The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 29, 1914 · Page 3
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 29, 1914
Page 3
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Monday Evening, June 29, 1914. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Page Three Starts Proceedings in ! toon Court Mat- table cloths, plates and Ice. The Wednesday evening service will- be held In the park at 8 o'clock. The Girls' Glee club will practice Thursday afternoon at 4:30 at the church. Those wishing tickets for the law enforcement banquet Thursday night at the First Methodist church can se cure'them from J. N. Baker. ' H. H. Seass ot Decatur has started ·tlgation of an unusual nature In the Walloon city court to recover his children. Habeus corpus proceedings begun Saturday asking that Seass be Eiv«n possession of his two daughters, one ten and the other fourteen years of age. Two separate writs are sought* one against Frank and Lena Parrell of Sullivan, and one against Flora Ashbrook also of Sullivan. WHAT HE ASKS. In hie petition askins a. writ against the Farrells, Seass set forth that he la a resident of Decatur, Macon county and that his daughter, Margaret | Seass. is being held in Sullivan by Frank and Lena Farrell. Seass states that he is father of the girl, who is fourteen years of agre and that he should have the care, custody and control of her. Sea»s states that the girl ·was not given into the custody of I the Farrells by any order of the court, judgment, decree or any other legal process and that the gin is u n l a w f u l l y detained by the defendants. JudRe McNutt issued the writ of ha- beus corpus returnable July 3, at 1 o'clock p. m. NO JUDGES HERE. The second petition sets f forth that Flora Seass, aged ten, is unlawfully detained by Mrs. Ashbrook. The father of the children states that as Judge Philbrick and Judge Johns have recently died and Judge Cochran is seriously ill, there is no judges In the judicial circuit in which Macon and Moultrie counties are located, and fco it is necessary to bring the acton in the Mattoon court. The mother of the two girls died some years ago when they were mere babies and they were given into the custody of the two families which are made parties to the litigation. Seass is now in a position to amply care for the children and he asks their return, but his petition has been denied by the Farrells and Mrs. Ashbrook, whereupon the father secured 'the writ of habeus corpus compelling the parties to come into court and phow cause why they should not return the childien to thejr father. MR. LOHRMANN GOES TO HAVANA Rev. Theodore Lohrmann. pastor of St. Paul's German L/utheran church, will leave Monday night for Havana to attend the pastoral conference. It convenes Tuesday morning and continues over Tuesday and Wednesday. The church elders -will meet at the school Friday evening. The quarterly meeting of voting members will be held next Sunday afternoon. ORGAN MUSIC AT 2ND PRESBYTERIAN Miss Gen*»vleve Conkiin furnished or#ran music at the Sunday school of the Second Presbyterian church Sunday morning, taking the time usually occupied by the orchestra w i t h Its music. At night the la=t of the regular Sunday night services for the summer was Oield. Next Sunday evening vill take place the first of the vesper services. (from 7 to 8 o'clock. A debate on "Ke- feolved, that the Church Should Do More Institutional Work," will be conducted. Communion will be observed in. the morning 1 . The a n n u a l picnic will be held at Fairview Wednesday a f t e i noon and evening. It is for all membprs of the CLASS OF FIVE AT GERMAN METHODIST The clas-; of five, which was examined at the Gorman Methodist church Sunday morning, was received into f u l l connection with the church. The class was composed of Clara Kusch, Frieda Mauritz, Margaret Schwartz, Henry Pawlikowski. and Gustav Kuschmerz. No Sunday evening meetings will be leld at the church during the months of July and August. The Brotherhood will ha,re an out- Ing Thursday evening at Riverside. $37.75 OFFERISG FOR CHORISTERS A crowded house heard the concert by St. John's choristers Sunday nI?M. ttvery seat was taken and many stood throughout the concert. The pro- grra m was especially pleasing, the choristers doing excellent work. Clarence Smith wore the gold medal won in the recent contest. This is not the Clarence Smith who was with the cho- listera t h r r e years apro. The offering amounted to $37.75. NO MORE PREACHING UNTIL SEPTEMBER Last night's service at the Congregational church was the last of the Sunday night meetings for the snm- irer. There will be no more preaching services or Christian Endeavor meetings on Sunday, nights u n t i l September. The Sunday school picnic will be held a week from T h u r s d a y in Fair view park. The music hy Professor Bonus on the v i o l i n was a f e a t u r e of yesterday's services. executive committee will meet Tuesday evening at the home of J. W, Workman, 845 North Union. The Seventh ward Aid will meet Friday afternoon, The training 1 service da SB win me^t In connection with the prayer meeting Wednesday night. Choir practice will be held at 8 o'clock Friday night. FREE METHODIST PICNIC THURSDAY The Sunday school of the Free Methodist church w i l l have Its picnic Thursday afternoon. The crowd w i l l meet at the church at 1 o'clock and so to Fair-view park for the outing'. Prayer meeting will be held Friday night at the home of Fred Beck. ^6outh Jackson There were five persons at the altar Sunday night. CHAMPAIGN MAN IN THE PULPIT Dr. Hopkins of the First Baptist church in Champaign, occupied the pulpit of the First Baptist church Sunday nisht. In the morning the address was made by Rev. Mr. Godwin. SCHOOL PRINCIPAL KILLED IN FIRE Pittsburg, K a n , J u n e 2".--Eex. H. Tanner, principal of the hish school at Weir, Kan., was killed and four other men received slight Injuries as a result of a fire that destroyed the m a i n b u i l d i n g of the Pittsburg State Normal school here today. The property lose was estimated at $150,000. Mr. Tanne.r, who was' a student at the summer session of the school, was standing near the b u r n i n g building when a broken electric wire swung around him, killing him instantly. The origin of the fire is not known positively, but it is believed it start- d when l i g h t n i n g struck the building. EVANGELIST AT PRAIRIE HALL Evangelist G. K. Little will be at the Prairie H n l l U n i t e d Brethren church Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, arid over Sunday, giving his illustrated lectures. DR. A. C. FOSTER IN THE PULPIT DP A C Foster occupied the pulpit of the First C h r i s t i a n Mmrch Sundav in the absence of the paster. Rev. E. M. Smith, who w i t h his w i f e , is spending a, vacation at f { R.V.I n R . The r h r M m n Endeavor B\ppricrice social STENOGRAPHERS should take care of their eyes he- fause their livelihood depends upon their being able to use their eyes steadily. Eminent authorities agree that eye strain is the root of many nervous troubles. Proper glasses will stop headaches and prevent f u t u r e trouble. We are thoroughly equipped to examine your eyes and g r i n d proper glasses. Twenty years experience in t h f s kind of work. just D WILLIAMS T PTDMETRI5I OPTICIAN. I Opposite Millikin Bank. 107 N. Water St. Boom! The July Sale Is On! $1.00 bed spreads $1.25 bed spreads 12i/ 2 c Zephyr ginghams -- 69c 89c 7ic lOc 18c Ripp- lette 36-inch Standard percale 8 l-3c double fold percale 7V^c staple gingham 5c lawn and batiste 36-inch percale remnants lOc and 15c gingham remnants 100 dozen petticoats, black and figured sateen Heatherbloom in blue, green, black and grey, chambrays and ginghams in plain colors and stripes, embroidered and tucked. These are exceptional bargains. Values up to $1.00. Clearance price Curtain scrim. 36 inches wide, white, cream and ecru Swisses in dots and cross bars. 15c value. Clearance price, yard · 5c 5c 3c 3ic Bunting for Fourth of July decorations in flag effect or plain colors. Clearance price, yard Scotch ginghams, 50 or more patterns, regular 15c value. Clearance 1 Of* price, yard -L" V 5 cases Red Seal gingham, 12i/ 2 c seller. Clearance price everywhere a lOc Boys' waists in light and dark colors, stripes and plain fast colors, 35c values. O^\/» Clearance price, each .............. fcftlV' 27-inch percale, light or dark, fast /* _ 1 _ colors, lOc value. Clearance price . . . U 2 v- Ladies' nurse stripe gingham house dresses in all sizes, $1.00 value. Bargainland price House dresses and kimonos, light or dark, all sizes, $1.50 and $2.00 values. Clearance price 25 bolts curtain scrim, figured centers, Q _ 15c value. Clearance price ........... t/C 25 pieces lawn, neat little light pattern's for O x» OC On a counter near the elevator we have arranged an extraordinary large line of petticoats and aprons, fancy, plain, checks and stripes. Worth up to $1.00. Clearance price, choice those hot days to come. 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It's wonderful the relief it Rives. 9!»f Get it here for «S»»I» WHY NOT TRY PQPHAM'S ASTHMA REMEDY Blves Prompt and Positive Belief In Ererj Case. Sold by Druggists, 75c We sell Hie r e g u l a r #1.00 size here a t . . . For Every Toilet Use Pasteurine Toilet Preparations are Best \Vc are making a specialty of the celebrated Pasteurine Toilet Preparations which we highly recommend to our trade. . .20c! ..75cl Pasteurine Liquid (Antiseptic) A d e l i g h t f u l l y f r a g r a n t , aromatic cooling mouth wash and gargle; unexcelled ns a preventive of d a n d r u f f and falling h a i r : an excellent, soothing after shaving lotion. R e g u l a r 2.if size liegular 81.(10 size Of equal excellence and especially recommended for their respective uses are Pasteurine Talcu TM Powder. Foot Powder, Anti-Perspiration Powder. Tooth Powder. Tooth Paste and Antiseptic Soap. Regular 25c sizes, our price, 20c. SAVE THE PASTEURINE COUPONS One with every preparation. It. entitles you to a reproduction of n beautiful oil painting, and a sheet of music. So save Ihe coupons. We have a full l i n e of Pasteurine Toilet Preparations. Try them. When you feel vons, tired, worried or despondent it is a sure sign you need MOTTS NERVERINE PILLS. They renew the normal vigor and make life worth living. B » .ore txd uk (01 Mott'« Nerverine Pills Regular 51.0(1 box sold here at 75c EPILEPTIC FITS Stop when the weak nerves that cause die spells are strengthened and kept in good condition by the use of Dr. Guertin's Nerve Syrup It helps with the first Dose. Safe, sure and guaranteed to give satisfaction. Your dollar back if first bottle fails in any case of Epilepsy ^r St Vitus Dance, no matter how bad. It is the Sunshine for Epileptics. A valuable remedy for Dizziness and Insomnia. Large bottle, $1.OO; 6 bottles. $5.00 Sold by Decatur Drug Co. Write the tuskers, Kalmni Cnemlol Co* Kalmua Building. Cincinnati. 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