The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 13, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1859
Page 3
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J^I^««i^^Mi^f 9 r : ioid>i>«j!!i6;wi»fiea KagiUmanpuia . ; tot, c«Mrl#]r -^uSO^Xt^iam •SjWit^^^l^wSSSes^t *w "™"' i^!S««>^|*^I^4Brprw5S aW&^&^^W"** «06KutWaU9-jrtr««. J r «nd'«fcolc« TWieUea •! . Toilet Powden,jolt weired by' COMPOUND CAMPJUOU ICK " '' ; . _ , - , ... — - -,—,_,,_-„-„_..^,___-_ 'I OCAT npnOR i;«trett Bridie to toadei • His worth A8,0i*, Jmt J am aothortedtoloTrer'it for a4,6o».'and^i UVcfriWin *»^i#MSwn^Pttoti4>e«onaJ property; *he :;^-y»1ji^BW^«tre«u;^ ,_ .,.„—.. _ = ^~';A < r i -*^»» : A''iiGAiJt, : WIliL «ell a Utree years leaae of a nice honx On the convenient houses fora small (amity in .. «ie^«n^i(!»togintothe<:onntrythel»tofi Marchan* therefore offers lifer tele. Un«t be sold'at p»ce toTalae money. -, ; i -.:;.,... JNO. B. WiClU, v"i .;• dealt-.--.C-J..-.S..,:; ",.-v::" '» •Vl«cibn»iri*treetf li$%*^m*** Sunburn,Ac-TieVfor *ale wboTeailcFaoa' r£ ;| *ly"adyaaUgeou» J.M. ALLCOTT, nproeed I Dly advantageous .terns. Only a very little *a*h' will J*J,f««>>}>** *»P«rehaae wine ;t*crjlent property. , »Ve j Wjlltrade:* brick house and lot In BevenuTward, a O O ME A N 13 X EEIVA of an entoety new»n4 «rle&did Biock of J3L ?reflch,Engtlih and Amertcan ^ JEWELRYI or Latest Stylo, at B. O>r. r AW C €>TT>S, Water and mtcontin Street*. Having lately disposed of most of'my former slock, 1 exercised myself in searching at the eastern Markets for all the IVevT Styles aud Patteriu, Which have been Imported and marmfactured since the last panic. liave also purchased a large stock of. Ladies' 'and Gentlemen'* Watches. With movement* acknowledged as th« most superior by the Art«ica» pnbllo. - . r nnvSO w»l"cnce lot on Walker's In «r»t int rarms Iffdlffci'ent *U««««tf improvemSt?attiiiTarlety'-o» property, all of which we offer for *ate cheap or will exchange <«r oOierproperty, |W e ;can offer »om«*are Inuuccments now in real estate, JNO,. U. WELD, n«vl2 ' .. . rjg Wiicons)»strceU ' e city. is in »VaukeshaConntr; : ' - -— — _.- rf . ~uv-.-<u.u M» .M *>~WKbBU» VUUUtJT, in a good neighborhood, and contains'140 acres, well watered and Umbered, % good house and barn and some fruit trees, i Very superior tract sot land, and wDl be' is i rare opportunity. JNO. B. WELD, 'uiiT. .-- • 3 IB Wisconsin street* MILLINERY GOODS. • ••r«'., .iw--ot,if..i. j-: 'CfTO Capital nnu! Surplus,. ....... ...... »2£t,669 S3 CITY FJRK INSIJllANCK CO.HPAJTV, ;.:,'-,:; OftlariTordj'Oonnectlcht.'' -' :Oa«h Capital and 8ur-'- J ' - ' -••" * ) Illicit buslnesi fortheajxve named Companies, en- itlrely upon their- own merit! rand responsibility, anJ refer to their prompt and liberal settlement efaJI Lone* heretofore, as a guarantee for, the future. , Policies Issued - without delay. : Join UoLLiiD, Ass't! D. P. sUssBiti, Surveyor. septA . ,.j ..'.,, ,.' •'. . Northwest cor. Main and .Wisconsin *ta a MUwnkee. '""•' •' LIF K AS a «L>K A N C Joint iltnrqois, Arcliitect, JUNKAU BLOCK, Is'prepared tifnrnUh plans for all kinds oTbmUdings »t the-ihottest noUce. I REFERENCES: 1. 6. UlLKaiB,) JOBH B. BUJOUH, LEMSOM BBOTBU, W. TSWAITS, 8. Finj), 0. E. PjJiroKTB, OAxroara A PsSrus, " Lorra S. MACK, V jtE-Joams. fe»20 1859 FOpLAk /TRADK. • ':. "" •""•"™5 . Ribbons and MilliDery 1850 E VERYTHING required for a tali and assorted stock, for a first class Wholesale and Retail Drag Store Is kept by Harrington, and of the very best quality.— "Prices u low as any other route." - a HARRINGTON, 111 East Water street, 1 Directly opposite ths Auction Room of the 1 1 ebS Kxcentrlo and Celebrated 0*t,*» WALL. JCIBiiOMS! RI BBON.S I TO StEROHANTS, MILLINERS, JOBBERS, DKAtERS IMB4BBONS, MILLINERY GOODS, AND CASH BUYERB IM ALLSEOTIONS-OTTUE COUNTRY THE CABU RIBBON HOUSE. 116 CHAMBERS BTREKT, KKW YORK. JNO. VARWELL. ESTABLISHED i Knowllon, We hare originated k new principle — a new era In the Ribbon Trade, whereby *e make tUs business rtiii, SUnJt, A(0 6T»rLI A6 THATOF J, H, COBDESc% CO., Give notice to their business friends that they hare removed their Wholesale Grocery BUSINESS BACK TO THEIR .OLD STAND,| Near comer of F.AST WATF.K AND DETROIT STS., Winre Ciey wOT {(nntlnue the same at heretofore. nor28 WE BELL FOR CASH I WE BUY FOR GASll I We are satisfied with & .riui can raorjT. Ask no Second Price. Have nil onr goods marked in PLAIN fIUUR£8,so|hat man, woman and child "buy alike," and receive the same value lor their money. Our Prices for best Taffeta Ribbons, all colon, are ' -,KKNTKt), * RODWAY will give attention to the renting of Houses. Parties baring Houses to Rent, orlrishing to procure tenements, will please cal at 19 Wisconsin street. For Kale Chrap lor Cash. . THE Dwelling House, with lease of pround, I situated on the north east corner of BMdie and iBHL J Milwaukee streets, one*' of the most desirable locations In the city. Immediate possession given. Enquire of apr8-d4t GEO. SOUTHWELL, Jr. JUST KKOKIVED AT H I! 1\ IV A CROSBY'S ANOTHER ENVOIGE OF CHOICE FRUIT, 1 COMPRISING 100 barrels Apples, (.(grafted Prnit); 20 \J bo?es of Oranges; 10 boxes Lemons: 1,000 Ibs Raspberries; 1 case Fresh Figs and A barrels of Dried Peaches, all of which we are selling at prices aslontsb- InglyJow. feb!6 Doctor C. Cander, H ATING located himself in Milwaukee, offers his services to the public. Dr. L. has served in the British Army for fifteen years, Jo India, iinrmah and in the Crimea. fry Surgical cases promptly attended. s^g Office corner Huron and Van Buren sL Jan30-d8m ~ BINlTuP YOUR MAGAZINES ! VST K are prepared in our Bindery to BJntt Magazines, YT Periodicals or anything else in the form of a Book, in neat and durable styles, at low rates. \nntd ' STRICKLAND A CO. SCHNCECKEL & BliUNOTfO, COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Seal Estate and Money Broken, 'NOTARIES PUBLIC, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. Orno—No. 4 Market Square, opposite the Old Post- Office. mar$7 So. IS »1.4T^f per piece. WE OFFER PANOY BIIiBONS "ALL STYLES " "ALL COLOES," "ALfQOALITIES," AT PRICES UEfTING COMPETITION, AND fOR CASH ONLY. 0 ,°J% n f& MMmeM |B *"« centre of attraction for KlouONS, "Quick gales," "Light Profit*," and "flood Valu* " for Gash. ROTJC1IKS! RODCUE311 Hew Styles and Paterns, at a saving ol SUPEUCKST. FROM CHEUIT PRICES. Examine our samples, and be convinced. BLOND LUCES, QUILTINGS, *C., AC Our line of these Goods always roll. We Import and "Job them at once for 6 per cent advance. Marked prices ct all Goods "in Plain figures." A iSATING OF 40 PEE CEKT ON THESE GOODS HIGH CREDir PRICES. " Oar intention is to make the Ribbon Trade a* staple in regard to prices as domestic goods. To do this w» must sell ONE MILLION DOLLARS WORTH Of GOODS PER ANNUM 1 We are Dnion Men. "No North," "no South " We solicit the. patronage o f Merchants, In erery section of the United Stales, and are the servants of all who favor os with their trade and patronage JSO. »ARWJ5LL, CASH RIBBUN HO. SE, 116 Chambers street, New York, a. w Wiujo, near the Hudson Kivrr Railroad Depot janlS-dtei J. D. Martin, H. I> Dotuman. P OffK Bl-'Sll-S, ia store, tor sale ""EM UYTON t PI.ANKTVTON NEW t.OOKS. P ICTDRK8 OF OOONTRr LIFE, by Alice Cary The Methodist, or Incidents and Character, from Life In the Baltimore Confrence, by M. Fletcher For sale by K. TKERV * 00> m " & ___ No 1C7 EastTater .trret. T i .,.,.,— —•*•*» it Lile lastuMiiee OF TUEJTATE OF WISCOlTsra." Wm. A. Lawrence, ----- -,---.. , MorrkC.SmlOi, Jolnl 1". D.x»n, Joslah r. Wlllard, Joseph A. Steeper, • Rolotton HntsoD, K.t»»rd L Dlmock, Benjamin P. Pixie*, David Noggle, •« Charles Norton, U. W. Collins, i James Mel, John 0. Johnston, Moses Prlchard. - For Anson.Kldred H. 11. Camp, " • for MtuHto*. , Charles B. Kuehn, Simeon Mills, L. J. f arwell. For Saeint. Jam-- R. DooUttie, George 0. Northrno, B. J. DUman. for Selolt. Matthew H. Carpenter, John Backetl, Laclus G. Fisher. For Grant Comity.—S. Alien Barber. For PlattaUlt*— John H. Rounlree. For Stovtfllon.—Luke ftouguion. For #eu Plggingt.—iama U. EaroeaL For Wkiicwattr. Augustus H. SeovOle, S. C. Hall. For Shutlfburph. —George W. Lee. J. A. 8LECPER, President. B. W. OOLLOO, Secretary. A. GU,BA«, Vice President. M. G. \VII^O,\, Affmt, tepW 82 Wisconsin street. Milwaukee, Wls. l^IFE INSURANCE. fJIHE Tnuteet of the Mutual Life Insurance Company JL of the State of Wisconsin will meet at their office In the city of Janesville, on Monflay, the 18th day of November next, at 8 o'clock r. ». Section U of the charter provides as follows: The operations and business of this corporation shall be carried on In theelty of Janesvllle, »t such place as the trusted shall direct, sa far as the same can be done, at a principal office. Dated Janesvllle. Sept. 1C, 1898. By order, JOHN C. JOHNSTON, septit. , Oeneral Agent. JcF'fcaeTt'Bioek, rMatlnglnkind Wat Papers, alwayi'wn hand In larfe qnanlltlw. Armjoi Banna to the neiaU*i : «tyle.i. ; 0«-7 -£:. -:''-•. , , No. «1» tABT WATgK CT., KNKBUKIV8 BtOOK, •Prt M114W AUK E B., BOOKS ! ! U T V R E . L I F E OH, SCENES IN ANOTIIEH WOUl.ll, • , -/ '• BY GEORGE WOOD, AUTBOa or MODERN PILGRIMS, *G, The Ululstry of Life, by the Author of Ministering Children. Meta Gray, by M. J. Mclntosh. Dora Deane and Maggie llUler. The Julia. Prince of tfa* Bone of David—new edition. Livingston's Afrli a—12 mo. edition. For sale by [febl»J E. TERRY A CO. DIRECTORY F U R N H-Itit foiKlwjngUstpf Buship. House, and Banufac tartngrsUMIsbJDenta are' amon among the best and 'moat « »nes of baslness. NOTES, T U R E OTJT J, M, GROSSMAN, A SUPER! STEWDENT, JOJJOIB-NO. 10 TOtKd'S HKK B10CK. ; Hajir- and Specification! for all kinds of BalMlngi furnished at ihort notleeand on the most liberal terms. llel* FLERZHEIM & CJOST. Co., A NEW SUPPLY. 1SATATU&IC and the Spiritual, by Dr. Bushnell i.~ The l*nd and the Book, by W. M. Thompson. The Power of Prayer, by B. J. Prime. Memoir of Sloddard. Bitter Sweet, by Holland. War sale by E. TERBY A CO . >>20 1« East Water street. Waiikesha (.'otiitty c !flilk. I All prepared to furnish the eitlsens of Milwaukee dsllyjwlth 1TBE COUNTRY ITIILK romUie weH known Dairy of M. BARBEH, Esq.. at a fair price and lit quantities, from a plnttoapnn- chtoii. Those wishing to be supplied, can leave theli ordera with Messrs. Hnnn t Crosby, opposite the Wai- kerlfottse. T.P.ABBOTT, T* 8 Yankee Milkman. AMERICAN CORNET BAND! CftPT. AI.EX. SCOTT, LEADER. 18 NOW READY TO TOBN1SH ANT number of Instruments, from one to twenty-two, for Balls, Parties, Parades, Excursions, Ac., Ac., at reasonable rates. Apply or address Oapt. Ausx. SCOTT or at Hempsted'i Huslo Store, 173, East Water st. sugll Th bra"° lT * th °" C °- p » rtner>hl P " arrangements, th, lr <rhole i»took m T U R E •** - •- -BVKB OFFK2ED IN THIS CITY AT GREAT SACRIFICES FOR THE NEXT SIXTY OAYS THE STOC|$ IS HI' \V\ , \xt» MUST Bi; 218and 220 EaatWater Street apr8-d2mo '1 In A: Calvanlsed Koofiu». JUSTICE DOOKKT8. M ANDFACTOBKD erpreitly far that of fintqaalltr paper. t. TKK 1«7 Eaii purpose of fintqaalltr paper. t. TKKflY * OO A NEW BO9& by John 8. Abbott. <i . The Empire of Austria. Life of Douglas Jerold. The Ministry of Life. Met* Gray. - DpwolDgs Fruits and Fruit Tree*. Revised Edition. Kht House, a Manual or Boose Architecture. For sale by • E. TERRY, 16T East Water itreet. WISCONSIN STATE DIRECTORY —AND— MUKHAY, PKIOK & CO., desman's Mammoth House Furnishing Blocs, IJVHON STREET, MuvDrACTtjans'or, ivn DABI^BS im BTOVE8, TIN, * GALVANIZED IRON ROOFING, Gutter and Conductor Pipe. Also, agents for Collins' celebrated Ventilators and Chimney Caps, Hot Air Furnaces and Registers, Ventilators, ic. fP~ Orders thankfully received and promptly alien ed to. m s8 _^_ RAJI.ROADS. Mil,, Wat. & Baraboo Vallry R AIL-ROADSjtTRAJVSPOR N 1 Kacin<e «k .V It F E X FOH 1858-59. PHUJE TWO DOU.AHH. THIS WORE CONTAINS THB NAME AND ADDRESS OF EVERY PERSON ENGAGED IN BUSINESS O N his own account In the State of Wisconsin, from the Wholesale Merchant and Jobber to the small dealer. Representing both the Mercantile, Manufacturing, Mechanical and Professional branches at bull- ness alphabetically arranged and Ctasi Je M team Pipe litter. ISAAC KINtiSLEY, HAS & STEAM PIPE FITTEIt, NO. 891 EAST WATER STREET, WBOLBBALB SITAIL DULai im QAB AND STKAM PIPES, GAB, 8TCAU AND WATF.K COOKS, OLOBK AMD OBKOK VALVra. GUAGE COOKS, Ac., Always on hand, a large assortment of ••AX F 1 X T V R E S Work done In a workmanlike manner, at iliort notlcr and lowest prices. je9-dly RAILROAD O N and after Monday, April 4th. and until further no ticea Pssseng«r Train will leave Milwaukee tr,,m the depot,foot of Second street.for Pewaukee, Hartlanit l*lne Lake, Oconomowoc, Watertowu, Lowell, and Col- ambaa it42l>p. m., arriving in Milwaukee it '11')^ m Passengen arriving at Uilwanke<- hy the Mllnauiter ., Chicago R. R., La Orosse * Mil R. U., anil Mil. * Miss •R. R , or by Boat, can proceed to ihe anov* ,,lncrn. L«»T>* B.lmi r Connections are made at Watertown with »t.i(;e» t>" i l '« ilv ^ l>« • M L«e Mills, Jefferson, Witerlno, Uanchetville, ^un Pra, ! Pameii«em rte, Cottage Grove and Madison. Au.i at Cnlumbu- : .<hor- iliiilr.,« for Lodl, Slertmac, Atsego, Fall Rive , Ler.r, Coraerv ! 'ram in Davis Hamden, L.nrville, Dekora, York, Arllniftno. lirulol an.) ' leiives U»vi» i for all points to the Went and Nurtli West Passengers arriving at the Junction from the »b«vt places make connections ii the Milwaukee * Missis Jippl R. R., for Janeivllle, Miwilson ,n.| Prairie In Chlen and at Milwaukee, with ron.13 io the Souih w-si and North. »pr3 8. S. MERRILL, Sup.-r1nt,-n,lciu TO I) I 14 UU<, OH L>A \ . K V I s , II f.,,m frtrj,, ANU A IT Ml tt;, <; in c HuolDe * 'ram lr<i trams jo 'J n-Vrt Kr'-ii;.'il i »-l'llt-- (' IHKflltf.- UUINl, SA.1 I l.-lllir-- fr.,, t ,., , \ K til*. -I,,.— Pittaoargh. iort Wayne a 185W. Billiard. ...iTIannfacturer. KILLIAHD TABLE MAM t] FACTOR V W1LHKJ.M KIKMEK, Cor. Fifth & Prairie Ht., Kilboarntowo . SLATE AND ITIAttllLE TOP BILLIARD TABLES. With Dime, Triangular and Cushions. Billiard Table Cues, Balls, *c., always, on hand for tale. BeconJ hand Tables repaired at low rales. few OPFIOE — Corner of Onelda and Uarketstreet, opposite Wetsteln Uotel. mylfi Hoot*. nnd The best assortment of the flnest tVatebc*. Silver Ware, Jcirelry FANCY OOODS Ever broaght to Milwaukee. Just tht tiling fcr Hull day presents. Just received verv cheap furcash MAT.-ON * LOOMIS, deelS Ml Kms\ Water street, Milwaukee, W w DR. B. w. Kt:i»ut:\i». VI2TERINAIIY S D. C;OKSON, ATTOUNEY AT LAW. HAS removed to .Office, No. 5, State Bank Bunding, corner of East Water and Michigan <trect, Milwaukee. <JITT D IANA, Concord, Union, Tillage, Rebecca and Delaware Grape Boots. Lawton Blackberry's, and Button Raspberry's. McAvoy'* Superior, Peabody's, Hautboy, Wilson's Albany f>eedllng« »id Early Scarlet Strawberry*, at wholesale or retail, on corner of East Water and itis streets. Orders-sollc-ted and promptly Bled by CUA8 R. BOUTHMAID, mpr2i)-d3t* • . Ag't Elm City Nursery. " CAPITALISTS •nju.1. find at my office • Register, open to their In- ff spectlon of Bonds and Mortgages and other securities offered for sale. Persons wishing- to obtain Loans or baring Bonds, Mortgages or othersecuritles for eale, may nod It to their Interest to file with me their applications or statement*. 0. BOHLKs*, ylB' Opponlte'Walker House. BOOKS. /VCR. stock. U Uie largest In the West. We sell every V7 Book at the Publisher's price. W^ran furnish to order any book which exists, either In the English or other languages. We receive new books ss Issued from the Press. janSO CTaiCK ALND A CO. FORMERLY OFCLEVELAND, O , respectfully .Infurms ihe the citizen* of UHvankee that, havlnc located In till i place, he Intends practicing his profession. All dise»es lo Lh» liorse trpated >n a moat sd- entifk Ktyle.vnd general sat- faction warranted. In eon nectlon with his pra. tice I will Prick and Dock Taili In i the most approved style; and to ;aln the confidence of Uie public, he refers to the follow ing gentlemen, who have em ployed Mr. Redhead many tunes profesilonaay in the course of ten years. We feel justified ID saying ihat his practice In superior to the general run of Veterinary rracttoneers. OFFICE: (• Mitchell Batildlnff, Mnwitrrn, WrHJonn. C1HAR1KRKD CAPITAL, - - »200 000 Cash Paid in, $IO0,OOO. DIRECTORS: H. I. Piu««!i, o. D. Divra, 15. TOWNPMP, fl. 8. OOXQVKB, 1. II. URLLOQO, J. Hovp?aBv J. S lUatiB J. n.Coaois, HAS. GclSBYIlG, <J. CnMeroCK, G«O. Dvn E. TOWN8END, President. < 1.. WALKATfl, Secretary. H. L, Piuixa, Attorney. ff fire and Marine Uskf taken at carrent mi««. leS4 W. H. Jesxra F. HILL, UNDEB TUEIH APPROPRIATE BCSLKE&S UKADINQS. Information relative to Banks, (showing their capital date uf organization, circulation, kind and value of aecurlttefdepostted,) Railroads and other incorporated companies. Agricultural and Manufacturing Statistics of the State; a Sketch of the State by Counties; a Historical Sketch of the State, and a fnU and comprehensive Appendix. Advertisements of the leading business houses conspicuously displayed on tinted pages, Interleaved through the body of the work. The Book Is of full octavo siie, handsomely printed, :ontalntng about six hundred pages. The advantages the boalness community must derive from lu general circulation, as a book of reference, throughout the Stale, and the prtncl|.al Eastern Cities, affording as It does, a true exhibit of the growth, history, resources, statistics, wealth, In fact, a perf«ct mirror of I is business, Is of Inestimable value, and cannot be too generally appreciated. t&~ The Book will be sent bj mail, free of postage, on recelpt«r ^ " TWO Law and Library Binding, ! Add j[ e * ! SfaiCKLAND A CO., marM Booksellers, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. SIXTH VOLinE WISCONSIN^ REPORTS STRICKLAND A CO, 134 Baj.I Water street. For sale at febl» FIKK'S PEAK. A NKW MAP, showing Ihe Route to the Gold Re- glocj In Kansas, joit received by STttlCKLAHD A CO., " h ^ 124 East Water street N. L.. OK1SWOLU & CO., aiTAIL DS1LUS l» LADIES', GENTLEMEN'S AN l> CHILDREN'8 HOOTS, SHOES AND tVAITKUS, MASON STEEET, .Opposite the Malker H o 11 H r . W E I N JU K E N N K K , MivuPAOnjaui AID oaiLui is BOOTH, SHOES AND «AITi;H>, NO. 24 SPRING STREET, Oppoallo American Home my 11 •m AH i WE A.. . . T HE undersigned is prepared to take Manuc and Plre Risks on i rodnce in store, in the Nort Western Insurance Co., of Oswego, ffew York, at as low rates as Oy other reliable Companies. The repntatloi of this well-known, long established Company entitle I Uo public confidence. HORATIO HILL, Agent, nov3 at office of II. A J. 9. Bill. BY STATJEAUTHORITY, WISCONSIN OENEKAI, INSURANCE AGENCY Dncl. H. A. Acllej-. " M. L. Hrlgiil, " II. L. Bewit, | " Resner, Jno. Klrkland, John C. Brodhead, Wm. Jamison, Murray, fryer i Oo., Judge Wilson, " Bishop, " Kelly, " And-ews, « Vllden, BACOK. James Kelly, raosiA. N. A. Brown, James 'oley4 W. J. (Jalni.'J 6ecr A Harrington, White t Newel, O. H. Seymour. TEE HOBSB BRXEnaVs Bocicrr. Wm. Patts, Wm. K. Adasss.'> OAee, Klrby's Livery btable, Main street. ap-16-d>wU _ __ . Downac. Dsmorr. O. Bi milord. JiK-OnrUs, 80a» Merchant, School Books. •\JtTB-hlTi Tf them i janSO ' -.1 I!ook in demand, and sc c or retail. STRICKLAND A 00. ,».. H. LQK1> &. CO'S., MARBLE WORKS, • ! ' ' O9m«r Spring and Third itreet*, MILWAUKEE.., <. ....WIBOONSIH. ntHCnibccnben execute an kinds of Marble Work A for Buildings, Tiling Tor Floors and every description of - : ORNAnENTAX nAKBLE WORK..L We hare Jii onr^rarerooms MARBLE MANTL.KS Of every description constantly on hand, at prices rangine from 41G and upwards. ' MONCMENTB AMD 8TATO AETof all kinds executed at the shortest notice. ' febft-dly • A.H. LORD*CO. BEMO V A L INCREASE OF BUSINESS. X ADIEB—youT attention is now called to the best JJ stock of • , Rissoys AND PLOWSRB, O HARD'S YOUNC'S BE.OCK, TWAIN KT. aprBl N _ ' fflt DOOBLS THESAB BZWIMfi 1 •* ' Ihattookaie" ^" f REMIUM & DIJPtOMA, CO. r«r Aunily nse, «t ihelfiseonsln Bule Fair, October «, *reJortalBlilthe - •<Sewing Macbine Etnporiuin fc-C"^yOtJNG J 8 BL.OCK. i «etl» laJLAC A. HAltftK COOK WAN'J'ED. flOOD one Jmliedlately, «pr2*-dlw e oTtretli flp, received this day at- IRON FOUNDRIES. EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY, •-• y -A«>- - MACl-IIjNE WOliKS TC11TOH & SE 1CCOIfin, Proprietors. Hoc. 200,298, 3OO, 3G2 suid 3O I WEST WATEK STREET Two blocks below the La Orosse K. K. t :• ItAXCTAOTUB* BTIAM ENOIKEB, OKIBT*SAWMILLS, LINE 8HAfTUifJ, . MILLGEAE1NG, HOKSKPOWJCRg- PILE DRIVING MAOHlNICil, IJ&II>0£,)UILaoAD and STEAMBOAT OASTINGE, IRON OOMJBHB, for Buildings, and every variety of Job Work, in the beat manner, tend on .UW.most liberal terms. ' Tte'»WenUon: M.Mflr-owiier« and owners of Water. Power, Is particularly called to Uie •TLTTTJUK WATKR • WHEEL, As being by fair the"most powerful, durable Miileco- uomicaj Wheel ever ioreated—not liable to get oat of order, not affected by lee or kackwater,*ai>d using lest water In proportion to the power produced tftan any ether Wheel In the market A deicriptiye eireolat for w»rded apon application, frse of charfe. IVEW BOOKS! A HEW History of the Conqnwlof MexJco, by E. JU WUaon. j T Ttw Austrian Empire, its jia» and ftatatt power, by John a C. Abbett. . , ; Thorniale orOoq«ct«f WUIiim Smith. orUlB«i»»»rW«itr- ' "•-••' by XH&T A OtKATEE, , .167£astWaUr street. Jora "*** O PPOSITE TITg JAIL, ttrert Thdnghti,by Dexter. : ; •- The Higher Christian ~ T'*fe,byBoardman. E. TEEET * 00. GOOD HOIT8E AW» XMJt FOR ftAt.K * HEnndertipiedwmiell hi* House and lot; BOW i x>«Bpleda»aTaT ( »kyhUn, > lluatedonMaln«t., Sacjne, Wisoonaln, nekr tie Steamboat .Lanan»;*nd the B.AU.R.&. Depot. .-She ftou»e is Io4at«l on the best bo»lBes» plac«, and)he House u w*U.*i themitua- ttoa of tteLoVjtouid: answer far, any branch «t bnsl- BeM.Mpfriially.for WJioU»a!e «tor«, wilch bruobla. already now Rejected at Uiat wery locality. TK«e Viw makes geofl bargain, are requesteJ to apaty ,*fl- *" OAK riHE INK. «:<>., Hartford, Conn. CASE ASSETS 1341^56 9S NORTH AMCKICAN ni»R IHK. ta>^ Hartford, Conn. CAiH ASSETS •SM.Mo 06 WRSTF.HIV miss, rittr IMS. ce., Of PUtsBeld, Mass. C»8H ASSCTT8 »205,C8» 41 CO>W.*% riRE CO., Of Oonway, Haas. CASH A8SST8 ..................... »8«i,4Sl 47 FtBE INSVRA1VCC CO., Springfield, Mass. CASH ASSETS <;IKAHD FIRC INK. COMPANT, Of Phllsdelpliia. CASH A0SETO -$2»*,7t» 78 Js \V, (/'rain, Agent, OPnCE, NO. S, MARTIN BLOCK, HP STAIEfl, _mar29 Milwaukee, Wisconsin. ADVERTISM'TS AOfcNCY FOK THK BALK Pale Cream Ale, ..................... ILLINOIS. 1 BATE constantly on han^, a full supply of this celebrated Ale. Orders from the Country and Prl vale Houses must be accomplished with cash for ALE AND CASKS. Oo the return of G&aka, the price paid for theft will be refunded or alioved for In account JOUN W. LEOTARD, Grocer and Wine Dealer, mar24 1C! East Water street, Milwaukee. ClIAJUPACift El|r I HUE . "WOET A CIlANDOlT." -| f\ OASES of this Celebrated W ne. In quarlj acid X V7 pints, just received by JOHN W. LEDTAKD, Grocer and Wine Merchant, i«n26 1(1 E H t Water street. LAYER KAISINS, TNqnartar, halves and whole boxes, a la>Ke4ot inst L received at JOHN W. LGDTABD, Wine and Tea Store, ]an9t 161 East Water street, Milwaukee. TURKISH 1/ATAKIA TOBACCO FOR MEMKSOHAUM PIPES, the London Clans, lust received and .-.--. .. I.EDTABO, feblt Osocer and Wine Dealer, 161 Easi Water si. iV*. JJJ Mil XV C3 V>A.JL .£&, SJ IVt f . TlCANprACTIJEEB expressly for the Ix ill. a superior article far Smoking,Just i for sale by JNO. W. I.E N EWARK CIDER, Chsjppagne Older, In quart hot* ties, better than half of the Imported Chanpagne, price Ms per dozen. feblB JICO. W. LEDTARD, flrecer and Wine Dealer. N BWBUKG, N. T..XX Ale, In pints, a fresh lot last received at • LEOTARD'S febl> Wine and Tea Store. TTALIAN A received at f(*l» very superior article list LBDYARD-a Wine aad Tea Stave. TjrXSKXK SMOKED SALMON, jtut received H 13k. i- i . : , LEOTARD'S fag"> Wine and Tea Store. i 8.BOiuta... .;..,.,...D.T.>oeT. l/avery iV Boarding Stable, F»ot of Mason Oteet, (ott iht Rivtr.) «teeBt, tens eontolWaUng the two «it«WI»b. klBKAe:largest and bista SMOKEL) HAJ.J.IBU'J r CHOICE Smoked UaUibut at V niar27 HtJNN 1 OKOSBT'S. FALL OK 1868. & « o., 130 EAST WATEH KTBEET, ttlLVAVKSK, .................. WISCONSIN llanv/actureri and WhoUttilt and Detail Dtalfri in W ODLD respectfully annouace to their old costoro- era, that they still continue to keep thr larnM and best erlected Stock o( Uoods In their line to he fonni) In the State, and will conduct their business as heretofore, with Uie Intention ot giving lalisfacllon — To as many new customers as way feel Inclined to irlve OJ a call, we would sav one of our flrm resides in New York, and we have facilities for U>» purehaae and manufacture of goods that can not be excelled H'e are at all times ready tr lake advutage of Eastern Uattets and ha»e bei-n enabled to reduce the price of maui kinds of goods, which we -Nail continue lo sell at the lowest prices in Wester* v rkeu. We are constantly receiving addition* to na r stock and will keep It so complete as to be able a> all time* to Dll orders for any kind at Saddlers', O»rriage Trimmers' or Trans Maker*' Slock, and will do so In a manner lo give satisfaction In respect lo quality and prices We also keep an assortment of Ucnt J!turf, Poles, Shafts' felloes, Bpokes, Hobs, Ac., Ac., and have constantly «n bsnd, or will make to order, any kind of Coach. Oar i*ge. Wagon or Tea* Haroras. ^ Call and see for yourselvei. D0 Boul A: NO. 48 EAST \V.\TKH HllltF.T. JOHN PHK1.AN, KsliCPS always on hand good custom made Boots and Shoes. All Clods of Ladles' and Gentlemen'i Boots and 8hoe< made to order in the latest ityle and warranted to ff- latisfacUon. apr'te I, O I) 1 H O K A E S K K , naaLxa m GENTLKMBNS' & LADIES' BOOTS A SHOES, ANII !TIA1>R TO ORDKK. Mo. 2IO Eaat Water at., bctiveon >ln- »on dc Wisconsin «t«. myl« J*ys*aa;...— AL Cleaning-. KHNHT I.ASCHK, AT TV! CAJUL, rB3T TO THB GMUbf iTfJlfr SA1P*1B. Silk, Wool and Fancy Dying. Cloth Pressing and C in Ing, Carpets, Boilen Blankets and Shawls « ^Kf' and Cleaned in the beit 3tylr. a^ar Ail kinds of Old Wearing Apparel Cle«nr j Llyll T'*??j?l _ __ iUunn I IK lurvr JOSKPH HAMlil.lcJ, HAUDl.t, IIAIt\KNS A . Itl >K MANCr'ALTrUKL A CARJUAlit TklMMth. Mo. i%j Eact Water St.. 3 door, .coir, nr i- , Walker House/Wbolesal** and HetAii aprtS WtxaTeiui'lc. ~... _...." .iiruaiyUi. H .IOHN lilc J:,. W II O I. F. S A I. E I» II « «. «. 1 >> T . NO. 8:1 EA.ST WATKK STKKKT, Baj ;ust rfcelred a full inppiy n Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glass, Manufactured at Cleveland, New Ym entirely by vessel. It comes in perfect bles me to tell at low rates. I i.%r rangements to tHI thi« brand of t;!a«i iTIilwauLeedL lloricon K. It A_ND STEAMBOAT L.1NE. ri^H^aNLY BOOTR by which pasaengeri frnm Mil M. waukee reach £ur*ba t <>mro. Butt* /<*» jA/rt*, Ouhkofth, iV^m^iA, and J/en<i#hn thf uimc .U/ Ttv only route by wfilch pasa»*n<eri ^from .\ *~>r /. r»//o-r. Gill* LontHitQi Ac., reach MiJwuak.*? ihf **ar- Uy TRAINS LEAVE MlLWAL'KfK At 7.2U A. M. ami '2.15 p M ,i,,,| ARRJV'K AT H1LWACKKX At 10.40 A.M. in<t 4.20 P M. Ajk for UckeCa by Mil»auk-c and Honcon Ra.iroad rta Berlin. ' Jrf JE8PKK VL1KT, Supcrlnw-mleot. KAIL, K0\l>. 1859. MUMMEK new »nii ilirticl HOUL« -...w i Uoatuii, PHiBtmi-gi,, r'hiU.i.-iL.,., ihlOKtoo city, Utuvttlaml, Uuukiru B, and all uanlcrn ciln-*, Omi :uu** Sprim^fltilil, Urban a, iac-i. n,- ainii, VirniDj;i, Mary u..»... N ,- v j- kiu^ IMIC <*raiiii t ubioK'i "'J A'JT Jo Lu IV AS* J .V j ,- , , ar ind -n«juirr- Tr»r rN-H'-u . .1 ?•• .— NlKht Kxpr — MuruiDg ll Wiiri not un« CBKGK itmimr^M, 1 *!. i i »i«ipnia, Ba.L.rvl.i — V1A- MICHIOAN CENTKAI. — AND— G. Western (Canada) Railway r¥11lAJM8 leave the Great Central Depot, rootufL&Mf A street Chicago, aa followi : 4IOO A. M.— liuifaJu, NuiK T'»rn A Krit i»eauiy ACCOM>IODATU)N,,rtuo- tt^yi excepted), tmve »t L' ti.iM) P u. 7:6<) A. .^.-CINCINNATI E.XPRk^S ,riun<l*y, excepled ) Arrlv- »t In.n.triap'.lla *:i»i f M., Ctucmn»ti i;;i*i p u 8:OO A. Tl.— LiUUTNKNi, IXPELAafti. ddii.Hy* -i- cfpieti,; arrive* ii Dfiruit ;.im r M 8iup«n«ioo* Br-.U'f or Buifii.. t.'t * M , AJb;iuy 3:UO f. M , N .. w j , r it i LIJ P. M , Uuiiun 1 1 P 11 2U>O P. M.— NILS" ACCOMMODATION, 8un<1a> »i:oo p. m.— NEW »t..cfc t>y [his r>. an y other route < r „.,;,,, rt.i:.-H ipiiny 1 ,' if- ,*. -i.- ei ,t • Chicago. Mar -h P. AND BUTTON KXPR.K.-.-, (axcepiaator-iay ) Arriv* *; D«,tf>.i * i5 i. r , Suspeuaion ir.dif*? or UiifTai., 4;.S*) r. M., Albany 4:IMJ *. »., N^w Y tr^ 1*):'^) A. M., Boston J:W p M .t|.— CINCIMNATI AMJ LOLMi*VlLI.K K.X l d»tur>lay ) Arn»- n P M. loach au«l O' On* train on Snnday %t H:<x> r M The&uu A. M. and &UU f. M. truns o •1th th« Buffalo t Lake Huron ttiuJw »nri all points *•• «t; at Tnrnoto »tUi (*r • »y, to KinjfffU J, O(f'J«nat*arx, Muntr &1I pomu in Canada Eajt, Nor'Mern Uamfvuhirr and llaioe. 0^ Banxace criec»<cj through Through 1 1. M eta f"or iale at the afflces .n Ihe, an 1 M ;!,,. £ > A 1) 1; 1. ^addlrrj =; trie i \ \ i{ run r».»;>» , j. . < 1 I . A .•« A .V , [>rm.'ip.ij K.AI i <n*r*i oik,-*, • at Lh«? l»ip , fo.-i .,f R. N R'CK T.-«n<| ortler. an prrmai.r- h, r-»fu-r .Mill i Uelruil A; llil. Kailu;i>. K TM K it-->imcr < I f* v rl;i 11 d I7IIITED NTATEH IflAMMUAI.-S The Farmers Loan A Trail Oom 1 P»iy, | vs. The Uilwankee 4 Superto road Oompany, City of Milwaukee, Jarin gtewart. Johann C. A. Allerillngi Christian Hahm and Gottfried Woetach. I j n t j, e D S Dls- trlct Coort for the District of Wiscomia In rqulty. j I N pursuance and by virtue of a decree made b» the District Court of the Unhed States, for the District of Wisconsin, i n the nineteenth day of March 185» in en " te J5 >OTe en " d c * Mf ' ' ' ha " §e " »' PahUc Anctlon, on Tuesday, 2nd day of August, 1S59, at 8 o'clock In the alternoon, from the steps of the Custom House in the City of Milwaukee, a'l aed singular, the mortgaged premises mentioned tn the bill of complaint In said cause, and described as : "All the following, present and In future to be acquired, real a->d personal property and real estate ol the said defendant, the Milwaukee and Superior Railroad Company, f at is to say, all of ths nrst division of the Railroad of said Railroad Company defendant, from the City of Mllw^kee, to the Ulty of Green Baj tn said State of Wisconsin, a distance of one hundred and twenty miles, Including the right of way, and land occupied by said first division of said road, (subject to the right, tiue or claim, which the raid defendants Stewart, Allerdlng, Hahm and Wootsch, or either of them, may have had at the time of making said decree, to land upon which said Railroad Company nas located Its way, and for which no compensation has been made to tnero,) together with the superstructure and track thereon, and ail rails' and other materials n»ed thereon, bridges, viaducts, culverts, fences, equipments, neozssary depot grounds and blnldlngs thereon, belonging to the said Rwlroad Company, and all roiling stock, engines, tenders, ears tools, material*, machinery, fixtures, and all other perl ions! properly appertaining to said first division of said road, and all rights thereto, and Interest! to be acquired by said defendant, the Milwaukee and Superior Ksllroad Company, together with thf name and functions appertaining to the said first division of said road all tolls, rents and Income to b< had or levied there- from, and all corporate and other (ranchiaei, lights and privileges of the said Railroad Company In or to or concerning the-same." Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Wls-, April «. 1S59 M.J THOMAS, Un.ted States Marshal. District of Wisconsin. Envois, VAI DTII i IUHILTOS, Oomplts golisttors. apitl-dtt .sporting;. W K 1, 1, K S "* H A I. (5i*ccA«**>r* lo A. If. Ijnrrttifr ) VBOUCtALK A«D CmiL PKALCK? 1 Fi»lo OaBB, KporllnK Appnraiuc, knK Tackle, dtc. fiU. la \VIS«'0-VM> STKCET. S^^~ Doable and Blngle Rifles made to order, an-d Gans Repaired. &pr^- M. C.'. C<)CJK Jt C«.».. C O M Ml S S I O N TI E K i II A NTS AKO WBOLfRAJLa DBAlJUa [• ALL liaos or FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC KRCITS. Alsa, agents for the sale of Fire \Vork«, NO. I 9 W I S C O N S I N S T K E F. I . «sr Domestic Fralts of every description received in advance of all eomoetiUon. apr2S Vcycuable. ... . ..... .. ...... ._..". MarkeT. H . S f A A N , STALLS 8 A 11, SEVENTH WARD MARKET HOC8B VEGETABLES of all kinds, fresh every morning, delivered free of charge to any pan of the city, and 10 Steamboats, or other places. H. Spaan will tell cheap for cash, and will have oo hand always the best and earliest vegetables tha; can be found in this city. my39 Ihruuirh ti>-i<c- Old Black Mar Liue Ol f 11 i- No. In t I! I Inn O N I. V D I K 1. i T'. 3J^ .•ITeAll Tl) ALL >( <tr«ai liruain f. Th" [."«^rfu; i if RAi.fiMURK. -'If MANCHKyrtB. Vlli Will i»n (mm Nr. ( .rt • srrp r»~ir£fl > .1 / r/r/i.s., 0» bin, . $•&.. ^f P*aj»eoirer» fHKO an<l Hamburg for TO PARIS ,10 -ilih^u Thlr I Clau, |3K. of Packets. i 1.1 \. N IM -AL-O, *K». \J.l, \> I N \l Chicago Line ot icrew Steamers For »y re, t aisite for the .mmeiiiaK -J-.HI, paas»ife »ppl^ l») S. J Curl-. A « '•• >. ».. John «. Dale, IS Bro».l*»y. B-— P»s,«-Dir»*r, by Ulm Ljn^ \« M, of calUnn «l H»lna< »n.l ,"t. J-iiin» nceetl >lir<v; to COBS. Pnlnterw. AKMSTKONt* «: UONNEI.I.Y P A f N T E It S, O K A I N E 1C S , GILDERS AND ti/(JA' tt'JilTKH*, Chicago at,, between main & Water. tdkP Particular attention paid tn Kalsomlneing Coil- Ings^ myl9 II n r t> e r It r o t h o r N , (XttabUtJud in 1S4B,) 110UEK SIGN, SHIP, CARRIAGE AND ORNAMKNTtl Palntcn, Uloztcra A Haper.llaufrcra, IHTTATORS OP WOOD AND MARBLK, NO, 39 ONE1DA STREET, AfSWDOORS SASTOFTnXHARKS7 HOOSS. Wine* The fanners Loan t Trwit Com- \ paoy, I va. | The Milwaukee A Superior Kail-1 District Oeurt of road i otnpany, i the United States Mr 31ty 01 II Iwaukee, Itbe District of WIs- rohn Stewart, • [ consln. JohannO. A. AUerdlag, I In Equity. Christian Hahm and I Gottfried Woooch. I | T haviaj been referred to a Master of this Court, by a JL decretal order of reference aade la thlt cause on the nineteenth day Of March, a. •., IBM, lo take an account of the outstanding bonds ot the Milwaukee and Superior Eailroad Company dcfeattant, wcnred by a certain Unit deed oo mortgage executed by the said ilaliroad Company defendant, to tbe P*rawn Loan and Trust Ooaipanr. In trust, beariag date first day of Jannary, A, »., 18&T> and which arc a Hen upon the mon- gaged premises described In tbe aald mortgage; and of he number and holder! of laid bonds; of tbe amount due thereon for Interest and principal; of the number and amount »f laid bonda, which are pledged or held as collateral lecanty for debla or obllgatloni of the said Ualiroad Oompaay, tad ln « : amount of principal and Interettduebponth* debt* or obligation! for which neb bonds are «o "pledged or held as security; and aHotoeiamlneanyof the holders of such bonds, any Of tbe partleito lhls»ult, and any witness that bay be produced by any party Interested in said UcmpejTy de- endant, as a stockholder or creditor; Qteriof. or lo the aald mortgage or tru»t deed: . i And Jt being farther provided in and by tt» aahJ order, that all peraoas aokliog or elateilng to bold any of tbe laid mortgage tomfe. either, aa parebaiemtbenef to food fa.tfc, or a. eolnttia* »ecarlty, kav» Jeave to appear before laid Master, and he heard npon Ike n»at- Urof tuchaccouniandeiamJuatioB: i- ' ' And the ma»ter««ml»r«ced la the said order of reference kkvlngbcen giren in-charteby the Complainant's Sollelleri to Uw ayaOenigBed, OM of tbo XaUer< ef IhliCanrU r-'.L*r'ite<^\-. • v ' | . -.'•-,•'.• •>--• MctkieUthtrefsreiiereky given, <o allpetsoki con- eroedtl.atl,aie BOdertigned^ahalPproce.* wtake aneh eiamlnation andacconnt, and to p»oe«ed in the »att«r» to referred atmyomee, to tfe* OTirof Milwau- ee. In the State of Wl»eoi>ain,«n tteiteth day of June, . D\,'ISA>, at 11 o'clock in tbe fonnoon^' add upon tber iobseqrtelit dan to whkk aoch procWdlna •"— run^ 1 :** mdjoamed, —^ --^^" ilace all pertle* eeaeened, or >oa» Lli:- l'_*?L_ll' *-lq nore. NKLSON WEBSTtK, (Lot* Wtbtter A AvtrtUtJ IVO. 196 WEST WATKB STKEET. "W" Ixxes c*s XjicaL-uor-s Also v dlstlller of Pure Spirits and Whiskey. aprt9 Hoal Katntc te... In.uran. JONES * WHITKWKAL) General Land and Inrarance Agents NOTAII1EH, AC., OITJOB, corner of Reed and Oregon streets, Meyrose'i Block, Fifth Ward. Will attend to the buying and selling of Real Estate, Insuring-Ooodi and Buildings In responsible Compa- ntea, Attend to th* Collection of Accounts, Making >at of fteedi, Uortgagea, Contract*, Leases, 4c. AD (A>llectionf made on accounts placed hi our hand wfU be |trolu|itly pa!4 over. A. a. ^oaK .jy$S. aovur wmi "»«:*» * ( offeew TEA* A1X1> COFFEES, WHOLESAL-E & KETAIL, : - —AT— Robert Crnrney's CHEAT WESTERN TEA STORE 174 EAST, WATER STREET, Ketal) prices from 10 to 29 Mr ft lower than any other store In the city. Coffee Roasted and Ground oh ths premises by the most Improved methods. Java 19e. •ip lBc.j 8b Domingo 19X- Bemember the number 1T4 Bast WMct ay. Seaman * Wlng^ Old Btore. jy« .manufacturcra & FLANEK, PIANO MAKERS. .MARKET STREET NEAR MARTIN lone ' oy otter man |»-Fiance aprtn kept constantly on hand for sale. TVALL PAPEK. B K«KP A fleOD ST.OaK 01- ,3L, PAPKR, BOBDEKS TAINS* FIB£ BOABD8, SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. .Milwaukee <t <Tlis«t.NMi]»pi RAIL KOAI). Tin- 1 . SHOKTKST A^ID iflOST FXPKOIT10I s |<ol TK! TO Winona, Read's Landing. Red Wing PBESCOTT, ST, PAUL AND."T ANTHONY Change of Time, Mon.lny, \pril i. i*:i«> 1ST THAI* I.KAVKS .Till. \V\FKF.t 11:00 A. M., Arriving nt J*nesvil> 2 il P U \lajis 3:35 P. M . p r a lrw ,i,, rhi,. n vim P Connecting »lth thw Prairl« -lu Chi^ri % St. Paul Paot-ta, «hli-h It-av- Pr-,iri,. Chlen on the arrival of the •>.<*> P U Fr» 2» -niAIM I.EAVFS VIII.1W4IKF.F 5^» P M-, Arriving «t JanvMvill^ 1:5. F > P M Ma. ^^ 10-00 P M. IdV Par- to all points no the MIHSHJ-HH" Riv low as any other Route WILLIAM JKRVIS, ap!6 Otjo'l Supfrlnl- n-l, LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE RAIL ROAD. SPKINO AKKAN<rEMENT. UREAT NaKTII-WESTKItiM IMTKI> STATE* MAIL <t RXPRESN AA'D ONLY- ALL RAIL KOI TK TO LA ^ROSSK On lUe UPPER .11ISKISSIPPI I2IVF.K, On and after Monday, April Jfttl Two Through Expresg Trains Daily, LEAVE MILWAUKEE, »KOM DEPOT FOOT 0? OHESTNDI UTRK^T. AS roLLOWS: *2:4« A. Al. and t2:45 P. M Trains arrive at Milwaukee at 9:3O A. M. AND 2:3O I'. M Close connections, are made at LaCroait:. Twice daily each way with the Um oesota Packet <'ompany'< New Splendid raited States Mail Lin.- of Steamers to & from St. Pnul and . inteimediate puinu. W Passengers, by taking this route, will save 100 miles in distance and IS hours time, from Chicago or Milwaukee to L» Crosaa or St. faul, oTemnjot route. •Mondays excepted. t3undays excepteU. Milwaukee, April 84,1&59. KDW1N H. GOOOKICH. apiZ* Manager. j[ Jo offer to the tnde at wholesale, or to tb« pub- Lumber Vessels for Kale. 8ch*oner fashion. 224 tuna. Schooner D. Newhall, 190 tuns. Scow Schooner Kngby, IS} tuns. The above vessel! will buiotd at very low prices for satisfactory security. Good title. ,'TATLOK A JSWETT, Buffalo, New York. ' Cnqnlre of B. B. Jo»s3, Mil aakfe, Wisconsin. febM N BW Tort Mills /lour, constantly O n haul, at marST HUNS A CB03BT8. VV W KA.Ir Mil I ! HlOHH,, 1 J I'j St M A I : K A .N i r I . \l 1 N i *pr'J4 l it <):00 . «. j. anil Ij 13 4 O. r MOODY. GENTLEMEN'S FUnNISH'G N».XT DOOH TO A. «. V »N 01 GO B in g' P h sa isi 0 r o o <D o H . R U S ! JE STATIONKKY. O U K STOCK E .Tl B IS A V E » TlIWOevOT kept In a Zlrst Ciaai Paper MjJ Stationery establishment, which we offer it price* which make It the Interest for all to try es J-">- n 3TUICKLA.MD i CO. a LCOBOL 98 par ct. at Hanufaotara's price. -cL f»os niaaiNi

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