The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 28, 1916 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1916
Page 4
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\ TEZ CHILLICQTHZ DAILY CONSTITUTION SATURDAY, OCT. 28,1916. Dr.Price's BAKING POWDER Sixty Years the Standard No Alum-- - No Phosphate s AT THE CHURCHES «· Kim Street Methodist Church. ·Services at the usual hours next Sunday. Sunday School at 9:30 a. m. Come out and enjoy this most interesting service. Morning service at 10:45. Evening service at 7 : 3 0 . A most cordial welcome to any all these services awaits you. 3:00 p. m. Rosary (during Lent, Way of the Cross) and Benediction. Week Days: 8 : 0 0 a. m. Low mass. Hours for Confession: Saturdays from 3 : 0 0 p. m. to 6 : 0 0 and 7:13 Sundays from 7 : 3 0 to 7 : 5 5 a. m. and 8:30. First Methodist Kpiscopul Church. Sunday school at 9 : 3 0 a. m. Preaching at 1 0 : 4 5 a. m. by the pastor. Epworth League at 6 : 3 0 p. m. Preaching at 7 : 3 0 p. m. by the pastor. Official Board meeting Monday evening, October 3-Oth at 7 : 3 0 . James R- Harper, pastor. I'l-csbytfritin Church. Divina services Sunday as f o l l o w s : Morning worship 10:45, sermon ' theme: '"The Call to Work and Watch," Evening'worship 7:30, Subject of s e r m o n : The Universal Creed of Man," Sabbath school 9 : 3 0 a. m. Christian Endeavor at 6 : 3 0 P. M. You are cordially invited to all ol these services. Paul Heiligman (Minister) I'^irst IJiiptist Church. "Turning Water into Wine" will bu the~ sermon su'bject tomorrow morning-. We hope to get some lessons from this mooted question: "J Jesus make water into Wine" and -it so, why?" Sunday school at 0 : 3 0 . Preaching at "10:45. B. Y. P. TJ. at 6:30 and preaching again at 7 : 3 0 . We are planning evangelistic services in the near f u t u r e and will have with us one of the best pastor-evangelists of our acquaintance. Tomorrow ought to be - anothei great day with us. Why not let politics, social functions, gossip and other Vi'Scious things rest tomorrow and go- to church Warren P. Clark, pastor. Christian Church. 9:30--Bible School -will open with music by Proi'- VVilliunis's new orche- - tra and a chorus; led ly Bro. Warren. Bible classes following-. 10:45--Morning worship. Mora- ing sermon: "Following Christ." Mrs. Rogers has taken charge of the music. She will sing b o t h morning and evening. Morning song: "His ' Blessed Face," "by Giebel. 6:30--The Y o u n g People have prepared an especially good program f o r Christian Endeavor which will be led by Miss Manning-. Mrs. Suddarth will sing and several other delightful musical numbers will be ottered. 7:30--Evening Evangelistic Meeting. Music by the choir and Mrs.. Rogers will sing "I come to Thee" by Roma. Evening Sermon "Christ, the Way." Baptismal services at the close. All are welcome. Emleiivor Society Program. The following program will be given by the Christian Endeavor Society of the Christian C h u r c h Sunday evening-, Oct. 20, be'ginning promptly ac 6:30 o'clock. You are invited to attend this meeting. 1. Song--Selected. 2. Prayer--Mr. Priest. 3. Piano Solo--'Miss Zola Sollar.-; 4. Vocal Solo--Miss Oldham. 5. Heading--Miss Frances Let Rawlins. 6. Talk on "What is Religion."-Ed-win S. Priest. 7. Duet--Miss Coe Warren aud Miss Oldham. S. Talk on "Does It Pay to Ssr't God."--Mr. Warren. 9. Piano Solo--Miss Wilson. 10. A talk--Luther Mogs- 11. Vocal Solo--Mrs. Suddarth. _ 12 "The Value o£ Religion"-Mrs. Warren 13. Vocal Solo--Miss Bales 14. Prof] Williams is going to have a surpiiso for you along the music line. Be sure to be there and see what it is. Christian Science. Services are held in Gunby Hall, N Washington street, Sunday morning it 11 o'clock. ·Subject: "Everlasting Punishment." Sunday school at 10 a. m. Wednesday night meeting at S : 0 0 . Grace Episcopal Church. Sunday services as follows: Sunday school at 9:-15 a. m. Morning prayer and sermon at 11 a. m. Evening prayer and sermon at 7 : 3 0 p. m. Everybody invited to church. E.6T. James Sharratt, rector. St. Coliimban's Church. i S r O O a. m. Low mass and sermon. 10:00 a. m. High mass and ser- Every day--half hour before mass Holy ^communion: Daily at 6 : 4 5 and 8 : 0 0 o'clock mass. The devotion of the Holy Hour h held every First Friday of the montu from 7 : 3 0 to 8:30 p. ra. Conference for the members of the Altar Society--on the Third Thursday of the month at 2 : 3 0 p. m. Fr. Arensberg, pastor. LIVE STOCK MARKET. Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 2S.--Cattls ! receipts 500; market steady. Steers. | v 5 . 5 0 to ?11; cows and heifers ? 4 - 5 0 i to 3 8 . 2 5 ; stockers and feeders $5.75 | . 10 SS.25; calves $6.00 t o 510,50. j Hog receipts 2 5 . 0 0 0 ; market 5c i lower. Bulk of sales $9.80 to $10.10; i heavy $10.00 to $10.15; medium j ! ¥ 9 . S O to $10.15; light $ 0 . 7 0 to i $10.05. I Sheep 2 , 0 0 0 ; market strong. Lambs | ?10.40 to $11; ewes S6.50 to $ 7 . 3 5 ; stockers and feeders $5.50 to 510. Cnyh Graja Market. Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 2S.--Wheat market up. Ko 2 hard $1.80 to $1.92; No. 3 hard $1.80 to $1-91; No. 2 red SI.93 to $1.00. No. 3 red ?1..7S to $1.86. Corn market up. No. 2 mixed $1.01 No. 3 mixed $1.00; No. 2 w h i t a 51-01. "All Saints" :mcl "All Souls." On the feast o£ 'All Saints," Wed. nesdaj-i November 1, there will be mass at St. Patrick's church, Leopolis, at 10 o'clock. On "All Souls," November 2, mass will be at 7 : 3 0 o'clock. There will be no services 'on Sunday, October 29. "The Bible Co-mmandsUs to 'Pray For the Dead." will be the theme tf the sermon at the Catholic Cemetery. Leopolis, on All Souls' Day, Thursday, Nov. 2. Mass will be celebrated at 7 : 3 0 a. m. On All Saints, Nov. 1. a holy day of obligation, mass will be at 10 a .m. The Vigil of All Saints la a fast day. Produce Market. Furnished by Henderson Son Produce Co., 801 Locust street, Chil- licoths. Mo.: Sc; duetts 9c; geese 6c; eggs 2Sc; butter fat 33c. BOTjTjES « KOOETCS. Dealers in Hides, Tallow, Wool, Furs, Beeswax and Feathers. Salt Cured Hides, flat 21% Part Cured Hides . Cireeu Hides j Bulls and Glues . . Deacons Skunks Horse Hides No. 1, and tail Horse Hides Pony Hides No. 2 01,1. 1 ! Vi at value . $1.50 to $ 2 . 0 0 25c to 50c full mane $ 6 . 5 0 3.00 3.00 Sc 7c Gospel Street Meeting. Southeast corner square tonight at : :3'0. Subject: "The Bitterness o f ] 1 Tallow Jo. 2 Tallow TTIR PICKS'TCER, PRODUCTS BUYERS " OF CmljTjICOTHB. SWIFT COMPANY ALWAYS PAY HIGHEST PRICES FOR PRODUCE AND CREAM. Tomorrow's Market, ® SOCIETY AND CLUBS « «$'$5sS;s;«£-sss.s.3. Mrs. J. P- Burke entertained the Lotus Club yesterday. Playing with the club "were Mesdames A. Braun rtoy Moore, J. D. Rice and Miss Pauline Weber. The club £avor, a decorated to'.vel, was won by Mrs. Barg- cloll. The guest favor, also decorated towel was won by Mrs. Rice » * » Miss Margarette Fullertou and Miss- Mamie Lowenstein entertained a party of forty young p e o p l e with a w e i - nie roast and Hallowe'en party last- M o n d a y evening. The guests, chaperoned by Prof. Miller, Miss Gladys Grouse and Miss Weisinger oi: tlio High school faculty, met at Mis:. Lowensteiix's home and went to the home of Miss Fullerton on (.he Trenton road, where wetnies were roaster! and a Hallowe'en s u p p e r served. At the close of! the evening the party went to the Shirley Shop. * » * The social calendar for next weeic is as follows:. The Monday club meets with Mrs. W. H. Ellett Monday afternoon, October 30. The Fortnightly Dinner Cltrb w i l l | meet w-ith Mr. and Mrs-. C. E. Lind- ·sey Monday evening-. The Fortnightly club will have a Hallowe'en frolic at the C a m p b e l l Camp Tuesday evening, including husbands. Wednesday and Thursday evenings the Elk's play will be of interest to all, the proceeds of which is their annual c o n t r i b u t i o n to charity. Tuesday afternoon the Y o u n g Mat- I r o n s meet w-ith Mrs. H u r t G i l l . Tuesday afternon the Colonial Club meets with Mrs. C.'B. Swan. Wednesday a f t e r n o o n the s f u d y ' PERSONAL AND LOCAL « Mr. and Mrs. John Huffman and son, Arthur, of Wheeling townshir. u'ez'e trading- in the city today. Miss Flossie Ward of Chula is the guest of Christina Gibbena, Bast Cal- lioun St. Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Roberts or Elanchester, O., v,-'ho have been the 'guests of Mrs. Roberts' b r o t h e r and wil'e, M r . and Mrs. F. M, Carnahan, left t-oday for their h o m e . John C. Leopard o f . G a l l a t i n , democratic n o m i n e e for j u d g e of the Thirty-Sixth -Judicial circuit, was in Lhe city Saturday in the interest of his candidacy. J. W. Botts will go to Kansas City j Sunday morning to join his w i f e for | a short visit al the James J. Hemler- | son home. They will return to Chillicothe Monday night. HELPING HUNGRY HOGS Lots of folks think that :i hog likes dirt. So does a baby like candy, and a boy mi ace pie, but RaTvlins says too · iinicb. is not good for them. It is a mistake to think that mud mixed with a hog's fsed is j;ood for him. A concrete or board feeding floor-"will p a y for ..itself hi feed saved and .double in lj.ot»' health. If you want the ria'h.t matoJal. RENO UP R A W L I N S AT THE SAUNDERS-TURNER LBR. CO. PHONE 247 EMPIRE Fach s'roceryman is uutliorize-d to p.ivo i'rc-e some IsUcrwOfKl lettuce with evory purchase rmnlc on Tuesday, October 31st, only, so call for it. 2t Notice. Having sold my grocery store to Holly Carr, will kindly ask that atl parties knowing themselves indebted t o me, please call and settle at ouce. I tilso wish to thank all my customers for their past patronage. 27-2* Chas. Egbert. G R A C E C I T N A R D F R A N C I S F O R D THE SIXTH EPJSODE OF 0' The Rin --AND-- ft Death" or ''Turned into another Elder T. J. Blakeley. The semiannual Rummage sale will begin Wednesday, Nov. 1st at the Parish house on S. Elm and con. tinue f o u r days. Ladies ot Grace Church Guild will gladly c"all for your contributions on Wednesday if notified. I HENS 14% PRINGS 16% COX 8 TURKEYS IS DUX F. F. F 8 GEESE F. F. F 6 P. S. BUTTER . . . .' 2 6 % EGGS 2S TO LATE TO CLASSIFY S i s 3 - S ' S J S 3 3 S ' S S ' S y S ' ? i FOR SALE--Cheap to settle estate lot 6, block 7, Bryan's Addition, Chillicothe, Mo. Nova Mundell, Lin. neus, Mo. 28_0 COW WANTED--I want to h u y a good Jersey cow. Must give good Quantity and quality o j milk. 325 Polk St. W. O. Grace. 2S_tf CREAM . 3 3 Rich Hall township Notice. Meting for members of Farmers Mutual Ins. Co. at McCormick school house on the evening of Wednesday, Nov. 1st. Everybody welcome. Roy O. Byrd. Fairview Grand River Twp. Notice. Meeting f o r members ol Farmers Mutual I n s u r a n c e - C o m p a n y at A v - j alon, on the even in g of Monday. 27-2 Oct. 30th. Everybody come. Roy Byrd. Brush Health InLo Your Hair Brush y o u r ?very day with a good brush. This d a i l y operati'Ou will straighten your h a i r and invigrate y o u r scalp Our lino of Hair Brushes : .s large. Come in and select one which will best meet your re- q u i r e m e n t s . You'll find it c pleasure to uso the riijfot kind H' a brush and will also be reworded with more luxuriant hair and a healthy scalp. Prices f r o m 25£ 'to £5.0-0 Ryburn's P h a r m . N. W. COR. SQUARE Telephone. One^OiiC clubs m e e t : Sorosis with Miss Georgia Walsh; C u l t u r e C l u b with Mrs. Elmoro, S. Vine St.; XIX Club with Mrs. R. AV. Strehlow, N. Vine St. Friday afternoon the Fortnightly's meet with Mrs. T. K. Campbell. Miss Mildred Brookshier has issued ; invitations Eor a -masquerade Hallow- e'en p a r t y at the home of her p a r e n t s ] Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Brookshier, 120D | Calhoun street. a Five'Act Red Feather Photoplay UNDER SUSPICION" ADAPTED FROM THE STORY OF "TH£ AMIABLE CHARLATAN" Recently published J n the Saturday Evening Post. S T O C K T O N ' S O R C H E S T R A SHOWS at 7:00 - 8:30 PRICES 5 and 1O Cent!, COMING--NEXT WEEK MONDAY NIGHT--DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS in a Triangle Play. "HIS PICTURE IN THE PAPERS." Willie Collier in a Keystone comedy, "BETTER LATE THAN NEVKR." TUESDAY NIGHT--ORRIN JOHXSON in a Triangle Play, "THE PRICE OF POWER." Fatty Arbuckle and Mabel Norm and in a three act I Keystone comedy, "THE BRIGHT LIGHTS." ·s CARLYLE BtACKWELL and ETHEL CLAYTON in · THE WM. A. BRADY FEATURE PICTUE.E entitled HIS BROTHER'S WIFE II A B e a u t i f u l Story with a Thrill in Every Scene. ALSO SHOWS AT 7.-no - s-sn R PTP^P T.'ADTES OS.OHESTE, A 'F^r/"! TJ^'n'T OO^VT'^'T^'Sr ~ -- - ~ _..- , . , ,, * . LI i ,, . vj ^ · » . K L I tv - I - . I . I . L I I I J J J L j_j * v i. T f j - _ i ~ . » j -- ·-----TM -- ·" ·*· · V O .Lu.^J.U-'-l O \J--V^.UJJ^' 1 -SHOWS AT 7:00 - 8:30 8 Piece LADIES OSCHESTEA ADULTS 10£; CKILD 5$ COMING NEXT FRIDAY:--The Third of the "GLORIA'S ROMANCE" Series with the Star Supreme, MISS BILLIE BURKE. Seat Sale Opens Monday, Oct. 30th ·Personal Direction of J. A. DARNABY- A gigantic Fun Feast such as has never before been planned by any organization at any time or place TWO NIGHTS Wednes.-Thurs. With a host of pretty girls, and handsome beaus in a series of spectacular, esthetic dances and singing choruses, rivaling in artistic charm and grace the most pretentious New York production 2 100 People Special Scenic Effects Elaborate Wardrobe ^~ NOTE-Those who secure from an Elk, previous to Monday, Oct. 30, a ticket, they will be given preference of location if i presented nt Chillicothe Music Shop, Monday, Oct. 30, at 9 a. m. Remember no tickets will be luid aside for anyone under circumstances. Prices 50c, 75c and $1.00 ;--,;.! 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