The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 28, 1914 · Page 21
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 21

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 28, 1914
Page 21
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Sunday Morning, June 28,1914. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Twenty-one IT. C. Buxton Gets Share of Minion Company. SALES OF RESIDENCES T. L. Corley Buys for $3500. Houses The total real estate transfers ana mortgages recorded Che past week follow: BY YEAR3. Transfers last week IS 130,775 Same time last year 84 86.520 MortgaRes last week 10 24.251 Same time last year 31 72,065 Farm transfers list week .... I 8.500 Came time last year 5 40MO City trans'ers last week 17 27,275 Same time last year SB M.510 . . 2.67S.372 1.401 873 1.482 71T . 1.254. 5S» 708 542 1,305 T81 52.S23 113,022 SSO 77.1 30.255 24,254 60,162 BY PERIODS. Transfer 26 weeks 573 Same timo last year 7.VJ MortaKaes, 26 weeks 7'8 fiame time last vear 735 City transfers. 26 weeks ... 45ft Bflme tirre last year 57R Farm trasfers. 26 weeks .... *0 £nme time last year ISO Village tralnsfers. 2fl weeks. 33 B»me time last year 57 BY WEEKB. Transfers last week 18 Previous week 18 Mortgages la«t week If Previous ueek 35 VM'ag* transfers last week .. .. Pre\ lous ^ eek 3 MONET MARKET. Aierage Interest rate last week «00| Average Interest rate previous week 5 !H A^crare Interest rate last year COS Of the money loaned $1,000 was at 5 per cent. !~J.iflf at « per cent, and S1.1M at 7 pp- cent $19,401 was loaned on city property. J3.7R3 on farm propem, and f 1,000 on vlliag- property. Hot weather was the reason assigned again by real estate dealers Saturday to the lack of real estate deals. Several claim they have good sized deals under way but none completed. P. W. Wertz sold to William H. V" -tz, a ten room, practically new and modern house, occupied by Commissioner Charles Becker In the 700 block East Cleveland avenue. It Is on a lot 43 bv 150 and Is a brick house. The pure!- riser got It for Investment at |«,000 SELLS TWO COTTAGES. Aurust Rohner sold to T. U Corley. two old and not modern five room cottages on a lot «0 by 160 In the 100 block West Washington street, the purchaser setting them for investment at $^ 500. W. B. Long -gold to Alice !U Huffaker. a five room, practically new house on a lot 40 by 120 at 508 East Grand avenue the purchaser getting It {or a home at (3.000. ROT MINSON BUYS. T. C. Buxton sold to Roy Mlnson. a tract 100 by 170 feet In Elm Park addition north of the city. There Is a three room, practically new but not modern house on tbll place. The purchaser got the property for Investment at (1,000. Be put In as part pay his share In the Utn*oa company confectionery store. J. W. Stroh laid to John Browning a regular city lot In the 1400 block East Sanjramon street for fMO. The purchaser will erect a home there. moving here from out of the city. Elwood Boone sold to C. A. Vardini, his home, a six, room, not modern house, built about four years ago. on a lot of 50 by 150 at 1060 St. Lou If avenue. The purchaser gets the place for a home. No purchase price Is given. DEEDS RECORDED. M A. Hlckey to Mary E. Hartneas, lot 1, block C. Oakley; $75 T P. Murphy to C. A. Elltoit, lot I. Mor- Iston addition, II 00 W E. tons to Alice L. Kuffaker, lot M, Crowder Roberts' addition. «3,000. J. W. KNOWLTON WRITES OF FARM John W. Knowlton, formerly a Wabash engineer and well known In Decatur, Is now on a farm near Brooklyn, Mich. An Interesting letter was iecetved by The Review from Mr. Knowlton Saturday In which he says In part: "It has been very dry here for some time, and very hot as well, crops axe looking very good, however, and every one Is busy setting In hay and cultivating corn. Nearly all corn is plant- el here with the hand planter. It Icoks funny to ee e man walking through the fields planting In this .way. We are picking and putting up cherrie* today. Wa s haying yesterday and have more to out. Potatoes and melons look fine. Sweet corn looks fine. "We are up at 4:30 in the morning and at It all day. It Is fine to get out at that hour and get the morning air. Well I must stop and get busy. Tours truly, "J. W. KNOWLTON." FUSCH SIGNS FOR MT. ZION ROADS Contract Made Saturday (or Flftr- Elcht Board*. Highway commissioners In Mt Zlon township yesterday made a contract with W. A. Fusch for his sign board maps for their township. There will be fifty-eight signs. Mr. Fusch will make them of cast Iron and deliver them to the commissioners, who will themselves put them up. This makes three townships In Macon county that have contracted for the signboards, Mt. Zlon, Wheatland. , and Macon. There Is a possibility that I Decatur township will make a contract, as the highway commissioners are taking much Interest In the board. MISS FAHAY BRIDE OF ALBERT ALLEN Miss Margaret A. Fahay and Albert A. Allen will be marled at St. Patrick's Catholic church Monday morning at 7 o'clock. _ GET IT AT BELL'S. We buy only the VERY BEST QUALITY of rubber goods made. There are a few folks who want a poor quality, but most folks are looking for THE BEST. We have it at CUT PRICES. Call and examine the best line of rubber goods in the city. WEAREVER, combination hot water bottle and syringe. Regular $2.50, 2 qt., cut price $2.00 Regular §2.75, 3 qt., cut price $2.25 CHALLENGE, combination hot water bottle and syringe. Regular $2.00, 2 qt., cut price $1.50 Regular $2.25, 3 qt., cut price $1.60 CHALLENGE Fountain Syringe. Regular $1.00, 2 qt., cut price 90c Regular $1.25, 3 qt., cut price $1.00 WEAREVER Hot Water Bottles. Regular $2.00, 2 qt., cut price 1 $1.50 Regular $2.25, 3 qt., cut price $1.60 WEAREVER Fountain Syringes. Regular $2.00, 2 qt., cut price $1.50 Regular $2.25, 8 qt., cut price $1.60 RUBBER GLOVES. A fresh stock of the CHALLENGE line. Regular 75c quality cut to 50c All the popular Laundry Soaps, 4c per bar. Quick Free Delivery. Both Phones. Use your phone or your neighbor's phone. Cor. N. Main and North. Opposite The Keview. You can always do better at Bell's. 7283 ZOO acres well improved, within 10 miles of Decatur. f 175.00 Jper acre. Improved 240 acres in Hamilton Co., 111. Valley land, clear lit incumbrance. 2 good west side properties. ' One 5-room, one 7-room. For on payments--small payment down. DECATUR REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE. 317-18 Citizens Bank Bldg. 1003; Old phone 3662. " 7284 PERSPECTIVE VIEW-FROM A PHOTOGRAPH, This dwelling was built in Minnesota. Aa for arrangement of floor plan, this la one of the most cozy bungalows that the architect has ever designed The photograph and floor plan sho^v what a convenient, complete, com fortable and well arranged design it Is There Is a full basement, 7 feet t Inches in the clear; first story, 9 feet ·' inches; second story chambers wi! finish 8 feet in the Size o house, 36 feet wide ami 44 feat dei 1 over the main part, finish throug' out first story red gum or red on 1 birch or white maple floors throur out; gum finish in second story. O to build, exclusive of heating at plumbinp. W «" guardian, will have possession of the camp. ON VACATION Miss Pratt, general secretary, leaves Tuesday evening lor her vacation. She goes first to Detroit, then to Campbell, N. Y. She will return to Decatur Sept. 1. Miss Margaret McCague and Miss Laura Durkee will have charge of the association office during her absence lopf¥ FUSCH Nsw Chinese Minister to the United States K. F. SHAH. --Copyright by Bain Xews Service. This Is K. P. Shah, the new Chinese minister to the United States. He arrived by way of Europe on Sunday and stopped In New Torte before going to Washington. Mr. Shah brought Mrs. Shah and four children. The minister was dressed In American clothing and so were all the children, except the baby. Mrs. Shah wore her native dress. Mr Shah lived in New Tork for a number of years as Consul General. He speaks excellent English and his eldest boy also speaks our language. Will Be Held at 5 o'clock Tuesday at Church. In Decatur Township--Bills Allowed. There have been no further arrangements for the funeral of Judge W. C. Johns than those announced in Satur{ day's Review. The body will arrive ] from San Francisco about 10 o'clock | Monday night, accompanied by Corwln H. Johns, nephew of ths judge, who will meet the body at Kansas City, Mo Walter H. Mills, J. R. -Fitzgerald, I. A Buckingham and W. K. Whltfield. the committee from the Macon County Bar association, will meet the body at St Louis. The funeral will be held at 5 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at the First Presbyterian church. The Bar association will attend in a body. The interment will be in Greenwood. SAMUEL M ROBERTS. The funeral of Samuel McRoberts was held at 2:30 Saturday afternoon a tthe family residence, 3DS North Franklin street There was a large attendance. An unusual large number of older residents of the city were present. There were many beautiful floral tributes. The services were conducted by Rev. W. D Stires, rector of St. John's Episcopal church. The music was by members of the bos' vested choir of the church The flowers were in charge of Miss Luclle M. Bragg, Miss Margaret McRoberts and Mrs. Sawyer The pallbearers were the t\\o sons, the two biothers and the two sons-in-law. They were John R McRoberts James S. McRoberts, DaUd McRoberts, Hugh McRoberts, James W. Bradfleld and Frank Klnhart The Interment was in Greenwood. MRS. CATHERINE L WOOD. The funeral of Mrs. C a t h e r i n e L. Wood, widow of F. M. Wood, was held at 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon at thr family residence, 126 West Wood street. The services were conducted by Rev E M A n t r i m , pastor of the IMrst Methodist church, assisted by Rev. J. N, McDonald, former pastor of the Presbterian church at Maroa. There was a large attendance. Many of the old residents of the city who had known the family for many years were present. Many b e a u t i f u l floral tributes were sent. The music was furnished by a quartet composed of Mrs. Corydon C. Nicholson, Mrs. W. Roy Essick, Arthur Van Clove and W. W. Doane The flowers were in charge of Miss Alice Shupp, Miss Sophie Hallaclc and Mrs. F. P. Roach. The pallbearers were Charles T. Kellam. O B. Gorin, W. M. Bishop, J. W. McClelland, J. F. Roach and H. B. Wise. The interment was In Greenwood. At the meeting of the highway commissioners Saturday afternoon the board settled with I. T. May for the township's share ot the expense of grading the approaches to the bridge on South Side drive, and allowed other bills, the total amount being Jl,332.30. The commissioners are now regravel- Ing a mile of the Rea bridge road west of the Lutheran cemetery. MAT ADOPT BOARDS. The members of the board are thinking seriously of adopting the Fusch guide boards for road crossings In Decatur township. All who have seen the new board declares it the best ever invented. Many of them are being sold all over the state, and there is a feeling that the home of the Inventor should be the first to adopt them The bills allowed Saturday are as follows: BILLS ALLOWED. A. Leming e'.aoet Williams P r i n t i n g Co 1.73 J. H Park 2S SO A Leming i 2"-00 Lee Gordon 27.00 J o h n H a r p e r 21-0 0 Will Cameron 1 9 2 0 Dick Casev 14.40 Frank Hughes H.40 Call Hughes - 2 5 0 James Woolsey 11.10 Harry Allbrlgnt 1350 P.oy Mern 13.50 T. Waj ts 17 - 40 L A l k e n s 17.40 W. Stansul 19.20 Pete Shutter 6.30 W Peck S-"0 Trrrl Mi-Cauley 8.70 ,T B. Bolton 19.20 1 IUJi Wapella Farm Hand Shhots Himself--May Recover. Clinton, June 27.--Because the girl he loved refused to go to a band concert with him recently and because she had showed a dislike to his attention. In other ways, Harrison Nelson, a farm hand working for Guy Nowlln, two and one-half miles west of Wapella, rrade an effort to end his unhappy life i Friday afternoon with a bullet, RIB IN THE WAY. He aimed at his heart and a rib got In the way. The bullet bounced against his cardiac region and the disappointed lover still lives. Miss Eunice Nowlln. a sister of Mr. Nowlln, Is the girl In the case. She Is a highly respected young woman and in no wise Is blamed for Nelson's act. APPROVED STAGE FORM. Nelson came to the house Friday afternoon, carrying his revolver In his hand. "I'm going to end It," said he. "Here goes." Dramatically, he placed the barrel end of the gun over the general direction of his heart and pulled the trigger. It went off and Nelson dropped. It Is thought he will recover. P Cobk. of D«eatur, offlcatln». Interment was made In tts c«m«t«rr adjoining. Charged With H*rbarlnc Dos;. John White was arrested Saturday on complaint at Rufui Gardner, who charred htm wltb harboring an unlicensed doc. White MTU released on t.n«A Good Post Despatch: DOM the baby talk ye't?" asked a friend of the family ot the little brother. "No." replied the little brother, dts- ruitedly. "He don't need to talk. All be hfti to do Is yell and he get* everything In the house worth having. Funeral Flowers AT LOWEST PRICES CO i Beautiful Wreaths, Pillows, Casket Sprays and special designs at prices extremely low. DAUT BROS. FLORISTS 112 East Prairie St. Automatic Phone 1712. Old Phone 733 19.20 19.20 27 00 12 60 10.76 10.25 11.10 7.20 11 35 3 SO 5.20 14.40 10 20 P. T. Hicks 164.00 Sam Ramey Ben Petkirs George Trimby James Baiser . E. TVolverton . Claude Sowers Glenn langney Sam McCauley Pat Clark James Tumliy . Union labor Sam Mavberry . March Total $1,332 30 Y. W. C. A. NOTES; LAKE GENEVA CLUB The Lake Geneva club of the T. W C. A will have a business meeting Tuesday evening at the association building. Those who can are to come for supper in the tea room. The business meeting will be held at 7.15 It Is the desire that all members oC the club attend. The new books of recipes of summer dainties are now out and the club will maka arrangements for disposing of them. The books are attractively made up and contain a large number of recipes. Proceeds of the sale of the books will be used for sending delegates to Lake Geneva this summer." Any one who ts Interested In going to Geneva should report at the association office as representatives will be taken from the entire association. PICNIC AT OZONE GROUNDS. Girls from the Osgood Helner company held a picnic Saturday afternoon at the Ozone club. The party which Is now in camp at the club will come home Monday and next week the Wak- ichonze campfire group, made uo of girls from the Second Presbyterian church, with Miss Estella Bryant as PERSONALS. Mrs H. W, Rodgers, 1117 "West Wood street, w h o has been in Indianapolis (OP some time, dm ing the sickn^sg and death of hor father, is expected to arrUe homo tonleht Mrs J T- "Wilrox, 1127 North Main street, IB Ylsitlnj relatives at New Berlin Mis C B Bobb and children, 2S1 East Lcaflanrt n\onuo, arc spending a week In camp at Farles park. Miss Gladys Uhlen. 955 North Clinton itreet has returned from a visit to Muncle, Ind Mrs. T. H Simon, 507 East Marietta street, 1«? seriously ill at her home aa a result of a fall from her porch a few da3 ago r Mrs. R F Duggan, 235 East Grand avenue. has been called to the Sacred Heart sanitarium, Milwaukee, by tha serious illness of her husband, M'sa Irene Field, of Clinton, spent Thurs- fiaj- in Decatur. Mr and Mrs J Reed, 404 North Oakland avenue, are spending thflr vacation In St. Louie, Mr*. F. O. Tulpln, of Barrel, 111., Is visiting her BOH, F. O Tulpln. 352 *Weit Waggoner street with Mr ana Mrs Herman Bennett, or Sa- rlna, Ont., Can. Mr Bennett Is a foreman In the Mueller factory there. Mrs Mary Bell, ot Tuscola, It IB th* city vlsltinjr friends. WIFE OF PIONEER MINISTER DIES Arthur, June 27 --Mrs Luetnda Barker, a Rea se^emy-fKe a former Arthur woman, alftd Friday morning' of heart failure, at her home, one mile south of Cooh'i Mills. Mrs Barker was the wife of Rev. W. C. Barker a pioneer Missionary Baptist mln- I«ter, who founded churchi a l t over the country around A r t h u r and Mattoon He also eifibHshed the First Baptist church In this city, t\ hich c o n t a i n i a beautiful memorial ·window in t r i b u t e to his memory MRS LUCY POUNDS BURIED Mrs Lucy Pounds, aged seventy, residing fi\ e rallps south of A r t h u r , died at 7 o'clock T h u r s d a y morning, after an Illness of seven! months It had been known for some time that Mrs Pounds could not recover. The f u n e r a l was conducted Saturday morn- BUILDERS--ATTENTION! W» apply close «nd earnest study to your house wiring problem. We »cru»int ourselves with the conditions--then work out · system that will prove «s economical «s possible for you and yet give you maximum lighting efficiency. HIGHEST STANDARD WORKMANSHIP. LIGHTING FIXTURES. We will be glad to furnish yon an estimate on any electrical installation. ELECTRIC FANS--ALL SIZES--PROMPT DELIVERY Clifford Electric Shop 6th Floor Wait Bldg. Old Phone 4260; Auto Phone 3283; Residence Phone 3213. The Decatur Builders' Supply Company 331 EAST WABASH AVE. Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Building Material, Lime, Cement, Plaster, Sewer Pipe and Drain Tile, Fire Clay, Flue Lining, Sand, Concrete Blocks, Etc. HIGHEST QUALITY--PROMPT SERVICE. DAN HECK RUDOLPH H. POTRAFKA BELL 2WS--PHONES--AUTO 1S«. ··IJ H*.»» TJi'Jl- ··^·i^^^Mi^^MM^^^^^^H^KM^^^^^HH^^^^^^ ALL NEXT WEEK INCLUDING SUNDAY, JULY 5th, AND MONDAY, JULY 6th, AT DREAMLAND PARK-FREE GATE AUSPICES OF MODERN WOODMEN OP AMERICA, DECATUR CAMP No. 144. GREATER SHOWS A grand aggregation of collossal «how«. novel eonceartoiw. free and special attractions, furnishing fnn. frolic and frivolily. Every show a novelty mod a guaranteed h!»h-elM« attraction on the MIDWAY, where mns.c, mirth and melody combined drive dull care away and Joy is nnconflned. Bring the children and with them take a ride on the MAMMOTH CAROUSAL, a gorgeous and artistic device. brilliantlv illuminated with different colored electric lights, the music for which is furnished by a mammoth electric military orchestra. It is for the public to take their choice on horses that trot, gallop, pace or jump. It's a pleasure to ride on the mammoth FERRIS WHEEL which is a structure of the finest cold drawn ·teel, evcrv piece tested to ten times its requirement; so easily and gracefully is it run that not a jar or 'luiverns felt and you are up in the world on a sensational ride that puts life into your eyes, color on your heeks and sends the blood coursing merrily through your veins; a scene of splendor by day and a Maze of ;'ory by night. One of the feature attractions is the MOTORDROME, a mammoth wooden track on which the profes- ional motorcycle riders perform daring feats of skill and grace that is almost beyond belief of one s own eyes Another interesting attraction is the JESSE JAMES SHOW, showing life on the western frontier--replete with hair-raising thrills, different from the rest. See the Old Plantation Show, with gorgeous costumes, beautiful scenery, illuminated grandeur. Each performer selected from the pick of darkey actors presenting a rip-roaring performance _ull of tun and laughter where all the latest jokes, songs and dances are introduced, with a complete change of program daily. CRAZY HOUSE. Ha! Ha I Yes, really a device so constructed that it is beyond description. Suffice to ay, that the sensation derived therefrom «t first causes you to smile, from a smile to a grin, then chuckle ana Imally an uproar of laughter. SNAKE SHOW, presenting the largest snake in captivity and numerous other rare and curious reptilet. See King LeGear, the biggest horse in the world; 21 hands high and weighs 2,980 pounds. EXTRAVAGANZA. Herein is presented the most elaborate and pleasing entertainment ever presented under canvas. Alligator farm, with a rare collection of alligators and crocodiles.

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