The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 1, 1966 · Page 14
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 14

Baytown, Texas
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Tuesday, March 1, 1966
Page 14
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10 Tuesday, MarcK I, 1966 Defense Contends Lovers Had No Reason To Kill &OAMI, Fla. (AP) — The defense claims there was no need for Candace Mossier and her nephew. Melvin Lane Powers, to kOI her husband to safeguard an illicit k>v e affair. "Murder had to be the last resort — they had the clear <run of all the universe at their disposal." according to the defense argument, which held that the couple did not lack for discreet hideaways for sinful dalliance. Circuit Judge George Schulz was asked to dismiss first-degree murder charges against Mrs. Mossier and Powers in the 1964 murder of her aging, multimillionaire husband, Jacques. He reserved decision. Arguments Monday for the dismissal motion affordd a preview of today's final summations. The ebb and flow of a month's testimony at an end. the last witness descended from the stand in a white-walled sixth- floor courtroom, the all-male jury was left to cope with a (blonde grandmother who insists her age is 40, and her darklj flood of legal oratory from both sides. The case should reach the jury this week. handsome nephew. Powers, 29 are on trial for their lives in the Mrs. Mossier, an attractive'June 30, 1964, bludgeoning anc Save Now ONLY-- More Days To Save By The 10th and Earn a Full Months Dividend March 31st DIVIDENDS PAID 4 TIMES A YEAR HARRIS COUNTY Federal Savings Loan Association 37 Years of Solid Service "Save Where Thousands Save Millions 1 ' KDRK DOUGLAS, left, and Richard Harris make time-bombs for sabotage purposes in Anthony Mann's "The Heroes of Telemark," World War H drama booked Wednesday through Saturday at the Brunson Theater. They play Norwegians who prevent the Kalis from producing the atomic bomb. Michael Redgrave co-stars. Crosby School Board To Select Band's Uniforms The Crosby School Board will, Secondary Education Act. Under meet at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday Crosby has been granted a stabbing of her husband, the head of a $35-million banking and loan empire. The state claim s a sordid, unnatural love bond between Mrs. Mossier and Powers Jed him to slay her husband with her connivance. In Monday's session in court chambers, wuth the jury absent, the defense sought to have the charges dismissed before they reached the jury. Defense attorney Walter Quinn, arguing in Mrs. Mossler's behalf and referring to the state's contention that an illicit love affair was at the root of the slaying, contended: "Murder had to be the last resort. With Willowick (th e Mos-j sler mansion in Houston), thc^ 40-acre ranch in Galveston. ho-| tels and motels all over the place, and other homes in Miami and Chicago, they haven't shown this to be a reason for "•nurder. "How does the state explain, if this is the motive, that Jacques Mossier lived in 'Miami : or a year? Why did they have Kmart Manager Marks 30th Year With Kresge Firm John W. Tyler, manager of Council Hears Plea For Ordinances 1 Enforcement A plea for enforcement of; three city ordinances was made to the city council during its last regular meeting. Mrs. C. H. Tipton urged better enforcement of ordinances that: • Prohibit dogs running at large in Baytown. Require garbage cans to be moved to the rear of residences after garbage is picked up. • And prohibit the littering of public and private property. Mrs. Tipton. who is president of the East Harris County Federation of Garden Clubs, pointed out that a city ordinance requires that dogs be licensed and either confined or on leash. Turned-over garbage cans are seen throughout the city, she added, and som e garbage cans are never moved to the rear of residences. Mrs. Tipton called attention to the fact that a city ordinance requires that garbage cans be covered with lids and that they after garbage is picked up. She cited the practice of "wrapping"' houses with toilet to kill him? He was gone al-jthe Baytown Kmart store cele- . . . , tc . . ready. They had the clear run ofjbrated his 30th vea r with'the S Pf movc ? back -° f , E ^ e curb -" •— universe at their dispos-js. Kresge Co. on Feb. 24. " «••*-« - —««"•» — i Among the many cards and Countering for the state. Asst. I letters he received was one from State Atty. Arthur Huttw re- the founder of the company S •sewed testimony leading up to s. Kresge, who is now 90 ve'ars f - ( .. , ., he slaying of Mossier at 1:45 old. commending Tvler fo'r his! of J? 8 »"«; Iaw - ».m .He pointed to Mrs. Mos- .service Mrs - Tl P tOn reported that she " made a trip through several Tyler started with the com- states last surnmer and - Bay . Sun Classified Ads were executed last month." Councilman Robert Bamer said he "agreed fully" with Mrs. Tipton's comments. "I know that if I can see people littering, the police can see them also." Barnes said, "I am convinced that our people are not trying." Barnes asked Mrs. Tipton to try to get people in Baytown ^ "excited enough" that they willj do something about the littering problem. He pointed out that there are limitations to what the police can accomplish. More effort on the matter is required of everyone, including the Baytown Sun, Barnes said. Mrs. Tipton termed the littering problem "vexing, aggravating and annoying." 'The town will profit if we can clean it up." she said. And she told the council, "I don't think this is the last you will hear from me." Want Ad Rates PCX LINE PER CAY « C««CVtlv» 3 ConMcetive Don SU>*1* Iratrrlon Minimum — J Llats THIS ISA « LINE AD. C«t OM for lint J do**.- J5.04 for Just 4 days, fbuae ju« ir,v -f-tuua. i«- 14. Employment. or 1*1. It. 18 PL Some Rot* &s 1 lines el ordinary typ« 12 PT. Some Rate as 2 lines of ordinary type LECAL NOTICE Sealed Proposals will be received by Board of Reo«iTS, .Goose Creek Jun- t—t* .-~— ^ »-~* «««.„ . yV „_ , , K>T College O'stricr tntii 4:00 p.m., Thurs, adding, I WOUld like for day, March 3, 1966< In «\e Board Room, to do a little enforcing <« ft™* **• *°«°™- *«-. 'or sler's presence at 2:30 a.m. in a •liami hospital where she sought treatment for head! pains. The state says the visit! ileft her apartment clear for P an y select the style of the new band!total of $40,318.27. j uniforms for Crosby High i Supt. Koonce said the district Powers and provided her with j j School, a purchase approved at is now testing students for this an alibi. j th e Jast regular meeting. gram, Saint Louis, Mo., in the j tovm was saw." there he went to concluded that about' 011 th « kid s so only Mossier „ . „. program and that the district is J II car > During a special session o fj waitin S for a portable classroom ] C ° ndaice the board Thursday plans fori fop Drew School, due about' 011 tn « |the meeting were" announced.! March s - would be there '" Hutto ° said - jSupt. Allison Koonce also report-! -^ other action the board: ed that there was not enough in-i Vot «J £ ° pJace a telephone in 'terest shown in the adult educa- j Elementary School and exten- store manager and district man- 'jager. When he was district (manager he supervised some IS dirtiest city th hn,.»^ti.!stores in Minnesota, Wisconsin, the house and took „ .. „, „.... T> _,' »., ~ _= ' tion classes to justifv setting up the program in the Crosby district. The board instructed Charles | sion telephones in th e secretary's office at Crosby Elementary and Drew Elementary. Approved a tax refund of over- Culbertson. school district tax lament of tax^ta the amount I assessor - collector, to proceed jwith a settlement with the insurance company on the Hayer Confesses Par? In Death Of Malcolm X Idone to Charles'R/Drew"in"°ai 10 ^ "^ Schoal i recent tornado. Estimates to re-|° fflc J; r l ° s £" ve as 1 school have averaged • T ?- r /t a f I 3? ^^ i 53.800. No contract was *w g rrU Olstnct No - S 8 Jed. The board also voted to put j shell where it was needed in I the parking area and the drive- jway. Culbertson also reported on [the progress in setting up the 'work under Title I and Title of 522.82 to Memry Reed. Rejected a request from Mo-j NEW YORK (AP) — In a dra- roney, Beissner and Co., Inc.,imatic courtroom confession. tax TaJmadge Hayer says he was one of the assassins of black nationalist leader Malcolm J. He declared that his codefendants — Norman 3X Butler and Thomas 15X Johnson—"had I of the Elementary School and meeting here. Typographical Talks PALESTINE, Tex. (AP)—The Louisiana-East Texas Typographical Conference has elected its first woman president, Sandra Dean of Longview, at a Save HANDCRAFTED ON 19" PORTABLE TV SUM STYLED! BIG SCREEN! The Tourney, N2000C-6 Lightweight, slim styled 19" portable TV in two tone color cabinet. Charcoal color and off white. Top carry •! ^*Q95 handle. Monopole Antenna Only Iu/ Baytown Color TV Center "We sell the best. . . Service the rest" Next To Youngbloods 104 N. Alexander 583-4822 nothing to do with it." Haver, 24, testified Monday that he had three accomplices, but he refused to name them.' He said the killers were hired. But he refused to say who hired North and South Dekota. During his career he has managed sev- ien stores and has worked in 'some 28 or 30 stores in all. He and hi s family have lived all over the south and midwest. Tyler moved to Texas, locating in Dallas, in 1960, some two years after Kresge • Co. started expansion in Texas. He spent almost five years in that area prior to coming to Baytown. He has been in the Baytown store 1% years. Mr. and Mrs. Tyler, who live at 1604 Hart, have five children. Their eldest, Cpl. John W. Tyler Jr., is a Marine in Viet Nam and is expected home in May. Susan is a sophomore at Lee College. Jill is a senior, and Mike is a sophomore at Robert E. Lee High School- Patrick is a ninth grader at St. Joseph's Junior High. She called for arrest of "beer can throwers." "And I would like to have a few dogs picked up, please," she said. "We appreciate vour corn_._„.._ •• ments, Mavrvr Major them or why, or how much money was involved. Haver, who made his confession during the defense presentation, faced continued cross- examination today. Haver said no one involved in the murder was connected with the Black Muslims. The prosecution contends that | all three defendants were active members of the sect, of which Malcolm once was a top leader. He broke with the Muslims and founded his own black nationalist movement in 1964. Hayer. Butler, 26, and Johnson. 30, all Negroes, are on tria! in State Supreme Court on first- Joe Davis Named Staff Engineer At HORC Refinery Cravey, "We deserve the criticism." Mayor Cravey added, however, that some dogs are picked up by e citv. He reported that "178 Three In Hcspital After Car Crash At Fourth, Defee A car wreck at 5 :<J5 p.m. Monday at North Fourth and Defee sent three persons to the hosoit- al. Most severely injured was Joseph Alexander, 24, of 2430 Broad, McNair. He was taken to Gulf Coast Hospital in an Earthman ambulance. Minor injuries were suffered ay Donald Ray Austin, IS, of 501 Davis Road, and his passenger, Rodger Glenn Baird, 18, of 210 E. Republic. Both were taken in the Baytown Hospital an Earthman ambulance. „ _ . , Officers said Austin was trav- Joe C. Davis has been named | eling north on Fourth while ^^ —" engineer m the Techni- ander was headed east on De . Renovation for Lee College Library Baytown. Texas Bids will be publicly opened at the time ond place slated above, one; all Interested persons are Invites TO be present. Specifications and necessary information rrvzy be obtained by calling ct the office of James A. Dovis, AlA, Architect, 401 West Defee, Baytowrt. Texas, ami placing o S50.00 ceposJl. Tnis deposit wilt be reft/ndea" upon return in oood condition of the documents within 10 days of me bidding. The Board of Regents reserves trie riant to reiect any or all bids or to accept any bid deemed advantageous tc the District. Each Bid shall be accompanied by a satisfactory bid bord, cashier's checJc. or certified check in the amount ot 5% of the Proposal- The successful bidder(s) will be required to furnish insurance cov- erooe and performance ond payment bond as specit.ed in the documents. Feb. 25. 1964. «arch 1. 1964. CARD OF THANKS AND IN MEMORIAK sa cents per tine MINIMUM CHARGE 11.09 CONTRACT RATES ON REQUEST THE CLASSIFIED AD DEPARTMENT IS OPEN DAILY FROM t A.M. UNTIL i PJ*. AND UNTIL NOON ON SATUR- NOTICE Oesignotlons as to sex in our Help Wanted and employment columns are mote only (!) to indicate oorxj tide occupatioial qualifications for employment wtucn on emaioyer records as reasonably necessary to nor-DpI operation of his bust- ness or enterprise, or (I) as a convenience to cur readers to «•? them know *nich positions the advertiser oetleve* ffOij-A be o* more interest to one sex tftcn Such designations shail not be taken to indicate that any advertiser intends or practices any unlawful preference, limitation, specification or discrimination In employment practices. 15. Work Wanted NOTICE et typographical or other errors must be given befcr* ttw second insertion or claims for refund or extension will not be recosnUed. All classified ocs appear under their proper classificatons and The Baytown Sun reserves me riant to dosy ry and edit ail adX For Best Results Use the economical * coy rate. When you get results, cancel the od end be cnarged only for the number of days tnat tne ad actually ran. Adi placed befere S p.m. appear in in The Baytown Sun the following day. Classified Department 582-8323 582-8324 ALL KINDS — Carpentry, sheetrodt, n I jccbinet work. No job too small. Call 583-1047. A-l PAINTING ANQ DECORATING. FREE ESTIMATES — Plenty Reference* T. T. SHIRLEY. 587.5PB. CANDY CANE NURSERY infants to 10 years. New Nursery. K'n-1, Tnteltiaent lovlna care. Hot MeaU. Pre- scftool instruction. 4 e.m. to 4 p.m. 583- KE1. 1. Lodge Notices MEETING of San Jocinio Council. No. 2733. of Columbus, in ttie K. C. nail, Tuesday evening, 8:00 p.-ix N. E. (Skip) Bourrtonn. Grand *Giipnt LEGAL NOTICE cal Division of the Humble Oil & Refining Co.'s Baytown Refinery. He is assigned to Project Engineering Section B and is responsible for the design and project engineering phases of degree murder charges. Iwork associated with the con- They are accused of shooting i struction of new process facili- Malcolm as he addressed 400! ties or units in the refinery, followers in a Manhattan ball-j Davis joined the Baytown Re- room Feb. 21, 1965. The prose-i finery Technical Division as an cution charges that Johnson fired a shotgun blast into Mai- engineer in 1957 after receiving a BS degree in mechanical engi- fee. ALxander's car struck Aus tin's car on the left side, causing Austin's car to turn over- Patrolman A. R. Liles Charged Alexander with failure to yield right of way. colm's chest and that Hayer and;neering from the University of Butler pumped pistol bullets {Florida. He is a former chair-! into him as he lay prone on the stage. Profit Sharing Plan DALLAS members Two File For Barbers Hill School Trustee man and secretary-treasurer for| the Baytovm Section, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Davis lives in Baytown and has J Hill school trustee election. r-ROPOSEO ADVERTISEMENT — GOOSE CREEK CONSOLIDATED INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT LEASE: Notice is heresy given that at its regular meeting on Jcnuory 10. 1966, the Board of Trustees of Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District op- proved the advertising for bids for en oil and gas lease covering the following de> scribed property, to-wit: All thot certain property in the Harvey Whiting Survey, in Harris County, Texas. described as follows: TRACT No. 1: — BEGINNING ct an iron stoke in the Eastside ot the Ofl Field Road (also known as Causeway Road) at trie point where the South line of Third Street {also known as Travis Street), of the Jones Addition to the City of Peily Intersects SQTie; THENCE Norm 70 degrees 39' Eos? along the South side of Third Street 233.29 feet lo the intersection of the East JJne of the W. L. Jones Troct end the West line of the Mrs. Annie Busch Troct. set a stoke for corner; THENCE Soutti along the W. L. Jones East line 231 f-et. set a stoke for corner; THENCE South 70 degrees 39' West and paraMel to the South line ot Third Street, a distance of 267-5 feet to an iron stake In the East side of rhe Oil Field Road, set a stake for comer, THENCE North 07 degrees 51': cost along the East boundary line of rhe oil Field Road 243.8 feet to the place of beginning and containing \ 25 acres of land. TRACT No. 2: — BEGINNING at on iron stake In the South line of Third Street a? a point wtiere the Mrs. Annie Busch West Une crosses same; THENCE North 70 degress 39- Easi along me Soutti line of Third Street 352.65 feet to c stake In the Mrs. Annie Busch East line which is also Mrs. Amelio Alrhort's West line, set a stoke for corner; THENCE South 231 feet along Mrs. Annie Busch East line! to an Iron stoke for comer; THENCE 70 degrees 3v' west 3SZ6 feet along the Busch West line to the place of beginning, containing 1.75 acres of land TRACT No. 3: — BEGINNING at me Southwest corner of the site of the Scm Houston Elementary School, sold point STATED MEETING at Cr»tby Chapter No. 261, O.E.S., in the Masonic hall in Highlands. Tuesday, March !, 1944. ot 7:30 p.m. All members ond visiting Stars cordiouy invited to attend. Gladys O'Srien. W. M. Sybil Orr. Secv. CHILD CARE — In my home, any hours* Old Boytown area, Reasonable weekly or Dourly rates; references. Transportation turn'shed. SS3-S29*. GENERAL CARPENTRY — nancina. Rmshin? end pointing. Cabinets built, formica tops, ornamental Iron. EDWIN ARABIE. 611 Bolster, 5W-S957. HAPPY HOUSE DAY NURSERY — SIol« license, working rnothers enroll yoyr cfciiu .now m aay care nursery. Call 5S3-2S87 for gpointment. MAINTAINER — For lease, with operator. J7.00 per hour. 582-2£M oayl. V3-T279 niahts. PAINTING, PAPSRHANOINO — Price Reconaoie. Free Estimates. Call 533-5S37. PART-TIME WORK WANTED — Small ooint lobs my specialty. From a bedroom to a house, ecu 5S2-4939. WILL KEEP CHILDREN — In my bom*. ?21 E. Fayle. day or nicht. Coll SS3-4161. 16. Apartments For Rent AVAILABLE MARCH 1st — one unfur. furnished 2-be<Sroom cpcrtment. Call 5S3- 2760 or apply 2617 W. .Vain. BARKELY SQUARE TOWNHOUSE •-ow Cos! Luxury o-id Convenience Swimming pool; central air, ocljo. ccr- jon. Cishwcsher, retrigerator. cispasal, • -•arpetina; i «« paid. 5215 unfurnished; ullll- Park ot Decker Dr, l-A Special Notices SANDERS CAKE SHOP — WEDDING SPECIALISTS. Cdterino service, mcoo- araTimed napkins, wedding invitations, bride booics. Ooen 9 a.m. la 6 p-m-, 1611 Jones Rd., Hignlands. 4S4-2517. BLUEBONNET APARTMENTS New ;-beOroom ivmished aparlments, clr :onditioned. utilities paid, weekly .nonthly rctes. Hwy. 7«. CLEAN — 1 - bedroom furnished house for famiiy. Also, efficiency opcrfment or sieeping room tor men. Apoty !3t? .Vlao- nofsa. COUNTRY CLUB MANOR 3500 Decker Drive. Section 1 FREE RENT BONUS Today to - - - stt-dent away ct scnocj. Just ccli Tht Sun circulation departrmrnl. 532-8302. DEFEE. 213V, E. — Garnge oportment. w-es rooms, batn, ooro^e. Couolf no I sets, h.lls oaid. J7i. 535^385. ORDER SUN PHOTOS Place orders ror reprints of pictures maa* oy Saytowrt Sun photc^ropnors by calling S32-8302 or writing to The Sun at P O. Box 90, Bavtown. The pictures are J2 tor tne first priit. up to 8X10 incnes in size, ond »• ror eoc!* cdditlcnal Drlnt from the seme negative. StardorS sUei ere 8X10, 5X7. and 3WX5 inches. Monuments-Lots DECKER DRIVE. A41! _ Three room unfurnished apartment Phone 546-7171. EVERGREEN APARTMENTS — J20S l£ • mois. 3-room furnished apartment, uo- stalrs. All bills paid. S7500 SPARKY BOND, Reoltor 907 S. Main 5M-CM3 N.-ghts ana Weekends 533-<37S or 566-7751 FURNISHED DUPLEX — Bills paid no TRI-CITY MONUMENT CO. GAILLARD, No. 10 S. — 3-room fornlshed ronite, j oarage opartment. location, no marble, bronze monuments, crave marK-J oarage, no bills paid, Cemetery work. Terrs, no carryin-jj charges. Market at W. Main, next tc *c: Peoples State Sank, 532-0*2. 5. Personals ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS intorrrHrtion on alcoholism. If you have a drinkirva problem, call' 563-5700 Of 583-2723. 6. Lost and Found LOST DCS — Fu _ answers i.. "Mac Fink". Has < ond needs his pilis. Contact \ae 10- 11-* Grantham. SPARKY BOND," Realtor '/ S. .Main Qjai ^^^j^, N.ghts ami Sundays S33-<S73 w 564-7751 GAILLARD 303 N. — Two rooms and bath. f-jrnis!!ec. llnj blocks north of post oifice. Apply 103.A. ^ GRAYWOOD ARMS One end Two-bedroom Apartments r Furnished ona Unfurnished From S99.50 Utilities Paid FREE USE OF LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT , I 1305 Memorial Drive J5S2-9J36 or 5S2-523S i JONES, 30B N. — Nice Icro* furnished 4• room duplex, utilities paid, garoge, adults, I no pe?s. Apply 307 H. Jones. beainnino beina the Sournwesi corner of a 1 LOST PASAKE6T — «05 W. Humo tract or parcel of land heretofore convey-1 v j C j n iry Slue and aray color. Nam eC to J. F. Campbell, President of rtie --Billy Boy " Phone 5K-5691. Board of Trustee! ot ttie Goose Creek !nd- Two more persons have filed j :r a o C °'ne>'e' a s candidates in the Barbers ?<?"3 (AP) — Employe two children, Nancy Ann, 13, New candidates are Billy Gene eoendenf School District by W. L, Jcnes. containing 1.25 acres of fond, and de scribed in deed dated March 26. 1930, of record in Volume S41 ot page 6 of the Deed Records of Harris County. Texas. sa:d point of beginning being In ttie East line of Ferry Rood; THENCE In a Southerly direction along the East line of the Ferry Road and the West line of the W. L. Jones troct for c distance of 100 feet, set a stake for corner; the Southwest corner of this tract; THENCE North 70 degrees 39" East on a line parallel to the South line of soid school troct qpproximofely 270 feet to the Eost line of the W. L. Jones Troct ond the West Sne of the Mrs. Annie E. Busch Troct, set o stake the Southeast corner of the described; THSNCE North East line of the W. L. Jones Tract and rhe West line of the Mrs. Annie E. Busch Tract approximately 100 feet to the Northwest corner of the Mrs. Annie E. Busch Troct. which is also rhe South. of the Southland land Charles, 11. His mother is Lawrence, 32, and Norm Thorn-'edst comer of the 1.25 ocre of iond 10. Help Wanted DISPLAY ERS — For home Interiors needed this area. Cor necessary. Write P.O Box 61*. Channeiview, or call GL 2-36/2. FRY COOK AND COUNTER SALES HHLP WANTED — funsu', i JAMES, ni'. W. — Desirable spacious. TEEClElclecn furnished duplex. Reasonaole. pri- ' vote end auie!. Coll 5S3-29SO. KENNEDY APARTMENTS — MM Michl- oari, 5S2-4ci4. Four-room nicely furnished sportTiem. air conciilicneq, central heat. iL6E HEIGHTS — A small furnished ga- \ rase c&ctnrrwrfit on private lot, cell 522- j 2?60 cfier 4 p.m. LA PORTE — 3-bedrooms, large cor- {pet^d Uvir.y roo ; -yj overlooking Day No cri>id.-en. pets. S!40. utilities paid. Apply owner. No. 1 Pjne Blurt Dr., or call GA 1-3742. La Porte. MARKET ST.. MM — 4 Room furnished consider coup!*. Apply 40! S. or femc'c. WiHjoricK cdra^e apartment, ca-'pets, garage person o! *6C morirn. water paid. 582-6566. Pe r00aWay ' a ! STERLING. «1 E. - ro TC. \j" '•- ^- , room ap.3rtrr-.ent. Air conditioned, carpet, WOULD YOU LIKE si.000 extra income j *65. *OTer paid. 5E2-6730. this year, iust by vis-.tinj your neior.bors? . If you would, see me today! Call 532-7574! and ask for IKE. your Bovtown FULLER- BRUSH REPRESENTATIVE. I 11. Female Help Wanted I Funeral Held For Only G.E. has all three! Filter-Flo^ Washing System No lint- fuzz on your clothes! Mini-Basket* Extra tub for up to I Ib. of frills. leftovers! 2 Wash Speeds "Normal". "Gentle" settings for just-right washing! "The Total Washer" Washes up to 14 Ibs. mixed, heavy fabrics! *T.od. mor k o s! El.tiric Co. Two-Speed Filter-Flo Washer 199 WILKIES ACROSS FROM SAN JACINTO HOSPITAL TEN TEN DECKER 582-8447 Corp.'s profit sharing plan re-'Mrs. W. H. Lee of Ocala, Fla. ceived more than a million doi- !ars as the firm's 1965 contribu-ji tion to the fund. Assets of thei) fund now are above S12 million. I The company operates conven- i DA!^ Off flVftl*^ Hill ience food stores and dairies in ftvSJvI 1 ll'Uv I 11111 30 states. Friends paid last respects to Robert (Doc) Hill. 80, at funeral services Monday in Earthman Chapei. The pioneer Baytonian died at 1 a.m. Sunday in a hospital here. A Baytown resident 49 | years, he was a pharmacist at JHerring's Drug Store. Survivors are his widow, Mrs. Marie Hill of Baytown; two sons, Robert Hill Jr. of Baytown and Dr. James E". Hill of Jackson, La.; three grandsons, Robert Hill in, Arthur Hill and Joel Hill, all of Baytown. The Rev Edwin Summers. j pastor of Grace Methodist I Church, officiated in services. j Burial was in Cedar Crest Ceme- jtery. j Hill, whose interests ranged I from football to fishing, was ac- 'tive in the Knights of Pythias Lodge No. 458 and Baytown Masonic Lodcf No. 1192. State Police Tie In With Teletype Netwoit j , AUSTIN (AP)—Texas State, j Police have tied into a miilti- I state high speed police teletype j network that ultimately will link 'law enforcement officers in every state but Alaska and Hawaii. Col. Homer Garrison, director! of the Department of Public Safety, said the 100-wcrd-per minute system will be four to five times as fast as the present method of transmitting messages by telegraph. The circuit is known as the Midwest circuit of the National Law Enforcement Teletype System. It connects Oklahoma. Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Dlinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan, Plans call for 3 nationwide circuit. as Jr., 35. Norman G. Durdin, 36, previously had filed. Two positions to be filed on the Barbers Kill school board currently are held by Sebern Diliard and Calvin Johns. Neither Diliard nor Johns had indicated Tuesday morning whether he will seek re-election. Wednesday is the final day for becoming a candidate in the April 2 election. Interested persons may file until 4 p.m. in the school superintendent's office. Lawrence, a 1951 graduate of Hill riiu ha<; nas described In ins Soutti line of said Scrtool I Trcct; THENCE South 70 decrees 39' West I DOMESTIC HELP WANTED — home - aiong the South, line of said School Troct.! k e e p i n 5- core lor ^ ci:.dren. t»p?r- is the South line of the 1.25 ocre of lend above described to ttie place of be- gVnniny, ond being trie plot of land fccinQ 100 feet or. Ferry Rood ana bounded on the South by o line parallel to the South iine of said School Tract. TRACT No. — BEGINNING crt the . Southwest corner of a 1.75 acre tract of land described in deed froT> Mrs. Annie E. Bi-sch and husband, to J. F. Compoell, President of the Board of Trustees of the Goose Creek Independent School District, deled March 17, 1930. of record in Volume 8J1 at Page 9 of the Harris County Deed Records, said tract of land -being a part of the School ier.ced. references. S&3-7339 £ p.m. DOMESTIC HELP WANTED — permanent babysitting, 4',^-ciay week, lic?ht housework. Must have own tronsp&rlation. Call 5326475 after 4:30 p.m. j HAIR STYLIST WANTED ! MARY SLLEN HAIR DESIGNS, La Porte, GA 1-O634. LVN'S ar-d RN'S — B Red Bluf! NEW APARTMENTS Wickersheimer Manor 510 Williams St. 1 and 2 Bedroom Units Furnished or Unfurnished Utilities Optional Individual Air/Heat Covered Paved PorXIng Near Cnwcrtw. School, Shopping S63-I137 SS1-MJ2 17. Houses For Rent i ARBOR. n» — Large 1-btdroom tout* _ I wim bia yard. | Phone S&6-8648. TOP COMMISSION 45 PER CENT Lurier Cosmetics, Hours at your conwcn- fine parallel to me SoyfTi line of said .... ,. ,—lool site 352.65 feet to the East line cf two Children attending School. jMrs. Annie E. Busch Troct. set a stake i lQs;rt ^T--,rl.,-,»« «r r-« > for corner; the Southeast corner of this A 19DO graduate Of George tract; THENCE North alono the Ecrst linj Washington Carver High School. o! '"« *?"• *!""« E - B ^ 5Ch Tr<Krt °« >roxi ^,^ _i . , ^ jL-,j •_ rnafely 100 feet to the Southeast coner of ~ -- - .... . described in deed from vi inr -xjrrj i-jpusron oefnenrcry scr«>o( .-"*'=• •—--•• v..~— -- .-- - j _ site; THENCE South alona the West li^e! lence. pnrt or lull tme. Collect CA 4-0733. , ARBOR- of the Mrs. Annie E. Buscn Troct and the ~~ East line of o tract of tend conveyed bv WJIliam L. Janes to J. P- Compoell, President of the Board of Trustees of the Goose Creek Independent School District; THENCE North TO decrees 39' East alono E. — 2-bedroam unfurnished Central heat; oorooc; washer connections. Available March 1. Coil after 5 p.m. 5S2-W3?. BAYTOWN'S FINEST RESTAURANi THE NEW TOWER Has openings for 2 Waitresses, Part or full time Apply in person to THE NEW TOWER 7301 Decker Dr. Thomas also has two children in the Barbers Hill schools. Thomas expressed a desire, if elected to cooperate with the present board members. 12. Male Help Wanted Mrs. Annie E- Susch as above specified. [ • also beino thc^ Southeast corner ot the' — Real dean 2-bedroom iumi-shcd. mlddie-aaed couple preferred, reicrences. (tecsel. Apply fa Arsor. JB*KE3 RD.. 114 — 3-bedrooms. den, 1 j bdtfis. S!00 month. JOHN SHEARER, i 53T-6517 {CEDAR BAYOU RD.. 2217 — Fumls-hed io-id unfurnished 2-Uedroom houses. Jcn- j nl-.che Addition. 5S3-S127. . I FRANCIS. 504 W. — Five room unfurn- j ished house, S60 month. Catt alter 4 p.m. •JGRANTHAM. 405 —J-Beflroom. 114 barhs. Sam Houston Elementary School site and the Northeast corner of the a ' :T 546-7872. PARTTIME DISTRIBUTOR — Per outo- j troct her*' motive product. Write civir.o brief r«-1 d«cribed: THENCE Soutti' 70 d-orecsl"™- °°« re « end phone, to 14215 Wade- HIGHLANDS - 304 N. Mogiotio St. 3?- West alon B the South line of soldTocr^i *< dQ ' "f' "i"™" ""' '" ' '—— lite and the Soutn linr of the 1 75 acre' GL 3-2065. Houston. !rra " " v/av. Houston, Texas 77015 or call j-room furr.lshwl house 140* mcnthl" Phone 544-7J71. Redeemer Koid Banquet Friday A "Golden Years" banquet will honor members of Redeemer Lutheran Church who are 65 or older at 6:15 p.m. Friday ir, the church annex. Hostesses will be the members of the Society of Helping Hands who will prepare and serve the meal. Mrs. B. C. Buescher, chairman, is in charge. Mrs. Wilmer Dorman will decorate the tables for the occasion. Norman Luker, president of the congregation, will be master of ceremonies. Those on the program will be Kirby Iselt, who will show slides on the different countries of Europe, and Mrs. Glen Kollmeyer and Mrs. Norman Luker, who will present a piano duet. The honorees are Mrs. Ida Kurio, Mrs. B. C. Beck, Mrs. Sophia Steirer, Mrs. Stanley Voytek, Mrs. Annie Smithson, Mrs. Myrtle Pederson, Mrs. Marie Rollig, Mrs J. J. Jenson. B. E. Froehlich, Fred C. Hans, Herman -Brenner. J. O. Kubik, Ewald Klaus and Ernest Adlong. School District, dotetj Seot<rmb«rr 22. . ond recorded in Volume 1223 at p<scr 535 of the Deed Records of Harris County. Texas, said troct beino port of ttie SOT> Houston Elen-ieniarv School site; THENCE South alono the Mrs. Ajnnie E. Busch. tract. 317.13 feet to tht South line of the Mrs. Annie Busch Tract and the No'Th line o! ttw William Scott Lower Leoflu*, set o stake for comer, the Sovthv/est cor. ner of this tract; THENCE Sooth 47 de- or<-es W East along the Soutn line of the Mrs. Annie E. Bus<J> troct. 35S.9 feet to Telephone Linemen FOR CONSTRUCTION CREWS APPLY 19 STtMSON TO MR. M. A. TAYLOR Telephone Co. the Eost line of the Mrs. Annie E. Busch' Troct. set o stoke for corner, me South- AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER east comer of this tract; THENCE North "~ olona the Ecst line of the Mrs. Annie E Susch Tract. 573.83 feet to the Southeast corner of the tract described in o deed from Mrs. Annie E. Busch to the Goose Creek Independent School District as above specified, crtso being the Southeast corner of the Sam Houston Elementary School site and the Northeast corner ot this tract; THENCE South 70 degrees 3»' West along, the South line of said School site, 352.65 feet to the place of beginning, containing 3.3769 acres of land, more or less. The above described tracts of land contain 8,8769 acres of land, more or less. Such lease will be mcde ond executed expressly sutolect to the provisions of Ar. tide SOIp VATS ond Article 2773c VATS Such lease will further inuluae provisions substantially to the effect thot there shall be no drilling or development of any kind on the surface of the property fenced olt at the school around without the-express written consent and permission of the Lev or. Bids will be received and considered ond the highest and best bid will be accepted at the meetlno of the Boord of Trustee? on Monday, Morch, U, 19«. Th« Board of Trustees reserves the exclusive right to determine vvtwt provisions ond constitutions constitute "nlohejt and belt bid" and to rel«ct an Bias if non» ar» sofi»factory to th« Board of Trust»«. Pr«ld«nt, Board o* Trust««» Goas* Creefc Consolidated Independent School District. Feb. 15, Fee.. 22, Mcr. 1, 19«. LINDBERG, 1«W — Unfurnished 3-bea- i room twxjs* with oarage, $60 c*> WE ARE SEEKING 2 Aggressive Men For future management positions. If you feel you can Qualify, and won! higher earnings — APPLY — AMERICAN NATIONAL INSURANCE CO. Ordinary Divisior- }OA Grayitone Bldg., 120? Decker Dr. »•!} DAILY See Jim Hard or Jim Bareelo NEED MEN Who sincerely wont to become electrl- cions, maintenance engineers or plumbers. Up to a,ii per hour while Trainlne UD to U per Dour after licensed. Call Mr. Williams, J&3 3ll« after 4 p.m. AVOID THE RUSH! HAVE YOUR CAR INSPECTED NOW. LONG DRIVE, 40? — Brie* ]-bedroom home. IVj froths, fences back yard, excellent condition. STOP month- S£2-SSJ<. NAZRO, W. — 2-bedreom unfurnished . ooartment. close-in. Newly decorated, 155. 58C-&43S. SCHILLING, «03 — 2-bedrooms, unfurn- month. Phone S83-$3S3 before Isr.ed. 5:30 p.m. WEAVER, 108 — Clean, 3-room furnish*! house. For information, Col S&6-S37S. WINDY LANE. 1105 — 4-Room unfumlsh- ed house. Nice ond clean, 72O wiring, washer connections. I3S, 582-5»»3. 3-BEDROOM FURNISHED HOME — 1 bolhs, 2 air-conditioning, units, carpet, fenced yard, large garage. Across the street from Cothoilc and Public schools. 18. Bedrooms - Board AT CREGER HOTEL ond oportmenrt. you get oood beds, oas heat, rub or show" |»'h*; quiet, homelike. No drunkm. 19. Business Rentals GOOD FOOD SERVED FAMILY STYL* Reasonable Rates TYREE HOTEL 3301 Minnesota FOR RENT OR LEASE — Space In commercial bulWIno, centrally located, 228 N. Main, Hlahlands. Phon* business, or residence. 436-3949.

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