Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on February 15, 1941 · Page 42
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 42

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1941
Page 42
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Page Six (Section Two? School Gives Many Awards » Feb. 18 TEMPE, Ff-b. 14—An award as-j sembly was held yest' day at the! Feb- 2 s Eighth Street School, honoring j students who had excelled in the | 8 semester in citizenship, scholarship, attendance, and physical education. Miss Helen Roberts, principal i Mar - " of the school, talked concerning; the meaning of the awards. Other; Weather Reports ARI5 THE MOON'S 1-HASES PHOENIX WEATHERMETEB LastQ D FlratQ program numbers included a talk, "Arizona's Birthday", Josie Perez; piano numbers, Helen Valenzuela and Helen Burgos; and guitar selections by M. Stitt, Adolpho Alvarez, Frank Molina, Charles Perez, and Ralph Gamboa. Presenting the awards were Mrs. Catherine Thomas, Verling W. Marshall, jr., Miss Vera Chase and Miss Roberts. The awards follow: Scholarship—Jimmy Acedo, Tony Obregon, Henry Salazar, Teresa Anguis, Anita Martinez, Rosa Morena, Josie Perez, Salome Tobin, Lupe Valenzuela, and Erma Lee, eighth grade; Louis Burgos, Frank Molina, Joe Obregon, Louisa Anguis, Viola Cruz, Helen Gray, and Erslinda Martinez, seventh grade; Henry Acedo, Carmelita Acosta, Olive Bracamonte, Gerardo Escalante, Nellie Gamboa, Chona Gonzales, Nellie Molina, Ernest Moraga, Ralph Perez, and Junior Rivera, sixth grade; Charlie Acedo, Jesus de la Cruz, Leo Jiminez, Gene Leon, Lupe Munoz, Maggie Perez, Jesus Ruiz, Ramona Saiz, Carmelita Salazar, Helen Valenquela, and Suzie Yanez, fifth grade; Helen Burgos, Man,- Lou Gamboa, Helen Hernandes, Tillie Molina, Virgin! Molina, Rachel Rodriquez, Mar> Ortez, Joe Escalante, Flario Mora ga, and Jesus Perez, fourth grade Annie Gamboa, Eva Gonzales Socorro Martinez, Oraila Morales Lolita Tobin, Frank Acedo, Rudol io Acosta, Stephen Escalante, Au gustin Laguna, Mike Leon, Charlie Moraga, Ruben Moraga, Ralph Rivera, Paul Saiz, Robert Valen zuela, and Gilbert Villa, third grade Citizenship—Tony Obregon, Hen ry Salazar, Anita Acedo, Teresa Anguis, Anita Martinez, Marcelina Molina, Rosa Morena, Josie Perez, Annie Quihuiz, Oralia Romero Salome Tobin, Mary Valenzuela and Erma Lee, eighth grade Adolfo Alvarez, Louis Burgos, Man uel Bustamente, Jesus Escalante Edward Florez, Louis Gonzales Merijildo Jiminez, Frank Molina Joe Obregon, Gilbert Robles, Louisa Anguis, Viola Cruz, Julia Escalante, Petra Gonzales, Helen Gray, Mary Leon, Erlinda Martinez, and Prudencia Morena, seventh grade; Henry Acedo, Carmelita Acedo, Carmelita Acosta, Avelardo Alvarez, Olive Bracamente, John Color, Teresa Cruz, Oscar Cortez, Joaquin Duran, Gerardo Escalante, Rudolfo Florez, Ralph Gamboa, Nellie Gamboa, Chona Gonzales, Nellie Molina, Ernest Moraga, Ralph Perez, Junior Rivera, Bella Robles, Helen Salazar, Josephine Salazar, and Mike Sanchez, sixth grade; Charlie Acedo, Leo Jiminez, Gene Leon, Carmen Lopez, Lupe Munoz, Augustine Orduna, Maggie Perez, Jesus Ruiz, Carmelita Salazar, Helen Valenzuela, Alex Villa, and Suzie Yanez, fifth grade; Sally Alvarez, Helen Burgos, Frances Gamboa, Helen Hernandes, Lily Leon, Tillie Molina, Virginia Molina, Rachel Rodriquez, Socorro Fuentes, Rachel Munoz, John Chavarria, Joe Escalante, Don Moraga, Florio Moraga, and Jesus Perez, fourth grade; Socorro Aguilar, Annie Gamboa, Eva Gonzales, Socorro Martinez, Oraila Morales, Carolina Perez, Chonita Robles, Stella Saiz, Frank Acedo, Rudolfo Acosta, Stephen Escalante, Ben Gamboa, Mike Leon, Ruben Moraga, Ralph Rivera, Robert Valenzuela, and Gilbert Villa, third grade. Physical education — Jimmy Acedo, Tony Obregon, Salvadore Quihuiz, Henry Salazar, Anita Acedo, Teresa Anguis, Suzie Gonzales, Marcelina Molina, Rosa Morena, Josie Perez, Oralia Romero, Salome Tobin, Lupe Valenzuela, Mary Valenzuela, and Erma Lee, eighth grade; Adolfo Alvarez, Louis Burgos, Manuel Bustamente, Jesus Escalante, Edward Florez, Louis Gonzales, Merijildo Jiminez, Frank Molina, Joe Obregon, Gilbert Robles, Louisa Anguis, Viola Cruz, Julia Escalante, Petra Gonzales, Helen Gray, Mary Leon, Erslinda Martinez, and Prudencia Moreno, seventh grade; Henry Acedo, Car- fflelita Acedo, Carmelita Acosta, Avelardo Alvarez,. Olive Braca- mente, John Color, Teresa Cruz, Oscar Cortez, Joaquin Duran, Gerardo Escalante, Rudolfo Florez, Milton Gamboa, Ralph Gamboa, Nellie Gamboa, Chona Gonzales, Nellie Molina, Ernest Moraga, Ralph Perez, Junior Rivera, Bella Robles, Helen Salazar, and Mike Sanchez, sixth grade; Charlie Acedo, Jesus de la Cruz, Romelio Gonzales, Ascention Hernandez, Le6 Jiminez, Jesus Jaurique, Gene Leon, Carmen Lopez, Lupe Munoz, Augustine Orduno, Alex Perez, Jesus Ruiz, Ramona Saiz, Ranaldo Sanchez, Carmelita Salazar, Paul Soza, Helen Valenzuela, Manual Vidal, Alex Villa, William Villa, and Suzie Yanez, fifth grade; Sally Alvarez, Helen Burgos, Rosa Cervantez, Frances Gamboa, Helen Hernandez, Leon Lilly, Virginia Molina, Raphel Rodriquez, Socorro Fuentes, Rachel Munoz, Mary Ortez, John Chavarria, Joe Escalante, Raphel Laguna, Don Moraga, Florio Moraga, and Jesus Perez, fourth grade; Socorro Aguilar, Annie Gamboa, Eva Gonzales, Socorro Martinez, Oraila Morales, Carolina Perez, Chonita Robles, Stella Saiz, Frank Acedo, Rudolfo Acosta, Stephen Escalante, Ben Gamboa, Augustine Laguna, Mike Leon, Charlie Moraga, Ruben Moraga, Arthur Payenter, Ralph Rivera, Benito Robles, Robert Valenzuela, and Gilbert Villa, third It's Great Tn Live In Arizona! FEBRUARY 11, 1M1 ARIZONA FORECAST Mostly cloudy with ocowlonal wpbt and Miuth £5 2 portions f a d a y. =• v >* Tomorrow rloudy — *. -.5" with occasional 5 s rain north and £ c "^ « a f t portions, s a e elsenhrre partly £ s cloudy. Little •* - -•* chanm In tern- perature. I Abilene Aluuouerque Amarillo ASH FORK Bilhncs Boston Buffalo Cheyenne Chicaco Cincinnati Cleveland Cornus Chnstl Denver Detroit Dodce City IIOKiLAS Duluth El Paso FLAGSTAFF Fort Worth Fresno Galveston <.RAND CANYON 23 Havre Huron Indianapolis Kansas City Knoxville Los Anceles Memnhis Miami Milwaukee MDls.-SU Paul Mobile Needles New Orleans New York Oklahoma City Omaha PHOENIX Pittsburch Portland. Ore. PHKSCOTT Pueblo Reno Roswell St. Louis Salt Lake Dty San Dieco San Francisco Santa Fe Savannah Seattle Sheridan Shreveport Spokane Tonooah TUCSON Washington Winnemucca \Vinnemucca W1NSLOW YUMA Cldy Cldy Cldy 31 68 35 KO 28 67 31 58 Cldy 24 37 Clear 34 38 Rain 39 43 Cldy 27 35 Cldv 32 32 35 39 _. . 41 42 Cldy 4R 64 Clear 23 43 Clear 41 41 Cldy 22 52 Clear AS Clear ai Cldy ii6 Cldy 91 Cldy H3 Cldy 53 Ram 21 3S 12 :ii 33 34 M 37 — 43 53 60 36 47 60 77 31 7 4fi 44 48 34 39 24 55 .00 .00 .00 .on .00 .04 .02 . .00 Pt Cldy .00 Cldy .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .(XI .on .00 .00 .00 .00 .01 .00 .00 .00 Clear 16 32 47 75 Clear Pt Cldy .00 Snow T Cldy .no Cldy .0:1 Rain .68 Clear .(XI Clear .(XI ._ Pt Cldy .110 21 Snow T 59 Clear .00 K7 Cldy .00 59 Clear .00 Rain .03 Pt Cldy .1x1 Cldy .1X1 Cldy -On 41 47 Ram .01 35 — 28 6S 39 56 22 45 69 37 24 32 46 41 29 45 Cldy .00 Pt Cldy .00 Rain T .,., Cldy .00 37 Pt Cldy .00 49 Cldy .00 67 Ram Rain Cldy 58 Clear 53 Clear Clear Clear Clear Cldy 33 50 . 46 53 30 55 53 34 21 36 — 58 46 44 74 46 Rain Cldy Cldy 29 45 3! 66 Cldy 5! -5 Cldy LOCAL TVEATHKR rboenlx Airport 5:30 11:305:30 a. m. a. m. p. m. Temp., dry bulb 46 B5 73 Temp., wet bulb 45 54 57 Humidity, per cent 91 41 36 Wind from NE SSE SE Wind, miles per hour 488 Weather Pt Cldy Cldy Cldy Pboenlx City Office Hichest 75 Hiehest same date for 46 years 83 Lowest 47 Lowest tame date for 4S year* 30 Total rainfall (24 hours ending 5:30 p. m.) 0 Excess In temp. fi aegs. Excess in temp, since Feb. 1 69 degs. Accumu. excess in temp, since Jan. 1 184 degs. Total precip. this month .61 ins. Normal precip. Jan. 1 to date 1.23 ins. Actual precip. Jan. 1 to date 1.B5 ins. Excess eince Jan. 1 .42 Ins. Todav: .15th. Sun rises 7:12 a. m., sun eels 6:13 p. m.. moon rises 10:36 p. ra., moon MIR 9:34 a. m. G. K. GREENING. Official in Charee. Phoenix Weather Bureau, U. S. Department of Commerce. Irrigation Reports Salt River Project (ObMTVutinrm Taken At fi A. M.) ROOSEVELT RESERVOIR [eleht of dam, linear leet Elevation of water, linear leet 234.00 174.48 apacity of reservoir, acre feet 1.39S.430 nts of reservoir, acre leet 537.455 in 24 hours acre leet 4,514 HORSE MESA RESERVOIR ieieht of dam. linear feet 264.00 levation of water, linear feet 210.18 apacity of reservoir, acre feet 245.138 ontenls of reservoir, acre feet 024.766 lain in 24 hours, acre feet 1,663 MORMON FLAT RESERVOIR ieleht of dam, linear feet 141.50 levation of water, linear feet 117.65 opacity of reservoir, acre feet ' 57.852 ontents o! reservoir, acre feet 37.099 aln in 24 hours, acre feet 77 STEWART MT. RESERVOIR eicht of dam. linear feet levation of water, linear feet apacity of reservoir, acre feet Contents of reservoir, acre feet alft in 24 hours, acre feet BARTUSTT RESERVOIR 'eieht of dam. linear feet Every Miirnlni: and Sunday Established 1880 Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Saturday Morning, February 15, 1941 . ! By Baer Telephone sue Every Weekday Evenlnj Established 1890 ARIZOKA PCBUSHING COMPAS1 111 '' SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN ADVANCE In Arliona Per rer Copy Copy uoe M nree Uaili Sunday Mo. MM. n. ... .... S1.75 $4. ,5 S05 S.10 LOO 3.75 .75 3.00 SIX Mo.. Buol Ter Copy One Three. .1.50 2.75 6.79 6.35 Six Mos. $9.00 5.35 3.75 One Year n.i.ot 1.1.00 10.00 LOCAL CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES An Insertion consists of one pnbllcaUoi on weekday. In Republic and Caiette of urn* day. on Sunday, in Republic only. Ads received before « p. m. will b* properly classified. After 8 p. ""•• M wUI inpear under "Too Late To Classify" on •cunning mornins and thereafter under proper clarification. These new.paper. are not responsible for more than one Incorrect Insertion of any advertisement. Per Word _ Per Insertion No discount for time or space; cash with order, minimum charce JSc. Contract rates on application. ADVERTISING INDEX S Apts. for Rent 17 Mlscl's «anted 3. Auction. 9Moirfy Wanted S7 Auto, fur Sale 31 Money to Loan M Autos Wanted 30 Meetlnc Notice* 1 Business Chancel 66 Monument. B Card of Thanks a Nursery Stock 42 City Property Obltuar>. « for Sale 10 Pastures for Rent 18 Country Property Personals for Sale 11 Pet Stock and Death, and Supplies Funeral Notices 3 Real Estate Educational 83 for Sale or EKSS, Poultry Exchance and Supplies <fl Real Estate Fhnrrn » Wanted i-'ound R Room and Board It. A Produce (1 Salesmen Wanted Furnished Houses Male & Female for Rent 16 Situations Wanted Furnished Rooms Male for Rent 1* Situations Wanted Help Wanted Female Male 1> Special Notices « Orln Wanted Stores and Offices Female 60 for Rent Z Help Wanted Suburban Property Male * Female 51 for Sale 10* Housekeeping Rms. Summer Homes for Kent 30 for Rent 2 .anil for Rent 25 Trailer, for Sale J Livestock and Transportation Supplies 38 Freight » Lost 7 Transportation Machinery and Licensed i Equipment for Transportation Sale 34 Ml*rellaneon« •• Mlscl's for Rent II Trucks for Sale 3 Mlscl's for Ssle 35 C'nfnr. Houses Mlscl's for Sale for Rent 1 or Exchange 3« Wanted to Rent I P HONE your adi—3-1111 Sonthslde Office, Mesa. Phone 341 Northside Office. Glendale. Phone 42« Miami Office. Phone 383 Too Late To Classify 16-FURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT ~ SMALL modern cottage. Utilities heat furnished. $25. 9-7312. 2-ROOM cottage. Adults. $12. 50' N. 9th Ave. 30—AUTOMOBILES WANTED\31-AVTOMOBILES FOR SALE ~~S20. WATER. Modern. 4-4305. WALKING distance. Modern du plex. Refrigerator. 215 E. Polk NICELY furnished 3 rooms and bath. 522.50. 810 N. llth Ave. BEAUTIFULLY furnished du nlex. Electric refrigerator, gas fur nace. Couple preferred. 1304 Wes Willetta COZY desert cottage, completely redecorated, suitable for two, near South Central and Baseline. Ph 9-3471. "I just bought this restaurant through a Republic and Gazette classified ad business opportunity and the help is taking this way to extend their greetings!" 10-CITY PROPERTY FOR SALE Mice 3-bdrm. tufa stone hse. Hdwd. floors, dbl. garage. Nice lawn & shrubs. S4500. terms arranged. HARVEY BAILEY REALTY 711 E. Indian School Rd. Ph. 3-1949 {enilworth dist. Faces S. 3 br. tile >ath, Venetian blinds, central gas | heat. Only $4,250. FHA terms. 36777 2—DEATHS AND FUNERALS ANDERSON, John D.—Funera 0 a. m. today chapel Grimshav lortuary. Interment in Greenwood HARRI, Mrs. Anna — Funeral Tvices will be held at 10 a. m londay from the A. H. McLellan Chapel, 617 North Central. In erment in Greenwood. McCALLUM, N. P., passed awa> t a local sanitarium Wednesday ight. Funeral announcement ater by A. H. McLellan Mortuary SCHWARTZ. Galen F., husband f Ruth, father of Dorothy Mae on of Mr. and Mrs. Frank chwartz and brother of Wan chwartz, passed awav at home esterday. He will be taken Monay to Onaga, Kan., for services nd interment. A. L. Moore anc ons. SIERVOGEL, Ida Amanda—Serv es conducted by the Rev. R. W challer will be at 2 p. m. today rom the Memory Chapel of A. L .loore and Sons. Interment in reemvood. — CARD OF THANKS WE wish to thank all those who kindly assisted us in our hour sorrow including those who elped at the accident in front of he Tovrea Packing Plant. Clayton Whitehead, Margaret Sullivan. — FLOWERS Hevation of water, linear feet Capacity of reservoir, acre feet Contents of reservoir, acre feet Gain in 24 hours, acre feet TOTAL STOREI> WATER Total capacity of reservoirs, a. fL 1,953.793 Total stored 'water, acre feet Total net stored water, acre feet 873.230 Total net stored waler. year ago 164.440 Net jrain in 24 hours, acre feet 7,027 WATER DIVERTED Southside use. miner's inches 35,500 Northside use. miner's inches 3S.SOO At Granite Reef, acre feet 3,754 Water pumped, acre feet 15 NORMAL FLOW From 6 r>. m. Feb. 9. 1941 to 6 p m Feh. 17. 1941. for use on lands in cultivation In or before 1909. San Carlos Project KAN CAKLOS RESERVOIR Capacity, acre-feet 1,285 000 Available sloraRe. acre-feet 333.22S Water discharge 24-hour period None Reservoir—cain, acre-feet 4,155 Colorado River (Weekly Report of the U. S. Geological CimiAit «*»* «V.« IT r t-t . "B 11 - 0 * Buckeye Pupils Plant 12 Trees BUCKEYE, Feb. 14—Twelve trees were planted yesterday afternoon by students of the Buckeye Elementary School in observance of Arbor Day. Each class planted a tree on the east side of the playground. The children presented a poem or read- Ing as each tree was set out. This afternoon Valentine Day •was observed by the students. Each room had a party and refreshments were served. Feb. Camera Guild Plans Outing Tomorrow MESA, Feb. 14—A special outimr '• T-^'l 1 " ?*£**• Ba P l 'st Church "at of the Saguaro Camera and An i£r ° dock Sunday evening, taking nnilri Unc- u« i__j. , . . -ttJllIOr his Ktinionl ««r>« *- T » fo 119.00 «9 9 7ffil JULIA FULLER . . . FLOWERS 29S53J1930 E. Indian Sch. Rd. Ph. 4-1297 16 188.00 18S.40 912.48S Phoenix Floral Flowers 30 N. Central Ph. 3-6341 KEEN'S FLOWERS 838 N. Central. Ph. 4-3197 or4-3198 McELHANEY'S Flowers 44 N. Central Ave. Phone 4-1159 FLOWERS ARTISTIC FLORAL DESIGNS World-Wide Telegraphic Service DONOFRIO FLORAL 136 N. Central Ave. Phone 3-2139 6—MONUMENTS JOHN H. QUAING Opp. Greenwood Cemetery. 30908. Survey and the U. S. Bureau of Heclamation) •Total Available discharge contents contents * •in In Date acre-feet acre-feet In second-feet All- 1941 Feb. Lake •tMead 20.1911 20.190 20.180 20.180 20.160 20.180 20.180 Lake Havasu 415.300 412.ROO 412.400 413.200 415.500 417.800 •418.400 Yuma Amyr- ParherMain lean Dam Canal Canal 8.S70 7.710 1.650 8.170 7.500 1.580 8,170 6.830 1.660 8.210 6.090 1,740 8.190 5,920 1,480 8.550 5.990 1.680 9.350 5.950 1.730 •Add 3.207.000 acre-feet to obtata total contents. t.OOO omitted. Births Reported DAVIS—Born to Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Davis, Tempe, a daughter, in the Eva Harris Maternity Home February 14. ' GARCIA—Born to Mr. and Mrs Ernesto Garcia, Gilbert, a son in Southside District Hospital, Mesa February 13. PAYNE—Born to Mr. and Mrs. c ,u -f ayne> Gilbert - a son, in Southside District Hospital, Mesa, February 13. 7— LOST „ RING, opal. In rest room. Heard Bldg. Reward. Call 622 Heard Bldg. PEARLS, one string. Palmcroft, reward. Phone 4-1910. DOG; large springer spaniel, brown and white, answers to name •Brownie." Ph. 3-0049. Reward. Bus. lot 50',S. Central near Hadley. 51.600. Take car. 3-6777. JUST being completed, distinctive 2 bedroom home on sightly corner lot at 2245 E. Virginia. Attractive features not usually found in homes of this price. F. H. A approved. S30 month. Price Cut For Quick Sale New 2-bedrm. brick home. Central heating and cooling, steel sash, large lot. Best buy in town, $3,650. Terms arranged to suit. FARM & HOME Inv. CO. E. J. HEBETS, Realtor 141 \V. Monroe Phone 4-4189 MODERN 2-bedroom home, gas furnace, tile sink and floor in bath. Price right. 1337 West Willetta. OWNER LEAVING MUST SELL AT ONCE Beautiful new adobe. Lovely lawn and garden. Extra large living 10A—SUBURBAN PROPERTY FOR SALE CHOICE 2 bedroom brick. 181J W. Madison. 3-8251. 6 rooms. 709 East Whitton. LARGE house. 1612 West Washington. Beautiful Ratio Two Bedrooms 2503 North Central Joe V. Prochaska Ph. 3-2511 COTTAGE. E. McKinley. Refrigerator. 3-5078. 1209 $35,1- or 2-bedroom. 728 E. Moreland. 2, 3 & 4-rm. $6-$10 wk. Gas and elec. free. 2222 West Van Buren WHY PAY RENT? 3 rm. house, shade, city wat. $650 Store & living r o o m s on new subdivision — $850 E. Wash. Bus. Lots—S50- Dn. $10 Mo. Resident Lots, S5.75 ner month. HOWE REALTY CO. 2123 E. Washington St. Ph. 43636 Valley's prettiest North-country home. Mtg. sale. S9.750. Ph. 3-1024. REPOSSESSED lot. F.H.A. approved. Can be boueht for unpaid balance of S212 at $10 per month. 3-2234. HAVE buyer for 10 to 20 a. close in. Porter Agency. Ph. 446, Mesa. Desert home, beautifully turn. 3 A. $8000. 9-7468, for inspection. ?i ACRE, NE, near school, $20 dn. $6 mo. Sandige, 15 N. 2nd Ave. 11—COUNTRY PROPERTY FOR SALE 265 A. $160 Per Acre Leased at $20 an acre for 41. 170 cotton base, $2700 annual pymts. Net better SK. J. M. Kellogg. 42156. FOR sale. East of Flagstaff on highway 66, 5 acres fenced, cabin, electricity, city water. Scenic lo- room. Many special built-ins. Vene- cation with pines facing Mt. Elden. tian blinds throuhout. Attractive S2200. 915 Mitchell Drive. Phoenix. tian blinds throughout. Attractive corner tile kitchen. A choice, good location buy. S2550. Easy terms. A.D.McCLAIN REALTY 117 W. Monroe Realtors Ph. 4-5666 HOLC houses for sale. Ph. 3-1505. Joe Kerhy for Keys. Take a Look. ELOY, 320 improved alfalfa, cotton. 640 unimproved. No reasonable offer refused. Terms. See owner, 81 W. Lynwood. FIVE rooms, hollow tile stucco, redecorated, termite treated, oak floors, gas floor furnace, garage, shade, paving paid S2750. $250 cash, 525 mo. 1334 E. Brill. Open for inspection 1622 W. WILSHIRE New home — adjoining ;olf course and park. Encanto FINE BRICK DUPLEX KENILWORTH DISTRICT [n exclusive residential district. Living room, dinette. 2 bedrooms, kitchen and bath each side. Lot 65x140. paving paid. A rare opportunity for S4500, easy terms too! O'Malley Investment Co. 830 North Central Ph. 4-4784 2% NET Return on your investment now, and excellent future possibilities. The southwest corner of Second avenue and Van Buren street, approximately 150 feet on West Van Buren, and approximately 137 Vi feet on North Second avenue. This is a well located quarter of a block on the most important and heavily traveled transcontinental highway, and in the center of much wholesale, retail and business activity. Part of this corner now leased to a major oil cpmpany on long- term lease and balance of property also rented to same tenant. Present income from this property is $3,420 per year. 1940 taxes were S1.369. All street and other assessments completely paid. Priced low to sell at $45,000. Income now is a return of 4!4CTi net. lonvenient terms can be arranged For additional Information See Your Realtor BEAUTIFUL 20 E of Mesa. City w. Terms to suit. Cummard, Mesa 6% Net On Investment Rented to responsible tenants. If interested and can handle answer this ad for details. No trades. Box 39-E. Republic and Gazette. LAND FOR SALE AND RENT THESE ARE SPECIALS 827 A. Full cotton base 645 pounds. For Sale, 240 A. Cotton Base 622 Ibs. For Sale, 160 A. Cotton Base 622 Ibs. In Peoria District, plenty of water. 65 A. Gilbert Dist., good cotton base. 80 A. Gilbert Dist., good cotton base. 2000 A. cotton, alfalfa & cattle rch. Too Cheap to Quote See R. E. GRACE 606 Title-Trust Bldg. Ph. 4-3121 280 A. fine cotton and alfalfa land. Well and pump cost 510,000. Just East of Casa Grande. Cheap power. $100 ner A.,—easy terms. Mattingly Realty Co. 133 N. 2nd Ave. Ph. 4-2181 RENTALS WINTER AND PERMANENT Mrs. Decker or Mrs. Ketcherside LANE-SMITH CO. Ph. 4-3128, or Sundays 4-3838 LOVELY three rooms. 4-6783. 4 ROOMS, clean, N. E. 9-1872. 3-ROOM cottage, lawn, garage, Near carline. 209 E. Virginia. COTTAGE for 2 adults. Water paid. $26. Ill S. 18th Ave. 1307 W. Washington, 4 room duplex, Frigidaire. $25. Permanent people. TWO bedroom home. Frigidaire, aircooled, oil heat, pressure soft water, fenced yard. Room for chickens. Phone 4-1909. 17—APARTMENTS FOR RENT ATTRACTIVE, close in. 347 N. 4th Ave. 4 ROOM duplex, $25. 1415 N. llth St. 2, 3 ROOM, reasonable. 1630 W Washington. 3-ROOM unfurnished apartment. $18.00. 2238 N. Dayton. 2 ROOMS, 2 beds. All utilities, $5.00. 501 E. Monroe. NICELY furnished 4 room apartment. Adults. 506 E. Garfield. 3 rooms. Lights paid, $22.50. 45 W. Portland. SINGLE & Dbls. 75 W. Portland. NEWLY decorated East Culver. apts. 1605 $45. Beautiful 2-bedroom apartment. Adults. 4-6275. NICE Apt., close in, vacancy the 15th. 336 N. 3 Ave. WANTED, girl to share garage apartment. Call after 6 p. m. 907 N. Sth St. 1118 E. MONROE. Large 2-room, gas, lights, water. $12 month. LOVELY spncious home. 541 W. Monte Vista. $25 AND $35. Steam heat, gas. Key, 1519 W. Washington. NEW apt. for couple, close in. 346 N. 4th Ave. 19—FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT Attractive home for business girl. Kitchen priv. Furnace. SnoBreze. 310 W. Monte Vista. 2 lovely double sleeping rooms. 552 E. Moreland. DESIRABLE room. Central. 1324 North $1.50 week up. Clean. 519 N. 3rd St. FOSTER 40 acres. Cheap. Lateral Seventeen. Yuma Rd. WELL improved ranch, in alfalfa and wheat, good soil, plenty water. 3'.i miles east Liberty oh Highway 80. 38 acres. $7500. F. M. Kaufman, Buckeve. GENTLEMAN. $3.50. 915 N. 6th St. LOVELY front room. 1813 W. Monroe. EGG basket, 9-4226. Reward. leather covered DOG, female Wirehaired Ter- Vicinity new high school. RING, initial "B," lost within two blocks of Women's Catholic Auditorium. Reward. Return to Republic and Gazette. 9—AUCTIONS LIVESTOCK AUCTION GRAND AVE. AT MONTE VISTA EVERYBODY'S MARKET Sat Wed. & Monday BOB WALL AUCTIONEER Ph. 4-3248 ., . _ to Mr. and Mrs. A. Phillips, 1167 South Seventh street, a daughter, in the Eva Harris Maternity Home, Febru- w~ B o rn to Mr - and Mrs H. H. Weston, 2046 North Mitchell street a son, in Good Samaritan Hospital, February 14 Juvenile Work To Be Discussed CHANDLER, 14— H lalk E the Guild has been scheduled Pare "ts. Think Of . Green] ong a Phoenix How Auction Tuesday 11 A. M. TALBOT'S SALESYARD livestock Center Of ."j-jzona" 39th Ave. & Buckeye Rd. Cattle Of All Kinds A. 0. TALBOT Auctioneer Ph. 4-4467 10-CITY PROPERTY FOR SALE ROOMING Cheap. _ house. 14 rentals. 325 W. Jefferson _ 3 BEDRM. home, N. E. on 3 lots. Out of town owner will sacrifice. o\fer Mail Times 2:15 p. m., personal people. ^s^^SSiLr ( EASTBOUND: l:45'a. m., 11:40 a. m.. . . . U W£STBOUICD: 7:15 a. m.. KORTHBOUND: 1:30 p. m, 2 p. m., $300 DOWN FURNISHED DUPLEX Rooms each side; living room, ining room, kitchen and bedroom Good furniture. Needs some interior refinishing. Has new roof. Extra large garage. Paving paid. Price, complete. $3,500. Balance, including taxes and insurance, S45 per month HIGGINS and DELPH 19 W.Monroe Realtors Ph.4-4153 WANT to buy wool goat ranch. What have you? Box 2-F, Republic and Gazette. 830 N. 9th Ave. FURNISHED $2,750 6 rooms furnished. 1029 East Culver S2500. $250 down, $25 per month. Owner. NEW brick, large rooms, heating, cooling, 525 W. Vernon. By builder. ALL FOR $5,750 Income $97.50. Excellent brick stucco duplex. 5 rooms each side, :ile bath, tile kitchen, also good 5 room modern home on rear of lot Choice location surrounded by fine new homes. Very easy terms. Fine property, absolutely a rare buv. A.D.McCLAIN REALTY 117 W. Monroe Realtors Ph. 4-5666 'Hubby' Drafted—Slashes Fur. Brick Duplex, $2750 EXCELLENT brick duplex; well :urnished, including elect, refrigerators. Fine rental location. Income from one side makes all mortgage payments, including taxes. A real income bargain! UPSHAW-SCHREIBER 43201 Lobby. Security Bldg. 32646 10A—SUBURBAN PROPERTY FOR SALE Like rent, 2M: A., mod. hse., shade. 23 W. Monroe. Frank Williams. BEAUTIFUL new 5 rooms, all tiled kitchen and bath. Call 4-1124. 240 ACRES—$60 Per Acre In Salt River Valley, Vi under ditch, balance under new diesel pump. 2 modern houses. Domestic well. Electric fence. $1.000 a year on cotton base. '•; in alfalfa and barley. ANGLE REALTY CO. 239 N. 1st Ave. Ph. 3-2171 10 ACRES—$1250 ALL under cultivation, oldest water right, good fence; electricity and gas available. CLARK B. STREET 510 W. WASHINGTON 12—REAL ESTATE FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE WHAT HAVE YOU TO TRADE' I CAN MATCH IT. Shcdd. 24 W. Lynwood. Ph. 4-2612 20—HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS FOR RENT FOR men. 703 E. Adams. BATCHING rooms. 741 S. 2nd St. CABINS. $10 mo. 2627 N. Central. 51.50 WEEK. Single. Lights, water furnished. 408 N. 10th St. CLEAN cabins, $1.50 to $3 week. 3150 S. 1st Ave. Holden's Court. FURNISHED, utilities paid, $2.50 week. 714 East Polk. WE WILL PAY CASH FOR 50 USED CARS 102 E. Madison. Al Mann's Service Station. 31—AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE 1938 CHEVROLET Touring Sedan. Exceptionally Clean. Only 5465.00. WEST & ALEN 510 W. Adams Ph. 4-5573 '41 Plymouth dlx. club cpe. Radio & heater. Priced low. 209 E. Van Bu SPECIAL FEBRUARY. SALE of "Safety-Tested" Used Cars at Bargain Prices "It's Better To Buy A Coulter Used Car Than To Wish You Had" 1937 Packard 12 Cyl., 4-Door Touring Sedan. This car cost $4,200 just 3 years ago—and has been driven exactly 24,682 miles. Equipped with radio and heater and nearly new tires. Upholstery and finish spotless. This car can be yours today for $525 1939 Buick 4-Door Touring Sedan. The original tan finish on this car is like new. Interior and tires in excellent condition. Equipped with radio and many other accessories. Motor guaranteed An excellent buy today at $665 38 PACKARD CONV. CPE 37 CADILLAC COUPE ... 37 DODGE SEDAN 37 CHRYSLER SEDAN .. 36 BUICK 2-DR. SEDAN 37 LAFAYETTE SEDAN 36 PLYMOUTH SEDAN 32 CHEVROLET SEDAN 30 FORD SEDAN 29 FORD SEDAN $565 525 415 395 345 295 225 65 65 45 COULTER MOTOR CO. Cadillac—LaSalle—Oldsmobile USED CAR DEPARTMENT 1st Ave. & Van Buren PHONE 3-6781 and 108 E. Van Buren 21—ROOM AND BOARD CONVALESCENTS. 9-2122. EXCELLENT food. 506 E. Portland. WIDOWED nurse, everything new, twin beds, gentlemen or couple. 4-6347. VACANCY, attractive room. Excellent meals. 509 W. Portland. TWO story brick, two fifty foot Jots on North Seventh street, near schools. Location has business possibilities. Trade for suburban t%vo- Dedroom house in good condition. Box 38-E, Republic and Gazette. IF — you really want to trade, buy or sell real estate, see OLDAKER & EMBACH. 44 N. 1st Ave. PRESCOTT, Arizona residential rental property for small home near Los Angeles. 700 East Sheldon, Prescott, Arizona. 13—REAL ESTATE WANTED 20 or 40 acres, N. W. Phoenix, mproved. Modern house. Pay cash 'or immediate possession. Box 34-E, Republic and Gazette. WANT 3 year lease on 25 A in alfalfa. T. M. Morgan, Rt. 11, Box CASH for business property, ust >e bargain, give particulars; pric3, ocation, etc. Box 84-D, Republic and Gazette. LIST WITH LANE-SMITH CO. CONVALESCENTS. 3-7490. Reasonable. MATERNITY Home. 53.00 day. 3-3023. • SINGLE and double room. 1218 N. 3rd St. BABIES. 4-1512. LOVELY rooms, excellent meals, served family style; every convenience. Very reasonable. 1016 E. McDowell. HOME, reasonable. 1117 N. 1st St. VACANCY. 605 N. Sth St. Attractive room, twin beds, furn. Convalescents considered. 4-3270. S25. 3-6574. 25—LAND FOR RENT 30 ACRES. Will trade. Tel: 3-4608 Sale or Lease: Small chicken farm to right party. G. P. Furr, Mesa. 20 A. North. 2 A. ft. of water paid. S15 per A. Ph. 4-2181. 20 A., small house, for lease. 4-1049. FOR SALE or rent, seven acres, 3-room house. Roeser road, and 5th St. 9-4424. WHOLESALE PRICES '40 Buick (51) Sedan Radio $1045 '40 Buick (56s) Rad $1025 '39 Buick (46) Radio 635 '39 Buick (41) Sedan 675 '39 Buick (48) Radio 625 38 Buick (61) Sedan 595 38 Buick (41) Radio 595 37 Buick (61) 6 W. 445 37 Buick (46) 6 W. 435 37 Buick (41) 6 W. 465 37 Buick (48) 435 36 Buick (41) Radio 375 36 Buick (46) 365 36 Buick (81) Sedan 335 40 Chev. T. Sedan.. 635 39 Chev. Dx. Sedan. 575 38 Chev. Dx. Sedan. 475 37 Chev. Dx. T. Sed. 345 38 Ply. Del. Sedan. 485 37 Plymouth Coupe 295 38Dodge Coupe... 465 '38 Packard 120 Rad 595 '39 Olds. 70 Sed. Rad 625 '39 DeSoto Sedan... 635i TRUCKS '40 Chev. Pickup... .535 '39 Chev. Pickup ... $435 PHOENIX MOTOR CO YOUR BUICK & CHEVROLET DEALER W. C. QUEBEDEAUX President 3RD ST. & VAN BUREN PHONE 4-2282 STH AVE. & VAN BUREN PHONE 4-2106 1938 OLDSMOBILE ; 2-door town sedan, beairKRt" light brown finish,'uph» is spotless, motor is nerfirt^ ONLY $185.00 DOWN ..... 601 W- Washington* Miller Bros. Motors he NASH STATE DIST. on. . 663 Notice Winter Visitors! 1 n CARS FOR RENT-Without 8 C * Drivers—on Buy Back Plan 1940 Dodge PICKUPS 1939 Chev. IOOT ED SPEAR Dodge & Plymouth ph .„,„ 325 N. 1st Ave. 325 W. Van |^ iGooc I lions 40,00 ADD A USED CAR TO YOUR NEW YEAR'S BUDGE!;|£rd BEST CARS LOWEST PRICES EASIEST TERMS 1940 PONTIAC Special (6) 2-dr. Sedan Beautiful light blue finish, excellent tires, complete deluxe equipped. Now only flg; 1939 PONTIAC (6) Coupe, two-tone gray like new, cleai inside and out. Priced now 1939 CHEVROLET Master Deluxe 4 passenger Coupe, beautiful dark blu» finish, white side wall tires immaculate inside and outSS 1939 PONTIAC (6) 2-dr Sedan, trunk radio, original black finish and uph. are spotless. You can hardly believe this is a used car 53; 1938 DODGE 2-dr. Sedan, trunk, radio, excellent tires, spotless mohair upholstery. A real buy for only 515 BARGAIN DEPT. '37PontiacCp.,Rad.$45 "37Terraplane Cp... 195 '35Pontiac 6 2-dr... 24J '34 Chev. Mstr. Sed. B 34 Ford Sedan .. llj 33 Chev. Coach .... 85 WESTWARD MOTOBS Your Pontiac & CMC Truck M Ph. 4-3985 414 W. Van Bum Not; little C DeS 1937 oditii ler. ,1938" he cl< ien, a ; 24 Wf 10 Cars $15 to S65. 2014 E. Wag 1935 CHEVROLET. $115.00. IS- East Wan Buren. .940 Mercury Deluxe Sedan, Radio; Heater and many extras. It's i teal. 209 East Van Buren Street 1940 OLDSMOBILE Six Cylinder sport Sedan. Runs like a new one Low mileage, save several hundrec on this one. 524 West Van Buren 1937 CHEVROLET 4 door deluxe new tires, looks and runs like«iew family car, no abuse, $395. 291" N. 2nd St. Harley Davidson 74 Rebuilt—$60 Down 20 Other Choice Motorcycles Harley Davidson 1234 E. Wash. St, 26—STORES AND OFFICES FOR RENT 212 W. Adams St. Ph. 4-3128 14— WANTED TO RENT RELIABLE farmer wants to ease 40 to 60 acres for small dairy, 3 years. Will give property good •are. Local reference. Box 41-E Republic and Gazette. ONE JUMP AHEAD List with LoisSteiner. 3-4401 WANT to leas? 320 acres of land, to 5 years on share basis. Frank Burch. Box 1181. Casa Grande. FILAREE and Indian wheat des ert pasture, partly fenced, for cattle or sheep. Write or call E. W. Michael. 715 E. Culver, Phoenix. 15-UNFURNISHED HOUSES FOR KENT 3 ROOMS, bath. Madison district -1860, 9-7931. MODERN duplex. Private park. 27.50. 4-1914. PRACTICALLY new 2 bedroom, ntirely carpeted, air conditioned. 42.50. 4248 N. 9th Ave. REDUCED, $20.00. 19 North 14th St. Water paid. DUPLEX. 11 West Vernon, $35. i-i ACRE; fine, fertile spil, excellent domestic waten irrigation, -lose to school, stores, bus, $195— °.7.50 down. $7.50 mo. ANGLE REALTY CO. 239 N. 1st Ave. Ph. 4 ROOMS, bath, garage, shade. Large corrall. 1U West Southern Ave., $16.50. ONE bedroom, sleeping porch. tore building 23x23. Living quarters in rear. $30.00. 1004 W. Washington St. GROUND FLOOR ROOMS 2 UPSTAIRS OFFICES Low rates. See Mr. Lane PRINTERY BUILDING (Formerly Out West Bldg.) 28—PASTURE FOR RENT DESERT FEED Cattlemen, Sheepmen, Dairymen— Reliable, Competent people, equipped to care for your stock. Close in. Phone 3-9594. Box 36-E, Republic and Gazette. 30—AUTOMOBILES WANTED CARS wanted. 1458 E. Van Buren. Cars To .Wieck—Best Prices Phx. Auto Wrecking, 437 E. Adams. 33677 QUICK cash for your car. Highest prices paid. Matz. 609 W. Wash, S5.000 waiting for late model used cars. C. P. Stephens. 915 N. Central. Instant CASH for dean CARS. JERRY DAVIS 640 W. ADAMS Immediate cash for clean cars. Paid for or not, local or not. Believe it or not. Clark Smith. 140 .W, Van Buren. LATE MODEL Guaranteed Used Cars REDUCED PRICES 1934 Chevrolet coupe $195 1934 Plymouth coupe 195 1935 Plymouth coupe 265 1936 Chevrolet coach 295 1936 Plymouth coupe ...•».... 295 1936 Ply. dlx. trg. sed 295 1937 Chrysler coupe 435 1937 Dodge coupe 395 1935 Chev. town sedan 465 1938 Plymouth deluxe coupe .. 485 1938 Chev. dlx. tn. sed. ....... 490 1938 Dodge trg. sed 495 1938 Chev. dlx. club sed 525 1939 Chev. tn. sed 560 1939 Chev. dlx. cpe 575 1939 Hudson coupe 525 1939 Plymouth couoe 545 TRUCKS 1936 International Panel $285 1936 Dodge pickup 275 1936 Chev. L.W.B. C&C 325 1937 Chev. pickup 345 1938 Ford pickup 375 1938 Chev. sedan delivery 465 1938 Chev. L.W.B. C&C 525 MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM You'll Do Better Here ED RUDOLPH "Your Chevrolet Dealer" 30 Years of Dependable Service BIG USED CAR LOT 400 E. Adams 40 PLY. Dlx. sedan. 11,000 miles. Liberal discount 1515 E. Van Buren. EXCEPTIONAL USED CAR VALUES 1940 Nash Deluxe 4dr. Sedan, Radio, Beautiful Satin Black Finish, Tires, Motor and Upholstery are just like new. A real value. Only #3 1939 Ford Deluxe 4dr. Sedan, from bumper to tail light this car is in A-l condition. Only one previous owner. Perfect motor runs like new. The price is very low—Just $18 1937 Lincoln Zephyr 4dr. Deluxe Sedan. Here's a car. that I can get all excited about because it is a slick, sleek beauty, that has a radio & white sidewall tires. Boy it is a peach." Driven only 28,000 actual " miles JiS 1937 Chrysler Airflow Sedan," Has Overdrive, Radio, Spot- ; light, this is a one owner car with only 30,000 actual miles; Its a real buy for only J4E WHOLESALE PRICES '38 Packard (6) 4dr. : Sedan, Very Clean $445 '38Ply. Deluxe Sed. ..345 "37 Chev. Master Sed. . 365 '37 Ford 4dr. Sedan .. 345 '37 Ford Coupe 265 '36 Buick 41 Sedan .. 295 '36 Graham 4dr. Sedan 14S '35 Chev. Pickup .... 165 '35 Ford Deluxe Cpe. . 145 '35 Ply. Deluxe Cpe. .. 145 '34 Ford Coupe 95 100 At Wholesale Prices ED LUKE MOTOR CO. CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH DIST. 7TH AVE. AND MONROE MUST sacrifice 1941 Plymouti special deluxe sedan. Bought January 30. Call R. Mitchell, 4-262L '35 Olds Coupe '34 Ford Tudor '34 Buick Coupe '35 Ford Sedan '34 Ply. 4-dr. Sed. '30 Buick Coupe '32 Buick Sedan . '32 Willys Sedan '29 Olds. Sedan . '31 Ford Sedan . '29 Olds. Sedan . WASNOff .5235 ..... .$ 95 ..... .$195 ..... & .S185 ..... S| .$ 65..;.. J ' .$145 ..... *! .$ 95 ..... j» .$ 65 ..... Jg .$ 65 ..... || .$ 45 ..... $ a Packard Phx. Motor Cp. •PACKARD & WILLYS DIST. 400 W. Washington Ph. 3-S» Bl N( not vali reci pen stai car. "La |1M Radio lights 41 F Super iOPc 40 D( tOFc 10 M( Radio, tOFc 59 Mi 59 St 59 Ze Radio, 39 Fo Overd 39 PI; 38 Fc 38 PI; 58 Ze 37 De 57 Ze 11 Bu J7Fo 37 Fo 36 PI: 36Fo 36 Ch 36 Ph 3601 35 Fo C( (Arizo; HAS AT 1937 OLDSMOBILE Six Town rf dan. Driven only 25,000 miles careful owner. What a bu this now! Repossessed cars, all makes, for b% due. Western frprlit. 202 N 7ttt AS PAY DAY SPECIALS ... 1938 Plymouth Sedan $425 1933 Willys Sedan .••$,£; 1937 Ford Coupe ••••|£2 1937 Oldsmobile Cpe. 54W 1936 Plymouth Sedan S2to 1937 Dodge Sedan ••••f*g 1936 Ford Sedan ••••| 2 ^ 1929 Ford Coupe ..••* w . 1938 Chevrolet Sedan $4» 1937 Ford Sedan ..••&*> BILL SIMS YOUR STUDEBAKER 300 E. Van Buren 324 West Adams '40 oa 40 G] 39 Ch HAVE 1939 Dodge ~nteed complete motor, —new paint job—bargain, miles and save money, IRV CAMPBELL DODGE-PLYMOUTH , L

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