The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 28, 1916 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 28, 1916
Page 3
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li TM1 CXILLIGOTHX DAILY CITIZEN VOlUNIfll TRIM THE SOLDIERS C. W. C. SUIVU T H O C X l ' K D OX .UIS- MOntl M I U T A I t V A C A D K J J V . til Riner at right half and Kent at quarter opened the game. They | hand-led their positions like veterans. alter he had crossed the goal line Clark recovering for the locals. It was Mexico's last chance t o score. C. B. c. Kicked off. Mexico r u m - | The ball in play on 20 yard l i n e , i bled on their first down, but recover-1 Harrison kicked. Mexico was fight- ed. On the f o u r t h down they; register- j leg hard. Clark went thru For a 2(ex- ed a n o t h e r f u m b l e and the ball went I loo f u m b l e and Levering carried the- .to the locals. [ ball bade again, being d o w n 6 yards A :}:i t,, o «lpvr Huiuk-il thi; M ll'vys ]-'oi- Tht-ir First Defeat lit the Season. C. 11- C. Clark, It. E. Hancock, R. T. Thornton, II. C-. Schroeder, C. Oxley, L. G. Throckmorton, L. T. Wolfe, L. IS. Kent, ,Q. Riner, II. H- Levering (Capt.; L. I-I. Harrison, F. B. Visitors. Jlayfield, ( C a p t . J R. B. Turner. R. T. Flanuery, R. G. Bushman, C. "\\~eaver, L,. G. Anderson, L.. T. Brickwcll, I,. E. B r o w n i n g , Q. "Wyetu, R. H. Sanderson, L. H. Johnson, F. B Substitutes: c. B. C.--Evans reliev- On their first d o w n C h i l l i c o t h e f u m bled and -were forced to kick on t h s third d o w n . On the next down Mexi. co f u m b l e d again but came back with | f.rom the goal. Harrison split the line to the 1 yard line just as the Q u a r t e r closed. Levering covered the required one a n o t h e r f u m b l e and C. B. C. recover-1 3 ' a r d t o r a t o u ch-do\vn at the start 01 ed the slippery sphere. The game, up Ule r ° ur tn. q u a r t e r and also kicked a to this time, had been very loose, each trlle = o a j - Score -- c - B ' c - 10 - s'de f u m b l i n g on every other play I ico "· practically. Someone remarked that I C ' B ' c - k i c l c e d ° ff - Mexico made I it was a new ball and they all forgot ! first dnvu successfully. They used 1 to spit on it. " tl10 '·"'·"·«-'' ""-- *- --'C. B. C. made first down on hard the forward pass to advantage. San. derson, the plucky soldier q u a r t e r , was i n j u r e d in a line smash. The the hall went to C. B. C. Harrison kicked and the locals recovered the kick. Harrison hit the line for 25 yards. Levering duplicated for 12 line drives and then fumbled on the next play, but recovered. An attempt. ed forward pass failed. Levering was sent t h r u the line for a good gain and on a second a t t e m p t completely pierc. ed the enemy defense, racing down ( the field tor twenty yards. Polly Har- I ^^ ^^ ^°"° Wed £ ° r a n ° t h I rison, up to this time, had'been play-1 _ ,, " ,. ' ~ '°. mg le " a ° n le ing an unusual game-that is-he 12 ^ h " C ' T h e CrOV " d ShoUted hadn't played much, which is unusual. He acknowledged the spotlight however on the next play, car- r y i n g the ball to the eight yard ln:e by a beautiful end r u n . Levering carried the hall f r o m ths eight yard l i n e for the first touchdown of the Same a f t e r only eight minutes of play. He failed to kick goal. Score C. B. C. 0. Mexico 0. Chief Hancock was injured when he tackled a soldier r e t u r n i n g the lo- ed Oxley. Visitors--Rocles relieved cal 's Iciek-off hut refused to leave th e Sanderson; Campbell for B r o w n i n g . Payne for Turner. Quarters: 15 minutes. Officials: Jones, refrce; Phillips, umpire; Lail, head linesman; Strock and Anspaugh, time keepers. A week of severe t r a i n i n g culminated in a gigantic offensive on the part of Magill's C. B. C. squad against the game. The soldiers are beginning to sho-w a little 7nore pep and broke up the C. B. C. l i n e several times for good gains. The locals tightened, however and compelled the visitors to i kick. C. B. C. f u m b l e d on second Idown and Harrison was forced to kick. C. B. C. recovered its own punt ana Harrison attempted two end runs, eac failing to gain much. Levering at- soldier l boys of the Missouri '.Military! t e m p t e d a field goal from the 22 yard Academy Saturday a f t e r n o o n when [ l'«e, which failed by a f o o t . It was many yards of enemy territory was i Mexico's ball on the twenty yard line captured and recaptured, including i ancl tne visitors were making appre- the important position of "score 33."! c ' able gains thru the line as the first f r a n t c a l l y for another touchdown Harrison circled left end for the count. Levering again kicked true goal. Score C. C. B. 20. Mexico G. Clark made another b r i l l i a n t re. covcry of a Mexico furrfble on their own 20 yard line and with only a m i n u t e and a half to go C. B. C. m.ust make 12 yards to gain another score. ( L e v e r i n g caried it to the 2 yard line and Riner followed with a smash thai- put it across. They also kicked go-al. Score--C. B. C. 30. Mexico 6. The locals kicked off and the sol. cliers were making desperate attempts to gain as the referees' whistle announced the close of the game. This was the business college's last game at home for some time. They will meet several strong teams on foreign fields .within the next few weeks. SATURDAY, OCT. 28, 1916. Announcement of Advance in Price In a counter offensive, which at times threatened to develop into a quarter closed. Second quarter opened with ths general combined attack for good | s °l-diers pressing- hard. They made gain, the Mexican soldiers were able ' Hrst down by hard line drives and only to pierce a small p o r t i o n of Ft.! then failed on t\vo attempted passes. Score, penetrating with success "score I They were forced to kick, C. B. C. C," a sxiburb o f t h e main o b j e c t i v e . ' recovering on their own 20 yard line. Correspondents who viewed the gen- j Harrison p u n t e d to safety, the sol{ e.ral movements from a vantage p o i n t ! 3' ei ' s recovering in the center at the | agree that C. B. C. displayed the field- The visitors again started'| greater force, altlio numerically even, t h e i r offensive tactics, making " f i r s t ' and were--tar superior in physical trim to the invading forces. All of which is true to our hest Itnowledge and belief. It was an ideal day for a fottball game and the sidelines were j a m m e d ·with spectators. The a n n o u n c e m e n " that Green, C. B. C. quarter, and Black, right h a l f , were not to partici- It was an ideal day for a football over the crowd for a few m i n u t e s u n pate in theJ-game, cast a jinx cloudy down. They vrere playing frantically JUDGM FOR YOURSELF Which is Better--Try an Experiment r profit by a Chillicotlie Citizen's Experience. Something new is an experiment. Must bo proved to be as represented. The statement o f ' a manufacturer is not convincing proof of merit. But the endorsement of friends it. Now supposing you had a bad back, A lame, weak, or aching- one, Would you experiment on it? You will reafl of many so.called- cures. Endorsed by strangers from far. ' to even matters up. Successful line j away places. smashes were followed by a complete forward pass to the forty yard line. Browning, the fast Mexico quarter, made a brilliant end run f r o m the | ·JO yard- line for a touchdown. In kicking out however, the soldier who received the ball overstepped and they -were not allowed to ti~y for a goal kick. Score--C. B. C. C. Mexi- C. B. C. received the kickoff and attempted a forward pass which fail- It's different when the endorsement comes from. home. Easy to prove local t e s t i m o n y . Read this Chillicothe case: J. N. Ridgeway, retired tanner, C'hillicothe, says: "I had a weak and p a i n f u l back. I suffered from sharp i pains through the small ot my back and it was a hard job to do heavy work of any kind. I was weak, tired out and nervous. Doan's Kidney Pills always removed the trouble in good ed. Harrison kicked to -mid-field Again the visitors 'Started their drive, j they brought However it was not for long. Riner, mend them. order and f r o m the beneficial results me, I highly recom- TAKE YOUR Optical Question -- TO -MACDONALD T W E N T Y A KNOWN FOR OVER Y . E A R S QUANTITY, in the successful correction of DEFECTIVF VISION and Eye Strain. Mod era methods. Reliable Service Reasonable Price. A.B.MacdonaW BAST SIDE SQUARE Mr. F. F. Cooper, represent- Injr the Troy Laundry Machinery Co., of Chicago, while In town last week visiting the S U P E R L A U N D R Y said, "This is the most up-to- date Laundry, doing the most nearly perfect work that I have seen in many days." Mr. Cooper was In the laundry business himself In Chicago for a number of years.--Adv. A. W. OILS STO'JS Giiiliicotlie, 'Bio. Offlcs SS'J. we*. Set m. to 5 f. ra. M.W. LITTON EXCLUSIVE FUXKRAlj LIVERY Special calls made for Parties arid Balls. Phone «-i3. ftHICHESTER S PILLS Uj_,~ ^ THE 1IAJIOKP CKA.M1. A ' v ~' the new C. B. C. half who had been playing a great game, stole a Mexico forward pass, carrying the ball "back j ten yards before he was stopped. Harrison followed with a fifteen yard gain a r o u n d l e f t end and Levering added ten more thru the line. The soldiers were penalized fifteen yards for being off side. Einer split the line tor a good gain but was peualiz. I ed for hurling-. The soldiers stole a C. B. C. pass hut were again penalized for being off side. First half up. The second quarter was a : cc quarter with points greatly - in their favor. Chief Hancock received the visitors kickoll at the start of the third quar. ter and made a sensational return. Levering hit the line for a long gain and made first down when he duplicated the feat on. the next play. Mexico tightned and Harrison was forced to kick. Magill handed his squad a lot of Billy Sunday gestures and administered a liberal dose of pep in verbal form between the halves to remedy his team's failure to show the right offensive spirit in the second quarter. They were showing the effect of the intermission's entertainment. The locals gathered in a soldier fumble on the 20 yard line and Levering and Harrison followed with serier of line smashes. A serious mishap followed when Levering car ried the sphere across the goal line 31 only to fumble, a. soldier pouncing « j o n the hall, racing to the 25 yard line. Encouraged by this streak of freak luck, 'Mexico smashed the loca! line for several good gains. However, the soldiers fumbled, the ball being gobbled up by Clark. Harrison gained 5 yards in a line plunge, placing the ball on the 15 yard line. Again a local carried the ball across the goal line, only to fumble it on the other side, but a lucky recover by Clark- saved the touchdown. C. B. C. failed to kick goal. Score--C. B. C. 12 Mexico 6. The ball in play again, Chillicothe had moved it down the Held to within 15 yards of their goal line, when a f u m b l e on their part was recovered by Sanderson who made 3 brilliant run across the entire field. Riner bumped him hard near thr gop.l line, but was unable to hold the wirey soldier quarter. However. Riner's tackle had unbalanced the soldier runner who fumbled the hall Price 50c at all dealers. Don't simply ask for a kidney r e m e d y -- get Doau's Kidney Pills -- the same that Mr. Ridgeway had. Foster-Milburn Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y. We beg- to announce that on January first the price of the Cole Eight will have to be advanced. Since our previous announcement there have been enormous increases in the cost of materials. We could lower the quality and sacrifice the high standard for which Cole is famous. But we will not. The Cole Eight will continue to be built of the same high grade materials. Consequently, we must raise the price. So now is the time to buy your Cole while the present prices remain unchanged. An order placed now for the Cole Eight is an excellent investment. x. Come in and have a demonstration. PRESENT FRICES 1 Passenger Cole Eiftht Touring Car . . $1595 4 Passenger Cole Eijjh t Roadster . . . $1595 Seven Passenger Colc-Springficld Toursedaa $2195 Four Passenger Cole-Springfield TourcoupS . $2195 All prices f. o. b. factory .Removal Notice. C. -H. Crager and W. L. Gillidette having bought out the vulcanizing plant of the Chillicothe Motor Co. have moved the plant to SOS E. Webster St. They are now prepared to do all kind of vulcanizing on tubes and-casiugs and repair work on ForJ cars. They will carry a complete line of accessories, tires and tubes All work and 'parts guaranteed to give satisfaction. Your business will be appreciated. 23-6 Chillicothe Vulcanizing Co. C h i l d r e n Cry FOR FLETCHER'S O A S T O DOMT LET THIS A Jams AlltO Supply Co., Distributors Cole Motor Car Company, Indianapolis, U. S. A. Belter QuaiiS; Larger Quantity To a greater degree than you havs ever beforeexperianeedwi'.i the daily brushing of your teeth become ^z. leasure if you nse this truly delicious and refreshing antiseptic dentifrice. 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Jess Hasten NORTH SIDE SQTJARE Over Heger's Restaurant. , . and healthy, neutralizes acidity anil keep lean, white and beautiful. pa?to tv-iy sr. ci.ey b^-:-c if VL- ;eeth c . Get this larger tube of better tooth give your mouth a £-lad surprise. Vour m say EO. RJCE ALLEN Proprietors "The San-Tox Drug Store" Phone 552 70S Washington St. Farm Loans -at 5 per cent Interest Prior Payment Privileges Gill ®» Ryan North Side Square F.A. Meinershagen Son Funeral Directors New Way Licensed Embalmers Day Phone 397 Night 3O1 FRANK B. NORMAN SAM M. JARVIS Norman Jarvis ITOMK EMBALMERS and FUNERAL DIRECTORS , Day Phone 417 ! Night Phones 153 - 569 Dr. W. R. Simpson Practice Devoted to General Medicine 25 Tears Experience In Disease of ] the BYE, EAR and GLASS FITTING Calls Answered Day and Night TELEPHONE 35 Office * Residence--415 E. Webster CHILLICOTHE, MO. THE OSTEOPATH Dr. T. G. Phelps Offace in Guiiby Bldg. «KJ. Stairway norm ot ixeper Hoasr -- UttlJ-JjlCOTHE, MISSOURI -PHONES Resit'^nnw 2CTI9: Office 1-43 Calls answered promptly nay o^ night

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