The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 21, 1975 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1975
Page 1
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Hostage retains humor despite ordeal, in/ury »y YVVVl J'HISVY ifi the of >^J«- Atxot rt«<Jaay o.' sfw itvdt, 'h <Snvrr r«^sct«fiy {KtUfd into Ww wiV n gUrti c»r MtxJutg K sr.5o th ftowt? An Jiitrroj*! »*» mute b> the oacvurt* l« puih hw r*r ff«jei the tfelfh *1!h the inxt. »J-*«P rt«a*i!«S titrf U*f> cnjy utc- t'BH Mr* in the rows »ft»r to ta *• trucli ifligt«n out her «nkle had bwn t«>ur«$ when hw CAT » A* fei. «he Mid fcbe •»»» puliM J diUhcd vrtiifle by of>f nl !) "M> ?*<•«• »*.» »]Ajjp«tx) ar*d A knife •*** i t/w SKY and Sea . km KMM !hrc«#» Saturday K*-)lh ms)d iSj> i And cold again !<ra<tht •*5fy!:» 4 !i;i 14 tods) in the km Snmjfhi in ib«r km JCfc, high SV.urviay lr, !h* miti £•« TIHK.H: High tide* (oda) at I 09 a m and •l 3>S p m*» a! 10 IS l> m and H 54 pm » m awl 7 ii p m *ith (w tow at to S3 a m hf.N *t!l *rt today at S 24. :i*c Sittinlav at < i2 iind »*« at S 23 I»MM Search combs river, highway area for men No had <•'«< ll <••*< .SEEN and HEARD new lrad» »t pre* Friday ui the search for three convict* who reaped WrdftcsMiay from (h* Tew« Drfktrtment of Correct Jon* Clemen* Unit near Bra tuna Approximately 100 prwon pcrwnwl and taw enforcement officer* are continuing the search lod»y for Randy Dun! op, 2J. J»me* Elder UUylock. ». and Kddie Alabama Krjulmg. 21 M r » Bonnie Washington, the young woman the trio took ho*tage, was reported to be in good condition al Community Hospital She is awaiting surgery' on the ankle that was broken when the escapee* hit her autotncbJle with the prison truck they were diving There are at least three conflicting theorim among *» io the ponitMe »hrf**lwuU of the con-. »dJ Warden L H de*onb«J Blaylock M a "very stubborn and determined man " In view of ihti, the wardr« Mid they may be hiding fcomcwhere in the »xnxi» trying to wait out lh* search Thro there u the theory that the escapee* cither found clothing or were picked up and taken out of the area Finally, some of the M-archers have voiced the opinion the men might pctt&ibly have drowned as they attempted another crossing of the Brazos Hiver BAMK] to a degree on statements made by Mr* Washington, tome law enforcement officers (Please turn to P. 17, Col. 3) 11 acts Lake Jackson Clute Freeport OW« ttn>i Ye/>», HO »» ESTABLISHED J9J3 IN FREEPORT W.WI FRIDAY, HOV6AWE»f »l, 1«S . Tft« II PAGES DAILY J5C6MTS Officials defending TWQB challenges N G I. K T O N 'seniU ti ve» of Robert von Tank Lines, hie , and city officials (talenckd « contract to dump petro chemical #aste* into AnKlelon'* i**»ge treatment plant «! yesterday's public en- fwcetneni faring by the Texas Water Quality Board Former State Sen. Jimmy Phillip* Sr. pfrjf«te*J the additional input, as well as any further allowable effluent discharge into Oyster Creek from the city's facility City officials from Angletori and Texas City Freeport man dies in crash of car train gathered in the Commissioner'* Courtroom of the Braz.oria County Courthouse lo hear the agency's recom- mendalions to relieve what the TWQB staff charge* are potentially polluting conditions in both citie*' waslewaler treatment plants. Mike Gilbert, field representative for the TWQB, &aid data submitted by the City of Anglelon" had revealed non-compliance with its permitted maximum effluent flow eight out of 12 months, and five out of 12 months for its average limitation during the period beginning June Non-compliance with the board's chlorine residual requirement occurred 12 out of the 12 months, he said. A review of the city's record during an inspection last September revealed chemical wastes delivered to its plant from the Robertson Tank Lines were not receiving adequate treatment, Gilbert said. The impact of the lank lines' waste on the city's plant had b*«n evaluated t Please turn to P. 17. Col. 3) POLICE WARN FP RESIDENTS OF NEW STOPS FREEPORT - There are new STOP signs on West Fourth Street at Velasco Blvd. They were installed recently when a count by the Traffic Commission revealed that the number of cars moving on Velasco Blvd. is almost identical with the number using W. Fourth St. But habit is a strong element in the behavior of most people and the new signs just aren't getting through to a lot of people. City police officers are asking those who use this heavily traveled intersection to be aware of the four-way stop and obey the signs. r HKKl'OKT For the M<c«r!td ume in ** many <iay», a railroad cruMinjt SKT.'«J«jt hit* fftiuiled in a faUiity The victim. William !.<t<!> Austin. 2Sr. Jarfc.Mn Square Apt* , Lake »** taken to Ho«]r.t;iJ b> Hr«Jo*port Ambulance wtwr* iw aas, rui«J de-ad a: !2 50 a ro tod*y by Jusue* -A tht P<r*c? Harold K Department amj fact- injuries, com- t»-Xi,'-.-'S frarttur* of IxAh j(-g» arx) a itintible broken ncc». the attending physicsan &»)d I! was r,i.<i."!is.;ip. to call nut the Lake Jack&on <-;»r !'j obtain Dcc of it* per- from llw ao!o in ordw to r'«T.(.rtt '.he victim Tft«r r ;< i i road mjp rnrer . R f.) JohJwjn, Rt 2, Bo* 811. tuld w. (V.igaung officer* that a crt-w m«nw»r, B A pUct- l}>* ttflw al i i te P m Thurwtsy oft ihr Gulf IV, vd 'UW.j. Hoad 22*.- cr<!Sjur;j{ o! (Jw Maj">uri Pacific Kaiiroad track* Tttr iKvnugAtiTig o'fscrr s,s!d thai !h<- vjc'.im win '.raveling ca»! on (>u!f liivd ;n a lsC4 OkivmobUe Outlast *r>«n 'he accident occurrfd , I'aiusiine, narrowly being caught the tram and the in his nrpurt. the polar officer d*a*Tibpd the car a* having berri struck in the It-f. 5:j(ic of the <k*r and !rf; frv«ri! quarter of ihe vehicle b> (hf MOPAC wigine HP Abo rrpi>rted '.hi- cro»»tng iitfhtv were Hashing at trw \irnv of hi* arrival c*n Uxr vcerr- The car was corned sonirM d** fri«n the point of tmjvart. aero* tlmg to then-port AuMin MiMaim-d head Ail-Region group in concert Saturday A conceit by the All- Region Orchestra will begin al 6 30 p m Saturday m the Brautiwoud High School Auditorium and is frty lo live public The select high whoo! muwcjan* from this region will play numbers ranging from a waltz to Copeland's "Hoedown " The early hour was bet so that thc»i* holding tickets to "Bottoms Up" could make both The bx>dy wju taiken to F r e c p o r t Lake wood Funeral Homes Iric . nr,<i •*ii! be transported to K i I g o r e where arrangements arc t>eing made at lladcr Kimeral Horn'.' The MT\ tees have tx-«i SP! at 2 p rn Saturday AuV.m -*as wnploywJ in (>ow's iiystcr Creek FJ.N'K ARTS COUNai. President R. L. Br>'ant presided Thursday night as a new jet of bylaws was appruved aj the annual meeting The scope of the Council was broadened to tn- ciutie an expanded membership aud the means for operation and owiwrthip of the Ceater (Ur ihe Arts and Sciences. The chart on the screen shows the new organizational structure of the Council. F/ne Arfs Council adopts new bylaws Ht!» survivor* include lu* parent*, Mr and Mrs Roy W Aa^in, formerly of Freeport and now of Ktlgorr. grandmother. Mrs Maude Butce, Houston, and four sisters. Mrs T H. By rum, Kilgon?. Mrs Raymond Klin. !x>ngview; Mrs L K Blair. Houston, and Mrs J J Andrrws, Angletcm. The Brazosport Kme Arts Council has approved a new set of bylaws that will broaden the scope of the organization, but still retain its onginal purpose of promoting cultural interests in the community Around W persons attended the annual meeting Thursday night at Riverside Country Club ;md gave unanimous approval to the new bylaws One reason the revision was proposed was to give the BFAC the structure needed to cover ownership and operation of the Brazosport Center for the Arts and Sciences which is now under construction on the Brazosport College campus The BFAC was given responsibility for the building at the time onginal funds for it were contributed by the Dow- Chemical Co. The Council has coordinated the resulting community fund drive and building plans. Also receiving unanimous approval of those assembled were the agreements that have been worked out between the BFAC and the four groups that will occupy the Center -- the Museum of Natural Science, Little Theater, Art League, and Music Theater The new bylaws provide that the -Ift-member Board i Please turn to P. 20. Col. 4) County to seek bids on Courthouse windows Advertising for bids to remove and replace all bte*l windows in tho old courthouse was authorized by Commt!>.sioners Court this w«*k Tin- bids will be opened at Hi a.m Dec 15 T!'.e commi&sionc-i'a held a lengthy discussion with the architect's representatives on 8 I i) N K V H O J O , CLAIKK FIELDS and HVATT -SCOTT, tapping itfttur way from "Damn Yankees" to "Puttin' on the KUt." (he mmlcaJ ue opening tonight at • w Houston cabaret restaurant, Million Dollar City Dump Sidney, now •pending her day» M * reaJ **tate agent down thi» way, rnoonJighled to do the choreograpJiy (or the new 'f MAX BHENT, former iiijue* Creeker now living 131 Midland, Mich., bad here on Dow bu»ine«s and house guett of the •OHGE PH1NNYS of Ik< flew back north th a big box loaded with fixings for the Mexican the family loveo hut 't find in Michlgaa. TEXAS I)KHARTMENT of Corrections load horses and tracking dogs after searching a portion of (he woods off Highway 332 for the thre« Clttnttiis Unit escapees being hunted since Wednesday afternoon. Sheriff's Department officials said this morning that search will be coat hostage taken by the three men and then released is in Community lUwpiUl suffering from a broken ankle. whether the work of replacing windows in the old courthousf should be nvgoiiaied with the contractor building the courthouse addition or put <vut for competitive bid County auditor J Ray Gayle Jr had urged at a prior meeting the specifications and plans be prepared for competitive bidding. "A contract of this magnitude should not be negotiated by the county," Gayle had said Sawnie Robertson, E reject architect for ledrick Architects aud Engineers, recommended the county just put the window installation work out for bid and negotiate with Lebco, the general contractor, for the removal and renovation work. Robertson contended Lebco would be doing other renovation work ui the old courthouse and could coordinate the window removal with Uus work. He said the county would be adding to the scope of his wort m this building. would have every legal ground to expand his contract," he said. Auditor Gayle wanted to know, "On what do you base your statement it is legal?" Gayle said he would vvunl the District Attorney to determine the legality of negotiating a contract of this magnitude. Robertson has given the commissioners an estimate of $1<)0,(XXI on the window rt :j'i4i project. He also estimated new frames and glazing would cost approximately JSS.UOO. leaving $45,000 for the removal and renovation work. Auditor Gayle suggested the court could advertise for bids on the complete job and for bids only on furnishing and installing the new windows. Robertson said, "You may scare off some bid- i Please turn lo P. a), CoJ, 7) 1 'BOTTOMS UP 1 TICKETS | AVAILABLE AT DOOR i Tickets tor Breck Wall's "Bottoms Up" show §j whi-'*, will play tonight and Saturday at Brazosport j| High School Auditorium will be available at the door & with the box office opening at 6 30 p.m. both nights. § Ticket* l'i the musical comedy revufc that has b«ew ^ a favorite in lop 1-as Vegas efltei'tau-nent spots for | years are $i A portion of this purcnase price will go >5 into local projects of U* Lake Jackson Jaycees who ,5; are sponsoring the show. | Wall, who is ttringing his 90-mmutf show here f rum i a highly successful Dallas engagement, graduated ^ from Bratujport High in ts&l In his clunb up the i> ladder in show busine&s, he did change his name, hut | not his initials. 1 The show is recommended for mature audiences, i SK^^,^?.4^>^^!»&«V>;:^S^^»^SSS^

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