Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on February 18, 1897 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1897
Page 5
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BY REGULAR CO-RESPONDENTS- » Saienee Bldge. Wther. Ho* does it sttick sa Saturday for Sol- MfS Gortl* Hanson was a pleasant : *t the school last Friday, Sbersoie was absent from last Friday* We* are pleased to see Miss Mabel 'in her sccnatomed seat In school Ma, - ' / , Mr, fetid Mrs. Dell Gould, Mtv and a , Heary Heavena.Me'sd&tnes George -Hoofer, Daniel Ramadell, Arthur Ma- M* Stefling, and M,r. and Mrs.Man: Jones, of this vicinity, were visit; Al Harting's last week. August Stern lost a valuable horse -,., .ASS week, caused by,the animal falling !%4fl4 breaking its leg. We* Dave Ebersole had his corn shelled Wednesday of this week. Crieder Bro's -41*1 the Work. * '- HIM Naomi Beisner was the guest of Mt*8 Edith Jonea last Sunday. V 1 Miss Grace Harting spent Sunday Ltth relatives ib. Sterling. ' N. J. Bush' returned last night from u where he had been called as "Juryman. -,' • ' <&. *2ne following articles will be sold by Ine "bachelors" at their retreat- on 1 'Tuesday, Feb. S3,1897:' One table, one "ffct of dishes, one stove, one wash dish, ! one cot bed, two backless chairs, and Bother articles too numerous to men- at the hom** of the groom *p , Mr. and Mri, Balrd, son Boy and ^•-daughter, Florence, spent ^Saturday ' WithMrs. L; A.' Metzlor and family. - Geotga Smith will retom to Peru Wednesday. There & talk of putting a separator in the 8,8. Hofhing building So accom- modatethe milk haulers. • The debate of last Tuesday night drew out a large crowd". Tomorrow night there will be a fine dialogue, and two songs, The question is* -Resolved, "That a,Republic is preferable to a Monarchy." '? Mr> and Mrs. Charles Murray and daughter expect to go toBatavIaTues- day afternoon, Married. At the home of the bride's parents; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Fellows, Mt. Pleasant, Tuesday, Feb.' 9, '97, at high aoon, Frank G. Lyon and Miss Ethel'Grace Fellows, the Bev, J. W. Skinner officiating, Th«following,ladles^ and, gentlemen were present: Messrs, and Meadames Robert Ritchie, a U Tracy,!. A. Lewis, N, J, Lyon; Edgar P. Knox, F. M. Knox, A. M. Ewing, R. Lewis; J. M< Morrison, N, J. Thomas, T, A. Scribner, Charles Wells*, Bae Hiddleson,H. Tucker, W. P. Hiddleson, W. L Lane, John Malson, B, A. Nourrtsh, Charles Fellows, Harvey Bally, S. J. Fielding, George W. Howe. Mesdamea* Susan Lewis, Minnie B, Tucker, Bert Puddifoot, Katie Hoiis- ton, Edward Kn6x and son, Nellie t Fe- ganj Lyons, lai ••'."• '\ . . GartUsnplain* Miss Norma Austin, of Lyndon, was the guest of her sister, Anna, for a few days last week. The sociaV at Mr. and Mrs. Bert Stone's last' Friday night was well]Vat- tended, all having a very pleasant Mr. Mnd n'?»»rt Hr |»^ Mr. FriJty < * rr $ owned by Mrs. Frank .Hoover last .Tuesday, • ' , The gravel haulers are again busy. The pit had cawed in during the time they were not hauling and It all had to fce cleaned oat before work ..could be commenced. > _ Pigeon The nine-mpnths-old son of J,Buike- is dangerously ill with pneumonia, at present, also their little daughter baa,been affected-with the sajne disease, but is recovering rapidly. ' • , r The Mystlq Workers 'of Clyde will •»''"give an oyster«8upper at the residence 'of ft; 0,'Oonrady^ Thursday evening, ;JFeb. i&. Everybody Invited; < Mrs. M.' Heap has gone to Sterling gp vlalt her daughter, Mrs. T. 0. Rob- Hauon, .From there she expects, to go f'.tp'&ochelle to, visit her Bister, Mrs. *" '' Albert Wesphal., She expects , to' be gone'two weeks, • ; *Bhe central examination Is to be held 'at Greenwood.' Quite a• large -'— to try'the examination. class ' M"rs. Baker, of Morrison, sent a num- I library books'to the Greenwood P^gtmday school, a short time ago, • " "f •/Herman' Barthell, of Mt. Carroll, Svlsltediiere Sunday. s : Matthew Boss took supper at Mr, Heap's Sunday evening. • ' ', Cards are out announcing the mar- fiage of Maggie J. Ross % to Henry -F, 'gtlnmyer; , v 'William Tarner is rejoicing over the •'arrival of a little .daughter at,his J home. • . • ,' . ,t- ~The people of this little burg were is?., Very much «surprised and, pleased a "* \iweek 'ago Saturday. Captain Heard iwsd Mr. Oeborn, of Sterling, drove up *-' to hold a series of meetings at the $; «ohpol house. Meetings were announc- • e^^aturday'evdnlng fot Sunday morn; ijttg, afternoon and evening^ During Hb.e. eervlce nine souls were brought to .OhnaiS.' It Was very much regretted : by all that Captain Heard and hia as- •piatani eovld not have staved longer, 7 aa there was so much good done while •were here. Ther^arestiil a great • eoulsj to be saved here. Captain ^ would be welconwd by the' peo- Si'of White Pigeon, at any time. We , the Captain la Just the person v^p the work. , time. Stowell & Parker: are busy these days shipping stock.- ' .. , Felix Kierner went to FultpB Saturday evening to visit friends Sunday. . • Miss Nora Bound, of Sterling, spent a fewdaye wftiting Miss Susie Burghardt last week.:,-A ' .. : The ladies of, Gardenplain have arranged for a series of prayer meetings to be held at the:different houses the coming week. f , ,It, is from such meet- : ings as these that a great^deal of good in any community is accomplished; Principal Hurd, of Lyndon, came over to attend the institute and visit friends. '-'-V : ..•...-..'.•'. ••.,-,- : > .;. • ' . • Principal Bishell, of Erie, spent Saturday night with Mr. and. Mrs. Marcy. Prof. Bittlnger, of Fulton, came out to attend the institute. Saturday. :, He has made arrangements to conduct a "summer Bohd.olfor teachers," to begin at Fulton June 16. When 'the Pro-, fessor puts his shoulder to the moves..." ••' ..'•';••' ' ; .'"•' V >.•;'.••;'• . _Mr.. : _'.gtr'bud is moving : some of [his Mr. and Mrs, John LangfordS, of Albany, were the guests of Mr. end Mrs, Wadsworth Snndav. J. Moyer, of Fnlton, was a visitor at the Corners recently. J, Nicewongsr has been hauling ice from the river the fill up his house, Montmorency. : BegUtar meeting of M. W. A. Saturday evening^ ' Mr, Edward Grove is in Morrison this week; serving on the jury. Quarterly meeting will be- held in Montmorency church one week from next Sunday- Presiding Elder Clark will be present and preach the sermon. Miss Pearl Frank spent several days last week with the family of Pbtneroy Bipley in W e8t ' Montmorency. Mr. Elmer Comptpn went to Bureau County last Friday for a visit of sever* al days with relatives, "_. , . , ; Mr, and Mrs, S. W. Halsted are receiving an extended visit from Grandma Halsted, who has been spending most of the winter with her daughter, Mrs. McCracken, near Yorktown. Mr. J, C, Buell returned last Saturday from Chicago, where he had been to visit his mother, who id sick. Next Thursday afternoon 'the regular meeting of the W.C. T. XL will beheld at Mrs. William Murray's. A full attendance is desired; ' . Miss Libbie* Grove and her mother enjoyed a day's visiting with Mrs.tiam- uel Compton last Thursday^ Mls,s LovleBeed returned last Sunday to her home in EmerSon t afle? a stay of several, weeks in Montmorency With her sister, Mrs. Lewis Ulm. On Friday, Feb. 20, the central examination will be held in the T Allpr«Bs- school house. Directors are invited to visit during the day and inspect the work, .. -.' . • Ferdinand Pliitz, who lives on Mrs; Deetz' "place on" the Buell .road, will move March 1 to the Samuel Wetzell farm in Hume. Mies Mabel Christie spent last. Sunday ia' Hume.'with heKslster.-Mrs. Bobert Pollock. ; /•:;• :*^ : ' . ;-.' The Boyal Neighbors of 'Montmorency will hold a basket social at their. hall next Friday evening, Feb. 20. A literary program will be given to -feed the minds of those present, after which the inner man will be fed 'from baskets which the ladies will provide.- All are cordially Invited.; All ladies are requested to bring baskets! : ;": Mrs. J. M. Heaton and daughter, Su-. ale, spent last Thursday with Mrs. V.ioV la Wickens., A. delightful .day WBJ8: spent quilting, ; 0 .: ! ;,;-:: : '••&$/ A Sunday Schpol Institute wul> be Held in Montmoren6y\churo6/.''t,wo^ w^eks from next Sunday, commencing Mr, s.a4 Mrs, Frfd C'>le, of Ps town, werts In Tampleo ore* Sunday last wesk,gn«it« of Mr. and Mrs, Wa!- 3s«e McKenzle, Harvey Cain started Wedaeftday morning last fof Jamestown, N, Y., to assist in balldlng a dredge for James S. Pollard. Mrs, Francis Weaver.of Kansas City, Mo,, if visiting in Tarapido with her sister, Mrs. Dewitt West, Mrs.. Charles Brown .and daughter visited In Prophetstown one day last week.' ,• - ... The "Owls" held their fifthjparty at Union Hall last Thursday evening. It was well attended and a pleasant even-, ing passed. Mr, Kogers, of Sandwich, father of Mrs. J. A. Durnell, got off the train last Saturday evening; Dr. A. C. Smith, of Sterling, was in Tampico last Sunday. He was called to see J. C. Aldrlch, who Is very low with pneumonia. v Feb. 15^ .. . 'Prophetstown. Mrs. Will Paxon and daughter, .Clara, are visiting friends in Morrison. .Claude Frary, after spending several days in the city of Chicago returned home'on the evening passenger Friday. Miss Mildred Reynolds spent Sunday at her home in this place. She returned Monday morning. Mrs. A. D. Booth and son, Clarence, of Morrison, made Prophetstown people calls during Friday and Saturday. Miss Caarle Loomis returned* to her homu Saturday morning after being the guest of her friend, Miss Florence Auraent of Sterling, for the past two weeks. R..H. Mathisand Boy CrookJ drove t3«r» John "WGeneseo Frfi that [ay~~aflernoon city. They to visit returned Blalveru. ,00141 are eo common here that near- family is afflicted George Barnes' family are a» ill- of grjp M»oe they woved last Tues- st Friday wss little -Anaie Getty's blrtbd^y. About a dozen of her school. mates took »upper with her and helped wtP**^"'™^ r " bAt celebrate. ' Mr. Horl^her'and NeUie'Oonaway, n£ C^leta, attended the debate Tuesday ighi They were guests at the f Jam^ Gerry, A oumber took a sleighride to eyeoing snd attended in the home to. the Murphy Eaton farm which he will conduct the coming year. We understand that Frank Eaton and family will move to Chicago. .. A Teachers' Institute, was held'at Gardenplain Corners Saturday, Feb. 13. About thirty teachers, from different parts of the county, including Superintendent Johnston,, were • present and nearly all took some part in the meeting. Each paper received its due time of discussion and especially the one read on the Townabipjjf8te_m^ propo^sed. This queBtlon should certainly be studied by the peonje of liUnois. Whether or not it is tbei best raotive for our pub- lip schools the writer does not pretend to know, but we :dd want -that ;whlch will be of the most value to the schools of Illlnbis and If this value Is found in the proposed system, then let vis have it by all mea'ns., Papers' were read by Mlsd Mamie Hlordon, Miss May Baradel, Felix;Kremer, B.Hurd.Miss A«na Austin, Miss Alice Bennett, John Martin, H. H. Stewart,, Class Recitation by Mrs; Williams. Arthur Manning and Bert Wheelock. both of Lyndon, we*e down, for a paper.butdldn't'make theit appe'arance,:' At the close of the meeting a vote of thanks was extended to the pepple P f Gaxdenplaln f>r the manner in which they* entertained the teachers. -:•.-.;;,, ..:••: '.'•:.'> (• ->• ' ;; -," >..Willie Long andetster, Miss Laura, of Fulton; came out tp attend the Institute Saturday and -were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. Marcy over Sunday. " Miea Belle Reams, of Fulton, spent Saturday and Sunday .with her little frieod, Miss Simpson.. ' '' Miss Lucy Eaton visited frteoda in Clinton last week, returning home Saturday. ,, .Miss Bertha -Murphy, teacher at Bpripg Valley, spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents, '*,»,* Quite a number of yoking, people from Qta-Um eame over to »ttend the Friday night-, R. R. Murphy, who went to the Springe a few week's ago for bin health IB e&peoted bome this w«ek. J, 0. Long sad wife called upon tMr. eod Mrs, Msrcy Friday evsaing. Mr. »»d Mr>. Lee Ulyadg**, of Cottonwood, earns ever to attend the ioistitute friends in Sunday. t Mr. and Mrs. George H. Hyde have been spending the week visiting at Arthur McKenxle's hprne. "George Welch haa»returned f rom'his home in Tampico. ' George has improved in health very much and his friends are pleased to see him here 8galn..y ' Sleiglilng was enjoyed by our young people last Friday. The sleighing was pretty fair and In the evening .several parties were enjoying the snow, , Timothy Bourk, the Sterling con- trator, was in town Friday looking up_ more business. We -understand he is" •figuring on some work here In town for spring. , " ' V. Fred Shultz has rented bis meat majt- ket property to F. W. Beece.of Colona, 111. —Possession will -be given as soon as Mr. Beece can make arrangements to open ,the shop. ; • • !• ' A* party consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Setley, Misses ^Pearl Beynold, nlng eession also,'Speakers, frbm Sterling, Bock Falls, Hume, }Hahneman and Tampico will be present and a very Interesting time is expected. The program will be published next- week. William BIchardsonfis very sick with stomach trouble at hlir,'home in East Montmorency. ^ y March I, a number of changes will take -place among the occupants of some of the farms in Montmorency. WVliain McGarrah moves to his farm recently- purchased in> .Hume-rJjohn Hubbard goes to the place Mr. Garrah leaves and John Funk to the place Mr. Habbard leaves. Sherman Miller moves to a place three and a half mlleq southwest of Harmon, , ;: Feb. 16. Ford Smith, of Sterling, was in'Tam : plco last Friday night, returning to Sterling on Saturday morning. Mrs. Leslie, of Clinton, la., who has visited for a few days v?ith her daughter, Mrs. Dr. P. A. Lillie,'returned to her home last Saturday. ' '. *""' .' '..Prof. M,B. Kelly, left on the train last Saturday for Morrison. Mr.' K. says he has not been home since New Years'/ ; '..',.: sv . •''"" . • ' ' '•'•' The "Deestriok Skule" oomedy'.WBB rendered last Friday night at Union Hall and was greeted with a full hoRse. The receipts were about 890.00. • H. Li! Sheldon,' of Bock Falls, was in Tainpieo last .Saturday -doing busineea. . Mr. and, Mrs. J, M, itemmtngton and daughter went to Sterling last Saturday to visit with Di, and Mrs. A. C. Smith and family. , Henry Brill, who ia attending school in Genesee,, was home laet Saturday, accompanied by Arc'ble Gujhrie, of Geneseo, They came for » short viait and to attend the ''Deestrict Skule." Mr. McEntyer, of L»4d, got off the train laat Friday afternoon and stopped over ifiigbt with hie daughter, Mrs. E. L. Wroten, , , ' There waa a party of about twenty- two gathered at Mr. and Mrs. Jacob J, Bldita' !iat Wednesday evening in bonor of Mr, Bleitz' sister, George and 'fttle Bleltz, ol Satsdwieh, Quite a uumber of the young people out to |S. E, Wbeeloofe'* lw* Sst- urday uigUt epecdmg the evening M yonug geojala usually do ou $«ieh ocea- MesarB. Charles Seeley, H.'M. Angell, Charles Cleveland and'C. C. Case,drove to Sterling last Thursday afternoon to see the play, "Human Hearts," in the Academy of Music that ..evening. Al} say that the, play was first class. \ .The great Edward Beno, the famous magician and trainer of animals, was In Sholes Hall Monday evening. All who attended report it as being very good. Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs, Hotchklss occurred the marriage of their daughter, Emma, to Mr. George Merrllle, of this place. Both are well known in this vicinity and are loved and respected by all. Their many friends wish them to accept their congratulations and best wished •',;'•' '• ••''.' To-, George from his friends: From our. hearts we wish you and your brida happiness. Not for this day alone, but for every hour. . AFIUEND. Feb. 17. " m Sn 1 H&w^cMtiiM^fwiwrftw .t^^^v^ ^ it.A.o. iSl^sakfeffi- T- ' ' Coleta. List Thursday" morning Peter Eokles discovered the tracks of a red fox arid immediately followed the trail. After a chase of about tyvelye miles, the anj- mal was sighted south'", of Coleta and shot. The weapon.-uged was a shot gun, loaded with buckshot. It is stated by our pioneers,-.that this is the first fox shot in this section of the country ior twenty-five years. , The Morrison. Record must have gotten things muddled up ft wee mite when it produced the article concerning the 'Maivero young people who were eo badly frightened by the accident caused by a runaway team striking the bob sled in the rear, smashing the hind end gate out, and forcing the hay out of the bottom of the box. The ptory was neatly gotten up, but the young ladies who constituted the pa<rty, report the accident in a somewhat different light. The article in the main, wan "fiction founded upon f acts, 1 * , 0. Herbert Lewis,the Rockford cigar dealer, w»» doing business, with -our merchants laat Thursday. Fred Weddelt, Jr., o« Book Fall8,wa8 the gueat o| his father batufday and Sunday. 1 Cephas Crom bad au ice houaa with Keaeber's ehoioa ice, day, George Q&urlfigM i*o» Iowa, # Rr?>*. ff* f h riff, atfe st niftht. MSss LydJa Byeff, of been tke ga«<«t of h?r brotlwr, Byers, and famity, Jerry Meakin was th« victim of * p«, cailat accWsnt that lamed his left leg considerably. His overcoat was eaaght an a bob sled and his body was pulled under. There was a load on the eled, Boy Howard, of Sterling, visited hi« cousin, Frank Courtrfght, Thursday and Friday. : , MisaJennio, Geieon. says that she will leave for Chicago soon, where she will enter the employ of her Uncle, vrho is engaged in the grocery business in the city, - • M. Milter had business to attend to in Morrison last Thursday, hence Frank Courtright managed the harness shop that day, The pupils of the school commemorated Lincoln's birthday appropriately withe flags etc.. John Meakins does not believe in the old proverb, "A stitch in time saves nine," - as he has been troubled for about a week with stitches in his back of 'a very different nature. Miss Bebecca Wetzel, of Hume, is spending two weeks with friends and relatives. . ' William Sears was a gueat at the home of E. Y, Crom Friday and Saturday, • "•" '•".'•••' Frank Hollpwell, the Mlliedgevllle butcher, will send a meat wagon' down through Coleta e?ery Thursday .until summer, During the warm months a wagon will be through here four days in a week. . Lewis Garwlck arrived home last Thursday from Springfield, where he has been as a delegate to the Annual Woodman State meeting. --Otfio Bender droverdown -to~ Fentonr last week to return his brother's horse. Mr. Gerdes is ill at his ' home. He was threatened with an attack, of his old sickness. '-••"'. Bev. Henry Baker is preparing a work of art to be placed in the M. E, church. It will be something very fine when done. A description of it will be given next week. , Edwin Bronson says that there is no t^uth in the report that has been circulate^ that he has given up trying for the honors of constable at the coming election. , *. ; Joseph Bushman was very" ill with the grip the past week. . , The' farmers of Genesee are req.uest- edtomeetatj. C. Kingsbury'a' store building Saturday, Feb 20, at 2 o'clock p. m. to arrange for a Farmer's Institute. An organization will be formed; ofDcers elected and committees on arrangements; etc., appointed. The sociable at the\ home of Wash Chesseman last Friday night was very well attended, a large number from -Milledgeville-betng— there, — Toe-proceeds will be used to buy books for the library of the Wood School. . A crowd of Coleta people attended the comedy in Sterling last, Monday night. .- . ' ; .' A crowd of ladies and gentlemen from the Christian church planned a surprise for Fred Garwick and family, who will soon leave the homestead to reside in Chadwick, jand executed the surprise in a perfect manner.' The crowd congregated in Coleta and reached the de8tinatIon_Jn j3leto L .TJbejf amlly was engaged in their usual household duties, never suspecting what was in store for them. The day was never more pleasantly spent by those who were there. After dinner a musical program was given, Charles Garwick rendered several violin solos in a masterly manner. A quartette composed bf.Mcaars. Noah Garwick; L. D. Fraser and Charles Garwick and Mrs. L. D. Eraser sang several selections. Mrs. Noah Garwick delighted all by her organ solos, Those who were present arei Messrs, and Mesdames Frank Deets, John Peugb, Andrew Stanley, Joseph Harrison, Samuel Peugh,James Patch, Adam Llnefilugb, Jacob Howe, Lewis Peugh, Lewis Garwick, L, D, Fraser, Noah Garwick, C. H. Manning. Mesdames Lynch, William Stanley, John H, Becker, Tilton. Misses Eva Woods, Mae Becker, Ida Letcher, Bettie Garwick, Zella Peugh. .Messrs. Herman Peugb, William Elliott. Mr. and Mrs, A'lbert Miller and « fntn pslafa! sectdeitt m*t witl* ft Bte _ hli C 8ho« ftod overshoe, through bis foot. Mrg. Oarrte Cfroafc, as able wetter In the W, C. T. UM of Rijckford, i|Sl lecture in the Christian chareh Sftl«r- day night. She le %ell rRcotaaieadM to Coleta people and there rt a treat Ja store for those in sympathy with the work. '. - : • " f A number of the .Schoolmates and friends of Mies Minni^Brown proceeded to her home south of town laat Saturday night and surprised her Wonderfully. All report a very pleasant time. Those,present were: '' Clara Ackerman Mlna Killer ErmaOvirholser LTiclndft Spang , Annie Glenn Elizabeth Ackerman Mae Miller , Mll«s HannW Clarence Llnebaugh •Fred orerholser AlvlnLcnharl Josis Brown • , Lizzie Garwick Mae Brown. ' LeUleGamlek "Utzle Hannls Edlth'Brown • Era Brown Messrs— Barnes Overholser llfttpb Orerbolser llalpb Wetzet' ,. Charlie MooJik Willie Spang Hugh Brown' Willie danger Frank Bnsliman Warner Brown The Christian FredMoBrlde Illohnrd Proctor CharlSn Haqger Hflrrey Becker. , Endeavor Society of Coleta Is preparing to produce & masl- (mle, "Those Good Old Time*," in Oole- ta as soon as poealble. There will 'be as many as thirty in the afitair. J, B. Fenton will act as director. The part* have already been assigned and all are studying with energy. Lyman Woods and wife were made happy by the arrival of' a girl baby last Wednesday. ' ' • Woodman Hall next Friday night IB • "Resolved that Marriage is a Failure." It is thought that Gleaspn's gang wilt win it whichever side Is 1 taken, as both, debaters from that aide can speak, from experience. « But on the , other • hand, Messrs. Hurless and Proctor, • have good imaginative powers. ' • Christ Bogott's eight-year-old boy la exceedingly 111, ~ From all indications, ' the. physicians think that he has consumption qf the intestines, but cannot positively state it until further devel- " opements. The township examination of the pupils of the schools 'of Genesee, will be held at the Coleta school house.Friday, Feb. 28. All who contemplate, being examined aVe working diligently. _ , Martin Overholser.seemB to be tocoY- eripg slightly. • ' . Feb. 17. » ;. • Oomo. , Mrs, B. H. Vanderburg, of Book Island Junction, accompanied by Mrs. J. H. Vahderburg, of Gait, called at 'E. C: Whitman's Friday. . B. Sfaultz baa jeopMBencf •daughters, Misses Nina and Lena, will leave next Monday for a two weeks'eo- journ in the East. They will first visit in Philadelphia, then proceed t6 New York. They will also visit In Lancaster county, .where Mr. MUliu's aged parents live. They will return by the way of Niagra Falls. Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Hoffman are both under the care of a physician. Andrew Stanley, who was at Galea- burg aa a delegate" to the Fftrtnera' Institute 4ast week, reporter very lifter- eating and beneficial meeting. It io said that a company has been formed by some of our local influential citizens to depart,—well pot exactly depart for Cubs. M- C. LiuerQ<ie is captato &t say t»ts, H® will all iafOEfittatioa u>?o*«s«4ry to Of wisbid to oin. series of revivals here. 'Providence permitting, the Bev.Rife, of Le Eelger, will assist him .in the good work. .Several individuals through the neighborhood have put up ice for their own .use this summer. Moving* is the prevailing order of the day here, ' ' The H. H, Sewing Society will .meet at the home of Mrs. J. Scott Tuuraflay; A full attendance is expected. . ^ J. J. Price was a fiock Falls^and Sterling visitor last week, . Harry Brown _ butchered |three fine ^ porkers laat week. They will have to travel through Greece for awhile. Mrs. Faist has. returned to her home in this place, Miss Cynthia Currier will occupy part of her house. ] j •' Many are suffering. frpm'. severe COldS. . ; , ' The free bridge at thla place-is becoming very unsafe; several have 1?rb> ken through the ice within the last two days. : Annie Wolber, her sister, Christina, and her brother, Christ returned homo Sunday from a visit with relativ,e« ia Hume. . . l . f Henry WJlklnson, of Morrison, visited his aunt, Mrs, Whi'tman, Monday. ,' • .El Burr, who has been laid. n|i for,. Bometitae from an .Injury to hia. jtcofe received while, hauling ^ice, is much ..better,-':.:'';. >,' '-;"•' '•' ' "f^ MiBB Amy VanDrew, Mlea Fog Clarenqe VanDrew, of yorktown, Corao viaitorB last week.. , ., Several from this place attended oyster supper at Gait last Wednesday,.. evening, A good time reported, * ' , Mrs. W, Barrett, wiio has been ill for BO long, ia eo much better that she wti able to go to Bound Grove iant Fritlay, * She expects to make a visit of weeks with her state*, Urs, Boyd, • Feb. 16, to Eaweoo ssye be baa hagl lots of out of the puzzle he sprung some ago, aad he 6»¥8 the BUS wee js *&$ Iowa: CouatUig the trains that eom&s the sUtioa just *a our traia there are seven traiaa <m th* roa our tr«b> start*,. $Bf e» i^ort will

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