Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 29, 1970 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 29, 1970
Page 9
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Section B Page* 1*4 In Tate murder trail ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Sport* Classified Alton, Illinois, Tuesday, Dec. 29, 19?0 Defense says Manson, girls innocent, killers at large By LINDA DEUTSCH LOS ANGELES (AP? Hie defense says Charles Manson and three women codefettdants are innocent of the Sharon Tate murders and the feat killers are still at large. Paul Fitzgerald, head of the four-attorney defense team, also told the jury. Monday that • the state's star witness, Linda Kasabian, lied under oath in order to save her own life. tn the first day of his often dramatic Summation, Fitzgerald: gave the jurors their first look at the defense side of the case. The four defense attorneys had presented no witnesses or evidence, and Fitzgerald was the first to state in court that $18,300 sought in lawsuit CARLINVILLE - A suit asking judgments totaling $18,300 as the result of an auto accident has been filed in Macoupin County Circuit Court .-! against Ralph X L. Langford, of Springfield: According to the complaint William Turner and Chester Shellhourse allege that Langford pulled from a Hettick side street into the path of a car driven by Turner, southbound on St. Rte. Ill in Hettick on Dec. 28, 1968. The plaintiffs allege that the impact threw their car into the path of a truck in the northbound lane, driven by James L. Sonneborn. v Turner is asking $3000 damages and medical e\- .penses, plus. $300 for the car 'which was demolished. Shellhourse is asking $15,000 in damages, medical expenses and disfigurement resulting from that accident. Death faces persons still unknown might have killed the blonde actress and sis: others in two slaying sprees in August 1969. He cited a piece of prosecution evidence—a pair of eyeglasses found at the Tate mansion which have not been connected to an owner. "Those glasses-were introduced into the residence by the person or persons actually responsible for the deaths," said Fitzgerald. ' Mrs. Kasabian ' was the state's only asserted eyewitness to • any of the killings. Fitzgerald said she ma'y have made up the whole tale to ' wh\ immunity from prosecution. "If you could save your life by making up a story, wouldn't you?"; asked the attorney. Mrs. Kasabian, 21, mother of two, testified that she went with members of Manson's hippie-style "family" oh a murder mission to" Miss Tate's home, where five persons were slaughtered, and one the Mowing night to kill Mr. and Mrs. Leno LaBianca, wealthy food store proprietors. She was indicted with Manson and the other womefl oh murder-conspiracy charges but went free after she testified. "It's when she's got a gun up to her head, when she sees that her life is hanging in the balance, that she decides she has to say something, folks," Fitzgerald said. "Her testimony might be worth something if she reported it when it might have done some good ... But I submit to you that she didn't report it because it didn't happen the way she said it happened." The attorney said a shoe heelprint was found on a bloody walk at the Tate mansion but Mrs. Kasabian testified that all defendants with her at .the scene were barefoot. No flesh or hair was found under victims' fingernails, indicating, Fitzgerald said, that they didn't fight the assailants. "An inference could be drawn that one or more victims knew the killer or killers," he said. Fitzgerald urged the panel to have "the courage to acquit." "We're playing/ for big /V/fffrtflSt/ stakes here," he told them. * ~**U,VIlUfc "Lives hang in the balance. If you're going to convict someone, you've got to be absolutely sure. Don't trust the testimony of a liar." , High court ruling sought on benefits for retired picture Snow and snow flurries are forecast for the West Tuesday, while showers are expected in the West and in part of tile South. There \vlll be cold weather In the West and Northeast. Cool temperatures are predicted for the Southwest and warmer temperatures for the Great Plains States. (AP Wirephoto) FTC ready for posting of octanes WASHINGTON (AP) - The Federal Trade Commission is reported ready with-a sort of "truth to gas" measure—the posting of octane ratings on service station gas pumps.\ Such a ruling, first suggested to the FTC In 1968 by Sen. William Proxmire, •would be-issued and enforced over protests from the, oil industry. Industry contends the octane rating is .only one important component of motor fuel. However, according to Capitol HiU sources, the FTC requirement is intended as a first step to help drivers figure the best kind of gas for their car. Basically, the octane rating is the measure of the gasoline for burning smoothly without knocking. . Fire razes frame home in Edwardsville subdivision EDWARDSVILLE — Fire routed an Edwardsville area family from their beds early Saturday and leveled their two-story frame home on Dunlap Lake. , Mr. and Mrs. Blair Watson, Rte. 5, E. Park Drive, a son Jersey man arrested on r DWI charge JERSEYVILLE —A Jer-. seyville man was arrested for driving while intoxicated Saturday, after the car he Was driving ran into the rear of another car. ; According to police reports, Donald Jones, 47, 114 Roberts St., hit the rear of a car driven by Richard L. Perdun of Rte. 2 Jerseyville. . i • The impact of the accident pushed the Perdun auto into a yard and Jones veered off the road into a ditch. and a daughter and a friend of the daughter, ran from the home about 4 a.m. after smoke began pouring from the basement. Mrs. Watson was reportedly awakened by the smell of smoke. The five persons fled to a neighbor's home, in the icy cold. Firemen reportedly had difficulty supplying water to fight the blaze, because of a . lack of hydrants. Hoses were strung from the lake and N attached , to a portable pumper, Fire Chief Ed Coolbaugh said. No one was hurt in the blaze, but the Watsons reportedly lost three cats and a pet dog. The family is staying with the mother of Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Fred Goddard, Edwardsville. • Fire Chief Coolbaugh said the blaze apparently started in, the basement but said the cause was unknown. Area weather Alton and Vicinity — Fair to partly cloudy and little temperature change today through Wednesday. High today 35 to 40. Low tonight lower 20s. High Wednesday lower 40s. 'Railroad Man of Year 9 CHICAGO (AP) - The Railroad Man of the Year for 1970, named by Modern Railroads magazine, is Jervis Langdon Jr., one of three trustees of the Penn Central Transportation Co. By BROOKS JACKSON WASHINGTON (AP) - Organized labor and the federal government are asking the Supreme Court to rule that unions can force management to bargain about benefits for retired employes. The case affects directly only 190 retired employes in Ohio. But labor lawyers say a lower court decision, if allowed to stand, could touch retirement benefits for millions of workingmen and perhaps lead to disappearance of countless other subjects from labor - management bargaining tables. Employers have for years been required to negotiate re- Sen. Mushie plans visit WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. Edmund S. Muskie, D-Maine, says he will leave Sunday for visits to West Germany, Israel and Egypt. The senator, a leading contender for his party's 1972 presidential nomination, announced Monday he planned to "talk with government leaders and individual citizens to, broaden my knowledge and perspective on the interests and objectives of the three countries in relation to the United States, each other and other nations." tirement programs for active workers, and many have bargained voluntarily to increase benefits for workers already retired. Last June 10, however, the U.S. Court of Appeals at Cincinnati overturned a National Labor Relations Board decision and ruled labor could not insist, as a matter of law, that management negotiate benefits for retired workers. The importance of the case is underlined by the fact friend-of-the-court briefs were filed on management's side by the National Association of Manufacturers and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce,' and on the NLRB side by the AFL-CIO, the United Auto Workers, the Steelworkers and Transit Workers. The case dates back to 1965 when the federal medicare law was enacted and Local 1 of the Allied Chemical Workers of America asked Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. to renegotiate medical benefits for its 190 retired employes. At the time Pittsburgh Plate, under a 1964 agreement, contributed $2 a month to medical insurance premiums of retired workers. Rather than bargain with the union, however, the company offered to pick up the $3 monthly medicare costs for any retired workers who would drop out of the company medical insurance plan. Fifteen accepted the offer. The union complained the company was guilty of unlawful refusal to bargain, and the NLRB agreed. The appeals court, however, reversed the NLRB, and held that retired workers are not employes as defined by the National Labor Relations Act. The court is not expected to decide whether to review the case for several weeks. RED HOT SPECIALS! AG on the Label means PARTICIPATING STORES: Quality on your table! Goldman's AG Markft 1324 Highland, Alton 4«B-862» Neuhaus AG Markit Shamrock St 0 Eswt Alton,, 111. Out) 259-72M 197O REVIEW QUIZ four Great | ATTENTION: THIS IS THE TIME TO UNDERSPEND | >A R T..NAT.ONALAMD.NT E RNAT.ONA L Lakes soon 3 DAYS ONLY 3 DAYS ONLY DETROIT (UPI) — Industries, power plants and municipal sewage are rapidly killing off native fish populations in the Great Lakes, so much so that if left unc9ntrolled, four of the five lakes face "death" in the future, .a conservation expert says. "Lake Ontario is dead and Lake Erie is dying" and "unless something is done soon, the situation in Lake Michigan could deteriorate rapidly," said Stanford H. Smith, senior investigator for the Great Lakes Fishery Laboratory and University of Michigan research associate. Smith, who reported on the subject today at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science at Chicago, was not optimistic about the future of the remaining two lakes. "The next danger would be in Lake Huron and finally in Lake Superior," he said, in an interview > here prior to making the report. Although Smith said the source of the problem is broad, Industries, po.wer plants and municipal sewage have caused trouble, an example of this being in the recently discovered mercury In Lake St.Clair fish, "There are only certain kinds of fish that can live in the Great Lakes," he said. "They live in similar great lakes around the world., in* eluding Russia." Smith said the exact reason many types of native fish have disappeared, is not known, but, "we do know it came at the same time there was a change in the quality of the water." Smith said the number of professional fishermen in the upper three lakes has decreased 95 per cent between 1885 and 1965. The total U.S. catch during that period dropped by four mUllon pounds but smith said the species taken in Iffl were mostly non-native, lowvalue. fish, such as alewivefi, carp and smelt, 9'xl2' RUG BARGAINS A bargain you can't past up! NOW ONLY 7x12 mat regardless of original '« f .% qc Mlling prict hav. been priced to * Ml ™ MvtyoubigclollanlAllfintqualifyl V*F 3 PC. Colonial Rug Package Include* on* room size VxW and two. 7'x3' area rugi. Features NOW ONLY multl-hued braided fibers in your choice of jed, gold, brown & green. . • Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer. 1 The Nigerian government accepted the surrender of the rebel area that called itself. . . . : ? a-Zimbabwe b-Grigualand c-Biafra 2 Poland and West Germany signed a treaty establishing post-war boundaries. The treaty recognizes the so-called ...?... Line as the , border between Poland and East Germany. a-Oder-Neisse b-Siegfried c-Maginot' 3 President Nixon ordered American troops Into Cambodia for a short period cf time. He said the purpose of this move was to ? a-overthrow the Cambodian government b-destroy Communist sanctuaries in Cambodia c-evacuate South Vietnamese living in Cambodia 4 The Apollo 13 lunar mission made news because it ? a-crashed while rcentering the Earth's atmosphere b-made a safe landing on the moon c-was crippled on its way to the moon 5 According to the 1970 census figures, our nation's population is about...?... million. 90" VINYL TUXEDO SOFA Una, low. and lovely • a fantastic NOW ONLY tofa value. Wipes clean with a * Jfcd A (|A damp cloth for eosy carefree * O1 n °° Jiving! Deeply tufted. 219 MODERN SOFA ... IT SLEEPS TWO! Vln ,l' 0 , b ^ c ? < | 1fa OP"" «" wwl <i 33"x73" full site mattress. It's the 24 hour sofa ... a great Sale Voluet After Sale $249 NOW ONLY $ 199°° PART II - WORDS IN THE NEWS Take 4 points for each word that you can match with its correct meaning. • 1...'..condone 2,....repatriate 3,. M .trashing 4..,,.stumping 5..... referendum a-deoision on issue by vote of the people b-political travelling c-send someone back to his own country d-Blang for destroying property e-pverlook or forgive Mattress an<l Box Spring*. Famous Makes, Come snap up the values. See these beau* tlfully matched sets. Regular ana Extra Firm, Full or Twin Sizes, $ f}f| QA 4 PC, MEDITERRANEAN BEDROOM Nine big drawer* in the dresser, 5 drawers in the chost, add the mirror and the headboard and you have o great Salt Valuel After Sole $349 NOW ONLY 100 $ 299 FREE PARKING IN REAR OF OUR STORE OPEN DAILY 8 A.M. to 6(30 Ml, HON. i FRI. I AiM. II 0 Mi PART III. NAMES IN THE NEWS Take 6 points for names that you can correctly match with the clues, a-President, United Arab Republic b» Assistant Secretary of State for Mideast- ern Affairs c-Premier, East Germany d»Foriner French President died HOUSi FURNIIHINO COMPANY 1 Willi Stopb 8.... James Walsh 9 Anwar Sadat 4,»,.,Joeeph Sisco 5»m»Ctorles de Gaulle 254-0101 umiimmit in. 12-28-70 e-American Catholic bishop released by Communist China. * VEC, Inc., Madliofl, Wftconttn Home of . . ,. Flavor-Plu& Foods TOM-BOY SEE HOW YOU SAVE! TOP QUALITY, CHECK OVR NEXT FOR THAT AFTER CHRISTMAS 8IFTSEE.... HOME IMPROVEMENT, INC. 650 EAST ALTON, ILLINOIS 462-9246 Alton Eveniig Teleppi Match word clues wr ing pictures or symbols each correct answer. DDT h their correspond- 10 points for Canadian Prime Min- 4..... Government curbs on this pesticide *)««••» Elliott ister Pierrq Trudeau Conservativci •was surprise winner in elections iiere "Women 1 1! Liberation" groups were in the news foy much of 1970 6 widened. GREAT BRITAIN Cease-fire tween Egypt 6 French PJ line be- H andIsrael esident HEW O CONCORDE Georges Pompidou 7 1970 was th^ 25th anniversary of the United Nations i 8 ( Elliot Richatdson became Secretary of this Executive Department 9 Earthquake devastated areas of this Latin American country 10 French-British supersonic je^t airliner underwent flight tests HOW DO . (Scort Eich Sldf of Quit S«p*nt 91 to 100 polnti» TOP SCORE! 81 to 90 point! - Excellent, YOU RATE? ly) 71 to « point! to. 70 polnti FAMILY DISCUSSION What do you think was news event of 1970? THIS WEEK'S President Nixon named Secretary of the Treasury CTI ii*tCM<re S* v * Thi$ Practice Examination! STUDENTS Valmbl, R«f e ren W Material For ANSWERS ON REVERSE PAGE II Good, Fair, QUESTION the single most significant NO SCOIC > t ?,,,tobethenew

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