Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on July 8, 1975 · Page 12
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 12

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 8, 1975
Page 12
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Page 12 Freeport (III.) Journal-Standard, Tuesday, July 8, 1975 PEANUTS jJEW€KE SUPPOSED TO klEVE LOST THE RACE! V DESPERATE HAN>TO-HANP sTRtme TWO THOUSANP FEET IN THE AlROV6RlF(WSN£E»- ^ THE WORLD WAR I. BLONDIE WHEN YOU RE THRU . PUT ON YOUR JAMMIES/ANO MUMMY WILL REAP YOU A BEDTIME STORY ANP HERE S YOUR WASHCLOTH BE SURE AND PUT IN J r THE BUBBLE } BATH -» ' BATH WATEI? , s DONALD DUCK HOW ABOUT R-VING SAUC ANO "% SURE/I THAT HAIRY, ¥ BELIEVE . - - - — - " IN g|g ' MONSTER M FOOT/ UP NORTH? J L£T'S TELL HIM OUR SIORV ABOUT WMV WE WERE LATE' TO 5CHOOUHEU. BELIEVE , ANYTHING TODAY/, DUtribuU4 by King FtAtura SpidJutt. SMITH FAMILY .«• •, •. . W.nhlnpon Siar SjmHcaic, Inc , . •:••/. '_•?•- .* • • • • i • BEETLE BAILEY JUST A MINUTE, PLEASE TME ELECTRONIC SOME 5IN&UJ.AK I MAVE LT. FUZZ OM MOJ.P SNUFFY SMITH I WEED A NEW PENCIL SHARPENER WHAT CAN I DO PER VOU, MISS PRUNELLV? PER TH 1 SCHOOLHOUSE, SILflS- TH 1 CHEAPESf WE SOT BUZ SAWYER DROP THAT I o YOU WOM'T "^SlIUT CUM, /MISTER; t KEEP TOVJSHOOT • ' • •' ' j 9'Sfic->uii nocLili HOW THE KEYS TO YOUR JEEP, MISTER! HANGING BY THE DOOR. SHOOT* PLEASE' THE PHANTOM BRIN& HIAVIN. I'LL WHAT'S YOUR CROWt?-Tf?VINe TO .Hp— PRESSURE ME ? "ONE AFTER ANOTHER.?. tTOLt? THE OTHER ONE— NOT ONE CENT ' MAN NAMEP "T"?. 1 I JUST KICKEP HIM OUT! C^y /NO.SIR, / THIS IS I (ANOTHER V ONE. OTHER ONE? GENERAL, THE CHIEF SENT ME— HE VWNTS THE /MONEY—A HALF A MILLION FUNKY WINKERBEAN •3 Jln>«. "fe JLofo/A A VOUfeE PIAVIM3 J JUSTA UTtte jBy[Eugene Sbeffer^ .•., ACROSS .. • 5 Indian; > 8 Unsorifed wheaten -flour 12 Pallndro* • 'mic name 13 Cardinal number 14 Observed 15 Origin 16 Traveler's haven 17 German meta- ' physician 18 Rollicking French dance ' 20 Row 22 Out of, water 26 Plcardy , blooms 29 Calendar abbr. 30 Greek letter 31 Sacred vessels 32 Sever 33 Live wire 34 Fish 35 Possesses 54 Letter , 21 Bank abbr. 36 Russian 55 Longings , 23 Dwelling icbW (var.) DO^¥N 24 Korean ^ •37 Pullman 1 Refuse of' statesman accommo- grapes 25 English -. %dation . 2 Wild ox royal 40 Lohengrin's 3 Privy to house , bride 4 Door 26 Shore bird 41Utlle . catches 27 Book of 45 Girl's name 5 To bite offices and 17 Knock 6 Beard ' feasts 49 Hangman's 7 A touching 28 Impaled on noose 8 Inquired, a metal piri 50 Incite 9 Lachrymal 32 Broadway 51 Female globule J • " hit v sheep 10 Denary 33 Carnegie , 52iJog 11 Pismire Tech. presi- 53 Broad 19 Sloths. dent Avg. solution time: 23 min. 35 J^ ons (abbr.) 36 Carats .(abbr.) 38 Gladden 39 East Indian coin ' 42 Golfer's call'.'., .. .,.43 Above 44 Leases 45 Jackdaw 46 Broad sash 48 Solemn Answer to yesterday's puzzle. wonder — IS 18 26 50 28 40 38 47 SI 29 39- 41 114 21 36 49 52 55 IO _ _ rasa V CRYPTOQUIP 7-8 YLTQ YTPEKPOCECQLYBdCE ON VBCE TNKYB VOKELCV Yesterday's Cryptoquip — FINE LITTLE LEAGtiE SEASON NOW IN FULL SWING. (© 1975 King Features Syndicate. Inc.) Today's Cryptoquip clue: T equals R Bridge By ALFRED SHEINWOID A player who is short in one suit is likely to have length in other suits. This elementary principle may help you in the play of a difficult, hand. West dealer North-South vulnerable NORTH 4 Q872 <5 J2 O A * 1098643 WEST 4 164 V 10874 o .157543 EAST * A V Q965 West Pass Pass All Pass O KJ92 * AQ7;2 SOUTH * K 109 5 3 Q? AK3 O Q86 + K 5 North East South Pass 1 * 14 3 4 Pass 4 * Opening lead — <lt J West opened the jack of clubs, and East won with the ace. West ruffed the club return and led a heart in the hope of finding an entry to his partner's hand. South won with the king of hearts and hastily led a Ipw trump, trying to draw trumps at once. Haste Makes The Usual Haste made the usual waste. Declarer played dummy's queen of spades to force out the ace and back came another club. If South ruffed with the king of spades, West's jack would be high; and if South ruffed with anything else, West would overruff. Now go back to elementary principles. When West ruffs the second club, South should, reason that West probably started with .two or three spades. Upon ^winning the heart return, therefore, South must lead a diamond to dummy's ace in order to return a low trump from dummy. East must waste his ace of spades on a low card. When East then leads another club, South can safely ruff with the king of spades. South next leads a spade to dummy's queen to draw West's last trump. PAILY QUESTION Dealer bids one spade, your partner passes, and the other opponent bids 1 NT. You are next, with: S-A; H-Q 96 5; D-K J 9 2; C-A Q 7 2. What do you say? ANSWER: Double. This is really a takeout double of the opening spade bid. Your partner is expected to name his best unbid suit. Copyright 1975, Los Angeles Times TV Highlights Complete area television listings are carted In the "tv talk" supplement of the Sat- riay Sunrise edition of The Freeport Jour- ried ""lay. Hal-Standard. 7 p.m.-Channels 8, 9, 13 and 27- Happy Days. Problems occur when Fonzle takes up the bongos for the first time to play with Richie's band at the club dance. 9 p.m.-Channels 2, 3, 4, and 23-Barnaby Jones. Lois Nettleton guest stars as a small-town bank president whose so-called respectable reputation covers a trail of embezzlement and murder. GENE HACKMAN continues his Academy Award- winning role. FRENCH CONNECTION OPEN 7 P.M. • START 7:30 "FRENCH CONNECTION II" 7:35 BOX OFFICE OPEN UNTIL 1:30 FEATURE RiPEATEQ H( PART Ann Landers Answers Your Questions Dear Ann Landers: My husband will not let me have a cat because he •claims they are dirty and sneaky. He's always saying, "I can't stand sneaky animals or sneaky people." Long ago I discovered this man who couldn't stand sneakiness was sneaking off to a motel room at least twice a month with his bookkeeper. He gave himself away when he came home wearing new undershorts, of a different brand than I buy him. I couldn't figure out who his playmate was so the next time he made an excuse to leave town, I followed him and saw him pick up the office tramp. Now it is four years later and he is pulling the same stunt with his boss' wife. He feels that so long as he's good to me, brings home a paycheck and a few gifts now and then, I should let him do his thing. I can't believe you would stick up for a man like this. I'm 38, married 19 years, and I don't nag. I do nearly anything he asks and he treats me this way. Why?? He says, "No divorce. I'd miss you too much." How does that grab you? -FEELING LOW Dear Feeling Low: Your little boy who needs those periodic ego boosts is a pathetic case. And he has millions of fraternity brothers, from Maine to California. If you really want a divorce you can get one. He doesn't have to'"give"'you one. You have grounds aplenty and you know it. •"• * * *• Dear Ann Landers: I have been working for the same dentist for almost eight years and I've decided it's time I spoke out in the interest of Mr. John Q. Public - Number One Sucker. Many patients don't realize the value of the gold in their mouths. When a dentist suggests that a tooth with a gold crown or an inlay be refilled or replaced, the old gold should be given to the patient because he paid for it. My dentist says he throws it away, but I've TATE i PLITT THEATRE 2ND SMASH WEEK MATINEE EVERY 1:00-3:00-5:00-7:00-9:00 THE HOME FRONT Where skylights are TOO effective (too much heat and light coming in), designers have substituted white translucent panes. Parisian architect Hans Walter Mul- famous for his inflated "bubble" structures, similar to the bubbles that surround some tennis courts here. One inflatable church folds down into a 2' x 4' package. Choosing a mover? According to the Interstate Commerce Commission, companies now must offer you a report on how well they performed last year according to a number of criteria. Rule of thumb: Spending twice as much on a better mattress will probably get you five times as much wear out of it. First step in selling your home is fixing it up. Of course, you may like the improvements so much, you'll decide to stay. The VERY first step is to list with Don McPherson, Bavarian Village REALTORS, 232-7185. We can help ,„ you get the quick sale that brings top dollar. Imiartatt lUlog? . REALTORS —232-7185, Eves.—Don McPherson, 233-2524 320 No. Park Blvd. Plenty of Free Parking — MLS seen him get as much as $600 for gold he was supposed to have "thrown away." All dentists should give their patients the old crowns, inlays or bridges and inform the patients of the approximate value. Dentists know the value because they pay current gold prices every day. Please print this letter. Hundreds of people are~being rooked every day because they are uninformed and I think it's lousy. -NO GOLDDIGGER Dear No G.D.: Your advice is worth its weight in gold. You may not realize it, but you performed a valuable service today, and I thank you from the bottom of my inlays. * * * Dear Ann Landers: Please tell the lady who is afraid her poodle is a homosexual not to give up. My sister had a Boston bull. She was eager for him to mate and found the perfect bride. The first time the "honeymooners" were together, Goober played dead, ran around the room, barked and then went to sleep. Sis tried three times to get Goober married - each tune watching and hoping. No success. When she left Goober and his fourth bride alone overnight something must have happened because three' months later Goober was the proud father of a lovely litter. Suggest privacy, please. -GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. Dear Grand: O.K. Turn out the lights and leave him alone with a girl. That's my advice to the lady who thinks her poodle is gay. OPEN 8 P.M. • START DUSK ENDS TONIGHT raucwiboirauicM' •AND— LESLEYWARREN Gon* In 60 $*condi 1 ( t Pickup Qn 101 and .45 WED UNSTOpOAbU! THE CHINESE CONNECTION* DOUBLE ACTION Th» n»w Mci!«m«nt that fiv«* you III* M 00 !,Mkick of your m«l Bruce lee •nrylimb ol Mi boJ» l> a Mhol« "Fists off Fury' —WIP, « rat— * Chln«*« Connection i ft Flits Of rimr a Bd •THM*. *SAT— Hits Of Fury.. i (t CMn«MConnMtion................2nd

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