Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 7, 1930 · Page 12
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 12

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1930
Page 12
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DECATUR HERALD TUESDAY EVENING, C^fObtK /, 1930. DECATUR HERALD SOCIETY Bal Tab arm Has W Couples For Dance On Monday Season Opens With. Big Crowd On Ballroom Floor In Hotel Orlando O NE hundred coupon attended the first dftnep of thr- nentton Monday nlKhl by tho 1U-1 Tttbartn eliib, tn the Howl Orlando. A num- e»r ot (went* wore pwwnt [nun «it pf town, Mu*k wan furnished by Lei- Homebrook''' orfheatrn. The nctt lance will he on Nov. n t h e flwl Mondnv of the month, nfoo In Ihe Orlando P. /·:. 0 tfapteu Have Miss Morrow Opens School on Th« Untie *h«fter« "' P- K O. had Tirofrram* Monday T ..... Ivo CX mem- bflr» m#t in Mr*, T * Jnck't home, whar* conitltutlnnnl woik WBJK led by Minn K«K*nla Aihn. Thin (troup will meet In twn w»eki In Hi* Jink- Inn Mu«lr h»ti»n to fip»r Mr. Jenkins (iponk about innktnK muolt-al tftntru- menl*. Fifteen BW ehnjilf-r ineni- b»r» met with MM J, fj .Johnson. Mm C. H niwbmnn x" 4 " 1 (ho pro(tram on AllTM Freeman Pitlmei nn'l Rlln Fl«(((r Town*. BC c'mn«'r met In tin »v*nlni! with Mm I: 1!! Pcnr, Mr*. Robert Sylvtittni ruul Mlit Kit* ftb»th DiidrTttwIt ftftv* tho iimm-am »nrt Mrs. J. W. M I H r v conducted ft constitutional MKi KU*«beth Morrow (third from left) wlklne to her «,ix ff irl as- Bisunts on the steps of her model whool at Enjtlewood, N. J, The daiijchtor of Ambti'.sador Morrow h r u n n i n g the ichoul for kiddic-s ef prc-s'liaol aces, The little Institution will accommodate only forty children. MIM Ooiolhy Klumler or M p h a i DINNER-BRIDGE Cht Omepn pM«f(l the we^ktmd In Wllnwttr whorp sho W«M hi Ides maid In th« weddlnn of her (tlcnrl, Mis? Rernlcn (.'ole, nnd ( ' f i l l sminVM Mlw A r l e n o DotiKtast »( Wncronf- hurg And Mt«i tCllmtioth Fink ot Tolono WITH ftiieHM In the ehnptei hmme, anil Mist* H»lm Ollpln of t h n w#rtcn(l h'ie The Toun« People's dcpnt tmcnl of iririit WJipHM church wilt hnvo n w*lner tonal Krldny cvnnlrig In the v*nt of M i » John W fcvitnti, IH82 North Muln Hired In UAKI of itiln the (troup will rnnct In the hurt'h. Knker. 1Tif) itaiiih Main left StindftV moinlnp for Chi- c»f« wh«id hn will enter the University of Illinois M f d l e a l colleKf. LOVINGTON WOMAN'S CLUB TO HEAR TALK ON "SHOPPING" OCT. 141 IN SUNNYSIDE IS ON OCT. 16 Women of Club Having Bridge-Luncheon Thursday; Reservations Due Tho ndxl bljf party In SutmyslJe Golf clnlj will be a dttnuu-bridge on Oct in Timradfiv ntKht of next week Mi und Mis A i l h u r Kolth me ctuilrmnn In general ehnrge ·Women of Ihe chib "to luivlnp n lirlilK^-lUHthi-on Thutittay of Ihl- week, i c h t - i v a t t o i i i for which arc to tip mtule lieforn WeUiesd«y evening with M i s MeC'lure Iti the Uubhomo, 02+11, MONT1CELLO WOMAN ENTERTAINS 25 AT DINNER ON SUNDAY LEGION AUXILIARY NAMES DELEGATES TO DISTRICT MEET Delegates and altei miles to the (oithcomlnjr i l i i t t k l meeting of the American Legion and aunlllar- les in Cuntnil Illmoii w e t e elocted Monday cvcnlnp In a iiioeting of the Dcctttur iiuxltlaty. The meeting was thii first under th? proildpncy of Mix Florence lltmn Mi-j Haait appointed her committees for the year The pUiee of the dlsltlct meeting imd the time, remain to be announced. Tho delegates ait- Mrs li'u'il C'tii-irmtlc, Hr4 Mvitlc Glasftow, Mii. Wllbui Dutirtin, Mis Beth AhititiiH und Mis J t a t l y Reynolds The tilteitiatcs a t e Mia. Huttlu Fishi r, Mis. M. .K. Spaitts, Mis. Atire 79 AttendParty of Newcomers Monday Evening Members Give Stunts in Farewell Dinner for E. J. Howells H ONORING Mr and MM, E J Ho we I Is, who arc moving to P?- orla, TO mem be 13 of the Ncwcoiner« club gave a dinner-bridge Monday evening In Sunnyalde club. A tele- Phone comedy nml n mock ccie- mony, wiltlen liy Mrs J, E. Harbaugh, were fealuied In after-dinner entertainment, Donn Pease nnil I^lwln Bryun conducted a conversation between Dc- catnr niul Peorla, with Mrs. J, E, Harbau#h ai telephone operator, In a humorous sketch that woe a bur- feique on Mr, Howell's bunlnesit. He illstiict telephone rnunaRer The m«ck service designed on Ihe plan of a wedding fuinlsthed more umwetncnt Ernest Nuttkcmper wns inintntcr, and Mti. ]Edwln Bryan, 111- ln(c the music or "I Love You Truly." sung words written by Mrs Har- baupch, nppropilnte for the farewell iwrty Nine roiiplfs were in tlie wcddlnft ptoerssion, Mrs Howolls hetng escorted by Dr R. E, Wiley, Newcomers president, nnd Mr, How- ella by Mrs F, O Fostpi, auxlltaiy bead Mis. W P DavliJhon r n r t l P d n white sotto pillow, on which was n pcwtet pltrHoi. a Rift of tho club to Mr. anfl Mm Howclli. MM Donn Pease was flower gill, and after men rind women in the service were In theli pluces, Mr. NfttUccmper presented the (,1ft und made a fuiewel speech In'pnutry. Mrs JSima Ham mer clofied Ihe set vice by aliinlnp woidi to "At Dawning-" The bridge followed DECATUR GIRLS ATTEND DALTONCITY PARTY Bonliice Kennedy nnd MIHI Morrison of Palton City cnterUilncd Sntittdny In the homo of Moiilson to honor Miss of Decntur, nho will marry ThfHimsi tihcehnn In the timr f u t u r e -plajod pil^ca w\net to Ruth Mta. Rost Mit. Andrew Pcielval Funeo Ml-w Elb-iihoth Klnney. Pp-k, Miss Vlvlnn Bcholca content!) wcic won by Mt-4 Helen Boyd ami tlennebonv nnJ Mlwi Ttitth Peclt Gifts to the b t i t l e to he were pn 1 M J H . Leonard Cnssell irjiuitod (tmt tho tiuillltiiy icftll/ci! SH02 In golf piny on ti mlniulure golf course le. LOVINftTON - · The Wiunim'si i liih of lxtvin«ton will meet Get M with Mrn T T. Conn an hotdeHd T h f MONTK'KM,o Mr. ond Mrs program will be nn follows I Krtirv C'onihe^ ciiteit.iiiicd nt n fnfn M link-Club. llv dinner Sufday in lhclr home on noil eMI- Current evenlt on drew.I Unit Mnrton street in Ivuioi of Mrs fd\nr, material, file Program lender Mrn H O Audi ermttnn Knowledge of Shopping and Know Ing Whnt In Wanted MM Jtntfrer. r»imrmntrnllon Mhi f n ti I 1 n Sill ton, ThittrmUy Supper Tbe regular weekly nlllht Ktipper will be held Tluiriildi' evening. OH P Theue Hiipnem i n c *etved for 2Sc t» pl«te Tlitno wlnh- Inp to be niirvm! plense n o t i f y duiK moie, not latei limn mnrnlng t Cumben 1 mint. Me VV M Boyi- nnd* hti«U:ind of Rkhinnnd. H n Theru w r i t * "' p i f i e n t Out of town win' Mi find M I J Hover anil Ml und Mi. t.'Mi iif l j u n t u r Hlllifinn nnd MM J, Vetera, tin (.".petl In hookeil i n g wca\ln((. lectuied on llu nub- jn(.t, i[pm OHM (rated how (he wciwing It done niul displayed elcM eomplet- td sumplea. A repent ot the tecenl Itlmols De- paitment convention fn A u i o i a was Blvcn )jy delegates, Mombcrs of tbo aiixillity tll.icua- acd phins for a bazar to bv. conducted noon A quilt, to be given away dur- Uie bawir, IM to be Hfip!ayed fn scnted Ivy n. duinmrr, (ittfred ' Miss Miscellaneous" Those who titlc-nde fiom Decalur w e i o Mlsa Iiuni* and MJs-j Dorolb} Fiiuanan, Mis B H Bicsnrvn, Miss Vivian Rcbolcs. Mini Ruth Peek. Miss Mary Qulnii, Miss Klnnt-y, Miss Thetnia ami Helen Oe^prtn. Miss Mne Moritmm attended from LovIngton.' TAIUK Ifir since we saw an unr* , *· touched picture of King Carol of Rura»nl» In the movies, with his sicken ingly aenautil mouth anil hi* »wful putty ;»ce, we huve been Intel etted In the outcome of the decision of Helen or Greece, Should she go back to a m»n of that salt and be Queen, or snoulj she forsake 'the "honor" and return to h«r native Greece, only a Princess? Now wo tee that she has given up the throne of Rumania and in returning to her homo land But with mixed feeling*. No shout of exultation here, at bolng ficc from that awful man forever , a man whose Infldell- tlos are made unbcurablu he- cause of hi« dreadful loom face, Vot nhc must )c»v* her small son behind. One presumes that even the mother of * Crown Prince, who has little to do with his upbringing. mast Jove her child and shudder to abandon him lo he. brought up by thet fmher alone Even if she temolned, the chances arc that Helen would have little to say about the life and training of her »on, the future King of Rumania. That Is In the hands of Uic state. Except on public creels! on % Mihul piobubly will st«« little even of })!» father. One hopes as much. It must have been a hard decision. even at that, for Helen of Greece. To stay behind and ' suffer Ihe" Indignity of knowing, probubty, that Carol had his red-headed LupdBcu around the comer; to see Mlhai only at a i! I stance; to live with a man she must Jeipise. Or to leturn to Greece alone, abandoning the throne, abandoning her ion It ts no wonder that Helen's pic- Lures ahow gieat circles about her eyes Who would t-ate to MILDRED WOARE IS ZETA PLEDGE HEAD Miss Mlldied Woare of Harvey has been elected president nf the ZeU Tan Al])lm pledgc-j Mils Woare Is (i slater of Edward Woaro. SD3 South Slgel street, and la making her homo theie during the nchool year Mis Woare, her slater in law, is a Zcta Other offlcms are: Vko-presldcnt-Mllilred Hill, Hai- ristown. Secietary-- Dotothy tur. Selleis, Treasuter -- Mary Ruth Keefc, Kankahes. _ Doniild Tit.tdlcv anil r h l l d i r n ( e h h ( a s s o r A b i d B o ' X p e U will 1 titivr n i u v u d hern noin Danvllte end a i o living wllh M i « Mntnlp lirndley Tliuiiilny Mr. H u i d l i v h«« K'mi- tn Chlcnpo to woiIt on i n(-\\s|ii]i*i Mi nnil Mi'i Krunlt Norih of [mini'd th' 1 w u d i e n d h e t u the f i f i c l n L l v e i Mr. nnd M i « Mtlllgnn and dRiutitet of lii-uttin pti'swil thi' lc(,un*» tHiiln;; tlic tm/ar. Y. W. C. A, BOARD MEETS THURSDAY MARIETTA MARSHALL OF MATTOON TO WF.D ORRA WF5TRUP NOV. 6 MATTOON Mi n n t l Mm T,i-wli Mnrshnlt. ie«lilln« iinttlH'Ml nf Miit- toon. (tnve » hi»rt!fmi( i m t t y Iti (In- T'm'hler-Moori 1 r n M n l n nl 1" S m i i i d n v nir-Miluj.- 'c tin(he nnirufteiiK-nt f I h e l r M a i l o t i n . )o l n n VVeitrnii Thr eotoi (tclienie was vf (loiv n nd white nnd t h e eenUriitpj-e for Ihe IrtMti w«« nf nmen On n f i n d nl e«oh plntc allnehel lo n w h i t e nie tied with n ypllow rlbbnn wn« w i l l ten "Marietta and Otrn. Nov fl ' Ther* wer* Mit ttnitn M i n n d Mi f t s nnil two mini of DlMti h n v e moved Into i he *'uil Schndl p i o p e i l v 01' The IttdlM Nl«l doeletv of the at Paul I.iitherun church lit flumtmltll Towtwhlp. northennt of Ihe city met In thr Hddal holl «( · the cluneti Thurdday aflernoon for Ihe re«ulni monthly m«etln»; Plnnn were tn«wle (w the oeletirnl- Inl of the Wth snnlvermiv of the founttnjr ot the ccxt«ri'tKM(lon A m«mi wnii (irrnnjred lo he «prvid nt noon 9tind(ty. Oct 1ft. Foinifir mln- M*r* of Ihe churdi win jrive ad- The board ot dltectora of the Y W C A w i l l m^M T h u t s d a v niorninj; nl end w i t h t h e Itittei's motltm | 10 o'clock. In the association bulld- MM Hose Spurting | Inf, Cnr the tianinctlon of routine Mi and M i VV M KOJCT if| hunincsg rilchmoiul S [i, mi- v l - d l l i i f r fir n rji'tn Onmnm Clil club will inert !,-,,· ii,,-,-,' w i ' h !!;e laltoi'i *iistei'. Thuf-ilnv evening, and Hip Klble AIM (.'nnnlc MMH^iii ttul nlltet el,t- r | llb (ltl[t j,i, m n n r t p-iicndihlp club tH'C'i on t'lkltiy evenlnp. Mi fiml M i - Clink ItlKhle wid ^ . . Monftccllo Woman's Club Meet On Thursday MOHTICEIXO -- The M o n h e f l l o Woman'.i club member will conduct tliolr muftint' in the t-lnb rooms Thui'iday afteiroon id 2 JO o'clock llnsli'iid of Wednesday. Ptof OeoiBf rtnhl) of Ihc MlUlhln university, will X\\'n n talk on modctn a i t wllh an m l e x h i b i t i o n , Th Plftll efnmlv naUntit gas store bna moved from Ihe Xvliell hulldlnE on N o t t h C t i a i t e i stteet lo Ihc show loom tn the Adntna bulldlns on East Washington s t i r e l Tho new qiiai- tcts will nlvc the *jttiie tlio much needed 'ipnei* for better ill«|))»y p u i - nnd morr complete slocking of MATTPON COUPLK WED IN ROBINSON MATTOON -Mlm Jnftnltn fltmn of Owenup antt OrvM King of Mntioon, wer« nmrrl*il In TtoblnMon on Sept, W »e«rdlng to an Rnnoimcemnnt m«df Saturrtay. TH#y h«v» wtuwwl t# Mattoon nnd are indklr.* theli honut in «W North Sluvonteenth Mmt Mrf. Klnft l» « dfttwhtcr of! Mr, and Mr« C. M. l^an of Oieen- up Mr. Kin* In » con *' ?""",1 K E* nf Hair! P*» «nd I* employed by thr WadUy Co. of Mattoon. S. A-TSELUNG GOLF TICKETS After 40, Bowel Trouble is Most Dangerous CONSTIPATION mny W ily be- fxmc chronic nfler forty. Cotilinued your breulh in bud, vour tonguf id coaled; whenever . t th e a«J«chy. bil- inn tlck*ti. for th* r»«t o( foTttw BtrtorMlo »ti««t tcelf court*. Any imrnon* who play lh««ou»« and mo to llchtW from th« wrorlly mny c« th* ch^tir how*, and tkk»U win bt d«llvBMd. Th« fa* uty rtr UM wint« Thii lovely (tirl it Misa AHco Dip- lnr»eos, of ADion.i, Orcece, winnei of iha wcotid prize in the Inter- nationa! Beauty Contest in Rw ()e Janeiro, The photograph wnj taken on her arrival in New York Mi« Diplaracos is eighteen, spanks five languages and declares :he hat no ttltons picture isplratitms, The Sltelpas stoic is unclor the innnnpcmenl of Chas H Purcel! Mr. nnd Mrs Lemuel Hood returned Satuidny to their home tn Olenn, N Y, nfler a two w«ki' visit her* with i ulatlvea nnd friends They were rallftil hero by tho denlh of the former'a father. B. F, Hood, Clinton P. T/A. Members Attend District Meeting CUNTON ~ A delegfttlon of 33 flomnn, members of the Patent- Ten cher anwlationi of Clinton mo- toied to Mt. Zlon Fildny wbore they nit end tho nnnunl conference of DH- trlct 0, The nifftlng was (in nit dav n f f n l r with lunclieon served by the P. T, A. or Mt. Zlon at noon Sev- ernl prominent speakers nppeatod on the protrrani «nd the meettnc was a vt-iy instttictlvc nf well as Inteiest- Ins one, The meeting will be held In Clinton next year. olds Checked modem vaporiime OVtB t? MIILIOM JARS UJEO YEARLY Guard them with ii.trtirulnr cure after loity. Wlien they need help, a doctor knows %Nli(tt is best. "Dr Caldwcll's Syrup PcrHtir,." I* n doctor's prescription jot Ihf hovels. Tested by 47 y n a K nrnc tire, it liasbocn found Ihoiough- ly effective in relieving constijw- lion nnd its ills for men, women and clitldrcn of nil ugei,, Jt ho« proven perfectly safe even forbnhcs. Made from fresh toxalive herbs,, pure pepsin, ami other inild, liarrotoi ingrcdicnU, it eannot uritc; will not sirken you or weaken you; cnn be used without barm ai often as this fnmdy doctor's hixnltve. See bow good it tastes; liow gently and thoroughly U acb. All drugstore. FREE BOTTLE Mait to "SYRUP PEPSIN." Monlicello, Illinois. in Pleaic wnd trial bottle ol Dr. Culdwdl'a Syrup Pepsin, entirely FREE. Name St. P. 0. Traveling Man Tells Health Secret Philadelphia, Pt» --I,, Lumbermen of this city, IriweJiiigBiilesmftn, in widely known for liis evubertuit henllh. Kriow^- ing the liurriodlire travelers wuatlfMid, it la nil tlio rnoro siirprising. Interviewed reeentty, Mr. Lnrobortaon said "I find that trovcl, with ita irrcfiulor hours nnd change of food, tends to constipate. For ihtit rc.won, a bottle «t Pluto Water h always in mybftg. I find thatiialTorda ·peody relief, even in tho most stubborn ciiics treoom- mcnd I'luto to ovccy man who travela a grout deal." PluloWnlerisinvaluuble, not only aa A relief from constipation, but us a preventive, Tnks n biiuill quantity eath ii(!AMMn ui M ujt, di luted inpinlnfiotorcoldwotw. It will keep you resiilsr--kelp w(ird off otlwr ierious complaints, Dnis itorM and (ounUlml evwywhera aell Plut» Min-1 erul Water. b« Helen of Or*«ce today, pooi soul. We've Juat (inlshtd Margaret Ayer Barnes' novel, "Teara o( Grace." It In one vt thOfle (lories that taken the principal character from the tlmt of early childhood Into old age. In this cant, It Is a frli) born in the Victorian period, whone reactions to the modern affi, us a moilicr nnd grandmother, are told. The locale In Chicago, then nnd now, Margaret Ayer Barn en of counc known tinv Chicago, ev*ry Inch of It. "New Yorh fit new and bright find clenn," she nftyn, "but (JhlcnKo somehow hit* the air or tin un- dent city, more tike London. Parhapa It In the smoky dlngl- n*s» of the Art Institute.. . Lake Shore Drive the most beautiful city «trcet In 1 he world, curving like a ntrentn -- the park, the lapping Mw water, the stately old homes . ' * Lait fttlmniftr when wo were In Chicago we wondered, In pawing the dirty old Art Institute building, aei iher« amldnt the new beauty of Michigan avenue, why the city ituffcm Ihi- place to he so horribly dirty. All of the smoke and giintc of 5fl yftfltK seem? to bo on Jt. Th" Buckingham fountain, t h e new bridges and rondi and build- tngf, are sharply beautiful In their ml'lut «|Uat» this equnlly beautiful Alt Initltute hill 1,1- Ing, so dirty and ntreakei! nnii defiled that one iui'ns nway tn dlsftudt. Down here we know nil about Hand blaallnn and denn- ing of stonework Don't the\ know how to do that In Chicago? I,, R. 109 Reservations for Women Voters Non-Partizan Meet Dinner In Baptist Church ' Tonight To Be Attended ' By All Parties A c'«'o tiling it; More than 100 teseivtiUoni! b u v c M. t). n (jiMi'd been made for the I^ojriic of Want- 'A'" 1 " n m t i m j · »n Voters dinner tonight to be h e l d i . ' . . . . In Flint RaptM church itl 0 30 S Kt. (I ''" o'clock. Mm. IHuru H u f f h r u T,unrl |*'f' ^- " ' Hi* Hpoukei. and will explain Home ; * j 1 ' 1 J" of the IJKIIION of the comintt election. 2 i,.! '' iw welt us »onn of the hill* coming JJ J,-f / . nel '·' hum, wh«r» dinner will b« wrvod. A Ihcnler jintiy will follow, Th« tl*«lx««i »re M Mur]hy, Mlw, J a n r . MIHH T0ll! What The Normal Man ShoiM Weigh Ages 45 lo 49 HI Hijii *r, IW 1'iiniv l«l . '5 7 17s IM up Ijcfote the K l M l e leRlMtdtiirp I h h fall The tullt IN to be xtrlrlly noti- Mcmbem of every u-oinnn'H fcntlnn In Decalur hnvc been tjlven u «pc'inl Invitation to attend tit" din. ner nnd to hear Men I,und« In t h e nflernoon she In Jiefore member qf j^^\ nnd turo illvirinn of the Womnn'r* club. Chi Beta 10')r ilio fit- see if you nti ovit(wel(jhl imrt how , Th« i n m l » i n way In irilt in Itn'jwn ·» the Kiiinelifti) o!f ft,i Plcdocs 1 ICU^Ct, f()P ,,.,,,,,,, ( () es, buiioi, .hm-w PI cam mid e»i nioilni jti-lv of \i -tn in^ii 'Illrkni), fluh w - j l u l n r«i-n MK. »bi,M »ml friin toll" one h,,lf n " f «fun-hen s«)u in n 'before bri'jikf'iNt don't itih t n liini'n A number of Jr«tur pntlerdilinin mir A luitili- nf KMI-'I lii'n l n ' i « 4 w e » h r Ijpt (I rl( Wi'HT't MlVflln SqilM* lf)ii tn rinv tlilit) .loin in the wtrtM. nmiiHetl Sulnnlnv oveiilnc h\ ·women who were i"een I'Ciub- blnif nit-pi with innihbruKlu* Iwyintf p M t n u t t imoss Kt'lcwolhc. nnd curry- Intt bottles down Ihe slrwlK, nii[)- lln(( fieqiienllr lo e1 them down Such HlKhti wen» foieensti! of tin- fther tcnson of iirorfly nnd f i a l e i I t v I n l l l n U o n x Th* yminj,' wiimi n who fniiwi i» balk n( the«e (ask* wetc pledB* 1 * ,,{ Alplvi CHI B'-lii. Inilepi'iitlenl noior- lly After completing their chill** in the btiiln*M district the p)cdf;lnK rontlnueil In .1 ntirtv in the horn* 1 of Ml*n M n i l e nn,i Mis-, Helen Hnirl*, 320 Kimt Dlvliion Fornrit Initiation In at, fl o'clock Wednesday In Ihe tun- Mcn'» Halt Cleaned, Blocked Alway* C*!) 4433 Dorft wait until it is too late / Flute Piano Lessons IMUVMHMl. INKTHl'rroX W1LLAM1NE BRENNAN N. --to correct a rundown condition 2-1321 lirnmill (lilt ffflllenl HPtrtr*1 Mpdli trutt* Rex Electric Co, (H K. \VIM1fln M A fact you should not overlook PLEASANT FROM CONSTIPATION More red-cells in the blood! Good h«nlth and resistance to infection and disensc, depend on. that! Loss of appetite, underweight, sluggishness, « weakened condition, nervousness, pimples and boih atu symptoms, o?t«n «ccn, of « deficiency of red-celh in the blood. If a lowered red-cell count is allowed to continue, A N E M I A often results, S.S.S. should be your safeguard. A hundred years of experience hn* proved its usefulness in building red-cells in the blood. Tnke it before iiicnK, Millions of people bavu found it the «asw»t aiii) Rure-it way to restore their rcd-bb(Kl-cells, This ftppetitc picks «p, th« ivho'a body is iiivigoralcd. Get S.S.S.--lake it and possess a wonderful power of new life »nd vitality. Ask for tho large size. At all drug »tur«*. l , t i i l i o i V ..... i · a i e Mlli J i l l i i j i l ' " ;ii)(| j o i i j j mid, i v,.iilit t b i ' i i t n v \i»n i\ i nil di i u n I ]{«; ) « i i H ii^ir t l w Ih-m i V m "f B*Own Kid -- xoith Rind Lixafd a a newfootweat cteationfot Fall DISTINCTIVE and per»onali:ed , . . entirely new and different... beitowing charm and grace in the vogue'of lower heeled footwear. The ttyle pictured is fashioned of brown Kid combined with ring linrd, Hundreds ef other Smart Stylet fiatured at Widths A A A t o C Mait orders promply jilted M«tn Floor Style Shop yuuth i-tujiiii. 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It huH helped (o d)y*»i i*iy (ooit «nl him mud* my bowels mir« re«iJliit 1 do not f^l wd MlUgKbh like I did before, "We ull DM Pura IVpijIii In fatntly and find It a rwil to am Ktart lo recommend P»rn tnr (t I* wwlhy of a reeonim'ndft' "pnra J*pnln. tbe niw la*»tlv* (onl-, lh«1 IK helplim ll)OU*«ndn baeR lo health and iit«ul»r dlw-nUw htthl « »« obtain*? at iht Quaktr Drug Or, Clendcn Qua) B g r LOGAN Cl I AM by no put «veryon* tomato from O t,nlin fi-om Sou from Pulrstln* 1 l-rnn fnmi tndl Chth», the "b Knropo, eti- UHI I A few \ e«p [tiojd Jn tlie ! tain oil lhi rfr\ except the viiai i;()nuiln fame o wurae, hul non The limn b*nn plett; food Llki l n n i « i ! tn S.mtt e o u n t i v It- lar Cnlifontlti It ' of proleltt tn t c e n t of f n t nnd rtrnle ThiiH id proi«r |)ro)M»ti rllcl. Us furl v per pound nit t In i|i HERALl : * . Daytime ?n *ell«li«Dlly ir Vrlth veitec c [ ' «e effect of J«t craze. Pt (beautifully tn [ w o o l etoi gett ·twtch shows . Jurquolae dot Ur nnd v«i,tci yellow, j

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