The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 29, 1923 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1923
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. THE HU'TCHINSON NEWS. FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 1923 ^•&?£* ~ ill Me 1 w Victor Recor l LM Popular Concert and Operatic Rorneo and Juliet—Ah! nc fuis pas encore! Luirezia Bori-Beniamino Gigli S7581 $1.50 (Alii Linsw Yet u Ki *>imeCJ '„/>,*, A Rosa (CI. RerciUi) CavcvHeria Rusticana-Voi lo sapete fWril Yo« Know. 0^,1 Mnhn) (Mur.n'O J„ f„ The Kingdom Within You* Eyes ID.™ Princesita (UnU (Wo) ir «i«»«<. r«tb) /„ .v.. Rock Mo to Sleep, Mother (EmcuUCe) Giuseppe d"e Luca 66158 Maria Jeritza 66147 ,) John McCoVraacIi. 66146 Tito Scfciua 66067 Erneitino Schumann- Heink 87363 Melodious- Instrumental Naiads r-t the Spring—Etuda (rww) r«».' Olga Samaroff 66148 Midnight Beiia ivWr *."iw «M CHe.t-.«. Kw*.> n«:i»«.i. Frite Kreisler 66149 Rondo Capriccioso—Presto iM««J«fc«.ii<i> n...w. Alfred Cortot 74810 Nocturne (Ckr-;„.Op. 2;. N». 2) r .<..••« t* Jascha Heifetz 74811 Gypsy Lovo Concert Waltz International Concert Orchestra I te Gypsy Baron -Sweetheart-Concert WalUiSi ™i ».iInternational Concert Orchestral Danse Macabre—Part 1 ,(Da ,;,jn ,iiM (S«i.,iS.u.)N, Dar >»r> Macnbro-Part 2 ^ J """" Undcr the Double Eagle-March (w.w«) High ScSiool Cadcta-lVlarch is™.) Sousa's Band) ,l\Guy Meier-Lee Pattisonl e r.,„„ >Guy Maier-Lcc Pattisoal 55198 Sousa's Bami I , 19064 Eili, Eili (C..!. My c<vi. \V!u 1 lui Die Neuer "KLol Nidre" Sacred Numbers (TheNcw "KolNUn") (Au. J. Rocnl4.ii) . 1 Saw Ye My Saviour lO Tender Lovin-* Shepherd (Shephr-rd Show Me How to Go IBltat Christmas Morn 55197 Castor Joseph Rosenblatt | Trinity Mixed Quartet { Trinity Mixed Quartet I Trinity Mixed Quartet l, Dn ., Trinity Mixed Quarteti lSU ' 5 Light Vocal Selections 1 1 Want What. I Want When I Want It (Roiling Down to Rio I Down Among the Sleepy Hills of TCE -Tea-Tennessee I Beside a Babbling Brook J Barney Googla II Love Me J Underneath thfl Mellow Moon i River annon Moon Royal Dadniunl RoyarDadmunf 45350 Billy Murray-Ed. SmalleK qner Gco.-gie Price I LAUBJ Georgie Price U Qn __ Billy Murray) 19066 Alice Green-Edna Brown 1 , „„'-. Charles Hart-Lewis James / 13071 American Folk Songs (Cowboy Sonr- -Whoopeo Ti Yi Yo Glenn-Shannon Quartet) , ania 1Levee bo;kg-I've iieen Workin' on dc Railroad Shannon Quartet) 5 Dance Records Swin^"* l^nvrr, llie Lnne—Fox Trot Tho Great While Way Orchestral. nnc:a Besiuc k. babbling Brook-Fox Trot The Great White Way Orchestra) Little Rover (Don't Forget lo Coiue Back hW)-Foi Trot Inlaiiational Novelty Orchestra liyQgo Rurimn'Wild!-Fox Trot The Great White Way Orchestra ) a " t Yea! We Have No Bnnanan-Fox Tn* The Great White W«7 Orchestra l 19068 Mornintf Will Come Fox Trot H™M"BI«O 1»") ZezCon.'rey and His Orchestra) I Win -p ill the Sun Shine For [rle?-Fox Trot International Novelty Orchestral , c I Gone (liut Still in My Hc«irt>-Fox Trot The Great White Way Orchestra I * I I .ouisvilie Lou—Fox Trot Arthur Gibbs and Kis Gasslj t 1 Be«le Street Mamma- Fox Trot Arthur Gibbs and His Gang J ' You'va Got lo See Marrana Ev'ry Night—F02 Trot Tennessee Ten I. ~ ~ Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra) The Great White Way Orchestral , amA Paul WHiteman and His Orchestra) 1 " u *P International Novelty Orchestral lon7fi Max Dolin '8 Orchestra f 1JU '° 19069" 9070 19073 { Nuthin' But -Fox Trot Sow Mill River Road Fox Trot Everything in K. O. iti K-Y.-Fox Trot J That Wicked Tango (My Old Love Tango ' J Wild-Flow;.r-Hcdlcy Fox Trot •The WiH-FloW) The Great White Way Orchestra) , ofl77 ( Lirnatny Melody Rocky Mo-snUin Moon-Medley Waltz The Troubaiuiurs i" JU ' ' Tut-Ankh-Arisen—Fox Trot <i»ii.c vj!. r o[ik=Ki»«i) S. S. Leviathan Orchestra I Down by the River-Fox Trot I S. S. Leviathan Orchestra 19078 1.2S 1.25 1.25 1.25 1.25 1.25 1.25 1.75 1.75 1.25 1.50 .73 1.50 .75 .75 1.00 .75 .73 .75 .75 -H .75 .75 .75 .75 .75 .75 .75 .75 .75 .75 I^col; utk 'lc -r the li ct and on the labels for these Victor trade-marks Vic • tor iaiking" Machine Company; Camdon.N.«R- I HAVE FAITH IN JIMJOHNSON Shelby Believes its-Mayor Will Save Big Fight. , KEARNS NON COMMITTAL Will Not Comment on Possibilities of Failure—Need Not"~ Worfy With Big Sum. HE AN DINGS SOUTHWESTERN' LEAOUK. (By The Aswoclatea Press) •Shelby, Mont. Juue 29.—Confident •that .Jack DonvpHey wtll fight Tom OiMxms lidro July 4, ilesjilio dlaquiet" ins- r»-,x>rts from (Jreat- Falls Uiat flnauciii! details of tho tltlo bout were not urrjgresBUig aattstftctorily,'Shelby today swung luto llio task of coring for tho Influx of visitors. * Utmost confidence is beiug i>laco«l In Mayor Jim Johnson by tho i'iglit-| funs. 'ExprnHKkm.3 nro heard on the streets frequently that "Jim will put it. over." Johnson, tho rod checked ox<ov.'boy tj.inltor aud Hhclby tKiostor who is i \6n- at the head of the finan- cia4 a.ffiiirs of tho hout, has Pledged his personal funds to swing tho puy- mont of t!n< (hlrd $100,000 of-Domp- Boy's snnrunlw'. That sattsflos Shelby. Gibbons meanwhile continues to plu.u nlong In his trnlulns, work, unmindful of Km financial Inuddlo surrounding the <'hanipionahlp contest. In his workout yesterday he displayed' brilliant footwork, and was lu splendid condition. His wetpht is about. 185 pounds, lie suld. Tho drying out process througli which, ho will go early next week is expected to bring him down to ITS or 150 pouuds. PUT FORTH EFFORT TO RAISE MONEY AT ONCE. (Ey Tho Associated Fi-css) Croat Kalis, Mont., Juno, 29.—Backers of Jack Dempsey-Tommy Gibbons hoavyweight championship fight scheduled for 'Shelby July 4 today are •straining every 'nerve, anil pulling every wlrn possible to rnisi; the final $100,00n"paymcnt due Dempsey 011 his S300.000 gii.-iralitee and sitvo Che fiylU I for Shell!)-. The situation, aitor a night of con Tarcnees switching from one hotel to another, was uucliansed, altlioiigh every lmllvidual connoctod with the I'ight holdK out hope (hat tit* necessary $100,000 will be raised somehow, somewhere. There was 110 definite assurance It held out. any promise, ex­ cept'the statement that y'wu are working on two or three plam ^ud expect to raisi.' the money." Faith in Jim Johnson. Supporters of Jim Johntion, the mayor of Hhelby, aud treasurer of the fight who has already thrown $150,000 of his fortune into the battle, are confident that he will put the big ruht over even If ho is forced to mortgage every piece of property he owns. neeause every ir-dh:ation points to a completo fintvv.cial failure, even it Dempsey and (jibbons actually "get into tho ring, influential citizens of Great Kails declared today that the final $100,0(10 installment for Detups*?y shouid be paid as imlekly as possible, so that' the tittendanee would not be further held doiva, which, they said, would he absolutely certain if the pay- afout' was dciayod until next Mond\iy, tho date on which it is due. Kearns Should Worry. With $200,000 already in the bank i to his uredll. Kearns is. the coolest and j most colliii.-tced individual uonin^ied with ih« July 4 baltle. Kearns dismissed tho subject of the final $100,000 payment to him In this way: "I have nothing to discus:, until July 2 when the SlOU.Ono payment is supp"oaed to be paid Dentpaey in accordance with our contract. "If the money is not forthcoming it will be. time to talk than." Crowds faereaae In volume at Demp- aey's truinlng camp as the time draws near for him to wind up his sriud. Mora than 1,000 spectators RenerousU^ flavored jslth womun, gathered on the grassy slopes around tho outdoor ring yesterday to -watch the champion, trained to the minute, KO through his paces. , Kearns said that larger crowds are watching the champion , in training horo than followed Ids progress either at Atlantic City ut Tolodt). Jack Returns tH Heavlos. Tho frantic ottorta to assure the (ilia! payment to Dempsey caused not n ripple of excitement In the routine of camp life. Detnpsey refuses to worry. The chauildon reverted to use of heavyweight sparring partners yesterday, mainly because of casualties In the ranks of the lighter talont. VJuiupaey boxed elgllt rounds, two each with Jack Hurlto, the Pittsburgh light heavyweight': Harry Drtuike, Kngliisti heavy weight; Connie Curry, a 315- poundtir and Herman Auerbach, a. welterweight. _ The champion worked Impressively, displaying championship form in every move he made. Coffiiyvlllo : '-!) 21 MURkoRCo S6 !< HUTCHINSON «0 28 Ilartlpsvlllc Jl 2» Sapulpa -3 . Topeka '•G 31 rrdenendencc 2S 37 Sitlina •••••• *0 36 NATIONAL LEAGUE. •V, M*w York *4 PlttuburRh • 5 7 Cincinnati '4 Clile.-iRO 34 Brooklyn Jl St. Ixmis i'\ lloston -o I'hlludelphls L 8 AMefHCAlTTEAQU^E. Now York J* Clevdaml T St. Urals '° Petrult ;J Chicago *J Wasliingtoii Uoatou • - — J ,6f0 .000 .617 .517 .609 .«('> .3K3- .357 Pel. 1 .017 .&7ti .HIS .SOS .433 .317 .JU 0 Tackle For YourWeek End Trip—Stock Complete. POLES, priced... . 10c to $6.00 LINES, priced Sc to $3.50 —It's a Pleasure to Show You— HOSKINS & YOUNG Phone 3752 MAKDWAKt—UN SHOP (Home of -FKOiN i MXA Ptiriiace) 22 First West J Pet. .(!<:. .54 S .4113 .4113 .456 .435 .411 AMERICAN St. Paul ... Kririfias Clty l.oulsvlll'?, .. ColumUuH ... Indtiinapolis Milwtiukf?,- . Mtmumpoiia Tulndo ASSOCIATION. W. h. 4s S I SBaBHManCMHBBaHaiiaHQESKSilBBEiaeDHBHBaiBBI I DRY CLEANING SERVICE m O N EACH5UITS WESTERN LEAGUE. i w. WioJjfta .IS Tulsa 41 Oltlaliomu City 30 Omaha S1...H5 nes Mnln^H 32 St. Joseph 2W b'Unrx. City ,.• 37 l>tnver 22 mm* 1^ National Leaoue. At Boston— It >1. E. Mew York 0W 000 310—4 12 1 Boston 020 000 000—2 8 1 Batteries—New York, iJoott and Snyder, Gowdy, Iloston, Filllnglm, Oesdhgor and O'Neill. At Philadelphia-- R. H. E. iiniokl>-n 410 200 000—7 20 0 Philadelphia ...000 120 50x—8 16 0 Uatleries -- Prcoldyn, Dickerriiau, Decatur, Smith and Taylor; Philadelphia, lling, Huhbvll, Wjatei-s aud Henllno. At Chicago— It. H. K. St. Louis 010 00f>'000—1 0 0 Chicago 000 000 IKiO—0 4 2 Datteiiesi—St. IAUIS, Toney, and Alnsmith; Chicago, Alexander and O'Farrell.. Cineiruuiti at Pittsburgh; no game; ram. * • a • • Men! Have your Palm Beach Suits Dry Cleaned and Pressed the American Way American League. At New York— R. H. E. Fblladele-Ma. ...000 0t>3 000 —2 6 1 New York 100 002 OLx—I 8 2 Ua.ltnric.s-— Philadelphia, Rommel and nruggu; Now York, Shawkey ttnd MoH'man. ^ At Washlugton— H.-H.E. -Rnston 010 000,002— 4 6 0 Washington , 100 0(>0 000—1 6 0 Batt'iries — Iloston, Bhmke and Walters; Washington, Zacrharjc^ajid Kuel. At •Detroit— 11. ri. B. Detroit 000 000 002 —2 7 1 St. Louis 0OU 500 lt)x—6 11 0 , Uatieries—Detroit, Johnson and Bassif-r; 9<. l^ouis, Shocker and Severrid. Chieaso at Cleveland, no game; rain. The Price is Only Our highest" quality work and service is at your command. Just phone 107 or 108. B B a B B B B a m u 13 S3 n m m a a ta B ma Jack Huskier, Tommy Faster, Their Measurements Indicate n. H. E. At fit. -PauJ^- Flrst- Game. Kansas City .010 000 112x— 5 9a St. Ihml ......210 13\.02x—11 13 0 Batteries—"Phormahlem aaid Scott; Hall 4uid'jj.llen. Second Game. " , It. H. E. Kannas City ...100 100 100— 3 7 2 St. Paul 303 103 Obc—11 16 0 rtlatterle-s—IViwaoul Carter, wilkin- sou antl 'McCkirty; ^i•al*klt) and Aliens First Game. At Minneapolis-- R. H. 10. Mllwaukijo 04 000 310—S 15 3 iHinncapolia 105 010 000—7 8 1 Batteries—Gamin and E-htuaiilt; Mc- Giraw, Ayers and Crahowski. Second Game. . _ R. H. tu. Milwaukee ... fTlOO 001 000—2 11. 2 Minneapolis 200 MO 00*** 11 0 Battoriea—Ke«fe aud Ehinault; Mor- risc'ttu and M-ayer. At Indianapolis— R. H. E. Toledo 400 000 O00--4 0 2 "Indianapolis 050 031 OOx—9 13 1 Batteries -Wright and Smith; Petty and Ki-ueger. ' At Louisville— -R.H.IB. Colurobus 000 004 000—4 13 0' Louisville 102 031 OOx- -7 10 0 Battetrl<»—Amoroso and Sullivan; "&stell, Tl-ucnp and Meyer. A comparison ot tho physical proportions of Champion Jack Dempsey and Challenger Tommy Gibbons Indicates clearly what typo oi! men will clash at Shelby, Mont... Independence day. kvery meusurenien.t of Dempsey ; stamps him as .a, wonderfully built slugger, coustrSicted light euotuyh to I retain /much s-peed. Every touch of the tape line bu Gibbons proves him lo lie- built essentially for speed, albeit a build ahoul the shoulder ami back that give him a power tpdilnd !ti« puuche«. Demi>fley is built heavier in the forearm, in the shoulders, thiprhs, calves and ankles-. The inch or fraction iii all these parts- give him that additional strength and power. His trim waist and perfect proportions ease tho mind ot any suspicion that he may he slow as a result of such a powerful build. C'ibbons carcies the .-same perfect ratio in his measurements. . They o-ro simply on a -sifighUy e-maller scaJe— enough smaller to give him greatp.r speed and allow him to use more science, ilia dimensions are not finely enoug-h dmwn, -however, u> rob him of endurance or ability to t ^'ut a fair FREE Thls/o V E GAS FOR TOURISTS. D: AFTER ALL, V1TAMINES MlE NOT NECESSARY!:' - L. to p U Stanley, phyiiiehm at the risoii at Han Quentlti. C $0 Old TJjcn -y That .Tlwy Ate KcijuireJ io? Kejrulur Folks is. a ,io[;s. San P!v..'.«, Jsn» 20. ytsi:uiiip.i' «•« mot tui. ot.w.n:i«J ''.>•>'! ele'm.'ut, ac- oorOlus to «ui opiniou i ,xpi Oil a: d' by i.tiou, Uisj doctcu- said. .ill"., ut time Of :h-> Sio :ii .iiolivy w.'dlon f tln^ anuuul tiuivotiil-.-n of tls-- Am t ;-i- Medlcul AsL-ocia; ion h«ue. The it 8 B .» i ;!i:'i.-'!!i, hi- eahi, f.-.ii*l»t- r,tho IW )>1 part «,! m.,at, hn.-ad i::li ,-i. 'I'll.- prli-un ^i-* ^Ivou .'Lfr, ^r,;: : or vu,-. taM .jt: aud the itu'lk Cc.v ri- t 'l,-.' I.-. ti».i sm'ill :,l fut Us\., the .-o.:kirj'. •i't-ck .,r I tip ei'f'-cts oi' th la <a «t en 6C i>'.'i !-iLMK': b i -hin-.iil Ciai tiiulr horiti .li «*Aiii> A to in.t|nive and. their . , teeth pai'tioalu:-l.v -Acre lit gocd ceudf- - f or.. A Liquor Prognostication. Chleaijo—Albert D. ijaaker,' retiring head of the V. H. Shipping Uwinl, ex- pr'.-.-;-cii belief t,hat Uio next con,vrei-:n v/ouhl change the Volstotid net to po.-i.ilt foreliui nltlps to briuj; liquor under noil Into territorial walesjj of the Celled flt-.tes. A Killed Foster Mother. Kpv'nsflchi, 111.—Th6 15 year old foster non of ..Mrs, Mary 6i»l«a. a 76 year old widow, cont'e-sLcti, ucrordtBg to tho police that he had killed her that bo cinild leave homo to Bee the world. iVhat Chanute Is Now Giving Tourists that Stop Thsre. Clramitci, June 20.—CllMinuto Is now offering free gm» water and electricity to UiiiTists. Moyor Ic. if. Clark iu- trcHluced vho otiestloii (it tho ni*eting of the conitiilsstonerR was,carried by unanimous vote. C *Hiinj .is- Blor.or Amyx ms uot etrong fvr tho motion, but when 1* was explained that. Sie keeper of tho camp would not permit oflhsrs tluui real tourists to una tiro gaa, lie vote=tl for tlho propo- Bit kktr; The free use of utilities "lias boco asked for by the Chamber of Com- mcroo and by the JjuninBsa men generally. Other cities are mttkuxg tn- ducemout of tiho tourist tmdo, and it was agreed rliat Ohaaiute ubauld Ueop in Hue. Tho coot to tie oity will he email, * Too Much Booz». Now V'ork—The Mner Rochamhejiu arrived from Havre with one of the biggest supplies of wet goods to come in since, tho treasury dopanmemt ruling prohibiting; the transportation of lifmor over tho three mllo lioilt,. Western League. At St. Joseph— R. II. 13. Okla. City 000 190 000—1 7 2 St. Joseph 001 200 OOx—3 8 0 Batteries—Allen, Payno and Long; Schauer mid Pierce. At Des Moines— R .H. B. Omaha 000 000 200—2 \ 1 Dos Moines 0,00 012 iTrx_4 13 1 Bttttorlos ~~ Speece and Wilder; Jones and Wheat. At Denver— R. H. E. Sioux Citv 110 001 004—7 13 0 Denver 101 001 000—3 10 2 •dlatiterles—Willlsms and Quarry; Voorhles and Diamond. Only threo games played, Qouthsrrt Aosoclatlon. Ottattanuogu. 2; JiempbJu, 8. LtttJe Rocj£, 7; Nashville, 0. ' Birmingham-New Orloans, rain. A'thmui-Mobile, rain. Toaao League. Dallas, li; Bon Antonio, 3. Burev.efciort, Besuinont, 5. ,Wlclftta Palls, fl; Houston. B. : Tort Woith, 10; Oaltostoo, 16. Western AasooUtlcn. Okmulgee, 1: Honryetta, 6. Knld, 1; Ardmcro', 8. 43prini5fleld, I; Jo^lin, J. n. SSltJvW; McAfester, amount ot power behind hi* attack. Ilotli fighters are of identically ,the siime. type. Deuipaoy is w a .iu-ger molii--••nong'li lai-ger to give him tho ten die punching slrcngi'.i he has. How :?mcJi of the tigtuer man's speedy he has lo^ cannot b« «•«»•<pitted in ex| ait ratio, c^ course. The best avatllable figirej .trivo Dempsey an advantage of tour inches lu reach. This is not disastrous. It- may be rome help to the ci.imp. how- .ovfcr. In enabling him lo kecij (iiblKtns away until Denipsiiv C:I:J ru.-h in uiitls liii triphammer punehus t.» Uu-. liody and head. Thii dil'ferem:e in pouridase is not vital. Ten or twelve puuniU to men of their weight means In tie. Having no ivehvlit refitiLroineut-i i.i moot hoUi men i_-au go in at their bi.-:l. poundage — one advantage, iu being a nea^y- wei:ui-t, so to sjieak. Laying aside..all personal knowledge ot the - tishters, their previous records, etc., the figures alone show that pliyslcatiy the men are well matched--two- perfect s-yeeimens of life. Whether the slugger mipreme or the HghtetiUiK swift hard-hitting hox&r will triumph is an airplane of another ot-dor. ' CHARLES W. BRYAN , IS "WALKING BUFFALO" This is What the Indians Have Named the Present Governor of Nebraska. <Hy The Asso.'ia.Ud Press) Lincoln, Neb., Juno 29.—"Walking Buffalo" sSts lu his "tnpeo over on Capital irill) directing tho machinery of the pale faco government and attending to tho business of making Nebraska a bigger and hotter state. No one would suepoct that ho ,1s an Indian, for lie looks much Uko any other governor—oven those of the Indianless east—and curries the cares oT tho administration without visible signs of being in any way different from "Wldto m-en. Yet he ts different* To his hundreds of thousands of pale faca friends and, follow Nebraa- kans, tie .is Governor CharUis W. Bryan, hut to the chiefs and othor of tho Sioux tribo he is "Walking ^Buffalo", and a full fledged member of the tribe and a brother. For as a proof of the fact that thoy believed Governor ilryaii a good Indian, tho Sioux tribe adopted hlin at a recent mooting at Niobrara, aud tho <shlot kit the tribe conferred upon tho new member his own name. ATHLETIC EFFORTS BRING HIM FIRST " COLIF/'R DECREE Ho New Trial. Watodoo, Iu.—A motion tor ft now trial tor A. A. arid W. F, Cooper, Div btiQue maiiui'afturerH, cou'vlotod on d ciiargo of oonapiraey to dofraiul tlio government' by wtthboldlng income taxes was refused "uiid a fine of J100.00O ,,vra3 impcead on wush ds- fsndant. A geromuk, one of the shyest of tha gaselles, has never hnaii .seen to take B:'dririk of water by a nitlte, solftntist pj - gntne hunter. " • - < — Alonzo Coach Alctnzo A. Stagg ot the Dnt- VOi-siiy of Chicago Is the first athletlo mentor 1 at a. willoge or lm-lvwsity, in •tho United Suites, at lonst. to bo awarded an tbiroornry dogrco tor als work in atti'.ettca. Obcrlin college r«>- neatly oonforred tho degree of muster of orts <ui the veteran oflletal. Far World Court. Chlcagc^—Ilenry 0, llathhone, eon- gressinan at large from Illinois, in aa sddxest before the Three Score sn4 Ten olub, urged Immediate aatrano* 'tnto the -world court "project.

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