The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 13, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1859
Page 4
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SSIl^rw^ Contract Dcparlment, Milwaukee, May 10,1 KALED propoulB win b« received at this office, ontlt Mondajv«iay,16th,atlOoMoeki. li.Vfor «he,re- 9Ul>Wllr i aired, ami ;*«olia«ige\6tl!l atands^ai IX, rates; lX®2tooalalder« r toe last »gurJBKai »• •-•>•'• ^.- i; i-tJ - ' r -C.- J .'_ .'.'-* iJiV'^J--^ ^_r_JL» -.Mmltlsr- ptontamt forntehtoK n«W iiUnk^ »atrf irtqolred, an also for clwnlo* the ildewalkt »od gntltri. Seperatc ojknals win b« re'celved at the'jam* tlme»tid plKie market. talra.f wheat 1 to avcnuei, where owners have ielleiJ,;to .--.,_.. order of the Commffi Oomrcil made In th tj£jjjj??' Comptroller .. Contract Departmel t; Milwaukee cr altered Hew Yoj-lr Bosurd 't'ft; -j J^ T R^J^er»j>r«nd| t inferior to Stone Mill. iell : , Tie Board, of JEducatjon last fining in- ; ing at Ihesstoc figure as 'that bran I brought yesterday. jrtraoted ita by-law oommittoB to report, at the S .:. 8«ie» -9tQ-j*i§ *»d.i«on City i$'t. o'.' b.; : ij200 »«j pne^j.wcpl|lngrtew Mu »ngof,the3lble,i^all ; «)U.-J)nbli6 acMoU— I Country Extra it 7,00 in*tore;iJt M Otiv -4YT 4tttt ^-wuivvitwm. f*r~ *•*«' -. WKSKK^.' .HAJ*M«uuf i ~ . at 7,25; 400 dp ;_t3 do White Winter »t 0 bbl" different ' tbeuggre- Paul Morpliy, the" Arjierlcan Chess-Cham- piort, who came ».|)assenger yesterday in the t Persia. pUyedsereral giraeglafflt eveningi at the rcroms of the New York Chess Clnb, winning every game, He will remain in this city ' for a month or more, and then proceed to ' $Iew Orleans.-- •: : -; : --'>•'• ••'*- •• > - r ~ ••• : - -•-••• ;, "~ ; - WABHISGTOB, May ia, 1 Instructions sent to Utah, plaoe the miltary at the disposal of the Governor, exclusively, -.. • ' Porinei- Instroctlbns, allowing snph discretion to the Judges and Marshal, are revoked. -•-" • - ; • • Judge Cradlebangh will not be removed. '' s, May 12. ^ _ The Tennesse brings dates from Vera Crui to the 8th, and from the City of Mexico lo the 1st of May. Gen Robles was at Jalapa with 1,000 men. He had issued a decree forhiding the passage of tbe Am'n mail, Great confusion existed : at the capital: where a change in Presidency was mainly expected, ana an outbreak <iva« consequently feared. Mlramon was trying to raise mouey from the European capitalists on »"'p[edge of ihe'chrwoh property.. Tie arch' bishop consented to the mortgage. The En- lish and French fleets were still at Saorafioio. Cleared for Liberia. BALXUIOKE, May 12. The colonization society's brig Mary Carolina Stearns, sailed at noon to-day, for Liberia, with 153 emigrants, mostly manumitted Blares. , ^ Three Presbyterian missionaries, namely Bev. A Miller and Bev. Jos.-and Thos. Amos, also went out in her. The usual religions exercises were held on the occasion. NEW OELEANS, Hay 12. We have advices from Nicaragua to May 2d. No event of importance had happened there since last dates. It was reported that Mon. Belly was trying hard to bay the Nicaragnan Congress. New OELEASS, May 12. The Tennessee has arrived from Vera Cruz, tbe 8th inst. Gnadalajera had been taken. Gen. Megia had been completely routed by the Liberals, with a loss of 500 prisoners, among whom is reported to be himself. Gen. fioblea was still at Jalapa, surrounded by Generals Ampndia, Love and Franoonia, all waiting the result of matters at the capital. The indignation of the British residents against Mr. Otway is very strong. Meramon had decreed the < losing of all the gulf ports. Plots were in existence to oast Meramon and reinstate Zreloagn. The clergy were trying to raise money, and a loan of §40,000,000 was proposed. The entire position of affairs is Equally. Minister McLean had returned to Vera Cruz Jn bad -health. NSW ToBJrt May 12. Pan! Horphy s played last night at the Chess Club, with Mr." F. Perrin, President of the Brooklyn Chess Club. Eve games were played, with the odds of a Knight in favor of Mr. Perrin, Morphy won every game but one. Before leaving for home, Mr. Morphy will visit Boston where a pnblic dinner has been tendered him. Tbe anniversary of the American Bible Society, in the Academy of Music, to-day, was well attended. The report states that during the year '55, new auxiliaries have been recognized ; 85 names added to the list of life directors, and 1503 to that of lift, members. The receipts of the year were upwards of $415,000, an increase of upwards of $24,000 over last year. Towards tbe close of the meeting, a 'donation was announced, $10,000 from Mr. Douglass. <••• Mr. O. Lock wood presided. Ths receipts of the Society for the year were $57,000, and the entire circulation over 857 000. The Society believe that shivery is a sin which ought to be discussed, and are determined to publish tracts relating to it. Ad. dresses were made by Dr. Kirk, Henry Ward Beeoher and others. Failure. NKW YORK, May l;. Jacob Little, the celebrated stock broker, lias failed. The failure is said to be the heaviest ever made, being for millions of dollars His interests are mostly in Migsonri 6's and State stocks generally. WASHISOIOX, May 12. The territorial rentes between Neosho, Mo., and Albnqnerqoe, in New Mexico, and between Kansas, Missouri, and Stockton, are to be discontinued after the first of July next. •• The failure of Congress to make the usual there wMadsipoBltlbii on the part of buytre to recede *_L'^:^_- : -i'.- j ; j_«j' i-iiw v^.4 *»• <tiin itlnvji M~ altiTfifc ft<). frpbi jwtetdiyV jirice*. : tat >t ,theelo«^a iligfit ad- vincevtt m»de I)j4h»neir« from New .-York.- Pricts mky be oom!dered»;»I»ad« twtter. This ealrt wore much more Uber»l thin on "#!*«*& 'being npwardi or 30,000 bus The : following are the (ties : 100 bus White TWiiter »t'l,75 for JnUHnr, 100 do "Extra No . 1 for tnHlios: at ,1,65; 15,000 do No. 1 Co. b.,4t 1,41; 250 bng> good No. If or milling 1 .49i 12 ° bags Kxtra 1,CO; 70 do Winter 1,70; 1,000 bm mixed NOB. 1 and 2 delivered at 1,8 JX; 500 b&£t Bxtu 1,58; ISO do do l.»; 120 do Ex' Jr» No. 1,* 1,4S; 118 b«gs Extra at 1,60; 300 bos poor No. 1 mt '1,38, 61 -bags, 100 bu Extra No. 1 stl,«; 10,000 bus No. 1 f. o. b., at 1,41; 1,700 has Tcry extra at 1.60. Potatoes— dull at 45Q60. Bales l&Q bus common at Pork—«tea4y at 1^601^17,60. ' ^ - Bams—lOJf. •- • •'. •- .*'• .-.:,. Lard—advaocelnf at 12c. Butter—la* demand Kt 1«©20. We make the following quotations: Wheat ;1^8^>1^0;:So,l'Bilra" Spring . Wheat 1 1,60; Club Milling Wheat ifO&^eo,- extra; Winter Milling Red lj«®l,60; Winter Willing White Kye-l,10®l,16. Barley—BOB.67.X. DaU-B53.&e. Corn—80®82; corn (ear) 76©79. Eeg»-9c, plenty. Batter—l-Jf^is, dull. Potatoes—50®65. Hide*—green T;*alted£;drjr M@15;«beep pelts 20® 1,20. . Timothy Beefl—l.Mfel.Ta, dull. Clover seed—in good supply at 6,00. HlgiiwIucB scarce and advancing; quoted at 28. Whistey—28®25. Sugars—common to fair 7)tf©8; (food to prune SJt ;; loar double reuned 12; crushed do©!! X; crushed do <C) 11J»; powdered do 11)«; powdered do (C) 11 k; reflntd yellow (O) 1«X; rcBnal yellow (A) »i ; reflned yellow (B)8X- Fu e — have declined considera' le, owlnp lo the war rumors, nnd should war really talte place prices will atul be lower. .Spring Rat*, prime, Ibc; Mink i.OJ Ooonj BO®M; Bed Pox IfO, Mart, ns 2.(X1&2,5<1, PiBli- er 8,00@6,OD; Otter Lynox Wil cat 50; Wolf 'M&~tr, Sknnki nn»i!eiW t - Beav«r— l,00®l,25per Ibs. Coal— Lehlgh 9,00; Sallnevllle .'.,un, (Sfranion S.Oii; Briar HU1 6,00; New Castle 4,00, Onim.-l Co A! 8,00, Qlouburg 8,00<fcS^O. Kail road Rrcoipti.. RioinpTi »T MiLiciOiti i Mississipn RAILEOID.— May 11.— S34l.blt Bonr, 5.88C bus wheat; o o»ta; 91 do corn; 165 do potatoes; 1W lb< hides; 15 bblj eggi; 18,035 Ibl BUOdrlej; 10 hogs; 1,»46 lln butter; 1^00 do bay; & bbla high wines. ElOEipra BT LiCtossi t Mn.wicutj RIILKOIU.— May li.— 1^72 boa wheat; 910 do oati; 14 do barley; 110 do potatoes; 209 Dili flour; 147 sacks do; 1 bbli eggs; 12S doi -palls; 24 oxen; 2,00 n tubing; 4,000 ft lumber, 2,032 Ibs hides; IUJK9 do sundries. l>nhe EtccciptK. LA&I llLTOKTe! DtiaiKO THE PAST TWIST! -FODa BOTRS.— 97 tuns nidi; 10 bb's sundries; 04)t M thinglet, l)t rd> shingle bolts. LuiKl EXPOBTS BUKTSa TUB PAST TWKKTT-PODB BODB5. — Stun* DHlx; S bbls flour; 1 do whiskey; 10 do vinegar; 9 do cnndrlei; E9 pkgi do; 7S bdls rags; 16,934. By Prop. STichigvn — Northern Tranx Lint. Foi PtESass ts THS Cm— Jewell Rice A Co, (J I) Norris, A Oanulion, Caswell t Galoril, U J 1 be received at this office, until B7May?~M-V18»,>t;10A. Jr,f»f. opening,rftaulng, repairingjimi clftsingaaewer running la Trout ot blocs 1M, Milwaukee St. and a aewer Tanning through block 10, in the 3rd Ward of the City of Milwaukee. Bids smstitate price per llnlal foot for cleaning, and prlco per llnlal foot for repairing, .with old nnil new :ma_- rlal. Parlies must bid for*ach sewer repcrately. . E.L'U.e.iflOIKtat, Comptroller. ''^ '_.'. : .y ' ' O«,l. yontract Ccpattment, MUWBtikee, M»y 8, "08. f £j fa ALKD- proposal) wOl berecelred at ihh pffice.antti B^ureday, the Kth day of Inst., 1849, at 11 o'clock, jor furnhhlng plank and .nails, and eorutrocting crossir.lks In the Seven* Ward at «uch jilace and time as the commissioners of said ward may direct.— The bids to oe made as follows: Price per foot for S Inch plno planV: 2 Inch pine piank; p. Ice for laying >amr, and foroithlng nails and spikes. t"*per#te pru- posaU vill he i«celved at the eime time for mrnlshint: cobble «tonc and paving gutters on croksiog» IB taia ^ard as may W directed by the Commissioner of tald " ay W dir - f . ' majlO by . ; , E. L'U. QARDISB8, Comptroller. Cirr CoJiferKOLUji'n Orncis, I Contract Department, May 7, 1S59. ( ^ EAtED proposals will tie received J»t this office until O Pridny, Jtfay 13, 1859, at 10 A. u., -or gradlnn to the estabflahed grade, JnlIeMoa street, from Drtr-it street to Chicago sU, 3d Ward; also lor planking, curbing and relaying plank sfdcw-lks; the >am* h»vinp been ordered by the Board of CouncillurA, June SO, 1858, and «oncurred In by the Board of Alderman, July 12, 185S. lnay7-dtt E 1,'H. (1 ABUUfEB, Comptruller. Crrr GoniTaou.iiB's Ornoe, J Contract l)e;.artm-nt, May I 18.VJ. f » ' EALEO proposals will l>e received at this o[l ; cr unlil Thursday, May 12, 1W9. at lOo'cloc* a m, lor grading to the established ; r irle. M'hfUukee stre--Ls itn.l sidewalks from Detroit sti .M lu Chicago atrr<:t in the od Ward; alao for planldi-^ curbing an.l relaying the «ldcwilk»i cald workhavin. been ordered by the ll of Oouncllora, June 12, Board of Aldorman, June 1 1, ISM. -. d concurred in by the E.VU. •,Alt..HIKE, Comptroller. Cm • XjHPTROU.BB'b OrriCE, I Contract Departm. (, Mil., Nny 11, 1SS9 f BEADED | roposals will l> racclvcd at this oJlice un- fj til Saturday, May 14Ui II i. u., for corntrurtu.t a BMV, r Uiroiicu Ot.lcaco Blr .<•', in the Thlnl Ward, in front of East X of lot 7,bu- 1t4J>, and half of the cros*- ing of alley in said block, n.-; above work having i.een ordered by Ibe Board of C ancllors, July 22d, 1HW and concurred ID by the II i.-d of Aldermen, July 31st, 1S5S ; said work to be don In accordance with Kncl- uei r'« rsti rate ou file In tl. office. mayll-dtt E. L'H <( IKOINKO, Comptroller Cm t "MlTaoLLKB'a OFFICK, l Contrac-t Departm, u , wil.. May ll,le&9. { 1 EALED proposals will t. received at tliUi i.lhct' un) til Tui-slay. 17th day oi May, .1 11 A. n , for grid- ing the unfinished (-ortion* «f 2nd fit , ami akdrnalk". from Cherry it , to North iine of Sherman'ii a<l<llt on, Cth Ward, to Uie established graile; also gravel B.-II.I street, curb 1,11 i plank sidt «mllu, anj c..n«lru. l stnn.- gutters; salii work having i »rjere.l l»i tlic concorred in l.y t of Aldermen, July 2filh, lioaril of C->aueilorn, AUIJ. v.l . tuayll dtt K L'H (I \BUIVER. Cr,n][itn,M,T. ClTI 1'ilMI'TItol LKH'S OrVICK, ( C,.i,t-art D.partmt j.l, SliL, MKJ- u, 1S.VJ. ) S EALED nr. p,,»als will I re r'ved at thin office uu- t I Saturday, May Kth. 1-09, t 3 p. x.,fi.r era. line tinflniKhed portion of t .tlUyfi throuvh bloela 42, 4.'1 and 4o, in the Tinnl W'arJ . to th.- established sradc, according Lo the e<lituate ol Lhe Cilj- Kagiiieer, un H.c in the Oomptroller'fl office, ti.e abf-ve «. rk haviDf.- been ord-rt-d by tlie Hoar. I if Jounrlltirfl June 1^, IS5^, .nil c.uirurred »n liv the b"* «l i>/ AJ.l;-nnrn. .June 14, mayll-iltl K J.TI .. U!DINKR.Coir.p:n.|le.r ClT. I'O^PTROl.LKHV OFH.'E. | Conlrarl Dupurlmn i. Mil. M.y II, IS.VJ ( (.r posel. will b- I^OPI>.-(] hi thin otllrr un trl Tuesday. May 17, IV II it lu A m. lor {rraJmK thr uuuo hhc.l purt.ona of Mr.--man blrtri. nilli.- Mxtfi Ward, from Third §tre«t '.o i IHI n, r ..I Mi*-innn'i. ad dltlon to the eiftxblivlie^ (.-a U'; said wi rk liavmi* l.r• n >rd red by tlit- Board ui C» incilorft. Juu*- -1, 1SI.&, und concurred in by the .. A clt-rmen Joru- l>, 1^5 . nnyll-rtt'. r. I/". I'IRDI1KK. 0. mplr It. r OFFIOBorTHK Ll'-'ROMJ*!* MlLWATKKK R. tt. I.II., ' April «i, ISV.i. f 81 10! 'era of this Compnny. for thr choice "I a Itoar.l or Plrcctorsof s%id Cumpa'ny, will t>« held on the la-t Wednesday, bein? the ^Ath da? «>r Uav i^-xi, at it,<- oflice of the Company iu the I ity of apr26-t:«ut *~ " N OTICE u hereby, Kiven, Uiut a raeetniK ul the 8mrk- h< OtTROiT & MILWAUKEt R, tNow opened to'j«ie Jllcriigan.) • --V f--^i--':',-.. 2 v j-. -,;•:-; ,.;,.-. v: ifotjtIfHC-Pr&tisMre'f'ifit-Vtatf Sttamtrt, "City of CIeivel«md.".,&. "Cleyeland, ' '• ."• (iboroujhly reDtted for iJili route.) AND AFI'EH MONDAY, April U, 1859, Pa [cnger Trains will ran as follows: O Vv'ESTi .Sop.' Urldye, dep.' •Uelrplt, depart,. Fcntonville, arrlre »0swtgo, arnve.. '"" 'I ' " " St. Jijhns, arrive. ! Granfl KapMs, arr. . •lirand llaven, arr. 4:40 Kail. P.M. a. II. 7:00 . fc30 10:4tl p. u. 12:10 S.-05 e, arrive. A. M. fc'O Mixed. t, u. lisa" 7:1* 9:S5 Ji ». 3£0 r. ». Accc*m. A.M. P.*. 4:45 Hlght] r. • 8:00 12:16, (JOINCr KAH'i' Aeeo. Milwaukee, depart •Orind Haven, dep Grand H iplds, urr. St. Johns, arrive... Owosso, arrive. ... Fentonvllle, arrirr •Dctrhlt. arrive... HUB. llritlf;e, arrive A. H. 7:00 9:40 r n. BrfiS Mail > xpr 1 * r. H. 8:00 A. M. 4:t)0 6.-2U 9!t>S 3 P.". 1Z:1S P. U. 9:55 MUe.l. 4:00 Night Eipr's. M. 1'tOO r. n. S:4S 10:30 A. H. I:fi0 2:00 6:00 r. H, 4:10 'Refreshments — lintel in l>t-)iot at (traud Haven ll..»t will K-ave Mile-aakei.- on Saturrlays at » p «.— (or ."alunl^j Ni,|hl'> Kjprm p«. srli^era «e I. but 4 ,1. w tr.l.n w.ll N .T IrnVtf on Suoua> 9. Trains lrn\ r lt-riu.r,i ,)ai!j , SuuJavs exiept-<l T11K TF.I.FORAPH 1.1 NK is LOW oprn for 1'rni.n) Uo- SIKIS3. , A'T "IlKTJtOIT-OKKATAVIWTIfKN KAILWAY f.,r all pmnu K««t— Mli:ii|(4AN Cf^T.lAL and MIOHIUAN SOimiKKN UA1LRUAD.S mid CLI.VE LAN It' of Stenmers. A f «;KA\I» JIA\I:V -u.n, •• IU-IION •• Mcamrrror CU1CAOO, in , Ac. AT .nn,\v AI:RI.I..— with u,,- \M«^ifsippi, LA otto^SK, CIIICAOO, WATKRTOWN :m i IIOKI- CC(N BA1LROAI)? 1 , for all Important Northwe't, nnd Pttrl I...II.K i ftlv^r, ami nn.l Prw»cn>rer» for Great W t> t,. rn R«il»'aj t" "n II, r lUil- nray FKEJH SrttAMta, ii D. A >l. R. Dock, Iraviu^ Dock ftl S:i 0 ». u , 1:0" p M., nn.l 7:oO f. H. MO 1IT THAI N.i »n ihr li. W. K hav I-LKIPIND •CAUS attrwl.i.l. I'AEOKI..« l^rt at ar.j of ttu- TICKET IlKPIOKJl arr l,,r»ar.l.-.l l.y rimmiitk Tmiv, ,T \k,t»» ATh RAVX*. Tin i'ui.i|.ni)'. TII-,, Talil, i • i n h. had \V. It. 'II IK. Wll.lill.H41l, Kr».chl At-rul «l i:.,,n,.a II. u WIIJ...K. l.en.-nl Wr-ter P. 4 M. II. Ullio^., A,.nl. IvVC .it any a: ihr llrli I * p'l hat: Wnt. r SI v'» Dorlt. A -.-nt TRANSPORTATION COMPANY K Hi- pn Will, ,|UT ( KJlJl-INSIU » M» I HI rmil,(r : •.puUr .if i;< •} If vV I ITI.U SJ<-:tiiirr«., ; ( >.s\V !-.( .( i, I.AUt.N ! anj, f-o Ct.i.-^p in^- at au»rc a t?. FIN i 1 AI. AND Co.. Bowen * Wheeler, J O KODA, NUrs A Armur, appropriations for the post office department, the interruptions of the mails by hostile Indians, and the reduction of mail^xnatter to an insignificant amount, are the reasons alleged tor the discontinuance of this overland service. WAS CIETAIN. Despatches were received last evening by the President, from Mr. Bead, our late minister to China, who came a passenger in the Persia — Mr. R. states that immediately before the sailing of the steamer, Mr. Dallas and himself had an interview with Lord Malmesbnry -who Jv^ii 1 ^ 1 th4e ,« OTern!nE ^ had just learned that all negotiation was at an e^d, and that the muustry expected, confidentially, that hostilities wonld^ break ont ,ia twenty-four hours. -- ~ t ' ft. ID Juatice's Court. MILWAUKEE OODNTT, i City t)f Milwaukee. j T» Fredrick Henry Muller: Y OU are hereby notified that a wjtrraBtor atUch ment has been issued against yon, and TOUT nro perty attached to satisfy the demand of Lester Bexton lioriDgerton, George 6erton and Edward Bolle*. fbe- togtte firm of Sexton Bros. A Co.,) amonp^i^^ Albert Smith, John Ooodman, M H Carpenter. FOB PCKSOSS is OOUVTHT. — Eaasett A Dillingham, Minneapolis, 8 A Clark, P da Chlen, «"rn KtUon, Red Wing, J H A W C Hamilton, A Pongue, Kuud du Lac; B Marion, C E Mayo, 81 Panl, J T Marston. Madison; Louisa Monroc.Tomah; W B Patton, Neneh; J Wlgirins, PK*- cott, C W Sumuer t Co, Baraboo; J b TTIIIard, Wauke- ean; fl L Taoker, Hew London; Boireo A Bargoynd, Klpon; John Marsh, Sparta; John Pardee, PanJe«rIlle; T B Woolescrofl, Janesville; Arthur It I a, W Blockrtt, Mary A O'Moore, McGregor. By Prop. Olobe—Peeple't Line, libbiOt. Start- ttMOIter <t Co , Agent*. LaC. <t M. K. B. Dock. tot PEHSOSB » THS CITI.— H J Nexro A Co, T Kathmeyer, b A A, E H, E N Kurd, A B Manchard, Me Green A Bros, Green A Baltoa, Wise A Co, Goodrich A Johnson. FOB PEKBOEB « tne CociraT.— Bradley t Co Me- Gregor, Iowa; Oomor ft Son. M A B, A Thornton, 8t Paul, Minn.; Mrs H W Allen, 8t Cloud, A U Klmbill, Pine Elver; X Weston A Co, Necedah; M gtnnson, C 11 Lee, B T Robinson, Jaacivl le; Saml B Fox, B T Terry, N T Dean, Uedhson; L Blackall, Maiomanle: H 0 Crosby, J& £ Field, B Hamilton, E Bead, Berlin; C T Beed, uconmowoc; H C Cooper, Colombo*; J Winslow A Bon, EvansTille; T Leach, Osfikoah; T Annstro&g, liandolph; Hoffman ft tlearton, Me jrefor, i Ball, Itip- on; K H BeUsbee, DanrUle. [By Telegraph.] New York Nsw You, May 12. flour — excited and 25&4S cents per bbl better; sales 88,030 bbls at 6,TS®®6.80 for superfine state; t,25®",50 for extra state; 6,00@G,SO for snperflnr western, 7^20^7^60 for.common to good extra western; ?,T5Ji*|00 for do round hoop Ohio. Market closing liuoy- •at. Oanadlao floor, nominal at 7,253i8,00 lor common to choice extra. .Bye floor — 3,76(^4,75. Wheat — also excited at «®7c belter; 'sales CS.OOO bus a' 1,7S@1^0 for winter red western; 1,61(8,1,78 for jnixed western at 90X®1,01. for unsound Chicago sprlBR I.WX for white Mich; 903 for white Ky; 1,85 for red southern; 1,25 for mixed spring; 200 for white southern. Bye— steady M «5@90; sails 200 fer irhltr on p. U Barley— firm at 6S®76 as in quality. MARINE RECORD. 1859. ART iOAl J.l-KY, 171 Ea*i Water StrfrL U AVISO BeCUr*-!] thf 03*l8tanCf nf •UUKNSIIUHJill A VKRVIliNT CENTRAL RAIl.RuAI) iu>n K. Rt-K-eii t>i;i!i-»<Jiiiriilj, l!u i , .n fe -'.i- . f..i,i. r ,l. MJJI. '•'»5l«-r, Naihn*, l.swr^rirc, l.o« - , VV, r.r«t.-r arj.l rto&U*a, ML.d at II- *' f;'. M HI. ll.r N.* Dsw-^u LiDf nl Ililrty PlutCl.isi O.nal Iloau ,,n il,, ».nlar t -rd Canal, I'etm-'cen iro» 1 roj , Alb. ill) A Vp\v lark, . •••nti.-rci ....' ill*., nl Ounhirh wlh A'A'li' YuKK .l\f> AY.'/A li.\l l.l;i>.( l>, An.l fGrmitK j Tit-H'eraly Kallr.^.! I In. K«l»rvn Dunkirk, Miiuauktf & (bicagu. d t>y this Liu- »>ir Ire auhjcrl V, lAYER'S ,. - BHESRT PECTORAL, >' JOB ra» RAPID OCM or Coughs, t.t.4 BanrraLD, ja», 30th Dee, 18M. D«.J.C.AT»»:Idonoth«sttaiatoa».y to* beatrejBedyl bn* eve* bond fcr ------ , Inlroroaa, and «h> • ••MW^ innaguBBj maa Ul* -- -- §rnipto«uo/aOold,toyrjar ft Pwiomii. lu couttot us In »ypnca*.«ndmynuBl]yfcrtli» bit tsn T««r«ha« abown K to pcumw supo- rlorvlrtaw tor th* treatment of then complaint!- KBKN KNISBT.H.D. A.B. MOHTLET, Kso^of Dtnu, N. T- wrltei : " I ha« wed yoor Pedant mnOt and In myimfly ever due* yon Invented It, and Ulkrre it the bsrt medktn* tat IB pnrpos* «v« pot out Wtth • bad eold I shoold soonn pay twraty-flvt dollars toe k bottle than do without It, or tat* any other remetr/." GitMp, WkooyUf Coach. InflneBza. Bnaamaa, UW reb. T, UML •tntatAm: Ivffl <beerfi9ll* eerUfy yoor !• the bee* ram«e> w< pceeea fer the am of ehes< rll eaagh.erony.aad the ehes< rllnMM of chMrm. We fear bmUnlty^i the Sooth appreciate jeor skiD, and •oivneBd ymr nUdldne tovorptople. nrAAM OONKLIN, M. D. AMOS LSt, Kao_ UoimiT, IL, wrll««, M Jen, UM: "I hade tadiooj Infineon, which confined me ta doon dz weeks; took many metidnt* wtUumt reUaf; flnally trtodyour Futorol by the advtee of our uUrorman, The flnt does relieved the susinai ID my throat end long! i leei than one helf the bqtU. mma ne completury velL Toot medldoee ere the eheepen ee »«3 a* tbe beet w» en bny, and we «ete«n vom, Uoetor and TOUT. remediM, eatk. poor man's friend.* Anhm* or Phtbltlc, and BronchiUi. \Wat MASCHDID, PA, Feb. 4, I860. In: Toor Cherry Ptctaral b perfbnBlnc marvdlous •one Ui tide eactton. It bw relieved eeveral irom alarm- inf trmptomi of eonnmptlon. end te now curing a man who hae labored under ea affection of the loan fcr the leet fcrtf yeen. HJfNKT L. PARKS, Merchant. A. A. RAMSBY, M. D- AUTO, Monoij Co, low., enritoe, 8«pL«,lS&6: " Daring my pnettee of many y«an ( here (bond nothing equal ta yew Chary Puiarai fin dviag (eeeaad nllef to connunptfve petieBU, or earing imeh u an eurahU." ff « mliBt add votumee of evUenee. bat tke aaet am- rlndng proof of Ike vtrtaeetf tUe raaudy k toaad m its eflbetonpon trleL <• CoiuampClon. Probably no one remedy has ever keen known wnlsk emred so many and fnefe dangeraoe eeees ee thie. floens oe hnmea aie cen nach; bnt even to theee tb« (7Mrr> ftctoral efforde relief and eomftrt Ami Home, Ntw Tou Cm. March a, 1O& DOCTOB Ann, Lowiu.: I bel It e dnty and a pfeunn to mfcrm yon whet year Chary Ftctmlttm don* lor my wi£s. She had been five monchi Uhonnf nnder the den- gevomt eymptona of Ceneomptlon, from which no aid w« ooold preemv inve her much relief Bhe wae steedHy nil- teg, onto Dr. Strong, of thie dty, where we have «mne tot advice, reeomnufided a trial of your medidne. We hlaes Ms klndnsee, es we do your skill ; tor she haj reaov«nd from that dey. Ehe !• not yit ee strong ae she ur4 to be, hut Is free from her cough, and calls kerealf wolL Town with gratitude aod regard. ORLANDO 8HKLBT, of gwnirviLLi. PATENT MEDICINES. MEDIC A L. U M-.l i DB. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, * N n DR. IIOOFK4\IX ? S BALSAMIC co it DIAL., 7*A«? gT'a* stunttttrd nwdirme* nf (/f yr*x*nt age, have acquired thnr <frnt' p>i[*nitirin/ .m/y through yearn of friaf ('nf.nnjui'-d mtiAjti''- tion is Ttndfred fj'/ thsm n t ,ill , . tind ths people AutV f/rwiuiinCrd ihrm ri"/rt/n/ Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, J.iun<ll<T, Debility of (he .Vrvou* System, Diseases of (he Kidneys, and tlfl 'iixftixt'i >i. i ' ,'tt ./ 'lu><>r'lf'- — i liver or weakness of <h>- <t>»nai-h 'ind dfj^xtirr- organs* are tpf,-t.i/t/ .fid /»-rm<nif» •;,/ <-'ir»d '»/ the OE'RMAN RITTKKS. The Balsamic Cordial - .-., *,-,»/, r.,/ t reputation m> i><ix.*tn : ; ""/' • •-.-! -unif-ir :» •• partition i-xf,ifi' /' •* •< / ••* • >M i tii n r r u i. the niO.t/ Sft'r'rr" I'ld lo'l'j t'l'l't.ti-/ Cough, Cold, T>r Hoariflaesa. Bronchitis. In- flaenza, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient Consumption, Confirmed Consumption. curt ihf mtt*i ir-rer fram i 'ol. Ii I \ nt v. riirx" •"-• /.rr/,<" ,' DiarrhcB.i I'M A .. i . T4 ': rn fl lillliiil DISCOVEEY Jh OF THE AGE ,,i.|.-,i: M ( kens, (wtioot skill in ht.i drpartment !• veil known to mfLnj- nT th- citizens of M,) wtiakt-r,) I am now f>rej>a.rr.i Ui offer to thr public cTt-ry <tc«tr,i''lr- si. ". t'iriiirf. j ktiovn to itic community &t lower T \ e* ftiui eif'tiieO In a better manner thin cun b« doi» c in mny oiiicr r->- t&hllatiinent la tt>o West. OUFFjRD'd DA00EEKEAN GALLERY, JT1 East water ulrr t, formerly known as «tr-irjr'.i booms. marly U at (i't.1HlatesII. & F. Ins. to. CAPITAL fino,r«i ou BOtti'LUS 23.6W "« Office, antler alltchfll'i Bank, corner of East Water and Mlchlfran strerui, HIII.VAl KEE trisl'i'Xkllf. DI axuroaa:g J. A. iielfenslelu, k. BinJerion, Muses fUieelaod, fi. S. Da^etL, B&mnel Bate, O. P. Dixtsmat, *1. L Palmer, Rlwin Townsend, Solomon Adler. O. D. DOORMAN VIcV Pre«"dant. W. T. PALMER, General Agent. B»fl. Ws»T,Secretary. 8. B. DAOOETT, Treasurer. il. L. I'ALKKB, Attorney. marlo Propi-ri> f.irei to I.ut Oo. '1 r *i.>lupmenl. fSf Mrrfh»i..lis niarke.l 1'KKW" »»l be f..r», . T. I'O. l.\. i N, » Y.,rk by »n .Sr.r 1 . ri d- f'rt* fort of Milwaukee, May 12. of the in »»tB4tla» Oay. March 81, 1859. LORIN BKXTON, •) } AKB1VED.) iohr f M A Stronaeh, Otto, Manlitee, 80 M lumber Btmr Traveler, B»eeny, Ohldago, 80 bbi« hlgbwIneB, 120 pkgi sonnrtti, 28 pass. Prop Ogontz, Hood, Chlctgo, l bur. fSJ^^'ni 6 "'^/^ 0 ? lverm ' 1S8 P k " """Jrirt. Btmr pity ot Cleveland, 8quier. Oracd Haven. 26 tuns mdz,10pkgi(undrles, Slopus. Prop PitUburg, Beckwltt, Ohicago Prop Globe, Pratt, Buffalo, 72 tun. md>. Stmr Cleveland, DongaJ, Grand Haven. 8chr Ledsll, Honien, MaikegoD, MX U ahlnries 11< cord Bhingle bolts. ' G. SOUTHWELL, JR., Carpenter, Joiner aod Contractor, CORNER KIDDLE AND MILWAUKEE 8TKKKTS. K ETCRN.. his thanks for the patronage he has received f<-i ^the past ei.*ht years, and would inform any wishing to l^pro»» the present slate of the mar- tet, that he is . land to attend to all »ork in his I.DC. sncb as lite ert. .. n of DWELLING HOUSES, WARKHLOUSKS, either Wood or Brick, In first class style, and at prices to suit the limes; lie has, alKo, a i«rod assortment i<f thoroughly seasoned lumber .-.nil oilier facilities whl«h will enable him lo give enure satisfaction lo thone wlihiog his services. t3f Jobbing &ud aepalrs .l..nti wltb despatch, mhlo *n.l |.r..iuj.-Jj- for«-»fJiMj Jr. .01 Uui.Uik. J. Mvtik.-H Acent N.T C . , 1 ii tlroa.mi V y, .s rw V,,ck J L. \\AbNicH. Agtui N T C.. , :; i'.i*ul..s pir. N.-w V. m. OHAS. 8- TAPPIS. cnrnrr Gth *nd Ofu »nul •!., PluU HortT * CRiwrr-Bn, O^vrv-o V. Y. 8. D. CALJIWKU^ Airent, Dunkirk. N. V. C'BiMnt.HUS. CBAWPDBU A O' , CifTelan.l, O. JuU9 I1.M.-ILIVO, AfL'Dl N T. C" , »1 Siatf .1., |l,.pft . A. Cusimis. Aprul >. C. Line, His i*i»lc ti . n J. F. CnracH, AITWIL, Eiousc'i POIDL, N Y. Ou>. PAREKB. A^enl.OffdenftburRb, N. Y. 1.. J. II1GUY, Mllu-auk^r. XV it , ullior LjiOro»Br|A M 8. R. Dfjjol. J. H. »HA«K>H|>, O. J. IfAl.t:, Office oear M. * M R. R. Dtpot N- B- — 8hip|>en are requested to see one of the Agenti before m^kinfr coniracu, 19 ihej »rr prf i.irr.l to offer very low r»l«-i, aud tl.eir connections irUfi Hie Oidciuburch and Ulwego roulis, «nd eapecl^ilj «.ih the Sew Turk A Erie iUUroad give lh»m muur|.^<a.-,l racllnles for cheap and tr*ni|ortal>on. .„. „ „, '• M'l»»uktc, WUcon.m, do not despair till you hare tried Arn'i CHZBJtT PacroaAL. It is made by one ef the best "^i^l chemists U the world, aad Ita cures all around oa bespeak the high merit! of 1U Tirtues. — PhdaddpVa Ledger 4 «• Ayer's Cathartic Pills. T rtB »td*Dct* of Cbonleftry uid UtxUelne h*»e b*MD tssvx*d their atmcat to prbdac« tkli bmt, mo«t p*jrf^e{ pmrgsvtlT* which Ii known to man. lonmiunbla proof* .VTA ihown that thaw PiLLfl h«T» rlrtnM which mrpaai In •xeftUeBsM th* onUnAry medldnM, and that th«y win an precadcntadly upon tb» mteam of all HMO. They AT* taA and ptaaunt to taka, bat powarfal to cure. Their pano tratiag properties,! titanalate th« rital actfTltlMof th« body. ramoT* th* obftmcUciu of it* organa, purify th* blood, aod expel iHtfuarV They pnrf* out tb* ftml hamort whkb breed and grow distemper, cttomlaU ahtcslBh or 4<anr dared orfmni Into their aatnral actlan, and Impart healthy ton* with itreogth to the whole KyiUm. Not only da they core the erary-daj eomplalnti of *r«ry body, hot ejjo tormldabla and daageroru 111 HIM thai hare baffled th* beet of ho man akHL While they prodnce powerfhi .HTncta, they are at the earn* time. In diminished doeaa, th* valeet and beet phyvlo thai can be employed for childreo. Beinc lugar-coftted, they are pleasant to take; aad being purely Tegetable, are free tnm any risk of harm. Cor** here been made which lurpaee beUef were they not inb- •tan dated by men of rach axalted poeJUon and character M to fjrbid th* rapldon of nntrntk. Many amlnent dergTmm and phytkrlanehAT* lent their name* 6b certify to the pobiie the rellabtlity ef my r-m-r-Hea, while other* beve *ent me the aeraraaee of their eo*Tietloa that my Preparationi oontribole Immenaely ta tLe relief of my afflicted, faflerlnf teOow-mea. ^ Tbe Agent beiaw named ta plie-eil to fornieih gratii my American * *"•"•*. contal&ln4*direction* for th*tr 0*0 .vnd certificate* of their ear*, of the foUowtaf complaJota — CoBtiTt-Deea, BIIlooj OomplalDU, Rhramatlnn. Drop*y, Qaartborn, Ilaadacfae artalnc from a tool itomaeh. fi«u- eea, Indigeetltio, Morbid Inaction of the Bowel* » n .l P.JD arliinc therefrom, riatnl*DCy, Ixae of Appetite, al) Ulcr>r- oat *ad Cntaneoo* Dtaaaeea which roqolre «p erarnant medidne, Scrofula or King*i EML Th*y alao, by purify . big the blood and rtimqladaf the fyrtem. cure nuiay OomplaioU which tt would Dot be mppoeed thfy coolj rfiack. rach u D»3afb«am, PmrtUl BUndneea, Nenra/gU eaJ NOTTOTM IrrlUbQftyrDerangemenU of the Uiv tod KM- ! ceym, Ooot, aod other kindred oompUlntj attvlng from • low fUt» of the body or obetmrtloo of ItB fonctlona. Do not be put off by anprtnctpUd deeJ*n with lorna other pill th.%y mak* more profit on. A*k for Arm's i PTUA *.id take nothing «lae. So othsr they can tl'e foo oampar«e with thU In Iti Intztneic value er car%UT« pov*»rri The rich want th* b«*t aid thar* t* fcr them, , and thju •bcnlj h«T*> IL Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYKH, FraetlcaJ and Aaalytieal Chemlit, Lovell, If an. , -Pmna as On. m Box. Fm Bom ros $ 1. ' SOLD BT JOHN RICK, Milwaukee. ., J. B. REED t CO., Chicago. USE Ar*ou In -•-.) lawn In the United Sutes. rahlT.owdAw DR. M'LANE'S CFI.KBRATl-n VERMIFUGE LIVER PILLS. J K r K • df'llfri per Loll u-iU >,' • f; th. US ,t I' '. l'-l . M I . T a r ui! W No I .-i.^. N i. \v i. A i 3 n i ^7 J^L. T j^ A VD I \cll|.-«- OFFICE Of Till' I Conri«t. V Mlle-ausee, April 16, 1 Rates of Freight Keduced Again by i\«>w York A B.rii- Railroad —AND— Norther u Transportation <Jo,N E X P K E S S • U NTIL forthi r ooUcc the priors from New y,.tk to Uilnaukee, wil 1 be aa follava per 100 Ibs, deliter- .Herman L. Schr J 4 A Btron&ch, Otto, Manl! tee- Prop Ogonti, Flood, Green Bar, 3 tons mil, 2 bbli flour, 1 bbl whiskey; 10 do vinegar, 7 bbl« »un^- ; : dries. aOpkg«.. ; ,,; ' , • •. Star Traveller, Sweeney, Chicago. , 1 ' tun mdi, 8 pkra . ffunertej. . . Btmr Cier eland, Dongal, Grand Haven, 4 tuns md«, 7S JWIl«rag«,l»j)l£g««narie». Proy WenonarHoff, Ohio ago. ' . > 9tmr Cleveland, DoDgM.Grana HtV«n. - »chr Ironiidei, Grover, Klngiton, 13^34 bus wheaU* Prop fflobe.P«»tt, Chicago. , Bng Sam Hale, Beckley, Oconto. i ••-.••. , CIBOUIT COURT, i Milwaukee Coonty. f Jamej B. Adrlance ana .e, . Oonrt Houaeinthecl^o, «S ' P"*" 6 •lay, tbe 1 8tb dm, ? saf"?? 8 *' tour of * 9. ,4. of thM Ji' mortgaged premtae., or . »e«eaaary to raijeihe amount <**»** agalnn 3' nathan Magic, AlairaJ.Magle, Jame* A. Bwaln. Frances B.fiwaln,' -" -"' Tbe State Bank of Wis- consln, ..; , io-ephM-Ogden,;; ' etear"*5 f w^B R E M O V A L w . F . U i Y i, i: v . Has removed to bin old Hand, N«M ISO"- EAST -WATEH ^STREET, (Of.potrite J. AT. Bontxtecfn Dry Goodt &tare,) And having made inch additions to hlijfaciuttes for executing^ KINK IF O K T K A I T H 1 As to enao'e him to say to the public with confidence that he Is 'now prepared to furnish them with every desirable style of Picture Icnow i to the, community, and at «ncb Astounding Low Prices \a to defy competition; fore^ample, Daguerrotypcs tor 13i Cin. F»fl>l, SIZU PliOTUfiUAPlIS For only |1,00 tbe first one, nnd 60o Cor the Onpllertes MECAIJVEOTTPES, AMBHOGKAP1IS Aid la fact every otherjrttle of Picture, at eorren- jpondlng low prices. Summons.—For mo (Oom.fDot ter.) /I. William B. Guild and JohnOlgden. • " '' * • Slate ifiVtacoitalui to tte^nfe named defendants: .. TTOD 1 are hereby Bamnioned land required to answer 1 '>JL tteomnplnlnt in/this action, whlgh'waa: filed In' "•-— r - • ittheilOU'caltOonrt.Ooantrot the.-ISrth Jay of April, tbnrvsmnrer to the «ald: taCbli^ffice, Itfthe cltyi days after the service of . .^,-^—. sire of the'day of such; acrrl«;and .^.yon fail to antTrer the aald complaint within the:tinne aforaaaU, thai plaintlfls lo this aeUon! Colored in either OH or Water Colors, and finished in the highest style of the ArtJ THE STEELOTVPE, A new and fiopnlar style o'f Picture, Colored In Oil, which far excels In Accuracy, Boldness and Beauty of flnlsh, any other IMslure ever offered to the Public.— These Pictures have only to be «cea to te admbed. Afl Tho are desirous* of saving money ar* respectfully •ollalted to call aad examine Specimens at the Old Bt»d, ~ . No. 186 fnit Water street, Ifilwautet, Wbcouttn, jnarU-dfm W. r. BATlff, Aillst.fe RfiMO.VED ! S'^vl'-STTT eo al »tort-< : lit Claw. i.l CJ.-m. £d cUsa. 4ili Class. «6c. 55c. <jr. Sue. Merchandise nhlppe<l by tbis route, on snd !after the 14th Inat., will Le chapped at tbe*e rates whtthrr contracted trr nnt. Apflv to J. H. CRAWFORD, Arent, New Yofk « Erie Rallr,.».i. J. MT«Ra, Afenl, 177 llroadiray, N. Y. $^~ Ship daily Irom Pier 8, East Rfver, or foot of Dnane street. New York. »prl:-,ltfiw-lw Detroit A: Milwaukee K. K. FKKKiHT OKFAKTMKNT. tlOB greater conT^nicnce te merchants nblpping, or JL obtaining information relating to Pretcht, an oflice (.Ko. 8 WUcomtln slrerl) opened on tbe 1st of April, where orucrs for .collection or delivery of goods will rL-cciro prompt attention. The office Kill be under the superintendence of Mr. Paxw, Acent for liendrlc A Co., Irom whom all necessary Information can be obtained. W. K. MUIK, Oen'l llilwaakee, March 30th, 1809. aprl-<ilm Kailroad. W E, the undersigned, having been appointed agents* for the collection and delivery of Freight lor this company, bep to Inform merchants and others that an office (No. 8 Wisconsin street,) opened oo the 1st of April, where orders can be teft, and will receive prompt attention. Our authorized collectors wfll receipt goods at the warehouse* of shippers. Information respecting Freight.tia»iportat!on on this line can oe had by application at the office of Mr. A. rKCW • Milwaukee. MarchSO, ISM. CHANGE OF TiME- O N and after Monday, April 4th, trains on the Milwaukee, •-•--•••will arrive lu 4:20 r. M. »rpS-dlf F, beg k-avc to call rhc attention ot' the Trade-, and more ^••' urn:U "" i Infirm.tied -.1 ?<JN, Butfi»l*», Itr-rtJ, ,up It A >l 1 An m*lrum< V u N V jflt.s rif.c i\\ KS n rift, eu J.T.JI It 'hry tl«* e OV lllr.l the -ur»i ol ifit- ihi.v- to • test t.y th«- HIO- Pnris, Phila.lflf.LiA a lM«* only u.ti'fui 'rmi r cliLiivHy to thm rrhef ihf7 have Uieir frllow crei by 18 W, A cent. lUsKNDHIt: t CO. aprl :e, Watertovn A Baraboo Valley Railroad, '- ""wankce at 11:35 t. M., and depart at 8. ». MEKBILL, Bup'L PARE REDUCED. BY TUB NEW YORK & ERIE RAILROAD! T IUB I New tber notloe. *prlO Fare between Dunkirk »nd Ne* York by the ~ York 4 Erie Ballroad, wl I be »I,G» until fur- J. H. C8AWFOBD, Agent.' NOTICE. «fc" Finck rinnoved .from. tliel( old stand to JnBra ' 'Jd. 'Bloek,* 210 East Water street. They open th n morning*t 10 o'clock, with tlielr stock largely replen- Ished. largely replen- mayS . WILLj-emain»t.Jhe old stand where he*IU bejilcai. ^toweloome'theipatrons or'thecaUWIshment. ,- 'efctteflS sitf' "' ' ' '- ' •'; "•' " ' ' : -'"' •'•''-. •. . - , Hirtory. iof tteOfder, wlihlbi of every .Degree. Station and ' ^^^^.-n^A^"^^. will apply to theCoort for Ms relief demanded In the .oomlilnti-yt«tfa3v ! .?r'''ti.;(--K^;\>:,>.;#- ••; . *£S*ffi&S&SSi. OFF10K OF BISHOP t CO., MOE6AOI8S, 1 _. t* Posfsssiojf or MIL. 4 CucaBO H, K., V ' ;J ' Milwaukee, April 8,183», . f O N andiafKr April »Ui, 1859, and until farther notice, no person Is authorised to make purchases, or ccntract for materials for tbe MUwaeJtee aad Chicago Kailroad without a written order from the nnderslgn- ed. Hills will be paid monthly and accounts will not be continned with any concern tnat neglects to render monthly bilU. - I ; i -. • O. B. HALL, Gen'l Agt. Mortgagees. • aprlO . J. T. MUODY. Master of Transportation. L " . - * - * • . • elaoldallon of Ihe 'WIowiWp, ftrabraclng a detail bf the Its branches; with Form*; (Jeremonie* and a Manual Compound. iCiti P^MILiEB N^W USING H ' BrjOKM tNSTEE wonld roptctrully ahoounce to e the people of Milwankee and Wlaconiln, that he DOW offers for sale, a.preparation known •' Tnt»arHcJ«wur,l>e feuM to beUw evet-oIeM \<t the pobllc, and^wsTranttd sot to injure th.eUbrio _i Uw leastv By It* nae.fatnlUttaiayliaTo oneTuUf the Map and labor »6»r. employed'. - . . TheteUowlngtallel have IMUdiuy prrMrallanaad proneonce U the best ta us«:!. : Mri. PrraaTc-s:,JeSenon.itreev '-' -"''V;' : ; •-..-. *ri-lLCappMt andMri.H. __JUAD,Tnlrd«tre«_ For sale M in. AlcoU'* Dru? Store an* at l(axwell's, t&°*^¥*&.&*!&*** l ^i especially the Physicians ot" tht country, to- two of the most popu lap remedies now lx.fore the public. We refer to Dr. Clias. S'Lanr's Olfbratrd Vermifuge and Liver Pills. , mns ,._,... lh , We do not recommend them af •«•"'"•""«•'••" universal Cure .ill.s, hut simply foi what their n.inie jiurports, v\r. : THE VKKMM-TUE. For expelling Worms from tht human system. It has also bee administered with the most satis factory results to various Animal subject to Worms. THE UYKK PILLS, Forthecureof" Liv LR COMPLAINTS all BILIOUS DERANI;EMEN-TS, SICK HEAD-ACHF, c\'c. In crises of FF.VF.R'AND Ar.uF., preparatory to or after taking Qui nine, they almost invariably mak a speedy and permanent cure. As specifics ror the above men tioned diseases, they are Unrivaled Mid never known to fail when ad ministered in accordance with tht directions. Their unprecedented popularity has induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHERS, PITTSBURGH, PA. to dispose -$f their Drug business in which they have been successfully engaged for the last Twenty Ye|irs,and they will now give theii undivided time and attention tc "hejir manufacture. And beingde- terjruned 'that Dr. M'Lane's CeJe- Draited Vermifuge and Liver PiUj shall.continue to occupy the high position they now hold among the/ grekt remedies of the day, they Kit ii],- 3J3 J K J • A 1 >! t. MKN TAttfc 1' S A ^- 'N ;«k- ;..r A Ci'Kt; \* \R&AN n- 1 y if»t>lifil W continue to spare neither time ilorf expense-in procuring the Best —-* Purest material, and com- 1 them in the most thorough Address all orders to FlEIIJiG Bi-i. PilUborf., ft, ; ' W^t%n**jf.«s« «««• tofe now tat Dr. :~~ To to an) :ntstamps.' AnoraWsTfrosaQuudaaokl by twesjtj omta extra. . •* • 0. ' .tall; am ejertions have het-n rr..Tii^.l ^ ifi -.r,^ n. Tanta^ea , yet from wlmt they ^av- -\;..-i quiring Into the cau.n»*i4 .1 tl...^^ ni.-oi -.<. (Trora thrlr mo*t tlmple <!or.|.[i.n -..> -M talned the po&sibllitj of tn^ir fM--vr-Tit :i uid likewise invariably r.niiitl Lr.:it '.^^ be tracert U> <*n«- of tht- follow tn; .MUM.- Qeglect. or the ill *Uecla of unskillful 4 treaunwut , therefore, DR. An<>4 A S..N 11 In discovering, in the selection ..I -net •afe, effectual anil cautinun .-oarst- , .mr blnatlon of remedies which hear \n --^11! ter, as well as those whose pr.-m.uur.- ,r t: plication might be productive .r u.t.i t -. H the hands q^prlvate imiivuluala In <h. ble end of their remedies ,s LJ.e li-s^.-'in mass of human misery by •/••- \llevtt . prevention of those ffrlevnus allli. u n-. reality the secret foes of life, kn.l * ti .-h, extensivt'ly flurrnuml as, rail AI..U.I ' .r Ualerfer*nce lu thetr exterminal.on UOCNTRY 1NVAL1IIS Pere.<ns in any part of the w..rld .HAV !.. treated by forwardinK a c..rrrcr with a remittance for Medicines, Ac. Address Dr. AMO3 _ SON. corner M. rUeet, Buffalo. N. V. LEGAJL ADVERTISEMENTS CIRCUIT COCRT, i UUwaukee County, f Charles W. Wlllard, Pliii.inl, William Smith, Henry Senttleben. Lucius K Wi.l. J..MI M. Klmbill, Christian H. Meyer, Otto«. C \r nolj, A. r. Jueiaotlii. Fredertct Slu.'ller. Sl.fn. > SheparO and Aagnstns B. Wood, Defendants. The Slate of Wisconsin, lo tlie ahovo D.raeil Jnfendacu ¥ OO A&B hereby Summoned and required to in- iwer the complaint In this action, ehurh <s tiled In the office of the Clcrt of the Clrmit Onurt, for (h,- Counlj of Uilwaoltee, at the City uf Milwaukee, m said County, and to serve a copy of your .inuwvr to the said complaint oo the subscribers, at their ..itu-e, <foe. S and 4 Albany Building, In the said City of Mil. waukee, within twenty days after the i-rvtce nertM.f, -\- clnslTe of the day of such service; and If you Tail to answer the complaint wlthrn the trine aforesaid, the plaintiff Will apply lo the Court for the relief demand ed ID tlie cemplaint. — ) Witness the Hon. Arthur McArthur. Judd,- of the C rcult Court for said I.Viunty of Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, this ihlrty-iiril .lay of March, IS59. "nayll-lawow , Plalotlll'i Attorneys Mllivatikee, H,«,-onsiu. OlEOniT COURT, *sha County. Urnr i . Ullpln, against ulin K'Alston, Uaonali Krlston, William H. Weed and homns A. Snyles. <a(i< o Wisconsin, to tbe above named William 11. 17 'ill ar« btfclij .'ummnnral and required to answer I the complain i lu tula action, which ban been died in ic office of tho Cl rk of Um Circuit Court, County of ftaukesha, >t Wiuk.-s.ii. on the terenty-tolrd day .1 lurch, _. _., I&89 ami (n serre a copy of your insw.i-r o the laid cnmplulul on (lie subscribers at their otliee, Nil. 9 KneefanJV Olrx-.k, In the City of Milwaukee, within-twenty dajj afln the service of this «uju- oona on you, fl^luslvc of the day ot such service; and f sou fall tu answer the said complaint within the time forcsalJ, O,u plalnllfr In thli action will apply to tl_> lourt for Die relief 'cmanded in the complaint. DatS'l Milwank"-' March25,1889. CHANDLEK* HICICOX, w Plalntur*! Attorneys. PH» nlae* t» KV arecnlea,u) jt been received by V ( >f whom nave. h.ul their «tuhi ^057- 5/c;//r A.VD , -= Upwarilii of :-\VU IH'NDIIKP i,a> Ur. U*. w tlun the t:m /,. lir ^yeh.^, i u .-i "•en| Wlml for miitiilm «,,•! vnri'tui, restored ln«l ;1 ULlv hy .l.rliciil* ,,„,/ ,/ whll,- Others, »lui ',_,.„ heet] .inr i h.-iv^ heen mlrarulniihly ,-ur^d h>- n ,ll ment. The best proof a* r.. h.,iv Dr • • ^pi^^'-ounuy^ril^;:;;''^-'^ early .-.ues. -"''•.. .Vo Ftfl 13 requfreil Tor in rvmm, it . , r unj fya !0 r" Irom Jlsease, tud ?entle treat- „», h on plioation u above

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