The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 21, 1975 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1975
Page 5
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Defenses similar but Bucs have offensive edge Hy JKKSKMU.I.KI! defence (here's no reason for thing* eanwrii have given up only running back*. Several nresalve 53 vard* ner That's a ocr carry he handle* the ball. tWA/OMWWWH Hue- cum*?™ will I* looking at A one *ide c-itrtwn copy of themselves Saturday afternoon when they tangle *Uh ihe Austin Travij tllbeli at Memorial Stadium in th* bi dutriel playoff* Is little »r IM between the teams uffmove MuUstics, Although 'hey do run primarily the same type of attack, l*ut buth tlub& have ly miw-rly on defense When the Helw and Hues t<f il up at 2 M Saturday they will only have five yards difference foHw«n them defectively THK VAl'NTKD Travis defense, sparked by premier linebacker Hilly (lark, h«* allowed HebeJ opponent* only l,W2 yard* ami a meaner :iJl > a Mai of S&3 or a average of ISA 3 pride* tueif with Its defensive learn* and there's no reason for thing* to be different this reason IN 10 gamwi the Bue eanms have held their frxs» to only 929 yards rushing while giving up 573 yards via the air law* for a total of i,ao2 for » neat little 150 2 yard* per game a v wage Another good measure of a team's defensive pf<**fi*s is the amount of points given up by that Travu hs« allu*ed w foe* 11? point* for art 117 average and the Hue s have given up only 4fl joints for « 4 fi average TIIK llt:« ANKKHH to have an offensive according to comparative team statistic* First, llrnjMiswood has K-ored 244 point* in its 1« games for a 24.4 per garni- average Travis, on the other hand, has managed IW points for a 16.6 norm. KKA/UKttOOlU-oach I, X Hryan Relieves in spreading the wealth, "playing time" as it ap plies to llw Buccaneer (III i. \\ \ I Ml I'.i il i,l IM i K HI » I N-» >VH Mt\)v XJtm M) \N nlM'OMMt I! \! I I \ltlU Ml 4: i iri^iUumt :i *r«l I'rft i liar iftj il < ombinr lo in jkr tfcr U t V.I' als* r r. .-.HI-. i'i.H»lU liijU'.i-'ji iU>.». a !»»••'» whrrr at !«si lu»U.i) ,:e'.*i i.'.t'- |>»iiU ^'f ir»! ^1 J !ui;f ' "&' It j: uvcrsuv. tian u-,f thill uj, MUST I il «ll rtvH) I--K.I.-, You in, )uiir i\ipy tlif(.-!j^h thw JIXT (yr .1 sfx-iia] lovi u( iifily J7 ift. «!iu~h jh«. a la/ji'c lull-tiiiitr ual. limp ol cvlontal Airn-rii* S. U;c lirilisii set here' '*«" ~ '' ''•' "^ ;oss 76 I ,'l t' i-« •' T »*b / 7541 iHK HHA/uM'UHi KA»T Hut «« (tuli U» W)4 II Ml lur tut Namt I A(Wi*« i Clt)f SUU The Big Three' talk rankles Tech's Sloan tlv IMKDI'HKXS Slrsr <•) j*»v ' .1' »..»;. t >'ii-,»r-. "^iV'" A !'>**'* UK'..!;! !>«• I!.i;-'fKM-kv .. U ! ' iv'ir <• .•f.U'-r.l'.itr. iiv.>^ .«i 4 i .tr.'.i ' .«u!sl .jtir. rti.'ike i! !'. 'fH- !'.'<-*'. •:> l!r(e.l'l!i); tvi A AM s'l.'ijW !hc t.ike T« \<i\ \.i\i S , a M) ViS! i!.!hii^«. ir.-4JiiMU-. sn.i',. .VHitr.rrn MHh<«h»t J:>-'.* i«ixi i( t)ir H*ii Hjiiirr* J. ( i,! urvk. (ii'.'faiiH! It x.ts i!«-.'r.:)! (hr H.UisrtVuk* l<t\i'i i'i I.i las'. Srjr in ir, i ,»}.'!lf,ilir S.iUir<l.(> I.ut-!j<».-k ami has a !?• J Tim Campbell makes a name for himself At STIN Ti-i 'Al' 1 iid\vn lineman Ir\;is Texas (ulihack Karl Hrait Shivin-r. > k (;n Ii4» i'ainjiU-li'ji little hrolhcr!«-vi all U 1 tfaiws and Ttiii, ;i fr<'*hni.!(i iU'd'iisuc uho j!oiji'rjll> i 1 - mn- vml. ha* !>tartix! only MX Mtirf«n! tu In 1 urn 1 o( the tup giiriu-^ U)t Already lias thrt* tackles* in tho league, .sacknl uppiising <juur- has % lackltii lerl'iui'k* U times After S.iluntj) '» .Tl! "Me'» got .t jet built mlti victory over lt'1'. Coach his tail. ' says «!>Mhtaiit H.irri'll lto>al i-alUsl his m.ich H M PallerMHi iir* pass rusher "alHvut "Sunn 1 of these other!* juM the tx-M <*K ve hail around have piston <iris en engines here " in them " At liMi pountls, Tim i» W pounds >inalk'r ihun Karl, the Longhorns' panzer lulll)ai-ki. but in addition tu the i.i sacks, look al what he has done: Pressured the qu«r lerlMfk another 27 times an important statistic because quarterbacks under pre»y>ire friKjuentiy Ilirow ptxir {KisM-.s that are either iKcijmpiele or m- tvrct'ptiti t'auswi threv iumble.s. Recovered five (umbles Hccortled u total of a? tackle*, including 12 on kickoffs and four on punts This is an extraordinary number of tackles for a In !he ii i r h ,i r ii i..« h'.ir^ui' s.i> r> '\Ve r«' !.«i'«ii!ij; f*T*ard l.i !hr su-v! tw.-i ^anu-» Our m.i;!s »:<>.i! ;•> tit U- ii; tlie <'"!!(. n ijnw.1 \Se re tu'! even (hink.r-,); aU»ut th" 1 l.iU'rts IEIER & SONS! SELF STORAGE I KIH' hi 849-8527 NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS IECIRONICS • 411 SOUTH MAIN CLUTE- 265-7381 Specializing In Expert Repairs On STEREO & HI-FIDELITY EQUIPMENT running hack*, Several times thin *eaw>n the Hue* have been fortunate enough io Ice a game away very early In such a case Hryan will allow everyone he can to get in a little playing time. A* a result a whopping tolal of 14 Buccaneers arc. listed in the long list of rmhers that have amnjued an impressive 3,132 yards, TIIK 14 running back* are averaging an im- pressive 5.3 yard* per carry while the team average, per game is an outstanding .'(132 yards. Tailback Ttm Spoonemore leads the long line of Pirate pilferers. Hi?'* rushed 177 times for 1,105 yards and alao ha* passed for 18 yards for a total offense figure of 1.123 (He's also caught four passes for 62 yard* and a 1,185 tandem offense That's a per carry average of 6.3 and a game average of 112.3 with a 68 yard scamper being Spoonemore'a longest gain. CAPABLE quarterback Bobby Skinner has the second best total offense figure with 842 yards rushing and 466 yards passing for a 1,108 total. On the average, then, Skinner generates five yards of offense whenever he handles the ball, Hardworking Steve Ration, with only seven games of offensive action, is also doing 6 creditable job at fullback. PATTO.V, who saw only defensive duty the first few Buc games, has rushed 89 limes for 496 yards. That's a carry average of 5.8 and a game average of 70,8. Patton's longest gainer is a 33 yard run. 'Continued on Page7) Playoffs nothing new to Hays Hy TKUIMMISKIK IT'S THAT time of the year when coaches' knuckles art- often per p*r(ually white from hand- vt ringing. when (heir of lice's have 'Autn »pr/!.s m U«r carpets from pacing and b.i|£s form under Urt.-ir i-yiri Jr'xn lack of Ux- regular ar.d «?v<*r> f«c<".l '*]th are '/ her cap"""! a.'i'J six trips to '.h«* f>!.<•*i--,i-r. '"/j;u:r.!/i;i s J.'ick; H.i-->> K.-»>. iciifj,<-«j !o •,-)>(<• ',', ..I! 'in -jirviji- "MV VHtlK.K .v .v.: ,j "*ix.i-l«' i'.r'. (h(fcr<'fi;. Ha;. 1 ! said Nu-?{-.(f.^ rnuc/i has pfepara'.K/o rr.uch VM.- i fci..'' i '.ii'' ''Xci'.f.'jjit-r.! j.'fj,':'! !.!;(• pf.»( '..M. f .'ichi i.s all the other teams in your district as well as your own scbool 'Itiere's a Jot of self- satisfaction involved and a desire to win and achieve th;it ultimate goal " "Ttjat ultimate goal" is the AAA state cham- piumhip which, althfough this will U- his Mrventh shot at it. lias avoided Hays' Rra.sp HAYS IIAH hi*, first shot at the crown in !*>.'! v.hilt coaching at K) ('ampo Tt»at year the. Hicebirds •A ofi district with a t-\ record Uit lost out to I-a Marque in the bi-<hv.tnct playoff In 1W77. Hays and (he Kicebirdi made another nio'.e ;i! '.he title. !a>.h;o;i!rig a IJ-'J rword >.-for«.' falling to I'ro'ATr Atyxi in the sutf finals In I'jfH. Hays wit* at it ag&tn, this time at the helm of the Columbia ItoughneckV M{uad The Koughnecks went 12-0-1 ".he tie coming in a rt-gtwi.'i! match with ii<-Uon in 'Ahich tht- Hf^ugltr.eckA ;i'i-. a,'K'..f-i sn the playoffs or. p»-t<etra'iori.s U-fore losing ;o liroMi'n-JHifxJ i.n !tw state finals TIIK KOl't.HNKCKS were 10 1 in i'/TO Ix-fore falling to Jasper in the bi- district match and in 1972, Hays and Columbia were 92 before Ifwtng in the bi- district game to a Uvalde team that went on to win the state title In 1373, Columbia tied for the 13-AAA zone title Ujl lost out on a chance for the playoffs on a coin flip. Now the Roughnecks are riding on a 10-1 record but face Cuero '• with a 41-game winning streak; in the bi- dislnct match tonight in Victoria ••PKKS(JNA1.I.Y. I think we've got an excellent opportunity against Cuero." Hays said "If we play defense like we did agauist Braz«port and get a little tetter showing from our offense then we should have a pretty good chance to wm After bc-mg frustrated six times before. Hays admitted a state title would be more than welcome this year. "That would really top off M years of coaching." Hays said of winning the state title "The game in the Dome 'against Brazosport in the Astrodome) was one of the (Continued on PagcfJ; Save $10.00 On Deluxe, Stalrvkss Steel 1/2 H.P. Disposer I 3.TJ-SS INSURANCE •AUTO HOMEOWNERS (3 YEAR POLICY) 15% Less State Rate FRED FREDERICK INSURANCE AGENCY 297-6452 217A W. Plantation Lake Jackson ^ ^ ^/^ HoCidai) lofew ^ ; i ii BEAUTIFUL WOODED LAKE FRONT & OYSTER CREEK LOTS for COTTAGES and MOBILE HOMES • LIGHTS AND WATER ..SWIMMING POOLS •SEVEN PARKS •FOUR LAKES SPECIAL SALE Reg. 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