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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 14, 1888
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DK and FEI No 122 Westijdjtoreet. Thn a««l B<-«t Ferd more In Sterling. P.fiHlcfl Mill Feed lit nil kliHlx we ki'rp Halt, Baled Hr.y, Oil M«MU, Wrapping rajwr, &c. We idl Croshert's cel"hrat*rt MIS.I.EDOKVIfjfcK FtOFR. Al»o, Ills No. 1 BUCKWHEAT FLOUR Pan Cake Elour as cheap as at the mill. GEO. DAVIS01T. VOLUMK 6. STERLING ILLINOIS. SATURDAY, JANUARY 14 1888 NUMBER 282 MOSES (DILLON HM just received a car of SPLINT COAL, J'utsi Hie thing to fru-rn in YOUR This klafl «nTirt>ath«t>. TSY IT. csmo, BIJEOTIHCT a. i OOINO KART I OOINO 8— PiissenKCT «:1S M— riasenger 2:<."> p.m. 76— l'relnht...._«:« p.m.|«— FrtiKln ...... 8:« p.m. A.BRIVR FEOM KAST. ••astcnifer...*:l'i|) m. ATIIUVF .. .._ „ , ii^Pos-enger 10:30a.m. 77—Freight 9-.40|41—Freight--..! :30 p.m. Passenger No. 30 connects with tnUin east and west on Clinton Branch; wlthO. K.I & P. B. R. at Kock Island east and west; with Oalesburg passengpr at Kloj with main line lor points west Council Blurts, Omaha ami beyond, and at nell for Kansas City mid points beyond. C. & N. W TiM: OOINO BABT. OOINO WEST Bars nalltown Passenger] Clinton Pass., 8:17 p. m. ...._. ....„!•*) p. m Paclflo Kx ...... 2:25 a, m. D*nverPass...lO:28 a. m. Denver Pass...4:CU p. m. Atlantic Ki ..... 2:37 a. m. VarshiUltown Clinton Pass....6.-ZT a. ra.| Passenger...! :16 m. FamoHT TBAIKB THAT OARBT PA«aRpfo«nJ!. OOINO KAST. OOIKO WSflT. -NO. 74 NO. 84.... 8.17 p. m. .- 6:7T a. m. No. 87 ,.10.28 a. m. 8:430. m. " Where did Mr Lingg get i hose Bombs?" "I do not know, but I oan tell you where you can Ret a pair of B THE ICE KING'S EMBRACE. IT TAKE3 A LARGE SECTION IN IT3 DrADLY FOLDS. {EVERY PAIR WAi.3 WED. . AL.SO. Men's Felt BOOTS, ALBERT DOLGE'S Ml Wool FELT SHOES AND SLIPPERS AND THE ANKLE-8UPPOKTIXQ CORSET SHOES, FOR WEAK ANKLES......_ Just call and see at J. P. QYER4D.SEfY$. Dealer Iu Moots and Siloes, Hterllna;. INSURANCE HEAL ESTATE -AID 10ANS. AU'KNT' KOK THK LHA.DINO ;AWir'ACcn»Kwr E3S\ For rent;. Western .and ; Southwestern Farm Property, Improved and Um ..proved for sale. MOSEY TO LOAM. Call and see me. EDWARD C.UNDERWCOD. Boom 2. Academy Muslo Building, opposite. Gait House. Sterling, Illg. _ KIRK'S FLOATING SOAP THE CHIEF For the Bath, Toilet and Laundry. Snow White.and. A'bsolutaly Puro. U vonr deafer doe* not keep White ClotMl Soap, seofl M eenu (or sample cake to the mifcera, JUS.' S. KIRK & CO., CHICAGO. The X>nto Tlllzxard tJoprocpdented and Many Unfortonatrs Fall Vlotlnn to It— Kom<trou> F»>»lltl«s Reported — Rome Terrific Rnllwujr Wreck* with No Ix>ss of I.lfe — Or«nt Fire at Indianapolis. CHIOAOO, Jon. 14. — Telegrams from the west and northwest credit Thurtilay'a blizzard with being the wont, without exception, consldenim its extent, that ever swooped down upon that section. Tbe temperature was below «erO Thursday night •nd Friday, and in some cases as low as SO degrees. '1 lie worst feature of the storm is the known and probable loss of life. A stage which left Bismarck, D. T., for Wlnona, was out tn the storm, and had not been beard from up to Friday night late. It is feared that another stage which left Washburn for Bismarck Thursday is also lost, as it should have ranched it* destination Thursday evening. A dispatch from Raymond, D. T., says the damage to live stock will be great, while reports of suffering and death are constantly comltiK In. Two »ons of William Drivr were froz-sn to death within a few feet of their barn. Charles Heath is missing, and J. H. Clnpp has been discovered badly frozen, he having been out all night wondering upon the prairie. The elevator of Archer & Howe has gone down with 13,000 bushels of grain. Otber minor casualties are reported, Adrian, Mioh., reports that several farmers living twelve to fifteen mile* north started home from there about 3 o'clock Thursday, and have not yet been heard from, John Dorlng Camper, a farmer living a mile north of there, who was at a neigh- bo'rs a quarter of a mile away, started home and wan lost. Borne fifty villagers started out to find him Friday, but so far have not done so. The storm Is still raging. From Faulklon, D. T., the report is that tbe storm was unprecedented. Nobody could stand it for a moment. Tbe teachers aud most of the pupils ot tbe two lower departments of thn schools were 'compelled to remain in one of the school-rooms all night, provisions "being carried" to them. "Ropes were stretched from the corner ot Main street to the school house to enable those carrying provisions to go and come with safety. It was Impossible to reach tbe railroad station after 4 o'clock, and the agent and several others wore compelled to remain over night without dinner or supper. It was S8 below caro at Minot, D. T., Friday morning. James Smith and two sons, a ged )f> and 17, started for a load of hay sii miles from town on the Hth, and have not since been heard from. Searching parti are out. The following is from Omaha The blU- zard which raged here Thursday night has subsided, but tbe cold Is intense, the ther mometer at 0 o'clock Friday evening registering 1& below zero. With the break ofiday report* began to come in of damages, si/ffer ing and loss of Ufa. from the storm. CM returning from Council Bluffs, Gfabam P Brown, si prominent fat stock raiser, wbi wa* one dt the party which visited that place on the sleighing carnival, was upset by hi* team, which ran away. He was acaompanled by throe young ladle*. Mr. Brown and. two of the ladles succeeded in finding the Omaha bank of the river, but the third lady is missing, and it i believed «he wandered down the river ant perished, j Waxell Beck, eight years old, started home from school Thursday afternoon, but was loet in tbe snow and has no yet been 'found,. Another little boy name George Alien started for home from schoo about the same hour, but has not been Lean from slue;, and is believed to bava been frozen. . A dispatch from Ndrfolk, Neb. •ays that,twenty children were snow-boum in the school house and obliged to remain there all;night. Advices from, all over tb state show the terrible effects - of tbe storm and loss of life. From Bious Falls, D. T., the .following is received: i . The worst storm that ever visited this sec tion set In Thursday afternoon and contlnnec nntll Frlotay morning. Thereto raiiob suffering and many lives • are lost .Reports are coming iq every hour from towns aroun this city at parties being frozen to death. There is great loss of stock. As for t£e railways, it would occupy co nmus to jtell their troubles. Trains were snowed In ;*Very where and traffic impeded o entirely stopped. Tbe Union Paclflo, B Paul, C., B. &Q., Santa Fe, and all tbe lines west and northwest, bare been delayed from a few hou a to complete stoppage at different point*. Chicago did not escape, bnt tbe snow was not accom panled by low temperature. There wati a tn mendous drop, however, Friday morning i i three hours, whan the temperature fell fiom '80 above to 4 above, and at 0 ^ m. Frid tj it was 6 below. RAGING FLAMES AT INDIANAPOLIS g*v*ral Business -Blocks Burned with • of .About •TOO.OOO, IBDIAHA ppua, Jnd., Jan. i-t— A niost'dtn structive £ r<i broke out Friday night at 11 t that hour an alarm called a ther offlcen. It bus beeu on fire several Imes before,but always put out before much amage was done. The building Is almost .otally destroyed and tbe lOasaj will be eary. Fir* at Chicago. CHIOAOO, Jan. li.—Fire Friday evening in rear building at 203 South Clark street insed a damage of about |7,">,OOU to tbe Chicago Electrotype comnany, The Railway Ag", th* American Electrotype compsny, and George Allrart & Co., cloth spongers, lie buifding wa-i but tittle damaged. All the firmi are well insured. KEEP COOL, Mil MILLS. FUNNY EPISODE IN THE HOUSE AND A LEADER'S WRATH. Mills Xxisos Hl< Temper and Bis Read on • Question of Adjournment — Vance Taokta* the Tariff Problem— Stewart's 8«hem0 for Bullion Certificates — TboM Annoying Canadians — Congressional. NARROW ESCAPE FROM DEATH. A Veitlbal* Pnsenec* Tntn Collides with »" Double-Header " Freight. PrrrssuHO, P«., Jan. 14.—Tbe eighty la-flankers 0:1 the east-bound Chicago and i,ivr York limited express (vestibule train) on the PHtsburg, Fort Wayne & Chicago railway, had a narrow escape from serious njury, If nob Instant death, by a collision with a double-header freight train of forty an at Conway Station, near Rochester, '*., at 0:45 o'clock Friday morning. Tba ipress waa making up lost time and running about forty miles an hour. Tbe engtn* •en, owing to a heavy fog, did not discover each other until only 100 yardn apart. The engina were reversed and the trainmen lamped, escaping with slight injuries. The rains crushed together with terrific force, and a number of freight-cars and the engines were completely demolished. But few of the passengers were awake. All were thrown train their berths badly shaken up, and thoroughly frightened. A panto was only prevented by tbe efforts of conductors and porteis. Tbe front of tbe smoker on the vestibule train was badly jammed. Wrecfced ny Spreading Rails. ALBANY, N. Y., Jan. R—The fast express from the west over the Fitchburg line, due at Mechanlcsvllle at B:3J o'clock Friday morning, was thrown from the track near Jonesvllle, a small station midway between Rotterdam and Mechanlcsvllle, while running at a rate of thirty miles per hour, by the spreading of the rails. Tbe entire train, constating of baggage, express cars, a sleeper, and two coaches, left the track and went down a low embankment No one waa seriously hurt save the baggageman, who sustained a dislocated shoulder and badly braised band*: —'• ~Lucky Thins; for th* Passenger*. PALMYRA. Wl*, Jan. 14.—An engine and snowplow running at the rate of twenty miles an hour dashed Into the rear ooach of the Janosvlllo express, telescoping tbe oar ahead and throwing the mall, express, and baggage cars from the track. The wreck was a bad one, but fortunately nobody was hurt Tbe Janeevllle express was standing In a snowbank nil night and had just backed Into the depot to give the passengers their breakfast. Fortunately all were at tbe bob) 1 at the time of the collision. .„ TV1U Probably Ba Fourteen Victims* HAVERHILL, Mass., Jan. 14.—Oeorge B. Wentworth, of Dover, N. H., died Friday night, making thirteen victims of the. Bradford railroad smaihup. W. T. Klmball, of Newton, » ' probably die. Tbe other Injured persona are doing well. IRON ORE INTERESTS PROTEST. Jan. 14.— A scene not down In any botne bill took place Friday when Mills moved to adjourn the bouse until Monday. Tbe chairman of the ways and means committee, under the unwritten law which ba> prevailed In the house for a long time, 1s recognised as the premier, and allowed to "prorogue parliament" whenever he shall deem it necessary or expedieub. Unless discreetly, used this assumption of extraordinary power is frequently resented, and can easily be made a caaua belli whenever it shall so happen, that tbe premier U obdurate or willful in unnecessarily Interposing to defeat Incidental legislation to which no special objection oxlita. Well, this time, Hatch of Missouri wanted a Saturday session to pass tbe agricultural experiment station bill, and was somewhat taken aback to have the wind taken out of bis sails by the motion of Mills, and so he opposed the motion. Hatch's opposition fretted, the leader, and he became still more Irritated when a large majority, Including the solid Republican rote, refused to adjourn till Monday. Naturally enjoying a rnmpus between two prominent Democratic leaders, the Republicans did tbelr beet to foment the dlfllcnlty, and the hall rang with their laughter, applause, and taunting exclamation, "Oh, the leaderl" "Where's tbe leaderr and similar sneering remarks. Meanwhile, Mills, very red In the faco and pawing the air like a Texas steer, seemed to be giving Hatch a tongue-lashing for presuming to refuse to follow tbe leader. Hatch h»d turned toward him and was talking back and gesticulating vigorously at the Texan. In the midst of the laughter and confusion nothing said by either could be heard in the galleries. Tbe Republicans encouraged the wordy war, but the gavel enforced order, and Mills, stepping Into the aisle, made a remark that convulsed- the bouse with laughter, and almost made the Republican* throw up their hata, In undertaking to explain why he desired no session Saturday, he said many members on both sides had been to him to Inquire about it, and he had assured them "he would have norta" He finally explained that be had entered Into engagement* with other members which necessitated adjournment until Monday, which would otherwise prove embarrassing, and place him In a false position. Tbis made all things straight, and his, motion was carried. " . It requires a very cool head to be a leader of the house, and Democrats are asking whether Mills has this requisite. He is undoubtedly a very strong man in bis capacity as a representative in congress, but he is hot' beaded and irascible, although alwayi willing to right matters it be shall have gone too far. _ __ OPPOSED TO THE WHOLE THING. Tiding that the government pay fl per oon^. intersst from the date of tbe failure of the bill last session on Itoms of the bill Vnncsj spoko against protective tariff and internal reronno taxes, and Gray against the educational bill, and the senate adjourned until Monday. An appropriation for agricultural experiment stations was reported in the houte from the agricultural committee. Thlj Is to make clear the Intention of congress last session to appropriate money to agricultural oollegas for experlmenta. Comptroller Durham haring refnsed to pay the appropriation because the hill was not explicit. Tbe bill permitting certain Inscriptions on second, third and fourth-Claris mail matter was passed, and the house df voted tbe remainder of the s«slon in committee of the whole to the private cal- nndar. Nothing but talk was done, and at 6:15 tbe bouse adjourned until Monday, _ THE LATEST FINANCIAL' PLAN. _ Stewart, of Nevada, Propose* *> Ne of Coin Certificate*. WASHINGTON CITY, Jan. 14,— Stewart of Nevada offered In the senate Friday an amendment to the bill providing for the investment of certain Bams in the treatnry. It provides that any person may deposit at any mint or assay ofDc-i gold or silver bullion and receive certificates therefor. The price to be paid for gold bullion Is fixed at $1 for 25.8 (Trains, .9 fine, while tbe price tor silver is to be fixed by the secretary of the treasury on the 1st and 15th of each month, at the average price of silver in the New York- market during the preceding fifteen days; provided that the price shall not exceed on ounce of gold for sixteen ounces of silver of the same fineness. The certificates are t> be in denominations of not lesa than 13 nor more than $1,000, and are to be legal tender* redeemable at any treasury or sub-treasury. Under tho provisions of the amendment no more gold or silver certificates are to be issued, and those coming into the treasury are to be cancelled. No gold or silver is to be coined, except to meet obligations expressly made payable in com and to meet the actual wants for silver currency among the people. The amendment proposes to repeal the silver coinage act. __^___ NOT: IN THE PROGRAMME. ANY INTENTION OF THE TORIES RESIGN THEIR CONTRCU. TO Hold-Fast I* Salutary'* Good Do«— A. LlttlB More O»f IJiw Coming — Tbn Cmmr for Anylhlns Bo Lone as It's Komi*— ; Moonlighters Sentenced — A Mother'* 1 Awfat Contention. THIS is the to of the gen- une Pearl Chimney, all are imitations. Top" others Lamp similar is , the exact label on each one of the Pearl Top Chimeys. The dealer may say and think he has as good, but he has not, Insist upon -the exact label and top. GEO. A- MACpfiTH Pittsburgh, Psu o'clock, portion of the fire department to South Meridian and Maryland streets, in the wholesale district, ^he fire was discovered in the cellar of D. P, Erwln & Co. 'a dry goods house. Other alarius brought more engines and hose companies,] but their effort* were without avail, andjthe flames spread rapidly. To the north of KrwinU was located the wholesale grocery house of George M. Btout & Co., and by 12 p'clook both buildiugs — ban (some four-Btory structures— stocked with valuable nwrehandise were destroyed. On the south a new fourystory building belonging to Poar- son & Wo l fell, just completed but not yet occupied, was consumed. Tbe extensive dry good* house of By ram, Cornelius & Co., north ot Stout & Co,, was in great;' danger, but was saved. The stock, however, was damaged greatly by gnsoka acd water. Th* fire was carried across thl street, and destroyed a block of five store-rooms owned by to* Berkshire Life Insurance company, and occupied by MoKee, & Branhaui, boot* iboeti C. B. Cones, Bon & Co., manufacturers of shirts and overalls^ and Tanner & eullivau, tinners' supplies. Also a block adjoining, pwuod by V. 8. Uaiott, occupied by Fearsoii & \Vetiall, queauswara, .The building and stoolt are « total losa, Tbe destruction ot buildings U estimated at *200,000; ot stocks, $600,000. The insurance will cover a targe portlou ot this, but figure* can not be given at ibis time. Thl* i* the most destructive flre ever •zpwrieooed in ludlan- apolts. __ ttnjuk*4 Out tt« PrlaUrs. Mkh,, Jan. Ui— About UiSO night tbe old Arcade building, ad- Joialuj; Tu« F,'« Pros* cffioa, wax disco* er«d >obo on An. Th« to,ok« from Uu burning buiilittjj tatxatM w maeoatlaf in Tiut Vrw -«|$oa Oi»J f Ita «u»pk>j"««i at that ow- to H«j» «««> WfX. Tte* *• *» «M Uu-»"»fc«7 »*** tot. They Give Some Reasons Why They Oppose Reduction of Duty. OIEVBLAND, O., Jan. 14.—The Western Irou Ore association, representing the mines which produce all tbe ore in the northwest and Missouri, held a meeting in this city Friday. Tho meeting was called almost entlre> for the adoption of a memorial to congress protesting against the removal or redaction of tho duly on iron ore. Tbe memorial represents that the aggregate production of iron ore in this country in 1887 was 13,000,000 toot, nearly one-half of which was taken from tbe mlnee represented by this association; that -a- capital of (140,000,000 U employed in these mines, and the railroads and shipping necessary to transport their product It represents that the removal Or lowering, of the ffay on iron ore would close many American mines. To show that the present duty—75 cents per ton—is Insufficient, the resolutioni quote the increase of Importation, l,80o,OUO tons baring been Imported irt ISSff from Spain, Africa, and Cuba, and declare that to put the American product upon competitive terms .with this foreign ore tbe doty should be 11.60 per ton. Tbe wage* received by the laborers who produced the import are such as would be humiliating to American laborer, and inch as the manufacturers <lo not ask him to accept. Tbe resolutions further slat* that America inust always depend on the home product for its supply of Iron, and the nip- ply will b* abundant if Its development be not retarded by low tariff. . Tbe ore to a product, and to call it "raw material" doe* not alter tbe case. In view of these consideration* the association pretests against removal or reduction of tbe duty on iron ore. Nloltoll* G«U the Nomination. EATON Rouoc, La., Jan. 14.—The Democratic state convention has completed the most important part of 1U labor*, and will toon adjourn finally. After the permanent organization of the convention Frmay, Gen. Nlcholls wa* placed in nomination and at 6 o'clock a ballot was taken. Quo, Nicholla received &5% roles, IBS McEuery men voting blanks. When tbe rrault was . made known leaders of the MoEuery faction moved that the nomination be made unanimous, which wa* done. This effectually ends all talk of. a bolt or serlom opposition in the party to Nlcholla. After nominating Nicholla the convention ajourued for the day. Got Their UU1* "DlvT." ALBANY, N. Y., Jan. 14.—One of the most extraordinary partition suit* on record ha*, just been decided in this county. The claimant* numbered over ISO, and are scattered throughout a number of stat«s. An old bachelor named Jeromiah Staats, aged 63 years, died Intestate at Buffalo a short Umu ago. A petition suit to have a division of the real estate made was brought. Tho next of kin were children of cousin* of the deceased, there being thirty-five of them. Borne of this class received »IS each, tbe low. tst amount received by any heir being 85 cents. It has taken six months to locate all th* heir*. ' Bcaper and Howcr »l«n Combine. CHICAGO, Jon. it— The prominent reaper, mower and binder manufacturers of the i United State, at a meeting in this city Fril day, orgaulzad a national association and I elected Lewis Miller, of Akron, O., president. Tbe association I* mainly for social purposes, but it is understood that it will also eatabltub a uulfonn system of credits, and to sonw extent regulate pricaa aud production. ; A Hud Pill fair Birikan to Swallow. NKWA&K, N. J., Jan. It—A committee representing eh* ttrlking girts iu Clark*! thnad {actor} wait«i upon. Tneosorw Clark Friday an4 requattted thai 0upsrtnt«nd*at W«im»l*y.. wtKMMagt&n n»a*wi Uu> strife*, be nUBO»*d Mr. Clark rotuwd, ai»d hifo/m«d Vanoe's Position In Regard to the Tariff— IU Central Theory Iniquity. WASHINGTON CITY, Jan. 14.— Vance was tbe principal speaker in the senate Friday, and he took for his text the tariff question. He laid the lines had been drawn closely by the president's message on the subject of the surplus and taxation; the contest bad to be fought out squarely, and tbe question had to be decided unequivocally on Its mor- Ita. That question was: Should taxation be enforced for the support of tbe government, or for the enrichment of private individuals! Bhoald-mouey be collected from the people for public or for private purposes! No reputable-hypothesis could be formed which presented any other phase of the question. Tbe question was where should the reduction of taxes begin I The proposition of most of tbe Democratic senators (following the lead of the president) was to begin and end with tariff taxation. The Republicans (on the other band) proposed to begin by reducing (only in part) internal taxes, and by adding to the free Hsb .those things coming from abroad which did not compete with things made in this country, and the duty on which was, therefore, all revenue. For himself, he proposed to begin with both evils as he found them—excessive internal taxes and excessive taxation. In North Carolina there wo* cause of complaint against each, but there wa<i far more complaint as to the method of Internal taxation than there was as to the amount. Why, he uked, should not the excise tax be repealed, or greatly modtfledt Tbe exigency which called it into existence bad long since passed away. It involved the right of a man to do wtat be pleased with his own, within the bounds of tbe law of liberty. It Involved the right of the farmer to sell the product of his labor-to any purchaser who offered the best price. It involved tbe right of tha husbandman to utilize the fruit of bis orchard Instead of leaving it to rot on tbe ground. It involved tbe still more momentous question whether the poor maju's cabin should be Indeed his castle, protocto 1 by the organic law, or whether it might be ransacked atony hour of tbe day or night by a petty official "dressed In a little brief authority," in search of tribute for on overflowing treasury. Tbe people of North Carolina cared little or nothing about tbe tax on spirits or tobacco. They would pay it cheerfully if they could be spared the oppressive and vexatious molhods and machinery of 1U collection. It was not a que*- tion (as was often so trlnmphatly stated) of • choice between free whisky and free blankets, because the duty on blanket* wo* now practically prohibitory, and they would not ba any cheaper it tha excise on whisky was removed. Vance proceeded, with much detail, to illustrate the 'inconsistencies -in the tariff, particularly as bearing against the article* consumed by the poor and In favor of those consumed by the rich. He declared that the central theory of the tariff was iniquity, and that he was opposed to the whole thing, out and out. He should not vote to put anything on the free list tbe tax on which was pure revenue}, he should strive earnestly to reduce taxation on the necessariea of life, and be shouVi aiicrimlnata in nothing except against luxurira, and in favor of the helpless aud unprotected. ______ THE CONGRESSIONAL SUMMARY. GROWING MORE COMPLICATED. American Lake Fishermen Mow Alleging; Annoyance Against Canada* ~ TVAfiHlNOTOH" 'CtTT,™ J«n.~tt—Tha- Indl-- catlons are that tbe fishery trouble* will become more complicated before they are settled. Representative Chipman, of Michigan, has laid before Secretary Bayard complaints showing that annoyance* are put upon American fishermen on tbe great lake* by the Canadian government similar to those complained of by tbe Now England fishermen. The specific complaint Is of the seizure by tbe Canadian superintendent of lake fisheries of net* valued at $20,000, which belonged to one Talsma, a citizen of Michigan, It is complained that the Canadian authorities are annoying the American fishermen la every way possible, and Interfering with the fishing Industry. Secretary Bayard has taken prompt action In the matter, telegraphing at once to the British government a protest against the seizure of the net*. Still Fighting Against Blair's Bill. WASHIKOTON Crrr, Jan, 14.—Senator Gray, ot Delaware, spoke against the educational bill In ' th* senate Friday. He protested that the measure was full of danger to tbe constitution and was urged on the principle ot a hlger law than the constitution. Tbo greatest measure of liberty and highest type of citizenship and civilization had been achieved and maintained by local self-government, a principle which this bill (truck down. He appealed to tbe southern senators to stand together against the bill, or it would demoralize tbe state* by making them dependent upon tbe general government for that which was their own business.. To this part of Gray's speech Blair answered that of the $102,000,000 expended for' school purpose* in tbe entire country, the southern states, with S3 per con', of tbe population, only expended J6 per cent. As B?\»y to Carry Ties as Lumber. WASHIHGTON Cnr, J«a 14.—Tbe interstate commerce commission has rendered a decision in tbe case of tbe complaint of Thomas J. Reynolds, of Corydon, Pa., against the ^ Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad company, alleging extortionate rates on railroad tie*. The commission orders that the railroad desist from charging a greater, price for the transportation of tie* from point* in* Pennsylvania to Balamanca and Clean, N. Y., than is charged for tha transportation of lumber between the same polnti Wool Hen enable to Agree. WABHMOIOH CITT, Jan. R—Tha tripartite committee appointed by tha wool growers, manufacturers and dealers Thursday did not get their report retdy before 8 p. a.-Friday. The plan proposed was' immediately considered by the conference, which i modified It iu some. respect*, but reached < no agreement up to midnight Frt day. • Tom-Platt's Quarantine Case. ALBANY, ' N. Y., Jan. II ^-Ex-Senator Thomas C. Platt was adjudged a non-resident of the city of New York' by the jury Friday in the case of the people vs. Platt, who brought in a verdict to the effect that he bad uo legal residence in tbe metropolis. This verdict disqualifies him from holding tbe office or quarantine commissioner, which position he has held for the last eight years. Tbe law provide* that the commissioner* shall be residents of the oityr Mr. Plait's counsel moved to set aside the verdict and also fora new trial The case will now be taken to the general term. Platt has been ousted from office in accordance with the above verdict. . • Jan. 14.— It reqnire* but a very hasty perusal of Lord Salisbury's Liverpool speech to establish the conviction that tbe Tories are determined that tbny will not resign their control of tbe government, even In the faco of a vote of wont of confidence. Tbe premier has practically declared that he and hi* colleagues will remain in office until th* legal expiration of their term?, and a* there i* no question of importance upon which a majority agsinst the government would exceed a baker's dozen— if indeed on adverse vote Is at all possible— tbe outlook of the opponents .of the ministry for return to power is very poor at present. Parnisil has decided that be will not speak at Cork,, as he intended to da He realise* the importance of husbanding his strength for the contest that Is certain to take plaos In the houKe of commons over th* question of amending the rules of procedure. Tbe question of amending the rule* ha* lately engrossed tbe attention of the Irish press and provoked considerable surmise as to the scope it is intended to give them. Th* Dublin Express predict* that the amendment* — the adoption ot which goes without saying — will prohibit any member ofjthe house who hat been, or who ""may be, convicted of any offense under the coercion act from sitting In parliament, and declares It* belief that tbe government will put as many of the Irish members in jail as it possibly can before the Introduction of any Irish business in* tbe bouse. ______ Bpnrzeoa and the British Baptist*. LOMDOS, Jan. U— A deputation of members of the Baptist union called upon and held a long conference with. Mr. Bpurgeon Friday, with a view of inducing him to withdraw or modify his resignation from th* Baptist congregation. Mr. Bourgeon adhered to tbe phraseology and finality of hi* 'resignation, but said he would continue to support such departments of tha Baptist union a* he was specially interested In. Baleful Effect* of a Fog. Loiroon, Jnn. 14.— A great scare prevails In tbe poor quartan of Birmingham over tbe dense fog which ha* enveloped the city for the last few day* and which bos mo,ved the wiseacres of those localities to predict th* speedy coming of the end of tbe world. Under the depressing influence of this baleful prediction the people refuse to work and spend most of their time in prayer. cure YOU. Ifiiffieo tfmeet na» Stnd b cenhTt. ,„ fobe.u-T' Jsful colored bjetu re ."Moorish. fizwaff four retailer far t>i» Orl Beware of ImJten Sh*«r Hone Genuine nntes* bearing; thl* SUB>*> .JAMES MEANS* S3 SHOE. i Hade In nutton,Conffr«s!)ftXAani ltat Calf Mini Unexcelled In *' ~rabiUly,O<mfut< amtjtt* ranct. A postal card sent flwUl brlugyou Informs tion boir to gel this Sho* 8t>itct»r Territory, SBUTT8N TMs shoe stands hltronr Is the r*ttm*noa ol 1T«T*n than «i>y otlii-r In tlio \vurld. ' - »nd J. R. BELL & SON Will sell i them to you it you will give them chance, H weU ac( FINE CLOTHING. A new And desirable stock of which they bare oh band. 'Dont think of going anywhere else, u no one *ia* In the city keep* The James Means Shoe Or a» fine end , _ 23 25EMEOANT OtOTHINC U As thereto! CHICAGO Agricultural (txa«rlmant ; Station* to G*t That Honey — Adjourned to Bfomiay, WAaniMsroH CITT, Jon. 14. —The senate discuised the bill to refund direct war tax** to too slato* Friday, ^jbat no vote was reached, and tha bill w«nt over. RMdlnbtr- g«r moved that ifa* a*si»te go into executive teuton, but ttwe wo* a tacit undantaiximf with most ot MMMctaian.taat uo rash SH»- sk>a b* Mil ttWtt Mucday, and th* mutton wu d*faat«t tb* fahiiQ prbiUr 1 ! report "Grandma CLEVELAND, » Garflold Falling Fast. O., 'Jan. 14.—"Grandma" Garfleld, t* President Gorfield's mother i* called by those who know her, i* 111 at tb* old homestead at Mentor. . She want* to *•* "Jimmy," a* she term* her dead ton, and although not very ill it is thought that her <£ end is drawing as she U vary aged. far tbe i«t>ru<r««Mt« of &* at* *m«nat', Commander Boa Off on a Tour, UlKKBtrous, Minn., Jan. 14. —Command - der-in-Cuief fUe left this oity Saturday to visit tbe eajlern d«ps/tmsnH of the O. A. R and New England enoaniponnta. Judge Fish, adjutant general, accompanied him, After tbeee visits h* will speud some tint* in Kansas, Michigan, illiuota and ether wevUru state*. Fourteen Moonlighter* DUBU«, Jan. 14.—Judge Murphy, in the Mnnster oasizos, Friday, sentenced fourteen moonlighters to terms of Imprisonment varying in duration from eighteen moth* to eighteen years. In passing sentence npon the prisoners he expressed his conviction that prompt and unsparing application of tbe law would soon force moonlighter* to disappear. The Cs»r Is a Winin*'SouV Br. PBTERSBCBO, Jan. 14.—It is »emt-ofB- olally announced that if the powers will agree to displace Prince Ferdinand, by any method that may,seem to them best, the csar is willing to compromise on a provisional government for Bulgaria which would guarantee tbe influence of Russia in that country. _____ Too Hany French Cabinet Change*. PARIS, Jan. 14.—M. Leroyer, president of the senate, delivering his inaugural address Friday, said that measures for'reform were too often stopped by changes In the ministry, a large number of such having bten indefinitely postponed or killed in that way. De jtewcps tlaa Abounding Faith. PABIB, Jan. 14— M. De Lease ps maintain* that .the Panama canal will be available for j the transit of vessel* by 1880, by mean* of immense metallic looks, which M. Eiffel, the famous engineer, ha* been commissioned to construct _______ Terrible Confession of • Woman. •'PlSTH, Jan. 1_—A Hungarian peasant woman arrested for child murder bas con- teased that she is guilty of tha murder of. eight of her children whom she successively killed soon after their birth. Congratulated by 1,OOO,OOO Women, LONDON, Jan. 14.—The Gazette publishes the "Address of the Women of Great Brit- kin," congratulating the queen on her jubilee. It-received the signatures of .1,183,808 women. * The King at Ftortagal lit, LISBON, Jan. 14.—The king of Portugal, i* ill with an acute attack.ot pleurisy. Quarreling Ohio Senator!. COLDHBDB, O., Jan.: 14.—War broke out Friday; morning over ton adoption of tbe (en- ate journal of Thursday. Senator Cole was especially vindictive against Journal Clerk Walker • thomas, whom he accusad of ex* trading leaves from tbe Journal. What made him mad wa* th* fact that tha lieutenant governor bad ordered the journal clerk to omit-what Senator Cola was pleased to oall tbe "partial report" of tbe ooinmitta* on th* senate (tending committee*. The journal was finally adopted, tan Republican "combine" senators taking the sulks and refusing to answer to their name* when called. Thar* is lot* of bad blood over th* occurrence, and Senator Cole threaten* Lieutenant Governor Lyons with article* of impeachment, claiming that he has no right of super vision over the journal. ______________ Sees Through th* Uok Xeleeoop*. SAB FHARCISCO, Jan. 14.—At th* Lick ob- •srvatary the oold 1* so InteoM a* to froom the djzne of the observatory. However, several.Bhort trials have been made. On Tuesday*, night Capt, Floyd and Professor Keeler saw tha eight ring* of Saturn clearly divided.'.' ProfessorKeeler had an unexcelled view of a division of th* outer ring ot Bat- urn Saturday night. A few night* ago Capt. FJoyd and others were looking at the constellation Orion, when h» detected alii- tio-tanrin the trapezium which 1* (u tha sword of Orion.' No star baa *ver before been *Ma to tha trapezium. . The BMdlBg Strlk*. PmiiDjxpHiA, Jan. 14.—Tb* only dov«d~ opomnt Iu the Reading strike it the fast that W. F. Lewis, tbe miner*' representative, bad a long oonfereuoe Friday with General Manager McLood. What wa* talked about h** not transpired, but Lew** says tie utuatioo taut not efeangod. Centre* of PoptUa- J Ittra IB ILLINOIS, IOWA, WISCONSIN, MICHIGAN, MINNESOTA, DAKOTA, NEBRASKA AND WYOMING, ~J(ts TBAIS 8KBVICF. U earetttllr arranged, to meet requirements ol local travel, as well as. to furnish the most attractive Boute* or through travel between Important TRADE CENTRED »FH BOJ71PMEST of I>ay Bud Par. lor Cars, iTlnlng and Palace Sleeping Oan I* without rival! ITS BOAD-BKJD IB perfieetiOB Of Itone-ballasted steel. . The Ji»rth-We*tern 1* the lavortt* route for the Commercial Travel, the Tourist and th« seekora aiter new homes In the Golrtan Northwest. Detailed Information cheerfully furnished by G3-. 13. H.OGH3RS, Agent, HTKBLXWO. JT. M. WHITMABT, H. G wICKES. Vloe-Presj & Gen. Mangr. Traffic Manager, IP. flUIOI, GnTFuitiftr Af»t. HO HOUSEHOLD SHOULD BE VlXHftJT * (Mary. H. T., Jan* U. — Tta* salary at B*v. l^roiisu Abbott, ** tomponwy pastor ol Plymouth etsurch, has (wan fixed at W,300 pet The mnjaritr "I **** UU "t the himuua body arlae from A dls«a*«dl Ldver. film- mons Lifer Regulator has been tbs mean* of restoring more people to health and happiness by giving tb«u> a tn«*lthy Liver than any other itgeuoy on earUi. 'tflOt THAT TOP OKT LADiES! Do Tour Own Dytiug, M Borne, wttbj PEERLESS DYES V^&S****- Haw letter IaWa ****»*. Yc.tuc, YoaK, Jan. 1-i— forty<«ev»n wlia arrived tan several week* *go been docioiw) peaper* by Ooii«otar ami wiU t» *»ot liant*. Tt« Wl« Flour T«-m!» Antvtt. l*—The b tiw B»*f«i« 4k

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