Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on October 8, 1938 · Page 8
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 8

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 8, 1938
Page 8
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Page 8 MELVIN JOHNSON, Inc., Publishers Saturday Morning. October 8, 1938 Celebration of Columbus Day Recalls Three Famed Replicas .IOIIN M. STAIIL TOPS ALL HIS PAST TRIUMPHS IN "LKTTEK OF INTRODUCTION"! SCHOOL NEWS Continued from page one OFFICERS FOK 19:18-3!) AT STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE SELECTED With tin: election of the. officers representing the young men's and young women's day student organization, all officers for the 1938-39 session at the State Teacher- College at Salisbury have been named. The complete list of officers follows: Student Council: Robert Docnges, of Cambridge, President; Miss Anne Matthews and J. L. Straughn, Faculty Representatives. Publication St:iff: Betty Ann Tcy- lor, of Preston, Editor-in-Chief; HJ!en Adkiti-:, of Salisbury, Assistant Editor; Edna Williams, of Hollywood, Business Manager; Betty Lynch, ol' Queen Anne, Literary Editor; Roberta Morris, of Salisbury, and David Perry, of Preston, Athletic Editors; Anna Rose Smith, of Salisbury, Senior Reporter; Charles Elliott, of Tyaskin, Junior Reporter; Hamilton Fox, Jr., of Salisbury, Sophomore Reporter; Harriet Graham, of Quaut- ico, and Charles Schvvatka, of Ciis- · field, Typists; Miss Anne Matthews and T. J. Caruthers, Advisers. Senior Class: David Perry, of Preston, President; William Blades, of St. Michaels, Vice-Prcsident; Betty Culver, of Salisbury, Secretary; Laura Parsons, of Parsonburg, Treasurer; and Dr. J. D. Blackwcll, Adviser. Junior Class: Anne Brinsficld, of Reids Grove, President; Doris Lee Elliott, of Delmar, Vice-Prcsident; Eleanor Boc?se, of Mechanicsville, Secretary; Stewart Bennett, of Mardela Magazine Campaign News E v e r j d a y wo have sub.sci iption- coming in. The. people in Mrs. Ruir- igh'h room arc quite e n t h u s i a s t i c for ins gient and moving Mrs. Rain.sbiug'.s and Miss Lawless', about helling and h;ive won two boxes of the .screen, J o h n M. Stall) MJ = S Trice's and Mrs. Rairigli's rooms of candy for the first two days'work, has t u r n e d hi.s I'l^'iits umi.^y-wanls. , u|(] t h c laiKl . st ,|e, n)b its. Seveial people a i o working for a trio I'liidciriu his hite-;l, "Letter of I n t n t - itors :it school. Mr. Willis, Sujierin-: looking f o i w a i d to winning prizes, due!ion," sclic-dnled lo be shown at teudent of Caroline' County .schools, We want everyone to do l i i - best in Noted Each year, as America observes Columbus day, attention is focused on Jackson park in Chicago, where stands the sole survivor of tnree caravels-exact replicas of Columbus' Pinta, Nina and Santai Maria- · - · «--·- »-- the Columbian exposition. The he Deiitonia T l i e a l i e l-'iidav and Su'- brought inlay, October 7 and 8. While t h i s g cno(1 | ini; lomanu 1 of his f o i m e r scieen ' · pi. ct ;. !h«' iM'uiii! 1 :k' i - l e · I : ' - , r i ! lu r i i : i : l i e M c C a r t h y i;i Mr- it \;*. \Ve hope eas! ai-etinnts fen the iirepondiMaiicc; |p in iesr,ed. of laughs in llii.s pnidiK-rinii. ' Si'lf-CritiVKm K e y n o t e to .Mo i t r mi- , erv 's Surc' lk :- "YiillYt' gi't to fight Mlevc ;; jf y.HI want it." The st ilemeiit i.. liolii-it Montgomery's, whose (li.-s:iti.sf:i" w i t h hi.s success is n by-\v,inl in Hollywood. "I've seen men w i « i l : h y mid night to a l t n i n a j;oul," Montgomery declaicil in an inlei view };wen between scenes of "Thr ·(· I.')vt"j Hi)s Nancy," in which he is aip»:i,-i:i: Monday and Tne.sday, October 10 and 11, with Janet (lajiiior ul the D"n- tonia Theatre. "Suddenly i h o i r \v.nk is rewavck'd. In-lead of k"i-pi,-iv H I their labors they rest on their o.irs. TlioFc- men tumble iis quick)-.- as they climhcil. They can't take it." linrhi'i-ii Stanwyck Seen Wtt'i Iler- Ijprl Marshall, Ian Hunter In Forceful "Alwa.vs Codrfhye" "Always Goodbye" says- "hello" to motion picture audiences of D^nti'ii when it .--tarts its run Wednesday, M i . Moore, of the local sdlinir imiga/.iii Jir. Lowndi-.s, Pirsi- f«.\v days, big to make tr.e last ouch. The c a m p a i g n and Mr. Pnlleii, Suiiervisor of higl: -- ~ ' "- M-hoids on the Wosti-rn Shore, to vis- Get yoursfclf aomu handy scratch t h e y wi'i-u f a v o r a b l y pi-il^ for 1 cent uneh lit Tlie G. ARTHUR McDANIEL FOK HOUSE OF DELEGATES (Pol. Adv.) I are promised some .surprising fe:i- which were constructed in Spain for :the^Columbian e x p o s i u o n i n e I'lma · tho pictui .- ( ^tars tho e and Nina were destroyed by fire .n 1919 but the Santa Maria, (injho back- cwi .. iiml . ill(;i . easinrly )u , m . ^ a n n a . . . n ground) is still afloat. The boats in which Columbus made his pioneerm 6 , tg of the (Jc TM ' TM\ voyage are dwarfed by modern ocean liners. For comparison, note the .- - . ' rowboals in foreground. Vice-President; Shirley Powell, of Salisbury, Secretary; Helen Johnson, of Cambridge, Librarian; and Miss Margaret Black, Adviser. Men's Glee Club: Earle Corkran, of Easton, President; Wilson Duncan, Vice-Presidcnt; Willi? retury, oicw-it »««.«»,« "_ «" of Poconlo ke, Vice-Presidcnt; Willi? Springs, Treasurer; and Dr. Florence Conovel . ( of Cambri( igo, Secretary; Simonds, Adviser. Sophomore Class: Charles Lavery, of Salisbury, President; Hamilton Fox Jr., of Salisbury, Vicc-President; Ruth Harcum, of Salisbury, Secretary; Peggy Stauffer, of Frederick, Treasurer; and Mr. Benn Maggs, Adviser. Freshman Class: Willis Conovcr, of Cambridge, President; Dorothy Siddons, of Princess Anno, Vice-President; Harmond Klass, of Indian Head, Secretary; Virginia Vincent, of Salisbury, Treasurer; and Mr. J. L. Straughn, Adviser. Home Association: Kathcrine Anthony, of Centreville, President; Louise Lemmon, of Oxford, Vice- Presidcnt; Annabelle Dulin, of Cor- RADIANT LIVING "TODAY I MET THE CHRIST" By Rev. C. M. Grifielh Methodist Pastor of Deal's Island, Md. The site upon which is erected the Lincoln Memorial was chosen after .1 Stewart Bennett, of Mardela Springs, Librarian; and Miss Margaret Black, Adviser. Christian Association: Betty Lynch, of Queen Anne, President; Ruth '^"fi,,"purpo'sc t'o "give" t'o'that inajj- Whetzel, of Hughesville, Vice-Prcsi-1 ni j- ll;( , nt L , ( iif ice such a background dent; Thclma Bowman, of Ridgely, that the'impves ion it would make uji- Secretary, Walter Brittingham, of on the observer would bo one. of Kingston, Treasurer; and MV-s Ruth grandeur. Powell Adviser Powell, Aiivisci. Grange: Wilson Duncan, of Poco- , moke, President; Louise Mitchell, of |( j nj . an( ] t n a t J K to |(, uvo t h e i Thovc is but ono · m P 1 ; esslon t} "} 1 Christian seeks to make upon h. - hc goos through t , lt Cambridge, Vice-Presidcnt; Kather- , 10 n of the personality of the Chi dova, Secretary; Doris Gross, of | j o t t j ine Aathony, of Centreville, Overseer; Aline Travers, of Taylors Island, Treasurer; and Mrs. Idabelle Wili-on Thomas, Faculty Adviser. Dramatic Club: William Blades, of St. Michaels, President; Charles El- Hocks, Treasurer; Powell, Adviser. Baglean-Carnean and Miss Ruth Debaters: Carolyn Warner, of Easton, President; Hamilton Fox, of Salisbury, Vice- President; Elizabeth Hastings, of Salisbury, Secretary; Doris Gross, of Rocks, Treasurer; and Mr. Richard Current, Adviser. Athletic Associations: Men--Lee Burton, of Cambridge, President; Goldy Tyler, of Cambridge, Vice- Presidcnt; Edward Robertson, of Salisbury, Secretary; Oris Horsey, of Delmar, Treasurer; and Mr. Bonn Maggs, Adviser. Women--Helen Pastorfield, of Royal Oak, President; Louise Lemmon, of Oxford, Vice- Prcsident; Madeline Godfrey, of Snow Hill, Secretary; Elizabeth Williams, of Salisbury, Treasurer; and Miss Helen Janart, Adviser. Women's Glee Club: Irma! · Lee Disharoon, of Snow Hill, President; Elizabeth Hastings, of Salisbury, Willamae Tyaskin, Brocato, Vice-President; of Cambridge, Secretary; Hamilton Fox, of Salisbury, Treasurer; and Mrs. Lucy W. Bennett, Faculty Advi-er. Assembly: Wilson Duncan, of Pocomoke; Dorothy Wilkins, of Salisbury; and Mr. Lloyd Straughn, Ad- j visor. Day Associations: ' Men--Edward Robertson, of Salisbury, President; James Shockley, of Stockton, Vice- Pre-^ident; Eugene Messick, of Salisbury, Secretary-Treasurer; and Mr. Richard Current, Adviser. Women-Betty Culver, of Salisbury, President; Phyllis Greeawood, of Chesturtown, Vice-President; Esther Bradford, of Snow Hill, Secretary; Dorothy Coleman, of Massey, Treasurer; and Miss Henrietta Purnell, Advi-=or. To keep the dust off your merchandise, use printers' ink--then it will not be on your shelves long enough to gather dust. As w i t h the Apostle Paul, so will he Christian, his supreme ideal i For me to live is Christ." Tnat he may so impress others with the personality of Jesu- Ciirist, the Christian seeks to hide Ilk own personality away into that of the Christ by smothering every inwan. prompting to hasty rash -peeeh. He deliberately refuses to seek levenge. He overlooks .slights and shns. Hc constantly -eeks, to rise above thesi things that destioy the joy of tin heart and that spoil the day. In just such circumstances that would otherwise call f i n t h hi* own baser traits, the true Christian seek' to express those higher U n i t s of th( Christ chinactcr. To deny expression to one's native selfish instincts, is, of course, quit, unpopular to the person who is tie tcriuined to give another "a piece o his mind." But such denial is lib o lutely necessary for any person whc would have Hie Christ revealec tl rough his own life. When one's personality is dominal cd by that of the Chrht there shal be seen in his eyes the compassion o Jesus. There snnll be heaul in hi voice the echo of the Christ's, then ball be seen in his deeds something that shall recall lo ninid the blessed ness of Christ's ministry in Galilee Then shall men say, "Today I me the Christ!" NOW that thc cool, crisp weather is here, serve substantial foods. Check these quality selections . . . they're quality foods priced right! Retail Grocers* Week OCTOBER. SPECIALS for SATURDAY and ALL NEXT WEEK It being National Retail Grocers 1 Week Mnsslenian's Pie Cherries cans Granulated Sugar 1C Ibs 49c Mixed Vegetables 2 cans lie Evaporated Milk 4 tali cans Kellogg's Corn Flakes pks Pancake Flour pkgs Duroni = Macaroni pkgs 9c Duroni ~ Spaghetti pkgs 9c Libby's Prunes reg IZc pkgs 8c Kle-nox Bleach Water qt bottle Buckley's Special Blend Coffee Ib 19c Tasty Cheese Ib 19c Homemade Scrapple IblOc Best Grade Steer Round Steak Ib 35c Fresh Ground Hamburg Ib 19c Skinless Franks Ib25c Boneless Picnics Ib 25c Loose Pork Sausage Ib 28c Link Pork Sausage Ib 30c Pork Shoulders Ib 19c Pork Hams Ib 25c Pork Loin Ib 27c screen raniiitics--Barbara Stanwyck and lorbert Marshall. Then Ism Tliinter eads the feature cast. Long a film ' avorite, the actor's last 20th Cen- ury-Fox film was the memorable To JIary--With Love." My Lucky Star" Brings Sonja Ilenie And Ricliard (Jreene In New Triumph When a personality such as Sonja lenie achieve-! overnight stardom vith one picture--as she did than wo years ago with "One In A Milion"--the temptation is strong on he part of Hollywood's moviu mak- rs to be satisfied with merely renent- ng the picture formula which won uch scns.-itionnl acclaim. This prob- bly would have worked out all right n Soiija'a case--except for Sonja erself. Far from being satisfied witli hat first brilliant success, thc miraculous skating ^tar .set about to surpass it in every way,--and did--with 'Thin Ice" and "Happy Landing." And so it is easy to understand the vildly enthusiastic advance reports concerning Sonja's newest 20th Cen- ury-Fox t r i u m p h , "My Lucky Star," rhmvilay and Friday, October 13 and 1-1, at the Dentonia Theatre. :§i?pii|pT;E5-: ; |||||||p- ·iifeili^ vi -'· ··,.'' 1 rf*.V-^ i ' ; '*f.' l Si'Wi* : /teat T Gei all 3 _ whh a SUPERFEX HEATER in and see these marvelous heaters, made by Perfection Stove Company. They burn low-cost fuel oil, and give clean, steady heat. Cooper Furniture Co. Phone 130 Denton, Md. REPUBLICAN TICKET For State Senate W1LMER FELL DAVIS For Hon; e of Delegates ZETH WEAVER GEOKGE ARTHUR MeUANIEL For State's Attorney W. IIYLAND VAN SANT For Clerk of the Circuit Court SHERMAN L. TRIBBITT For Register of Wills RUSSELL W. FLUIIARTY For County Treasurer J. VIRGIL MOORE For Judges of the Orphans' Court JAMES A. TRA5MARE SAMUEL G. BYE T R U M A N H. RICHARD For County Commissioners JOHN SCHMICK ALVIN MEREDITH LUTHER BENNETT For Sheriff J. LEON TODD , (Pol. Adv.) ORDER NISI WM. D. GOULD, 3RD, Assignee vs. JOHN R. HOLLAND and MARY E. HOLLAND, his wife In thc Circuit Court for Caroline County. In Equity. No. JM94 Chy. Soup Meat Ib 15c Leg of Lamb Ib 27c Shoulders of Lamb Ib 19c BUCKLEY'S FOOD Quality Meats * Groceries Phone 1O7 "We Deliver 1 MARKET ·:· Produce Denton, Md. Ordered this Gth day of October 1938, that the sale of the property mentioned in these proceedings, made and reported by ' WM. D. GOULD, 3RD, Assignee be ratified and confirmed unless cause o the contrary thereof be ahown on or before the 8th day of December IMS; provided, a copy of this order bo inserted in some newspaper printed and published in Caroline County ['once in cnch of four successive weeks before the 7th day of November , 1938. | The report states the amount of sains is $1,000.00. I T. CLAYTON HORSEY, |l Clerk. True Copy--Test: T. CLAYTON HORSEY, Clerk. It's No Problem To Find The Finest P O R K S A U S A G E SUPPORT Russell W, Fiuharty For Register Of Wills At The General Election Tuesday, November 8th Your Consideration Will He CJreally Appreciated I'ol. A d v . ) Fresh, lender Pork and thc finest seasoning, blended by Esskay experts-- that's All-1'ork Sausage at ils best. Famous for daily freshness. Don't accept substitutes--Look' for thc Ensfcny Brand. Ask your dealer for Esskuy All-Pork Sausage in the dandy, vcuseable bov Is. Get a Complete Set (8 Different Colors) ALL-PORK KAV QUALITY---/ in Bowls Clect THE WM. S C I I h U m O l l l i n i l O - T Specials=Fri. Sat., October 7 8 Fresh Ground Hamburg Ib 19c Fresh Pork Shoulders 19c Lb. Fresh Hams 25c Lb. Tender Chuck Roast Ib 21c Pork Chops 29c Lb. Rib Roast 25c Lb. NATIONAL GROCERS Country Pork Sausage 23c Lb. Large Juicy Oranges 25c doz. ALL MEAT FRANKS 19c Lb. Iceberg Lettuce 9c Head ROUND STEAK 29c Lb. SIRLOIN STEAK 35c Lb. Denton Food Market W. L. SWANN Phone 199 J. Virgil Moore for Treasurer of Caroline County Your help will be greatly appreciated Pol. Adv. on November 8th There's a Whole World of Profit Possibilities in the -WANT-ADS! The biggest market in the county lies in the Journal Classified columns; There, rooms arc rented, homes arc bought, jobs are Found, various things arc bought and sold . . . and all are done cfliciently, economically and with satisfaction to everyone concerned! Read and use (he Journal Want-Ails! CALL DENTON 10 Caroline's Ucst Advertising Medium Fine Job Printing DENTON, MD. RETURN Wilmer Fell Davis STATE SENATE Recut" 1. Voting and working against thc Gross Receipts and Sales Tax also working against nny increase in real estate laxcs. Favoring a lax on luxuries and incomes ralhcr than on necessities and sales. 2. Continuing the policy of awarding scholarships on merit only as determined liy competitive examination. 3. Reducing Baltimore City's share of thc gasoline funds from 30 to 15% (H was formerly 20% until changed six years ago) giving them a Sl,:00,000 instead of $3,000,000 yearly. -1. With this $1.500,000 yearly, straighten, widen, drain and slag or stone the rfirt roads of the counties. , "Make Caroline's dirt roads system similar lo Delaware's." 5. Modernize our nlute roads system through out Caroline county. This can be dune in four years if no gasoline taxes are diverted In the general treasury. 6. Enabling (he motorist lo receive his aulo lags at the court house when he nays his taxes. 7. Rcpro.scnling Hie county in all it's agricultural interests and voting the farm program. 8. Continning resistance tn thc domination and control of the Legislature by Baltimore Cily interests. 9. Reduce expenditure in government ralhcr than increase taxation. (Pol. Adv.) _ ^^ 'SPAPERf

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