The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 21, 1975 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1975
Page 2
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tHt 8RMOSPORT PACTS "" 1.1BXAS, FRIDAY. NOVEMBBR u, i»>$ Schedule travel Wlwn making a trip, plan a schedule that considers the children's regular meal and bed times, advises Ilene Miller, family life education specialist with the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, The Texas A&M University System. Brozoria ministers plan service The Brnzorin Ministers Association is sponsoring n community Thanksgiving service on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. The service will bo held at the United Methodist Church in Urnzoria. The Rev. Ed Hillyer, The Ring that Changes Colors According to Your Moods The Chroma-Stono Ring is a phenomenon It oolps you control your emotions ana plol your desl»iy. Its color changes — ranguKj Irom onyx to sapphire — provide you with an early •varning system for impending changes in your emotional mako-up It's as functional as it s attractive ~ in an artful btond o! sterling stiver with syn!het>c stone. Men's styles also available CHROMU^STONE WOOD ALERT CHART Ctvonwt-Slon* n»9«n(Km yew Mood Ytimng Down. Mix) <s ov« »H»l<Kl Or Strtsa jnd Jt'i-n Pvikn} x Calm. A nomm a.ixxn! o* wrwsovji ccr-f ai • B«*u»d. AI COM. m coo»o o to l NMT eau. An nrw p«,x* « Bit**. Ewryeim; o «i«\ pnaxon. S)oi*n by ippulnlment (Mil) "Happy Holiday" host pastor, will bring the sermon. All the ministers In the association will have a part in the service. The public Is Invited to attend this service with the members of the churches. There will be a fellowship Girl has everything but dates By Abigail Van Bur«n hour following the service. Bicentennial Doll Printed Pattern 9349 I ffT . 'iTT ^j BOY I «!••• DO II Mike Hmtrion history cjix 12" »livt far t eWN! wilh clMi»fti ciwttwes lof IH'i-lnch ! itj'l »nl IJ-incfi bor doll, to nuke of wt'iDi of ijlfi cotlon. 'tit. wool Prirtlfii Pj»«m 9Wi R' ioch Iwfljirl; !t inch boy <toi" Send $1.00 Id! »xK p4tttm. *A) ?5* fw Sind ts Mjf un \tjr1tn Citfecn D«p*ftm«nt 1JJ We«l urn il. New TWK. NY. IMI I .Print NAME. ADDRESS. ItP, SUE AND STYLE NUMBER. 05 I8U kK* ka« (4 lit I titttm Int? Scud «i» far tir in* FjlHftalir fitttn titilif-tllf coopm / tru Mtt*(> »t I«» Slid 75< «««! S«« - bit 8««k SI -25 I«sti9t Ho«(i Crith Jt.DO lasUot fjiiiloa Bssk SI CO a«l SI M OKAR ABBY: Anyona want a wife? I'm and I can't find a guy 1 haven't tad otwi tint* sine* high school. 1*1 me state my qualifications: I ran cook uml b«k* rmlly well. I can MW and make nit my own clothe*, ami ! 'm told I'm the b«tt-<ire*8«d girl at th» office, I h«v« nicn *kln and teeth, and I k«*p my hair in th« most flattering styt* for tn«- I own my own car. color TV, »teno and hav* money in the bank. I love all kind* of tport* and outdoor stiiviU** liVr camping, fmhinx and hiking. 1 am *«lMik*t{ by trvrryone «>. work ami Havti many elosw fri#ml». Know why 1 don't get datw? t w«» told (by on* of th* Ifuyt I work with! It's Wauv |'ni ov*rw*tj{hl> Now Matv you tlarl comlemtung m«, let m« say I am not grimly ntxiie. I have losit *om« wrijfhl, but my doctor <n>^» I <«n t U»« any more b«c«u«* I am a UJ-JJP l>ur*<*I gul I am well'propurtiuned and can pUy tennw fxKtw than rn» tiitn friends Why do guys went thin t?irl»? 1 *m rt*tiy to give up i>IStil?STKI> DEAR DISGUSTED: I don't m«n lu b* unUnd. but pltnijr o( overweight girt* ar* dating up « »<<>fin A wocnan who ha* ait • (Unrtjv*. oulgoiDg pcrwiatlitT gtu Involvtd in acOtritk* (rhareli, p*.4Ufcr«l or »«duntwf 1 i* bound to mm * («llo» who will wnnl to trt b« *K*4B ln.«(r*ci of woadcriog what'* wroag with YOt'. fofgH about yourwlf and coo*»«U«i« on dointf MunrtMng tut K>m«one tUt It will nM t chArming ilimfmiuo U> >our (wficmaUly and «nh*»rc you/ chines DKAit ABHV At th* tim« of out nuftuxe it !<.»••« VMM ajjol I t(»h my hu.tbaml't Mnw Id !* ru> kga! rumr I am an«:u»t »<ul (ml !h4t iny huiinir*! h.jii itv(« r,..'th)n<; u> tntrtt hAving hl» an mo un my wtttk I; in j»'t*.-i!il f»f »r« to havif lu »t|jf«i my flr»l, Ru>kl*« «tuj riutrwi! oanir u«> (u> fwintin<f« wow wh*n I fornwt) U:w»i o«in my dt-jt *r»J makdrft rvam« How d« I jjul R>y aair,"- kf!4i.i> b« - k U> my tn4id*n rvanue? My htntxiixt k,(wj»t t w-.« ?ujr. and h* dt»-»n't ob;n - ! t don't kmj* what Uwy«» cHarg*. !.'«'. ! in Siting is « ari arm »nd > Utg U \t\tnv totnt I(<M!->OU.*>I«|( >!»*,» t c »n 4;^'. ' KATMKH HDAtUHTK!'. DKAR DAUHICrKR: Do it ywua«if Ittal work ran b* th« miMt njwnslvr monfy *«»tng gtmmkk woand Und « lawyer unit pay htm an hon«l f«. DKAK A1IIIV I am marri«<i and hav* A lovely »n uf but I am not sure whkh ring I should put on my Hr*t, my wwldinjf band w my itngagMnifnt ring ri*«»« tvll m* ih* (>rt>t>*f way to w««r my ring* And I hdj* you (>rim tht« b«caUM> I »m «ur* o(h«f *ivr>9 wuiild like l« know, (<KJ Thaok ymj WAITIN(i Dr'AX WAI1 IMi lt»r weddiag baml ««« on th* (!«*« fU«t lh»n the rngagem*nt Hog IT* *4id that the welding ring ihuulti b* »«m do»»»I l<i the h**f( SWlt* litter** S««d it t« Ab4gw4 V«n Uu**« I J,' ffl, HllU. t.'»Uf. *Jil? to* Abi»j * t*o«i,M tdo.«* * First life insurance The hrstl life uaur«(a"« company in the U.S. was fuuntkd in Philsd*Iphia in 17'is, umWr this nam«» o< The Cur per all 00 for HeJjef o( t'wr and ami u( OH- J'wjf »jsd l)i*tre<t.««d Widow* *nd Ouldmt ul J > rr*byi«'run Mi»i»tt*r*. Janice Car frti«iJy resource DANB UR Y NE WSBEA T MR. AND MRS. CLAUDE POOL SR. recently attended th« 20 Year Club barbecue in Freeport and also spent (our days in Kast Texas visiting Lura Fool, Mr. ami Mrs, Kit Coals and Mr and Mrs. Jarm-a Puol. all from SATURDAY WHILE THEY LAST 60" DOUBLE KNITS SOLIDS - FANCIES - NOVELTIES FULL BOLTS & DESIGNER LENGTHS (NO LAYAWAYS) Hours: 30 to 5:30 A Wonderful New World of Fashion Fabrics WORLD OF FABRICS 1229 West Highway 332 Clute 265-6348 Rusk They also visUwl (rtrncU in Jacksonville and stopped in to viitt their Jcrr>- Pool, a patienl in a hospital tlwrr The Tuesday Night Bridge Club met Irm month m the homr o( Btrm* ANN PLANDKK, h»»tes« for the event Marilyn Briggi won hi«h scort. Kay I'nttorsoo, woo midcUc. and (k-aate J'at terson. hyw Abo playing Patsy Peltier. Donna llatthorii. I!igf?i«- 20% OFF on *ome of th« Uteu *tytc» and fatNoni in Udict footwear. ^ Bol/tru K .s t »« ( 1.1'TV. SAVE WATER SAVE MONEY GREENAWAL! PLUMBING, INC ELJER V'*>'^'''.-*iJ.. .^•?«Att.:^^ j-,| $200 CASH BACK AND YEAR-END PRICES ON 75 DODGE PICKUPS. Ifou can still me k of the tJS$S&L^ from Dodge! ^«M«MM0nillflBL ^tr YOU CAN O€T A » JOO RtBATI ON TOP Of LOW YIARINO PUICIS. BoMd on Monulixtwsf i tu^ctixJ >aloil pr>r.».' u 75 Dadg* cotlt l«»t ilx«n o Id fut<1 M cuttonw t g«i o J300 niton No->*mb«> JOlh on any two « l>om padicipaling D»ol«r» YOU CAN OfT THi 8IOOIST PAY LOAD IN THi BUJINf SS, A 75 Dodg* 0100 pickup carritt >r*<» than o iimjlw 76 ford w Chuvy 725 po M<j»imum po/load i» 7. YOU CAN orr oooo OAS MILIAO*. 1975 EPA »ilimoi« ihow Dcdg« p»tkup» vfllh a 775 Slant Six engine 90! 76 mpg on l(w h>Qriv»r/ 16 in city Acluol fnil*ag« may vwy du« lo tood and «>r condition^, driving hobili, and optvont YOU CAN OCT A WIDf SiUOION OF 79 MOOflS KM IMMIOIATI Of UVIRY. Oodfl* build* S2 diH«rtiil kind* ol pickup*. On* will tuil your n*«d», Bwl tupplm ol 75 » at* limited So hurry. SEE YOUR DODGE DEALER FOR THE PICK OF THE PICKUPS. Dodge went LEO MARTIN MOTORS 1309 BRAZOSPORT BLVD. FREEPORT SALES SERVICE PARTS 233-6444

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