Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on October 17, 1935 · Page 7
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 7

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1935
Page 7
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FAVORED NAME LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX, IOWA .,. tno new m ' 'L, issued b.v the I'o- K SeeMa Is the most I £ nnme for towns I. the t Ind n Illinois. Missouri te n" Arkansas, Iowa and ffh" « towns called Poca{ e nmseh. Shennndoab and * "are Indian town names e states. odd names listed for |rt Wink. Texas; Sleepy Hye. Circle. Go.; Frostproof, , low; a- land Itt« Bena. Miss. By Edwa£ Pickard 0 We jfcrn Neu>j/> iper Union The [an Who J1OWS bther the Remedy are taking for daches, Neuralgia IRheumatism Pains is Your Doctor. Ask Him ,on't Entrust Your ,vn or Your Family's Il-Being to Unknown Preparations tFORE you take any preparation you don't know all about, |he relief of headaches; or the of rheumatism, neuritis or ralflia, ask your doctor what he Jts about it —in comparison Genuine Bayer Aspirin. |e say this because, before the fcvery of Bayer Aspirin, most felled "pain" remedies were ad- Id against by physicians as being [for the stomach; or, often, for I heart. And the discovery of for Aspirin largely changed Bical practice. Eounlless thousands of people i have taken Bayer Aspirin year Ind out without ill' effect, have -ed that the medical findings lut its snfeVy were correct. Remember this: Genuine Bayer lirin is rated among the fastest ods yd discovered for the relief r adaclics and all common pains I and safe for the average person lake regularly. ou can get real Bayer Aspirin at I drug store — simply by never ing for it by the name "aspirin" Be, but always saying BAYER PIRIN when you iuy. layer Aspirin _ „ Gen. De Bono Metal Covers Books rok covers miule of aluminum ! been patented In Berlin. from common colds Ro matter how many medicines ii have tried for your cough, chest d or bronchial irritation, you can i relief now with Creomulsion. tous trouble may be brewing and i cannot afford to take a chanca 'i anything less than Creomul- ~, which goes right to the seat the trouble to aid nature to 'he and heal the Inflamed mem- ,-ies as the germ-laden phlegm i loosened and expelled, "ften if other remedies have don't be discouraged, your O0 .st is authorized to guarantee 'emulsion and to refund your ley if you are not satisfied with, Jits from the very first bottle. s Creomulsion right now. (Adv.). Italians Invade Ethiopia and Capture Aduwa M AKING good on his threats and promises, Benlto Mussolini sent his armies crushing across the border of Ethiopia, starting n war that gave all Europe the jitters. Under the command of Gen. Emilio De Bono, chief of the Italian colonial ar- j mies, the Italian troops laboriously advanced from Eritrea, crossing the Mnreb river frontier and captur- Ing Adigrnt and ot)ler towng th[U had already been practically ruined by bombardment from planes. The Immediate objective was Aduwa, the scene of the terrific Italian defeat 30 years ago. After several days of hard fighting against the defending Ethiopians, who lost probably 2,000 killed, the invaders marched Into Aduwa, and considered that the disgrace of 1800 had been avenged. The Italian soldiers of General Maravinga's command entered first, carrying to the principal square and there erecting a big stone monument Inscribed "To the fallen heroes of Aduwa." There was a report that Mussolini would fly to Aduwa to unveil this memorial. Italy officially announced that all of Tigre province was In Italian hands, and at the same time her columns were advancing into Ethiopia from the south and east, with the city of Harrar and the country's one railway as their objective. Squadrons of bombing planes were flying here and there, destroying towns and killing many of the Inhabitants. In the northern sector the Italian forces were moving onward toward Makale and Altsnm, where the Ethiopians were reported ready to offer stiff resistance. Emperor Halle Selassie was said to be about to go to the northern front. He and his advisers were apparently quite satisfied with the show- Ing already made by his armies and spoke contemptuously of the Italian victories. Meanwhile, In Geneva, the League of Nations council, after hearing the report of a committee of six, found that Italy had resorted to war In violation of the league covenant. This automatically must be followed by sanctions, beginning with the severance of all trade and financial relations with the aggressor nation. Probably Italy could not long endure these penalties, and Geneva was full of rumors that Mussolini was disposed to talk peace with Emperor Halle Selassie after the taking of Aduwa. Premier Laval of France, it was said, proposed to Baron Aloisl that the Duce accept an immediate cessation of hostilities and the creation of n neutral zone in Ethiopia. The peace rumors also were heard in Addis Ababa and one of the emperor's advisers, asked whether the reports were true, replied "almost." It was believed Halle Selassie would insist, In case an armistice were declared, that all Italian troops withdraw from the empire. Italian officials in Rome said they were not thinking of peace terms and that their campaign had just started. Since Ethiopia lias no shipping, the proclamation was directed solely against Italy. In yet another statement the President reversed our national policy by declaring that Americans who engage In "transactions of any character" with either of the warring nations "will do so at their own risk." In the past the United States has argued for the right of neutral citizens and commerce to "freedom of the seas." The task of preventing shipment of American arms and munitions to Italy and Ethiopia was undertaken by the coast guard and customs service. A. F. of L. Report Says Preserve Basic Law A MEKICAN FEDERATION OF •tl LABOIl opened Its annual convention in Atlantic City with many problems up for discussion. In its report the executive council advo- cat.e'd preservation oC the national Constitution without amendment for the present, as hest for Industrial recovery. It said: "That some control must be exerted over the former system of laissez faire cnn- not be denied. "The experiment," the report added (NRA), "which has been concluded, has helped to point the way to the goal which we must seek. How is congress to acquire that control over the industry and trade of our country which will make possible the necessary reforms? "Until exhaustive studies have been made with respect to attaining this great objective, nn'der our present Constitution, we cannot recommend just what steps should be taken in connection with this particular problem." The report urged vigorous action to drive Reds out of the federation, and recommend the continuation of n strict labor boycott on German goods and services until the Nazis gave "adequate recognition and protection to the rights of minority groups." Naval Academy's Birthday Fittingly Celebrated A INAPOUS was f\ill of navy men, ranging from admirals down to ordinary seamen, on October 10, for that was the nineteenth anniversary of the founding of the United States Naval academy and It was celebrated In fine style. Head- Ing a group of distinguished guests not Identified with the service was Prof. Wilder D. Bancroft, whose grandfather, George Bancroft, famous historian, founde'd the academy when he was secretary of the navy under President Polk. A feature of the exercises was a sham battle In which midshipmen landed from boats, scaled the seawall ami attacked the academy under protection of a barrage laid down by a sub-chaser. Sea planes and coast artillery took part in the battle. Twelve Persons Killed in Air Liner Crash 'TpWELVE persons met sudden A death when an eastbound plane of the TJnlte'd Air Lines crashed about fifteen miles west of Chey enne, Wyo., in the early morning hours. The plane apparently struck the peak of a small hill and bounced, nose first, against the top of another hill. Fire did not break out, but the Impact was fatal to the nine passengers, two pilots and stewardess. Food Expert Turns Court Into School and Wins Case Uncle Sam's food examiners strive for accuracy—It's part of their job. One of them recently converted a federal court Into a schoolroom and enabled the government to win a con rested food seizure case. The cannery whose food was seized testified Its count of molds was consistently lower than those of the government B. 3. Howard, chief of the micro drug administration, who teaches cannery employees the proper method of using the microscope In examining and counting molds on foods, was summoned. At the court's direction he Instructed the cannery's food examiner In correct use of the microscope and revealed errors In the latter's method of examination. The cannery attorney watched closely, and later consented to a decree of condemnation as originally sought by the government. GERMAN WOMEN LABOR In Germany, women are gradually being taken out of the factory anil office to matte more Jobs for men. Stenographers, salesgirls, servm.t girls, factory workers are twin.? placed In labor camps to dra'"\ marshes, build roads, cultivate H' ,land and harvest crops. Also they are required to do a helpful kind <>f work calculated to strengthen the potential mother of the new Germany. luick, Complete PSeasant ELI! la ba frank. There's only one way for T body to tid itself of the waste mat- I that cause acicjity, gaa, headaches, Wed feelings and a dozen other dis- niorts—your intestines must function, ffo make them move quickly, pleas- ly/ completely, without griping. Pusands oi physicians recommend flesia Wafers. (Dentists recommend nesia wafers as an efficient remedy Ittouth acidity). hese mint flavored candy-like wafers _> pure milk of magnesia. Each wafer •Approximately equal to a full adult ie of liquid milk of magnesia. Chewed I'oughly in accordance with the ditec- pon the bottle of tin, then swallowed, »7 correct acidity, bad breath, flatu- |ce, at their source and at the same |6 enable quick, complete, plena- |* elimination, "Inesia Wafers come in bottles of 20 48 wafers, at 35o and §0o respec- ely, or in convenient tins containing |« 20o. Each wafer is approximately Mult dose oi milk of magnesia. All "a drug stores carry them. Start using « delicious, effective wafers today. polesaonaj samples Bent tree to xeg- pted physicians ox dentists ii request "B on professional letter head. PRODUCTS, Incorporated d st, UB, Ulmnd City, M. Y. 1ILNESIA WAFERS Mussolini's Defiance to All Other Nations S IMULTANEOUSLY with open- Ing of hostilities In Ethiopia, Mussolini gave the signal for tremendous mass gatherings of all Fascists in Italy. Millions of Black Shirts In all the cities dropped everything and assembled to cheer for the Duce and his African adventure. From the balcony of the Venetian palace in Rome the premier shouted the words that committed his nation to a -policy that may mean either victory or ruin. He reiterated his determination to seize territory from Ethiopia but declared he would do everything possible to prevent the campaign from bringing on a European war. But he warned the League of Nations and all nations to keep their hands off, saying: "To sanctions of an economic character we reply with our discipline, our sobriety, and our spirit of sacrifice. To sanctions of a military character we will reply with measures of military character. To acts of war we will reply with acts of war." Embargo Is Proclaimed and Travelers Warned F IRST giving assurance, in his speech at San Diego, that the United States would not be drawn Into any foreign war, President Roosevelt Issued two taportant proclamations. One proclaimed the embargo on all shipments of war material to the belligerent nations. The other warned Americans that travel on Italian or Ethiopian ve* »el* would be at their own risk. Supreme Court Occupies Its New Building Q UITE without ceremony, Clilef Justice Charles Evans Hughes and the eight assocate justices of the Supreme Court of the United States took possession of their now ten million dollar home which on the outside it resembles a Corinthian temple. Everything in the handsome building was new except the nine chairs the eminent jurists occupy, and these would have been replaced If the architects and decorators had had their way. There was a big crowd present to soothe justices open the first term of court in the palatial structure, but only a few spectators could get Inside 'The first business was the admission of more than IfiO lawyers to practice before the court. Then the calendar was read. On this calendar are six cases which Hold the fate of the New Deal. The most important of these is one which will determine the validity of the agricultural adjustment act. That ruling may rank with the Dred Scott decision In Us political consequences. Wallace Won't Enforce Potato Control Act P OTATO control was the subject of discussion at a hearing called by the AAA In Washington, and oilicials, farmers and consumers were given a chance to say what they thought about the Warren act, which provides for quotas for potato growers, with a prohibitive tax on production in excess of quotas, and Is arme'd with jail penalties for willful buyers or sellers of bootleg potatoes. This act was opposed by the New Dealers, and Secretary of Agriculture Wallace said at the conference that he does not want to enforce It and will do all In his power to avoid enforcing it. He offered several plans for voluntary methods which would reduce potato surpluses and raise prices. He continued: "Potato growers are In real trouble and the AAA wants their ju'dg- ment on possible cures for potato problems. Potato prices are about half of parity and the AAA desires to get the full benefit of the judg ment of potato .producers concern ing plans for increasing their returns." Secretary Wallace Chief Justice Hughes staff the Gen. Malin Craig Named Chief of Staff M AJ. GEN. MALIN CKAIG, a veteran of two wars and commandant of the war college^ was appointed chief of American army by I'rusident K o o s e- velt. He took office immediately, succeeding Gen. D o n g 1 a s MacArthur, who is now on his way to be military adviser to the new island commonwealth. Craig is advanced to full generalship. Born in St. Joseph, Mo., In 1875, Craig was graduated from Point In 1898. Immediately afterward he saw service in Cuba during the Spanish- American war, and in June, 1900, participated In the China relief expedition made necessary by the Boxer outbreak. After service in various army posts In this country, Craig upon American entrance Into the World war in 1917, was assigned as chief of staff of the Forty-first division and sailed with that outfit ^Fo^hirflne work in the World war he received the Distinguished service medal, and he also was given the Legion of Honor and Crolx De Guerre of France. Order of the Bath of England, Order of the Crown of Belgium and Order of the Crown of Italy. World Series Is Won by Detroit Tigers D KTROIT TIGERS, champions o the American league, are now also champions of the world, for, as everyone In the land knows, they defeated the Chicago Cubs, title holders of the National league, In the world series. The Tigers won the secon'd, third, fourth and sixth games; the Cubs, the first and fifth. Capacity crowds watched these exciting contests, and the players raked in a goodly pile of money. Roosevelt Approves Big Pennsylvania Jobs D OWN in Lower Caiilfornla aboard the cruiser Houston President Roosevelt called Secretary Ickes and WPA Administrator Harry Hopkins into his cabin and studied the work situation on the basis of reports from Washington. After long consideration he formally approved 1*20,000,000 In works projects in Pennsylvania. After some fishing in Arenas bay, Mr Roosevelt heade'd straight out Into the Paclc ocean for Cocos Island off the coast of Costa Rica, a rendezvous of the old-time pirates where search Is often made for supposed buried gold. He had good luck angling there last year, and went to try It again. Gen. Malln Craig West Communists in Mexico Tear Down Swastika N OW It Is up to Relchfuehrer Hitler to complain to Mexico, for his sacred emblem has been desecrated there. Communists In Mexico City who were demonstrating riotously against Fascism and "Italian aggression" all of a sudden turned their attention to Germany and Nazism. They rushed to the honorary German consulate, tore the swastika from the staff and dragged It through the streets. Only the arrival of a strong detachment of police saved the German club from attack. Famous Actor and Two Musicians Die I^RANCIS WILSON, famous comic T opera star, did not long survive his colleague, De Wolf Hopper. Mr. succumbed to heart disease at his home in New York at the age of eighty-one. He was considered the dean of the American stage, and was the first president of the Actors' Equity association. in Chicago two eminent musicians and musical critics died within two days. They were -Edward Moore of the Chicago Tribune and Karleton Hackett, president of the Chicago City Opera company. "Wasn't I good and glad to discover it! MRS. K. J. TOBIN. OF_BBVERLY HILLS, ILL.t WELCOMES Calumet Baking Powder... in a big, new 10/ can! "WHAT'S THE SENSE In taking chances with second-bests when you can get a good, big can of Calumet for a dime?" asks Mrs. Tobin. "I've never had a baking failure with Calumet," Mrs.Tobin said. And judging by the expectant faces of Richard and Patricia, Mrs. Tobin is not the only member of her family who knows how delicious Calumet cakes always are! A SIMPLE TWIST... and the Easy- Off Top lifts off. No delay, no spilling, no broken finger-nails! WHY DOES CALUMET give such astonishing "baking luck" ? Why is Calumet different from other baking powders? Because Calumet combines two distinct leavening actions. A quick one for the mixing bowl. A slower one for the oven ... ond Calumet'a double-action is so perfectly balanced and controlled that it produces perfect leavcning-every time. All Calumet prices are lower! Calumet is now selling at the lowest prices in history ... the regular price of Full-Pound Can is now only 25£ ! And be sure to see the new, big lOjf can — a lot of good baking for a dime, with Calumet, the Double-Acting Baking Powder. A product of General Foods. nabs a runner CALLING ALL CARS—CALLING. ALL CARS. LIFE CONVICT ESCAPES FROM STATE PENITENTIARY. HE'S HEADED NORTH ON ROUTE 31 IN ft BLUE TOURING CAR /HERE COMES A BLUELJ . DIZZY! AND r,^sr SAY, ISN'T THIS ROUTE 31 ? THE COPS ARE.' CHASING. IT, TOO CAUSE I'M SCARED! S OUT UK6 LIGHT, LARR.Y. AND UOOK WHO MADE THE PUT DIZZV DEAN GOSH. DIZZY SURE SOCKED HIM YOU'RE CALLING 'EM RIGHT (GEE, DIZZY, YOU CERTAINLY HAD THAT OLD CON' ITROL AND SPEED WHEN YOU 6EAN- EO THAT CON-/ , VICT WELL, SON, YOU WON T LAST IN THE BI6. LEAGUE WITHOUT CONTROL. AND YOU COT TO HAVE PLENTY OF ENERGY, TOO, TO KEEP POURING. THAT FAST ONE IN [BUT, HOW DO YOU GET SO WUCH 1 ENERGY, DIZZY? WELL, I GET PLENTY Of] EXERCISE AND SLEEP. AND I EAT ENERGY_______ MAKING. FOOD, TOO. LIKE THAT GRAPE-NUTS TBeCZ.6. HOW 'BOUT HAVING. A HELPING. OF »T NOW ? yrs&./£ w. Boys! GirlsL. . Get Valuable Prizes Free! Join Dizzy Dean Winners—Carry Dizzy's Lucky Piece! fi > ^ g en d the top from one yellow-and-blue Grape-Nuts package; •S2S15&P. In orderio. member- /f\\^^ start eating Grape-Nut| fight *way> It has a ibippin.be»ur«to»»kfoiPriic301. gT^«r<y\ winning Savor all it* own—crUp, »ut-Uke, dc- Diwv Own lucky Pl««. Just !*« f[* mil IS]] liciou». Economical to «erve. too, for two taWe- Diw ewpriw-wub hit «ood luck Uo JRJ~ fll spoons, with whole milk or $re«n, provuJc inoM mono on «»«»• •«*«• **«* «°f l V-smS>,4-'^ varied nourishment than many « hearty meal. Gr»pfrN»ti pKku«-Mp. la wder- ^^TO^ (Offerexpue»D«c.31,1935.aoodo»lyinU.S.A.) IH lucky pitt* «*k fat P«*t so* ^*"«''^ ' * ; j * I sPU .! M i. ifM 1

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