The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on August 5, 1939 · Page 3
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 3

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 5, 1939
Page 3
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THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTQWN, MB., SATURDAY, AUGUST 5, 1939. FIVE Becoming Lines For The Younger Set Brother and Sister Dress Alike 2623 SIZES 6-14 Style No. 2623 is designed for sizes 6, 3, 10, 12 and 14 years. Style No. 3296 is designed for sizes '2, 4, 6 and 8 years. Send FIFTEEN CENTS (15cj for this PATTERN. SUMMER FASHION MAGAZINE 10 cents extra. All orders for the Daily Mail Peerless fashions should be addressed Fashion Dept, Hagerstown Daily Mail, 121 West Nineteenth Street, New York City. WE WOMEN By BETTY BRAINERD Stop Their Pranks "Dear Betty Brainerd: "We are two Christian girls both 17 years old, respected by everyone and considered good looking. I, Belt, went with Y for a year. Me was a decent in every way. Five months ago we busted up and he now is dating my best girl friend. Mis actions prove that he still loves me and he told a relative of mine that he loved me best of anyone. Mow can 1. win Y without hurting the feelings of my best girl friend? "I am Nctt. 1 went with L- regularly for three months until 0 came l.o the church T attend and wanted me to date him. I have been dating O ever since because L had broken three dates with me and thought he could get by with it. Every time O comes to see me 1/5 friend tries to chase him -T. They try to disfigure and hurt his car and when we arc out on our ( date L's boy friends always follow us and won't, let. us have any peace until we go buck home. "Another problem that bothers me, Nett. is thai. E. who claims to be my best, girl friend, stops O and comes to my with him. 1 never get. a chance to talk to him nlone. O ignores her but 1 am very tired of her butting in. Please t.ell us two girls what, to do. We will appreciate your advice very much. "Kelt & Nctt." * * * Pear "Bett £ Nett": Y is only giving yon lip service Bet I., when he says he loves yon. If he cared for you he would come to see yon and wouldn't let five mouths pass without, patching up your differences. You arc kidding 3'ourself if you believe him. You wouldn't "hurt, (lie feelings of your best girl friend" if you tried to "win" Y—you would only fct making a fool of yourself. You Would put. yourself in the position of chasing him. If he wants to come back to you he will do so M' his own accord. You certainly have a hectic time with your boy and girl friends, Nett! Tell O to go to your local police and tell them to giv« him police protection tho next time he comes to see you. Kit her an otl't- ccr in uniform or a plain clothes man will t.ell thai, bunch of hoodlums to behave themselves or else he will run (.hem in. What L's boy friends need is a good talking to and if they know O has reported them they won't be around your place any more. An oflieer will take their names and addresses and tell them the next time they try to demolish O's car that he'll lock them up for disturbing the peace—or words to that, effect. Of course the ollicer will have to see them start their pranks before h ( > can read them the riot! act. So tell O not to t'Ml anyone! what, he in lends to do. i If O has told you that he wants i to avoid E there is an easy way , for him to do so if he has not asked j for your help I would not. offer it. I to him. Tel) him to drive* past. E! fast—not exceeding the speed limit, of coursc---and for him to look in I the opposite direction just as he i passes her so that he doesn't, see her. She can't stop him if he does i not see her or doesn't slow down, i If she lives near him he can start ; off in tlie opposite direction to your home and then turn around when : f\ Vie is out. of sight, and go to see you,' if it la necessary for him to pass } E's house. After a time E will tire of chasing 0. If she comes to your home tell her yon are sorry you had made plans to go some place and go out and leave her, BETTY BRAINERD. Are You Old Enough To Marry? Dear "Worried Brown Eyes": You have no business accepting money from a man unless yon are his wife. Tell X to put his money in the bank and save it so that yon U. S. TO BUY COUNTY LAND Wildlife Project Planned For This Section; Option Secured. An option has been secured 01 aTlarge tract of land in Washington county where the Federal govern ment and the Maryland State Game and Fish Commission expect to put on a wildlife restoration proj ect in the near future, according to an announcement made by E. Lee LeCompte, state game warden. — Under the Pittman-Robertson Act the Federal government furnish three fourths of the funds for these projects. The State Game Warden was authorized by the commission to put on a project in Washington county. A resolution was passed at a recent meeting of the commission in Baltimore providing that the commission attempt to increase interest in the conservation of wildlife through setting up of an advisory council in every county in the state. The councils will consist of five members to be appointed from farmers' and landowners' organizations. The commission has recommended purchase of black bass from commercial fishermen during the fall months as brood stock to be transferred to various state waters where this game fish .is needed for benefit of sportsmen. The commission will continue the policy of furnishing bob-white (quail) to outdoor life clubs for release in covers in the spring. The first American to win the Nobel prize for literature was Sinclair Lewis. will start your married life on a sound financial basis. You have not known him long enough to consider marrying him. Furthermore, I judge that you are too young to marry from the immature letter you write to me. Perhaps yon are seeking marriage as a way out as you think your parents are "mean" to you. What reason do you give for disliking X? After all, they have your best interests at heart—or should have. If you are of marriageable age wait until you have dated X for almost a year before you jump into marriage to avoid an unhappy home. If your parents have no valid reason for disliking X then don't let their objections disturb rou. At the present time you are ,00 disturbed to think coherently for yourself. BETTY BRAINERD. Elijah: A Life of Courage ILLUSTRATED SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON !•" • Scripture—1 Kings 18:1-46. By Alfrad J. Bv*acli«r Because Ahab was a wicked king and worshiped Baal with his wife, Jezebel, Elijah, the prophet, told him there would be no "dew nor rain these years/' which caused -a Then the Lord told Elijah to flee and hide himself by a certain brook, drink of the waters of the brook, and He, the Lord, would command the ravens to feed him. When the brook dried up, Elijah was directed to go to the city and a widow woman would care for him; she did, and when her son apparently died, Elijah was able to restore him. Then Elijah went back to Ahab and challenged the priests of Baal to bring fire from heaven to burn their sacrifices; they failed but Elijah triumphed. (GOLDEN TEXT—Proverbs 15:29.) SUNDAY IN THE L First Brethren Antietam and Mulberry Rev. Wm. H. Beachler, D. D. Pastor Sunday Schoci .. 9:."0 o'clock Horning- Service 10:;>0 o'clock "Viewing tlie Church as a Force." concluded. No AI id-Week service during: iionth of August. Union Chapel Corbett Street Morn jag 1 Service 10:45 O'clock Evenin'g- Service 7:30 O'clock Sunday School 2::>0 o'clock Cottage Prayer- Meeting every Thursday. St. John's Episcopal S. Prospect and Antietam Stt. Rev. Walter Byron Stehl, D. D., Rector vlorning- Service S:00 o'clock No evening service. Christ Reformed W. Franklin St. Rev. H. A. Fesperman, D. D., Pastor Sunday School' 0:30 o'clock No church services this week. Young: People's Park Service 6:30 . M. Send pen name and real name .n every leUer. All commnnica- .ions are treated confidentially. Betty Brainerd, 6SO Madison Avc., New York Oily. Elijah: A Life of Courage HIGHLIGHTS ON THE SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON By NEWMAN CAMPBELL (The International Uniform • Lesson on the above topic for • Aug. 6 Ls I Kings 18:1-46. the Golden Text being Proverbs 15:29, l "The Lord is far from the \\icked; ; but He hcareth the prayer of the i righteous.") TODAY'S LESSON is about •Elijah, the prophet, whose courage and faith in God were very strong •He lived in the day of the wicked king. Ahab. who was one of the worst kings of Israel, and whose wife, Jezebel, also was a bad person. Both worshiped Baal instead of Jehovah. Because of his wickedness. •Elijah stood before Ahab and told him that there would be no more rain or dew for as*many years as he (Elijah) said. That made Ahab very angry, of course, and the Lord told Elijah to flee and hide himself by the "brook called Cherith, and to drink of the water of the brook and He would send the ravens to feed him. Elijah did :as he was told, and sure enough I the ravens came at morning and night with meat and bread for him. When the stream went dry, the Lord told Elijah to go to the gate of a certain city and he would meet a widow woman who would give him food. Sure enough, when Elijah arrived at the city gate he- saw a poor woman gathering sticks to make a fire. He told her she "*as to give him food, but she said she hardly had enough for herself and son. The prophet told her not to fear, for there surely would be plenty for all. So she shared what she had with him, and there was plenty of food for many days. , * Child Becomes 111 Then the widow's son was taken ill and apparently died, and she was very much distressed, as you may imagine, and felt maybe it was Elijah's fault. "What have I to do with thce, O man of God?" she said to him; "art thou come unto me to call my sin to remembrance, and to slay my son?" Elijah took the child from his mother and carried him to his own room, and there ho pleaded with God to restore the child. Then he .spread his body over the child's three times and prayed, and life came again to the boy and Elijah gave him again to his mother. Then word came to Elijah that he should go back to Ahab. and the Lord would send rain to the earth, for there was grievous drouth and famine in the land. It took courage for Elijah to go back and face the king, who was very angry with him because of the drouth and famine. However, he did as the Lord bid him. Now Obadiah, governor of Ahab's house, "feared the Lord greatly." and the wicked Jezehei would have killed all the prophets of the Lord, he took 100 of them and hid them in a cave. Ahab, bid Obadiah to take one section of the land and visit all the brooks and springs and find if perchance one still had a little water in it to keep some of the livestock from perishing, and he would visit others. On his journey Obadiah met Elijah, who said to him, "Go tell thy lord, lo, Elijah is here." Poor Obadiah was afraid to do this, as he knew how angry Ahab was \vith Elijah, and he reminded Elijah that he had hidden the prophets and he thought this was a poor way to reward him, as he was sure Ahab would kill him if he mentioned Elijah. King Meets Elijah Elijah promised to appear personally before Ahab. and so Obadiah overcame his fear and went to meet the king and tell him of Elijah. When Ahab saw Elijah he growled, "Is it thou. thou troubler of Israel?" Elijah told him it was not he, Elijah, but rather the king, by his ungodly ways, that had brought all the trouble on his people. Then he told the king to gather all the priests of Baal and tell them to prepare two bullocks for an offering, one for themselves and one for him. All the people were summoned, and two alters built. On one Baal's priests iaid their offerings, and on the other Elijah laid his, and he dug a trench around his altar. The priests of Baal called unto their god from morning until noon, but nothing happened. Then Elijah mocked them. And when the evening came he told the people to bring water and three time? he poured it over the bullock and the wood on top of the altar, and in the trench, until all was soaked, and then he called on the Lord to send fire to consume it. Such a fierce fire descended from on high that the wood, the bullock, even the stones and the water were consumed or dried up in the heat. Then all the people fell upon their faces and said. "The Lord, He is the God," and Elijah told them to slay every one of the prophet? of Baal. Then he told Ahab to rise, eat and drink, for there was a sound of abundant rain. And Elijah went to the top of Carmcl and cast himself down upon the earth and put his face between his knees, telling his servant to look toward the sea. The servant saw nothing, and Elijah told him to look again, even seven times. At the seventh time there was a small cloud, which quickly grew larger until the "heaven was black with clouds and wind, and there was a great rain." But Jezebel was so infuriated at the slaughter of the priests of Baal that she would have killed Elijah, so that he was obliged to again flee for his life The Salvation Army 326 West Washington Street Major Amel Shultz, Pastor Sunday School 9:45 o'clock Morning Service 11:00 o'clock Y. P. Service 6:30 o'clock Evening: Service 7-45 o'clock Emmanuel U. B. Summit Ave. and Howard St. Rev. Paul E. Holdcraft, D. D. Pastor Sunday School . Morning 1 Service "The Kind of tens To." No evening: servicos. Mid-week Service Wed. 0:30 o'clock 10:30 o'clock Praying' God Lis- 7 -.30 P. M. Seventh Day Adventist Mulberry Ave., and McComa* St. W. R. Riston, Pastor Sabbath School. -Saturday, o'clock. .Morning: Service Saturday, o'clock. .Prayer P. iL Meeting Wednesday 9:45 11:00 7:45 The Church of God Rev. F. H. Snavely, Pastor Summit Ave. and Baltimore St. Sunday School 0:45 o'clock .Morning 1 Service 10:4fi o'clock Y. P. Service 7:15 o'clock Evening- Service S:00 o'clock Evening- service in Doub's Woods. St. Paul's U. B. Franklin and Locust Stt. Rev. F. Berry Plummer, D. D. Pastor Morning- Service 9:00 o'clock "Paths oC Righteousness." Sunday School 10:00 o'clock Int. & Jr. C. E 11:00 o'clock Trinity Lutheran Potomac St. and Randolph Ave. J. S. Simon, D. D., Pastor Sunday School 0:30 o'clock Morning: Service 10:30 o'clock Rev. Parker Wag-mid, of Gettysburg-, -will preach. Grace United Brethren Corner W. Church and Winter Sts. Rev. G. I. Rider, Pastor Sunday School 0:45 o'clock Morning Service 11:00 o'clock "Sound. Doo.trine." Evening: Service 7:00 o'clock "Who Shall KnterV" Church of God 628 Salem Ave. Earl E. Marquiss, Pastor Sundny School :i:P,0 o'clock Morning: Service 10:45 o'clock Y. P. Service fi:?.0 o'clock livening 1 Service 7:r>0 o'clock Prayer Service Wed., 7:oO P. M. Cottag-o Meeting Mon. and Fri.. 7:30 P. M. Presbyterian Washington and Prospect Sti. William S. Hess, D. D., Pastor Sunday Schooi ........ 9:4~> o'clock Morning Service ..... 11:00 o'clock llev. Charles K. "Wehler, D. D., will p roach. St. Paul's Evangelical Cor. High and Franklin Stt. Rev. Walter J. Dice, Pastor Combined Service ... 9:00 o'clock ing service. P. M. No evening service. Prayer service Wed.. 7:30 Church of the Brethren E. Washington and Mulberry Stt. Rev. A. M. Dixon, Paster ... 0:00 o'clock .. 10:10 o'clock ... 7:30 o'clock Sunday School . Morning Service Evening Service First Baptist W. Washington St. Rev. P. B. Watlington, Pastor Sunday School 0:-J5 o'clock Morning 1 Service 11:00 o'clock Y. P. Service 6-15 o'clock Evening- Service 7:30 o'clock Prayer Meeting Wed. 7:30 P. M. St. Mary's Catholic Wett Washington St. Rev. Fr, J. Francis Leary, Pastor Masses Sun^.av Morninc 7:00, S:00. 9:00. 10:30 o'clock Evening- Devotions .... 7:30 o'clock Christian Science Society 235 N. Potomac St. Sunday School 9:45 o'clock Morning Service 11:00 o'clock Subject: SP.IKTT. Holdcii Text: 1 Cor. 2:11. What man knowoth tho thing's of .1 man, save the spirit of man which is. in him? Kvcn so the things of God knoweth no man, but tho Spirit of Uofl. Wednesday evening, testimonial mooting. S:00 o'clock. Reading: room, 235 North Potomac St.. open Monday and Kriday. ^.30 to 4:30. \vnere tho Bible and ';he Christian Science textbook, by Mary Baker Eddy may bo read, purchased or borrowed. St. Paul's Methodist N. Potomac St. J. E. Kemp Horn, Pastor Sunday School 9:4"> o'clock .Morning Service 11:00 o'clock .Rov. (*. (". Kiinpp. guest preacher. No oven ins: service. £he (Sotoett <Te*t The Lord is tar from the wicked; but He hearcth the prayer of the C righteous."—Proverbs 15:29. •» Volunteers of America 76 Madison Ave. W. Sylcox in Charge Ucv. .). JH. Cro«>-\vliitt, S. S. Supt. Boys' C. C. L. Tuesday 7 P. Al. Girls' C. C. L. Thursday 7 P. AI. Sunday School 2:30 o'clock Church of the Nazarene West Side Ave. and Church St. Rev. C. L. Arnold, Pastor Sunday School 0:4;i o'clock -Morning Service . V. P. Service Evening Service .. 11:00 o'clock . <j:4r> o'clock 7:-io o'clock Sundny School Second Brethren 835 Spruce Street Rev. Roy S. Long, Pastor Sunday School 0::;o o'clock Morning Service 10:45 o'clock TjO.««ons from Book of K\mlu«. Evening Service 7:30 o'clock "A Soul S.-ivetl." Bible Stmlv Wed. 7 :•!."• P. M. :U h-.ino i.f Hubert Stovor.s, 11.1 E. J.'al- Sunday School timore Si. lOvrnins: Hcrvico Zion Reformed N. Potomac St. Rev. Scott R. Wagner, D. D., Pastor Sunday School 3:45 o'clock church servir.-o.s during- Aug 1 Washington Sq. Methodist Washington Ave., "at the Square" Sunday School ........ 9:45 o'clock Morning Service ..... 11:00 o'clock V. P. Service .......... 6:45 o'clock Evening 1 Service ...... 7:30 o'clock Prayer service Wed. 7:30 P. AL First Christian South Potomac St. Rev. Wm. M. Norment, Pastor Morning Service ...... n:30 o'clock 10:CO o'clock Howard St. Methodist Howard and Chestnut Stt. Rev. Joseph T. Riley, Pastor ... 0:4:. o'clock ... S:00 o'clock St. Mark's Lutheran Washington Square Rev. Roy L. Slocp, Pattor Sunday School 9:30 o'clock •Mornins Service 10:45 o'clock "Over liating- Our Position." MilJers Tabernacle Pentecost 1100 West Washington St. Rev. W. A. Miller, Pattor Sunday School 10:00 o'clock Evening Service 7:45 o'clock Prayer and Prais* service Thursday evening of each week at 7:45 o'clock. Gospel Tabernacle Pentecost Ross and Lanvale Strttt* Rev. G. W. Gross, Pastor Sunday School .... 9:45 o'clock Evening- Service 7:30 o'clock Prayer Meeting Thursday 7:30 P. M. United Brethren In Christ Corner Locust and Antietam Stt. Rev. Charles L. Herr, Pastor Sunday School and Worship Unified Service 9 to 10:45 o'clock J. Raymond Schmidt. Supt. National Civic . League, will speak. Annual Camp Meeting at Rhode's Grove Camp Ground. Assemblies of God (Bethel) Howard and Spruce Sts. Rev. Ralph Jeffrey, Pastor Sunday School 9:4.5 o'clock Morning Service 11:00 o'clock Evening Service 7:30 o'clock St. John's Lutheran S, Potomac St. J. Edw. Harms, D. D., Pattor Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Morning Service 11:00 o'clock •'Our Bible." Rev. Donald StonesiCer will, preach. Second Christian Church 65 W. North St. Rev. W. H. Taylor Morning Service 11:00 o'clocK Sunday School 3:00 o'clock Y. P. Service 7:30 o'clock Evening Service 8:00 o'clock Asbury Methodist Jonathan, near Church St. Rev. W. S. Jackson, Pastor Sunday Schot-i 0:30 o'clock Morning Service 11:00 o'clock • "The iCation'."! rvian Between." Evening Service .. .. 8:<>U o'clock "The Lord Hath Xoed of Him." Ebenezer A. M. 40 W. Bethel St. KEY. D. A. WILSOX. PASTOR Sunday School 2:30 o'clock .\forning Service 11:00 o'clock V. P. Service 11:30 o'clock Evening Service ...... S:00 o'clocn Mid Week service Wed.. 8 P. M Zion Baptist Jonathan and Bethel Sts. Rev. Charles P. Comer, Pattor -Morning Service .^undav Schoo" . Y. P. Service ... Evening Service 11:00 o'clock . 2:00 o'clock . 6:45 o'clock , S:00 o'clock SUNDAY IN COUNTY AND SUBURBAN CHURCH OK THE UNITED BRETHREN IN CHRIST, Boonsboro Charge, K. L. Stine. Pastor: BOONSBORO — Bihlo School ........ 1»:30 o'clock Nc pro.'iohing: service. RKNEVOI-A- BiMe School ......... 9:30 o'clock NI» worship service. MON11OK — Kilile School ........ 30:00 MT. LENA— Bible School ...... . . 1:30 No ]>re;u-hiiiK' sfrvioe. THE CHURCH OK GOD, Chestnut Grove, Md.. Rev. G. R. Taylor. Pastor: Sunday School ....... 10:00 o'clock Y 1' SorvU'ti .......... >'•:".() o'clock Evening Service ...... Travel- service. Thur o'clock . , , o clock ::H) o'clock 7:30 P. M. THE CHURCH OF GOD. Zittlestown. Rev. G. R. Taylor, Pastor. Sunday School 0:30 o'clock Prayer Service. Wed.. 7:30 P. M. SHILOH 0. B. CHURCH, Rev. E. R. Andrews, pastor: Sunday School 9:30 o'clock N<> r>vr>niner service. LUTHERAN CHURCH, Wil Jiamsport, Rev. W. C. Huddle, Pastor: Sundav School 0:30 o'clock .Morning Service 10:30 o'clock "Stewardship Withdrawn." Import of delegate to _ Luther League convention at morning service. No evening service. MIDDLETOYVN U. B. CHARGE, Middletown: Sunday School 1 loly ("onimuniou I'LKASA NT V A LLK Y— Sunday School 2:00 .Holy Communion 3:00 9:30 o'clock 7:30 o'clock o'clock o'clock FA1RPLAY CIRCUIT OF THE CHURCH OF GOD, Rev. Clarence McGaha. Pastor: F AIRPLAY— nn . Riblo School 3:00 o c!-->ck Y. P. C. K 7:30 o'clock ibvenins: Service S:"0 o'clock Prayer Service Thurs.. 7:30 P. M. LOCUST VALLEY- Kible School 0:30 o'clock Worship 10:30 o'clock C. F. 7:30 o'clock Praver Service Thurs.. S P. M. ST. PAULS EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH, Funkstown. Rev. Harry M. Young, Pastor: Sunday School 10: .1" o'clock Morning Service .„..., 0:30 o'clock Gue^t preacher. ST. PAUL'S METHODIST CHURCH. Smithsburg, Md., Joseph T. Riley, pastor: Sunday School :':30 o'clock Morning Service li»:3u o'clock ST. JOHN'S REFORMED CHURCH, Clcarspring, Md., Rev. J. W. Huffman, Pastor: Sunday School 0:30 o'clock .Morning Service S:30 o'clock ST. JAMES UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH, Big Pool, H. C. Kottler, Pastor: Sundny School 10:00 o'clock M'.)!•:'.i:":g Service 'J:00 o'clock WILLIA.MSPORT METHODIST CHURCH, East Church St., Rev. j .uternoon Service OTTKRBKIN U. B. CHURCH, Falling Waters Road. H. C. Kottler. Pastor: 2:00 o'clock Robert IT. Hiller, Pastor: Sunday School !) :-".0 o'clock Moruinc Service 10:30 o'clock .Mr. \V. K. roo-irider, ot" Haprers;- To\vn. will pr-'ach. livening Service 7:00 o'clock Outdoor services in Community Park. Prayer Moetinff Wed. 7:30 P. M. CHURCH, Pastor: P:on o'clock lii:riii c/clock 6:4o o'clock ST. PAUL'S REFORM ED CHURCH, Western Pike, near Clearspnng, Md., Rev. J. W. Huffman, Pastor: Sunday Sfhool f»:30 o'clock Morniiifr Service 10:30 o'clock CHEWSVILLE U. B. Rev. E. R. Andrews, Sunday School .... S<-rvioo .. Y. 1*. Service CHURCH OF GOD, Mt. Briar. Rev. Gardner R. Taylor, Pastor: Sunday School 10:00 o'clock Morning Service 11:'"' o'clock Prayer Service. Wed.. 7:30 P. M. CHRIST ' EVANGELICAL AND REFORMED CHURCH, CaTe- town, Md., Rev. Edward T. Plitt, Pastor: Sunday School 10:lj; o'clock Morning Service 3:15 o'clock CHRIST EVANGELICAL AND REFORMED CHURCH, Funkstown, Md., Edward T. Plitt. Pastor: Sunday School 0:30 o'clock Morning Service 10:45 o'clock SALEM EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH, Bakers-rille. Harry M. Young, pastor: Sunday School 0:4.' o'clock Morning Service 11:00 o'clock Guest preacher. REHOBETH UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH. Williamsport, H. C. Kottler, Pastor: Sunday School 0:30 o'clock Morning Servic*- 10:45 o'clock Evening Service 7:00 o'clock Park Service. Rev. Charles Baer. of Drew Theological Seminary, will preach. WALNUT POINT "Walnut Point. Aug. 1. Mr. and Mrs. John Farrow, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Farrow and children. Imogene and Marvin, Jr., and Harold Farrow, of St. Paul's, were Sunday dinner guests with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Burgan. Miss Audrey Thomas. Hagerstown, spent the week-end with the Misses Rowe. Mrs. Daniel Mowen, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mowen and daughter, Joan, of Maugansville; Mr. and Mrs. Clinc and family, Waynesboro, and Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Whittington and j family, near "Willinmsport, were j Sunday guests of Mrs. Wm. Howard and brother. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Myers are rejoicing over tho arrival of a nine- pound son at the home of Mrs. and Mrs. Harry Hastings and family, Hasrcrstown. spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Preston Sprecher and Mrs. Bertha Sprecher. trip which took in points of interest in Canada and Philadelphia. Mrs. Markey was the former Miss Annis Unger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. YOU'RE VERY LUCKY TO LIVE IN THE U. S. A. Bl'KNOS AIRKS (ip).—Mr. and JlV\--*''^-'l *A.llV4i»llO. .i.*\ J .ii.-»**.fcfc_Jl J '*v-v^"'^** — _-,-,.--, _, _^_, ._ _.. , _ _ . T1 1 * l 1- • 1» Freddie French, who was knock- William Ungcr, of the village. They : Mrs - Average \\orkman I've m the ed from his bicycle by an automo-j are residing temporarily with the bile, has been removed to his home ! bride's parents. fro-.n the Washington County }Ios-J Miss Nellie .Mario Hawbaker, of pital. He is improving. Recent j Funkstown, is spending several visitors in the French home were: ! weeks with her uncle and aunt, Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Wagner. Green- and Mrs. Arthur Burgan. castle. Pa.: Miss Mildred Newkirk, ] George, Frush. of Xow York, spent Huyctts: Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Fink | several days with his parents. Mr. and son, Mr. and Mrs. Robert 'and Mrs. Walter Frush. Mrs. Wm. Howard, who has be<>n ill for some time, is at ibis writing somewhat improved. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hawbaker and children, ot Funkstown, wore recent callers with Mr. and Mrs. Ar- Myers, Mrs. Jack Jones and son, Mrs. Lester Myers and son, Mrs. Alfred Hose and daughter and Lee Taylor, all of Williamsport; Evers Ambrose and Mrs. Cams, Mr. and Mrs. Donald French and children, all of Hagerstnwu:Mr. and Mrs. Abram Keadle and grandson. Waynesboro; Mr. and Mrs. James Bailey, Cbewsville; George Am- Myers" parents, Mr. and Mrs. James brose, Sr., Mrs. Julia Fisher, Mrs. French; both mother and son are Kugene Wyand and son, Mr. and doing nicely. thur Burgan. Mr. and Mrs. Car! Shupp. who were just roct.'iitly married, have gone to housekeeping in the Melchor Strite tenant house. Mr. and Mrs. John Reel and fa'.n- rcd in this, the largest city of the southern hemisphere. Figrres published by the National Labor Department picture the couple struggling along with three children on an income of 127.'Ju pesos per month wlvn it costs" pesos to live. Th rt family borrows TO cover its deficit. One peso is about. '2^> cents. FALSE ALARM BAXTKR SPRINGS. Kas.. (.3^.— Report? or an airplane crash sent most of the town's residents on a search of the countryside for the wreckage. It, turned out. however, that it merely was a motor-powered model plane whose owner asked the sheriff's office to help i;nd it. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Burgan and daughter. Almeta, were callers Snn- day with Mr. and Mrs. Orville Kershner and daughter, Funkstown. ! Mrs. Robert Myers and daughters, Mrs. Grover Moats and daughters, Mrs. Fleagle. Maugansville; Miss Ruth Fish and Irvin French. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Markey. ily, Baltimore evening with Burgan. were callers Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Roger Mr. and Mrs. Krort L. Sprechor^who were just recently married. State legislatures passed 600 laws in the general field of welfare Copyright, 1939, King Features Syndicate. lac. and children, Clearspring and Mr. [have returned from their wedding j during 103? sessions. For Perspiration, Body Odor, Food Odor, Try RU-CO 25c Rudy's Rexan Pharmacy Hotel Hamilton Corner 25 YEARS. MURRAY, Ky. (&)— W. F. Gentry, a carpenter, claims the oldest, battery in continuous use in America. He says he has used a five-unit wet cell battery daily for 25 years on a gasoline engine furnishing power for a plane. Water Coolers R.D.McKEE See us first when you need your USED CAR AUTO EXCHANGE HAGERSTOWN 934 S. Potomac St. Phone 1133 RADIOS REPAIRED All Makes — Reasonable Prices MONTGOMERY WARD A CO. Strwt \

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