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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
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Friday, June 29, 1923
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THE NEWS BftlNOa TUB NEW* FIRST TO CENTRAL AND WESTERN KANSAS TMt NEWS HAS TMI LARGEST CIRCULATION OF THE PAPEKS IN CENTRAL KANSAS VOL. XXXVIII. HUTCHINSON, KANSAS, FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 1923 LAST EDITION. 4 O'CLOCK NO 77 ~> PRESIDENT TALKED ON CONDITIONS OF BUSINESS Made a Report of iU "Post-War ^ Revival" at Butte, Montana. AND HE TOLD SOME FACTS Told of the Change From Millions 1 of Unemployed to a Reverse Condition. ON BOARD HIS TRAIN MUST STAND PAT ON LIQUOR RULING OF COURSE- No Other Action For the Administration Officials to Take. (By The Associated Tress) Butte, Mont., June 29.—Presenting liore In nutty, A report on the post•war revival of business, President Harding declared that national mobilization by business, labor ami government forces to overcome dopressron "was no lens accomplished/than the groat cooperation to win the war." Outlining tho steps taken under government direction to wipe out unemployment and to restore- confidence in business, the president asserted "If our procedures have been rather plain and old fashioned, they have yet produced resu.t.i that justify pride and require no apology." Qcttinp Better and Better. "If we. are accused aZ gclllnc no- Tfboro In pnrllcular," he added, "we may very well reply that at any rate we havo been able to atay right here, that wo regard it as a good place to stay, ami that day by day we have "been getting letter and better. I ant disponed freely to admit that- some other folks havo dad more oxolt'oment than 'we have had; but a good-many people in this world would be glad to oxchanyo their stock of excitement for a modest sharo in our American accumulation or wimple contentment and dinner tabic necessaries." Reports on Conditions. The president said he did not present tho report on revived business conditions "as ibe accomplishment of a particular administration or 'the justification of any. party's •claim upon tho public confidence. Rather, it is placed before you as testimony to the supremo sense and sound genius of a nation -which could make Its cooperation extend to a continent and its altruisms embrace a hundred million of humanity," he added. "That is what the American people have done In tho last two years. No other peo- j>lu has had the fortune to parallel . the achievement;}. None other.looks out today upon ao clear a horizon and I venture that we stand only In the doorway of the new era. Thus convinced, I know that you will permit me to add just one word for tho pride the satisfaction and tho grarl- tudo which the national,administration feola in having been able to contribute flomothiug of suggestion, leadership and direction to this accom pllshment. Wo will not claim much; lor tho-great end could have been attained only through the complete unity, In spirit, purpose and patriotism of the whole American Nallou... * Unemployment Changed. "Two years ago wo made -a careful census of unemployment in tho United StatOB and found four million five hundred thousand or five million workers without Jobs. That was bad, but since then matters have been reversed and if nowadays wo are disposed to worry about tho problem of unemployment, wo have to consider ways and means to fill a half million or a million jobs which want workers and can't find thorn. That JB tho simplest picture of the industrial evolution of the last two yours. That Is the bedrock foundation on -which American business aud American administration have erected their confidence that_ Oils people will not he led Into the'paths of dovlous^experl mentation, the mazes of untried economic theory, the labyrinths of doctrinaire altruism." How It Was Dons. Among the efforts taken to achieve this end, tho president mentioned removal of tbe Tt'and of government from the tills of tho bankers, reductions In the fedqral reserve discount rate, inauguration of tho budget system, lightening and more equitable distribution of tho tax, burden, tho arms conference, revival of the federal farm loan board and tho flhanco corporation and the national conferences on unemployment and housing. The address hero was the first of two scheduled for today in Montana. The other will bo given tonight at Helena. -' (ByThi Associated rress) On Board President Harding's-Special Train, June 89.—President Harding and his party en routo to Alaska, with many stops throughout the west, entered the Montana copper country this morning. ' The . president was scheduled to make two addresses today, one at Butio and another at Helena. . ' In a speecn* last night at Idaho Falls, Idaho, Mr. Harding declared tho present need was to shorten the bridge between°producers and consumers and proposed a plan of cooperation among consumers financed .In part by an adaption of the principles of the Havings bank or tho butldlne. and loan society. Largest Train Crowd. . The crowd whioh gathered at Idaho Kails yesterday afternoon to hoar the president urge cooperation between the consumer and the producer as one means of reducing living costs, was declared to have been the largest which lias gathered to hear the nation's chief executive speak from the observation plaUorm of his railroad oar. After his speech Mr. Harding was taken by automobile to view the results of irrigation near Idaho Falls and he expressed himself as"-well pleased. TO WAIT ON CONGRESS England Won't Stand For Twelve Mile Search and the Liquor Will Be Seized. -THE OL' DOG-CATCHER IS TRYING TO CATCH IT stretch of down grade track at a curve. Tho fact that all five cars o* tbe train were of steel is believed to liavo prevented greater loss or life. All the cars except tho Pullman loft the track.- Tho engine, and the mall and baggage cars overturned. fireman Hrown was scalded to death by escaping steam. HUSSEY,STATEFIRE MARSHAL, TO RESIGN He is to Quit His Job and Take Management of Insurance Company. •Washing-ton; June 29.—Oreat Britain's rejection of the American proposal for a prohibition twelve mile limit has left administration officials no alternative It was said authoritatively today, but to await tbe will of congress as to revision of the law and meanwhile to refuse admittance to ship liquor stores under ponalty of seizure, i Comment Not Available. Formal comment on Foreign Secretary Curzon's announcement In parliament yesterday was not available, the "Washington government having, received no official report on the subject and no reply througn diplomatic ohannols to Its treaty proposals. Tnere Is no doubt that Marquis Curzon's Implication that the ship liquor issuo was raised by the United States to afford a leverage for a treaty agreement on rum smuggling is not in accordance Willi the facts a.s they are understood by "Washington otficlalB. In tbe American viewpoint, tho two matters have nothing to do with each other. It is pointed out thatthe cases whioh resulted in tho recent supremo court decision, prohibiting of liquor carriage by. foreign ships In American waters resulted from One initiative, of foreign ship companies whioh sought to prevent application of the ruling by filing injunction -suits agatinst treasury officials. FIVE DIRECTORS OF DEFUNCT BANK HELD Topeka, Kan., June 29. -Stato Fire Marshal U T. Hussey formally au- jiouiiecd today that he will tender hla .j resignation tomorrow to Governor Davis, effective September 1. He expects to assume active management of a local life insurance company, of which lie is president. Governor Davis nald ho has not yet decided upon Hussey'w successor. Hussey, whose home Is at Lyndon, lias boon flro marshal for the last eight years. He Is secretary treasurer of the International Fire Prevention Association and his last official act aG state fire marshal will be -his attendance at" the annual convention of that organization, to bo held at Minneapolis-the latter part of August, for which ho Is arranging the program and other details. THE REDS TOLD TO REMOVES CARCASSES They are Charged on Nine Counts With Receiving- Money Too Late. Wichita, Kan., June 29.—Five dlrec tors of tie defunct American State 1 Bank "Of Wichita,, were arraigned. bo- fore Judge Joseph Rogers in city court this morning on nine counts each, •barging . them with receiving deposits when they knew the bank to be -in an insolvent condition^ They were released on bond of $10,000 each for appearance at a preliminary hearing July 6. The men arraigned were John N. Richardson, president; O. A. Powell, vice president; Phil A. Drumtn, cashier and Roy E. Crammer and M. J. Loyd, directors. Druntm Is at liberty op a previous bond of $15,000. He was arrested and arraigned following the discovery of a $1,600,000 shortage in his accounts, prior to the closing of the bajtk about ben days ago. -.Governor Has Confidence. NOT TORTURED WHILE IN JAIL Former Patriarch of All Russia to be Tried by Civil Author- • ities. John L. Lewis Talked" Straight From the Shoulder at a Miner's Meeting. (By The Associated Pi-ess) Moscow, June 29.—The Most Rev. Dr. Tlkhou roleased from prison to await trial by the civil authorities for counter revolutionary activities denied reports that he was tortured while in Jail, asserting Uiut he was well treated. The former patriarch of a**' Russia, who plans to conduct services in the Donstoy monastery where ho is now, living, says ho cannot'recognize the action of the Living Church In unfrocking him, pointing out that it tried hlhi for political misdemeanors, while only the soviet had a right to do BO. M. Krassnltsky, head of tho Living Church council, is quoted by the off! Typeka, Hun., June 29.—Upon hlsl cial proas as saying that if Dr.-Tikhon (ByjCThe Associated Press) Scranton, Pa., June 29.—The convention of the authraolto mine workers, called to formulate demands for a new wago contract was thrown into a turmoil today when John L. Lewis, international president of the United Mine Workers, ordored^two men in tho gallery "to remove tholr carcasses without tho doors of the convention hall." They wers identified as Joseph Manley, son-in-law of "William, Z. Foster, representing the trades union educational league, and J. H. McCarty, representing the labor defense council, charaoterized by President Lewis as "oueuny organlzatlons_ of tho United Mine Workers aud "organized labor generally, In the United, State's. F'SEMAN WAS KILLED IN A FRISCO WRECK ' Fort Scott, Kan., Juno 29.—B. B. Brown of Kansas City, fireman of Frisco passenger train number 117, known as the "Oil Sgucial" wa,s Instantly killed, and 23 I «8senger3 and 8 other members of the train crew wero injured when bhe train was wrecked yesterday afternoon nineteen miles north of Fort. Scott. It Is believed that spreading rails caused the wreck, which occured on » UTILITY COMPANIES MUST STAY ON JOB return today from Wichita, where ho has 'boon Investigating the affairs of the American States Bank, Goyornor J. M. Davis expressed confidence.that the loss will not involve the stats guaranty fund to any great extent. It atoll. "I was well pleased with the manner in which the assets and accounts of the bank are being handled by the state banking department," he said. Additional 'warrants will be issued, in all probability, the governor said. Ho declared already five warrants have been Issued. is willing to repent of his alleged counter revolutionary activities bo- fore the council and tho government, it would ~b~o possible to reach anothe TO OPEN A NEW L FIELD SOON Matter to be Considered at Tribal Council of the Navajo Indians. Farmiiigtou. N. M., Juno 29.--»Kirat stnps toward tho opening of a po»?iihls new oil and mineral field in tho soutInvest are oxpeetrd lo be taken at a tribal council of Navajo Indiana at Toadlena, N July 7. H. J. I. tiger-, man, commissioner Lo the Navajo tribe, has called the convontlon, tho' first meeting of the council aa provided by an order issued last year by Secretary of Interior Fati, after oil wan discovered in commercial quantities on the re ,4orvntton near Farmington, and amended recently by Secretary Work. To Grant Oil Leases. Twenty-four chosen tribal representatives will attend the conference at which it is believed oil leases will bo granted on unurovon structures that have been scouted thoroughly by geologists and the field men of a nuwibor of oil companies, ami Jtho auctioning In small tracts of proven structures THEY LANDED IN Aviators Forced to Descend Because of Dense Fog at San • Die go. ECURED MONEY FROM A PRIEST Muss of Cancelled Checks Tell Story of a Waste of Money. PRIEST IS 85 YEARS OLD Monaignor James O'Brien of Catholic Church, Washington, Now in Hospital. Wa»h f tvpt on, .Turn; 2 9. • — A m aa s of cancelled checks and not^a stocks anil other documents waa brought to light todi*y «.» the oat ward evidence of how several men obtained $l;">o.ou<) in personal and ehuTch Hinds from Mon- »ignor James O'Brien, f-'ruur PMHOI * of St....Peter's Catholic I'h.tivh h»*ro, on stocks reg-ardod by ley a I ivpreacnta* lives l<> be of doubtful vahi»\ WluMher there wilt bo ;iro ;;-vul Ion of the men Is y^t to bn <]<•!erminod. Mona 1 irnor O' 1 'rIcn, who S:* S3 > e; old, 1P in a hospital In Baltimore in a " state of nervous cxhaii.-.' ion, augment- o4 by a partial pa rah :d. j , a..d ids ability to appear as the i 'hi"f pm^viMiig witness is regard e-d as problem at leal, It may bo that indictui"ins will be Bought on tho do -on men: ary evidence. In the postfesalon of bis uli.onieys ami those of iha parish, Promotion of Companies. This evidence indicates that mos»t of t..e money waai obtained In ihe promotion of several eomp-an'ips in two of which 'MonsiKnor O'Hrien was an officer. Ills payments ..f-ni<mey to the men by persona! rh.erU^ be^an In 11*17 and coininue.i unil! Die eno of last year. Afu -r Mouid-mor O'Brien's bank aeroii-nt apparently hnd been exhausted. In* SIKITMI abieit ?:iO,000 in imteji, about $ 1 ::,0('O of which havo Imeii paid by pamhiOiK 1 ™ of St. •IVter .s Chuivh. The remainder is out- st n licit li.K- When Mon HI ^nor ()'tirini ueeamo convinced hUe Pis: year ih:it nins-L of t ho investment;* ho had m. oh; W<"TO bad, hf* derdivl to the < hutch parish a tract of land he owned hi \V» At Vir- Kinht and which w.i : » valu-d in the deed at $7ii,i'0O, the ;< mount of the ctiuivrh fntida which h-- apparently lias lest In the im -e ;U!nrn;s. Iloldersof ?4 .n«)() of the notes signed by tbe a^od priest have brought ^\\\\. in .lefl'orf*ou county, West YivKhiU, :u an efiort to pre \o :it conHuminut.ion of the t ra.ntf-fei: of land and to e.ollccf on tha not*-s. agreement permitting -th« former pa-1 ^ authorUedi A tentative time trlarch again to take part officially ' w In religious work Ban Diego, Calif., June 29- The airplane carrying ('apt. bowelj II Smith and L-Iout. .1. li. Klohler, army aviators, in their attetupt to remain in tlio air for four days and four nip 'hts. crashed Into the mud flata^belwren Coro- •IUKIO and NorLh Island at about 4:40 a. m. today. It was reported by tele- 1)110110 from ' I'M id d that neither of the aviators had been seriously injured. According to officers, the aviators were trying to make a safe landing, a dense fog having made further pro- gross Impossible. Turned Upside Down. Lieut. Virgil Hlnes, in making & report of the accident to a newspaper man, said that the wrocked Delia Vila ml had turned upside down in the l^I, but that Captain Smith and JOHNSON DEFEATED RICHARDS AT WIMBLEDON Two American Players Visited With King George and Queen Mary. SAID EPISCOPAL CHURCH NEEDS GOOD SHAKING UP Says Church is Too Closely Associated With So-Celled "Gentlemen." WEATHER AND ROADS Pittsburg—Clear; road« good. JCmporla—Clear; roada good. - Salina—Cloar; roads lair to rough, j Topeka—Cloar; roads good, i. Oot£oyvlIl8~Clear; roads food, • ! Arkansop City—-Fair; roads good. ' Wichita—Clear; roads good» ( Ottawa—Clear; roads good. , 1 Kaunas City—Fair; roads f6u«h In SPQtS. :. Butchlmoo-T-Vsij-; roads good. • Topotoi, Kam., June 29.— Apollcy of Com,peHlng utility companlos to carry out their contracts. to 'furnish Hervloa to a municipality was put Into effect today by die state public utilities commission whan It denied'the application of the Markl«y Power & I^Ight company for an order permitting It to diaconttnuo electric light service tax the towns of Bennington, Culver, Teseott, Beverley, Ada and Barnard, all in north central Kansas. DECIDES WSTOMER 'S" CHARGE IS ALL RIGHT - Topclta, Kim., June 29.—In two cases today the vnlMio utilities commission uphold tho so-called , . 'custoaaers" Oharge In gas ratee^ It reJocAed a petition from ^Velllnston and Clierry- Talo for rduioval ol il>» oustomerV charge of 76 and 40 cents respectively. In o &dh case the cos distributing company [bus sought an Increase In rates on » coiiuter petlti<>n ao4 UUMW also, wura deuled. • • Philadelphia, June M—Tbe Right Rev. Charles Brent, Protestant Episcopal bishop of wostern Naw York, told 2,000 Protestant clergymen yoa- torday .that the Episcopal church needed a shaking up and that tho ten commandments should be "rooted out of t^ie prayer book hecauso they were too generally accepted aa expressing a complete moral code, whereas they are really incomplete." "One reason why the Episcopal church needs a ahaking up," said BlBhop Brent, "Is because It Is too closely identlfledwtth those who call themselves gentlemen. God Is to ba found In ditches and places of tofl, where the church lo loatib to go, lust as he is In the places of high thought and so-called culture." Considerable discussion is taking place ovor Archbishop TIkhon's lettor in which he announced a revorsal of the counter l-evolutlonary sentiments on which tho charges against Uim are based. Ulshop Antonin said that If tlio prelate "reponl.s only before tihe civil court, but still considers himsolf patriarch and desires to take up his ecclesiastical duties then it Is clear that bis confession was false and insincere." WANT RATES THAT WILL BRING A FAIR RETURN and place for the aucj-iouing of the proven structure*, which are known j as Hogback Dome, are to be chosen subject to a provision by tbo depart-! ment of tho interior. The Producers and Refiners Corporation. Southwest Oil company, (lypsy Oil company, Midwest Oil company and Ohio Oil cennpany are anions; those it is indicated tlhat will asi< [ot- icases. Some pcoplo arc &ood because they are lazy.—Atchison Globe. This is What Head of the Chicago & Northwestern Railway States. WEATHER REPORT. Temper».tur« Past 24 Hour*, National Building. ' 4 A. M 67 I 6 A. M P. M M 8 A. M in i\ M 00 12 Midnight 5» « A. M 58 1 Maximum. 80; P. II.' P. M. First 64 ....64 ....60 10 A. M 67 1J Noon 72 2 p. M 80 ^ftIlimum, 54. TO STAY ON THE JO». of New Sscrstary of Stats Board Hsalth Llkss ths Position. Topeka, Kan., June 29.—Dr. M. O. NVberg, secretary of th» stat« board of health, announced today that he has declined an offer to return to his old position • as city health officer of Wichita at an increased salary of f4.000 a year. His reasons, he said, were that the "offer, although carrying an increase of $700 a year over tbe Balary he received before he resigned to Join ths hoard of health is no Increase ovar bis present salary Des Moines, la., June 20— Congress should assure investors of railroad seourifclos that the administration authorities -will fix rates upon a basis that will afford a fair return, declared W. H. Fluley, president of the Chicago and Northwestern Railway, in an ad- drees prepared tor delivery before tho Dos Molues chamber of commerce today, Mr. SHnley discussed the transportation act ot 1820, urging tihat tho rulo of rate making in the law ba upheld by every citizen. Tlio process of' rata adjustment by tlio interstate commerce commission docs not tend ; to establish Justice, he said, stating j that a compromise usually is con- j sidsrod expediant -when a complaint has boon originated for tho reduction of a rate which the carrier seeks to maintain. The main tendency IB to re.duco and not advance rates, he Bald. A competent authority acting in conformity with sound economlo theory •based on a full knowledge of the facts ho declared to be una only means ot Ostahllshlng Justlco. "Just now tile pubSc is confronted with rates approximately 50 per cent higher than in 1817," Mr, Finley said. "But from every reasonable point ot view these rates ora Justified by coni- 1 parlson with general price levels of WEATHER FORECAST. Kansas.—Fair tonight and probably Saturday; slowly rising temperature. I,itTu(,..RicMer had escaped Injury and hud been put to bod. Captain .Smith and Ment. Klchter broke at least one record, that for speed over 2,500 kilometers believed to have broken that for speed over 3,000 kllbmiMcYn.. They tool; off yesterday mornhiK at t:iG:4:i. Changed Their Course. When the aviators ran into the foK t.liey changed tlie.Ir course which had been f>0 kilometers long on a reriifl'-d speedway, to an inside air Hue of shorter distance. They evidently thought that by doing this they would be able to see thulr way stid still eon tinea the fliirht. At the sumo time Liouts. iltue* and Selfert t->uk off to re-fuel the racing piano again. They made several attcmpls to runin Into contact with tho Delljtvtland In. which Captain Smith and Lieut. Rlcbtnr were flying. Only uno of the.-e was successful, Lieut. Hluos suld. In that attempt Iliues aud Heifert. wero able to deliver to the other aviators only fifteen gallons of gasoline, "livery time thyy shot across North Island on thcJr course." said Lieut. Ilines, "we tried to make contact. We made contact at 4.30 a.m., then the tog forped .us to break apart again." Soon After Gas Delivery. Tbe accident to the i-aclnti plane occurred ten mlnutu.-t after the contact in which gaMolino was delivered. Lieut. [linos said tho gasoline teed Hly Tllft A->.Ho<'ln!'...i 1 'ioss) Wimbledon, June 2!t. Playing Ills most powerful Kfinte. Willhun M. Johnston, number two in the American lawn tennis rauUiuj;, decisively defeated Vltu-eut Richsu'dn, die phenomenal New York ymi'tli, on the Wim'nle- don court today, while Bn^land's king and Mneen looked on. Johnrtton's attack was merciless and Rlohard's finished, but less powerful Katne was unavailing against. tlio Callfornlan's tierce driving and all- around court generalship . The score was 0-4. 6-3, 7 -fi. Hy his victory. "Little Hill" puts nd {'re | himee-lf u louse stride nearer tbe 'World's singles championship the goal for which ho Is striving. The fortune of the draw made It necessary that ono or tbo other of the two visiting stars should be eliminated. Richards a Favorite. Klchards, because of Ms youth and winning*. had the support of the majority of the va^t crowd that I>ackod tho stadium and jumirn available standing h ,paee, but t.h- ner was warmly cheered. Riichardfl put up a game firht. the score of the third set at Johnston's favor, tlio New York | gan a fight that was as dazzling Ml till • w la- Wtr h aud that he faa* lutt finished moving; other couimo'lttte* aiui of ute sor to Topeka, test,* "Zimmie" (Continued or. Pago 9.) RYAN AND BOWMAN TO STATE TAX COMMISSION r bens it was desperate, and lorco-d the scire to flve-al'l, only to lose at 7 -5. Ilia last service waa a double fault; the see- cmd ball bit the net cord and went over, but was out by an inch or two. Johnston's method throughout was to keep driving deep to Richard's backhand, then when, he had the youth lodged In a far coiner, to come to the net and slaah a volley to the other side of Une court. Richards a 'rio often canto to the net anil there vver^ frijquent thrilling exchanges fri>m nild court,. soiiieUmcs with botii men close : to the barrier. it was Johnston's BtlriginK forehand ! v.lth its low trajectory ami aci.-uia -.y | which, in the end settled the IL-SU.J. Topeka, Kan.. Juno 29.—,1. M. Ryan Holton and Nuah L. Bowman, of j (larnott, tenner stato senator, have I been appointed to the state tax com- I mission for three year torms effective July 1, Governor Davis announced j was BACK TO "NEW ERA." W. today Ryan succeeds Clarence Smith of Topeka, and ilewinan succeeds Col, VYillio Mcl)., of Garden City. Both of the two new appointees are Democrats. ,A "Ford" Club. Nashville, Twrnt, June "3 The first orfrituUod selifimen': in Juvor of Honry Ford's pn5:itble candidacy in Tennessee moulded here today when the raati-r of tno Royal Order of Lions •'Ford for prosident" club totalled 2SV nt.en:l.;.jrs. F, Wllkcrson, Clsrk of Industrial Court, to Nnwr:pa;:cr Work, Top-;!: a, Kmi. June 29.--W. h\ Wllk- erson iod«y rf^'ned a-> rlerk of the Indu.-'trial eoutt to reiurn homo to Spring ilill, Kau., and resume publication of his newspaper, the ;,Yv.- L'ra. He lias been cl.Tk niuc.i the court paiate.d fteei tlie. uLlttie.-i com- ml'isioo, twu liu will be su ner of Topek of the court and a half years ago. •ceoded by Clyde <). Tosa, ii special luvt-stigator why. HO former Job illl bo i -Mj -soliii.'.vpd w|_lh that <.f clerk. This anac.j;-nieiCt. reduced tlio staff by one eni^ioyu Italian Official Stabbed. London, June v.!.'.— A Centra.! New* from Homo says that Giuseppe Piebravalln. deputy spoakar ot the cbauiber, has been stabbed at Naples ami tc-in a serious Cotidttiou. Ills usMiiiam usbapod,

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