Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 20, 1977 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1977
Page 5
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Tuesday, December 20, 1977 H<»PK OKK. STAU Tape Five CHILDREN FROM the Headstarl Child Development Center, a component of bouthwest Arkansas Deyelooment Council, entertained the Senior Citizens at a Christmas party December 14. In addition to other teachers, Mrs. Anne Conway, Mrs. Mary Jane Lambert, and Herman Aaron, bus driver, were present. state senator included in drug arrests JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Jacksonville and federal authorities have arrested 17 persons, including two children of a prominent state senator, in what officials say Ls a crackdown against a nationwide cocaine ring. Among those arrested on charges of conspiracy to sell or distribute cocaine were John Scarborough, 24, and Lynn Scarborough, 20, the children of Sen. Dan Scarborough, D-Jacksonville. •.,,,.. - , .-,,. •._ < l: u ; .>. Mike Gould, a spokesman for the Duval County Sheriff, said 35 arrest warrants were issued late Monday following a three- month investigation by county officials and agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Gould said 17 persons had already been arrested in Jack- sonville, with more arrests expected in Connecticut; Houston, Texas; Miami and New York. He estimated the ring, which authorities believe was in operation for eight months, sold $1 million worth of cocaine. The drug was believed shipped from Houston to several distribution points, including Jacksonville. Gould said the investigation, which included the infiltration of the ring by county and federal agents, ended late Monday with, the arresta of A.J, Inglet end Garland Atkinson, both of Houston. The two allegedly sold three pounds of cocaine, valued at $1.5 million, to agents at the Jacksonville airport. Following the arrests, Houston police found another three pounds of cocaine in an apart- ment belonging to to one of the men, Gould said. As federal and county authorities made their arrests in Jacksonville, Scarborough accompanied his children to sheriff's headquarters as they turned themselves over to officials. Scarborough, a member of several important Senate committees, told reporters he had been called by Duval County Sheriff Dale Carson and informed of the charges against his children earlier Monday. "If my luds are guilty, they will have to take their punishment," he said. "If they are not, somebody else will pay for it." The two were being held in Duval County jail. Bond was to be set later today. jf~~f Cosmonaut takes space walk MOSCOW (AP) - Soviet cosmonaut Georgi Grechko spent 88 minutes in space outside the orbiting SaIyut-6 space laboratory today to determine that the space station's main docking unit was not damaged, by two other cosmonauts' unsuccessful attempt to board it two months ago, Tass reported. Western space experts in Moscow said since the unit was undamaged, the way is clear for a second team of cosmonauts to be sent up to join Grechko and his flight commander, Yuri Romanenko, aboard Salyut 6. However, there has been no indication that this is planned. Grechko and Romanenko docked their spaceship, Soyuz 26, to an auxiliary docking unit on the space lab on Dec. 11. Grechko's space walk was the third by a Soviet cosmonaut although others had simulated conditions of outer space inside previous Salyuts. On March 18, 1965, Alexei Leonov made history by climbing out of his Vos- khod 2 spacecraft and floating in space for 12 minutes. On Jan. 16,1969, Vladimir Shatalov and Alexei Yeliseyev, the ground controller on the cur- rent Soyuz 26 mission, transferred through space from one Soyuz to another docked beside it. Tass said that while Grechko, a 46-year-old civilian, worked outside the space station, Romanenko, a 33-year-old air force' lieutenant colonel, controlled his work from the open depressurized transfer compartment and docking unit. The announcement said the two cosmonauts felt "fine" afterward. —Be a courteous driver. —Obey all traffic laws. Americans are putting on weight WASHINGTON i.APt Americans are tjettintf fatter. A government study released Monday said that since the.ear- ly 1960s men and women, depending on their height, gained on the average from 1 to 14 pounds. The study's chief author. Sydney Abraham said in an interview Monday night that "the quick lunch, the «nark bnr ... land) the haste in eating" probably contribute to the weight gains. "We assume the weight increase is definitely due to fat." said Abraham, who has been assembling reports on nutritional habits for the National Center for Health Statistics, which published the report. The only age group that did not show gains were women over age 55. The study was based on research, conducted from 1971 to 1974, that analyzed the weights of 13,600 men and women from around the country. A similar study was conducted from 1960 to 1962. The studies showed that the weight increases were greater among taller people. Those of above average height typically gained from u to 14 pounds during the 10-year period. The new report showed that men are reaching their peak weight between the ages of 35 and 44, while women grow heavier until they reach 55 to 64. According to the 1971-74 study, the average adult male stood 6-foot-9 and weighed 172 pounds, while the average adult woman was slightly over 5-foot- 3 and weighed 143 pounds. The report noted that these are not ideal figures. 'Dawson Five' are released ATLANTA i.MM The "Dawson Five" felt their first full day of freedom in nearly two years today afi«?r a stxith ("reorgia prosecirt or admitted he could not convict the young Mack men of murdering a white ranch foreman. District Attorney John Irwin announced Monday he would drop murder and robbery charges against all five defendants. The case drew wide attention to allegations that white Georgia authorities had threatened the black defendants with death and castration and had arrested them only because of race. Irwin, who had called those allegations unfounded, said Monday in Dawson, Ga., that he had been left "high and dry" by a Superior Court judge's decision to suppress the confession of Roosevelt Watson, 21, who was to have been tried Dec. 27. Watson was accused of firing the bullet that killed Gordon "Bubba" Howcll at a rural grocery near Dawson in January 1976. All defendants said they were innocent, and Watson said he confessed — falsely — only because he was threatened. "It certainly wouldn't do much good to proceed," said Irwin. "It means we are free," said defendant J.D. Davenport at a subdued news conference in the Atlanta office of Team Defeaie, a group of attorneys that represented the indigent, little-educated defendants. Fannie Lou Watson, mother of two of the five, said In Albany, Ga., that she was "happy, glad it's over." But she, too, sounded more relieved than jubilant. Terrell County and its county seat of Dawson, which is about :Y> miles fnu.t fYr*tdont far- tor'- home town of Plains, had tven portiiyed by defense attorneys as saturated with racism Defense lawyer Millard Farmer praised Shorter Court Judge Walter Geer at the news conference. Farmer had accused Gcer of being afraid to decide the matter of the confession last September when the judge stepped down from the case, citing ill health. But Geer took over again earlier this month nnd promptly ruled that Watson's confession could not be used in court because it was not "freely, voluntarily and intelligently made." He did not mention Farmer's allegations that the confession was coerced with death threats. The defendants were Watson; his brother, Henderson, 23; Davenport, 20; Johnny B. Jackson, 19; and his brother, James Jr., Ifl. KtH-KCvelt Watson and James .';vkson Jr. were released from jail ,MI $l«X).OflO bond each about a year after their arrestsm The others were released last summer, Henderson Watson by inclusion in the curlier bond payment and the others on personal recognizance. War toys flood Germany UM.or.NR. West Germany '•AP' American, Japanese and British toy makers are flooding West Germany with models of Stukn dive bombers and other swastika-emblazoned reminders of the Nazi wnr machine. Protestant nnd Roman Catholic officials have joined community leaders in demanding the West German government stop the sale of the toys. So far the government hns not responded. The German Toy Manufacturers' Federation says its members also produce so-called war toys, but they amount to less than 1 percent of their total production. "Not only the Americans, but the Japanese and English are also taking a good share of the German market," said Peter Josef Weiss of the Rhineland State Youth Federation, a Cologne jcreup of political, religious and social lenders. The youth federation,is protesting the sale of such do-it- yourself kits as Monogram's Junker-87, a model of the Stuka dive bomber that is touted as "the pride of Germany." Monogram is a subsidiary of the American toy maker Mattel. "At least they should explain the connection between the swastikas nnd Nazi crimes," said Weiss said. CHRISTMAS introduces ..... 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(Please Print) Address. City. . State.

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