Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 12, 1888 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1888
Page 4
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THE EVE1HNG GAZETTE: THURSDAY, JANITARY, 1« 1R-SR. Joh?> U. Gilbert, h°.s stored mvay for He summer's use (15 loads of ice. talks of putting up more. Andre wJ. Buckingham, the Jordan butcher, has laid off for the winter, clnimlns that beef is tos low to be any business for him. He has filled his ice house. BenJ. Ehersola Bold seven head of cows to John P. Hey, who shipped tbem to Chicago on Monday evening with lots of others he bought in the town. Edwin John has bought a new cornstalk cutter. He is bound to keep up with his neighbors in that direction and feed his cattle on cut com fodder. One of the prosperous men of ous town is H. A. Hifrglns, who has got his place all paid for and is now engaged in hauling stone for a new cellar. Sidney John uses his old sleigh to drive around In at night and keeps his brand, shining new one for Sunday use. It shows off better in the day time than it does on a dark night John and Richard Barnhart, who live on the C.John farm have struck it rich in the way of their winter wood. John Kratz gives them the privilege of cutting and hauling all they want of the dead box-elders along the creek for nothing. J. E. Kline, who lives on the Adam Jacob homestead farm, says he has to do his chores all alone this winter, as his son isn't quite big enough to do them, and living is too high to keep an extra hand. At a meeting of the citizens of the Burger district they decided to name their new and beautiful school house "Fairvlew," so now it will not be the "Burger" school house any more. Please make note of this. Fernandas Jacobs, our good-natured and popular cattle and hog buyer traded cows with V?m. -Mensuh a few days ago. He is bound to keep trade agoing and if he can't get up a horse trade he can be induced to fall back on a cow trade. He shipped a car load of cattle on Monday evening. Douglass Deyo has gathered up his traps from along the Jordan creek and is anxiously waiting for a good thaw so he can set them anew to catch some of the many mink that are along that little stream. George McCann sold a span of young horses to a shipper in Dixon last week for 8400 and when they went to load them they broke away, and up to this writing they have no traces of them. ; Frank JJ. Hoover the popular teacher at the Oapp dirtrict, Is the tallest man in Palmyra, aqd Abe Franklin the tallest In Jordan. They both are .jolly good fellows however. We admire the good taste of Benj., Dunmore in the neat barn, iu the cutting down of hedge and trees in yard and front of house, and in the nice yard and garden fence built, and now when he gets the barn whitewashed and the fence painted he can well say that he baa as neat a home as any man need desire. Barnhart Boys lost ten shoats with lome disease akin to bog cholera. M. W. Zigler had a young mare quite badly hurt the other day in floundering through a snow drift in the pasture and over a log that had a sharp knot projecting up, which cut the mare between the front leg and breast bone. Henry Slpp on the Delp farm Is try- Ing the hog cholera remedy published some time ago in the GAZETTE. Let us hear the result of the experiment through the columns of the GAZETTE, Mr. Sipp. Some of the boys are going to get up an entertalnmant at Fairview school house in the near future, to dedicate it to the uses, intents and purpose for which it was built They aro getting up a good programme, which no doubt, will be spiced with oysters in the old school house. Here ia our hand boys, shake. Moses Deyo, who has his parlors in the town hall and his dining and bed room off to one corner.and who went to school for a few days this winter and •topped . because he couldn't stand it any longer, will try It again 'next week In the new school house. Old Uncle Jake Harmon, who ia upwards of eighty rears old, has set the , beys about Penrose a good example by quitting the nasty habit of chewing tobacco. Kow, if he only has the sand to hold out he will show a good deal of grit and moral courage. Jonas Baer is filling his ice house this week. Grandmother John is not BO well for the past few days. Jos. Woods, the town collector, is at present visiting the tax payers of the town of Clyde. One-half of the tax in this corner is said ts be school tax. No school at Rock Creek for the last two weeks and it ia not known when there will he, the teacher having resigned and the directors have not yef procured another. The Rev. J. W. Fager of the...Evangelical church, will commencaa series of meeting at Rock Creek school house on Sunday, Jan. 22. Snow, the beautful snow, has been distributed rather unevenly, by the wind. Some roads are blocked up yet witn snow, and yesterday some men were hauling and shoveling snow in the roads. , Mrs. II. Conway was presented with an easy chair, last week by her many friends. Daniel Murry and family were visit- Ing their daughter, in Fenton, on Sunday. The P. M. of Cole.a made a call on his brother P. M. of Malvern, yesterday as ho passed this way home. Perhaps they were taking council how ti reduce the surplus. For advice on the subject read Nasby's last letter. John S. Getty is shipping dressed veal and poultry to Chicago. Wedding bells are ringing all around Clyde this week; there is one Clyde young man in it •» T. A. Scribner lost a horse last week and has one that Is sick? At S. Ceronlck's sale of stock on last Thursday, horses and cows sold at fair prices. Time, eight months and six per cent interest, about the same as cash. Filling icehouses is the topic at present. Some have nearly finished the job with a good quality of ice. F. Dutcher is hauling lumber from Clinton to-day to make improvements on his farm next year. AMMON. To err ia human, but you. make no mistake if you use Dr. Jones' Red Clover Tonic for dyspcpRia, costiveneas, bad breath, piles, pimples, ague and malaria, poor appetite, low spirits, or diseases of the kidneys, stomaohe and liver. r>0 cents. For sale by O. A. Oliver. Why not seiid the Pope a copy of the Constitution? Its good reading, certainly. WHY WFLL YOU couj?h when Shiloh's Cure will give you immediate relief. Price 10 cts., 50 cts. and SI. O. A. Oliver & Co. 2 Procresa is the word; all remember it. A NASA*. ISJECTOU tree with each bottle of Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. O. A. Oliver & Co. 2 Chicago's latest ing of natural gas luxury is the drink' A FIELD BATTERY. ONE OF WAR'S MOST AWE INSPIRING SPECTACLES. "HACKMETACK," a lasting and fragrant perfume. Trice 25 and 60 cents. O. A. Oliver & Co. 2 AKE YOU MADE miserable by Indigestion, Constipation, Dizziness, .Loss of Appetite, Yellow Skin? Shiloh's Vit- alfzer is a positive cure. O. A. Oliver &Co. 2 - Qrottkau, the Milwaukee Anarchist is in prison Chicago's loss of him is Chicago's gain. WILL YOU SUFFER with Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint V Shiloh's Vltal- izer is Ruaranteed to cure you. 2 The Hennepiu fellows are talking themselves to death. SniLon's CATARRH REMEDY—a pos itive care for Catarrh, Diptherla and Canker Mouth. O. A. Oliver & Co. 2 Many objections to postponement of election of judge in various parts of the district. SHILOB' CURE will immediately relieve Croup, Whooping Cough and Bronchitis. O.A. Oliver & Co. 2 Anarchists are still after the Czar. from Coleta. Snowing again. Elery Overholser is home, from a visit In Toledo, Iowa. o. frank Terpeny, who has been in Stanwood Iowa, for two months, .is home. Improve the opportunities afforded by the leap year. The Beading Circle met with Claton and Nellie Colcord last Friday evening:, Next Friday eve. ^they meet at Mr. Styles'. • David Slick has a dog, for which he paid the sum of842. Expensive sausage meat. The Coleta Orchestra gave a 'Benefit' at Fehrensent's Thursday evening. Elder Grimm has begun protracted meetings at Otter Creek. H. C. Ulmer has a window put in the south side of his store, which addition was very much needed. Hiram says he had it put in so that he could look down home pftener. Mr. D. A. Slick will have a sale soon, and will then engage in business in Coleta. _ _ NEXT "Doctor," said a despairing patient to his physician, "I am in a dreadful condition! I can neither lay nor -sit. What shall I do?" "I think you .tad better roost," was the -reply. Now, if we consider that this poor lellow was all contorted with rheumatism, the doctor would have done much better by prescribing a bottle of -Salvation Oil, which would have relieved his patient at once. Price 25 cents a bottle. ' ' Purchasers at stock. Stock shipped since last report. Randolph &* Seaman— Hogs.— Jal- pursG, J. Roark 4, C. Eugel 14, J. Myers 10, Ed. Currier 5, Oeo. Warner 30, Mike Doyle 21, Martin 2, D. Hubbard 8, D.O'Connell 10, Matt Wolber 48, Robt. McNeil 2, Tim Butler 34, W. Connell 6, D. O'Connell 9, Hendrlcks 12, Bitters 31, Pittman ,7, L. 'Peugh 12, John Peugh 6, Robt! McNeil 7, J. C. Taylor 1, Blrdsell 8, Deete 21, -Mra. J. Powell 40,'E. Drew 4, Tf. Jacobs 2, C. Wetherbee 80. Cattle— T. Shannon 8, Jas. Summers 1, Adam Reldell 7, Bobt. McNeil 8, Frank Weaver 15, McKenzie i, Nelson Erlckson 7, Wheelook 7. Sheldon. Wright & Stone— Hogs,— Peter Deeta 5, John 'Jacobs 2, Herron 7, A. Beynolds 3, IL Baer 1, Ericksons 8, Geo. Baker 1, G. W. Curtis 2, H. Heins 2, 1, Green 5, E. Frazler 6, J. P. Russell 12. A. Worthington 8. A London surgeon says, that only one fashionable women in 500 can draw a full breath with all her clothes' on, and that all womto should 'give up tight lacing and take Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup to strengthen their lungs. FOR DYSPEPSIA and Liver Complaint, you have a prin.ed guarantee on every bottle of Shlloh's Vitalizer. It never fails to cure. O.A. Oliver & Co. 2 The dam project is all absorbing. "The best on earth" can truly be said of Grigg's Glycerine Salve— a speedy cure for cuts, bruises, scalds, burns, sores, piles; tetter and all skin eruptions. Try this wonder healer. 25 cts. Guaranteed. O. A. Oliver & Co. The mayor of Zanesville died from effects of a fall on the sidewalk. Hartiy* Prophylactic. Fluid. Gives prompt and permanent relief in burns, scalds, chilblains, venomous stings or bites, cuts and wnonds of every description. It is invaluable in scarlet fever, diphtheria, small-po*. cholera, yellow, typhus, typhoid and other fevers. • For sick-rooms, to prevent the spread of contagion, it is the best disinfectant known. tths Keep up the subscriptions. Bocklcn'n Arnica Halve. The best salve in the world for Cuts, "Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and postlvely cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded Price 25 cents per box. For sale byS trickier & Boorse. Senator Beck is reelected to the Senate. Klectrlc Bittern. This remedy is becoming so well known and so popular as to need no special mention. All who have used Electric Bitters sing the same song of prais.-A purer medicine does not exist and it is guaranteed to do all that is claimed. Electric Bitters will cure all diseases of the Liver and Kidneys will remove Pimples, Boils, Salt Ilheum and otl er affections caused by impure blood.-Wili drive Malaria from the system and prevent as well as cure all Malarial fevers.-For cure of Headache. Constipation and Indigestion try Electric Bitters-Entire satisfaction uaranteed, or money refunded.-Price 50 cts. and 81.00 per bottle at Strickler and Bobrse's Drug Store. Canada had earthquake shock yesterday. In Consumption Incnrable T Bead the following: Mr. C. H. Morris, Newark. Ark,, says:" Was down with Abscess of Lungs, and friends and physicians pronounced me an Incurable Consumptive. Began taking Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, am now on my third bottle, and able to oversee the work on my farm. It Is the. finest medicine ever made." Jesse Mlddlewart, DecatuiyOhio, says: "Had it not been for Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption 1 would have died of Lung Troubles. Was given iip by doctors. Am now in best of health. Try it. Sample bottles free at Strickler and Boorse's Drug Store. ' • Threatens snow. ' Light Artillery In Action—A {.'Hals IB Bottli* —A Trrrllil* Boom! Boomt of Cannon—4'haru« of the Knoniy—florrora of W»r. A hn'tcry i* mvilf-il h'T» nt tlii* particular point. T|IM enemy SWH the opportunity and throws a dens* 1 ma^s nf nic'ti against it. Th* crisis is approaching. An aiiio gallops off to give the orcli'r to the nearest artillery. It is ovnr thTP on tlit! nilJHi*ont knoll. Th» ttkle has nwlied it; he points with his hand where it is neodtMj. Bnfore he can turn, hii hoi's* aronn'i, guns and liorMf* weru all moving. Can they get hrjv in time/ We must hold this knoll; it is tho key point of this part of the battle, and see, tho enemy is advancing for a grand assault. Quickl order up another regiment to support the battery when it g>:t» here. Thero it cornea, flashing at intervals through smoke and dust like a meteor. A long train of guns and calfsous- 1 - stx, eight guns, and nix, eight caissons, and Bbc, eight horses to each gun and caisson. With a tremendous rai'ket, they dash faU speed across fields, never turning to right OF left, heading straight for this knoll Drirara all lashing their burses into a fury of foam; officers pointing with their swords, and 03 the gun chests sit the brave cannoneers, cool and indifferent outwardly, but knowing full well inwardly that in a few minutes more many of them will bite tho dust. They hold on to the chest handles for life, for as a wheel strikes a log, the carriages jump two feet la the air t Now they turn slightly with the greatest rapidity to avoid that huge bowlder, they cross ditches, overturn hedge* and fences, all the horses galloping In a clond of dust Ha I one horse, ling fallen—yes, struck by a bullet. The men jump down from the carriage, the battery goes on—in a moment the traces are cut, and tho poor horso loft to die. The carriage, drawn now by five horse*, hurries to rejoin the battery. There, they all go down a hollow, and disappear from view for a moment—the next instant they are up again. Bee I the captain gives a Bign. What a ubangel As if instantly turned to marblo every horse and carriage stops dead short. Then for five secxmds what inextricable coa- fuslonl Horses, men, guns and caliSons together in a horrible jumble—then all is clear again. There back in the hollow, sheltered are the caissons—a little below the bill stands the line of limbers, and here on the crest are the guns. What a metamorphosis I The statuellke cannoneers ore now full of life and excitement! Now a cloud of white eraoke and red flame suddenly shoot* out of the black mouth nearest, a terrible boom rings out, then another and another. Boom I boom I boom I the great mouths yell with horrible delight, and at each boom goes down a wide swath of men in the advancing col-' umn. Boom! boom! boom! they roar In" Joyful glee, and yot at each boom they recoil In horror at their own power. Beyond the enemies' lines, away oft* iu the distance, trees split and fall, and houses collapse at some unseen mysterious power. Everything gives way before the terrible storm of irou missiles thrown out at each boom! boom! boom I The enemy for nn Instant holt, and then reform, on again and charge up the hillside. Will nothing stop tt em! No, they are determined to have tho battery that causes such terrible destruction in their runks, and though with each discharge wide lanes are ojiened in them, they do not falter. The brave can- noneers are falling fast. Quick! "Limber, reorl" Bounds the bugle, while tho long supporting line of infantry rises from the lioli low, and pours volley after volley into the determined foe. Ha! he halts—he is checked I No, that is only temporary disorder. " See, there he comes again, with a yelll Oh! how terrible! Quickl spike the guns! Hand to hand they flght Seo, even as that officer's sword is upraised, the bullet strikes him, and he reels from off his horse. Down goes the horse, kicking and screaming in death agony, lion fighting with baybneU, dubbed muskets, fire their guns la each other's faces, blow off heads of men close by. Blood I Blood! Blood! What is that? Thank Godl The joyful yell in our rear is from a re-enforcement arrived just in time. The enemy sees it, he gives way, there he goes—what Is left of him. That is right; pour volley after volley into him, rush after him; do not leave anyone alive. The guns are safe, but what n scene! There are piles of dead and wounded together. Pools of blood on the ground,'and everything marked with blood. Flies are already settling on the dead. What terrible groans and moans, and praj-era for water. Broken musket*, torn clothes revealing white skin stained with red blood, canteens, haversacks, guidons; cooking tins, connister cartridges, broken wheels, dead horses and men, all together- Look at that moss I Horses with entrails scattered about; human legs and. arms without bodies; bodies with jagged splinters and bones protruding through the flesh. That man's face is already swollen and this one's is turned block. Oh! the despair, the hatred or courage depicted on their countenances! And the strange positions they take—eyes protruding from sockets and tongues from mouths. Oh! it is terrible. One can but shudder and sicken, turn faint and giddy. Yet it is war—the science that brings out the noblest as well as tho worst passions of men, and that is the great civilizer of tho world.— William R Hamilton, U. 8. A., in Outing. POWDER Absolutely Pure, This powder merer raorled. A marvel of pnrttj strength and wholesotnMiess. More economical than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be told IS competition witb the multitude ot low test, short, weight aluntn or phosphate powders. Sold only In cans. HOVAL BAKINO POWDEB Co.. 106 Wall Street, New York. Jaa31d-wl» -Ten little Indians standing in a line One went to Mexico—then there were nine. Nine little Indians:for General Miles laid wait, One was sent to Florida—then there were eight. Eight little Indians some farming lands were given, On-went for Santa Claus Soap—then there were seven. Seven little Indians their wigwams tried to fix, 'Oije washed clothes with Santa Claus Soap—then there were six. Six little Indians by industry did thrive, Santa Claus Soap made one a dude—then there were five.. Five little Indians washed blankets, chairs and floor With Sam* Claus Soap till one was tired—then there were four. Four little Indians used Santa Claus Soap, you see, One washed kettles, pots and pans^—then there were three. Three little Indians found Santa Claus Soap so true, % e went out to buy some more—then there were two. 'o little Indians out washing in the sun, Said Santa Claus Soap will quickly get it done. One little Indian—you all can plainly see, Santa Claus Soap has made him * pale Cherokee. N. K. FAIRBANK ft CO., CHICAGO. ' I' _> ILf • ^V III JCTxi Jdj JE&- JL JLflJ wlf W iff A l>l thfl • rf*"UTEn" - • - ^JraEP - . NEWMARKETS AND CHILDRENS' CLOAKS At one-half former prices. .. A golden opportunity to secure a great Bargain. A. Shirls and Just one-half value, would be cheap at $1.00. BLANKETS AT $1.00 PER FAIR Ooods -A.11 IVo Old Stock CHEAPEST DRY GOODS HOUSE IN STERLING. N. CARPENTER & CO. WHEN YOU TRAVEL Tik. th. Lint iiliettd by tti« United Stttti Gpvtrnmint tu <•» I h« Fat Milli-th. Natural gas dollars, company, one million Vtom SUUedgevllle George Mull, one of our enterprising farmers, baa added to the appearance of his place very much by building a nice barn and corn crib. , Quite a number of the friends of Mr. i and Mrs. E. C. Herrington made thenv a visit on Wednesday evening last-! where an enjoyable time was had. David Headley, an old resident of this place, bat now of ClearQeld, Iowa, ia visiting relatives and friends in this! vicinity. David seemed to think Mil-j ledgevllle bad been putting on airs. . ' Rev. Geo. Scott, of Nebraska, lec^ tared in the M. E. church on .Sunday; and Monday evenings on the subject of temperance. He came In the in terest of the Good Templars and suc-j caeded la organizing a lodge of about! thirty members. A deep Interest ia taken hero in the cause of temper-i anca. > • A party representing a Chicago . nouae baa been taking orders from the' farmers at 85.00 per barrel. Now as the very beat brand of flour can ba bought at that price here, how macbj dotsa the farmer save after paying the! freight? ' Tiie tuit bet*r«e& Sam Furley and Mrs, Isabella Wllaon wag aetU&il toy i&ua pnvlug the costs. : A !»rg*s aUiButir of watua »r« ou tins l lively. Nationality In Beard*. 'An observant friend who hod been examining a collection of faces representing a large number of the public men in the United States, made the following general; conclusions In regard to national types in' the cutting of the beard, which contain more than a grain of truth. "The simple mustache, with the rest of the face clean shaven, U the prevailing American typa," he said. "The old time Yankee chin whisker, like that of tho traditional Uncle Sam, is no longer the national cut. In the name way tha old French type ot the imperial, or heavy mustache and long goatee, has given way in France to the present type of a close cut full beard trimmed to double points on the chin. The. German and Russian national tjjpes are hoary full beards parted at the middle ot the chin. The English type Is a small, ' abort cropped mustache, with small square side growths. The general south Europ«au type of Spain or Italy Is either an entirely clean shaven face or else a very small mustache and goatee crowded close about the month. — Boston Advertiser. To ALP MEMBERS of society: Kemp's Balsam will cureyour distressing cough. We guarantee it. Price 50 cents and 81. Trial size free, druggist. OK A. B.'Hendrick3, 'Bah for the dam. ABKPOE THE ITorelgner* tn Notice a Frenchman, 'or an Italian, or a Spaniard enter a strange restaurant, and see bovr he reveals bis Knropean training as toon as he cro**e* the He raises h!s bat alight};, bows and takea A seat. Thl* little ceremony means La English; "Gentlemen, I am a stranger, but I hope so iDtruder. (l When he hag paid hia •core to tl)« CK*hler, especially if »be b« a dame do comptutr, wt iu hi* own country, to tips Ub tuu, bkU her good da; *ud gro* out l-stu tbo wurld again, leaving a stumy r*y <rf cvurtvsy !M&tel him. TluM» U'tia ttttoaa etxmt tn U>» keg rma.— N«w Tork World. No bones over hip to break. Quickly and perfectly adjust-, ed to the form. Double Bonet Double Steel I Double Baaed WARRANTED. SOLD EVERYWHERE. Sample Duplex Corset by mail, poat-paid, forONBDOlXAB. ^ Bortree Mfg. Co., Jackson, Mich. The Always Hungry Coreaix. A Corean IB always ready to eat; he attacks whatever he meets with, 'and rarely says "enough." Even between meals he wih help himself to any edible that Is offered. The ordinary portion of a laborer : is about a quart of rice, which, when' cooked, makes a good bu&. This, bow- ever, is no serious hindrance to his devouring double or .treble the quantity when he can get it. Eating matches ore common. When an ox is slaughtered and the beef is served up, a heaping bowl ot the steaming mess does not alarm any guest. Dog meat is a common article of food, and the canine sirloins, served, up In great trenchers, are laid before the guests, each one having bis own small table to himself. When fruits, such as peaches and small melons, are served, they are devoured without peeling^ Twenty or thirty peaches is considered an ordinary allowance, whl h rap- Idly disappears. Such a prodigality in victuals is, however, not common, and for one feastShere are many fasti ngK. The Coreans are neither fastidious In their eating, nor: painstaking in their cooking. Nothing goes to wuHte, All Is grist that comes to tho mill in their mouths. — Youth's Companion. . . _ M tt h th« L!n» running Through Tt«ln» to »<f from th» following citin ind towni on la own Un«i: GHIQABO. /AURORA. OTTAWA, BTRtATQB.BDOKFBBrj.DBIPgai, - LAOROSK, IT. PABL,MII»IAf>OLI>, MENDQTA, MORIA, •AUUttM, ST. 10811, fOWOT, KEOKBB, RUIUMTW, WAMIMJ.ML hmdosA, on., i»uiM> >>"Ri">. GKESTOH. >T. JOSEPH ATOHitOM, KANSAS eiTY, NEBRASKA Sin 1 , OMAHA, 60IRBIL IIOH8, IM801NJL DENVER, Making Direct Cor.nectiotb TO AND FROM 'NEW YORK, BALTIMORE, WASRINBTeN, OmOIMRATI.PHllAOUI'HlA.BOSTfll NEW ORLEANS, toUISVILLE, SAN MAIOlSeo. LOS ARBEI.ES, SALTLAKEOITt, COLORABO ABB fia BOAST RESORTS, OITY OF NUXIOO, PORTLARD, OHE80N, «l*RTOBA, For Old ami Young. Tutr* XJver Pill* act M tdwtiy OB t&e cbUd,tta»daU<'i>t« featato o> Infirm oI4 •£«, a* npoui UM v|gmr*u* BUUU The Medicine Some people,- especially among the lower, middle and working classes, are confirmed medicine takers. They read the advertisements of "patent" nostrums, which profess to cure every 111 under the sun from agues to ulcers, and implicitly believe the statements which they contain. The Ignorant medicine taker never pauses to consider tlutt If a tithe of the pretensions so blatantly proclaimed hail any foundation In fact, the existence of cultfviu«xl and learned bodies, »unh aa the college of i>h)sicmti8 and its college of surgeons, would be no longer necessary . Not only does he believe everything which the advertisers toll him, but ho beccmro nn advocate of the rewiiti tu hi* friends, uud thus, like the anuwtkiUl which inan>a.vs ae the •cboolUiv roMs It- iu Iho drift, Uta uijs- chief iu*au*lhly iacreaaM, until In tim« it Time. POINT*. Good Equipment, Good Service, Good For Inhxmrton cono.mlng *. BuHtaftai Route, •o tho Tick* Ag«nt o(<h*C, B. fc <J. « «KMR V B. 8TOH«, (tenant Xuu«xr, V S. M. BEBQHER, PLUMBER, STEAM —AND- GAS FITTER. F-ron, Lead, Culvert . and. Sewer lr*ipe. A Vail JUae at JBr*«a «o«J», Triouatias*. *«•. Pumps aod Pump RepaJn, Gas aud OU Fix lures. WHOP OFJ-OH1TK POST OH VOVBffH HTRliKT L.INK. UKJSlNtt _. ... AM ijssdj pjMtetsy & «t£. SW«%H?«*J ptottfe fitwsrs GOI.D WATCHES AVho ever heard of a man buying « Gold Watch- for 89 cents; and yet a nrm down east had the audacity to head one of their advertising sheets in this manner, and, did ft simply to catch the ?ye of the public. Now, while we don't believe in deception of any sort, Htill we have such an anxiety for a sight of the GREAT EYE Of .THE PUBLIC," That we have been making all this talk simply to get you to looking our way and shall be willing to take yonr punishment, providing we fall to SHOW YOU BARGAINS I Almost equal to Gold Watches for 39 cints. Don't take our word for it but come arid look for yourself, upon the nioat astonishing chance ever shown TO THE PEOPLE | QF 'THIS TOWN, In all sorts of useful, every-day household necessities. Look at these bargains AND COME ANOJ SEE THE REST. Japanned Waiters, from B t425c: Knives, lOc; Butcher Knives 10c- 8t#w Pans, B and lOc; Japanned Foot (scrapers, 100; Tooth Picks, large i>aok- age,5c; Mincing Knives, n and Ipc; Oaipet Tacks, 3. packages' for (fc; .2-liole Mouse Trap Be; 4-Hole Mouse Trap, loc; the most 'fashioHable Neck Scarfs only 2Bo, worth BOc; Fine Parlor Broom , only 2ic, worth 35c; Clothes Pins S doz. for Bo; IB inch Lamp, .complete, I urner and Chimney, only 25o- Lami> Chimney, only Be; and hundreds of oth,er things. Call and see for yoilrself. . . 1O6 Third Street, Sterling, Ills. CA few choice tracts ot land now In tlie bands: ot K. B. Hubbard, located In Iowa and SoutUerm Minnesota, with TITLES WiRRMO PERFECT. Willie many of the lands now owned by specu latora are under a cloud of title. These liuid^: are sold with J'UKKKCT ABSTRACTS. HUrOEH FROM SIX TO TEN DOLLARS PER ACKK. C. I have also a FARM WEST of EMPIRE For sale cheap, on which a good property In BterllSK or Rock Falls will bo taken as part payment. IS'ow ig the time to get good bargains. HAPtt AM» OKSCBIPTIONH Can be had at my oftiee, and cheap tickets to snow western lands. I>«loy* mse JDuscerviu OB T)iea«, Bar. F, B'HTTBBARID Land office opposite M&nnerchor II&ll, Htcrlli H * wa *'tted sir tlsose who read this ui' 0 thensx't; they will Bud hoiiurahlo employment tlutt will not hike Uieiu from Uielr lioiuuauiu! fainllH'*. The profits large and nure lor every Industrious niwiy hate aitnta and we vow makiug hundred dollars a mouth. U Is eaay lor any one to make ISaiut upward* per day, wno tit witling Uiwurk. ElUier »», youog or olil; capital nut n«*l«i; we HaH you. Kveryltanst new. KO 31.K«iil ability required; you, rcaUm, eoadu it is well M any oka. Write to ua at osu'f far full |x*r- Ucuiurt, wtiK--ii tm uuOl tnw. AiMrvsi Wlttcou Co,, I'Ortted, M*te* dwU No. 1. I 1 new haulin and HAS HTAKTBD A dor"" ••' ;pods , dray K and Is prepared to do all kinds ol . Moving houaehqjd goods Aod 'ai ;Melvu7l» Wondera exist In thousand of forms, hut are surpassed by tie nmrveli of InveHtlou. Those who are In need of profitable wortc that can be done while llvlnc at houiHshoum at once »ejnd their address to Hallett & Co Portland. Maine, and receive free, fu I Infimnatloii how either sex, of all ages, can earn from W to $88 iwr day and upwards wherever (hey live, \ou a»e started free; CaplUU not required- Some ha.>e made over $80 in a single day at tills work. All suecued. dwtl E. B. F ACE Y & CO. PLUMBERS, STEAM i GAS TO, H AVE NOW IN THEIR EMPLOY MB. JOHN BUCKLEY, recently In the employ of J. b. Johnston* at number. w"al»o have arrangements with WALTEK A. FACKT. an expert Plumber, BOW with K. Baiwot In the best plumbing establishment in UlilraSo, In case of any ftiw or «»tru work, to aaalst us? We ai« prepared to mats contract* and furnish matt- Hal for «11 work In the Plumbing, Steam and <3aa Klttmg line, and kern In stock Iron, lead ami sewer plp«. brass goods, piimiw, tut., SK. • overy- tliing w os 'found Tu a liret^ljan esUt4tslU>i«uV t we «» now ti a«ir a»d i K o«re T. K. FAi'S Hoio(itcont(e-., will iuperiuUBKl Uit work. MS» qus«tatl.)o« >a u m«chaolc are too well known So need cow- c ' HMUi» Ac* TMJC *^^ ,....

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