Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 7, 1930 · Page 13
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 13

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1930
Page 13
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fe fllnncr will be y will follow. Anna I^oiiho kmal mid Weigh DECATUR HfcRAuQ TUESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 7, 1930. DECATUR HERALD o e · BEAUTY : : HEALTH : : DRESS : :· CHILDREN to 49 W i l l , , ,, l i r n i x ,,' i«(-, I.'. K, IM 17K I H l I x. '-' ''" [i.n lh iMitei nnil i - A f - i f c h t ttml how lo thkc ncr f»t t i x h r - n Method f i n i t ti-cek.i ti lal. '- p - i s l r y ami ico K" h«nl on potfl. i ic.ui] jind H»Knr -! !f,in inrdt. I i ilf 'W h[,]f n IrliTi W;iJtu In n Bfpi'1 tni-.t [ I n f l . i - t i 4 Jncdlii lK -.t-nc ill laned, Blocked 4433 TULANERS · rpiidlt t l Oft Vegetables Valuable In the Diet Or. Clcnclcmng Giles Food Qualities of Beans WK.AN cr,BS»KSIS«, M. I), AM l».v t10 mr-Hnit ·· vi'Kttririiin. But cvcrjonf who sittulluH dietary will/is the crcftt vitllle or, vigcl«tili9. b t t b In Iwiil th unildtii- e in-. H I- r )i it p i tln P wo IHIVI* nl- ' l i f l l l j K t U d l f M l linn roll ami tun- ni-l, this wctit wo luifrlil v' on nn.l Edits Gossip " V f t y few Ir. the y i H l f I M i m e . * T l t i A m i ' i l c n n tmllnn, lit hi* it u M v (· 'l-ilr. win tuifii- ttillltic w i t h imv n'r'ixhicixl t h e loinutd ftdici ( V n i m l Anu'ricii. t h e mini) (ii-ipi r u i t t u n i I t n ·!», tlid flc funii hitf-tlr" tln» hiiminn imrt Hoy ^ n n f ..... i [mil 1. UK «' inn?- from flilufr, i In- - tl.iijiii l i m i t I.IIU'I" ' ' · A fr« i j-clfl ..... . m rijcui i l.i t!i ..... n · iinr tlif\ i on t h i n :ill 1 1 ...... i i i h n ] f i n u l rrrl'i Hie v i i H i i i I r n Mo«! i n p A t s l n · mi ic NI ( I n - H t n n i l t u . i.if «.«nc lint ri'im 1'iiiititld f i l l The l i t i i r l- 1 ii U i n t K l i c i i l l y n i-fttii-. j i ' i f - fi .·] I II;. I I L I i In-tin- 11 orl'j- d u t i i t ( '·i n i l i ,\mi.|lni In t t i N ' f ...... r. i i i I it i M i l i l v u H o n l;i i n l , ' i l l f i ' i i i i i i I i i i u i t P i l n - . I N JIM' rent f.| |in. I r i l l IF) f|]r llrll'd tli|c. 2 JMII'I n u t df f i l in. I I.;. |.c ..... tit r n r h i p h y - ' ill i l ' 'Mm I'll l l i i - i - i M [ i l l t i l f i(iql H ' H i d i l e l - I" n ( in-ill I v ID t h e ; J I P 111*! |itli,H'.ln-' fill (I li-lkfllTll An i. It / l i t v ilt.c i; 1 ,'iSrt t-tiJorlm ' i i I'lniii'l i n tlnji lii) foe town-' Mrt. Sybil W..t Until ihc was 21 Mrs. Sybil West led the life of the usual young English girl, attending school, the Derby, etc. Then 'she inherited ·croc money iwitl, on the spur of the moment, booked passage to Montreal. Quebec, Canada, She it now editing a weekly magazine of current events, called "Gotaip," in Montreal, valuy Is from th« fact that thoy nro mure fttiqurntty than moat vojtelnblf-s served raw, and tho IncKt content of Vitamin C which Ihtsy f o n t n l f i l.i thui )triM fired lnt«ct. VltiinUn C U (luali'oyed In vcftetablci cnokc-il ivlth soda or cookca tor n long t i m e , oi' twice rooked. One fmn n hnlf ' ' (·onto In vpnt Soft Fresft Cafee Mafes Delicious. Dessert, and Here's Fine Recipe OUVK M. YOCNG Jtuneti Milllkln ltnlvurp)lt DELICIOUS soft t'»; most fresh cake tlafjilnK dessert and IB especially nice to follow a vegetable dinner Mnhe tlio ca):o In the early afternoon so that It wilt bo cool for dinner as It will cut better, This culte can be in ado in cither two or throe layera and tho filling put between. Save out a few of the almonds nnd chop very finely and rlnkle ovor lh« top while the icing still eoft nnd warm. If you wish, nil butter or crisco may bo used btit Ihl3 combination gives n wliitcv and better flavored cnltr. AVhlto Silver One nml one-half One-fouvlh clip bultet One-fourth cup crisco One cup milk. Two cups iwstiy ftaui, Four tetispoona baking powiler. Wliltes of four of lonwto julco dally cnon(;li Vlliunln (J to pre- tomiilii'-i n u u i U v c vnliic Is -not Totiuitui!.s contain only 1 pi-i cft.r, nf iufnlcln. half of 1 vet .anl of fill, uiiil only 4 jcr urn I .o( carbo- h y d t i i i c it.t riiittrhiif;o viituo l,-i con- «ld«r.,lli' And Ut (ulnplahinly to Kit i n In til UK x i u i o u i d 1^ lira miikr« Ri to Lessons ,tNSTIt(lTON BRtNNAN I ' t H l l I In l i n lt|i l l l l l ' l | l l l l t tlU'll USE CONSIST EM" TREATMEKT FOR YOUR CHILDREN U.v Mnst vninnus Homily* ANY WOMEN p:tn«BPi-ntn the of tho sildlil down HKRALD PATFI-RN itricGo. If I tl)ii m St [RELIEF ISTIPATION 1 l u l l i XI I I ) , l l "t ; l, u l v hn4 Tl |{ . n i l i l t . m i i Cli | 1st c| \ ( i n i ivfll'iii I h r ) i n u i v o f t u l i t e , I 1IMi- ' i not n f p i M i i t c ·uirl i n . i c t l v r ll-er ]. t l i t i i i i ; ; t i til.- K t i f . l mill w i t h ll"l| ' l\ I- V ' l l l ft,tit Km 211 .11 i r 1 i"i t ittrd In pi !'·' Mul W i i l l l P I l '·I'' 1 '* ( ( . l i i m f p d l p l mtt i l l - ,1K .irn! · i i i i ( H l l i hi- i;il|int, TnUe f i i i n i . Ki'-ull-t w i l l ksin Is im Builder ) an wn.K MKYKK KK m lit the problem u'|s up re-, l»:utBill)'. Otic of tin; thief ttt trii'llou In IunllllH,s Is tht r.n tin- subject One-h»lf teaspoon X»lm on tl oxtincl. Crenm shortcnlnir. then odd HUgar SLIGHT DOWN HAD BETTER BE IGNORED M on their Jancf. They bwom* finlltlc (it t h e (ippcuranco tit tlic f l n tHt Mt nf h n l r nnd rcrkle-itly linden (,'0 opciationa (hut often icsult In licnvltr nnd Utrkcr (jiuwth or m \n Ftintrnblo dnmnne l » tho hkln. lAt no one p^r.-m.ulo vou to sub mil to modified X-i'nv t r t - n l i i i f n t for Lho removal or M U p e i l K i o u s hnlr. The X-niy nindilnr is loo powfvful tin tnstitiniotit f " he toypil with Inexpertly. Tim mrlhod ti fill, for It la linpnj.ll1 In the n.ceuiiitr' doi(iF, F(l to h m n i l c a n l y LPUIOVP the lull It ttie X-rny a|v pllcatlon Ii not of .snrrlclcnl sticiiKth, thr- hnlr will he remnvrd onlv toin- |)finitl3'. I I It h Ion sliunj; Hie 1ml i will toi 1 pu'iiiiinf n l l v n'tiHivcil bill t h e "kin will lie liti-fttlv ornlanvji red X-iiiy i r a c 1 1 1 liinoi s i l w t IH luwsiblo rnodlflc.L- (rrndually, Sifl buhlng powd«r with pastry flour and elft alternately with the milk Into sugar mixture. Add whites of eggs and flavoring last, Bake In moderate oven In layers for about one-half bouf. , Nut One c\ip chopped blanched nl- monJa, Yolks of four One c\ui ndllk. One-tllird cup sugar Vanilla. Beat cKgs well, add sugar nnd turn Into heated milk, stir well and add nuts, Cook until thick. White Mountain Two cups supjar. Two-thirds cup cold water. Whites of two csgs One-half toaspoon almond extract One tablespoon corn syrup (white). Put sucar. writer and syrup Into sttueepan and boil without stirring, until syrup will thread when drop- l»d from tinea of silver fork.. Pouton lo bealcn whites of eggs, beat well, add flavoring and- spread on cake MENU FOB GUESTS Lamb Chops French fried Potntoe* Tomato and Lima JMan Salad Coffee rarCalt Sweet Waters Coffee - Suited Nuts Ot ormrae this menu may be planned for gimsta. but tho ffimlly will ttppt edato it just na much or more. It ·will Beivo el^h), Cnffeo Porfnlt--At serving time stir a pint o( whipped cream Into n qutut of ooftee Ice cteam, Oluh into tall Blawc- 1 .top with whipped i:roam. This will serif clshl For n chocolate purftilt follow similar direction*], tlon of the X-itiv nitichinc fimlrt per- ili"»[roy luitr without nKo 11 o( t ^ df ili !lt .-!l1ino for misbehavior Wo ^trov)iiff"ih77niiwindtn. f r t l Hint foi HIP jiKiltff to bo lmn- h ^ , 0 u ., v) lo 4l1|)p() ,, 0 t | lnt tiMumi-ni'i illdt (dtmUlrntly It sthould !: In" "i ,,),.,,,,_ cnniul) tn lilil Uw h.iliH will mn I n t l l r l i l n i i l fltlu-r ihc futln-r DI j n)so ^ st , on {f ctiougii t-j m.ti tli- i l i e i n u t h r r . It tl» otlior inrniberH of, M ] cln \viicu tltf- ippolnll/ert lissiii; triii^foniily dl»(iKi«', Uipy^liould nl)'] la( d es i, OJ . e a tho skin acquires an otlil ...MI... - i -.1 i { | ent t" appealiincr. This la not mem mpvo-;1lirnt There (lie hnlr If you have only n, lislit flown on your fncr, keep nway rtoin any form of tuilr lemovor, whether It ho tern- \aiM-y or icinmnent i n nine r(ine» out of ten the hnlr is not aa notice- pihle and not DM cllsfIteming as you think it h. WIFE PRESERVERS llielr etUU-Jaliis oulildo thu of t h n rhlld. How » n any child f«el hn Is Kfttlnt; tali t i c ' i l n i f n t ivlwn the vurlcu-r m t i i l t i P( l l w fiiml!}' etui t, undersrono lhciu,cln»r nhnt U in out; nnd l t , P n t , n n d me ft number of womr-n who have ·vli U I'i i l - , h t " In htptiii-d wlii't'i- Uti'ic h u i o i ^ one adult In chaiKV, n»y mliili aa- MlltUPH t1«! fippOttllO IHiMltlVn tO ttl(! pin-out. It tltu parvnt Is su\cri;, 111* nppo4lnj{ ntlnlt 1i lenient, niut ih' vei'iH. tn the i n f l tills K piobaUv bulU'i- for the child than too much imviiflly or loo niurli lunlency, but Ik l«n't eiititlitent tn'atoirnt. Tho ehlld nnvor knows whlrh ah\e Is Rolnj; t n ho vippnmoHt, HO Hint Instead of bn- IIIR ronsonntilo fiis bohavior In Juat ona .ildo aKtilnit tlie other. on he please* and hopinK for i ho best. t n n r U f l n l 7i-»ay Irt-ut w h o ;uf i HUT bcvvallltiK their mill nctlnn Evei v one ot tht'ui wfiiild rtnlt-h ralhrr have, ttic hair bark npaln than the ohrliui'ily (I a n ingcil akin tliat. retultril front A ulety pin died lor a lingtne Ispe puller iiil tocp the upo ttfc 3P3 not iflow it to become kxBt when UK wt; threojfc ihthtm. m ·M IK jitmtily tin1 In this flock «itli u-«ii,, t u t di,(p rnmiith to gho ll"i itfci-i n( a jiuniH-r , fiiMhlon's. In- «* nnic. l'ntu-rn I H M innbox u p "'imtlfMltv in tint ii rnnlon cwpd. u t , O io. Tin: niiNl wllli ,),,, _ (tl ,,| ,, tin-((iin)«fl col- wriind u^tn i l i h t n l In hlm-U. Id-own »«1 \viliAv, Mm. u il KH-J- in gu'nn ·nil WKI- ,ii ( . |i'\il.v. l u n May be tihitiini,{| only in j,l/i'i Ifl. w. y Bi ;;»i ;w in 1111,1 rj. SI/P; Hi WMrfii 31 v n n i i i,c ne-im-U n m t c t l n l . Stud V I L T l l M N CKNTS (tSe In (tuna cnrpdiiis- wt/ipjic-d. or ulampn, n t t t K i n W i l t d pklnly yotif v f f , , nmi r t V i f l mimbp,.. n K WHK TO STATIC t»1KK WANTED. 1. ;,iiK-i,,. II *s| , I H l - t . I . , «· ifilu-inr-t 1 hiivn OMit n-i.ll y-ti-ni billldri, ._ .: 1 li.tic n) 1 "' MMl tlr tilt' JllOtllllt'h h,i-i hrlprd to dincst ti iimrlf niv bowels 1 ilo nut fret tln'tl . I tlld b e f o i r Pain Pepsin In mij I u n rc-nl ionic. J mniend |- of n tlir ne-v l«Mtlvo- l]ins thoiisnnd^ ihlon K,iiioi nf Tha H »iwtiir. Ill t'li'tisp (Inrt ISc (or whlcti mo In (IN* mixed-tip Jioiiuhold, «licit Ihriiu adult;) »dgn, there It tut oven wuryo situation. In fnct n wovsfo one from the sttdnil]mint of tho child r;juUl )i«vlly be LoncoctuJ'lt It wci iirrnnped purpowly. Here Is n two ·pid oiic--lmK j-cur old ehlld with n molliiH- ftnil uuni unit a BnvmluioUipi- , (ill differing tut to thu ttoiUmcU. Th* 1 tipoclnl urtovunrf it tho mint wllo nilmlnlflUfii iiiin Isliinciil wlioti thci iniitlior IN out of alKlH, ' Mv». T. M. onya: "I llvo wtlli i»i\ n»Uiiir tn Inw and another niin'u wile lives there, too, I t\o not brtlevo In spnnlclntr. Imt ns soon on my hack l-t turned Mlio tjittcs ftilvantiiKO ot my ntwonce to spank my little Rlrl. \VlienBvor I eomn homo from down town the child UllH me sho hns IICDII spunked for Bom«(hinp or other." Possitily tho mint foots Ihut as aht linn the o«ro nnd responsibility of tlio child when you tiro ROM utic also Ims tli« rlK'it ot ninnnglnp tho dlsoipiinf To «li-e your child the kind of treat- mi'itt you con«ld*v fair, there lire three courses open to you. Take carp of her j-otmcir nil the time nnit don't nsk other i to be renponMlble for hi-r. Hire wmcono i'l»e to look fifkr her whatt you arc awny. Move Into your own itornc. Thn Inst Is by fill tho moat de-drnbli of nit. Then ymi can niaiiap! the child your own vtny. Twiiwrrow: "In If oar Clilhl A/raid of InMM-1s?" Can't Can't PLAY R E S T rhild needs Castorii WHEN a child is fretful and irritable, sow us distressed and un- coroforMblc, can't play, can't sleep, it is a pretty sure sign that some- tiling is wrong. Right here is where Castoria fits into a child's sdieroo-- the very purpose for wliich it vraa formulated years ngo! A few drops and the condition which caused the trouble is righted; comfort quickly brings restful sleep, Nothing can take the place of Castoria lor children; it's ijerfectly Itarmksa, yet ahmyi tlTcctivc, For the protection of your wee one-for your own peace of mind--keep this old reliable preparation always on hand. But don't keep it just for emergencies; let il be an evcry-day aid. Iu gentle action will case and soothe the infant who canttot sleep. lit more liberal doses it will effectively Itelp to ret Ixwcls in an older child, AD druggists have Castoria; It's genuine if you ecChas,H,Fletct«r'i signature and this name-plate: No More Gas In Stomach and Bowels , I t f f t u wlnh le b* , of UHH Iti iLviimrh nnl iKniu'l*. mko Ual i m u t i t r * Onj 'i'u Ktii'. nro mom mil ii't-oilnlly tar "tontn.-li Kfti luul fill me h u t uTtJuIn idstlltmK (run) unn Ina1tuti. Tlitlt onii'tv. Kimwlpic (piitlni Mt tlm pit f t itio iinmiuli H i l l iH"nilo»r; ihiu aiivl- H i l l . I H I ' \ O U 1 ('Ctllli- n l t l l l l ' I V I t fil 111 lU- tl. .11 11 111 vani'ti. diiil J-oti win HP/MB kt ft bio in luku * Jouf titontj ivittiuut tlin- B '«c*iW, Co Quick Thi, Simple Method uJi'ft N u l a r iipr-((ivf j i u u n - . at th* Quaker Drujt f ^'fAltiih * ·''"Pi* mflhnd th«t malti'ii ·««"il *i'( f r . * - , " ''» ""I* 11 ' ««« '* *«(,(,, Lal t! i' imwfl'li- f r o m f i n i r ?» «l?.*" 1 ."J" 1 !" l . il r. » mil" "U n imi. **t I «.JI*.t | riii 1 ,'i"V;i t |/ ,.i l ;r"i!i»"»ftWi',!S i n n i.ill,it|.» vnil 11III ftli.i as? nar wilt t(-tintnm»n«, limbn. nrnu '*i*w«. *lo«t' mid t * i B»[ fliUfts will utter ittn. lr* lar "n- »»«. Tour lonter no . futl cold »0il "ft to tlecp" boriiM* B8»l'i Out Tablvtt Frovoiit «i tli til* iitnirtn«. In H» j-c gum) rtnig iior*. Pflc« rr»ln ill- c I rental I on. Got (tl« punka (to, t tuiy tl. BW it). Always on hand at DECATUR DRUG CO. THE GRIPPE When you ahlver. chill nnd freeze. Ami every wiinulo give a snewc, / Then you're getting mighty sick, Time to IIBG Kl-ro-proc-tlc! A. A. Guldberg, Chiropractor m CCSHABD BLDG. DIAL 1-0688 ENDURING GRAVES CONCRETE BURIAL VAULTS Your Undertaker h Our Agent "o? i Grohne Concrete Product* Co. Miss Cameron Continues Talk About Chemicals She Speaks of Three Persons Described Yesterday By BOTH CAMERON Y ESTERDAY I wroto of tho pu- tfietlc situation ot three people bound together by Jo/c, pushed upun by joalouay, A widowed mother and daughter who had lived for each other through 22 years of daughter's H(-, and the new husband, I spoke of the difficulty ot helping tacauBO U wan Ilka be Inn uskwl what to do when two chemical mixed toeether produced an inovit- ttble result and watd t h a t any helpful ndvice should have been (ch'on 20 years ago. I didn't got tlnnn lo develop what I meant, by thai nntl promised to to it today, F*rhapsltwn*unnecp£'«iry, Doubt less you all realize, ns T do, tho \n- avttabU danger that Hirhs In letllnj,' yourself Rd too wriipped ii] tn one person. The »tni-lnp; up of uiilmr- plrteis for yonnelf nnJ perhrtps for them. A Forleot Mother? Thorn are .-roniB poopln wlio have IJilK Insllnd very jttromriy mid I think we are npt to prnlse them itntl tlnrcby cncoVKfl ttwrn In. It. Wo npcah of tho bftautlful d^vutlon ot the mother to her daughter or her children, She'v not Intertstwt In anything else, we My, «h* In a portict mother. She Juit loe» overythlnff for h*r chlldreu, ehe'n rimply wrapped up !n them. But la that n perfect inothirT What of the days when the ehlMrm become people with liven of their own tn lead and th« mother haa nothing to fall bach on and Is unhappy and saddens them. Besides, In It good evtn for children lo have too much devotion T* Most women lov« to h* leaned on To an extent that love 1« beautiful, But ll can become u vise. Especially when In return for devotion, they add an ntmorptton that a ffl»rt with litpi outside Inlerostn cftnnot nnd oURht not to fee). ' Th« molher wh'o ildibenilely trl«i[ tc lake up tinIsltie Interostn an her children frrovf up I* doltw them 6 IOBR run Hlmlncits «vrn If she cannot do quite ts» iniich pemonnl no-vice at Ihc moment. A Itcttcr \VH' The devoted wife whd tlelll^i-- titely slackens up on her devotion, t;»kf»a ti little imn? liberty nnd Is iv 111 Ins her hubluind should t»ko ft more, la showlns more real K«n«irotlty, inert te)f Mcritfc« thin tw If ihe gave fr«o rate to h«r tnitlnct T*m*rr»w--nt*uto Vtmt tl«t«r». / ; EYES RIGHT? A. A. NE1SLER *t I. Inn ft *rntKt $ 1 65 Those naturally, (xtrmanently. intrinsically dull stockings iKat look sheerer than they are; wear longer than they look and are surely worth more than they cost. Smartly chic for new fall costumes--In vichly toned fall shades! :iEUMODE HOSIERY SHOP 117 N. Water Food for Winners! The score is tied--both sides are weary--all the reserves used up. This calls for final punch--for the player who can stand just a little more than his opponents to break that tie-- and lr lie He comes through · game is won! How did lie do it? By preparing himself -- every day training and eating the right foods to build resistance against fatigue aod to give that last ounce of energy. The right kind of diet for building sturdy bodies must include a High Quality Bread like Conklm's --for in no other food do you gel such well - balanced, abundant, quickly assimilated food elements. If you have a young "Grange" or "Bobby Jones" in your family, be sure he gets plenty of Conklin's bread. Ask your grocer for Conklin's Sliced Bread--sliced for your convenience, or Holsum--unsltced If you prefer. They are ideal foods for building winners. THE CONKLIN BAKERS Your Home Town Bakers for Ooer Thirty Veari OHKLINS HOLSUM. -AND-SLICED BREAD made from NATURAL flour · {UNBLEACHED) A L S O B A K E R S O F T H E P O P U L A R K L E E N - M A I D B R E A D . - - . N E W S P A P I E R f l H C H I V E ®

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