fhp t-l K U P O 1 i» t W K SI A L. 1 1 « ts A _ A T N. A NJ A _ U i. U A, V A \J. 1 N L_ A. ^ E T 1 4 N E E u c A Sr E T A cr D N ** = ^ "J V T P T P A T E* N f. H U R *r ft 1J E= br A c? ^ K N A T i «i T P, A 5r r: b 1 N rt A T A r. F= R r. o N 4 S T N F T < T? N T A = S 28 Air (comb, form) 29 Diegs 31 Salutes 33 one't mind 25 Mineral rocks 38 Canadian 26 Nuisances capital 27 Least generous 40 Leases 41 Snow vehicle 4,2 Volcano in Sicily 43 Dull color 44 Destroy 46 Solar disk 47 Hottentot 48 Snatch 50 Destiny 23 Male & Female Help 2 ~ ii— f- r J^ j~ JT j~ ^n^~ j j j-j M-J- j- f _f j-jij~ j j WANTED MEN and WOMEN TRAINEES TO TRAIN J-OR POSITION.^ IN WIRING SPECIALIST. TAB OPERATION. MACHINE OPERATIONS, SYSTEMS, AND OFFICE AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT IN IBM MACHINE TRAINING Persons .selected will he trained In a program wlilih XKKD not interfere with u-i,.-ii'iit job. If you qualify, training can l>a fi;ian<'t-il. \Vrite t'Klnv to "J*>U Training Opportunities", c'o Machiiu, .\<:- uountanta Tntlmnif AsKoi-liiilon. Box H-J, c/o lliis pHjicr. Returned allacheil coupon. Nam* ...,.> BRUCE NURSERY LarEest ntnl most complete nurstrl- • totk In the Golden Spread. 26 mll«*| . southeast of I'anipa on Form Iloa r i Ml. I'll. 6F2. Alanrecd. Texa». ' '.I TRKES Trimmrd. Complete shru I i care. Yards rolo-tllletl, leveled, etc W. H. MI tchell. MO_S- 3167. Kver Greens, Shrulis, P.osc Ilushea .BUTLER NURSERY 1802 N. Ifobart 1 PLANT NOW, Nrw shlpnu-nr of harl root ronex. flowering: Hhruhs. frull trees. Ntull'H lawn and Earden iup| Pile*. 851 \V Kostcr. ' 49 Cess Pools Tanks CKSSruOI.S iind Scpik- TankiTciean I ed. C. I,. Cant eel. 1403 S. Barnes | .MO 4-KK)!>. 49A Pest Control 49 A\ A..I.S. I'HST CONTllOI- floT KM — MIPK— CJKT KM Phone MO U-!),">S2 for free enllmates Addre»t City Hr«. | worK Ph Kl.N'ISH Hlith Soiiool or grade school at hume. siiaru time. Books furnished, diploma awarded. U'rite Co- lumUa SyjiooU. Uox 1M1. Ainarlllo. WANTliU: I'i.sirift nianager (male or fenialei I'iuni/a and viflnliy fur large Icgul rfstrvu Lifu Insuraiu-e (^o. AKB 25 to !x I/JIB Inaiiiiince experience nin nti'cssary. hut «cll- IIIB fxj)c-rie:ic.e ile»irahle Write glv- ln(-' ase «ixl quallfiratons to: J. V. I'rlni-e, State MRT. 3316 Mnden Ave. l-'l. U'orili 7. Te FOXWORTH GALBKAITH ] DOCTOR FIXIT CAN DO YOUR JOB Coll Today FOXWORTH GAUBRAITH 214 Ea»t Tyn 9 MO 4-74JJ Good Thing* tp lot 57 ' 1 Enclosure .- atnl _Phone MO 4-2746. S24 n«.an»_prlve. BKLTS " tlUTTTb.VS." Button holes^ AlteratioiiM. Scott Sew Shop, 142U tlarkei. MO 1-7220. Welding S'nop 57GI. At Whits Deer. TU I- OULiKUS laken for home-made oln and lakes. Al'j 1-7549. Mr». BQb Dorrlx. TO iUY SELL RINT OR HIRE TRY A CLASSIFIED AD PHONE MO 4-2525 Uyndry '*^^ 63 IDEAL STEAM I^AUNDRV INC. Family bundles Individually washed. Wet wash. Rough dry. Family fljx- Ibh. 321 B. Atchlson. MO 4-<3317 Vc III. Ironing 11.25 dozen mixed pl»CM. Curt*ln« « »p»cl*lty. * __ , \VANTKD JHONINO: fl.OO a dozen. •_Cull MC> 4-2!23 1 _eoj Roberla^ _ , PAMPA "IJNKN s«rvfoe. wet wuh rougli dry, flat finish, plrk-up and 112N- Hotiart. M<> <-n. mixed pieres. Also bal>y seliiiiic liy hour or day 842 K. Locust. MO- 4-):iM.'!. Jl!( i.VIXi 1 Wanted' }1 35 'a. "duzeTj" L'rTnjjf __ uny thnt^or (.all_5-14(i3. 32U N. WurdT JKo.N'lNi; don^ in my home 'in SkeTlyT town. Call VI »-i3By. 63A Rug CleQnin 9 --' SAVE MO.S'KV fU-nc. our Ku$; Shainpix) uiachine rfu your own, it's 50 easy and I!M H quickly »nil lately. Low re lines P.uli Ala.ljO.SALD i'UKNITURB

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