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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Saturday, May 14, 1859
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NEWS. NUMKKK UH . .., :... .- .•..- ,. l ... . ,. . . . .; - .. ,, . »»rf sn -UQ.OJUUBOM trim, >u> TUXU HOME. Uuly.Paiier., published every morning, except Monday. Tit-Weekly Puper, Mondiiy, Wednesday Mfl Fri'iUy • r^ every lliieidajriBomtng..** " ;, ft«ijy Paper lot one year, piyable in advance.. .. , v TEEMB OF TRI-WEKKLY PAPKE, : ixbaa op THK WEEKLY PAPER Weekly faptr for one year, payable In advance...»1,00 BATES OF ADVJEB TISIJVG JN DAILY Ten linef, orIWsVfljrKonpweil make a squire. "" 1 square, 1 month... 16,00 1 do. S montht.. 10,00 1 do. 8 months,. 18,00 1 So. 4 months.. 15^00 1 do. 6tnoDth».. 16,00 1 do. -p-mbntba... 20,00 1 do. 1 year.... 80,00 do. -8 day* ..... do. S-«l»r». ... 8,00 do.' *d»y...^.. S^O .do. Cdaya ..... 8,00 do. l-w«e»-.-.... '8,60 do. ' Sweets ---- 4jOO : dfl. 6,00" Ronnds &.§:doti, ABVFKX1SINC AGENTS. 165 Raadolph Ktrectt are avthorited to receive Adctrtltemtnte far Mtand all the Leading .I; -\ WABKMHA Intijia. —The ^wnrfwya that a boj named QustavuB Bennett^ aged ^aine '*****?'''$**- *° wvdrely injured by being thrown from a horse, neat Broo filed in*short Unia • ^ iMre. Hubbarf, isifeof 6, M. HubbairdVwaB thrown from a buggy on a pile <>f stone, when riding after a rnnaVay horse, and sevrerely injured about tbe h<jiaa r »pa ftoe. -^ ^w^t ft;.* e Mlnnejsbta Democratic State Convention l8;to tneetijat St. Vaul, on f the J7th .of August, to nominate the. following officers: A Governor, Lieut. IQovernor, .Seo'y of -.State,, State-Treasurer,Attorney Qeneral.two members of Congress, and such other officers as the convention may dram {expedient. I/A CBOI SB & MILWABKM R. R. Go's .A« fall andoompleVestitemerltof tile affoira o Ibis road, |from the President, N. P. Stanton It glres a general history of the road from the time_tUe pr^utJJaard of Directors qaing into Office) till now, and the financial condition h fall. . We Jearn from it that the Whole length o ;lhe r&aiTJib operation" is ' : 200' intlea; 1 ' Thf amount of capitol actually paid in is $7,8(15;* 400 70. • The*holp cost of the road; is $19 607,222^33. The amount of indebtedness is §12,668,741 47. Thu number of passengers and the ralaof fare is as follows r v .. i Thro' passeng'rs 8918, rate per mile 2 3-4 centa.. Way 108,910 " 8K2 --» a meeting of the Board of Aldermen j from The amount received for transportation is of Vie A'orOiweft, and are ike OILT CLCBtraXT authorized AgenU in Oie Northwest for a majority oflktm. mart IN TOWN 1 AND OUT OP IT. M. H. POVEBOT, EDITOR. Meteorological Kccorrt, for May, 1859 kept bj C. H GARDIXEE 4 CO., Drugglita, IB Spring SA.K. 44°* THIRKOlUTSi. S P. M. 48= a AB the Dutch man said when her broke jail and got in a place of safety, " no pun-ith- mail here." J3P~ The gutters in some parts of the Third Ward need cleaning In gome places there are as many different smells uu lies iu & republican newspaper. EFFECTS OP THE WAR.—The bakers of Chicago, in consequence of the rise In flour, have advanced fall 20 par wnt. on the price of bread. large salt- ot hardware wil> be continued at Hood'&Auction Rooms this morning at 10 o'clock and also this ereniug, at early gas light. number of the Albany, Green connty, 7V»«w, contains the val.'dictorj address of J. S. Dexlc , who retires, leaving the publication of that paper in the hands of Y. S. Lacy. In Essex county, Mase , the value of the wild pigeons, annually captured in $20 • 000. In some towns 3,000 dozen are taken every year. They bring about a dollar a doz- eij in the Boston market. on the 9th lost., Alderman Mederman offered a resolution declaring the north half of the | N. W. quarter of section C, town 6, range 22, in the 8th Ward; also lot 9, hloolt 46 Walfcera :Point, pablio nuisances, and ordering the same to be abated within, thirty days from the first publication of the resolution. Which was adopted. The above was omitted in printing the pro. oeedings. TH« BrcKLST's.—Last night this talented and favorite band of Sorenaders closed a successful week in this city, and to-day leave for Detroit. We commend the Buckleys to oar brethren of the Press, They are gentlemen iu every sense of the word, pay their bills, perform all they advertise to, in an agreeable, artistic style,' understand their business, and attend to it. It is seldom we feel like saying "this much of a concert troupe, but in this instance we could gay even more, an i leave much unsaid that would rebound to tbfeir eredit. May good lurk attend them GOOD CHANCE TO MAKE Mover.—Wm. Henry, who owns that nice uatine bouse close by the Lake Shore depot, is to l.-ave for the sou i h in a few days, and offers hia establishment for sale He has done a ttp-top business —has made money there, and any one who will keep things up as well as' he has, can for a very reasonable sum, get into a good paying business. Call and see him. Passengers Mails. , ; Property: $2Q9,745 19 -7,678 98 277,864 03 "ALL THE VKAS ROV.VL. "—Dickens' new serial, published simultaneously with its appearance in London, by J. M Emerson & Co , 37 Park Row, New York, if before us. Tb«< world-wide refutation of Dickens cannot b added to by anything we could say, BO well U he known as a writer of genius. It can huhac for 5 cents a number, er $2,60 per year. It is worth three times that sum. Total. $491,288 2Q The total receipts from other sources, such as telegraphing, bridge toll, rents,* and gale of securities is $74,826 60. The ainount of freight carried has^beeii 88,480 tons. The amount paid is as follows : For repairs of the roftd $61,63260 7,314 42 30.276 13 27,153 54 17.5*4 45 6,688 36 buil.ji. _ engines' cars Fuel Taxes For purposes uot enumerated above 35,878 20 Int. on first mortgage bonds 76,000 00 Milwaukee city and second mortgage bonds 101,980 00 Milwaukee city and third mortgage bouds Interest ou insured indebluess 4,301 62 Wages of employees 78,520 78 • Once three Christian- were put In a fiery furnace for praying three times H day. We know of more than that number who will stand a chance of getting into a hotter furnace some day, who hardly ever pray. ELABORATE —Our hvmor-aas frieud of the Sentinel, has been itch ing for several days to •ay something sharp, and yesterday morning said it. He should be amiomled at oncts, as smart children often die young. - S3ST A well known politician of Mississippi, in a recent speech before the sovereigns, said: "Your woolen goode are nearly all cotton, your linen shirts are now made of cotton, and your Bilk-hats are Dearly three-thirds col- ton." SUSPICIOUS.—Yesterday morning at an early hour the police found the carcase of a cow partly divested of the hide, on the dock back of Stevens' lambet yard, on River street. The oow was of a light brown color, about four yqprs old, with short crooked ho&s. Thomas Morgan, of Scott county, Illinois, who is said to be worth $75,000, and who was sent to the Alton penitentiary for an assault wi^h intent to kill, &o., died in prison a few days ago, 6»ys the Chicago Journal, and his body was sent home for interment. GOOD TEIKQ.—A party of ten men at Fox Lakej challenged any like number of men in the place, to a game of base ball—one hundred points—the losing party to pay for the suppers. On Monday, the game *aa prayed, the challenging party being beaten nearly two to THE WIDOW ANI> THE BISBOF.—Th<r wrath of wicked men was not the only obstacle against which the pioneers of Methodism hac to contend. Of this, the case of Bishop Ash bury affords a memorable example : "In Virginia there lived a certain widow, "fat, fair and forty," who thought hersel every way qualified to make an old man happy But as the Bishop did not seem to see it, she wrote to him a long letter staling her views, and ended with the off.-.r of her hand, heart and fortune The answer was to the purpose It contained only these words :" "Good woman, let me alone." ^^^^ F. ASHBUEV. HOBBID.—The hydrophobia is raging to a fearful extent in Madison Liogs, wild, gaunt, bony, vicious, ugly looking, wander about the streets, with blood-shot eyes and red, lolling tongues hanging from their months. They bite each other—they bite cewa and horses— they bite men, women and children, and have become so dangerous that it is all a man's life is worth to walk the streets. Policemen dare uot approach near enough to shoot them, and poison is the only thing used to destroy them. Fifty dead dogs were carrfed off and buried in one day. The cure used by persons bitten, is to have a physician Immediately cut out the part wounded. as yon wnnld cut « rotten spot from an apple * PIKE'S PEAK.—The travel to Pike's Peak, through St. Joseph, continues nndiminUhed. The business of the ferry at that place for the week ending Saturday, the 16th ult , was as follows : Wagons 402.; cattle and horses, 2,133 ; hand carts, 27 ; foot passengers 3,072; 18,000 pounds deck freight. A DITOEOE. — Judge McCnne, at Sacramento, has granted to J. R. Harden bergh, Postmaster in that city, a divorce a memo et thoro from his wife Eliza C. Hardenbergh, for the reason that she had rfefaeed to I«av<? her home in New Brunswick, N.J., to join her husband in California. ,":.!• j.j..iiedu Cnien (Jmtritr nays that i. man named Philip Paasly walked overboard from the Northern Belie, while intoxicated, last Saturday night, below Prairie dn Chieu. A hand oo the W. L. Ewing f«Il overboard and was lost on Saturday at La Crosse. * A HEAVY REWARD.—The Bopton Fire Insurance Companies have offered $10,000 reward for the apprehension and conviction of the miscreant who set fire to the Mechanical Bakery, in that city. This is the largest reward ever offered for a like purpose in this oonntry. The evil doer will no dortbt be caught. r MUNICIPAL COCBT—His Honor Judge Foete presiding—Friday, May 13.—John Martin, drunk, fined $1 and costs—execution to issue. John Poe, an Indian, drunk, let go on parole, to leave the city. John Din, OD complaint of J David, for adultery, continued to May 16. Another of the Smith family brought up for assault and battery, fined §3 dollar* and costs. Mary Grassier, a remarkably pert looking damsel, with a young child in her arms, was brought up for assault and battery, but the Judge told her if she would leave the city immediately th« case would be discontinued.— She promised to take the first boat for Buffalo. Greeley left New York on the 9th on hie tonr to the Pacific. He goes'first to Kansas, thenoe to the Pike's Peak country, Utah, Carson Valley, California, "and prohaby Oregon, returning by way of Arizonia, and the Southern Overland Hail route, sent about four months. He will be ab- ) j, • MtJKDEB IK &ICK1AHD CotJSTT.—The Rich* land <?6»<rwrof the Ifltb ioBt. says; A Mr. Ernest Herlitr, who was living alone in a cabin about -8 miles from Richlnnd, was shot in the face by Borne person with two -balls, and after living in great agony until the next evening he erpired. He had no suspicion of the perpetrator of the crime, and no cine has yet been obtained as to who It was. WHO GOT tax MOKKT?—Qerritt Smith made complaint in New York last fall, while can- the State for Governor, that he had o aid the can fie of the poor in ho had never been able to discover where U had gone or what good it had done " putof the money hw since been accounted ] fai. Qctwaor Eobin'son, of Kansas, informs the pnbHe that <J«nerel J'm Lane has pocketed £fte tbanuand two hundred dollars in hatd cash »a*«t Brother Smith's pile. PONS.—It is remarkable that Sidney Smith, the pivot of wh ose excellent jokes was so of ten a pun, should have spoken ill of this kind of wit in his Lectures on Mental Philosophy. On the contrary, Hood, the most prolific and the most ingenious of punsters, def-nded his je« de mots against all antagonists. Only dull people, he insinuates, are opposed to puns — "His not wonderful," he says, "that people dislike (wo tenset who with difficulty understand one;'' a sharp saying and logically as well as wittily gut Undoubtedly bad pnnj are a bore. So is bad grammar; but that proves nothing against the genuine thing. All attempts at wit by dunces are offensive, whatever may be the kind attempted. Bunglers bring all manner of fine arts into disrepute; and punsters who have no wit—who are mere word-manglers—are responsible for all the odium which attaches to puns. It is something to know that puns have never gone out of fashion, and that the art has been greatly improved by modem scholars. Cicero made puns that Swift would 1 have been ashamed of. The pans of great authors are, most of them, clumsy enough; while PnneK't puns are often perfect. Jerrold's best jokes were based on puns. So were LamVs, and Foote's, and Quinn's Though Johnson professed to bate puns, bis best retort had a pun patent at the bottoms it. li : J8 ra|herjate, in the.cday to expect much originality in anything; yet' there are many clever pang to be made yet. THIS NBW MABOHIO! HAH.—We have—per special dispensation—been permitted to take a- hasty inside look at the new Masonic Hall now fitting np in the building recently erected by Mr. H. Palmer on; Wateratreet. Itis truly a commodious and well finished hall, partion- larly the extra finish jby those crack plasterers, Messrs. Oeo. H. Jones and J, Warner.— The ceiling and walla look like enamel, reflecting beautifully. The Hall, when entirely finished, with the splendid carpeting, will' be one of the most appropriate and tasty for the purpose designed, that is now in the State, and will reflect great credit" on the enterprise and spirit of the brethren who compose the Valley Lodge. When completed, it will also he occupied by theBoyal Arab Chapter,.recently " CHEATUO AM. Boraw.—The black repub. iieans, as the JHnw^styles them, i«f llassaebn- eclts, have only kept i word with the Americans. They promised ipretty much the same thing betja, and committed themselves to the ciple «t Syracuse, ibnt in New • York they 't keep faith, and ,In MassaobnEtlU thiy ' $436,299 09 Salaries paid to each officer exceeding l.,000, and amount of each, an< as follows . President $0,000 00 Manager 3,300 00 Cashier 1,'750 00 General Freight Agent 1,6$0 00 General Ticket Agent 1,058 34 General Eastern Agent 1 062 00 Local Freight Agent 1,200 00 Chief Clerk 1.200 00 .Secretary and Treasurer 83,000 & 1,200 Assistant Sep'y & Treas'r 1 500 & 1,000 General A«;ent 3.000 & 1500 Attorney , 3,000 & 1,500 Transfer Clerk i, : 500 The amount of loss in th.> Company from easuality, ratlle killed §150 00 No passengers, and hut two employees of the road have been killed since the present board came in power We should be glad to tive place to the report of the President upon the affairs of the road, but are looking for room. Those interested can doubtless get the statement by applying to the Manager. tigatingwmmitteehayingiaken mo t>y snr. ' TheLa (Orpsee Cota^iiy'hay ing; thug, without any X | ?«9?J,'Of In 'P e ) f n ' '^' r own value on my oiaim, and tendered me, unasked, the amount, it is very plain they -are no w estopped from calling in goestipn their own act so done. ;I«m, however, far irqm wishing to avail myself of such a_ plea; .on", ttio.^BO,ntrary I •tnvSte the failiwt enquiry:'! With thla view I propose '- -'-- ' -' -'-'-' *- Ai Jxteclprocil agreement^ of 'estoppel against the to y do, to enter into waivm Co.; .they agreeing iu like manner to hold me in uo i way Tjarred from estsbligfilng my claim againstthein oftrhSbli'tnat on tie Watertown road formed a part—or, I will refund the bondi, or tht> market value of them at thr time I receive them, if yon! ^ill'Mtiafy me ttiat any judgment I may obtain against 1 the La Crosse Co. will, 1» paid, tlnjler these propositions, to which I b^g'lha 'favoV of an early answer, the matter between the Co. and myself can be determined on its mfrits divested of legal technicalities./ There )s nothingjn the pecuniary bearing of the case about which 1 care. I do care, however., to vindicate myself from the implied imputation yoUr oommanication conveys, and this, as Blatters now stand, can best be accomplished by the judicial proceedings to. which J Invitejyou. I am yonrs very respectfully, (Signed) ALEX. MITCHELL Ch'n L. C. 4 M R.'R WM. A QUEST, Egq], N. y. NEW JADVERTI8EMENTS. Fire freparf inent Notice. THB lertrai Fite VmptnlM, cotniirlilDf the Unm-kee Fire Departmtnt, will meet on Halo itreel, bttvren Wisconsin «nd -- . _ etti, on Saturday, Il»j21«t, at 1 o'clock r. , K , for general uupecUon and review. mayM I -IH03. H. i,TiaTON, fjilef tagtn ^ — AND— DRY GOODS; &o. Wi*>cou«iit State Tele;ra|>h. O-flct,fru Dtmocrat Blade, MUmavitt. Couuertipns with oil t ines £.»t. k T HB Wlwoiiln flute Line* mo from Milwaukee to laCrone, toad da Lie ud Waupaa, on Rmllroad Booltj. Allo from Ullwanke* to JtneiTllle. Uadlsnn, Watertown anil Prairie da Cblea. BUtlons it all .m- pnrt»nt Inienfledlmte poloti. 18.19. NEW SPRING AND SUMMER DRT GOODS! MUSEMENNb . Office hours from 8 i. H. to S r. u. m»yl4-dtt ; _ A. WgLLBB, Ag^i t. Alex. Mttcbell'i Aluwer lo Nevrcoinb land. MILWAUKEE, 13th May, 185y. To the Editor of lite I perceive by your lafet evening's issue, that you havo thought proper lo copy some of Hi* reckless assaults ina<'e upon me of late in the New York papers, l.y Mr. New i*omb Cleveland. I am BOrprised that here, wht-ri- Mr. Cleveland is known, auy paper would do so. It is true that Mr. Cleveland made me a par- The Prairie du Chlen Courier of tb« 12th, briuga the following iotelltguncM of the state of the river afid the oonntry in that neighborhood: : .. • It is 1m :>osslble to hicle lha lamentable tact, that, the present high [stage of water in tbe Mississippi river la doing an Immense amount of damage at this poini. This time -'water lots" are "going up, 3 'but a friend oi ours who owns som« •'over the water," doesn't seem incl'ncd to take advantage of the "rise " Ttw watoi has rUvn higher than It has been known for years past; and still "trembles on the rise,' 1 in many places inundating gardens [they won't need atiy watering pots this season) flooding dwellings, and swallowing real estate far and wide, lu tbe vicinity of the Hound House, in the lower part of town, we noticed three houses Where the inhabitants lad been drowned out, and a fourth where hey had token refuge iu the second story, front street, in the lower part of town is only passable wiih boats, and the merchants hereabout are experiencing considerable damage in the filling of tboir cellars All the inlands iu Ilia riv-r are covered with water , and the channel here is over a mil« wide. The island opposiU. the freight dvpot a out of sight, tbe bridge loading ov r r to it is submerged, and tbe warehouse on tbe Island i B S a two or thr.* feet under water. Then- is a | sufficiency of waU-r at the lower landing. \v >, Tin/ main town is now an island indeed, tin- K * iridge across the sloiigti being covered with ! w.-iterat both extremities A few inches mori' if and it will he in danger of being carried way entirely. Had the embankment been -ffl upon each Htd« of Ihe elougb, and there ridged, (be water would not bav« been darned np us il now is. It would paj tbe town to lave this bridge properly fixed as soon as the ood subside*. The lat.-st intelligence from up nvt>r, bringn word tbat au increase of rise maj be expected, ae llie water above the lake id Verr high, and the Cbipp-wa U rising OHAJVCK T.» A Ditirable Eating Home for Sale. O THER and more Important business calling me §0"tb this.season, I t .ffer for tale my Eating Uotuo, corner of Bsrclay * Florida streets, close 07 the Lake Bbore Depot. The location Is one of the bat In the city—everything about the premliei It lo apple pie order, and a wide awske man can here and a chance to get Into a good paying business right along-. The property oonalita of a dwelling and. an eating bouse, and will be sold rcry oheap. Enquire on the premises at once of WM. HENttV. | Milwaukee, May 18. ISM. _ mayl*-d4t NOTICE. Crrr CojtpraoLijut B Ornca ( Milwaukee, May 12,1819. f T HK following is t> schedule of lots In Ihe Third Ward of the city of Milwaukee, which hare been 178 L.. Ka»l I7« ilILW/H.'KEk, I S NOW receiving one of ihe Urges; au 1 Uesi a«l«vied Stocks of Goods eTer br^ujfht to this, to whi< h will b«t from titce in umc, .lurintj t -AT Y O UNG 'S HALL, Grand Perform anr« of BV THK TUHNKJt s<x:iKTY At Young's Hall, Tuesday Evo. May 17 IM'.Of. U »TJT1 | . f*«T . 1 — Neplunii fiml Amphltnt^ •J - Musnrlon 3 — Bnttle ^t ih.« Atnn^'.fM 1 — Fl»« Ho'ld .? LllM tjl, I. [,.«!! O.. i — •*'. Q«orhf»» tl^ht ntt '.li- f'ra^ . il — Battle ',t r^#.rm"py'a' --*Mr .1 t- The D.-luij... - — .Lamooo. -' — Herman vnmnnsh.ui,' 'ti^ rt. .in 1 %n.l V.n,,., •t— B»ft'» .f Bun«*r Hill declared pabU£ nabaoce, la cootequence of water and filth thereon* and the amount iet oppotste each lot, !• th«<amotiQt of beneflu which catd lou will derive bj b^ngflUed, mMdent to abkte the laid noli- ance. JOHN McQRATH, HIANOIS JlcCOBMICK, Street ^Cammlfatonflra. The Latest Novelties ! Our UTiugemenu Eut are >ucli thai >e r<>« n> caiir>T.Tlo«, a< we bare a boytr constantly m the tnark«t. We are determine^l tu jfi?e our CQHIOIUCM THE LARGEST AMOUNT ut' OouOS &g~ A full Bin. I << Mil, Jurlng th^ i>erf..rni , !«• *n.i 1 XuJi'AMIlS - Pj I .,'! U- . '•'•• l!n:. Ticfceti ' ' <••• la ! if 't V»n Col.'., H N ll-m,,, Hpus^. »n-l &t thr I., -r It .,„• ill h« l-atr-but^.j may U t i lt.\ .N 1 > SWA«.I.RI«I- AtnouN-r wr U H Eutnn W 20 of E i W It of JJ Mi NH Block 44 lu u i 4 n t, N 2u, frunl z 15 tii tc^r S 2U o( N 40 ft tl N 11 front 1 tl Itj r^ar N 20 of 8 6u N 20 i,l 3 40 r «nef1u t34 BO •24 60 S3 UU ISO 00 Iu5 liU •_>S9 ID 660 00 •J80 00 8T8 10 24 00 MO 00 1*87 70 987 10 1,135 lu 1-185 lu Sft 'Mi Ku n« •UM 00 •J8.I 00 '.'SO IX) 46C fl •>Sil m> WO OU 1«0 Oo \U, 40 [111 6)1 t-n> i<) 25O UU •tS» 10 •M Ou W7 7u m Til 873 lu 560 IK) 111 UO 111 iv M UU DRESS MIUDS I Distribution of 70 Magnificent Prues MILWAUKEE CADETS HA.LJ. In very full %n-t *ur*cti v e , o-int iluin(f BlatH 411.1 /4 cy "ilhi. Tissues. Bareges, Dtrlai e^, Challles, Cn*h ruerea Lu woi, urzandlei, Robe '>!«' Pa CM ttohtf %' guill, Brilllante, lc , ». IN 01. U' A1.BANY Frid;i> 3 I IN Will be (uuij.l Iriifi Lingua, Li lie ftble Cloths, Ci n«h, Puy^es, i ! CLOTH ! l» a full slock .1 I J«anj, ar IN THK DEPARTMENT i N o i • I; and TlaiMilla 840 60 00 OBASD EXCAMPMK.ST OF THE OF MAUT\. AT MixitBHAiiA FALLS.—We are ertivmely i gratified to learn tbat tb« officers of the Grand j Consistory, S. of M. have selecte . a upot in i „ the North West where delations from all j si*,^ parts of the Duited States, Canada, Mexico and I N X Europe wiH meet about the middle of July, to j arrange tbe preliminaries for "the expedition." ' NS or6i< ot t ao Th a plane chosen is on a plain adjoinine the . -J n of E ». F«1U of Minueliahi in Jllnnesvia — rendered .N SO of * 9J WSOof E «0ot 3 0 la 60 9U '!' •US M 4)1 f,i .6T4 7u 1.4 rj, lit *. * c fiavr S ftoe IMnrt'nfil ..f Ijr... rn. i.. Silk, St-lla. Pair f»n.-y [W I-r, ClK ^ha«l«. Duslen [_»<•- tn.i Ji!k Wp have ali4» a Tull %«« irtulent .< llo*i«ry. <il<j\e^, \"-t:jl». - i H r*. OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT .3 L*«I 51. ALLT n, L ^i 111. t:.i..,i i DRY UOJDS AND YANKEE NOTIONS, •lassie and poetical by tbe genius of Lmit ty to a suit brought by him in the United St»tes fdUow , a bright and shining light in the o.d^r. s S, my answer, * f c . . not bear tl, . «uii Whenever he D.-legatioiis from the Kast will stop over one 1 20 of t f in this ciiy. aa tbe second plar*» for a gtn- i I nieetini? "ill be ae.lecu*! by tbe masses of i „ { •rder,, and tlie great reputation i.t ibid city, - N s rovp» and Ukes, Ijave coinmruiied it to I Ml brethren as a snitabli- plac<: for th- eot'S.-- e j, w S. qu«at convention. We have bad a LVOV, rsa- uou wllL a high officer lu the Grand Consia- tory. «vbo (.bowed us lirtters from Longfellow, James Uonton Bennet, Oov. WisP.Wm. Walk- .•r of fillibuster notoriety. PorneT, of Phila- .Irlphla, and a distinguished Frenchman, now in tbi* country and traveling incofr'nto ne- I'rt-lely rupreg.:nting the interests of LoHis Na [X)leOn—all proposing to be preaenl on the j i.ocasiou. Excursion tifketK will !»• issued by i I lie various railroads to members of tb- order j unly, and their ladies who during ibe rnnvo- I E so of w itu ration will bave an opportunity to witnn-ji tbe | E 8n nf w IS" lieautifnl scenery of Jlinneiota — Mad'ton Ar- * ° Court. Although asMit.-d by Mr. Cleveland'.? attorney that tb» suit was not designed to nf feet me, 1 cho did long since, au. Cleveland presses ready to try it, I am It is a trilling affair, about which I take little Jieed. My short connection witb Hie La Company is well understood L, re. 1 bad iiotbini; u< do with any corrupt appliances brought to bear upon tbe legislature, eitb^r in the promise or the performance. 1 soon found tbat ! had only a nominal place m tbe direction, and resigned. Nor bad I reason to be surprised, as I only went iui-o tbe tx>ard to protect the interests of the Waturtown Company. I append a copy ol my answer to Mr. Guest, which will ezrjlain more clearly my relations WHAT'S IN A NAME.—A man nam-d t'bil- In the matter.' "I" 1 ! charged wil b murdering his wife at Cain*. i . ,j .L . T t • ' fcnd a man named Hanna. who recently ea- I am told that I am made a party to a «u,t I cap| ^ from Ja|| 8( ^^ were ^^ ^ brought by Mr. Cleveland to set aside the third mortgage of the La Crosse Company.— But 1 have not been served witb any papers in the case, although the snit was begun nearly three weeks ago. My pecuniary interest in tbe mortgage is only nominal,received by me at par as a creditor of the company. I hare taken Borne, interest in it for two motives first, because some friends wbo were unfortunately large creditors of tbe Company, desired my advice , and secondly, tieoanse I desired very rnnoh to see go itnpor tanl a road fall into honest and capable hands. [t hai cost me some trouble, and a good deal of abase from Mr. Cleveland, and *uch as For this i can receive no recompense beyond tbe consciousness of having endeavored to do some good. , Mr. Cleveland has the reputation of being a quarrelsome and litigons man. He may indulge his peculiar temper in assaults upon me, and in suits against me. His libels cannot affect me where either of as is known, and hia claims against me are purely fictitious. ALEX. MITCHELL. of s 40 r t *, F ! K A P l/< > K j.i. ni. i:« •:*••! v,,, r ' Kl> M . ;l »'- I'- ' A H h 80 of W 12u 1'ifniia a few days ago, endeavoring to tbeir way to falritint, and a man was arrest- e<i in this city accused of horse stealing at Curthage, and was sent back by way of Warlaw. All this occurred in Illinois.— Clticayo Timei. S W [COPT.] MILWAUKE* Sept 15, 1858— Dear H,r.~ Oo my return from Europe, a few days ago, 1 'ound on my table your letter or July 13tb, requesting the.Tetnrn of certain bonds received by me from the I»a Crosee E. R. Co. Too have not beeu pleased to asiign any reason for making this request, and being my- eelf ignorant of tbe existence of auy, I shall decline to comply with it. in doing so however, I deem U proper in justice to myself to take this, tbe first opportunity I have had, to state and explain my position in this natter, which I shall briefly now do. My very short and as it turned out in a great measure to be, nominal connection with lie La Crosse Co., commenced with the consolidation with that Co , of the Milwaukee & Watertown R B. of which I bad been a Director for four years preceding At the tirnu this occurred I had a claim for a targe amount on. the laiter Co , id connection "with seUiqgita securities and'purchasing iron i;n New York, and for other important special services rendered, time spent, and respouBlbiltittS incurred taring a period of four years, of which th» [(B'Crosse Co^Were fully aware. >' The La Crosse Oo. having by the terms of the articles of consolidation agreed to pay All th» ialilities of the Watertown Co., thus beeamo table-to me for my claim and although a just ind valid claim, I never made any .demand, on. hri La Crosse Co. for it, and in trnth never ia The La Crosse Company goon afterwards applied to oar I^gtslatnre then in session to have he North West La'nd Grant conferred on thnn, audJmoBt folly concurring with the general gen- imentliere, thai this.waa the best disposition that could iwjibade of the Grant, 1 spent some time tndeavorlng by -honorable means to induce the Legislature so to confer it. In doing this 1 was notjworkimj for pay, and the idea of oompenMtlonwaa twer*llua«d to by any one, or thought of by ms. . however, tbe La Oman Comptoy.* volunUrtly rendered me opmpen»atioo, on the ground tba4 I was'entiUedto ba paid, and that the Compt ny, with thei(r valuable Land Grant c«nld af. ord to 'pay 1 ins. " Under sooh ; oiroaiMtances hera did not appea* lo me any Impropriety _^ ___ « __ ' .». A\i— !»*..!. -M At. -r_ n __ rl .^y ageeptlng at tli« handa of the La Crosae Cb m .. pany. what^iBgwrdedas .fafrjy p winged W x-togthen onaware.of any thing 5 in. their con- duet oi -nanigament to cause.m« to,heait«te on the subject, 1 the report «f tke'-reoeatlnves- CUSTOM FBOU OVEB THE LAKI.—We learo that a considerable quantity of varioas kinds nf goods was purchased by our visitors yesterday. Among our houses patronized, we mention Seaman & Wing, Oooderich & Tur i ry BoKWorth i Sous, J«well, Rice, A Co., liliaiu, Palten & Black, and Miles & Armour, who received large orders from the merchants from Detroit, Grand Rapids, and other places ou tin) Detroit j- Milwaukee Railway. Formerly, thes» parties wern supplied fnun Clii- c.igo, but on making a trial here tli»y found that they oould do bettor. The 1). & M R. R Co ar« charging moderate rales, and are disp'osed to foster the business—and we trust that this is the forerunner of a large traffic with our friends iu Michigan. > «0 W M R40 I * 12 11 i 12 11 4 li 11 t 13 1 11 1 » -1 1 t - t i t ^ 4 II * I'.' 11 41- lo W 19 1 1 1 11 I 1 < •!" ill i" ;»<> m ^•'( lu j-< 10 4T>< 2U . •' "tl l<ki ..I- 468 .'<. VH i«i K \LK11 in rr. . K a-.J of tioaril of >-LH i > \:: I > I . K H . MY May !-*<..-•, »t ! , M i i' .(ft, In.,. K M i in ui 4'n w ,r»l f ' I'-ll tr». <><•[ '**, l^SH. cin -urr-0 n r:nuo Nov. 1, l.^6>i E L'H II > IIOIV6R. L' .cij, r .1 : 100 i« S,03) lo •J .150 uip .173 lu JS W n oo 77 70 M Ou 80 Su 13 00 ISO 20 11 OU n yi 14 1X1 81 lit K. L'H. GARDINER, C um ptoller. ! \voit us r ( A i!Te»l many U»mtd truvljcs h«ri? been «r«- teD, explaining tbe origin uf, and classifying the worms ffenerabnl In the buman lystem. ^c&ruely any topic of medical aclenee- has ellected more acute obaerration and profouded rffearch ; and yet phy«lclani are Teryniach dinded in opinion on [he tabjecC Itmut be admltttd, hovevcr, that, after all, a mode ot expelling these wrirm*. and purifying the bojy from lh»*r pre*«nce, la of more Taloet£&Q the vlselt dtfqnlaitloiu 04 to the origin. The expelling agin! hai at length been found— l>r H^Lane'l Firmifngt, prepared by Fl«»nl'.g Br •. la tbenincb sougnt after »pr<-lflc, and baa already taper seded all otber vorm medicines, tfflcaoy belrg unj reraally acknowledged by medleal practltionen. Purr.ha.eri will be careful to uk for DB. CELEBRATKD VERMIFCOK, manufactur- SpAttTA HEEALO.—We fear our np countrr ed iy rLKMiNQ BBCS. of P,tt,bar k h, Pa. All other nn mn* a w »:li j,~» i i .1- i .ii " Vermifu es In comparison are worthless Dr. M'Lane's emporary will not belp the pleasant vilaea „ , . _., r v " geanine Vermlfn(t:,aUo his r«| F brated Uvir P Us, can of Sparta, by pitching into parties who vi«it | now be hmd at .j, rr . pcct » 01< . draK iU>rw .v^. that place for the pleasure of trout nshini- Thu Herald objects to a party fj-om Milwaukee taking away 120 Ibs. of trout at once, and rather meddles with w.tiat is uone of its I>u*ines9 — The party alluded to, sp^nt in Sparta, for fi.ih, living, fishers, oarriagH hire, etc , $115 —quite a little help to any Village. To be sure, it took two days io do it, but Sparta was that much ahead, when they lelt. The Herald. is too wide awake for tut good of the town, this time at least. MASONIC BKQALIA.—Yesterday we saw one of tbe handsomest, best made Masonic regalias our eyes ever beheld. It was made for Bridgoman, cpndnctor on the i.a Crosse road, by James M. Oinn and the solid silver ornaments, beautifully engraved, by Loomis & Hoe. |t U a beauty and no mistake. The reason Germans, are better musicians, on brass instruments, than Americans, is because they are natural toet-om. ' - PAPER WAREHOUSE' Hadrord.Bldckmarr& Co., (1ATB HARBI80S, HAHFOED & OO.) Connected with HAiHRISON. HANFOHD <&CO., . OVYAUOQA FALLS,.... .............. OBIO H AVE ripened tuS. Albany lloek, Michigan itrcei, on po§lteS«wh»imua»«,ftlkrg6«ock: of ; Soot, Jfnte, Cover, . M*>, ledger fajnin, ''riot £at*, folio ~ Which wHt be loldTery low. OotuUnt addlUooi wll b« maflttd the rtoek to meet the want* of the trade. ' • ^"Printers, and others ar« invited to :«all Hurt «• arBtntfnrgtor* »nrt nrlee<. j aprl* AUCTltitt «>JF Aociloil Bo»m»,No. 4 Spring it, on tThuridiy -aor»tng, Hif |8tb. at 10 n'el - . all «t aoctlio, • generil aMortmenl of ho nltnre; 'elock. I wljl a«hora toe- 1 may 12 . genuine witJiovt tAe lignaturt of [1] m»yl2-di»lm FLKUINO BROS. IIU.T1BO*>UT AM> llOOn.AKIU. WHICH li the p-eatwt f While the one has explored the a'Qoat Iniccesslble moantalu regions af South America, and added largely lo oar geographical koo»l- edee, the other baa given his attention to the mitigation of banian nnfferinft, and in his Invention of the famous G«nnan Bitters, known In the country as "ffoo/- lantl'i Bitten," had conferred in Inralaahle boon upon mankin'l. DjBpepsia, I.lTer Complaint and Nervous Debility art »p^dily aad permanrntly «:ured by this remedy. For bale by druggists and dealers rn medicines everywhere, at 79 cents per Lottie CITT S d'a Ornci, I Contract Department, Milwaukee. May 13, I860, f EALED proposals will be recdTed at this efflce until Wednesday, May Igth, 2 p. n. for dotnft tbe following nnflnlihcd port'oni of work on -Vttts street In the Fourth Ward, from FIIUi street t« Deyenth street, Tiz : The sidewalk) to lie curbed and planked, and gutter* paved, according to the estimate of g ty Engineer, on file In this office; said work harta? teen ordered ny the Board of Councilors, July S2d. 18S8. an4 concurred In bj Uw Board of *l<l«nnin, July S«th, 1J5S E. L'U. OAUDINKK, OomptroUer. BUCK B'fi K R, AT BEST'S BEER HALL, Marktt jireef t North of Biddle^ ON FKIDAY KVKNINa AND AU* DAY BATURB4Y. OaU and tnr. maylV?-d3l \ _____ - P - HB1NEMANN. Great I.AROU STdCK OF HARDWABE, AT AUCTION. W tLL be told it Auction at Hcod's Auction Rooms No. 4. BprlriK -itreet, commencing on Friday, morning, it 10 o'clock, and copunoiug triday er. mog and 8atard»r mo'iilnff uiderealnft, the entire itock of Hardware of A. IW, from Walker%.po4at. The atoek embrace* evety rartety of Sbelf Hardware, and eTery tletoripiion -ot CaUne; Ualeri an I House BaU*enHard» ajf j Ctrpentcr*! Toota, -teei^rontKaiM, OlM'ito m&Jteapa veil •norted itocfc of Hurdirare •nd Cutlery. •Sales tu W c J. HOOD. Auctioneer. ,ljtn«. mayM HOUSES TO KKNT. baT* MTeral trick «o4 »ranw Home* to rent on Tery rtM<m»N» temt. Weh»Tealioft)rifJ» ' HOOJM, ClT? .)U PTHn J.BK ^ Coiiiraot D-parlment. .May ix. K \I.KL> pr.ip-Miiia wtll t<? reCKiTrf'l it ifi Ui d»turJ*>, U»j ^Ut, ai 1" , M lor .c L-Uy wtih tw., ^ralei '»r w-i^hm^ Uj , ,.> -,n* now in use m Ihe Seventh W*r*l K. L'ti. (lAaDINEK, C-. i. JTT C" . r'-.. i '. >»'- Lititr^/i I'fpar"tn»*ni, May I* h t A ' t 1) prop**A t* ^* ' 1] t>tr r*c** v «-. | • ' : fi • - WeanridBy. Mav IS, nfly, u H> 4 . u , r-t.rn\tcs of Che City Eo ( u< .-r ^n file >n ih«* '''.mutr Irr • Offlor, »ald work having trecn onler»fa by '-h B-" i.f Coancllors, Jone 12, IsiV*, »r,J oi»wcurre*J ,r, \ Biard of Alderman, Jun« 14, ISS-v & L'H iiv, 1. .N A 1 • J ' Uontracl Department. May U,lb.V» \ Toposals will t>« rroeiT^J »t th.-t >ili.-.- tl We.|n«-iday. M»j 18,18^9. at 11 * M. f-r ; >-£ the followinjj unfinished work on Slit!. s*t . n ; r *.Ward, between Sycamore and Clybouru *ir-f i, . .* - t..« iw.fcjr •, on file In tbla office. » *i-t «<TII r.., -,- ln« btet ordered by the Board of Coanrimrs, Jul\ ,'.. l"i5S, and cocoorretl In by the Board of Aidm m\n } ^ •; 28, 155S. majl3-(]it B L'H. GAaDINER, Comptroller _ Cont<a«-c Deparim»nc, May 13, MS*. \ S EALED proposals will b • r^r-ivd «t this Mtrict> ur>i;l Thursday, May i9 1659, a: 10 » M . f .«• MIU,; ui? , f.»llnwlne unnmihed wnrkcodixth tt , 4ih Ward, fiuTi ; tu be graded to the citub (shed (rrail**, ^iitew alk^ i-urt- ed and pla&ked and fruiters paT>?d, according to the et- ttma<eof the City Caffinevr. on file in this <>mce; ^ani work havlaic b*en orderrd by in* Bot»rJ M i''«mjcil»r.. Aug. 18. Ib68, and concurred in r>y the B »rd if A i mayl3-dtt" K. L'H. G ARD1N> B. Comptmlu r Crrr ConrTa^Li-Ka'a OFFICB, Contract Depanment, Mtlwaulcec, May lu, l-s'jy t «^ HA LED proposal will be received at ih-s tn - .urt.i to Monday, IViay \6lh, a. lu o'> lock A M , T>>r ' he f- p ilrlng of men punt *I(lew&lk< tn thr >tn W 4 r-1. a* may be nt-Crssary, by taking up and r.-iaynrir 1 »» plank and furnishing new piank whtrr- r^m r«-<i. «>.>] also for c.eanlrg Uir side waits and jpjuers rr? M ,-T*cr propovaJfl will he recelvfil at i!it- sauic un>« tn«t pia.-*-, for cotutmctmg oew plaak sidewaiO en Kc Q.) iu Lie avennea, where owtier* h*vp Tailed to "i^iplr w-tii *hr order o( the Common Coan<~il rodd* tn th- year l.MSH. i K L'H GARDINER. , mayltMit Cum ;•( ruder (. ITT (JnMPTttOLLKB 1 * OFFICE, I Contract Deparuiie t, Milwaukee, May 1- . 1S^9 M On Petition of Property ffohtti 1 S KAtKD proposals will he receive I at this •>ih.--*'. uiitn Nay Uth, lS5p t at 10 A. M , for opening, tit-arm repairing.and clr»«tnft.asewer running in front •>( htm- liVJ, Milwaukee si and a sewer rani-ing thrtmj(h ti.-' 16, tn the 3rd Ward of Che City of MUwau><-f. Ui< muslbt&tc price pur liniat toot fur cleaning, «n<< pr DT lioial foot for repairing, with old anrl new mat rial. Pariit-a must bid fur each sewer mperate y maylO-dtl K, L'fcl. GAROtNKA, Cbmpt oiler CITT CoMpTROLiaa's OFFICK, t CoBtraci Department, .Mil.,M«y 11, 1V^. t 8 BAD ED (.ropoaals will tw racetv*tl «t thia office until Saturday. May 14th. 11 A. M , for constructing lewvr throng h Oblcapo sine', in the Third Ward, in front of Eaat H of lot T, block 45, and half of the i-r»f» Ing of alley In said block, the Above work having been o'd«r«d by the Board uf Councilors, July 2^*1. 1*3** and concurred In by the Board of \ldenntn, July -SUt, 1S5S ; said work to be done la accordance «.fh EU^J nrf r''i estht.aae oafile In thi* office. mayll*.4U G. L'H OAaulNtCtt, Comptroller N '. ri I: CHARLES QUENTIN i CO. K li ( A KSO \ ' ; '*-. I IT 1 Jt£2 ' x \ . ADVENTURES Tbt- Kr .1 KIT CAKM)N, t^i ol tbr i -,Yl" K l Fi'K SALE 13.OOO ClTT CO3IPTBOLXXa'9 Of rtCI, I Contract Department, Mil., May Il,lsS». ( proposal* will bo received at thu oBka an O til Tucs.tay, 17th day of May, it II i M . inr-tri.i- inj the nnflnlibed portions of 2nd it , tml nlewalk«, from Cherry at. t to North line of ShermanN atlillt an, 6th Ward, to the established grade: abu «nv t .| J:1 IJ street* curb 8a>1 plank sidewalks, anil conatroc.t, ^tone gutters; laid work having been ordered by i he Board of • Aldermen. July 26Tth, l&o-i, concurred m by t <• Board of Councilors, Aui. id, 1SBS. in»yll dtt B. L'Ef. GARD1NKU. Comptroller. CITT CoxPTBOu.u'a Ornc-a. / Contract Department, Mil., May 11, 1S59 ) C^EALED proposals will bo re'e'Yed at this ofltco un- tO 1 1 Saturday, May Uth, 1S89, . 1 3 p. »., for grading fie anflnlahed portion of the alleys ; tnrou'h Mocka 41. 43 and 4a, In the Third Wwtt, to th* Mtsbllihe.l grade, accordln* to l In the Oompt estimate of the City Snglneer, on Die ler'« effica, the ibora work been ordered by the Board of Councilors Jane 12, ISM, «id concarred In hj the Board of AMerman, June M, 18U. mayll .dtt K, i.'B. GAEDISK!l. Comptr.ller CUT Contract Dspartmeul, Mil.. , 18S». S CALKP proposals wlU bs rec«lTeil at this office on ta Tuesday, M*y 17,-18B> allO 4 n. for grading th. nnflaiihed portion* of Sherman »lre«t la tbe Hixth *ard, ftomTninl itrett to las* 'Inie of Sherman's addition to toe esMbllihsrf grade ; laid work haTlng been ont red hytteBoardof CouncUorj, June21, 18A3, anil eoacnrredtu to th* Board of Aldermen Jane 38, 1SS-. BK»lt-(Itt «- V U. CAaVDISSm, Oomptnlter. »l,7.i To *i,.jO I'EK ACKK. '|>HE Juo^crllwr /Jc-i f..r ,»,' m '"' • ' •"•' "•"•'' I (er*. I3,UUU .4ore.< of .-noica 'i pr.,»..,! !:i,,.H eniral Wuoonam. .11 i «"»" <.l»»n>:.- »••> "'"'" pn e for .-!»«h »n i bought .ilrw^ fmiu itit.- 1 int'-l .-*tal.-i Ittillsuutable. they ar... Urstraul- i"U fm nu IIIIIIK an'.l aro in lha ml«l»' »f -t."irni,.nif .-itl-in.iitj, e^Til to schools »n.l mills- Mane tl 'll^st; '. rtiru) i ,r» within a few mi-.rt •' V iliiu,-*. Cairn', y Va Kmlroatl Depots. i uie perfeot. Warranty l'?«.Js ^-ili .»« ^iv.-n $I.Tf> t • I-.50 prr Aorf^ia liKK KNOW I.r. oi«yV- .•!** ll* I .11 .uiblii i o . W at-ui i\0flh ..KC 1H)N OK THK Western I ,A VVS \ II B will pObilnh about tHV J»th of >lay, -.tie Coll.. WT Uon, jpeclitl Property, Uanllnn mid Internt Lawa of Illinois, In.ll" 1 . Mlcbitptn. lona, Ulifonn'ti and Minne<uta. The «..rk <rvl .-untaln four hundred pagra, bound In l*» »t^lo '- w» 'ncludo all the ato Snaloo Laws.-»">' Temu ..( Cuurt. Ainu tho New Uortga«« Kedenjptlun an.i InturMt Laws of Wisconsin rrtc« $2,50 P >yable on delivery It »ill he jold unly br luhacriptloni >• the edition U limited. Mr Wm. ~ Walter I* aar only fiuthorlz.-Hl agent to reot-'lveA icriptiou., in He will canvas* tan* olty. JA3. T UOYT s OO.

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