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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
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Monday, June 29, 1914
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'^^^^^^^^^^S^^^^^*^^^^r^S0^!^** ^^M^HMVM M^^M *i^^» ^H^WMBW ·MP^h. A ·H^^rM* ·VV* *"W**" TM^^ i 10 PAGES t THE DAILY Thirty-Sixth Year. DECATUR. ILLINOIS, .MONDAY EVENING, JUNE 29, 1914. PRICE TWO CENTS. f "John, call The Review and «lv« them f and ad to rent our front room unttAln. ^ ,. _ Automatic 11J8." ^^^IM*^^***^?*^?***^ a No. 180. HEIR TO AUSTRIAN THRONE ASSASSINATED Archduke Francis Ferdinand and Morganatic Wife Shot Down by Youth--Believed to Have Been Servian Plot. ASSASSINATIONS OF RULERS IN 50 YEARS Sarajevo, ·Bosnia, June. 29.--Arch-j take Fr.inci« Ferdinand, heir to the Austria-Hungarian throne, and Ahe Duchess ot Hohenberg, his morganatic wife, were shot dead yesterday j ny a student in the main street of the] Kosnian capital a short time after they , lsos _ Abrahnnl Uatoln , liad eseap.-d death from a bomb hurled ;]io Vull ,,, stnle( ,. i,l the roAal automobile. They w e r e ! fr.iin while passing t h i o u g h the city j en t h e i r annual visit to the annexed i of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I of j-rovince D I G D IN A FEW MINUTES. The a r c h d u k e WPS struck full in tin- face ,md the Duchess of Hohen- b t i K w.-is shot through the abdomen mid tin oat. They died in a few minutes a f t e r reaching the palace, to ·nhic't they were hurried with all breed. WEKE TWO ASSAILANTS. T h e i e were two absailants, the fipst i f i i m r d w i t h a bomb and the second v i t h a revolver. The bomb was j thrown at the royal automobile as It ·V.HS proceeding to the town hall, nvhere a public reception was to be hi Id. Th.- archduke saw the mlssle r-ur:ing tl-rough the air and warded Jt off «'lth his arm. It tell outside the -i,r ami exploded, slightly wounding two aide-cle-camps in a second car and A dozen spectators KILLED ON RETURN TRIP. Tt was on the r e t u r n trip of the pro- ossion that the tragedy was added to t h e lone list of those that have dark- rj.ed the uages of the recent history of the Ilansburgs. As the roval automobile reached a prominent point jn tne route to the palace an eighth j/rade student, Garv io Prinzip, sprang 1'M.m the crond and fireC a fusillade et bullets from an automatic pistol, tit the a n h d u k e and duchess. BARELY ESCAPED LYNCHING. ' Prinzip and a fellow conspirator, a compositor from Trebinie. 1S«S--Mlrbael, Prince ol Servla. 1S7(!--Abdul Ariz, Sultan ot Turkey. ISgl--Janteg A. Gnrfielil, president of the tlnlteil Milieu. 1SS1--Alexander II., Cinr of RlMHla. 1SR4--Mnrle Francois Curuot, nreal- rtrnt of France. IKiir--Jimn Idlnrie Herein, president of i;riiKiay. 1SII8--Jose Maria Relna Barrios, president of Guutenmla. ISDS--Elizabeth ,Empress of Austria, wife of Friiacls Joseph and mother of Archduke Francis Frrclinnnil. ISO!)--3C. Heilreux. president oC Hayti. 1900--Humbert, Klne of Italy. 1001--William McKinlcy, president ot tbe I'nlted States. 1003--Alexander and Draffa, Klnff ·nd Queen ot Ser\ la. 1005--Serglns, Grand Duke of Russia. 1DOS--Carlos and Lull Philippe, Kins anil Crown Prince of Portugal. 1933--ieorKe. KlnE of Greece. " 1913--Francisco I, Madcro, president of Mexico. - 1914--Archduke Frnnels Ferdinand, heir to Au««ro-HunKarInn throne, and Duchess of Hotienbere, hiH ttlfc. MURDERED ARCHDUKE AND'FAMILY. Francis Joseph's political leanings, but it is supposed that with the disappearance of such a strong: personality Austria may soon enter upon a period of greater quietude than she would have experienced under Archdqke Francis Ferdinand. EMPEROR PROFOUNDLY SHOCKED. Ischl, Austria, June 29 -- Emperor Francis Joseph suffered a profouncf named j shock when informed of the assassi- Cubrlnovics, barely escaped lynching I n a t i o n and retired immediately to b;- the infuriated spectators. They ' were seized by the police, who nflorded them protection. Botn unlives of the annexed p r o v i m e Herzegovina. THE FIRM 1 ATTACK. are of private apartment, atter giving orders that everything should be ready for hip the palace of Schoenbrunn return to Monday. CHILDTiE.V NOT INFORMED. The three young 1 children of the , archduke and duchess, who remained The first attempt against the arch- j h c l e w j t h thc aj ^ d Uike occurred just oulsildc -the girts' " lilgh school. His car h,id restarted, after a hiicf pause for inspection of the building, when Gabrinovics hurled bomb. This was so successfully THC SUCCESSION. The succession, if no change is made h e r e p f t e t n o w passes t n A r c h d u k e Charles F i a n c i s , son of the late A r c h - the ·wtrdfel off hy the archduke that it foil directly beneath the following r,ir. the occupants, of which, Count Von Boos-Waldeck and Colonel Mer- l:io, were struck by slivers of iron. GLORY IN THBIR EXPLOIT. The assassins were Interrogated by the police !nd both beemed to glorv in t h e i r exploit. Pnrzip said he ha'l Btudled for a t i m e at Belgrade. He. declared he had long intended to k i l l srme eminent peisons f i o m n a t i o n a l i s t motives. He was awaiting the archduke 'at a point where he knew the automobile would slacken speid, t u i n - 1ng in'o IMMUZ Joseph stta««. The piesence of the duchess in the tar caused him to hesitate, but only for a moment. Then his nerve r e t u i n e d and he emptied his pistol at the imperial pair. He denied tiiat he had a n j accomplices. BOTH ARE YOUTHFUL. -^, F i i n z i p is IS years old. Neileljo Ga- nnnovics is 'Jl. He told the police he had obtained the bomb f i o m anarchists at Bcl=T,i'1e. whose nrinies he did not know Hi denied a K o t h a t he had accomplices and treated the tragedy with c y n t i a t indifference. After his unsuccessful attempt to blow lip the i m p e r i a l visitors'. Oabflnovles sprang into tne river Mil.ia-nkui in an effort to esi-.M"-. but witm =ses of the crime plunse.l after him nnd seized htm. FIND UNi:XPLODED R'JMB. A few yards from the se ne of the shooting an unexploded bomb .was ·found, which, 't Is suspei t e d . was thrown awav bv ,MI accomplice after he liad noted the success of Prn.-.ip's attack. Political Effect Is Important Vienna, June '-.--The tragedy at Par- ayevo yesterda is boiintl to have a momentous political effect on the dual monarchy. The : i t u o t i m i produced hy the equally tragic d e n t h of Archduke Rudolph repeats itself today. 'Archduke Francis Ferdinand, when he became heir presumptive, was as -comparatively unlcnovvn'as'is'Archaukd Karl today but with this impoitant difference that Emperor Francis Joseph then had prospects of many years stilt to reign. Now the empire must la a comparatively short 'time be Koverned by an inexperienced prince instead of a ruler -with twenty years' experience. WILL BE SADLY MISSED. The \dcath of Francis Ferdinand will throw all burdens of government upon the aged emperor and at the moment it is next to impossible to predict what political results will follow yesterday's trasic events. The late archduke had a tremendously strong personality and ·wielded an enormous Influence in ey- .ery department o.f political, military «nd naval affairs." WHY SERVIANS' HATED HIM. : He certainly was anxious to Increase Austrian Influence in the Balkans and worked energetically with that aim In --view which is held as explaining Scr- vJan antagonism toward him. MAY PRODUCE.PERIOD-OF QUIET. UU1« i» known of Archduke Karl empqror when^tg ' 'to" i B6''§frra,' -were piaSlng in the gardens of the palace when thf shocking news arrive*-!. Nobody had the heait to inform them of their bereavement. fluke Otto, and a .nephew of Francis Fei dinand, who m a r r i e d Princess Z i t a , of" Parma. They h a \ e one son and onr daughter. BRITISHERS -TO ATTEND. T^ondon, Juno 29 -- Prince Ai t h u r of Connaught. a e c u m p a n i r d by a small m i l i t a i y mission, inthnl'ngr a field m a i - shal of th" Britisli a r m j , will represent K i n g George at the funeral ot Archduke rranLis Ferdinand. R f S S I A X I'RESS IS SHARP. St. Petersburg, J u n e 29.--The com ments of the Russian press today on the asnsc-inatioii of A i e h d u k e Francis Ferdinand and his consort reflect the bitterness of the ant!-Austrian sentiment ot the Russian nation. Some of the newspapers refer to.the assassination as an opportunm. for Austria to change her coiy^c, and they declare that the m u r d e r e d a r c h d u k e "bore in himself the spark ivhich was to kindle a European conflagration." Francis Ferdinand of Austria, his wife, the duchess of Hohcnherg, and their orphaned daughters. Servian Hatred of Austria's Power Inflamed by »Agitators. * London, June 29--Every dispatch to- dav from S a r a v e v o and Vienna b r o u g h t additional evidence t h a t the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand and the Duchess of Hohenberg was one of the most carefully planned crimes ever carried out against roval personages MATURE-PLOTTERS BEHIND. Indications from the scene of the tragedy show that it was eriK'neeied bv persons possessing more.mature organizing abilitv t h a n that of the v o n t h f u l assassin? Tt is -gcncrallv t h o u g h t in Austria and Hungary that the plotters had t h e i r headquartei s in Belgrade, the Servian capital. SERVIAN HATRED, INFLAMED. ·Servian hatred of Aubtrians... vv hich always has been violent, has been fo- m e n t e d bv the newspapers in Belgrade and by a g i t a t o r s t h r o u g h o u t Servia a n d Bosnm, w h o l i a \ e helped t n I n - f l a m e the mmfls of the students, ana to i n d u c e t h e m to s ' - c i l f i e c t h e i r l i v e s in the belief t h a t t h e v -will go down in history as p a t r i o t s . TO FUHTHIDH-EMPITTER RELATIONS. · I c s t e i d a v ' s crime seems likely to h a v e n cnnt'virv e f f e c t to t l m t desired by Its authors. Even before the bodies of the murdered couple have been interred, the Austrian authorities are contemplating severe measures against the Se: bs among the inhabitants of Austria and Bosnia. These measures i are l i k e l v f u r t h e r to e m b i t t e r the rc- j lation-! between the two countries, as Well as those b e t w e e n .Austria and Russia, the protector of tilt Seibs. WAS AWARE OF DANGER. A r c h d u k e Francis 1-Yldinand, It is asserted today, was w e l l a w a r e of the spector general of the foi-ces of the empiie. Tills title was conferred upon ojni ISPt year by Emperor riancia ,/oJ- eph. His chief task was to inspect the Austrian army which fruaided the Servian frontier d m i n g the recent Balkan wars and pi evented ,m encroachments hy Servian troops. The S e r v i a n minister at Vienna tol'l A r c h d u k e Francis Ferdinand of the peril o f h i s visit to Saravevo at this time anil implored him e v e n if he insisted on Koms himself to leave the duchess at home. HEROIC DUCHESS W h e n the Duchess of Hoh'enie-g w a s i n f ( l i n e d , however, of the danger of the jonrncv the a r c h d u k e was about to take, she said her place w a s at her husband's side. When the Archduke anil Duchess ar- rivcil nt Sarajevo on S. J tiii(iav some Mcns of hostility were s h o w n bv the Serb population Just before the con- HlftL LI Extra Precautions Had Been Tajeen to Protect Archduke. Sarayevo. Bosnia. June 29.--Martial law wa s proclaimed today, both in the city and the district of Saravevo, in consequence of the assassination yesterday of Arctduke Francis Ferdinand and the Duchess of Hohenberg. DEATH MASKS TAKEN. ' Death masks of the archduke and the duchess were taken today and the bodies placed on a catafalque in the chapel of the palace and surrounded by a magnificent display of wreaths and other floial emblems from all parts of the country. According to the semi-official report of the tragedy, when Garvlo Prinzip, the young assassin, fired Washington, June 29.--The day in congress: Senate--Met at noon. Debate resumed on the river and harbor appropriation bill Predicted river and harbor bll! would he unable to pass in future unless methods of appropriation were changed. Senator chamberlain's resolution to recruit ·army to war strength was lavorably reported by military committee. Senators Lea, Thompson. Kenyon, Clapp and LaFoilette appointed to Investigate misuse of senate stationery in connection w i t h a mining project House--Met at noon. Under suspension of the rules, miscellaneous bills were considered. The Lever bill for regulation of trading in cotton futures was brought up for debate. Disputed Itoms in d i p l o m a t i c approprlotion b i l l were agreed upon the fatal shots, Field Marshal Oskar Foti- orek, governor of Bosnia, was seated in the archduke's- motor car. Count Francis Von Harrach was standing on itjg footboard of the car acting as a shield to the occupants, of "whom he constituted himself the special bodyguard after the bomb had been thrown a short time before by Nedelejo Gab- rinovics. JOKING ABOUT PRECAUTIONS. The archduke was joking with the count about his precaution when the reports of soveial shots rang out. The aim of the assatsin was so true that each of the b u l l e t s i n f l i c t e d a mortal wound. / DID NOT ACT AS THOUGH HIT. For an instant after the attack Field Marshal Potiorek thought the archduke and the duchess seated opposite him had again escaped. Neither the archdlike nor the duchess uttered a. sound, but a moment afterward it vas seen they had been hit. Lieutenant Colonel Krik Merizzi, who had been wounded by the bomb in the first attack, w^s today pronounced out cf danger, while the injury sustained by Count Van Boos \Valdeck is said to be insignificant. The Croation students here *todav ·made several attempts to punish the £-rbs, but the police were called in and maintained order. SLAYER ONCE AN EXILE. Gabrinovics. it was learned today, had been expelled from Sarayevo two years ago, but had been recently permitted to l e t u r n through the interven- MONDAY IN CONGRESS No Lives Lost on Wrecked Steamer. Londonderry, June -S. -- The 1,016 passengers 5n board the Anchor liner California, which went ashore last night on Tory island during a dense fog, were successfully transferred to- uay to the Donaldson liner Cassandra and a small coasting steamer without loss of life. The crews of several British torpedo boat destroyers assisted in the operation of transferring the passengers. TJie California lies in a precarious position on the rocky coast, but it is March Toward Mexico City is Halted. El Paso, Tex., June 29.--Lack of ammunition has blocked General Villa'* inarch^ to ward Mexico City. Villa, fresh from his victory lai-t week at Zacatecs has returned to Torrcon with his en» tire army. The relations of the northern zone commander with General Carranza, in the opinion of the. agents here/today, unquestionably caused the abandonment of the campaign. The much discussed Carranza-VilTa estrangement haa reached a breaking point, they asserted, In that the Constitutionalist commander in chief has declined to allow Villa to import cartridges for his men and Shells for his art'llery through the port oE Tampico. This port of Tara- pico now is the only entry way for munitions which the revolutionists may u^e as the border still is closed to them by the embargo ot the United States border patrol. News of Villa's return north yester- hav was received here today as ominous by both factions here. Washington, June 29.--Despite con« expected that she will be floated as ; t l n u c j expressions of hope that the soon as fine weather sets In. Her · , iins j or Mexican, mediation will not. crew remains on board, wi.tcr holds. although the f a i l , considerable apprehension was has penetrated three of h r j s |, own today in official quarters. Three hundred of the passen- Considerable significance was attached to the fact that the mediation conference plans to take a recess unless there is some definite assurance from Carranza hy tomorrow that hi* agents will meet the Huerta delegates and lepresentatives of the United States on plans for a provisional government outlined in the recent' protocol. gers of the California, whose destination was Ir this morning. Surgeon General Blue Fight Disease. to Washington, June 23 --Surgeon General Blue, of the public hea-lth service, will go to New Orleans to take charge of the campaign against bubonic plague, -which has appeared there, with Hardly Knows What to Do With San Domingo. tion of ^Bos,nian -_ - _ - ,, -- _ -- - , hero when t h e y heard the news or the I d-car Dowlins, president of the lxu- toclahst member of the j one death and one case, dle't. Some Servian students ' After receipt of telegrams today f r o m assassination .shouted' Thank God we need not do It our- accomplices of the assassins. t h c apt h e DIRECT ItETR TO AUSTRIAX THROXE. pie passed t h r o u g h the citv the authorities succeeded in g e t t i n g rid of a great display of Servian'fines which the people had hoisted instead of f l j i n g the Austrian colors. . The bitterness of feeling-, however, w a s carried to the extreme vvlien'st a | session of the Bosnian diet, called to e \ p i r ' s s soriovv at the deuth of nrchduK'e, lour - S e r v i a n deputies n e a r e d ' i n light suits in contrast tr .sombre black.of thcli fellow deputies The plans o f . t b e assassins c o n t c m - ' p l a t e d it i= slid, tbe b l o w i n g lip of the iovt.1 t r a i n - w h e n ' t h e a'rchiluke and his w i f e were i e n v i n q - Saravevo In case the a t t e m p t bv Gavrlo Prinzip Jailed. BOMBS ALONG RAILROAD. It was learned todav that several bombs w e i e found alonr; the S a i a v e v o lailvvav over w h i c h the a r c h d u k s an-1 i his wife" would h a v e traveled 1 Prinzip's own- plan;! we-e carefullv- 1 laid He R e a c t e d h i m s e l f , belnncl a ! b u i l d i n g at a spot wheie it ivas neco«- 1 sar" for the archduke's car to slacken speed. Some ai'Liunts- of the c r i m e ' [ · i v t h a t Prin-'ip a c t u n l U stood on t h e ] step of the ducal car as he fired the ! shots. CARBL'LLY PtiANNHD PLOT. Against all these c a i e f u l l v laid plan = of the criminals', the extraordinary pr«~ cautions taken by the autholities p r o v ed unavailing for the munlereis guessed righHv that the arch-dulce would not. be frightened i n t o g i v i n g up 1 - i " B I K I V L RXT WEEK. V i e n n a , J u n e 29 -- The bodies of the murdered couple ate expected to reach here toinoi row and will lie b u r i e d next week at Anstetten, L p p e r Austria, in accordance w i t h the Inte a r c h d u k e s wishes. Ali'eadv the city i.^ draped in m o u r n i n g . It has been decided that the bodies t r e not to l i e in s t a t e in the court chapel hero as the duchess w a s not regarded as a member of the imperial familv. The I v i n g in state therefore will take place e i t h e r at St Stephen^ c a t h e d i a l or the Beh-ulere ehnpel.^ H U G c L O U D B U R S T IN SUMATRA TOWN i-oaiia h o a i d of health, the treasury department ordered the surgeon general to take charge of the situation. Do-n ling reported bacteriologi'-al confirmation of t w o cases. The publtc^healtii service, however, will make its own examinations. NO DANGER NOW Surgeon General Blue s-jid today that neither the cits of New Orleans nor t h e t e r r i t o r y s u r r o u n d i n g was in any danger, h u t that it was advisable that thn federal government take shai p measures. A p p a r a t u s for rat catching ami ] f u m i g a t i o n are being sent to New Or- j k a n s and a col ps of expert^ In pla.£u- , V.adication. i n c l u d i n g Surgeon Creel, of the p u b l i c h e a l t h service, w i l l carry o n the surgeon general's plans. ·vYARXI.N'GS. As a pi ecaiitionaiy measure to pre- v e n t the spread of the i n f e c t i o n bv -hipping. Surgeon General Blue todav | Washington, June 29 -- "Very m u J l!ed" was the characterization applied ;o the San Dominican situation today v President Wilson. He said that it Mas d i f f i c u l t to know just what to do n the Dominican republic because of ·he m a n y elements entering into the r i t n a t i o n . He had received word of the T i n g by an American gunboat to stop · bombardment by the federal troops h u t did not disclose w h i t he expects to · 'o f n i a l l v . Washington. J u n e ^9 -- Except for *-iio\\ers Mondav in New England and Middle Atlantic states, fair and sent warnings to health a u t h o r i t i e s ot , w a r m weather is ^forecast for the first the Atlantic coast states and those o f 1 'i.-ilf of the coming week over most of I the Mississippi river sta'tes. as far \ the rountr.v. B a t a v i a , .l.iv.i. J u n o N -- Immense ] noi th as Towa, suggefting that they | "Over the extreme northwestern por damage w a s caused by a h u g e cloml- j t a he up th ' burst last evening at Benkoelen, Su- j ( j o n active!} m a t r a , where the business section w-as destro.ved and the hospital, the school and a n u m b e r of houses collapsed. Related reports f i o m the .southern dis- , ^ ^p^g,^ ! 21 WORKMEN HURT tricts of P u m a t i a btate that many Kn- ropearus were i n j u r e d d u r i n g tlie recent earthquake which also caut-d great destruction of p i o p c i t v . ! The pusFeneior ^t°ainer Van Cloon, n( llic Dutch Koval Mail Steamship com- I pan;- went ashore in Macassar harbor, I ·in the Island of Celebes as a result ol , t h ? heavy Fen^ following the earth- j quake. I · u - o i k ^ o f r o d e n t eradira- i tion from the Dakotas westward" aald the weather bureau's bulletin last night, ' the weather will probably be unsettled and showery until after the middle of the week, with somewhat nipher t o m p e r a t u r e after Monday. Over the m i d d l e and southern districts, the central plains states, the southwest, the prnif states and tho Ohio valley grencrally f a i r v.-eather will prevail dor- ins 1 the week, w ith continued high t e m p e r a t u r e s to the southward and w i t h r i s i n g temperatures over the c«tt- t ? ? i I disti icts by the middle of the SAID U. S. WAS MOST MEDDLESOME NATION "Vow BHsrndter GenernI R-innH Ttltmt · ' " ' * ' ' Annner to "Wilson. Washington, J u n e 2H--Bt igradier Gen_ i a l Evans' speech at G o v e r n o r s Tsland K a t i i r d d v nisht. in which he referred to the Monroe doctrine, and wns q u o t bomb had ! ril as h a v i n g said the United States pcoera'm' af.ter_ the_ first failed. F I N D - M O X E Y IN" P L A Y E R P ROOM. Tn P r i n z i p s rooms t,he police toda; found a larfrc slim of monev which thev sav is f u r t h e r p r o o f - t h a t be was a paul ass-i^sin of some Pei.vian organization. SYMPATHY FOR AG^t) RULER. The Evmpathv not onlV for the rulers. but of the people of Europe, was expressed today to the aged Emperor j F ] otcner reported to Secretary Daniels j Francis Joseph, whose much needed , O(la y on n | s return from Vera Cruz \ rent 'af his- sirmmer residence at Ischl lias been broken bv the crime. He left Isrhl. where he .was rectipeiating from his recent severe illness for Vienna was the most meddlesome of nations, is' tn be the of o f f i c i a l inquiry. " President "Wilson today called upon Secretary Garrison to r e q u i r e an expla- n a t i o n from the general. ! ADMlRAlTFLETCHER CALLS ON WILSON Washington, June 29--Rear Admiral Milwaukee. Wis . J u n e CI--Tvventv- onc workmen were In.iured today in an explosion in the new i n t a k e water t u n nel, half a m i l e from shore and I'lO feet uii'ler ground. The explosion was at- t i i b u t e d to an a c c u m u l a t i o n of Kas Iff- u mted by a s p j r k from a dilll. -Res,- ""* -,,,,,,,_ i-ners promptlv brought out flip In- SHOW BRS COMING. lured, none of whom fatally h u r t | ,, Jn t h e Missouri and the upper SIls- The tunnel was not_damaged. | ^^s^p, % a |i e y s n nrt the lake region *~ f a i r weather w i t h moderate tempera- feTII I C RRr^THPO tures durmE the first half of the week TS,1I_.1_.D Df\V7 1 nC.I\ I w n l ne (oj^n-^a during the second half |KJ PICT trfO UT bv unsettled, showery weather witli n't r i O l r i \ _ » n i ],igh or temperatures, w h i l e in the mld- ille A t l a n l i c states and Xew England siiower Monrtav will be followed by f a i r w e a t h e r over both districts, and by somewhat more moderate temperatures over the middle Atlantic states, until toward the eml of the week when showers are Indicated with rising temp e r a t u r e s "In tbe south A t l a n t i c states high t e m p e r a t u r e s w i l l continue with occasional relief thronph local thunde--- Davenport. IR . J u n e 29--John Co/yil. 2J, of near W i l t o n Junction. In., is dead, and his brother Will, 19. is under arrest as a result of a fight winch look place d u r i n g n family quiirrel. The hoys decideVl to settle f h e i r ^ l i f f e r - encesVith their fisls and the v o u n e e r struck the older brother on the neck, killing him instantly. His neck wn broken. ROB 10 CENT STORE OF $1,800 THE WEATHER. Archduke Chnrles Francis and son. Francis. Last of three sons of aged Emperor Joseph. His two brothers died violent deaths. tills moroins. The i m p e r i a l train stop- Des Moines, la., J u n e 23. -- Rurglars entered a five and fen cent store hen- wnsoT ^^1^ £{±f n "d !·"»« «TM «»' "'«*«· "TM TM* 'TM of the At.antic fleet, succeeding Bear ran : s ^fe_an_d escape^ vvUh^Sl.SOO u. Admiral Badger, on August 1. ped at Arstetten./vvhere 'the emperor fHICAflO MAN TO was joined by Archduchess Maria Va- «-f«^AV»V W/\11 1W Francis Joseph x Lonely Monarch Paris. June 29.--Francis Joseph is the most lonely monarch of Europe. The.tragedy which Sunday robbed him 6*f a nephew and niece, tbe former silver and currency. The police had clue to the identity of the men earlv today. Three charges of nltroglvcenn- were used in opening the safe, which fCT C l /"»Dr t l!"'M DrtCTIheld all of Saturday's receipts, accord- Ot.1 rUKHIUIN rUDl | mg to t h e manapei. (Continued on pise 0. ·Washington, June 29 -- Ira Nelson Jlorrls of Chicago probably will be appointed minister to Sweden. He is being supported by the post by Senator Lewis and Is on the administration's list for a diplomatic place. The Stockholm post is now vacant. Army Bill Fnvnrnhlj- Reported. Washington, June 29.--The/Jhamber- laln resolution authorizing the president to recruit the army to war strength, exceeding statutory limitation, was favorably reported today by the senate military committee. SOUTH AFRICAN FARMERS ON TOUR London, June 29 -- An extensive toui of Canada and the United States has been arranged for a party of f i f t y - f i v e South African farmers recentlv ai r i v e d here under the leadership of J o h a r n e ? Adriaa»Neser, member of the p a r l i a - ment of the Union of South Some of the farmers intend to r e m n i n in the United States for a time to stud.v fruit farming In California.-- t I-kago. June 29--- Following a r « ( h e weather Indications until 7 p.m. Tuepdaj : Knir fn north portion tonlKbt »·! Ttiexday. un«ttle4 [n noutb* probably ivarmer Tn nnd In north (Ion tonight. nor* I.oenl Ob^criation*. F o l l o n m K If th« ranee of temperatures *· recorded b? ProfiMor J H Coonridt, United States \\eather oiiser\rr- ^ ,, 7 a.m . -. Noon 7 p m . . . Highest - 68 73 G2 (10 £i :::::.::;:.:::::::::::: II 3tandarl time! ..4.W .T.» SPAPER NEWSPAPER!

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