The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 28, 1914 · Page 23
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 23

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 28, 1914
Page 23
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r Sunday Morning, June 28,1914. THE D E C A T U R R E V I E W Nmrly $2,000 Worth Sold on "Cigar Day/ 9 MANY SALES ARE MADE Club Party Changed Havana Order. 0n« !"'· idir urm.k* to «v*ry porton In On* i '\ or nearly f 2.000 w o r t h of t ) H i t n * t t n*»t to th« j j r e n t nnl Nlro- Una w - t h * r u t l m n t n of I .·(»! clKnr matt, fc«T 'inlay n i f f h t . An *· deal. »r«, l o h f i»r* Bnrt m n n u r n r M , r « r i i ctn romti in ' U # !.umh«r «'f i»rrh««« w h i c h *« «nt u p tn a a e r l f l r i i t i « t n o U » d t i r l n f f t h u of,.' .!ny (· nn **Hitint*« of 3*.fttfO, anrt tt I M» nil in! '«T t h e trie IVOR* I hr nu n i t S i o u B f r r f i \ li r - ' t n t 1T,00' " M » U * r«i'»(iir »lf '. " ' luquir*--.! on* * it n « tin ienrif 1 o^ tr it rUiur cans i* i i u r i l a - . n mlntr, '··MI-' dry's t h » f l r y » » t [«*wt*r Hot* * H r i m U * r«rntt.r ion (i t i l help t h » l«iit Dion* f l i v i t r n * A x «f M i r i o . f f a m * a n d a i|iin- - l«r'ii w - t i t itf « j i ·» n t h r r k i n d f i r i n j way Jim- * ' M \ X V P A f . F S M A D R P u r i r « i h« ftfl»»rn»'n n u d e v e n i n g ^ n t u r - l a ^ 1 , n n r pPtrHr.«. miri In c l u b s I'l^n " J i IM injt i r i t - i «' ui"' i f t n m p i n n Ir.B I rn rn tn 1 i; 1 , MO il.t -. I*M-I. AN ho vant"i1 !" tun n 1 1 1 . n - m l im-n u ho J. »rt no' *»\ *n t h o t i t f h i . f p u r * h u n i r i K a v *c tl wire r**m!n»i*'l - f t ^ p H o n n t ^ r ?imvMH* n f fry d *»«.*!. nn 1 n t l of ( h*m K I art I v tin* down n n l p r m l u r o d |« *»u*rt*r l-**w t t o n e t t t ^ t ' \ o n p r l w n r at R · t t M t i K nnrl n | f i ' i i i n « i I-' - i - t r k . t h i n k iottR,i«rs \n\tt\ m o r n , mi w n tmdi* h y i h p «l»»| !-r-*1 n f o r k n luinl n f t ^ r the .SAtinditv r m.'i c H A N ' i F n THE O R n r n On* 1'irK* iun'"hT*n j i s r l y in t h « Dof a t u r » l u ) In o n l e r l M K a f t e i i l . n n e r PIT) Ok « * C h . » » i * ft % I* I r f -if · t p M * l \ 0 l i a V A H ' i t A f i K l n j : f r MI 1" i ' ·.·** to n f j i m n ^ r I n p r i c e "'I h i p K«-ntli»ni^n In Do-- i t n r r ' t f f f t r Pnv. · iM t h i * w h · h ul r u k . n r t i o m « l t r , f i n d tt win .mm' i l . a u .\ - H.un:'-'! in t i r CKNTRAL C H U R C H OF CHRIST.--W. H. Cannon pantor. S u n d a y »chool 0.30 a m. S*r*aoMtiK «·'!·% ICP*. Ht.ivi a in. and 7:45 p. ni. lUbjMt. "Conception oC the Church." jgvcninc lubjivt. "Circumstantial Jjeioilon." Vouiitf I'oople'n meeting, tf.43 9. m. FIRST MKTMODI8T---E U Antrim, pa»- lor. Runt!ay ·uhool. 9:80 a. in. Pr»aenin» ncrvl« a, lo 43 a. in. n n i t 7:J5 p. m, Morn- IriK iul.Jn-l. "In tlie World, b u t Not of It." l i v e n i n g nubject. "A« Jcsu« raised By." Ep- w o i t h Latitiu«, 6:4 p. m. m U E IIKTHODXST.--D. It. Taylor, pa*ter BuncUy ichool. U :to a. m. Clua meeting. 1° -ID a, ni. Op*n air m»etlng in Con- irtil iiiirk. 4:W p, m Young- People'* meet- Ine, U iM) p. in. 1'reaohing nirvice, S p. m. ST. PAUL'S METHODIST.--J. C. Brown. pi*(or. H u n f l n y aehool, i .",0 a. m. Preaching mrrvlc««, 10 45 a. m, u n d 8 p. m. Hcv. C. Q. Wood w i l l preach,_ FIIIRT CIlirRCH OF CHRIST. SCIENTIST. -- N u r u l n y mMioo). 0:80 R ni. Ulhie lessun- ·vrmon. 11 i*. m. Subject. "Chrlitlan 9cl- BT j n i f \yNE3 1 Old. MAN l . U T J I K R AN. W Mevni-. pfcilor R i T v l n - n . 10 n m. M o n t h - ly in pa t i n e of Mitlni; niviiilicre, 2 p. m. mist' P K E H l l Y t ' f c n i A N --C. E Jeunoy, ptmor SmuUy ·rhool. 9 HO n. m. Prearli- (11* **rv|. r». 10:45 a. in on3 7 -*3 p. m. M o r n i t i t f imhjflrt. "Th* V o w c p iind Peril of a D l v l n o "i m l m l " f t t m i i t u n l o n w i l l bft obiwrv- *·!. E v e n i n g a u t i j e r t . "Tha Divine Upnor- n i n l t y " « ' h r . » t t o n nmlmivor, (1:45 p. m r n N n K F ' J A T l O N A r , -- H B. Roblc*. pas- ter. B i i m l n y achool. U 3 n m T r c n - ' h l n z ti*rv!rtf. 1" IH a TH. "nil T 4!i p m Organ r v l t n l ami f i f t e e n m l n u i * ·ermon In (nen- I T I K I ' r n f f r i m i r Mnnua w i l l play. C h r i s t i a n i;m1cn\nr, ti t' p. m. r i l l ' R f f i or CJOD.--I R R i c h m o n d , pa»- t n r f i v i t . i l f i v irhool, 1« 3(» a. m. Prenchlnc · f r v i t - f t '" 4* nnil 7:4ft p m. Baptism at n i n h t ' h r i 8 i i a n Kml^nvor. R 45 p in. HlCCOND p n B 8 U Y T i : i l I A X -- R a v J W. Mcnr-nt il u o i - t ^ r p t i n r t n v nrhonl nt 0 30 B m Tub 1 !'- M - n i i b l p at 10 41 ft. m and 7:45 p m M " r n l n . r a i i b l r r t . "Thu S t a n d a r d of .T. - I r i n r On«'n " ( O f " E v e n i n g subject, "·!i-mi» l.o«uitti» from t h » F t n r y of Marv Ant i n " A m t x i r t q u i t r t * t w i l l »lne at both SPT- · m t h n m o r n l n K M m E l i z a b e t h V h t t - · v win f \ts « «"lo. "Th« Lord la My Sht*n- l -.1 Sitnuirl l I ' d i t l H on-1 Mrs Piliv Wll- 1tin« I l i f r - m u n « i i l s i n e t h e «r.i,i-.ino n b l l g u t o \v t n t h e u i i f l i ' H In t h e n n i h c m , 'Seek » e itui I Mil " C h r l f i t n n i:m'envor n.t f! 4n p m u i M f t " C K l o K e f f r m n t h a t K n d f T v - ir«r» Ph-Miirt P r o m o t e " 1^-n.lera, Velma H i l l n n d M j r t U Law. r i F H M V N M E T I I O P I ^ T -H J r n n n w l t t , n n m o r ^'Jn'1ny trhool, » '0 n m Pi each Ing UrMre* I" 41 a m I ' r o r r n m bv ITrother- hnoil. T 4:. p m ' A eln-» of live w i l l bo ex- nm1n.*il t" rar*"-hlsm a t the m n m l n g Ber- nr OF THC E R K T H R E V -- j w n M r Pumliv H- h^o 1 . n SO a m np (·"rvlroii . 11 ft. rn nnd 7 4.1 p. rn OII,' U M i l l a r , of I,a P l o r P . w l ' l u j v t^ie j n i J p l t "t b o t h " iMrrt. "Th- of t h e Cos" Uncompromis- VTS' meatlriB at t h * » M n t of t h f o r ! i ; l r i i i l r x p r n ' M t ni'P "\\ l . . t \ ^ hurt H f f l t n t ! t n h n r ' o f ' - i l f l t n d i i s ' f».v I · M c n - l mt u l r - e l l ^ . i l o r P i t l u K l · * n l n h t " M l n'lr I " " i r # i n r k · ·« l i i n - l h«» p o n n n n i ) n n l i one Tn a n " i ' * t f n h n s n c li »· ! f o r n *· i · t: ! f i K f i r ino»! nf t h e r n n t ' i m e r s hm !MT n I'ox i r a o i t r i e r n woi f h «t a tinn- Tr 1 .x w n n t h A s e n c r n l M n t c m f n f . n l - f ho u i r h *nm* i!*nlcr^ hnlit t h a t th» 11 n n| S " n n l n y bunlnt-^n h a d h e p n *\- It*»rl'-n»-- 1. A u t o p u t tto-i toi.rlir-; f h r n t i K h t!ii* c i t y «*n r o u t e l o w . - i t - i l n i ; j ^ ' a r ^ i i iiTui tin i-arnpf rn*m h o t x \ i n * h i i . took ni'sff ' 1 ' i a n t l t l r s o' l~f s i t u r m n d - r t g n r * tn nh'tiv tli*» open mn^l, nnd I'' 1 "' I f t w n lii n rUuiii of jrlnry nn-i a t r n l l of tef srr\ nf smoUi 1 ·'All f u f hovii fell for It tn'lftv," H.ili) on-- ffr:*i*»r n» h'« r i l « ' - ( l the I f f l of ) i f « c i * ! i n - ^ ' M t r r n n . t « m l l « l « ' V i r tf* f i g u r e s ' I n m o k r i l m m;. « f l f u n t i l T) y f ' M i ^ u p f«c 1* l i k f A lent. I'm arnok- 1-iif f s n o n o w , h a v e a harulftil, * \ e r L 0 ' I y *rt!d M oln me'.' " i n g r h 1 " " r h t i s t i . i i; ;, i PI TVT^TMIN'STER ' ' T " -F.P.TAV -- E K^n."-:;?:. ,»*"".'· -..VP?V«TM' m Mn r -|.,t- v . H n r t D'.l" N n t N».ture !l-r«»r r « i ' h I'll " F i o n l n u BiiHert. "\ 1- r i r . anil H-inili." Chrlnlan r.n.lsavor, 6.43 p m FT r M T ' S O E H M A V L U T H E R A N -- T t ^ h r n - u - i . in»l,.r fiiinrtlv i-hnol. 0 V I E n !'r.'nr-1ni: .prvlcrs. in-30 a m anil 7 30 [· m r v i . t i l n t r ·rrmfin In EncllBh. ST . T l l I I V S KrMororAT. -- Hcv W D c , i r p ^ r^r'nr Hilv r n i n i n u n l ^ n i "i 1 Snn- , - ^ v . ' , ' . . 1 ! !' "0 M ^ T ' n K pr-' lvfi ' n n r t n d ~ ,!-,.«. I'M-, n rr Pii'rcil concort bv Si .Irthn B choir at 7 43 p m. rnvrr°Tnr: I'rrar-hlnp, 11 11 a m. R t v Pharpos. P. T. P U. WAS ENTIRE Ttf l(vy wn* votod nn e n t i r e p u r r o * ·» not i i l t t i f l c t h f l r I h r o t i g h t h e c v t - n n 1 m - h«r i»f r l R n r s »olrt. but t h r n n c h t h f I n - flUMn-i* w h i c h the f l d v r r t M r j ; n n t l t i p appeal to (*ommiinll\ p a t r i o t -«;ni h'ul nnd w i l l · r i i l l n » n t « l i n v n f o r m a n y m o n t h s on t h n t n u m r r o u n m a l e of i h i upecl*'*. thf D r c n t u p c l u a r r h t m n e y J'rtoplf W»T*» reminded n t e v r r v t u r n that p e c a t u r h»i «nm« r l K a r f u r t o ' i - ^ which «^^ w t l l l dolnjc bunlnrss. find h*r*nftiT w h " n t h e y enter a unoke (·tore, t h c v w i l l remember to pnss the ftlffn to tho man behind. MEETINGS. Knllfht* Knil Lndir* nf Steurttv. TVriUur r o u n r l l 2inft-.rt«f.ilBr m e M l n g M o n d a y ·treet. About twelve were prussnt. Miss Van Gundy leaves soon for a tour of the we»t Farmers and Merchants on East Main. Arrangements have been completed by the Farmers and Merchants hank for moving Into their new quarters at I3E East Main street next Tuesday. The rooms are those formerly occupied by the Greider cafe and they have been titled up In handsome style. New mahogany furniture has been Installed with marble finishings. The council room will be of oak. In the rear there Is a fire proof vault with safety deposit boxes. The bank Is now fitted up In fine shape and will be ready to resume business In the new location within a short time. Scraps of News. FROM BLOOMINGTON. Ed Moolami of the Btatc game warden's oCflce. formerly mayor of Bloom- Ington, and Prank W. Westhoff. formerly of Decatur. were In the city Saturday. EXAMINE CLASS. A class of five will be examined In catechism at the morning- service at t h p German Methodist church today. The class IB composed of Clara Kusch. Frieda MauriU, Margaret Schwartz, Henry Pawllkowskl and Gustav Kusch- mcrz. CERTIFICATE GRANTED. A certificate of good moral character was granted to Joseph F. Mttt- ler of Moroa In the county court Saturday afternoon. Mr. Mltler la a lawt student. DECLARED DEPENDENT. The two children of John Chepan were declared dependent In the county court Saturday and given Into the custody of the mother, Mrs. Mary Ozen- kowski, and the father was ordered to pny her $5 a week for their care. The mother deserted them. OCCLPIES PULPIT. Rev. Mr. Godwin will occupy the pulpit of thi First Baptist church Sunday mcrnlng. At night Dr. Hopkins of Champaign will speak. JS IMPROVING. Miss Mabel Brown. 345 South Webster street, who was operated upon I n F t Wednesday, c o n t i n u e s to improve. nl. ft. n n r t T 45 P 7 X* p m rii^T u v i r n n n K r r n n n x r H N n c H -- c F''lp"''l T'ITUT pfl^'or. Bchofi! D in n "i Viiv I ' n rsh!] a n d i c i m n n . 1^ 45 n m 'infl 7 ·!« P '" r h r t M l n n Fnrtra\or. Tne-rtrtv " ^^ p. m. FrnyiT m'-'-tlnc. \Ved- n f i i l i y 7 '" r m P u n J a v p v c n l n ? theme. LIFE'S LIGHTER HOURS. i EUrrt* f lull. I Tho F'e-t.i cliih of Gold* n Crowr i . i m p No 12fi, R. N of A., met FrlcSav | f u r n n o i i nt t h " Immo of M r s . P. S. Ma.rt!nn, H15 Xorth Illinois street. T u i n t - r n i ] r m f m b e r s nncl f o u r vlsl- tr-ra werf* presrnt and the flfternoon ivns spent soolnlly The place of the n » \ t meeting wns not decided. Rntrrtnln for M!NA Vnn Gundy. Mlsn Mnrli" Doll n n d Ml=s R u t h Ed- munrlpon Rnve a p a r t y in honor of Miss Mabel Van G u n d y S a t u r d a y n i g h t at t h o horni- of Mlsn Bell. S5S West Main 3c Films developed lOc Correct developing insures better prints. All prints made with a wide white margin, and lie absolutely flat. Work completed every day. C.A. 215 N. WATER ST. FERRE BROMLEY We Do Vulcanizing Exclusively Tires retread, blow outs, rim cuts, new beads, etc. Let us make your old tires in good us new at n small expense. We have the best equipped plnnt in the county and employ experienced wirkmen. All work guaranteed, mileage allowance. We Invite inspection of our plnnt and the work we do. Set our line of tire accessories. FERRE BROMLEY ATTTO M41. VULCANIZING WORKS JM E. MAIN ST. . BELL 8Z6. ELEVEN ENTERED IN CONTEST Up to Saturday night, there were eleven entries In tho Woodmen Popu- l a r i t y Contest. An additional offer has been made to those in the contest. The one having the highest number of v o t e s on Monday night will receive a g i f t of 200 votes. The contestants and the number of votes received by each up to Saturday evening were as follows: Miss Blanche Hynds 2219 Miss May Roach 2078 Miss Leah Byers 1370 Miss Ella M u l k e y 1111 Tom McKee 671 Joe McDonald 130 Will Colins 80 R. G. Booker 3 A. E. G o l d f i n s e r 3 The diamond ring w h i c h is to be given to the w i n n e r of the contest on Monday, July 6, is now on exhibition in the window of Post's Jewelry store. Local Notices. Th«M NottM* An tula Youn^ Fried Spring Chicken today at Sherman Strouse Cafe. CLIMAX FURNACES ALSO REPAIRS A. J. KAISER, 151 THATCHER PLACE. Sea huse slsn opposite 5 and 10. Hitchcock's June Clearance of N. T. Manufacturer's Mid-summer stocks. Or. Hosklni has ciovd dental oftloe to 206-207 Title A Truit Bid*. Remember Monday's Dress Sale. See Hitchcock's Adv. Price reduction unequaled. Collection*--We collect all clasaen of claims, notei, store accounts, board bills, wholesalers' and jobbers' accounts, miscellaneous claims. "We guarantee satisfaction. We are responsible, reliable, successful. A collector of claims la a public benefactor whether they like him or not. Some people don't like us. A. T SUMMERS, Collecting Asency. Eat Lour Sunday Dinner AT THE 3IANNHEIM CAPE. SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT IV FIRE AND BURGLAR PROOF VAULT, F1HB PROOF BUILDING. *2.BO A YEAR AMD UPWARDS. Millikin National Bank Free Altwlc and Entertainment ^rtth yonr Refreshment! In » cool mot. Good Service, Wholesome Refreshments, Afternoons S to 4:30 p. m. Evening! 8l30 to lOlOO p. m. THE MINSON CO. Chicago Federals vs. Pana, Tuesday, June 30, 3 p, m. JOE TINKER, ART WILSON, RALEIGH ZE1DER, FRED DECK, CLAUDE HENDRIX and other favorites of the third major league will appear in thi~ game. Not part but the entire club of 24 men will be on hand. Many of the Federals got their start on the Pana ground. Come out and see a real ball club with some of the games greatest play- ers.on It. Admission, adults 50c; children, ISc; grandstand, lOc. GET IT AT in\VIN'S. FROZEN GRAPE PUNCH (1.25 a gallon, packed and delivered. THANHOUSER'S MILLION DOLLAR MYSTERY will begin at the CRYSTAL THEATER Thursday July 9 and each Thursday for 23 weeks. Get reason ticket at the office. THE PARIS THEATER APTF.BXOOS AND NIGHT. BIG BABY CONTEST "A Diamond in the Rough" 7--KEELS--7 HAVE YOU HEARD THE FREE MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT GIVES AT MINSON'S Stop for refrenhmentB and henr them. A f t e r n o o n 3 to 4:30 p. m. Evenings S.30 to 10:00 p. m. DEATHS OF THE DAY Frederick HlnlOn. Frederick Hinton died at 6 o'clock Saturday evening- at St. Mary's hospital. His death was caused by a complication of diseases. He was fifty-seven years old. Mr. Hinton was born In England. He came to America twenty-seven years ago and came almost direct to Decatur. He remained here for seventeen years and then moved to Texas. He r e t u r n e d this spring and has since been living with Mrs. A r t h u r Jay, on North Monroe atreet. He Is survived by hla wife, Mrs. E. M. Hinton, and the following children: Mrs. A r t h u r Jay, Decatur; Mrs, Sarah Selman, of Houston, Tex.; Miss Florence Hinton, of Chicago; Miss LllUe Hinton, J. L. Hinton and Thomas Hinton, all of Decatur. The body was removed to the Mo ran undertaking establishment and prepared for burial. DEATHS. MRS. ALBERT BARBER. Arthur and Luke Barber received word Saturday that the wife of their brother, Albert Barber, had died the first ot the week In Phoenix, Ariz., following an operation for goiter. Mrs. Barber had many friends in Decatur and visited here last Christmas. They formerly lived here and Mr. Barber was a stenographer at the Suffern- Hunt mill. He is on his way to Decatur. AMERICAN THEATER TODAY--AFTERNOON AND NIGHT. OAKLAND THEATER MONDAY AFTERNOON AND NIGHT J. WARREN KERRIGAN IN A FEATURE EXTRAORDINARY lOc--SAMSON--lOc CHILDREN--AFTERNOON--Sf. THE MOST SENSATIONAL 6-REEL FEATURE EVER PRODUCED. THE FIRST AND ONLY TIME SHOWN IN THE CITY. NEVER SHOWN BEFORE FOR LESS THAN 25c. THE MANNHEIM CAFE THE COOLEST PLACE US TOWN TO DINE. Clara Lefever Librarian at Wheaton. Miss Clara Lefever, a graduate ot the 1914 claa* at the Jamei Millikin university In the library science department, hm recently been appointed librarian of the Adams Memorial library at Wheaton, 111. She will start work at "Wheaton on July '6. Miss Katherlne Sharp, now assistant to Melville Dewey, originator of the Dewey system of classification, was the first Mis* Le Fever l i b r a r i a n at Wheaton. For some time, the Adams Memorial library was considered a model. It Is one of the best In the state. People You Know Mrs. S. A. Reed of Askew, Mias., la visiting Mrs. H. H. Bass and Mrs. A. J. Stoner. President G. E. Fellows left Friday evening for St. Louts. Mo. He wlli return to Decatur about "Wednesday morning of next week. Mrs. Roy Campbell and son, Everett, 1336 North Main street, have returned from visit of several days In Sullivan. Mrs. C. O. Smith and son, Wilfred, 50« East Orchard street, have returned from a week's visit at La Place. J. W. Hamilton of Tuscola was In Decatur Thursday on business. Misses Lucille and Estella Crlnlgan, 1150 West Eldorado street, are spending a week with relatives in Ivesdale. Miss Stella Durbin, 1296 West Main street, Is visiting friends In Lovington. Miss Hazel Uhler, 351 West ·William street, who has been spending the past two weeks with her mother, Mrs. William TJhler. will r e t u r n to Chicago Sunday to resume her duties as a trained nurse. Miss Eula Botts, 1364 North Church street, has been spending the week end w i t h the Misses I/aura and Olive French at Warrensburg. The Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kekelsen. 4S7 South Webster street, Is ill with pneumonia. Miss Helen Perry, of Indianapolis, Is here visiting her aunt, Mrs. D. F. Ryan for the summer. Harry F. Harrington, of The Decatur Drug: Co. has r e t u r n e d from a three weeks' vacation trip to Boston and New York city. Mrs. Harrington and sons. Evan and Howard, who accompanied him, will remain in the east with relatives during the summer. 4 -Emerson House Takes Over Edison Stock Eleanor Band, The Eleanor Chesnut mission band of the Westminster Presbyterian church met Saturday afternoon with Mrs. W. P. Ryan, with ten present. They studied "Alaska." A picture was taken of the group. This was only the second meeting of the band wh.lch has recently been organized by the Woman's society. The 'band is composed of about fifteen girls. BORN. Born, to Mr, and Mrs Joseph Grocsmn. 1705 Ease Wood street, Friday, June 26, a son. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bracht, 153 South Hilton ..treat, Friday. June 26. a daughter. Born, to Mr. and Mm, S. A. Allen. South Side Drive, Saturday, June 27, a daughter. To Mr. and Mrs, B. H. Robinson, 1165 Eaat Olive street, Friday, June ID, a eon. Born, to Mr. and Mrs Corydon TVIlklns, ot Paris, Tes.. on Friday, June 26, a ten- pound daughter. MM. Wilhina w*« formerly Mies Fern Parr, To Mr, and Mrs. Hoy Dedman, 841 Wcat Oicatur, Saturday, June 27, a coo. BI THE HEftT Two Prostrations are ported Saturday. Re- Charles Kimball, an employe at the Suffern-Hunt mill, was overcome by the heat Saturday afternoon at 4:30. He was removed to his residence, 44G North Monroe street. It was reported Saturday evening that be was resting well. ^\". F. Gray, a plasterer in the employ of W. 'W". Butler, was overcome by the heat Saturday morning. He was taken to his home, 1286 Forest avenue. HOMEWOOD FISHING CLUB DIRECTORS At a meeting of the Homewood Fishing club Friday night by-laws ware adopted and directors chosen. Tho directors are C. E. Ward, C. B. Hill and Dr. N. L. Bourne. The directors met Saturday night and appointed committees as follows: Grand committee--Charles Traver, John Robinson and M. C. Rambo. Finance committee--Edgar HHI, John Funk and James Thompson. Fish committee--Elmer Belong, J. B. Good and John Stroh. It is the purpose of the club to make extensive Improvements on the grounds this summer. The club house will be finished, the grounds beautified and roads rebuilt Fenny Social. The degree team of Hiawatha council No. 67, Degree of Pocahontas, will give a penny social In the Odd Fellows hall on East Main street Tuesday night. There will be ten tables. The public Is Invited. W. Cnrtla Bmher Manager ot New Department With Complete Line of Edison Goods, --The Emerson Piano house, 322 Xorth Main street, has taken over Henry Schall's entire stock of Edison phonographs and records and has opened a new department devoted exclusively to the Edison goods. The new talking machine Apartment will be stocked with one of the largest assortments of machines and records In Decatur. A complete line of the new Edison disc machines has been added to the Schall stock in order that any selection desired may be furnished w i t h o u t delay. W. Curtis Bnsher. well known In Decatur for his unusual musical talent and for his ability as a soloist In ilie M i l l i k i n G!fe club, and in other Decatur organizations, has been engaged as manager of the new talking machine department. Mr. Busher will d e v o t e his time to demonstrating the Edison machines and to answering any questions about them which customers or visitors may care to ask. His musical knowledge will also be at the service of customers In the pur- chase'of records. The Emerson policy as well a a Mr. Bushcr'3 is to give their customers courteous treatment and good service. The public is asked to come and hear the new Edison machines in the Emerson salesroom or, If It Is more convenient, the Emerson house will be glad to give you a special demonstration in your own home without obligation on your part.--adv. At State Convention July 10. Here Tne officers of the local organization of rural carriers are still making plans for the annual convention to be held here on July 10-11, at which time they expect to have about 300 visitors here. Just who the leading speakers will be, those In charge of getting up the program do not know, but they plan to Invite several men of prominence, especially men well acquainted with the good roads topic. Good roads and hard roads an all other kinds of roads will be iscussed thoroughly at the meeting, In fact will furnish the principal topic for the two days' session. M A R K E T S i Wheat Bull* Get a Chance to Rally. Chicago, June !7--Fear of blaok rust In the spring crop region gave the wheat bulls today a chance to rally. As a result the market which had an upward slant nearly the whole session, closed steady at a gain of Ho net. Other leading staples, too, all finished higher than last nleht--corn up Ii4 @1U to 1% at l%c, oats He to He and provisions 2Ho to lOc. Excessive moisture northwest had al most a complete monopoly of attention on the part of speculators in wheat It was asserted rain bad fallen 24 out of 27 day; this month all over the spring wheat country and that the chance of black rust developing before Monday was by no means remote. Prospect of a big decrease in the visible supply total Monday had considerable Influence toward sustaining the wheat advance. It was a drouth scare that put up the price of corn. Damage reports came from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri Kentucky and Tennessee. Hot winds were aaid to have prevailed in Oklahoma for three dadys with temperatures above 100. Southern Illinois, Indiana and Ohio were also reported to be suffering Injury that threatened to become acute unless afforded quick relief. Oats were bought on account of the strength of other grain. Provisions ranged higher because of shorts covering. The incentive was mainly the wholesale reversal of feeling In regard to cereals. No Important News on Financial Situation. New York, June 27--The stock market fell into the doldrums again today. Business during the two hour session amounted to about 70,000 shares and the listless movement left little doubt of Its highly professional origin. Prices of representa ive shares were lifted fractionally above the previous day's closing: quotations and sentiment was more cheerful, the Claflin failure no longer being regarded as cause for alarm. Technically the market denoted a strong undertone. Apart from Washington dispatches suggesting f u r t h e r indefinite delay in the handing down of the eastern freight rate decision, the day was devoid of any Important news bearing upon the financial situation. Some more railway statements for May were presented, but they were not calculated to arouse enthusiasm, showing general losses in net earnings. Advices from leading mercantile trade centers were moderately optimistic, with indications, however, that merchants were pursuing their established policy of cautious buying. Actual cash loss of the clearing house banks was much In excess of all estimates, aggregating over $12,000,000 which Is a trifle more than the week's Bold withdrawals. Chicago Live Stock. Chicago, June 2T.--HOGS--Receipts. 11.000 head: steaay. Bulk, !S25@8.40; light, »8.10 (SS40; mixed, IS05@S.42; heavy, $7.95® SM; rough, $7.95(38.10; pies, tT.25l38.20. CATTLE.--Receipts, 200; steady. Beeves, I7.55@9.40: Iteers, fG.90SS.20; ttoekers and feeders, (6.1013810: c o u s and heifers, 13.TO "800; calves, $7.00g9.65. SHEEP.--Kece4pts, 5,000: tteady. Sheep, I54dae.40; yearlings. »8.40@7.50; Umbs, SO 50@fl.SO; springe, »6.75®9.45. St. Louis Live Stock. St Louis. June 27.--Hog receipts. 2,500: steady. Pigs and lights. $6.75@S.40; mixed and butchers', IS233S.4214; heavy, ?S.80@ CATTLE--Receipts, 450: steady. Native heef steers, $750@9.25; cows and heifers, S3 OOSfO.OO; stockers and feeders, J3 OOS7.6S. SHEEP--Receipts, 300; steady. Sheared muttons, 14 T.iSS.OO; sheared lambs, 17.000 CO: spring lambs, $8.00c9.25. Peoria Cash Market Peoria. June 27.--CORN--One cent higher No. 2 yellow 63Hc; No. 4 yellow, 67c; No. 8 mixed, 67^c; No. 4 mlx«6, 67c; sample, OATS--14c higher. No. 2 T»hlt«. 8S%c; standard, 3Sffl585ic; Ko. 3 whin, 37V4c; No. t-whlte, 3533«4c; No. 2 mixed, 88«ic. New York Cash Market. Xew York, June 27.--WHEAT--Spot, f i r m ; No. 2 hard winter 01%c c. i. t. New York; now No. 2 red, 60U C. 1. t. July thipment; No. northern Duluth, IK^c and No. I northern Manitoba, OS^c f. o. b. afloat. Futures were easier at the itart. but rallied on covering- due to feari of CTOD damage In the tpring- wheat Mates a* a result ot the heavy rains. July, 6T%c; Sept., S0%c; Dec., SS^Jc. CARN--Spot, firm; No. 2 yellow, T9%c c. L f. prompt. OATS--Spot quiet. COFFEE--Spot, nominal; Rio No. T, Oc; Santoi, No. 12tfc; mild, dull; Cordova, l2U*?ri6c, nominal. RAW SUGAR--Qul«t: molasses, $2.07; centrfuffal. $3.32; refined, steady. BUTTER, Cheeae and eggs unchanged. CHICAGO BOARD OF TRADE QUOTATIONS (Furnished bjr Ware A Leland.) the range Close. Yes. 7SV4 77% 7SV1 77% 61% Si B% 67« cs% er4 OVA «s4 «* 85W Chicago, of prlcet w ·WHEA.T- July Sep r.c. CORN-July, old.. July, new. :ep., old.. Sep., Tiew. Dec OATS-July SeP Dec PORK-July Scp LARD-July Sep. RIBS-July June 2T.--Following Is ·Ith yesterdav's close: - Open. High. Low. 78 77% 781, 77% 80Ti i SOU 81 Vj 80% .. 6S% 87% % 88 67T4 .. «7« 68 ·Mr* ' 3TK 37% 38 S 37%lB .... asi Jl» JIS00 2119 2130 1111 2000Q .... 2000 1997 37H 3«% 80S® . ioioe 1000 995 1013 1010 1047 1042 oiw nia 86% 38J4 2125 211! 2000 1995 987 99.1 1015 1010 1147 1145 J1SO. 1111 HT WILL TEST OUT i. 2 Corn Still Doing Well. Hut Mutt Have Rain. B. I. Baldwin Co., la their weekly, review of grain and crop n«wa cay: A little new wheat w»s shipped (ram southern Illinois itatlon* to Chicago thla week. Judging; from th« uunplw so far exhibited, our wb«*t will mostly test heavy enough for number two but on account of extremely drr weather at harvest the grains wilt likely not be as plump as usual. SELLING TOO FREELT. So much wheat has already been sold for export that the vessels have advanced both their lake and ocean rates of freight. There seems to be no bull leadership In the market and we are selling Europe our wheat at whatever price they see fit to offer us. Why don't the farmers stock their wheat an* sell tt as the market will take care of It, at good prices, the same as they do their corn? Wheat threshing will be general here the coming week. The berry has cured out fine In the shock. CORN AND RAIN. Throughout most of the corn belt one hears good reports of the growing crop. In several corn states there is, as yet, too little moUtura in the grounJ to mature the crop and the rains we do or do not get In July and August will determine the yield. A corn crop should have fourteen inches of rain during the crop season to mature it properly. OATS BETTER. Scattered showers, mostly In th» northern half of Illinois, have Improved our'chances for a fair crop of oati: in most places the stand Is thin en the ground and heads short, but the outlook is some better than It was si month ago. Cutting will probably Commence her* within ten £ays. Stocks of old oats most everywhere are light, but buyers are holding off awaiting offerings of the new crop; any unfavorable reports of the growing crop would be at once reflected in prices of old oats. New York Stock List. Amalgamated Copper American Beet Sugar American Cotton Oil .... American Smelting and Refining. American Sugar HefIning American Tel. Tel Anaconda Mining Co Atchioon Atlantic Coast Line Baltimore Ohio Brooklyn Rapid Transit Canadian Tacif Ic Chesapeake Ohio ..*. Chicago orihivestem Chicago. Mil. Kt. Paul Colorado Fuel Iron Colorado Southern Delaware Hudson Uen% er Rio Grande General Electric Great N o r t h e r n pfd. Great Northern Ore Cfts Illinois Central Interborough Met Interborouyh Met, pfd International Harvester Louisville Nashville Missouri Pacific . Missouri, Kansas Texas Lehlgh Valley National Lead New York Central Norfolk Western Northern Pacific Pennsylvania People's Gas Pu llman Palace Car Reading Rock Island Co. Rock Island C o . ptd Southern Pacific , Southern Railway Union Pacific United States Steel * United States Steel, pfd \Vabash Western Union New Haven .b 40- .b 62 ... ioe« ... eg .b US 122% .b 131, b li*^ ... Vi'ft '.'b 4414 . . . SS=4 .b 104 'A, ... 110 ; '.'b liaij :y. lesg ^! 3 ... «5 ... 21 ... 15314 U. S. Bonds in New York. U. S. ret. 2s, registered 9J?i U. E. ret. 2s. coupon 81 U. S. 3s, registered 101JA U. S. Ss. coupon JOJJ4 C. 6. 4s, registered A 7f U. S. S», coupon 101* Panama 3s. coupon iw Minneapolis Wheat Minneapolis, June 27.--Wheat was hlgbn here today, due to reports of too much rain. Receipts \vert 46 cars as compared with 1ST "'casn: !18 No. 1 hard, SS%c. No. 1 Northern. S5 T i287yiC; to arrive, 85%@86T4c; choice. t» arrive, 87Tk: No. 2 Northern, 8SH«8»»c: to arrive, 84?i@85T«c; -No. 3 wheat, S2*O New York Money. «w York, June IT.-- Close: Mercantile naper s-vi4' 4 ; swrlln* strong: * d»T bllU, I4S5CO- demand. $4.87.80; commercial Will, S4'85«; b«r silver, S0%c; Mexican dollarl, Call money nominal; no loana. Tims loans steady: DO doys. 214; SO fla»f, 29i; 6 months, 3!4(33'i. Farmers and Merchant* State Bank Moves to New Location Tuesday, June 30. --The room formerly occupied by Grieder's *fe at 13S Bait Main itreet. ha« been remodeled and dacorated. throughout. New fixture* are of genuine mahogany with a creamy marolo base about four leet high, have been Installed. Th« council room Is finished In oak. A large fire proof vault, with safety deposit boxes In rear. There are two desk roomt In the front with large mahogany desks.--adv. M«ry Antln--Patriotic Story. Sunday will be the last regular Sunday evening service at the Second Presbyterian church for the summer, vesper services taking the place during July and August. Sunday evening. Rev. J. W. McDonald will give the services a patriotic and missionary turn by giving lessons from the story of Mary Antin. This story enables us to ses the valus of our country through th« eyes of an emigrant of unusual Insight At toll service a mixed quartet will sloe Praise T« the Lord." SmtlttUmt. Judge: Mary--The doctor says thta Illness of mine Is caused by a germ. , Agnes--What did he call It? Mary--I don't remember. I caught the dKeaae, but poi^ Manama, r EWSPAPERl

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