The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 4, 1973 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 4, 1973
Page 1
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Josephine provides'rare event' «t the Munfum of Natural JWenw In Jaefcaein have * rare lo obMrr* * happening vtiieft u very fetdom mm by m*.i. ih*t »f Ihf femaie iJghUMr* Whelk Uyiftg hw ««» The *fMtt U * condi-bfce * Mrmg or "egg Tbf*e ribtwni art a /tmiliar «ghl for weekend beachcomber* along the AlanUe and (tai/caaMj, They tear Mm* rewmbianee lo ratfk*nake rattfe* and they fnKpuanfiy nwdi thr« ttm to length with about im only ter "r«lv«" or trt«h)n« tube proved Into th* wMer *biwe. She would then havt «UdH9d the aid of her «n nbf»n to * rock or itwfl tngfMtt In the MIX) to net »* *n tncbar for the Ffcitycnn txreuw; th* Ml, i» matt •terti open to u»e rig The UgfcUj&g Whetk frit iu fjwi»f from the yrtVv* «r**ki as ih* itoetl wtttfc rt-MTRfcie lilli* twh.» »J hgfelamg This p*ruct4*r Ugteetfig Whelk h»t «»«• mar* name M«r 41 the rn«KH4» have ! her " (ia* i trv f wrl) «*J*WY «il ii tfj *! K norm*]]) Ufcct f*S*r* uwitr the UAd a-t Sfee fawners «f t>>« may to a* Urge *.* * half- dr/Uar K*eh cafMute may produce u many a* two dtoen little *helk* The haby whelk* «*«(>« (be ejut e*p*ule through t round "dinar" ntnch opm* m the ft»r erf the chamber *t>en they are ffirtur* trough lo t*j£Sfl life on their </*ti Although they are <rsly an ei#Mh al an inch tejsg Ullh. the little »hdk» Vx* . like (h«r paratu and are Tb«n »h the ton(. exJunattag proc«M of Uym« the ribbon. At (be r«* o{ five or Ax capwiie* per day , the entire chain may take week* to ovmpiete, h»* been a t of the miHctnn cince nad-F ebruary vrttm she wa* dicovertd on Bryan be*ch by r.vjwr(jm crirjitnr Mtidred Tale irfur a "breather tid«." *, accnrdtnx la Mrt T»!e, are itrong, inrgjna; w«h itrnnf undertows a ctJLtnjtuj effect on the «*» tnuom. These tide* Tb* «cg* tf J«t«fA«*- ••ere ttiii in her i*:u.-il hiibisji. &be ««u!4 *tf tawvrd btrteif m &* aria the •»twre they can b« eauly oJirrttrf Iw ttudy or to adorn tait water WHAT fo reod The fom//y da//y paper of Brazorb Counfy THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS KM* V«-i*f. , Trt*» 1C f Daily 19 C»U I I 1 *.,!>: ,-!' •:««! |Sky and Sea Groups divided on bayou project (5>jjriS^ J °ck collapses; U resident dies in mishap KO«T WOKTII — TU- ••ben their Artnj L'bl tifixx^jw <Ti»ij«l M-AT C.tai Orwe aa-y»a"1 w»jth vl fort i-.<v MtlliCV. A ttw «->* -'!». $ |"lf*C«Aiii.!; .»lf !».«>¥•*** '.« S "«*'*'• **?•«• A*. jt44^i« *'H lor f ' .1- a » * f t * J i .;, * 4 Si si nr Jar if tkuajt'i l"*cx.'»c ,' 7 T»}*;«. UuJ its x-ji&fttrt Uia! t«f si i4r|^<i*!iSig wsUs t'w-o rt.rftt.jraj carcfia-ror* le *irtii!i'>«J t>) Si* Arsj ».» pti"-* Ua»j fUcfcar^ Utlk. as, o( . Te«. ; Car) at. «< Fw? *ort* «ad Po»*ll.. 14. of A »jxA«:-TjL.-5 u»! Uw l t«-4.(i«l JOT ite Arnt>'t SWEKSY - A J»-y«ar«M Ijte- J*c4.»a: .nv.«a ma.% dead or, arm*! Jt S»*eej' Q*Ti:tsuaK> a Jjativf triiier he «p ifil co han S ?.• |i TK»I:» }f*cik iaiii t M s £ » as * 15 f-ffi. t.«'« U«S»1 I I :; n , « s » ».« H,^, g * »« | if W I if »ss ; u ».» !.%<• J* «{!»«•{ lii* i€ST^«-if» ^Ct! *liff'J »v'A f"S»».M J . t fc) JuMK* of tT.e lVj»c« W C ESti. -*fco ujd the ) si! (jmertl Cnxtr •>-! - S«r. .Sam J I>»TS Jr MVI he fsiara to rrasaii* ihr Senate W»[«ngale hearing* Tun4.»> <5e.»pi!e | uiOf-«-rro)rejr ^~ S *'>J" i (!,.13: J|-,,'*tf 4JlJ S | Chamber organizes superport support uw-t <i !>«• Und a he Cot'» Sfirtii »<vrral tc de-la }«J urlsl 1} ',!•«• ft<i.-fn:'. » i-'SCTjj-u at U« »»»•.» Ifcr New water plant pact on agenda »• K i; »: r c> R T ».: a » ~,i on Ihr o!> ouuw. agenda TV rtyvtiar ST^U!-,); n-4. 1 ai ? *3 51 m w. MM*? ih«) Oit»O4 m ha (atsit) Aw«ttft *od with lUcA (a sn iu tmnimc&i Jl NN \ HAVft. a 71 gr»d of to be talk on up t>> Lbc drwi! arthw be Uk«> on Ute KM KM ia and SH IE The COUIKJ! «b« i* ripnrl*\l to take artMr. 100 a b> the Planning Cooimuijon thai a public bortni; be caltad to cwn*wfci- f «<xung U tcl* t and 1. 17. and a, block "D ' The J. S973 afeer a b be^g uaerf to rt a }j«tk faroi*. causing ihe trasity !o (ati Also ir,.»iir«! ta ts* trader inn-hap aas Cre-ekraore'* »-,ie Marp*. »t» *aa laien to CotrjTsirsty tio.s|»taj where tfr »ia '.rtiiittl and "TtlC Ci«Jpi* hifj tXVR la the traiicr to Kt :t up or, it l.V in laikc^ It* fffetocr,) o! tfc* area, urs-^ (ta! !. k .-k cciustt ,.5 e-t.perti . through the «Ttcka£f S-oviet iuperi«aie air !c«4aj lr>w^ is tears *»Siy the prixie of K«viii » en -Jan air craih«J by Frecpon- ! O.ap«J. • la iddiuoo to ha vife, Crwkncore »tumred by two wa-t Fred aod Jaiaes. and a dii^uer Corn**. »U of the hjrot, fc«* pirtntj. Mr and Mr* Fred H Creeltioore, of Qtxe. ;»<3 brothers, Tcmroy, of S»e«n> . James H.. of f^art Ckrhard. Wwh., three stum, Mr» Fratvcii Ma plea, of Fre*pon. Mrt Lyo Copciand. of Oute. and Mn Margaret Uaru. cf Heaajct Mound, Oeefcsmre «as born in Broken Arro*. Okla. on Nor. U. l«4 As ekv-.naan for Refrigeration, be a nojsber of Temple . (lit Church and the Fraternal Oder of Eagb». He had lived m the area (or 20 XS» near BL»ri, » Kerry Ro*d Swv!C«» (or Crceknvorc. i»t» !u*«3 a'. 33* Oak I>nve w Ute Jattscr.. »ii! be a: J'» p m TtK-idjy at Temple foptiii (.'k'jrcfi r, Cyje. Uia" «w <f* car. (all; cs««,j;irTj*i>d Mom " i.Shr • the 4»*Mth!et of Hr and JUfm JACK HAYS of W«M fiVI.VIA »KKAIIA<VKK and (WHY t. M IINHUKK of OW Occaa. receiving the (ivUUAdwg frrshmmo girl band award a( Wnartoo County OoUq(« KTKVK t-UhTON. *tn>'i servini ID the aboard the carrier Kennedy. ceot(n| hDOM en etucffency >«*••« ta be *1U) wite KAY. a I'wnnwwl) K«p4ial p^Ucrtl >i< alw WM Uiuvduccd to hi» mm tan, JAMES tOUY. Stuve'a parcala are tht J. K t UNTONJ* of Sha4>' Am*. . IMCOYfTKll cmtam W\i*to« of Daw Cbemkcat USA hat received the Maaitfucturuig Clmniita Ataociaikin i'wtiftraic vt Achkntmoa lor opetiliog without a dkubUng wjur) d«a-tn( I¥71 SJw\»« above u L G Stettojt. general inana«ef of the Oyticr (>«ck Dtv'^kn, prwcwin* the award lo 0 B l^rroU. wpwvisor ot education and taJrt) lor (he cbvUitm, Tfett r* OCD'» faurUi a»arJ (rum the MMiuIaciuriiig Oicsnitt* AMociwiiMt rcojguuti^ tu pcr(orm«nc« ia t 17. Vela*oe Height* ADMX (roni Hi, tingle (amil). to C-J. TELEVISION SHOW FUTURES LOCAL MAN KREKFOKT IVrcj «t> the Joanne Km« Channel J, Wednesday. June* The r.«>r. uievmoo prvi^ram «iU Irature 10m c)i|ak at Hiwrmont. home of Jef(er»«a Davit Tbe mlcrvtcw utih Beacroit »ill concent Km nmloraUoo program al the tuvtafic home eear Yicfctburg. Mua . a» urii at pUra be Kaa for umilar pf«>cvU lo IVratona Hoaemaol by the Krewport altoroey auroe Uo >«an ago Mud* uf hi» Ume and energy nr,ce then h*» b«ea expended in re»ionn< lite boine. dating Irwu ifU, and the groumb Betcrgft bu deep lamUy rooU ta hulon of the South Hu rooUwr, Ur» i'olty Bfacrod. i» a member o( the United Da ughten o< UM CorU«i«-*c> tte Ule Mn, H K. L Slrlngfellow. Uv«CFQfl'» aunt, (ett aa urgent M«d to prater** br&urta Cwat) ht*lary and work**! to thu are*. o( M Ibc Tl'U4 riploiini durtftg ar. eiLhitNUoo fhgte Sunday at the Pant air >ho« KUiRicg oraa the aarUi of Uc Bo«fgf< atrporv kUiieg U CITTXXB and mjurusg 3% o(ber» STACK CK.VTKR. Ho«»ta« — With pratprctt (or a tpace watk to fr*r a >ammeid wiar panel "k»*anj pretty gcod.' Siylab'* attronauU today a«ai ted »«rd cm bow tbey might do the tricky yob o<f>cu(ir;g. and the Rr» V A Ctto Huna! w:U be in Meraonal Park. »ilh Listening •, LAWRINCl MAUOY \H'tv>l I rin Icil au:h<T:lK-aU) u tr.> »*n e\perwoce v>i!h the find Htm to be w that 1 «an< all »htKjj I k>»* to kro* ttun KKTVHN TO YOUR HOME, AM) DKCUARK HOW Ut'O* uuo HAS IK)NE FOR YtH UAe I » tR-S V > I Capital projects top Lake agenda LAKE JACKSON Continued diicttuioo al cipitil pro)ccu H tt the top of the *yendi when the Dly Couari) holds its Knt June me«tuic beginoii^ at 7:3» p-m A Parks and Recreatico Board rectt&tneadaUon, a Ubrar> CTOUD, appointment o( Uw Beautiftcatioa Committee. and coetw<kr»lK» of a ttntim prk» requcat (THB tht firm bokUog the bdk cootract are otbcr a(eada J«*a* Bat«« Park fat *»th i variety oi «UDM, eatarulunciit, rood And (uo pkiuwd by * number of ctufe All pro««fc wiU bt U* C«ur (or AjgkUm a kneti rack liiA pnw (or tin cf^wk iMajtey

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