Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on October 17, 1935 · Page 8
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 8

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1935
Page 8
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THE LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX. IOWA RATE— lOc per line for first insertion; 5c per line each insertion thereafter. Display classified, 25c per inch. For Sale APPLES—Hnndpicked, sprayed, Grimes Golden, Jonathan and all other varieties. 50c to SI per bu. 10 miles south Lenox, Fred Weller. 3-2p ALL WOOL made to measure suits. $21.75 and tip. Your old hat cleaned and blocker, 75c. Fred Abernathy. FOR SALE — 2 dressers, wood bod. brass bed, comode, buffet cupboard, 2 rockers, feather bed four dining room chairs, a few miscellaneous articles. Mrs. Carrie Bruington. 3-lp FOR SALE—Sorghum, 65c gal. 8 mi. southwest Lenox. Joe Fudge, Gravity, R. 2. 3-3p FOR SALE—Mare and colt. 3 milk cows. Inquire Mills Style Shop. - \ 3-1 APPLES—All choice winter.Vvar- ieties, 75c to $1 per basket. Four miles south of No. 34 on No. 25. Phone through Kent or Lenox. W. F. Tripp. 2-tf housekeeping rooms for family of 4 for winter. Inq. this office. WANTED — Job for. winter on farm or at anything, stone Sifer, 61-2 mi. east Lenox. P. O. Lenox. ;\ i MAN WANTED — for Rawleigh Route of 800 families. Write today. Rawleigh, Dept. IAJ- 335-SA, Freeport, 111. WANTED — Representative to look after our magazine subscription interests in Lenox and vicinity. Our plan enables you to secure a good part of the hundreds of dollars spent in ihis vicinity each fall and winter for magazines. Oldest agency in U. S. Guaranteed lowest rates on all periodicals, domestic and foreign. Instructions id equipment free. Start a rowing and permanent busi- icss in whole or spare time. Address MOORE COTTRELL, nc., Wayland Road, North Co- locton, N. Y. 3-2 C G Preston, salary .... n.oo 'they enrolled an army of more John Eberle, salary 12.00 tnan nalf a million democratic Roy Nelson, salary 1300l offlce holders ln Washington, Retta Goodale, sal '" ' ' and secured five billion dollars & exp 14.46 C B Cassill, sal & postage 14,86 Mimic Lt Plant, It bulbs 3.40 Mimic Lt Pit, city hall Its 7.09 11.80 APPLES — Handpicked Jonathans, Delicious and Grimes at farm 4 miles east Bedford on Highway 3, 75c per bu. Jas. J. Anderson. 2,-2 FOR SALE—Iris bulbs and tulip bulbs, 2 c each or $1.50 hundred. Furnished rooms for rent. G. A. Bryant, phone 140-M 2-tf People read the Classified Ads. You are doing it now. FOR SALE — Good Chester White boar. E. E. Reynolds. 2-2 FOR SALE—Pure bred spotted Poland China spring boars, immune. Cecil Wilson. 1-tf FOR SALE—1 wagon complete; Nancy Hall Sweet Potatoes, $1 bu. Ralph Reynolds, Phone 8-M l-3p FOR SALE—Hand picked pears, orchard run, 65c. Edwin Butler and Bruining Nursery. 53-3p Wanted WANTED—3, 4 furnished light- For Rent FOR RENT—7 room unfurnished house. Mrs. Carrie Bruington. 2-2 People read the Classified Ads. You are doing it now. Town Council Proceedings Lenox, Iowa, October 1st, 1935 Regular meeting of the Town Council of the Incorporated Town of Lenox, Iowa was held on above date with all members of Council present. The Finance committee audited the following bills and on vote they .were ordered paid: Consolidated-General Fund Joe Probasco, salary $ 55.00 Field Seed Co, grass seed i.oo Lenox Time Table, publ proc '.'... 52.56 J C Pearson, sal & exp . 64.10 Eclipse Lbr Co, mat'l ... 82.65 T J Reimer, gas & kero 9.31 W C Lewis, sal & postage 15.99 W H Madden, salary 12.00 V H Tylor, salary 9.00 Your I.G.A. Store is expecting you this week with a personal visit or a phone call KELLOGG Hey WHEAT Kiddies KRISPIES FREE 2 boxes Wheat Krispies Rag Doll Free Flour You Can't Beat WILSON'S BEST FLOUR, $9 49 Ib. sack __ & .19 JAR RINGS 4 dozen 12c MACARONI, 2 pounds 16c RICE, fancy, 4 Ibs. __^ 25c IGA ROLLED OATS, Ig. pkg,_*< Your Brown GLOVES AND MITTENS Are Here RAISINS, 2 Ib. pkg. _ 15c SUGAR, 10 Ibs. __ 55c J D Adams Co, blades Mary E Orr, care rest room 2.50 Haynes. & Son, labor- team 5.50 O C Walter, gas, oil 7.00 Arnold Walter, rpr & supl 10.63 Water Fund L B Carruthers, salary .. 50.00 O C Walters, gas, oil 7.25 Arnold Walter, rpr & supl s. 62 L B Carruthers, sal , & supl 82.08 Crane Co, supplies 13.75 Joe Probasco, salary 15.00 Eclipse Lbr Co, material 19.39 Mimic Lt Pit, pumping . 21.75 Mimic Lt Pit, bulbs l. 10 Morgan Prtg Co, water bills 12.75 West Tel Corp, phone, tolls' 5.45 ConsoI-Light Fund Munic Lt Pit, street Its . 113 78 City Hall Fund F G Titze, wdw rpr 2.00 Light Fund R E Poindexter, Agt, express 15.75 Doyle Cree, trkg oil 35.18 Fairbanks-Morse, material 34.30 Ballard-Hassett, interest 200.00 RL Stoaks, labor 25.00 Sinclair Ref Co, fuel oil 101.10 C B Cassill, trv exp 8,00 C A Deaver, adding mach 30.00 Fidelity Sav Bk, interest 63.00 F E Strunce, plant exp .. 68.70 John Slattery, gas, oil .. 6.28 H Coulthard, trucking .. 4.00 L B Anderson, salt ...... 2.20 Eclipse Lbr Co, supplies 2.91 Terry-Durlin Co, supplies 25.64 F E Strunce, salary 100.00 Fairbanks-Morse, repairs 81.36 R L Stoaks, labor 25.00 Wm Severn, salary 90.00 Western Tel Co, phone, tolls 15.52 Diesel Service Co, oil & rpr 103.86 Munic Water Wks, water & supl 10.80 Graybar Elec, Co, supplies 4.27 City of Atlantic, material 15.30 Creston Auto Co, rags .. 15.40 A petition presented by W. C. Van Houton asking Council to consider a reduction in Electri Light rates was discussed an filed by the Clerk. Moved by Tyler and seconded by Eberle that above mentionei petition be filed for considera tion and study. Motion Car ried all voting AYE. Moved by Tyler and seconded by Preston that Petition o Mary E. Gehr for Remission o: Taxes be approved. Motion Carried. The council adjourned. C. B. CASSILL Mayor W. C. LEWIS Clerk CORNING BUTTER, lb._j 28c BLUE BARREL SOAP 6 Gars MATCHES 3 boxes lOc CRANBERRIES per . 1 fir* quart J-VJV/ Coffee EED , A 19c pound M.9J\s BLUEG, pound '. PEAK, ? K pound **tJ\s BLANKET LINED JACKETS, $1.79 size 36-46 •*• COLUMBUS OIL CLOTH 46" wide, all new patterns 23c COTTON BATTS 1 Ib. Quilt Batt 3 Ib, 7Q Comfort _- jl *Jv «%«•*••••• -'•• 49c OUTING FLANNEL 36" wide, lights and darks, heavy grade, yd. •Ml & Woodlerc, Co, Lenox, HimiiiiiimiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiL | OPINIONS I = (Short letters are invited 5 for this column. Unsigned 5 letters will not be printed, 5 although a nom de plume = may be used if the writer's ~ real name accompanies the 5 letter. We would like to = have your opinion on pres- E ent day affairs.) nimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiimiiuimiiiiiiR Editor Time Table: Where are we going? Our present government is doing things that have us worried. They promised to eliminate extravagance and accomplish a saving of not less than 25 percent on the cost of federal government and then Repair Work for all makes of TRUCKS, TRACTORS, CARS BATTERY & TIRE WORK GENERAL REPAIR WORK Have had experience on all makes of cars and tractors, See us about your tractor work. more money to spend as they please. Some reduction in federal expense. They murdered, or caused to be murdered, six million little pigs and one million brood sows, with the result that millions of people are unable to buy a bite of pork on account of the excessive high prices. And now we are importing meat from foreign countries. Now they demand that the murdered sows increase the pig crop this coming year 33 percent. Dead hogs raising pigs is new to everyone but a new dealer. They set up a blue duck to be worshipped like the golden calf and, but for the supreme court, would have led to seeing thousands behind prison bars for refusing to fall down and worship the bird. They proposed conquering western drought land by planting trees across the continent, where nature never intended them to grow, .and to produce prosperity by hiring men to rake leaves and count caterpillars. They promised a full measure of justice and generosity for all war veterans who suffered disability or disease caused by service and then cut 230,000 of the 236,000 Spanish- American veterans from the list, and sent hundreds of World war veterans to Florida where they were killed in a hurricane. THURSDAY ' They appropriated 100 million dollars to give to Tugwelll to experiment with and now they have insulted every minister of the gospel in the country by asking them what to do after establishing a million saloons and ruining millions of boys and girls. They have sent 300 families to Alaska and put them in cold storage at a cost to the government of 100 dollars per family. They never expect to return to the United States. Their promise of a lob for everyone and a full dinner pail for all has gone glimmering. We used to have Tour million Idle and someone Inwled-about it. Now we have 20 million idle jut they call it recovery. A rmndred million are working-to keep a million on the government payrolls at salaries ranging from $1,200 a year to $10,000. It cost 24 billion dollars to run our government from the ;ime of Washington to Wilson, 124 years, and now it costs 24 billion dollars to run the pres- nt administration three years. It is going to be tough on the inborn generation who will lave this bill to pay. How do you feel about pota^ oes? Are you in sympathy with the idea of making it against the law to raise them? I'd like to get away from the whole thing, too, but I can't go fishing down around Panama on a government warship. A Disgusted Voter. i^MB • • PANCAKE \%j Er^s^fis-S! Fall morning than coated with good butter andT To get the supreme m age, bacon or ground beef. • for information about the TCltI( select the type you prefer, bu£T Serve Pancakes this Vfr "S As It Should Be Pancake Flour "Beats'em all" Lg. 3i/ 2 Ib. Pancake Fl or LENOX vs. LEON FRIDAY ROBB ROSS Buckwheat & Wheat _ PURE BUCKWHEAT Old fashion 3«c COFFEE, As It Should Be. Ib. Fresh ground SYRUP-Robb Pantry Pride, tion maple flav. 16 oz. ju SPECIAL PATTIES, to eat with pancakes. A new meat patty with a that calls for another, Ib. Try it once Link Sausage, OYSTERS, Fresh from the coast, qt' Bring your jar Fruits and Veget Mean Health GRAPES Fancy Red Tokay, 22C Garden Fresh APPLES, Grimes, bu. 95c • POTATOES, fancy, sweet, 10 Ibs. 25c CHOCOLATE Ib ______________ PEANUT CLUSTERS, 1Q0J maple cen., Ib. A ' The Keynote of Osteopathy In correcting structural defects in the the osteopathic physician first determines the structure needs attention. Definite and s ment is then applied to that part. Take, * or case of tonsilitis. In such a condition there £ a condition of contraction affecting the structures neck. This affects the circulation of the and from the tonsils and one or both flamed and swollen. There is a feeling of n the throat and extreme difficulty in swallowing fever. . Careful specific osteopathic treatment, not painful, is used to adjust the framework of the ticularly with a view to normalizing »» thr ? . tissues which in, any way affect the blood w Ply of the tonsils. After such treatment is the inflammation soon subsides, the tempera the tonsils are restored to normal— M" less .' n f the trouble has been recurring until the structure sil has been changed. •tureWf . T . h _ e same . Principle of .treatment - corrtW - --- — if "^Tap» v* *«* v\f** A*Wi Is applicable Wjtfl diseases. M. J.

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