Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 20, 1977 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, December 20, 1977
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las , Texas \l .***, ,>,«*. . 1 in U. S. broiler production, and Hempstead the No. 5 county. OurDaily Bread Sliced Thin By The Editor Alex H. Washburn 20-year report on the first killing frost For 20 years we have been keeping a record of the first killing frost in Southwest Arkansas, this year's report having been delayed due to the editor's being hospitalized at Dallas in October and November. The first killing frost this year was on Nov. 10, with a low reading of 29 degrees, the Fruit & Truck Branch Experiment Station advises us. This is about par for the Southwest Arkansas course, the following table showing that our growing season almost always ends in November. The earliest frost on record in our 20-year table was on Oct. 20,1966, with a low reading of 32 degrees. Here is the 20-year report: 1958—Nov. 7, 32 degrees 1959—Nov. 6, 25 I960—Nov. 11, 22 1961—Oct. 27, 31 1962—Nov. 4, 30 1963—Nov. 14, 23 1964—Nov. 20, 29 1965-Oct. 25, 27 1966—Oct. 20, 32 1967—Nov. 4, 27 1968—Nov. 9, 32 1969-Nov. 5, 29 1970—Nov. 16, 20 1971-Nov. 10, 32 1972—Nov. 22, 29 1973—Nov. 11, 30 1974—Nov. 15, 25 1975—Nov. 13, 32 1976-Nov. 5, 25 1977—Nov. 10, 29 Pope Paul condemns violence WASHINGTON (AP) - Pope Paul VI, in his annual message of peace, today condemned violence and terrorism which he said are "becoming habitual" in the world. "Violence is not courage," said the pope, who last October offered himself in exchange for 86 hostages held by terrorists aboard a hijacked German airliner. The hostages were freed shortly afterward by a German commando squad. Rather, Pope Paul said, violence is "the explosion of a blind energy that degrades the person who gives in to it, lowering him from the rational level to the level of passion." The pope's message was issued for the World Day of Peace, which is observed annually by the Roman Catholic church on Jan. 1. The theme of the 1978 observance is "No to Violence, Yes to Peace." The pope's message was released today in Rome and here in Washington by the U.S. National Conference of Catholic Bishops. In his message, the pope stressed "the absurdity of modem war and the absolute necessity of peace." Again voicing the church's opposition to abortion, he said a commitment to peace requires a commitment to human life at all stages of development. "In our 'yes' to peace there rings out a 'yes' to life," he said. Hope Home of the Bowfe Knife Star VOL. 79—NO. 57 —10 Pages Member of the Associated Press Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Features HOPE. ARKANSAS For Period o*...|r.9/;* 4,560 *..4r. 9/,?< 4,502 Tt'KSIMY, DKCKMBKK 20. 1977 Av. net paid circulation 6 months ending Sept. 30 ft7'7-4S» As filed with Audit Bureau of ClmifcUons. subject to audit. PRICK Slaye rfo Hows 'winter pattern' BIRMINGHAM, Mich. (AP) — The winter is an uneasy time for 35 detectives on the Oakland County homicide task force. That is when the killer comes. Nine months ago, the body of 11-year-old Timothy King was found in a ditch, the fourth local child murdered over the past two winters. "The last abduction occurred without any snow on the ground," said Sgt. Joe Krease, assistant director of the task force. "But we do have a pattern. And that pattern shows that our man is active only in the winter." SS bill signed into law WASHINGTON (AP) -President Carter today signed into law a bill that sharply Increases Social Security taxes for 107 million American workers in an effort to keep the huge pension system solvent into the 21st Century. Carter said the law, which will mean higher payroll taxes starting in 1979 for all workers who contribute to Social Security, was wise legislation despite the tax increase. In the 1979-1987 period alone, the new law will cost taxpayers an extra $227 billion. "It focuses the increased tax burden, which was absolutely mandatory," on those most able to pay for it, Carter said before he signed the bill with two green pens at a ceremony in the Treaty Room of the Old Executive Office Building, next door to the White House. For higher-paid workers and their employers, the maximum Social Security tax will increase over the 10-year period from $965 a year to $3,046. By 1987, the average worker, who now earns about $10,000, will be paying about $2.50 a week more than under current law, assuming his wages grow with the rest of the economy. Experts say the tax increases will assure enough money to continue paying pensions through at least 2007. Social Security checks now go out each month to 33 million retired or disabled workers and their dependents. Experts have been warning for years about Social Security's financial condition. Without more money, they say, the fund for disabled workers would have gone bankrupt by 1979 and the old-age fund bv 1983. " The problems are attributed to a declining birth rate and high unemployment, which have cut payroll tax collections, and on inflation and the action by Congress in 1972, which resulted in an unexpected increases in benefits. Prosecutor warns: sale of smut is a violation Prosecuting Attorney Jim Gunter said Monday that several complaints have been received concerning the sale of obscene literature. Gunter pointed out that Arkansas Statute 41-3553 provides that sale, circulation, attempted circulation, offering for sale, keeping or exposing on a newsstand or other place of sale any obscene, vulgar or indecent papers, books or periodicals of any kind in which is illustrated any indecent or vulgar pictures is a misdemeanor and that any person selling circulating, attempting to circulate or offering for sale or keeping or exposing that type of material on any newsstand or other place of sale may be convicted and fined not less than $100 nor more than $500 or imprisonment in the county jail for not less than 30 nor more than 60 days on a first offense conviction. Complaints he has received, the prosecuting attorney said, includes selling of alleged obscene literature to minors on at least one occasion, and further that complaints allege that obscene material is being displayed and sold in several Hope businesses. Gunter said he is requesting that businesses in Hope make themselves aware of the law set out above. Farmers to continue pickets LITTLE ROCK TAP) — Ar- nonbi In th* um» n^v »~,« ... •*• On Monday, police put together a new composite drawing of the man they think they are hunting, after they located and interviewed a wcman from this Detroit suburb who telephoned them with a description last March but did not leave her name. Police said the woman, who was not identified, called last spring to say she had seen a man resembling composite drawings released on March 16, the day Timmy King disappeared. The boy was found dead a week later in a ditch in Livonia. He had been sexually molested and suffocated. The woman told police the man she saw was sitting in a blue Gremlin parked on a side street near the Birmingham elementary school Timmy attended. She saw the man twice the day the youngster disappeared, near the school and later leaning against a blue Gremlin in a supermarket parking lot. The King boy was last seen at 8:30 p.m. in the same parking lot. At least two other witnesses linked the suspect to the lot. One saw a boy fitting Timmy's description talking to a man leaning against a late model blue Gremlin. State police Lt. Robert Robertson, director of the task force, said he thinks the new composite is an improvement over past ones. "We feel comfortable with this picture," Robertson said. "This one really looks like a person. With this we might be able to identify the man. "Now we put the man and the car together," he said. "It might not necessarily be a blue Gremlin. It could be another blue car like a Honda." Robertson said detectives have cleared 2,600 of the more than 8,000 blue Gremlins registered in Michigan. Officers say they believe the killer is a white man between 25 and 30 years old, weighing between 150 and 170 pounds. They believe he abducts children, plays house with them for up to 19 days, and then kills them. His victims — three smothered and one shot in the face — were well-fed, clean and warmly clothed during their captivity, police said. Timmy had been washed, dressed and fed his favorite meal — fried chicken — before he was slain, police said. The first killing was that of 12-year-old Mark Stebbins on Feb. 15,1976. Then followed the slayings of Jill Robinson, 12, on Dec. 22, 1976; Kristine Mihelich, 10, on Jan. 2, 1977; and Timmy King on March 23,1977. Only the two boys were sexually molested, police said. LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Ar kansas farmers say they will continue their picket lines at four major food distribution centers in the Little Rock area around the clock at least through Wednesday. The pickets went up Monday at Uttle Rock and at other points in the state. Farmers passed out leaflets to passing motorists at some ponts in the Uttle Rock area. The leaflets explained the farmers' position and their goal of 100 percent parity. Truck drivers for tine various companies went through the pickets Monday, but a few Independent truckers did not cross the lines at the Kroger and Rands' warehouses at North Uttle Rock, according to fann- ers at the Jicene. A spokesman for the Teamsters union said the Teamsters had not recognized the farmers strike and currently were not honoring the picket lines. However, A.H. Allen said the union might decide later to honor the strike. Allen said the Teamsters office at Uttle Rock had recleved a number of calls from union members asking if they should honor the picket lines. Asked what the truckers were told, Allen said, "I'd rather not say." Although there were several confrontations between pickets and employes at the warehouses, the demonstrations generally have been peaceful. Picket lines also were formed at storage terminals along the Mississippi River from Osceota to Cape Glrardeau, Mo., and at the Southerland Division of Banquet Foods at Batesville. "We'll be here tomorrow (Tuesday) and the next day after that until we shut 'em down," said a farmer walking a picket line at the CargiU Corp. soybean milling plant just north of Osceola. Hope's ESD office brightened up By BILLY BURTON Star Staff Writer People asking "What's new?" around the Arkansas Employment Security Division office in Hope had better be prepared for a sit-down dissertation. To wit: —Teddy Jones, longtime Hope resident, stepped down as head of the local office for more than 30 years, and Mike Dolle stepped in as area manager this September. —A $15,000-plus facelift has given the aura of a brand new building, complete with storage space, a new flag pole and a computer system that should speed the filing of claims. —Area offices are being Inundated with school teachers asking for unemployment compensation applications, ns many are, for the first time this year, actually eligible for benefits during their Christmas vacation. The Arkansas Employment Security Division Office is the bright red brick building located at 700 S. Elm In Hope. Since its recent renovation and expansion, still not 100 percent complete, U now comprises some 6,400 square feet, as opposed to 1,900 In the old building. Not Including the additional furniture, computers, etc., the cost of cxpaslon, renovation Is estimated by the new area manuffcr Dolle to be some —Hope (Ark.) Star photo by Billy Burton Area manager Mike Dolle and renovated Employment Office Defense chiefs meet in Egypt CAIRO (AP) - The defense ministers of Israel and Egypt met today at an airport near Alexandria, Egypt, the official Middle East News Agency said. It was the first reported cabinet-level meeting between the two countries since President Anwar Sadat's historic visit to Israel a month ago. The news agency, which did Coleman is injured A Hope man was injured in a two-car accident here Monday, but was released from Memorial Hospital following treatment. The man, Billy R. Coleman, 25, was the driver of a vehicle that collided with a vehicle driven by Lou Freda Coleman, 62, of Hope. The mishap occurred at the intersection of North Hervey and Avenue B. Mrs. Coleman was charged by Officer Rusty Paul with failure to yield right-of-way. The accident occurred at 4:40 p.m. Earlier in the day, Herbert Griffen, 44, of Hope, and Melvln D. Kidd, 35, also of Hope, were involved in an accident at 608 South Elm, while the cars were pulling into and out of their driveways. The two vehicles collided, but no injuries were reported, and Officer David Melton did not file charges. not cite its source, said Israel's Ezer Weizman and Egyt's Abdel-Ghani Gamasy met at Gianaclis airfield. Gamasy is also deputy premier. "MENA learned that the meeting took place at Welz- man's request," the report said. No further details were given. The reported meeting came as the two countries prepared for Sunday's Christmas summit. between Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menahem Begin In the city of Ismailia, Egypt, alongside the Suez Canal. Sadat went to Ismailia Monday to oversee the preparations for the meeting. The official Middle East News Agency said the meeting Sunday — which happens to be Sadat's 59th birthday — was expected to last only a few hours. If Sadat and Begin can narrow their differences, one senior Egyptian official said, the current Israeli-Egyptian negotiations in Cairo will be upgraded to the foreign-minister level and Egypt will send a second invitation to Syria, Jordan, Ubanon, the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Soviet Union to join them. The Russians and Israel's other Arab neighbors refused Sadat's earlier invitation to attend the Cairo talks. on the inside The "Dawson Five" felt thtir first full day of freedom in nearly two yeart today after a south Georgia prosecutor admitted he could not convict the young black men of murdering a white ranch foreman. Murder and robbery charges against all fiva will be dropped. Story on page 5. President Carter said today the tax plan he expects to unveil early next year will reduce taxes for all taxpayers, despite the increase in what they will pay for the Social Security program. Story on page 2. CITY S(/ltSCI(lltl-;i(S:'lf you f.iil lo n-ci-ivt- yom-'h'liir, pIciiM- [ilioiii> 777-1UHI Ix'iurcn 6 iiiul 6:.'JO p.m., Sittur-, <l»iy» Ix-twccu ,'J:,'J<) uncl <1 p.m., mid n mirier will deliver your pnpi-r. I'lciiM- <|» not cull licforr tin- lime lin«'<|. Obituarties 2 Women's News 3 Dear Abby ;j Sports 5 Comics 6 Classified 8 Features 10 DAYS TO CHRISTMAS $155,000. Where were the staff members while the reconstruction took plncc? Right In the office. "The Jackhnmmcra, etc., didn't make for too pleasant a surrounding," Dole remarked, as he sat in his new office Monday. His office Is still without n telephone—they shoould be In within the week. The spacious, modern designed office still appears a bit crowded, but much Is due to the storage areas Just now being complete. Hope Is the homo office for this area—comprised of Hempstend, Nevada, Pike, Howard, and Sevier Countiea. Smaller out-posts are manned In Prescott, DeQueen and Nashville. The reconstruction and renovation began In June. Hopefully, open house will kickoff right after the first of the year. The new manager, Mike Dolle, Is quite pleased with the operations in Hope. He feels he has a good staff, and does not look for expansions In It right away, despite the new additional space. From Newport, where he supervised the Work Incentive Program, he Is married, and he and his wife Jennl have a three- year-old daughter, Diana. The Hope unemployment picture, Dollesald, Is far better than most of the rest of the state. The highest unemployment figures in the area served are In the portions of Lafayette county served. Where Hope's unemployment figure stays around the five percent figure, around - Lafayette County, the figure is almost 8 percent. The new building, Dolle said, will allow the department to provide better and more expedient services. The school situation Is another matter entirely. It seems the federal government, In an effort to provide unemployment compensation for those employees laid off from employers that do not pay unemployment Insurance into the fund, inadvertantly provided for professional instructors to be able to file and draw unemployment wages anytime school lets out for days they would normally work— i.e., Christmas vacation (about two weeks), Spring break, etc. The three things necessary to draw unemployment for teachers are, according to Dolle: —to be unemployed and seeking employment (If they are not in the classroom, they are considered unemployed) —not to be in a pay status (this Is true in teachers' cases, as most all have their salaries pro-rated on a basis of only being paid for 175 or so days out of the year). (Continued on Page Two) Quake in Iran kills 300 TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - An earthquake rocked an area 430 miles south of Tehran before dawn today, killing 300 persons and injuring at least 500, Iran's Red Cross said. Casualties were expected to rise since the quake hit while villagers were still in bed, rescue sources said. Temperatures in the area were below freez- ing. The epicenter of the quake was put at Kooh-Khanook, near Zarand Kennan. At least three villages - Babtangal, Glsk and Sarasiyab-Bagh were reported completely demolished Rescue workers were setting up tent villages outside the demolished towns. Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavl ordered dozens of giant military C-130 cargo planes loaded with blankets, tents, food and medical supplies to fly to the region to assist the victims. The latest quake hit a remote region between foothills of the nearly two-mile high Kooh-Kerman mountain, Iran's third tall, est, and the Lut Desert in central tan.

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