The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on December 29, 1944 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1944
Page 2
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PAai^ TWO THE IPLA REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 29, 1944. Re^lar Services Folljowing Is the reKUlar Kbed- ule I ol; Sunday and mld-««ele services of aU lola cliurobes. ai ranged alphabetically. SlmUar buUetiiis from churches In to«ms oiher than lola appear uhder the heading: "Nearby Towns." Assembly of God Chmrb (Corner qolbom and Mbnrte.) P. D. Clopine, Minister. Sunday Services: Sunday school—10 a. m. Mornlne Worship—11 a. m. Evangelistic service—7:30 g', pL Special ihusic and sermon by pastor. Mid-VVeek Services: Tuesday night—^Ladies prayer meeting 7:45 p. m. Th a .sday night—Prayer meeting and Bible study, 7:30 p. m. First Baptist Churcn. (6 East Jackson) Stanley Forbes Taylor,, Pastor. Sunday Services: 0 -1=; a. m.—Sunday school. 8:00 p. m.— Evening aervice^ 10:55 a. m.— Morning wooBblp. 7 :30 p. m.—Evening service. Wednesday Services: 7:30 p. m.— Prayer, Praise, Bible bhidy. St. Timothy's Episcopal Church. Rev. Arthur H. Benzinger, Rector. Sunday Services: 7:16 a. m—Holy Communion. 9:30 ;•. m— Church School. 11:00 .1. ;n.— Morning Prayer and .Sermon. 11:15 i. m—Midnight Holy Communion. Her Joy Is. Uncohfined Chnrch of the Nasareoe. (329 Baa^: Viiftl n. O. OmdofI, Pastor Sunday juices: 9:45 a. m.—Sunday school. 11:00 fi. m.—Preaching. 6.4$ PL m.—Juniors and N.YJ»A 7:IS p. m.—Evangelistic service. &ud-wee]c services: 'T^ednesday-Prayer meeting. United Brethren Chueli (Corner Jad^n and Walnot) C. h. Heatherlngton, Pastor Sunday services— 9:46 a. m.—Worship and sermon. 10:40 a. m.—Sunday school session. 7:30 p. m.—Evening worship. Mid-weelt services- Wednesday—8:00 p. m. Sedtnd Baptist Chnreh (413 North Chestnut) !• ~ H Slrotlier, Pastoi? . ,--,;ii .a.v iiervices: , •• 9 45 a. m.— Sunday scbboL 11 00 a. m.— Morning worship. 6:30 p. m.—B. Y. P. U. Mid-week: services: Wednesday— Praise service. 8'pjn. Christian Chnreh (Jefferson School Auditorium), ii. W. Harrison, Pastor sijiulay services: 9 45 a m.— Sunday scbooL '.0:45 a; m.— Public worabiiL : 7:30 p. m.— Public worship. .Vftdnesday: •:. 7-30 p. m.— Mid-week Bible Study Chnreh of Clirlst (709 East Lincoln) Suuflay services: 10:00 a., ra.—Sunday Service. •10:15 a; m.— Song Services. 10:30 a.m.—Bible study. 11:30 a; m.—Communion worship. Nearby Towns Chnrch of God (HoUnesB' (Qas City) W. Ira Hammer, Pastor Sunday services: 10:00 a. m.—Sunday schooL 7:30 p. m.—fttsar.hing service. 11:00 a. m.—Preaching service. Tuesday: 7:3<> p. m.—Prayer meeting. (Signal Corps photo from NEA) "All Belfort IE fiee'" shouts the exuberant FieiUinvonlarl'tebove as she welcomes a doughboy to her home shortly after the Nazis weie driven irom the French town near the. German border Her husband and a nei.e.hbpr smile their apprdval. Elsmore Methodist Church. Edward M. Daniels, Pastor. 10:00 a. m.—Sunday school. Merle Ludlum, Supt. 11:00 a. m.—Morning worship second, fourth and fifth Sundays. itaaru ; Army Seizes- Montgomery Ward LaHarpe Baptist Church. J. Marvin Glass, Pastor. Sunday school 10 a. m. Morning worship, 11 a. m. B. T. V. at 7:00 p. m. Evening worship at 3:00 p. m. Prayer and praise .service each Wednesday evening at 8:00 p. m. Church of God in Christ (Comer of Douglas and Budceye) Slder C. Jennings, Pastor Sunday services: ;o-oo a. m.—Simday aeiiooL 11:15 p. m.—Preaching. 7:00 p. m.—Y. P. W. W. 8:00 p. m.—Worship ,«ervlc«. Church of Crod Hottnew (Fourth and Madison) Joseph Neden, Pastor 10:30 a. m.— Sunday school. 11:15 a m.— Morrfing worship. 8:00 p. m.— Evening service : 8:00 p; m.—Wcdnosday umyei aervi .:j. evening Gas Methodist Churcb Robt. B. Brown, Pastor Sunday Services: . 8 :45 a. m.—Morning Worship. 10:50 a. m.—Simday school. 1 Savonburg Methodist Church. Edward M. Daniels, Pastor. 10:00 a. m.—Sunday school. Mrs. Rebecca Harris, Supt. 11:00 a. m.—Morning worship on first and third Sundays. Free Methodist Chnreh I annier Sycamon ind -'^tftDipe) Rev. G. O. Mocule, 10 00 a. m.—Sunday schlppL 11:00 a. m.—Morning 7:00 p. m.—Y. P. M. 7:45 p. m.—Evening T\-orship. Prayer meeting and class meet- 113 (alternating Wednesdajn) at 8 ••\-lork p. m. Church of God (HoUness) LaHarpe, Kansas Miss Maude H. Kahl and Mrs. Mamie Alvine, Pastors. Sunday Services: 10:00 a. m.4-Sunday schooL 11:00 a. m.—Morning worship. 8:00 p. m.—Preaching. Wednesday: 8:00 p. m.—Prayer meeting. Iir.^t Methodist Chnrcih . adison at Buckeye) ; c ;,er iE. Sisney, Mlolster. >.:jiurch school at 9:4^ a. m. , V> )M'mu worship at 10:86 A. na. Mpthodlst Youth Fellomlblp Kt 6:30 p. m. W.ird Chapel A. M. E, Church. • Rev. H. W. Waite, Pastor.' . Sund .iy Services: 9:30 a.- m.— Sunday school. - 11:15— Morning worship. ^ (;:15—411en League. Mid -Weelt Services: • Wcdnesaay night prayer meeting, , Mi.s.slonfiry. meeting Ut and ^d Wednesday of each month. First Presbyterian Church. 1(302 East Madiaon) T. M. Shellenberger, Pastor, Sunday Services: 10:00— Sunday scbooiL • 10:55 aJ. m.— Public wondiip. ' 6:30 p. m.— Christian Endeavor. Si'\lciitli-Day Advi (501 South Street) -atirday services: 10 30 a. m.— Sabbath sctioeL !::30 a. m.— Preaching aerTlee. The SalTction Amiy 214 W. Madison Capt. Pearl Smith, Corps Officer, bunday: ' 9 43 a. m.—Sunday school; 11:00 a. m.—Holiness meeting. 7:15 p. m.—Young People's lie- Monday: 4:00 p. rii.—Olrl Guards. Wednesday: 4:00 p. m.—(3ooklng class. 7:30 p. m. —Soldiers meeting, prep class, prayer meeting. Friday: , • 7:00 p. m.—Corps OtMk. Trinity Methodist Clinfeli (Kentucky and Broadway) Robt. B. Brown, Pastor Sunday services: 9:45 a. in.—Sunday Mbocd. 11:00 a. m.—Worship oetvica. 6:45 p. m.— Youth FeQpwBbip. 7:30 p. m.— Evening worship. Fb^t Chnrch of (;JbuM,;0BlMitM r (Comer of ftast and Synauney Sunday services; • : 11:00 a. m.— MomJhi sarrliB*. *.Iid-week Services— ; Wednesday— Evening mwtlziK at 8:00 o.'cloct ., , ..... A reading room, maintalnad in £he church edifice, is opea. Saturday from 2:00 until 5 :66 p. oiL ^alem United Brethren CAnrcb. Robert Vance. Pastor. Sunday Serviced: l6 :od n. m.— Preaching every other Sunday. Sunday school every Sunday. .8:00 p. m.—Evening worship each Sunday. Prayer meethig 8:30 p. m., Wednesday. Claudp Marple and familjt Christmas day. .-iw rind Mns. W. J. Ross and family ^spent Christmas day with Mr. and' Mrs. Grant Dlckiii-^on, Milca-ed. > • Mr." sine! Mi-.s. Rnlpli. ^lorrlson and children of Kansas City, Saturday sfternoon holidays ' -with Mr. Morrison al.jd other Savonborg Friends Home Lutheran Church. Rev. Emerson Urelius, Pastor. Earl Ericson, Sunday School Supt. Sunday Sendees: 10:00 a. m.—Simday School. 11:00.a. m.—Morning worship. Luther lieague—Third Tuesday evening of the month. Dorcas Society—Every other Thursday afternoon, 2:00 p. m. Carlyle Presbyterian Church Rev. D. R. Woods, Pastor Ned Wiggins, Sunday school supt. Sunday Be^ices: 10.30 a, m.—Sunday schooL 11:30 a. mr-Moming service o-i fhst and third Sundays. 7:15 p. m.—Young peoples' meeting 8:00—Evening services on the first, second, and fourth Sundays. 'Ww is Newton Lafayette Ard was born July 3, 1845, in Morgan county. Missouri, and died December- 17, 1944, at the age of 99 year's, 5 montlis ; and 14 days. He was the son of j Charles C. and Susan Borrow .Ar(i who were natives of Wayne county. Kentucky. He was the third of U ; children and the last survivor of' them. all. He came with his parents from Mi-ssouri to Allen county in 18U1, seliling on Big creek, southwest quarter of Section 2, adjoining his j present farm. He received his education in private elementary schools \3X Missouri' and later attended school for a few month.s in lola. During the Civil war his parents both died within a few weeks of each other's dealh, leaving in liis care eight younger brothers and sistei".'^, tire youngest being two weeks old. The oldest sister having married, I lived in Missouri and the oldest, brother James was in the army. His uncle,, David Ard. having died in th-; war, his widow, Mrs. Mary Ard helped him care for the family. During the war he belonged to the F^rst Brigade of the Kansas Militia at Humboldt imder Capt. G. DeWitt. During the caMy struggles of the settlers he was among the leaders of the Settlers" Protective A.ssocia- lion. He was actively interested in the civic and political affairs of tl ^e conlimunity. He helped to lay out the Old Elsmore cemetery in tl '.f. early sixties, the town of Elsmore .i.' 1888. and his school district in 187). serving 39 years on the school board. He served as county commissioH '.r in 1894. He was justice of the peace for a period of linte, also town.ship trustee. From the date of his marriage he was active in the Farmers' Oranct.' as long as he was able. For some time he was purchasing agent of the Old Elsmore G^.^nge. He gave of his own time unstintingly for the up­ building of his community and county and was an example to younger men of public-spirited self- sacrificing citizenship. He was interested riot only locally but also in the larger affairs of country, only missing voting in one presidential election, Ijecaase of ill health, casting the 100th baHot in Elsmore township in his lOOtli year last November. He was married to Sarah Ann Burns March 30, 1871, who preceded him in death .August 5, 1903. Five sons and five daughters were born to this union, nine of whom sur- i Vive. They are Mark, James G., El- j berl, Herschei H., Mrs. MjTtle Hoyle, | Miss Olive Ard. Mrs. Hazel Ruth | Bochne, Mrs. Nellie Bacon, and Mrs. • Edna Ahnlund. Charles C. died at the age of seven years. He is also survived by 19 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. Four grandsons are in the service. Although not a member of any j. church, his life before his fellowmen: • ~ was an example of Christian prin- i " " , ciples. He expressed liimself as hav- ' niTT flTTK WA"V ing made his peace with God and "^^^ expected to meet his Christian parents and wife in the morning of the i Resurrection. ! The funeral was held in the Methodist church in Elsniore December 22. conducted by the Rev. L. H. Smith and assisted by the Rev. Edd Daniels. A quartet composed of C. M. Ralston, Earl Erickson, Mrs. Earl Munson and Mrs. Ernest Johnson, beautifully sang. '"Wliere We'll Never Grow Old,' and "The Old Rugged Ooss." Six grandsons acted as pall bearers. Burial was in the Elsmore cerae- I tery. Li,. CJ,\.iiil C.:.i.iij. iji SiMili St-rvice Conunand, tacks up.notice of gov- irunieiit -i izuii' ol Montgbm^ry Ward properties outside company's ;!i-;i.fiqU;ii;.-i.^ ill CiiicaSfi. Striking employees look, on.—NEA Telephoto.) spent Christmas with Mr. iind Mrs. Mi-, and- Mrs. Will Morrison and John Lyst. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph MoiTison Mon- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stanford, day evening, LaHarpe. .Mrs. Etna Marple, lola, ' and Mb-s Marple, • Wichita, -vvere dinner puests of Mi-, iind Mrs. Kansa .Sj came to -sijefld the • and Mrs. Will relative,?. Miss Ariiita Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Ross were Friday evening visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Bob G^rdsen and family, Mrs. Saraii Lust called on Mrs. I. N. Dicken^ Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Morrison and children, LaHarpe, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Morrison and children, Kansas CUty,, and Mr. Howard Morrison spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Will Morrison. Mrs. Etna Marple returned to her home in lola; and Miss Esther Mar; i pie returned to Wichita Tuesday^! Skinner of .Eureka,' morning, is speiwiing the holidays 'With her | parents. Mr. and Mrs. Cloy is Skinner. . • Miss Esther Marple ciilled on The Urut«d States, during 1940. produced 2,300,000,000 gallons of natural gasoline: i COEflECTION Model and t'ut-Ratc Grocery Ad of Thursday .should have rc:id— MORTON'S Sugar Cure- lO-Lb. Can 89c MORTON'S T«nder» <|ulck 2 '/'2 -Lb. Can 49c lOLA. KA.NSAS {Frances Halbe) HONOR I am the road to every lofty goal. Yet few are they who follow >?iere I lead. ? I am the dream of every noble !»ul. Yet few there are who ear,i' my sacred meed. I am the touch that .seals th • lips of strife; :I am the power that stay:* the hand of sin. ; I am the portals to the hlghe^^lh'e. The gate where only virtut enters in. I am the master of life's stewiest school: V. Those whom I pass have u'dn a bitter test. But better than the world ?iame • him a fool Than should one fail to leanr my law as best. y For I am HONOR: each heart K-iows my call. It sounds through every dfeam and holy aim, Bidding men .seek the highest joal ol all. To .share the grace and glcri;' of my name! —Elizabeth D. Schumat,,n. Keepincj in Practice Overseas St. Clair-Aggers Mr. and Mrs. Charles St. Clair an- noucne the marriage of their da jgh- ter. Ruby Helen, to Clyde L. Aethers of Humboldt on Saturday, December 23, at Yates Center, Kunsa.•;- • •:• Methodist Choh- Party At Canatsey Home Ml-, and Mrs. T. O. Canatsey nnd their daughter, Mrs. Louis Burt'der entertained the Methodist choir ves- terday evening at the c :an^.i^ey liome. After choir practiee ilie i-vmjng was spent Informally with gSnies. Refreshments were served {rcir! a table lovely with a centerpiece of white chrysantemums and Cli.-ist- mas theme. Present were: Mr. and Mrs. Pic^'d feraith, Mr. and Mrs. Lester KrTe -pv, Mrs. Bumey Miller, Mrs. Ruth Ij^rt, Miss Elizabeth Babcock, Miss y:v- Jan Babcock, Miss Shirley Havcfe- rode. Miss Bernice Dobie, Miss Sci- f .y Lee, George Stratton, Busley, and Howard Lust. Hey, girls,! don't worry—the Yanks overseas are keeping their one- arm driving ability ship-shape, as indicated by the paratrooper, above, holding hands .with his "date" as they pedal their bikes along a path in Nijmegen, Holland. Salem Chapter No. 4 O. E. S. will meet in the Masonic Temple at 8 p. m. for a stated meeting. -TUESDAY Chapter L of P. E. O. meets with Mrs. Florence Belding, 315 South Elm, at 3 p. m. The Camrale Gray Guild will meet with Mrs. Gladys Lacy, 845 N JeffersonJ at 7:30 p. m. WEDNESDAY Ladies of the p. A. R. Will meet ut Memorial j hull at 2 p. m. Americans spend S3 000.000 a day for amusements. Colds OBLIGING THIEF Albuquerque, N. M., Dec.'29. (AP) The thief whii stole D. C. tarmenl- er's automobile was obliging. He left it ^t the rear .ol Police Sgt. M. J. Johnson's humc. Most young mothers use this modern »^ way to relieve miseries of children's f' coids. At bedtime they rub Vicbr. VapoRub on throat, chest ami back. Grand relief starts as VapoRub ... PENETRATES lo upper bronchial tube? with its special medicinal vaporr., STIMULATES -chest and back surfaces like a wamfing poultice. Often by morning most of the misery of the cold isgone! Remember— ONLYVAPeRUB Gives You this spe- ! cial double action. It's time-tested, home-proved... the best-known home The United istates produced a new j remedy for reliev- fV A B ^ Gf i^ge j peak of 4,966,000 net toas of alloy M "g ,i "'^P'''" ^ I C R S ' - • ' cluldrens colds. " VAPORua -steels during 4940. YoU Can Usually Find It At LADIES' HANDBAGS BUY NOW AND SAVE $5.98 BAGS Now ^. $4.98 BAGS Now 1. $3.98 BAGS Now ^2.98 BAGS Now $3.99 $2.99 $2.49 Plus Federal Ta.x ENTIRE STOCK INCLUDED ALL LADIES COATS REDUCED 25' OUR AFTEil XMAS SALE. EVERYTHING GOES IN Pyt .^iewell J. Simon of Chi- cajsp had been sworn into the WAC and was ready to leave for Port Des Moines, la., when htt husband of two years, CpL George C. Simon, on furloii^ after 21 months overseas, stepped from the U-ain. The all-tdb-bnef handholding episode above took place just be- forie they again said goodby. By J.R.-WILLIAMS / VVHSM I SEE AKl Y NOT ME.' 1 - \f THAT'S JUST WHAT O ABAVDOMED \ THIWKOF RiT ^LUlKl' \ MADE 'EM EKJJOy OUT AT FOUR. s^-M. \ THEIR OOOD TIMES (•j HAPPV, hE.ALlH^'' FAR .'v^ hjOUSE 1 THiMk CF THE I , AM' PUTTIM' TEM / HOUiSS BETWSEM ECPLE WHOSE- , I A PA >:2. C PLOW LAUGHTER. RAMG- \ HANJPLES-'-THEM THRU "iviESE RGCMS--^ FEED AM' M '1U< THE SV'IELLOFFI.NJE COCKISJG--THE MUCH BETTER..' TH' WAV VOU'D LIKE TO LIVE iT WOULDM'T BE LOMe TILL "vdu 'D THItvJK. TURMIM' OVER, IM .BED WAS WOE.<.' WAVERLY Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gerdsen and, family and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph i Gerdsen and family were dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Gerdsen in' LaHarpe Christmas day. , Mr. and Mrs. John Lust, Mr. and Mrs. Will Morrison, Mr. Howard Morrison and Mr. and Mrs. Claude Marple attended the Christmas program in LaHarpe Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Dickens and daughter, Iifcs. Dewey Peck, left Wednesday morning for Phoenix, Ariz., to visit another daughter, daughter, Mrs. Eddltf Pabrwreather and; family. They plan to be gone about a month. Mrs. John Wesley Lust of Kansas City and Kathryn Lust of lola WO\AE: INi A PLANTER CAST.' OUR BOATING HOUSE SA>/,M/\^50R.' I'M GETTiMG FROSTV KM'SES — KERB'S ANiOTi-lgf5 THREATENil^S LETTER ;FR0IV\ eOME BlR-D WE SftvVS PRAtTlClhiG A SWOOtlN^G GALLER^ TlLL HE MEETS AAE / with . . . MAJOR HOWJLE ^EGAO, MR.PIKE.' MOU DE5PER ^TELV7 NiEEO E\TKER: A KJEVJ GAG WRITER OR A BODVGUARD MAV X OFFER MVSELF FOR. EITHER. •ROLE? ^ BODY-GUARD ? TMAT'5 AAV CALLlMG, ruL ,

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