Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on May 19, 1955 · Page 23
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 23

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1955
Page 23
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The Dixon Evening Telegraph Thursday, May 19, 1955 Page 23 LEGAL AnVEKTISKMtNT Springfield. Illinois April 29, 1955 Sealed bids and proposals will ^orpived in the Division of Pur chases and Supplies, of the Department of Finance, on Illinois Bituminous Coal, at Its office lr ,h. state Armorv and Office Build intr Springfield, Illinois, until 10-30 a.m. DST June S, 1955. and then and there publicly opened for furnishing and delivering the requirements of the State Charitable Penal and Reformatory Institutions, the Youth Commission and the State Armories, for the ensuing year, period ending June 30, I956" »TTV DING BLANKS MAY BE OBTAINED UPON APPLICATION TO THE DIVISION OF PURCHASES AND SUPPLIES. . THE RIGHT IS RESERVED TO REJECT ANY OR ALL BIDS. VERNON R. FORGUE, STATE PURCHASING AGENT. Alay 14, 16, 17. 18, 19. 20. 21, 23, 24. 25. 1955 IS THE CIRCUIT COURT OF LEE COUNTY, ILLINOIS. SUSAN WOOD PETERS and KEITH W. BENSON, JOHN L. MORRILL, et al. Defendant!. NO. 55 - 48 NOTICE OF PUBLICATION Notice is herebv gi\ren to John L Morrill. Ethelvh E. Morrill, Arthur Rnrriett* Morrill and Un known Owners, defendants to be served bv publication, that suit entitle as above for the purpose of quieting title to a pare oi uie Ttfnrthwest Quarter o£ Section 31. Township 21 North, Range 8 East of the 4th P.M. in Lee County, Illinois, is now pending in said court anrt Hpfault mav be entered aeainst vou and each of you therein after the 7th dav of June. 19&5. John O. Sfiaulis, Jr., Clerk. Ward and Ward Lawrence Building Sterling, Illinois Attnmevs for the Plaintiffs May 5, 12. 19. 1955 vnTinc OF CTATM DAY Notice is hereby given to all per-•r,n. that Mnnrlav .Tulv 4. 1955. is the claim date "in the estate of Oran W. on. Deceased, pending in the County* Court of Lee County, Illinois, ana max cidJms may filed against the said estate or before said date without issua of summons. TTTTinrt? A ATATTS Administrator With Will Annexed Reck & Claus, Attorney. May 5, 12, 19, 1955 College Scores CorXEGK BASEBALL AtseMlsan 5tat« o. Notxe Dfime 4 (10 MichTgan'xormal 15-11, Southern 1111- Concorrfla (Springfield. 111.1 9. Eursks Northwestern IS. Like Forest^ WF4THF.R. KOTRFCAST FOR NEXT 30 DAYS— These maps. "These new models check out okay on the track-r-cf course we've got to see what the parking garage boys erRRCHIVE® . ^^^^ ^^gif i %B l*.«:'U.l. WfATHK BUttAU DtpOment .f Cmnric based on those supplied by the United States weather bureau, forecast the probable rainfall and temperatures for the next 30 days. (AP wirephoto) ^^^^^^^^^ CAN YOU BEAT IT?— Oroa Hogue tests the tone of a giant drum, six feet in diameter, which was made in Chicago for Harvard University's marching band. It took only two weeks to make, but six -weeks to find suitable cowhides for the heads of the drum, which must be in one piece. "I taught Shultz how to chat* a stick— now how do I orean mm oi iw Pope Suffers 15-Minute Spell VATICAN CITY m — Vatican sources reported today that Pope Pious XII suffered a 15-minute spell of weakness and dizziness af ter a general audience on mote than an hour Wednesday for 35,000 Italian farmers. The sources said the 79-year-old pontiff had recovered and today showed no signs ot weaKness. The audience Wednesday was the biggest the head of the Roman Catholic Church has held since his grave collapse with a stomach disorder last December. The subsequent weakness was blamed on his unusual exertion. Fig/it Results HOLLYWOOD— Mtm» Dlez, lll»i, Mf ' Angeles. 3. (For North Amei TWREE-T LEAGUE Keokuk 15. Peo Placing Want Ads Is simple. Just write out your offer and mail it to The Telegraph. If you'd like a hand with the wording, telephone 2-1111 and a friendly, neipmi ao- wnter is at your RADIO THURSDAY AFTERNOON 3:00 WGN — News; Nightingale WMAQ — Backstage Wife WLS— News; Barn Dane* WBBM— Rime Does Pay WJJD— News; music 3:15 WMAQ — Stella Dallas 3:30 WGN— Earl Nightingale WBBM— Gold Coast WMAQ— Widder Brown WLS— News; Barn Dance WCFL— Scoreboard 3:45 WMAQ— In My House WBBM— Rosemary O'Brien 4:00 WGN — News; S. Dowell WMAQ — Just Plain Bill WBBM — Paul Gibson WLS— Jack Stilwill WJJD — News; records 4 :15 WMAQ— Lorenzo Jones WCFT^-Music Soortscast 4 :30 WGN— Brickhouse and Simon wjttAvi — tioiei tor reus WBEM - Paul 0:b5O" WLS— News; Stilwill WIND — Music Scoreboard WCFL — Martv's Party 4:35 WBBM— Fahev Flynn 4:45 WBBM— Shop 'with Missus WMAQ — Wed Howard 5 :00 WGN— Sgt. Preston of Yukon WBBM— A. Jackson WLS— Jack StilwilT WIND— News; Commuter WCFL — News: Barnes 5 :15 WBBM— Harrington WMAQ— Wed Howard WIND— Jack Quinlan 5:30 WGN— Saxie Dowell WBBM — Paul Gibson WLS— Fall Out 5:45 WGN— America's Business WBBM— Thomas, news WMAQ — G. Stone, news WUS— Bill Stern 5:50 WGN— Sports Time 5 :55 WGN— Newscast EVENING 6:00 WGN— Fulton Lewis Jr. WBBM — Magazine of Air WMAQ— Alex Dreier WLS— John Vandercook WIND— News: music WCFL— Bob Elson 6:15 WGN— Leslie Nichols WMAQ— Joe Wilson WCFL — Bill O'Connor 6 :20 WMAQ— Wed Howard 6:25 WGN— Todav's Business WBBM— Paul Gibson 6:30 WGN— Gabriel Heatter WBBM— J. Harrington WMAQ — M. Beatty. news WIND— Sports Review WLS— Saga WCFL — News : Serenade 6 :45 WGN — Perry Como WMAQ— One Man's Fajnily wbb.M— J. iseniiey. news WCFL— Sox Clubhouse 6:55 WLS— News 7:00 WGN— Official Detective WMAQ— Roy Rogers WBBM — The Whistler WLS — Farm World WCFL— Pan Americana WIND— News: Stars 7:25 WBBM— News 7:30 WGN — The Cisco Kid WLS— Haven of Rest WMAQ— Herbert Hoover WBBM— Philo Vance WCFL — News; Dixie WIND— Snorts Forecast 8:00 WGN— News WBBM— Rosemary Clooney i.Ll'i^bEl logeuier WIND — News; records WLS— Spinning the Tops 8:05 WGN— 720 Club 8:15 WBBM— Bine- Crosby 8:30 WGN— 720 Club WBBM— Amos 'n Andy WMAQ— The Loser' WCFL— News; Melody 8:55 WBBM— News WMAQ— Bill Henry 9:00 WGN— News WBBM— News; J. Brady WMAQ— McGee. Molly WCFL — White Way WIND — News; dance WLS — Morgan, news 9:05 WGN— Saxie Dowell 9 :15-WMAQ — Gildersleeve WLS— Jack Stilwill 9:30 WGN— Saxie Dowell WMAQ— This I Like WBBM— Tennessee Ernie WIND— News : Hubbard 9:45 WMAQ— J. Holtman 10:00 WGN— News ' WMAQ— Howard Miller WBBM— Harrington WCFL— Evening Serenade WIND — News: Hubbard 30:05 WGN— Saxei Dowell 10:15 WBBM— Art Mercier 10:30 WGN— News WBBM— Edward Murrow WLS— Jack Stilwill WMAQ — Barry, sports WCFL — Invite to Relax 10:35 WGN— Norman Ross WMAQ— Howard Miile.r 10:45 WBBM — Tony Weitzel 11:00 WGN— News: Tops in Sport! WCFL— Morgan, news WMAQ— J. Hurlbut. news WIND— News; Lombardo 11:15 WGN— Buddv Black WBBM— Sweet Music WMAQ— Jack Eigen WCFL — Music You Like 11:30 WGN— Buddv Black WB B M— Sh owdown WIND— News; music 11:55 WBBM— This I Believe 13:00 WGN— News: Daddv-0 Carnival By Dick Turner Side Glances By Galbraith I ~~ It] \^S>^ I ^ ^ ^^^^^ ^ -^^^ j \ "Never mind the mambo! I'll be satisfied if you can just J ».i»u k;M *a u<altT nrooerlv!" U'lAbaer — ^■■■^^■■P^7^ l/V-Vwvov^ who J { ?•> -><>) I |S^7^e5,Sl?^t^e/^ ^^^^^^■HP <5vKXn_D J CAN AFFORD TO tS S KIN TELL WHEN ^LL G IT NQHfc.^ ^ W ^H'l_l_ START Wff ' -V f 1 MIND? J TRAVEL HALF ACROSS. J EAT1KJ > (NEXT FREE MEAL.^-) I POK CHOPS, SMOTHERED > " _ r- > W£CDWVW, 7D LIKE A \ Cy/£^ t ACtX^TT^— \ rjTZ TP*/' I IN LAMB CHOPS -THEM \\_ RETURN A MC^i-JU EWRD.'T/ &yrHE/S <i£^ XaW 0' T>r / 1 STEAK -AH" THEN, WOULD E^.a At? . - CAN ^^"ORp <f^s^ f—^\ a G£H£#OUZ#jun?V Jk fWil ^^^^|^|^AH^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Abble sad Slat. — By Raeburn V>n Buren ^^^^^^^^^^yp CA«Rvowc...A8our^MHBc U rr out sooner rxr Li watch our, little J. ^^s^^^^^^^a^ ^r^e ce^^^< ^^^^^^^^^^^ ^ Buggs Bunny Grand Job PI /QUIT %| S5^«W WADE M KhEY, 5VLVESTER .' "~~\| l^v K ^J «*D No'lOtt CAODVINS \ CvScKIN'/J \>M'V;\MESUCe I WHERE ARE VA ? I titio) 7 OTOIP 5UCH ) AJIeyOop Couldn't It? By V. T. Hamlin BSSL^ CCOULP THW HAVE HAP \ WHY, SURE/ OF 1 I R)C1CUL0U6/ 'A EVBsj IF THEV/-YE5,THKr3 J^^^wHMHl tm^— — <YE5, BLfr \ ANVTHiNG ID DO JCOURSEf THOSE WHO'D WWT y DID, THERE'S I RIGHT- / OH, NO! -f^^^B WSOMEBOCK \rVEf NO \ WITH KING GUZ'5. /6H0E-PRINTS TO WONAP / NOBODY WHOpV BUT f THW JUr^ fM&^M KNOCKED >OU IDEA WHY. DiS^PPEAR^NCE? /eACK THERE IN , HIM, FOR KKNOW HOW TO WMVl COiAJ>rr /g^f^B Q^^^^^^R^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^AT5AKE CP^.KKIETWS^; ^^^^l^^^^j Freckles and His Friends Don Juan? By Merrill Blosset ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Vic Flint On the Edge of the Canal By Jay Heavlia ■Tf^^KT^^'^ PL/NIT, i JJ I HAKJMAH, I CON'T «VBUP . *H I gO^^^«u7] ^^T^^^^W^^ vmant to i*lp mdu' that e^&ilv if vou don't qelea&e this bza*z: ^^^^ru. snu.r ^3^^F*»^^i^tw*>w 5«J.,ru.«BrseMTUPR)B wellso^wnto a ^^^^^^ • -. ^ ^^^^^j^^j^^^j A^-:^^^^^jj^ ^^^^^^^^ Boots and Her Buddies Well? By Edgar Martin P- 1 \ if ^o^^^^^^^^T] f/^^^^Bbi Captain Easy A Girl on the Plane By LesUe Turner /«WgM»iq.\ SOg^Y-WE DOM'T I j 1-VEUVEDW X/ma«*0&0^DO? I j / VCS^TEN WLE5 OF PESE^T A*AY. W \ CT K * " I LUNCH 85 M£MO gfeTWEEW LOWS Y WT THVf THE I GET OUT.OF T** OREaIV AftEA I i^l Z» I / AlSUOUERQUE ^VJO EMOOGH. I SHOULCVE j WEAKEST TOWN V S0O4, rM ftFCMD BLOW wof TO?l/ m M1WTE* K MISS?/ HOLLO***'. XV^OMVf KWOWU NOT TO yPKJ\ TO M0U.0HW k\Z\ VL. ^ - Ne ek.HRCHIVE«

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