Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 29, 1970 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 29, 1970
Page 7
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Honeymoons don't last forever DEAR ANN: I am married woman (in the early 80's) who Is puzzled, and searching for answers that might not exist. Every now and then (more often, lately) 1 get word that friends of ours — couples who have been married for 25 years and longer - are getting a divorce. 1 harbor a secret fear in the corner of my, heart that one day that "older couple" might be us. Timmy and 1 have affrays gotten along wen. We Have font lovely kids. 1 made it a point to teacfi ottf children that Daddy comes ftfst. He is King in oaf ftense. ffeey love him and respect him. Me is a wonderful fatfeet. But there must be more to life than P.T.A., riotfsewwkj marketing, cooking, cleaning, laundry and sex with your husband: I ache to feel that special electricity when my eyes meet his across a crowded room. It never happens. I yearn for a man who will make my heart pound a mile a minute. Timmy used to — but the thrill is gone. Things are quiet and calm and — I might as Engagement announced MISS FARRINGTON Mr. and Mrs. John B. Farrington of Osterville, Mass, are announcing the engagement of their daughter, Jill, to Albert J. Schulz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Oil or Water Color Decorated room with a fine Original — easy, fascinating! Be an artist! Create prized Oriental oil painting or water color on canvas, paper or fabric. Easy! Follow numbers for color placement. Pattern 612: transfer 9x20y 2 ". , Fifty cents for each pattern — add 25 cents for each pattern for Air Mail and Special Handling. Send to Laura Wheeler, care of Alton Evening telegraph, 66, Needlecrft Dept, Box 161, Old Chelsea Station, New York, N.Y. 10011. Print P a.t t e r n Number, Name, Address, Zip. NEW 1971 Needlecraft Catalog — what's happening in knits, crochet, quilts, fashions, embroidery. Free patterns. 50c NEW! Complete Instant Gift Book—over 100 gifts! All occasions, ages. Crochet, paint, tie dye, decoupage, knit, sew, quilt, more! $1.00 Complete Afghan Book-~$1.00. "16 Jiffy Rugs" Book. 50c Book of 12 Prize Afghans. 50c Quilt Book 1—16 patterns, 50c 'have you considered.,, 'Wallpaper? PECORATOR SELECTED DESIGNS LARGE SELECTION CHRISTMAS TWEES AND. PJCCOHATIQNS Open 10 am to 9 p.m. 254-3623 Schulz sr. of 785 Park in Alton. Miss Farrington is currently a junior at the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Schulz will graduate from the Wharton School of F i n a n c e and Commerce, University of Pennsylvania in May, 1971, with a major in finance. A May wedding is being planned. an PRINTED PATTERN 4912 8- PRETTY QUICK — this front-wrap fills the bill on both counts! Whip it up in a few hours, and enjoy it all year! Send now. Printed Pattern 4912: NEW Misses' Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. Size 12, (bust 34) takes 214 yards 45-inch fabric. SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS for each pattern — add 25 cents for each pattern for Air Mail and Special Handling. Send to Anne Adams,-Care of Alton Eve ning Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dept. 243 West 17th St., New York, N.Y. 10011. ,Print NAME, ADDRESS with ZIP SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. Dynamic, fashion changes in new Fall-Winter Pattern Catalog. Free Pattern C q u p o n . 50c INSTANT SEWING BOOK - cut, fit, sew modern way. $1.. INSTANT FASHION BOOK wardrobe planning secrets, flattery, accessory tips. $1.00 wen say it — dull as dishwater. We have'a tot to be thankful for — good health, attractive, well - behaved ktds, and a promising financial Mure. Why isn't this etrflflgh? Is something wrong with me? Am t chasing the impossible dfeam? 1 will be watching and waiting for yotir answer. Please don't fall me. — MOONGLOW DEAR MOON: Put away your story books, little girl. You've got some growing up to do. Yes, there is more to life than P.T.A., housework, cooking, cleaning, laundry — and sex with your husband. There's illness and emotional breakdowns that make it impossible for some women to do the housework, cooking, cleaning and laundry. As for sex with your husband, don't knock it, honey. There are plenty of husbands who aren't Interested. There is also alcoholism, in - law trouble, problems with out-of-control children and money worries. Read the papers. Look around you. Case your friends. No marriage can maintain the honeymoon level of excitement forever. And it's a good thing. We'd all uie of exhaustion. Time diminishes the raging fires to a soft glow — present but no longer ferocious and demanding. Count your blessings. Too many people fail to appreciate what they have'until they have lost it. Don't let it happen to you. DEAR ANN: .You ,have repeatedly displayed ' your ignorance on animal behavior. I would like to set you straight in regard to that basset hound that barked all night. The beast is signaling his desperate loneliness. He needs some sort of companionship — preferably human. To be tied up day after day, night after night, is solitary confinement. An animal can suffer a nervous breakdown under these conditions, just as some humans do. An animal is not a machine. He is a living, breathing, gregarious creature with a capacity for pain, fear, ' grief, joy; loneliness, and love — just as you and I. Reporting a dog who barks all night to the animal welfare organization will produce more satisfactory results than reporting it to the poilce. — LAKE SHORE DRIVE, CHICAGO DEAR L.S.D.: Thank you for a better answer. Hear ye all readers who are kept up nights by the. neighbor's barking dog: Don't call the cops, call the animal welfare organization. (P. S. My Lake Shore Drive reader didn't suggest an alternative if rfo one at the animal welfare place answers the phone between 2:00 and 5:00 a.m.). What is French kissing? Is it wrong? Who should set the 'necking limits — the boy or (he girl? Can a .shotgun wedding succeed? Read Ann Landers' booklet, "Teen-Age Sex—Ten Ways To Cool It". Send SO cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope hi care of the Alton Evening Telegraph. Meaningful Gift for Mothers, Grandmothers Jewelry T * • Pjoud gift to honor Motherhood, set with fine simulated birthstones symbolizing each child (one to six). Beautifully styled, custom-set to your order. Other styles for fathers and mothers, from $7.59, gift boxed. JH[ U Ft W 1 X 2. Diamond Center EA5TGATE PIAZA Qpeu Mou. thru Sat. 10 A.M. to 9 r.»l- Alton Evening Telegraph Tuesday, Dec. 29, 1970 A-? Eating out effected by inflation Knits for spring wear Generally, Kimberly knits, as shown recently in New York, are simple in line and turn up in bright clear colors for spring. Model at left wears a jumpsuit with fringed belt, while girl at right has a dress with slit skirt. nmnt s pOllli Waxy substance eases zippers DEAR POLLY — Shirley should rub her stubborn zippers with a candle, a crayon or anything containing wax. Have- the zipper open and rub both sides. — ROSE DEAR POLLY — Please tell Shirley who has nylon zipper trouble to read package instructions. It says to lubricate a zipper that has become hard after repeated washing or dry cleaning by rubbing with beeswax, soap or a commercial zipper-ease product. — MRS. R. A. S. DEAR GIRLS — To prevent soiling the fabric at either side of the zipper and to make the job easier, open the zipper and LAY FLAT on something while rubbing on any suggested remedies. — POLLY Today's Problem DEAR POLLY - Coffee was spilled on three of my school books and dried on some of the pages. I do not want to have to pay a fine WE ARE AN —AUTHORIZED- FOOD STAMP STORE MUST HAVE ID CARD!! Cottage Hills, III. at the end of the year so do hope someone can tell me how to get these coffee stains off, the pages. — SUSAN ELAINE DEAR POLLY — An ordinary heavy cardboard pattern board that folds makes a wonderful race car road for the children's play. Draw, on a rpad, .including curves, with a crayon and watch their imaginations take over. This is nice for mothers. It will fold flat to fit behind Q OMEGA WATCHES Trusted for Accuracy EDWARD OTT JEWELER Stratford Hot*! Bldg. ,a door when not being used. — MRS. L. S. You will receive a dollar if Polly uses your favorite homemaking idea, Polly's .Problem or solution to a problem. Write Polly Cramer in care of the Alton Evening Telegraph. By GAYNOR MADDOX NBA Food and Nutrition Columnist Scotchmen are proverbially canny about spending money. So at this time of rising food costs in the United States, we discussed the situation and its consequences with a man born in Glasgow, who started in the food business at age 14 and at 27 came to this country seeking adventure. Now, at 40, he is director of one of New York's noted restaurants. "Oh. yes. The average American gets much greater fun out of life than tlie Scotchman. He has more money in his pocket and less conformity in his soul." explains James Morrison, row top man at the Forum of the Twelve Caesars. This being the open season for celebrations, we asked Morrison to compare old country parties with ours. "The Scots do a lot of entertaining at home. That is different from the Americans, particularly the younger ones, who want to go places. Take New Year's. That is a big time in Scotland. Incidentally, a strict father, and most of them are strict, demands that all his children, no matter how old, be home when the church bells ring in the New Year. Then he gives each a shot of whiskey, provided they are old enough. After that, they are free to go to parties at homes of friends and neighbors, each earring a bottle and a bag of currant buns. This called 'first footings'. "That's quite different from the way we celebrate in America," he observes. But with increasing Cooking cues Slice unpared Washington apples directly into a skillet with 2 tablespoons melted butter. Saute until browned. Turn once, cover slices with a little honey and 4 tablespoons Sherry; cook until done 1 and — yum! unemployment, continually rising food costs and business uncertainty, we Americans may be forced to alter our New Year's Eve gaiety also. Parties at restaurants and hotels may be cut. "We keep hoping for a pickup in business here at the Forum and other restaurants. There has been a minor improvement recently. B u t not enough to establish a trend." he says. According to latest government reports, prices for food away from home has increased at an annual rate of nearly 7i£ per cent. The rapid rises are a deterrent to eating out. "We are trying to cut down our rising labor costs. And we are eliminating some rare and expensive items from our menus without damaging our reputation. We must strive to control in some way the steady rise in our costs for food and services. We are now dangerously near what we dare charge the customer," he explains. "However, we hope out customers' disposable income will pick up in 1971. But from all reports, much of this expected increase in income will be absorbed by still higher prices and increased population. I, having basically Scotch caution, can see only a slight lifting of real income — meaning in our case, the extra money in the pocket to spend on a good meal away from home. So I am not overly optimistic." But things were not always so restrained, he reminds us. He recalls a gala event at the Four Seasons when he was assistant director there. "For a gourmet dinner, we wanted something special. Expense was no consideration. So we ordered a huge turtle from St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, it arrived, alive and kicking. But after a few hours it appeared as fresh green turtle soup for the honored guests. But that was about five years ago — in the good old days," he confesses. Celebrates silver wedding VACUUM CLEANERS NEW-USED & REBUILT FAIRFAX SERVICE CENTER 3804 Thomas, Alton ' 482-4537 28 N. Wood River Ave., W.R. 254-7130 Make TOM-BOY YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR Flavor-plus MEATS CHECK OUR WEDNESDAY AD FOR BIG SAVINGS! EXCLUSIVE SHOPS FOR WOMEN January CLEARANCE SALE! SUITS SPORTSWEAR. DRESSES PANT SUITS COATS ODDS & ENDS UP TO— OFF! All Winter and Holiday Merchandise EXCLUSIVE SHOPS FOR WOMEN ««itg«te plow—open IQ am tp 9 pm PHONE 462-9294 NEED A NEW BATH? Tired of your old fashioned bath? Check with, us and find out how little it would cost you for a new modern bath. WISEMAN INC. 1200 E. BROADWAY ALTON, ILL. Traditional . . , Provincial . . . Mediterranean Ethan American Traditional At Its Best HEART-WARMING TO LIVE WITH . . . YESTERDAY, TODAY, TOMORROW TOO West 4th Street Alton, Illinois PHONE 465-7776 . CLOSED ALL DAY SATURDAY, JAN. 2nd 4th & State Sts. Downtown Alton Mr. and Mrs. Henry Siemer of 3410 Oakwood will celebrate their silver wedding anniversary Thursday, Dec. 31 at an open house. The couple will receive friends and relatives from 1 until 5 p.m. at their home. No invitations are being issued. Mr. Siemer is employed by Owens Machine Shop in Godfrey. He and the former Catherine Jordan were married on Dec. 31, 1945 in Jacksonville. They are the parents of five children: Michael of Wood River, Rose, James, Stephen and Robert at home. AMERICA'S LARGEST FAMILY CLOTHING CHAIN SALE! 20% OFF Sleeted Party Wear • Jump Suits • Pant Suits •. 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