The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 28, 1914 · Page 24
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 24

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 28, 1914
Page 24
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Page Twenty-*!*. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Sunday Morning, Jane 28,1914. Mrs. B-irleson Tells Unique Story of River's Way. Washington. D. C.--Mrs. Albert S. Burleson. w l f ^ of the postmaster general. In n c o m m u n i c a t i o n to the National C r u g r n p h l c society, at Washington. D C . describes the w a n d e r i n g Island* of the Kio Grande, whose mi- jrrations from side to side of the ·water eour-se h a v e mused years of diplo- m a t i c rorri'spondt-nce and discubsion b e t w e e n the t'nlti-d States nnrt Mexico. ·"The r e f u s a l of certain small bodies of land to r e m a i n permanently attached to one or t h e o t h f r of the river's bank* t l v p r l v n d t h e m of a fixed legal Btnlus as e i t h e r Mexican or American t e r r i t o r y nnd hronsht nbout their participation In many IllcRal nnd un- r i g h t e o u s a d v e n t u r e s , which In turn ltd to m i s i i n d c r s t a m l l n K a between the two countries." writes Mrs. Burleson. J.IKE A SEA SERPENT. **In no r i v e r Is spirit more evident than In the K t o Cranile. A l n n K Its Blnuoli* route below l.lo Grande City It pushes Its wn\ t h r o u g h miles of level sitnd In Its f i n a l reach for the Oulf. t w I s t i n K nnd d u i i l i l l n i . upon Itself like a fa serpent. In -S4 it was f i x e d Upon a§ the b o u n d a r y l i n e between thr r n l t e d States ami Mexico. The boundary was to be thr 'middle of the river, following the rt.'onost channel.' But the r U e r possess d rhnr.'ii'terlstlcs that had not Impressed thcmsi'lvps upon the f r a m e r s of thr c o n v e n t i o n as possil.le I'auses of f r i t - l i o n between people l i v i n g alone Its 1'nnks. In a d d i - tion to l l n r r o d l n i t power, exercised throiiKh lonK month 1 ' nt low and mean water. It oul.1 i l u r l n R flood periods leap w i t h t n n e n t l a l forces across t. n a r r o w nock f I n n . l :it the base of one of I t s lor.p loops n m l cut for I t s e l f a new i h n n m l . T h r n i m l i such aviilsivp ·ctlon of the rive-. T.'\as soil would ·ometlmes herom.- M e x i c a n , a n d on occasions u plan! H i 1 ' " o i c n p l e i l bv J a c k - als and M r v i r i m c i t i z e n s w o u l d over night f i n d i t s e l f -i p . n t of Texas. .IOP1AH T I ' I I X I ' . R ' S FARM. "An e x a m p l e w i l l «erv» to show b n t h tb* e x t r a o r d l n a i v a c t i o n s of the river and the d i f f i c u l t i e s In the wnv of nny ·atl!r-irtr.iy a r l j u m m t n t of r n n f l l c t l n s ? Interests. ' A c - r t a m .inshua T u r n e r beenn to f.irm thr rvili ,-3Mn r a n c h , on the T C X H S t.nnk. i:icM years later he WHS .«nrprl.»ed when :'1!1 acres of Mexican Inml .-amc ai-ros- and a t t a r h e d Ittel; to his ranch. An a r r a n g e m e n t was f f f e c t . ' d by w h i c h he brramr t h u owner of'l.-ind. Six years l a t e r the r i v e r cut o f f a piece of Mr. T i n n e r s l a n d an.I to"k It to Mexico. T w - n t v - o n * yonrs l a t e r the river made ·op Its m i n d t.. rcpav thn farme- for ·what It b ,d t . i K . n t r n m h i m and so j-lcrt l i i . K ' · i " T-x-'s a rricce o f land lar l a r K e r I h n n the t r a c t o r i g i n a l ' - j ost Tin v i " ^ '·'" owners claimed po-^p.-vi^n. r i n d t ne^\' r o n v e n t l o n . rieal- Inir w i t h t h e n u c s t l n n s u n d e r d i s p u t e , ticenme n e w a r i . ? A V E I THK PAY. "To the !m» i l l K T l m l n i i t l n n , patience Btl.l «·· "' l l n - T l l ' T n e n . - r n l A n s o n Mill- 1 i " S ^ . . ' p r ^ ' - n t e d t o r e p i f e n t the I i l t . - ' l M'UI.I « e o w n the f i n a l « o I ' i t | M i i t ' th.. r r o b ' r m . He re.-nm- m - . ' . . l tt, .t !"· ' ' - u t - o f f " ' ho f o r e v e r r ' , . , , i ' e , " f i o m t h e h . i u n l a r y line, a l l ,.,,.'.'., r ' l - l - i c "n !h» rl-.-'it cf thr river , n , ,- |r , ·!·. l - i r l s i 1 - t l n n . f Mrxleo. i t . . - . . ..n i h c : f t to ' b a t of Texas. The t , , . ( t i . - « " .u v f . . ' M r e t a i n t h e i r i - l . · ' , i ; ' l n tlir. c n ' i n t i v T-i m w h i c h t b - 'ri ' '"·· " '" " i d d e n l v 'lid v l o l e n t J v d . i n l i e d , nr t h ' V rn'.aht ^cq»lre th" n a t i . . i n ' i t i r , f t h u i n t v t " w h i c h th»y x\,.i, n o w a t t a c h e . ! A n y c « t - r f f ev- rocrtli-E r "'0 aT.." In aren a n d liavlnsr a p n p u l T M ' i n f t over ? nt * sonH wau n o t tn le c , , n t l ' e - c l a l.'in-o. and t h e old n*,i of i h e r i v e r should r e m a i n th« · b o i m l ; i r \ . A c o ' i M n i l o n f m t . o d y l n i ; his r r c o t i i m e n d n t l o i i i w a s f i n a l l y r a t i f i e d by fmtv. c o u n t r i e s . Thus the great t u r b i d s i l t - b p n r l n o r r i v e r I s l e f t t o p u r go* I t n w i v i l n t r a m m e l e d ; but the ter- rorn so l o n T f v n n n y m o u s wl'h lt» nama have f'lroneh t h n o p e r a t i o n of t h i a equal a r r a n c m e m e n t hecom^e a part of the storied, rnnnntir past." Ife lliln'« Slick. Jndgf "Tiohert." nsked th» teacher, "flld yovi t h r o w any of thosn paper | wadn s t l c k l n a : 09 th(* blackboard?" j "No." rprli"d Robert. "Mine d l f l n ' t Btlck." PAINT your ho«" now while the weather IP Ifleal W"» gimrant^e good work and charge only a ronsonable price. ClInK-OM. PHtnt--per gallon 11.00 B. A. High nriu-n Paint Per sal. 11.85. Toy's Paste Paint, per sal. J2.CO. 3et our prices on that new Wall pap^r--our stock Is now and trptodate. Hallack Songer ·Wall P«P»r nnd faint Store. 23*1 W. WOOD. Anto. B731 Old 4018 SUNDAY Excursions EVERY SUNDAY TO INDIANAPOLIS Leave Decatur 6:30 a. m. Return leave Indianapolis 6:00 p. m. Round Trip $1.65 Sunday fares to all stations. J. S. Ferris, T. P. A., Decatur Hotel, Decatur, 111. Our Creates Begins VI7ITH our entire organization keyed up vv to the highest pitch, with every department having tremendous quantities of new, seasonable merchandise to be disposed of, with prices lowered to a point that will insure a quick and decisive clearance, this July Clearing Sale opens Monday with money-saving opportunities nothing short af sensational. July Clearing Sales ruly Phenomenal Bargains! 2Z?~235KMtennST. We Give /: Green Trading Stamps IX7HILE every section of our entire v " store contributes liberally to this sale, our silk department will command more than ordinary-interest. It is a sale of the highest class silks known--each and every yard perfect. The new weaves, the new colorings, silks for everybody-silks for every imaginable purpose- prices simply beyond comparison. Here are silk bargains of a life-time. 10,000 Yards of Beautiful Silks At Greatly Reduced Prices * _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .. ,, , i ^-» · » · · _ _ _ i ; oi dill.. T^ n ..i n «j». f?c-« A n n.t-«H n «4-nn A mii*n ciJll^ CI 5Q Tmn.rtr.fpH F^mtlnrHc QSr» TTidco Vinonf i_ 75c Silk Crepes 49c. Beautiful silk crepes, 27 inches wide, in a wonderful range of all the fashionable new shades. Worth 75c. July Clearing price, a yard 75c Embroidered Silk Crepe 49c. These exquisite silks come 27 inches wide, in an excellent choice of plain shades and em- /4I Q/» broidered effects. 75c value, y a r d . . . . rr«7V- 75c Floral Silk Crepes 49c. In dark grounds, .with many charming printed floral effects; comes 27 inches wide. Worth 75c a A Q ~ yard. July Clearing Sale price, yard.. TT«/V/ 75c Silk Poplins 49c. A large assortment of wanted plain colors, in exquisite printed floral patterns; 27 inches wide. Regular 75c silk poplins; choice, yard 75c Silk Foulards 49c. Rich, beautiful, exclusive; a wide selection of latest designs. Unusual 75c qualities for Stewart's July Clearing Sale, a yard 49c 75c Matalesse Crepes. Many charming new plain shades; exact copies or highest priced matalesses; 27 inches wide; light, " " cool, airy; choice, a yard ,, 85c Silk Crepe de Chine 59c. 40 inches wide-in the popular plain shades of green, copen, light blue, apricot, cream and black. A wonderful bargain, at yard 85c Pussy Willow Poplins 59c. Exquisite printed effects on dark grounds--very, very fashionable this Summer. 27 inches wide. A stirring bargain, at yard $1.00 Silk Ratine 59c. A genuine all-silk ratine- eponge, 38 inches wide, in beautiful pink and blue shades. An extra $1 value Clearing Sale price, yard $1.00 Tub Silks 75c. A wealth of dainty new striped effects--very, very fine quality--36 inches wide. For waists and dresses. Worth $1 a yard. Sale price, yard $1 Silk Foulards 75c. All guaranteed pure silk foulards, the ideal Summer dress silk. A tre- 75c mendous selection of exquisite floral patterns. Choice, yard $1.25 Brocade Eponge 75c. All pure silk, 36 inches wide--Wisteria, Mustard, Tango, Rose and Blue. A wonderful $1.25 value, for quick clearance, a yard $LOO Messaline Silks 75c. Upwards of 20 pieces, and extra fine $1 quality in al Istreet and evening shades, an unsurpassable 7P»/* bargain, this sale, yard I OC $1.25 Cloth of Gold Silk. 36 inches wide, an extra high quality in the natural color. One of the best bargains of this great clearing sale at, yard $1.25 Gun Metal Silk 85c. This much wanted silk comes in the pretty Jasper gray with neat pinstripes. Cheap at $1.25. A genuine bargain in this sale, yard 98c $1.39 Imported Foulards 98c. These beautiful soft silk foulards come in a host of handsome patterns and all shades. A genuine $1.39 value, sale QQ/» price, yard t/OV/ $1.39 Messaline Silks 98c. The finest mes- salines ever woven to sell for $1.39. They are in black only--36 inches wide. July Clearing price, a yard $1.50 Tussah Royal Silks 98c. A very handsome and very popular silk and wool mixture, 40 inches wide, in black and colors. A most unusual value, this Qft/» sale, yard .. . f «/O \* $1.50 Crystal 'Shantung S8c. Another very fashionable silk and wool mixture, shown in all stylish shades. A genuine $1.50 seller, for this great sale §1.50 Charmeuse Silks. Rich, lustrous, clingy charmeuse, 40 inches wide, in all street and evening shades. One of the best values in this sale, yard .1 O I. X \^\^ V CM.IA-* $1.25 A Sensational July Clearance of Summer Wash Goods, White Goods, Etc. Extra Special White Goods Upwarfla of 2,000 yards of b e a u t i f u l Imported white proorts--short lengths of 2, 3 and 4 yards, just right for waists, skirts, etc., w h i t e voiles, white crepes, ·white swtsses, flaxons, u h i t p marquisettes, w h i t e Persian lawns and r'nues. Come Monday for these-v a l u e s \ip to 35c--choice lOc Yd. 5,000 Yards of American Prints in Indigo blue, Calcutta blue, Silver gray, fancies and shirting prints. All clean and fresh off the bolt. Bona fide 6c to 7c values, QJL/» choice, a yard O2*-' 5,000 Yards Fine Printed Lawns, in light, medium and dark colors--all the latest patterns; 7i/4c and 8c values, this sale, choice, a yard 3,000 Yards of Standard Fast Color Apron Ginghams and Seersucker ginghams, worth up to lOc a yard, choice, f \ f » this sale, a yard O C 4,000 Yards of Regular 12'/zc Dress Ginghams--Red Seal, Toile du Nord and fine Zephyr ginghams--an enormous variety to select from; choice, a yard Beautiful Ripplette Ginghams in all the new colors--very popular this season-regular 18c values, a yard lie New Floretta Batistes--A very fine Summer wash fabric 27 inches wide; light grounds and floral designs; 19c values, "I OJL/» choice, a yard JLu2V/ New Ratine Crepes, 27 inches wide, in light grounds--small, neat designs, worth regularly 20c a yard--wonderful bargains for this great sale, choice, a yard Handsome New PHsse Crepes, in an enormous selection of dainty new designs--crepes worth regularly everywhere 20c a yard, wonderful values, this sale, yard 12ic Silkized Foulards, 27 inches wide--beautiful, silky looking wash fabrics worth regularly 25c a yard, priced for this great sale, a yard " Genuine Crepe Eponge in all the leading shades and in white; never before sold for less than 25c a yard. Our price for this sale, choice, a yard Imported English Voiles in plain shades, stripes and floral designs--40 inches wide-worth 39c a yard; this sale, Stewart's price, a yard New Nippon Cloth--a new wash fabric--exact copy of printed silk poplins--in all colors. Worth 45c a yard. Sale price, a yard Extra Special Embroideries 2,000 yards of elegant era- brolflery flounclngs. Including" embroidered crepes embroidered Bice Cloths, Embroidered Linens. Embroidered French Crepes. Embroidered Voiles and Batistes, In white, lavender, blues, pinks and other stylish shades. A wonderful collection -- wonderful values--$2.93 to 49c Yd. Suits and Coats At Give Away Prices Suits and Coats to $20 for $5 To quickly close regardless of cost, profit or Joss, 30 women's and misses' elegant tailored suits, in all the latest styles and m a t e r i a l s , and 35 b e a u t i f u l coata in all the latest styles and materials, worth $15, $18 and J20--nearly all sizes-we offer unrestricted choice at the unheard of price Suits and Coats to $40 for $10 To q u i c k l y dispose of 40 women's and mip?f"=' elegant new sty]e silk anil wool suits formerly sold at 5-Tt to $40 and 35 P l a n n i n g : new style stlk and wool coats f o r m e r l y sold at $25, $30 and $35--all sizes and colors we offer you choice at less t h a n cost of materials and m a k i n g , Women's $2.50 Street Dresses For Exactly 125 women's b e a u t i f u l new street dresses, made of fine lawns, batistes, f i n e K l n e r h a m a and percales; all the very latest, prottiest styles, with long t u n i c and overskirt effects, nnd kimona sleeves, trimmed with d a i n t y lacea and piped with contrasting" m a t e r i a l s . All sizes from 34 to 46. Dresses t h a t c n n n n t be duplicate.! elsewhere unde 1 $2.50, phenomenal bargains for this great sale, choice $1 House Dresses 48c 10 dozen "women's house dresses made of fine percales; low neck styles and short kimona sleeves. Xew stripes and black and white checks and other neat patterns. All sizes. 34 to 46. Dresses actually worth SI, this sale -- ana wnite 48c $1.50 Dresses for 79c Women's beautiful new gingham dresses. In pretty blue anrt white and black and white stripes and figured patterns. With b u t t o n s to match. In all sizes Not a dress In the lot worth less than $1.50. Choice $3.98 Street Dresses $1.50 Women's exquisitely fashioned summer madras and percale dresses finished with white Repp collars and cuffs. New oversklrt styles; all sizes. Summer dresses actually worth $3.98. choice, this sale $6 Wash Dresses for $2.98 A special lot of exquisite white lingerie dresses, trimmed with fine laces and silk embroidery, aleo a lot u u i i u n s 10 79c Irt styles; all $1.50 of c h a r m i n g colored dresses. th^ latest styles; al! misses' and women's sizes. $6 values, for $2 White Skirts for 98c 100 women's and misses'elegant new w h i t e pique wash el.frts, made of extra q u a l i t y p i q u e ; new yoke stylo fronts, pearl b u t t o n trimmed, A l l sizes. Rem a r k a b l e $2 values at choice, in t h i s sale, each $3.98 Dress Skirts $1.50 A o n r o - l n - a - I i f e t i m e skirt bargain. Women's new washable Honey-comb Sponge dress skirts; black and white checked e f f e c t s ; lonjzrf over- aklrts; all sizes, 23 to 34 waist. Regular $3.9S values, choice yoke stylo 98c ;ts; ]OT-__J# over$1.50 85c to $1 Waists 25c A special lot of women's pretty summer -waists for a quick clean-up. All attractive styles -- both white and colored effects. Some waists In this lot formerly sold for as much as $1.50. While they last, choice ' H i e W r t l o u o 25e A GREAT RUG AND DRAPERY CLEARANCE THE LOWEST PRICES EVER NAMED 9x12 Jap Matting Rugs, in many beautiful Oriental designs; tans, browns, greens, reds, etc. Real $4 values. Stewart's price for this sale, each 9x12 Granite Ingrain Rugs, in beautiful green and brown effects; rugs that are never sold regularly under $6.00. Stewart's price, this sale, each Linoleums -- Mattings (1 ft. Cork Linoleums, In a splendid variety of the most desirably new patterns: regular price 65c the yard. This AR** sale, yard if *» 1 ' 12 ft. Cork T.inoleums, in a remarkable assortment of new pat- t e r n s ; w o r t h r e g u l a r l y 75c CCfft the yard, thi? sale, yard...**TM* !W) MnttlnK RemnnntH* 10 yard lengths and u n d e r , in tana, grnens and reds; values up to 25c a yard, t h i s sale, 1 Qfi yard, loc and ". I Ul* .$4.98 6x9 Grass Matting Rugs, in prettily patterned red, green and blue effects. Actually worth $5. Stewart's sale price, the lowest ever named, (PQ AO each «PO«t/O 9x101/2 Ingram Rugs, in attractive scroll and floral patterns; tans, browns, greens and reds; genuine $6 values; priced for this sale at, · each $4.98 Remnants 2O0 Remnant* of Curtain Scrims, in all colors; hemstitched and fancy open-work borders; 7% yard lengths and less; loc to 35c values 10C a yard · ·*" 100 Remnant, of Cllrtuln \e(». 10 yard lengths and less. 46 inches wide, in white and Arabian, 35c to 50c values, choice, a yard 2OO Odd Lace nnd Scrim Cnrtalna. 2^ and 3 yards, in white and ecru worth $1 to $2 the pair: sale price, each nlngle piece 71/oxlOi/o Wool Fibre Rugs, in "rich new green, tan and brown colorings -- very attractive patterns; rugs actually worth $9, big bargains in this sale, J»P choice ........ «J5«J« 9x12 Tapestry Brussels Rugs, with pure wool face; guaranteed fast colors ; many beautiful new patterns; regular price $12.98. Stewart's sale price, each Window Shades, Etc. Cloth Window ShndM, 7 ft. long in all the best colors; regular 'Bo values, at the lowest ever named, each Oil Window ShmlM, 7 ft. long, in nearly all shades; regular 60o values, extra special for this sale, each Cnrtnln Stretehersj «xtra h bapswood frame: adjustable any size; regular ?1 values, Stewart's prica . . ^..$8.98 A Big Monday Bargain List--Basement Galvanized Tubs 45c 0 size t tubs, Monday 59c I aizc tubp, Monday Large galvanized wash boilers; $1.25 values. Monday 29c 39c Large size splint clothed baskets, regular 35o values, Monday, each lOc "5c white Comblnets, large size, complete with cover and -all, regular "Sc'values, Monday.. .SSc To every customer buying- 50c worth or over In our store Monday we will sell and deliver 10 hars of I.enox Soap for 25c Mr". Potts Sad Iron Sets, S Irons, stand and hadls, $1.25 value, Monday Wc Mason-Ball Jars Mason-Ball Jars, Pints, a dozen ... Quarts, a nozcn .'. *. * Half gallons, a do;en 39c 49c 69c The July Clearing Brings Phenomenal Bargains In Domestics, Linens, Etc. Full bleached mercerized table linen. In a big variety of beautiful new patterns, 35c quality, a yard 19c 81 by 90 readymade unbleached sheets, worth regularly 79c. Big Stewart bargains, this sale, each 59c Exquisite mercerized satin damask. 60 Inches wide and white as snow. Worth 50c. Stewart's price, yard . 35c 81 by 90 full bleached seamless sheets, all ready to use, worth regularly 85c. Sale price, each 69c Elegant new mercerized damasks, extra wide and extra heavy, worth 69c a yard, sale price, a yard 48c Full bleached ready-made pillow cases, best 12 a /c cases, Stewart's price for this great sale, each lOc Imported all linen Irish damasks,' 2 yards wide and white -as snow; worth $1 a yard, sale price, a yard 69c 150 pieces round thread sheeting, yard wide and unbleached; best 7c grade, Stewart's sale price, yard 4ic Bleached and unbleached cotton roller toweling", an unusual 7%c seller, thia sale. 10 yards for 39c 100 pieces of round thread unbleached sheeting. Best lOc grade, a big bargain now, 10 yards for 79c Fine linen roller toweling, extra wide and heavy, the very best lOc grade, in thia great sale, a rard Upwards of 50 pieces of fine 8-4 seamless sheeting, unbleached; worth 25c a yard, Bale price, a yard 19c Bleached or unbleached all'linen roller toweling regularly sold for 12 %c, sale price, a yard lOc 9-4 full bleached sheeting.-the very finest 35c -grade, Stewart's price the lowest, . this sale, yard 24c 50 dozen fine huck towels, best lOc values, limited. 6 to a ' customer, Monday,' wonderful bargains, each Tie 25 dozen beautiful white crochet and pearl hemrced bed spreads, regular (1 values, priced for this sale 79c Best yard wide Hope and 'Lonsdale full bleached muslins; · 12%c grade, Stewart's price, 12 $1 25 dozen elegant white crochet bed spreads. pearl lemmed, fringed and cut corner, (1.39 values, each 98c 200 bolts of fine white English Longcioth worth Tegularly $1.50 the bolt This pale 10 yard bolt'for 98c Beautiful new Marseilles bed spreads, pearl hemmed, extra large sizes, worth $2, sale price, each $1.49 200' pieces vl fine double fold percales in all colors, best 9c grade. This sale, stlr- rins'bargain, yard 5c 100 pieces pretty new Apron Ginghams, all latest designs, worth 8c yard, Stewart's sale price, a yard 5c 7J by 90 full bleached readymade sheets; the very be»S 50c va.1- ue, Stewart's price, thla Bale, each 39c 300 pieces fancy drawn work. beautiful tcarfs, Battenberg centers, etc. Values up to $1, choice, each 49c lEWSPAPERr

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