Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 13, 1959 · Page 9
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 9

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1959
Page 9
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u TM PAMPA EA&y NEWS !af fftlQAV, FEBftUAKY 13, 1959 9 anhanale iitdooi* STARKEY WHITEHORH Snow-covered ranges that cover game bird foods Avill e a drop in the turkey population unless there is some Jpplementing done by ranchers. Four or five days with •ircely any food will weaken the birds to the extent that ey will be sitting ducks for bobcats and coyotes. A cupful maize per day for each bird would keep them in top con- cion. Imagine a cottonwood tree filled with a flock of tur* >ys on a windy night when the weather is around the zero ark. They will be in no condition to vigorously search for bd when the sun rises unless they are strong enough to 'and the rigors of the frigid temperatures. • Not long ago I noticed more than forty turkey hens eding along a barren hillside. That was a few days before ; four-inch snow that we had recently. There are hack- eries left in many places but these won't last long when 1 other food is snowcovered. A feeder placed on the range of this forty-plus flock ould greatly assist them through the winter and also keep lem in top condition through the nesting period. The same •ocedure throughout the Panhandle would assure a well- d< turkey hen population to rcpopulate the ranges for fall jnting. tabbit Population Declines Along the rivr front and a few nnri deer, especially the deer and lies upward on the banks of turkeys that are in the old-age eeka, the uaual heavy crop of stage or else weakened from lack )ttontalls is not present. Some- of food. mes It takes an hour or morej From reports it seems that the flush a bunny from the brush, fishing on the Texas Gulf Coast ven tracks In the snow are not is excellent this winter. Port l.slble, which means that there Aransas, where they bite every K- e practically no rabbits in the day. and other ports sre report- reaks, especially In the ranges ing- large catches of drum, trout Harvesters Can Wrap Up Title By Defeating Palo Duro Tonight NYU Wants NIT Bid After Upset Victory Groll, who was benchwarmer on a sophomore the unbeaten By United Press International New York University clamored North Carolina team that won the today for a berth in the National i NCAA tourney crown in '57, trana- Invitation Tournament on the'ferred to NYU and just became strength of its streak-busting up-;eligible at mid-year, set of West Virginia—and it owedj Groll, in addition to his playa large measure of thanks to a .making, was a atickout on de- guy who was a sub on North Caro- fense. With Groll in charge in the lina'a 1957 national champions. j backcotirt little Russ Cunningham "This win bears out what I'v^was freed for more shooting, and been saying all along," said first-j he hit four key baskets as NYU year coach Lou Rossini of NYU: rallied from H points down with - " 10 minutes left to tie the game ln ; after his Violets nipped 10th- I ranked West Virginia, 72-70, In Pampa Shoots For 38th Win in Row regulation time, 63-63. PERFECT CHOICE sideratlon because of the tough wns on jy y, e fourth in 22 games schedule we play. And I think we for (| le Mountaineers, proved that last night." Cal Ramsey WHS the Violets' high scorer with 30. points and he was the lad who sank three free throws in the last 78 seconds to give NYU its winning margin. Shares Hern's Role But Ramsey had to share the Sally Bergman Robb, 20, of hero - g role witn stan oi-oii, a, .Shaker Heights, Ohio, was I brand-new member of. the Violet |1>nm j voted the Most Beautiful j cast who has taken over in hack- vogue Cleaners TOP 0' TEXAS LKAGUE \V L 4 0 II a"«e freauented by the night- red fish and other species. | voted the Most Beaurmi cast who has taken over in DRCK- vogue Cleaners 4 0 I mtnJ bobcats Down where the warm «•«! Golfer of 1959 by the readers court and glued together what had Pooles Drive j nn n 4 away fro m the river,' breezes blow is inviting especially j O f a national _gol£ JTiagazine. ! bcen^ a. "^^^ i« rabbit.*, especially jacks, are to the Panhandle fishermen, con- - •en about as often a,s usual Which sldcring th e fact lhat practically •ould indicate that the predators all of our lakes are covered with i -the brush country have just ice during this month. bout eradicated the rabbits andj Fishing in the Gulf is exciting ares< |f.or several reasons. Number one This would Indicate that once!Is the fact that you might catch •ila food is exhausted the cats! forty pounds or more fish all wrap- nd coyotes will turn to turkeys'ped up In one carcass. Many Birds Unprotected Robinson, Moore May Fight Soon mighty wobbly machine.| C(x ,ra 0 4 Delias Serv. Sta. 1 3 2 2 0 4 2 2 2 2 3 1 4 0 MIAMI BEACH, Archie Moore and hawk, Robinson will fight illPIi __ ilhat Moore's title (Ul 1) inai MOOIE s uue Dr. Pepper Panhandle Ind. Moores Bty. Sal. Johnsons Cafe DeLuxe Cleaners Weavers Texaco Behrmans -I 2 High Team Game would be at Beauty Salon, 832 W 62 5fl 52 52 47 By RED GKIGGS Daily New* Sports Editor AMARILLO — Pampa can wrap up the District 3-4A title In one neat package here tonight by defeating the Palo Duro Dons. If the Harvesters are able to beat the Dons tonight, they'll mathematically clinch their sixth district crowrt in seven years. A win would leave Pampa with at least, a three game lead over Amarillo, with only two loop contests to go. The Amarillo Sandies are the only team with a mathematical chance of tying the Harvesters for the champion* ship. To do this, however, the Sandies would have to wlrt their three remaining games, while the Harvesters lost i GOOD RESERVE — Hershel three straight. The Harvesters are 11-0, the Sandies 8-3. In the 8 p.m. game at Palo Duro Gymnasium, the Har-,«„ it-ill l\n <f\innt\rta fnr their- 38th Straight VictOT"y 2th district win. try for their 20th hounds W1 ". against three losses. "°' mas - ' b Palo Duro has been an up-and- down team this year, with a small edge on the up side. They hava a 12-Jl season record, and a district mark of 5-6. The Dons ha\« lost their last two games, 61-52 lo Borger and 62-44 to Monterey. In a previous game at Pampa, the Dona dropped a 57-40 decision to the Harvesters. Neither team •was at its best in that contest. Baylor Staff Complete; Two New Coaches Hired 30 33 •(0 40 441 45 45 . p WM di njzed Southwest of a Fshoulder lnjury to p i aym akor WACO, Tex. (UPD— The Bay-'for the past five years ilor football coaching staff Is nowj H« was named ^complete, reports Athletic Direc-; Coach of ^ Year -, , n 1953 . M ^.^ Minm . anrf pa]0 Duro ^ tor and football Coach John Bndg-^^ Texag gtate Co ,, ef , e at om-'; shooting was very poor. 'merce he took two teams to the' Minor is back, and his 10 poln'.s O f:in the first half against Tascosa crs Bridget's said Thursday that the appointments of M. A. (Catfish): Smith as freshman coach and Bill: 46'i 45'i I Newman as the "B" team coach the other. 41 51 |«nd athletic dormitory director, 3X 54 ! completed the staff. 0 31 61 Newman is the fourth member 2 29 63 >of the holdover Baylor staff to be Moores retained. He is a former Baylor athelte, and has been director of Series: Weavers Tex- Sugar Rayj s take," Gibson continued. Several hunters and fishermen darter, the sharp-shinned hawk, Robinson will fight for Moore's J Robinaon pointed out he was a, ac £', h Ind | V j,j ua ] o arne , R ve called recently and wanted the duck hawk. Jay bird, sap-: light heavyweight crown, proba-l ^^ ^ drawing card 1 Hurst> Vo gue Cleaners. 233 o know how to subscribe to this suckers, woodpeckers, butcher ]y in June, if they can come to > « * •utdoor publication. Here Is the. birds or shike, the great horned, bly in June, If they can come to, too c\cn u ne wa ddress — Texaji Game and Fish'owl and starlings. Also, the golden terms on splitting the purse. Commission, Walton Building,' eagle Is on the unprotected list. , i^,.,, wns disclosed today by vustin, Texas. Simply send twoj Destroying Nf*ts of Rlrdu Truman Gibson, president of the lollnrs for a full year's subscrlp- ' . dissolving International Boxing Ion That's all there is to it. In Here is another provision m the ^ of -^ yoi , k ny honest opinion, this Is the game laws la assist game bircis p rcl , minai . y conferem . fis WC re •jest buy when it comes to a ream* well as .song birds -- ' " ,' concluled here Thursday night Texas game and fish monthly b e unlawful for any person to. Gibson, middleweight the athletic dormitory for the last j three seasons. Qulta | Smith, immediate past presi- ^rient of the Texas High School Funk, Myers Carded Again one ~. i l V j n g: indicated he is in top foim. Whcth- >er Palo Dtiro's shooting- will int- I prove on its borne court remains >to be seen. Don* Balanced Palo Duro Coach Tom Gilley has a well-balanced team, with several men capable of hitting in or near double figures. Their height is only — just under 6 feet — compared to a 6 3 average for the Harvesters. The Palo Duro regulars, all of iiagazine. destroy or take the nest, eggs, destroy or uuu u.« "«"•;""•, champion Robinson. Jack Kearns young of any wild game bird wild' ^^ manaKer .... Robinson's JUiitliVlUt 4Vt4*H *^i***" • ------- : " ., fir+tt is harmful, blackbirds, pelicans 00) dollar, nor more than one white), roadrunners. and the goa- hundred ($100.00, dollars. (Art. mwk, the Cooper's hawk 1928. ) uniirw»^^i<^i BlrOJI * fc* *, . . 7 * * j u,»!—AimjrK a iimuaK cl — IT.WUI , All birds that are not listed In | bird, or wild fowl protected by advlflors George Gajnford /ha unprotected category will nat-|thl» chapter, except as provided Harold Joh and Jim Norr1a irally fall In the protected group, j herein. Any person v olating any _, omipr box , nff czar lerewith are listed the unprotect-;provision of this artice shall DC aibson exp i a ined-. "Robinson birds In Texas: English spar-,deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, gaid n ^ y ^ wantc d to fight and ows, crows, ravens, vultures, or; and upon conviction shall be tinea | that he " wanted to fight Arcnle uzzards, -Rlc e Birds" identified ; in any sum "_ol_le« than^ten ($10., ^^ •This was the first time he had made it clear on both points: That he wanted to fight and that Moore as the person rather than Carmen Basllio (ox-middlesvelght thampion)." Robinson's 160-pound title would not be at stake in the 15-round fight for ancient Archie's 175- pound crown. Sugar Ray said he believed he could build up to | about 164 pounls for the bout ! without sacrificing speed. TITRROTK Tascosa won the I field goal to give Monterey a 40-39 j But Gibson stressed that Rob- llflrst District 3-4A basketball game load, and apparently crush Tasco- | ins0 n wanted an even 30-30 P er| Yep! Tascosa Won A Basketball Game ,-asn't risking hisi High Individual Series: P e g g y poaches Assn., has been head! Dory Funk and Sonny Myers. !whom u^^iy i Kastein, Moores Beauty Salon, 581'conch at I/jngview High School winners of last «pek'« main mat nc y on are pj cnarrt Baker 5-p' ~ > vwlt hcre ' If*™ "P " Ra ' n '" th t Ronnie Covington. 5-10;' Kenneth tr^r^^lir^/^L'^.Day. **-. *»*« T****. « •lover, 6-3! „.... ^..».»* • .--.." •- -- ~- ------ Bill Kiser , 6-2, and Bobby Reid, take on Iron Mike DHIa se and BiilldoK P\^ n a M-mln- B ute time limit, bent of three lalln ; g ^ ' " V 8atlirdav.. three-match card bJ _ Harvesters Romp ffin, at »:» p.m., a« Top „' Texa,i "«• Harvester regulars haven t Sportsman's Ch.b. I ** n a * a ' nst «"„. re(a ' 5 01 ? 1 P*" 110 " Funk and Plechr, tangle In a < or a week^On their laat tnp to semi-final mulch, and Iron >nk eAmanllo. Tuesday, the starter* rangle, with Myers In .he curtain- ! P'ed only a little more than a miser. Both matches will be one fall, 20-mlnut* time limit events. ' half - 4S-18 lead ' e « the tt sa's hopes. In its history here Thursday, de- 1 (eating the Monterey Plainsmen, 41-40. The Rebels had lost 11 pre-j vioua conference games this year, the first year of the school's existence. This was only Tascosa'g third win this year. The other triumphs fwere over class AAA schools, Ver- and Ector of Odessa. Monter- IJey waa heavily favored in Thurs' day's contest, since they had romped over the Rebels 65-39 in a pre: vious meeting at Amarillo. LannJe McCrary sank a 12-foot jump shot just as the final buzzer sounded to give the Rebels a dramatic, come-from-behind victory. Taacosa led 10-9 at the end of, Pampa Ire Co. ,the first quarter, but Monterey «• I f'foiUnger & king 'gained the lead and held it until Whue House Lum only a little more than three min- i Thompson s RX utes were left in the game. j * r « nK ulal At that point, a furious aeries of iAnderson W. Wear i goal-swapping began, with f I r • t Skellytn Auto Sal. 3 one side taking the lead, then Ule j^ c * ,°'* SBr , other. With 12 seconds remaining, ;5namioeK »er. i Dick Deilke of Monterey sank ai tree ^tilling cent split with Moore of all net However, tht> Rebels managed to , receipts from the gate, theatre- quickly work the ball Into scoring,TV or home TV, and movies, -position. McCrary sank his shot i That 30-30 demand "ran into just in time, and Tascoaa had its formidable opposition from Man- first win over a 4A team, j ager Kearns, who pointed out J.O.NK ST.VK LKAtJIJB Team M. E. Moses \V I. 3 1 2 3 1 1 W 1 57'... 3 SO >:. I'A.MI'A IIOl'SKW'IVKS I.K.\<it Team Foulettes White Deere Does LITTLK FELLAS — Four top bantamweights put up their dukes in Los Angeles. They are from left, Mario D'Agata, Toluco Lopez, Joe Bocera, and Boots Monroe D'Agata boxed Becera. Lopez was matched with Monroe. The winners planned to collide, with the survivor engaging Al phonse Halimi for the world championship. The little fellows are still active._ _ Furgol Takes 3-Stroke Lead In Tuscan Open Golf Meet Advance tickets for Siiturday's! Four of the Harvester regulars mntchrs are on sale at Irvine's 'are now above the 200-point mark department store. Basketball Results TTnlted Pre*« International 5)i 2 H2 13 ! Rolling Pins 4JP-3 U5 1 -.. Pegettes 10 44 , Spol maids 33 51 i Pots & Pins \V 1. 3 1 1 3 2 2 2 2 3 1 1 3 33 26 23 22 16 |. TfCSON, Ariz. (1'PH -Marty! 11 Furgol, boasting a new ''It's the swing." siild Furgol- for the season, and have averapfd scoring in double figures. The fifth starter, Craig Winborn, seems a good bet to hit the 200 mark by the end of the regular season, aa he now ha* 181. Coyle Winborn in sizzling the nets at an 18 point plus clip, with 427 points. Mack Layne has scored 338, Bob Gindorf 255, and Minor Manhattan College 71 Syracuse 53' 25o_ Broik. Tchrs. 83 Pots. Tchrs. 55 ' ._ New York tJ. 72 West Vir. 70 RIDES FOUR WINXKKS Queens College 62 Hunter 61 MIAMI, Fla. (UPli - Bobby Stevens Tech 83 Cooper Union 74.tT, sery widened his lead as Hia- Elizabetht'n 73 Millersv'l Tchrs. fit ] ea h's leading jockey Thursday Worcester Tech 84 M.l.T. 58 wnen he ro de four winners. Us Willimantle gl Worcester 75 i sery booted home Race Ace South ; <$13.20| in the second, Marikay Western Kentucky 89 Tampa 87 jije.SOi in thi third, Arakan 2nd Virginia 8S V.M.I. 66 jtj?.00i in the fifth and Kingmakei JBelmont Abbey 77 Pembroke 55;($3lOi In the seventh. North Carolina a At 95 Shaw 65 ' 121on 74 Appalachian 71 Wofford 93 High Point 84 Lenoir Rhyne 100 Guilford 52 Roanoke 73 Hampden-Sydney 55 Austin Peay 83 Middle Tenn 71 North Carolina 75 Wake Forest 65- Florida Southern 72 Krskine 61 , Fisk 92 Allen 65 i j Carson-Newman 101 Maryvilte 77 ! His back-to-back Si's left him'Miss. College 75 William Carey 81 I. CAR PAYMENTS ROBBING YOUR PAY CHECK swing tt f(er shooting a 62 In Thursday's 19 that may carry him buck I') thf; ' 0 pcnin K round. "But I'm not g<v- v h round. 21 top of the golfing world, toed off 22 in the second round of the JIS.W) 2S Tucsiin open with a commanding three strokes ahead of his near-'Ky Wesleyan 64. Miss Southern 5 est rivals going into today's Clemson 73 Furman 64 Tied at 65 were Julius! Midwest away any secrets." he Boros former PHA and National Concordia 81 Moorhead 58 when asked what he had opon champion from Mid Pines. Southwest 1 TV 0 46'si 40' 3 30 36'a 39 28 3 1 2 2 High team game: 84 "; Sl2 47> 2 High team series 45 " 1425 56 Spotmaids, j^g fortunes have been picking up. He finished I3lh in the Thun- "DR, R. H, RUTLEDGE CHIROPRACTOR W S Ballara MQ 4-4637 High individual game: Tbresa clerhird, then went on to win the j High team game: Hawkins TV.'poslon. Pegettes, 118 San Diego open, and finish third 769 } High Individual series: Pat New- in the Phoenix open last week. High team series: White House ton, Spotmaids, 410 Lumber Co , 2206 I i High individual game: Peggy Kastein, Anderson's, 203 i High Individual series: P i Kastein, Anderson's, 557 I ::;;Ryff.Andrade TV ^ee Seventh Fight Set Tonite W.nsSeventh District Meet Begins „ champ from Knox-! Pee Wee Results Move Up To QUALITY when visiting your favorite tavern or package store "SJmiky America's largest St-llJug Braud men NCAA ville. Term. Still very much in the runnng today were a host of other top tournament competitors, notably' i n pee we« sixth grade games five who tied with 66's. -Thursday, Houston defeated La- They were Art Wall of Pocono mar 28-12; Horace Mann downed WHEELER 'Spii Miami and Manor, Pa., 1959's leading money (Baker, 25-10, and Woodrow Wil- KeHon boys, and Mobeetie and winner to date; Al Besselmk, son edged Austin in overtime. 23- Wheeler girls advanced into the Orossmger, N. Y.; veteran Lloyd 21. second round of District ll-B tour- Mangmm of Apple Valley, Calif.; In fifth grade contests. Mann nipped ; son. Coach John Male's Lee seventh nament with vii-Viries Thursday. Manuel De La Torre, Milwaukee, whipped Baker. Houston NEW YORK <t'PI) -- Light- graders won their seventh straig-ht The Mobeetie girls edged Kel- Wis ; and Joe Jiminez, Manhat- I.amar, and Austin topped W i 1- j weights Frankie Ryff and Cisco victory of the year Thursday over ton, 61-S9; Wheeler girls edged , ten, Amirade will try to take & long Austin of Borger, 18 to 6. The L*-e Brtscue 55-61; Miami boys romped step up the comeback trail to- seventh graders need only a vu • over Allison, 55-41. and Kel ton night In their TV fight at Madl tory next week over Austin to walloped Mobeetie 66 to 38. EMI Square Garden. ROY'S WATCH SHOP 117 HO S \\.\1Vll Unl«« .ill wort IS .VfttiV c\ptTicJH-« In Roy complete ail undefeated season i High point girls were Marcella The triumph Thursday was an Patterson, Mobeetit. 2»; Kachel easy romp (or U-e all the way.; Moats, KeHon, H, Sharuii Beaty, The Kebeis UM «i at talflimt? W'heeli-i, :i-; Sar.iiiM Met-ks. Biis- (Jary Sik..-s waa u one-man -sliovv fo«?, 2.'. Hijj'' 1 pomi IJONS were .liiu for LPC, »<-oniiij; 12 of ils IS points. KDVVCIS. Mi.uui, 20, Juliu UuLes, Jim lA>ilt.r bin kctfil Uiree. Ki-uny ! Allison, 17; Jeiry i;n!insav.'.,i Ui, Miller two. and Hit-Key Stettait Kcllull, Js a»d GaiUnU l.aru.dsi ulie. . el' and Da\'iJ TuiiiirP, Mutrctic. 12. GUARANTEED USED TIRES § Good Selection gl Truck Size* f Gwd Selection oJ U" SUo HAUTIRECO. M° *•«**' Sat, Feb. 14 8:30 P.M. Top 0' Texas Sportsman's Club WRESTLING M41N KVKN'T TAO TK4W Irou Mike v«. Dory Funk 'i out of H fall* — I hour SECOND EVENT Dory i'uuk vs. tfultdog 1 lull— iil) Minutes FIKST E\'ENT Iron Mike v». Soouy Mt-ytrs 1 Fall— 30 ijiuutef Tit'Uets on Sale at LKVIM.S DEFT Dpn'l Ut c*r p«yrr«nlj »h«( *'» toe hi^k rob ycu of th« in|oym«»t ef your c«r JuiJ ii( do«n wifh f Lo«n Sp«ci«liil «f S-l.C. «nd wo<l out t ndnancmq pUn you c*n «!• <»rd W«'r* b»«n »ofling wilfc foltl on nt« ind ul»d «u» (or y*«fi . . »nd »t'd likt

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