Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on October 8, 1938 · Page 7
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 7

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 8, 1938
Page 7
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MAIDEN EFFORT Samuel Hopkins Adams RADIO SERVICE At Minimum Cost . . , »Y CEKTIFIEI1 EXl'KKTS IN DENTON EVERY MONDAY DON'T WAIT - CALL US TODAY! L. M. R O Y E R Cordova. Md. PHONE-- HILLSHOKO lfi-F-22 ^^ ©Samuel Hopkim Adams WNU Sen-ice THE STORY CHAPTER I--Kclscy Hare, young architect convalescing from a breakdown, meets Martin Holmes, strufisling author. In a storm on a lake near Moldavia? N, Y., and later settles down with him at his estate. Holmesholm. Finding Holmes studying a newspaper picture of a Park avenue dcbu- lanle. Kclscy learns thai a story by Holmes has been rejected In a 515,000 contest run by Purlly Plclures. A. Leon Snydackcr, president, for a novel suitable for piclurlza- lion. In which the winner of a Mystery Beauty euntcsl will star. Kclscy buys the manuscript from Holmes and rents his house. One or Ihe conditions of the deal Is that Kclsey adopt Holmes' pen name. "Tern- plcton Sayies." After Holmes departs on a trip, a telegram arrives"for SaylcV which Kelsey leaves unopened. Gtunk. odd man servant, places the debutante's picture on the mantel on lop of the lelccram. \.nnz-ic.n n -- » m r r-ur« Avenue van straitens, at breakfast with their niece Marion, are horrified to find her picture in the paper as one of len remaining contestants for the Purlly Pictures award, and learn that LIB gell Morse, admirer, has entered Marlon' picture on a bet. After threats of bcln taken abroad until the "scandal" dies doivr Marlon ^decides adventurously to go Ihroufi with the contest. CHAPTER III On the morning of July 9 A. Leon Snydacker sat in his New York of fice, arrayed as he fondly supposec that the big men of the motion pic ture industry habitually dressed in business hours. Nine competitive beauties, sum moned to the test, sat in the outer office, waiting the great man's pleasure. They had already waited fifty minutes over their appointment. A door opened and the galaxy of prospective stars was torn porarily roused from torpor by the entry of a tenth. The late arrival found herself chair and made her first survey 01 a world as new to her cs the Deserl of Gobi. The equipment of the room was heavily ornate. Opposite her, a glazed door bore in gilt legend a message of aid to the suffering. PECKETT'S PERSUASIVE PILLS FOR THAT PAIN Try a Little Persuader i . Before Breakf.iFt It seemed quile out of lin«? with anything she had heard of the motion picture world until she remcin- bered Liggy's explanation of l!-? Snydacker fortune. The Snydnckt 1 :name, in small lettering, formed I'IL- bottom line, ft alfo appeared upm; another door, in a display which, by comparison, seemed almost modi;?t: PURITY PICTURES, INC. A. Leon Snydacker, President From this strongs conjuncticn of the medical with the pictorial t'-o girl's interested gaze wandered i;i a clock which at once, as if awaiting that incitement, struck twelve. "Am I late?" she inquired perfunctorily. "Only an hour," said a sweet little -voice. "Cool as a hog on ice," grumpily commenled somebody. A rounded young thing rose an.I slouched across the room. She wns a little fluffy, a littie flashy, a little untidy, and distinctly beautiful. Si-.e appraised the newcomer with s!ec;y eyes in the depths of which were golden gleams. "Hello, kid." "Hello," with a smile. On the end wall ten photofirnrlis were set in a large frame. The cold- en girl examined them. "Ynu'n- 3215--D." she "WliatV the name?" "Marion Van Straiten." . "Prelty good name. Gees ivi!t your type." "I'm glad you think so," s m i l e its. owner. "It's the only one 1'vi got." She liked the candid, slcatK look of the other girl and the quirl at the corner of her mouth. "Oh? I thought it might be a mon- aker. Mine's Gloria Glamour. Eng lish fashion, with a u." A worried-looking man popped in and said hurriedly: "Ladies, report back at 2 p. m. Mr. Snydacker is detained in conference." "But my notice said eleven o'clock," protested Marne to the retiring and unhearing official rear. All the rest maintained the glum silence of pessimism. "You got here at noon," pointed out Miss Glamour. "Where do you have a kick coming? Not used to waiting for 'cm, huh? Make 'em wait for you. Swell, if you can get away with it. Let's eat." Marne assented, and followed her companion to a near-by restaurant where a number of people stared at them. Until the luncheon was over, her opposite merely chattered. At the end, she lenned across the table. "What'll you take to bow off, kid?" "Bow off?" "You got me. Do you need this job?" "No-o-o. I don't know that I exactly need it." "Well, I do. To keep ahead of the sheriff. This has been a bum season for the beauty business and I'm a beauty girl." "Yes; I can see that." "What I mean is, beauty contests are my line. Have been for twenty years. I won my first prize-baby award in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when I was two years old. Then I copped a schoolgirl newspaper medal in Niles, Mich., and after that I was Miss Walla Walla, Texas, Miss Hooper County, Illinois, and finally Miss Southern Ohio. Map of the U. S.; that's me. But this is the biggest thing I ever tackled, and a win would put me where I want to be. Only I won't win." "Why not?". "Because you will." "But it's too absurd," cried the other. "Look at those girls in there. What possible sHow would I have--" "You got this far, didn't you?" "On my photograph. And that was an accident." "Mebbe. Now lissen, kid. Until you busted into the game I figured myself a right smart bet. This field -in't so hot" ··1 inougni iney were lovely. Of course, you're lovely, too," Marne hastily amended. "Mebbe," allowed the other dispiritedly. "But you got something none of the rest of us has got. That's what's going to count. You got class. I've heard about this bird, Snydacker. He's a sucker for class. Olass'll smack him down every time. He'll spot you the length of the room. You wait and see. But I wish I could figure out which way the wheels go 'round in that nuthouse." "Ask me, girls." El-aide them stood a fattish young man with pouchy, piggy eyes and a dormant expression which they later discovered to be a deceptive mask for the quick and jaunty mind within. He had been lunching at the table back of them. "Who might you be, stout-fella- me-lad?" inquired Gloria, with a welcoming smile, for she had instinctively recognized a kindred spirit. "Don't you remember me, Glorin ·" "rjot with that Clark Liable mustache and those plush clothes. Why --why--why, I believe it's Moby Dickstein!" "The same." He presented himself to Marne. "OlTicially Mr. Dixon Moberlcy, hired henchman of President A. Leon Snydacker of Purity Pictures, Incorporated, until fired. Moby to you, sisters, since v.-e may be working on the same lot." He sat down and ordered drinks. "Who, what, and why is this Sny- dacker person and how did he bust into the game?" queried Gloria. Moby Dickstein surveyed his environment for possibly interested ears before he replied in a lowered voice: "Bust in is right. Ever hear of Pcckett's Persuasive Pills?" "Nope," said the beauty girl. "Don't need "em." "Or Peckett's Painless Pacifier?" It was Mame who answered this time, "Aren't tho-;e the names I read on the door?" "Sure. Well, A. Leon is the more or less legitimate offspring of those tv/o. He's what you might call a blend." "I thought |-e WQS a big motion picture expert,'' observed Marne innocently. jMoby snorted. "If he's a motion picture c:nert, I'm a Bulgarian garbage collector." He rounded out the character sketch of his employer. A. Leon" was thirty-five years old, when ho was lifted out of the routine of being something obscure in the mixing department of the Persuader factory by the unexpected windfall of Uncle Peckett's fortune. The effect of the millions was to inspire in him a lofty if not wholly logical opinion of himself as a man of large affairs. He aspired to be glorified as an industrial leader, and also to shine socially, and to his innocent soul the motion picture ' business seemed to combine these opportunities. So he nought a moribund minor company, renamed it, and with the sublime courage of complete ignorance, made himself producer-president. Three constant principles motivated the sttrl of his career: speed, sensation, and publicity, and the reatcsl of these w::s publicity. His mental processes were rapid, vio- enl, and beyond al) human calcula- lion. One of his few practical moves was to pick up Moby Dickstein, ex-camera-man, ex-director, and ex-general-utility man, and endow him with the title of Personal Assistant to the President in charge of Press Functions and Publicity. Moby admitted that he well earned lis money. "Gotta get back to the Big Boy," said he, setting down his empty lass and yawning. "See you later, Pretties." In his luxurious sanctum A. Leon Snydacker awoke from the conference which he always took just after a heavy luncheon, rose, stretched, vriggled out of his orange silk iressing gown and pressed a button. Moby Dickstein was there at once. "Afternoon, Bwana," said he, us- ng the honorific title which he had estov/ed upon his principal, what ime the young millionaire had re- urned from a week's stop in Cairo, bringing with him an almost life- size photograph of himself in a triumphal attitude, surrounded by dead (and stuffed) lions. The inven- ion of the title was a fine example of the Personal Assistant's genius 'or keeping his job. A. Leon smiled benignly. "Has hat tenth beauty got here yet?" "Sure, Bwana. They're all here." "How late was she?" "About an hour." The magnate frowned. "That's dumber 3245--D, ain't it? Ttie girl on horseback?" 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Dot. 9c I3c 23c BEE BRAND SPICES nr. 9C Booth's Canned Shad can lOc Calif. Canned Mackerel.... can lOc Fancy Shrimp can 15c TuHp Pink Salmon .... 2 cans 25c Alamo Tuna Fish can 17c MRS. FILBERT'S M A R G A R I N E L*. 19c With One Bcnutllnl Water Glass Free Deluxe Milk 3 t I9c LeGrande Saur Kraut.. 2 cans 19c Hurt's Center Cot Asparagus, 2 cans 29c Boris Potato Salad 2 cans 29c Manning's Hominy can lOc Tissogood Catsup... 14-oz. hot. lOc WIK COFFEE DcLUXE COFFEE Coffees of .Distinction b. 19c Lb. MORAY COFFEE Lb. TISSOGOOD COFFEE (L JM Lb. TISSOGOOD SALAD DRESSING l-Lb. Can PORK and BEANS Can Tisioffood crushed or whole grab CORN BOYERS BLUE Pint SKIPPER DOG FOOD 4 19c I GALVANIZED 10 Qt PAIL Keg. VahM, each 2Se 1 WHITE TASIPICO SCRUB BRUSH Reg. Value lOe Both For Fresh Fruit Vegetables Ready to Help You Willard L. Swann, Denton G. C. Cohee, Denton Harvey Fleet wood, Denton T. L. Trice, Jr., Preston Arnie'a Cash Grocery, Preston Mitford Kline, Hillsboro Shop and Save Harry Stohna, Ridgelf L Calvin Batler, Greenaboro J. W. Sylvester, Goldsbora J. F. Line, Goldsboro H. A. Porter, Bnrraville R. H. Gibson, Queea Anne Quality Meat Headquarters 'SPAPERf 'SPAPERf

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