The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 13, 1859 · Page 2
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1859
Page 2
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rughc4,ojEthe grUrdiid woqnded ld»«tt^r^Jt%t r i*i 8n -wlyfB g i B v |fts^e, O^IOwrwins, who' : »«> now in rTnBt«dy,. : were''alVrflofo or lew wonndetl, bat still they remained masteri of the fields .tbe Icndlord hat also been UVra Into aafa. keep- trwuienV issnrrefltlon »W«h <4t , 5-J . ^ „ e Marseille* •eorre«>>i>d^nt .of . tbe^ew Tork 7K4i«u,, after dw«riblBg tbe tnlistmeaU going on in all parts of tho EM' ^ aijOrioe, a'jelJgioBs journal in fait fcriflLiat^.T.^L.I^r jXLjZuXLi J<.£ tton«. We apprehend^ however, tbalr <rar , fpendl* rither vnaegitirfatoa with^he niaaner "pT conducting rtllgioni newspapers In", (hit country," or else li lew opposed to the disous- •Ion of poBtfos to them; than ie ig to the dfs ? s Two of the moat able and unscrupulous black r«- |mWJo»nnew«p»i)ew«nour exchange list are «airt organ, pabliahedat 43hteago,'and the K. all overthe country, as tbe organ of -flSmry Ward Beecher. 'Onr -"BeadeiV other suggestion, that we ' should exclude religions polemics, from onr columns, if .carried out, will be much more- likely to produce the desired effect, than the etarting of a religious paper here. -The pro- gretrire religionists will not admit (bat poli tia defile the pulpit, but do maintain that religion defiles every thing outside of the pnlpit. They tovor thttmijting of politics with reUgwin 1ml claim "an exclusive right to make«nd rend the compound.' We have demonstrated, to the Battefactfon of that class of readers, that religion mixed with politics, to nauseating, and they long ago satisfied va that politics, mixed •with religion, would not go down. Our sympathies arp with those who preach pure and nndefiled religion. If they believe -what they preach, they should be instant in season and cut of season; and If they do not believe it, they should abandon the pulpit at once. We , believe that the.Gospel should be proclaimed OpOn the bouse top, and we respect and re* Tcre tho»e Tioly men; wlib devote themselves exclusively to its diisemitiation. * We would like to see a class of divines in this country, who had sufficient plnek to preach" against the prevailing sins of their own congregations. Men.who, lite Paul, would enter an idolatrous city, and preach against idolatry, or who, like Massillon, would preach against licentiousness in the presence of a powerful monarch, -who had Wholly abandoned himself to forbidden pleasures, and lest that monarch should fail to make a personal application of the discourse, look him steadily in the eye, and repeat the remark of Nathan •»o ;D«vid,. <l thon art the man," Those were monomaniacs on the subject of religion, and would have been crazy enough to go and preach against slavery, where slavery existed, if they preached against it at all. Thej would not •have told a New England congregation that slavery was a great sin, and a South Carolina congregation that the making and vending ot wooden nutmegs was a great sin. Bnt we are through, and take great pleasure in announcing to our readers, that Mr. Richmond regards the controversy ended. We intended to have published two; or three communications from outsiders, which we are precluded from doing by this announcement, as he was entitled to "the opening and closing,'' as the lawyers say. Tbe Tiro Year's Amendment. The Boston Courier of Monday, contained the following: •The amendment of the constitution will be voted for to-day, and will undoubtedly be adopted, on the same grounds that Judge Loring was removed, because it is a party measure. Like that profligate act it« prescriptive and unjust. Bnt it has passed~its regular stages, through two several American republican legislatures, aod will go down with the party—we meant no pun—bnt we apprehend, nevertheless, that the party will go down with It, as it ought to. The curious epeotacle is presented of a measure of this consequence and consequences, sustained by Governor Banks and his followers, while it is opposed by Mr. Wilson, his fellow American-republican, and onr only acting United States Sena- -tor. It wag a party measnre,and we have warned our adopted citizens, constantly, to beware of a party which favors such measures. Tbe Sentinel now says that the "jf«u>j visibly chuckles' 1 over the adoption of It, and theb it says that we "affect regret," and then again that we "obviously rejoice," all of which is obviously false. We belong to a party, which has always opposed snob measures, and there is no state in this Union where the demo ; -.its have-ever attempted to discriminate between nn tlv* born and naturalized citizens. The &n/i, nd says tba£ South Carolina has; bnt she is not • democratic State. She is a nullifying State, like Wisconsin. We will show, however, in due time, that Massachusetts is not alone in this prescriptive movement, as the republicans of Hew York and Pennsylvania are committed to the same doctrine. Proscription is a part of the republican creed. battle of ^Alma, and upm the tfewth *f Marsh - e ;4hi tfc at ATnaud became Cowtnanaw-iB-OhJof army. Not being nMeto b'ring Lord Raglan flvcr touts plans fo r conducting" the sei|eo Stjbastopol, he resigned ihe chief command o the'Frenetf to Matshal Pelissier/an^. returnee toils post AI head of 4he teconjl corps,^ The selrriooB lie had rendered, hpwever, were re. warded T>y a Marshal, carrying with it the, dig nHy.of a Senator. He is a gallant an* enter- pijislng, bat Vota great General; :Baragn»y d'HUlierVvfll comroanA one of the grand division.. He ie about ninety jrtars of Bge, 'and haffbeen a general over fifty years. Ha served in the first armies of {be French Bcvolntion, And afterwards had, an active share, under Napoleon, in the annihilation of the armies of Austria In Italy. He was much relied on by Napoleon lo carry out its political as,well as his military plans in Italy. His selection to accompany the army In aid of Sardinia is a good one. Marshal Eandou t the third French commander, is sixty-four years of age. tike d'Hilliera he is a diplomat as well as a BO! dter. He served in Napoleon's Russian cam- paifjue, and also in Algeria, and has largeicx- perience ,in governmental as well as ^military afiairs. General La Marmora is tbe oommand- er-ln-chief of the Sardinian army. .He commanded the Sardinian contingent in the Crimea, «nd*cqnired a high reputation for himself and his -country. Francis Joseph, Emperer of Austria, though personally the least important member of the belligerent chiefs, may be assumed to be the leading influence, simply because he is the representative of the traditional policy of Austria a policy which has had its counterpart in onr dearly beloved United States; as developed in our enterprising benevolence in behalf of Texas) our conquest and purchase of New Mejdco and California, and our philanthropic appetite for Cuba, Sonora, and parts adjacent. He is not quite 29 years of age. He succeeded to the throne through tbe abdication af bis unolu, in 1848, and cannot be supposed to be very fiimly seated in the saddle, and therefore is constrained to defer to the views and feelings of the hereditary governing class of tae empire, which naturally aims at the absorption _of the Italian States down to low water mark on the Mediterranean. English and French papers impute to Francis Joseph, on account of his youth, an ambition to cope with Louis Napoleon, in his attempt to enlarge and consolidate his empire on the Italian frontier, bnt a more rational explanation of his course is to be found In tbe necessity he is under to carry ont the long settled policy of the empire. Victor E jimannal H, King of Sardinia, is the prominent antagonist of Austria. Bis kingdom lack* solidarity being made up to some extent of added patches of.territory.with- ont consent of the people, annexed by diplomatic management. He is thirty-six years of age,'and favored with the ambition of becoming King of all Italy,»nd is npon the whole regarded as the representative of the feeling of Italian nationality. His t.-ndencies are military, but his capacity is not equal to his inclinations. He is alike by his position and his spirit an opponent of the designs of Austria. He is enough of a soldier to bavp iufused a military spirit into his people, and bis troops, under his training, acquitted themselves han.l- eomely in the Crimea, and he himsnlf swiirrtd a voice in the aeUlenn-nt of the four Bided war, which was fought on that ground. H* baa encouraged the disaffected spirits of all Italy to flock to his standard, and it is estimaU-d twenty thousand fierce haters of Austrian rul^ in Italy are enrolled in hia army. Count Caronr, the prime minister of Sardinia, is forty-nine years of age. He is of an ancient and renowned family—a Piedmontese by birth. He first attracted notice a« a jx>Iitician in 1846, as editor of a bold liberal journal th« . argeolsle and the jxsopia manifest, M openly a* they dare., and inord openly, per- haps,4o foreigners th'an among themselves, » rooted dislike to the belligerent disposition of their Emperor. * Que 3Mlt' envoiiloiu-nout ifnne nouitlle gityrtf Ja 'the universal exclamation, and flie swaggering soldiers; wlto are met 'at every step, are looked upon with ill- concealed disfavor. Perhaps,' if the trnthr wer* known, they are not regarded with much -wanner liking by ihe> sovereign and their ohiefc. It is but A day or two since ona of the principal Imperial functionaries hem undis- gujsedly expressed to me his ooBviotion that war was inevitable, if only as a means ef satisfying an army, clamorous for employment ; and quoted a remark addressed t.o himself by Marshal Pflissier, whom ho represented as exceedingly dissatisfied with the pampering of the African troops-' '-'Tie Zouaves," said tire Marshal, "are intolerably arrogant; one of them, who-six months ngo Stood at the plow- liandle, expects to be six years in advance of soldiers of the line; 'and if an^inlantry soldier jUmps out of a first-flcor window, 'you may be •are that a Zonave will* jump oat of the second !" Such men as these, comprising thousands of the most reckless soonndrate in Europe, may well inspire leaders as well as adversaries with terror. , SAKDINIA — The Tnrin correspondent of lhf> London Times writes on the 19th nit. : It may have been convenient for Count Cavonr to car^se it to be believed, although only for a brief space-and, with tbe certainty of n deceit being unmasked, that tbe Italian party was disposed to accept that which England, it was well known, would willingly support ^ in obtaining; and so ' <vn attempt may barn been madu, liy a side wind, to induce the English public to believe, by inference , at least, that the Piedmontese Government and lh« so- called National, orltal-.nn or war party, were inclined to subscribe to tbe acceptable doctrine which would lea.! -to a peaceful settle jnent of tho pending iftffioulty. I am convinced that neither that Government nor that party, of both of whicli Cofunt Cavour is the leader and chief r«pres»-..tative, will be satisfied with anything less than war. To that end the Sardinian Premier is striving heart and soul, ijnvever much lie may wish to conceal his tru- objfct and put bis adversaries apparently in lh« wrong. It would be ridiculous to maintain that he or his party are willing to leave Austria undistort>»d in htr Italian provinces on condition of brr restraining her arms ai .1 her influence within their boundaries. 'Wlnt has occurred since the 1st of March to induce Count Cavouf now to accept a vast deal les-i than he demanded at a mrmieiu when ho feare.i that bis French ally warnt-d by uniuistakal.l.- indications at home and abroad, was takbii,' counsel of prudence and inclined to witb.lraw his support 1 If Austria were to-morrow to agree to the tnrms of that memorandum K would doubtless be a matter of regret to Ccunt Gavonr. The »ar party would share bis sorrow , and seek a loophole to escape from acceptance, and the crowd they lead would loudly shout in d|j- approl>ation. The Rr-nnlon of the Democracy. The following despatrh to a New Vork paper embodies a rumor which has been current for some days in the j...litical circles of this city: Senator Green, of Mo., has suggested a compromise between tlie disagreeing democracy, which meets th" approval of Prts'- cnt Buchanan and Secretary Cass, and vhieh, it is expected, will unite the party.— western democrarj insists on the rein- Senator Seward took passage on Saturday for Europe in the Ariel from New Tork. Parties of his Mends accompanied him down the harbor, in the steamers Alida and Josephine, and gave him a parting salute. The New Tork Exprest gays-—It is well known among the admirers and devote»s of Mr. S that he leaves the country in order to avoid as much as possible its political complications. He is a candidate for the Presidency, and ex* pects'it at the hands'of his republican friends, and of course from no other quarter, for from no other quarter will it be tendered, even if it should be by them. Mr. Seward, we are told, spoke very freely of anticipated personal and political victory In I860, before leaving. His friends alluded to it also, at his welcome of the Republican City Committee, on Friday evening, and Er-Gorernor King seemed to be foremost in the wish. It is not our purpose to comment, much leas to spoil, so pleasant an anticipation. There is, however, as two proverbs very truthfully declare,' "many a slip between the cup'and the lip," and "wa shall see what we shall gee." Prominent Character* ln.u>» Impending European W«r. The npheavings in Europe have brought a large number of personages to the surface, of whom little has hitherto been known and lets •aid. How the great imbroglio wfll erentu- ate time! alone must determine' We nave ' gathered itrom onr «xchanges the following items of information concerning the principal and was a leader in establishing the Piedmont Parliamentary system of government, under Carlo Alberto. Since that he has been the leading minister at home, or embassa- dor abroad of Sardinia. It was through his resolnle efforts that Sardinia was admitted to a participation in the conference of the grtat powers, in relation to Turkey, in 1855. Th* War in Enrgpe. AUSTRIA.-,-The Vienna correspondent of the London Timet writes under date of April 19:— Not a word is here publicly spoken on military matters, bnt it is whispered that two Austrian divisions began to move toward the Ticino on tbe 12th inst. Nine roomy palaces have been prepared in Venice for tue reception Of tbe troops which are on their way to Lorn- bardy, and five of the largest Lloyd's steamers are continually employed in transporting the various battalion* from Trieste to Venice No goods have been ce-nveyed on the Lombar^ dy-Venetian Railroad since the 13th inst., and tbe passenger trains are said to hare been reduced to-a minimum. Should there be a war in Italy—and it will be a miracle if there is not—the Emperor and Empress will pass the summer at Innspruck, where the 'castle is being prepared for their reception. ~As yon must be aware, th e railroad from Brixen to Verona is almost finished, and the drive across the Brenner from Innspruck to Brixen may be accomplished in a few hours It has ex ifted attention that the 10th Jager Battalion which has a very high reputation for courage and gallantry, has been kept at Trieste but we now learn that it is to serve as a bodyguard for the Emperor whenever he is at the seat of war. A few days ago I met ihe Feldzengmeister Baron Hess, in thestreet.audwasmnchstrupl: with the change in his appearance. He never was a man of robust constitution, and H is evident that the hard work he has recently had In the Military Chanoellerie of the Empertlr has produced an unfavorable effect on his health. The renowned Chief of the General The Uileiaent of Mr. Dooghis as a regular _. of the party. Air. Green proposes to drop all discussion upon intervention and uon-essen- ial, and proposes also the withdrawal of all opposition to the, admission of Kansas, wh*th T as a free or slave State, in the next Con press. These liases of accommodation are accept-1 by tin- Administration, ami Hi- breach >etwe.-ii the £u-.Uous of thr democracy firdt-d .-.- licaled :I The ol.j-vt of Senator G>v.-n's interposition f, indeed, hi- lias employed hims.-lf in tlie •nterprise attributed to him by Hie Washing- n correspondent will rer-ive" tlie npprnba- ion of all good democrats Apart from ihe fraternal feeling which should always prevail among members of the sam- politiral association. H l» especially, in tli.. pr-sent conjuncture, that the democratic- party l>e reunited in time for the caai|i^.j;ii of 1800 It is doubtful if, under any rirr-unisianco*. the triumph of tbe opposition can lx» intercepted. Without the cordial ro-operation of all the divisions of the Democracy, it is plainly im- possihlf to prevent tbat most calamitous catastrophe. The question for democrat.* to de- termiue is, whether they will agree to suspend their differences on immaterial is«rjp«, or renounce every hope of maintaining their ascendancy,—whether it Iw letter to forbear c-ontro- verey on a metaphysical abstraction than to insure ihe rejection of all their principles and all their measures,—whether the bicotry of individual opinion shall prevail against the imperative obligations of patriotism and party, —whether, in short, the Dnion shall lie sacrificed to an intangible and imprarticahie punctilio of the politicians The qnestion is of no less concern to the interests of the south, since the surest safeguard of its right* is tlm integrity o f the democratic party. It is a laudable undertaking, then, in which Senator Green is engaged ; and we cannot l.tit wish him the most complete success.— H'<u/>- .lima u Clevtkutd, lo OrwiiJ. Hiren, tHence by d lUplds aad toack at cheap exeunlon f '-•r « -- • — • „_, excursion fsj»t*,«]i .•i*ui» »^WIMFU TVjTiew'.uie tbwiflfnl K ajd forouiilc ecenerjr on tbe Gr«nJ Hirer artnutd the City of Orind Kap'df, witb Its extenaiTe (jYtfiCM BfiDB, and other Intemtiiir features. , • • , .. >• \ F*re>(lndiid,ngrooau or bertbi)forpir1Ieaof i flre-rto Brand Haven and bisk............ i... . fat putties of flve to Grand B»p!ds and back.... ]<£75 . Me»!t can be-had oh board at filtj centi each. I -;.'..-. i .', . TIME. • i Parties can leave Ulliraatee twice'daily, and hive ticketsmjtderalldtego »nd retoro »ny time,within one week. , " • ,- ..i ••-/ -'-. '- . '•• I • Iloiir* .of of 6:00 r M. 4.-CO A; n. 6:20 ij n. 3:06 iv H. 9:00 P.' M. 6:80 i. v. Trains. Leave Mihrtultee. '.I'JSiSoL*. Leave Grand Haven 8:45 ». M. Arrive it Grand fttplds.. .. 10:30 F. M, Leave Grand Ittplds 2:35 A. tt. fce»v« Grand Hiren.... 5:80 A.*. Arriy e at Mil wan tee '..'.. 12:15>. M. Tfccrc Is a neir and comforUblo hotel above »nd In the Kalliray Depot *t Qrand Baven, where Excursion parties (desiring to iperli a few honra «t Grand Haven, or on the Beach which IB quite clojc to Depot,) ma? Kaveevery attention. BP'" Parties from Collegei, Schools sjid other kindred Institutions, mil be carried on very low terms, which canbahid on application to the subscriber. Cg~-Tlcket> can be had at Dock Office, or from Parsen onboard Steamer* and W. 1C. MBlll, . W. GRAHAM, General Superintendent, Dock Office, nprSO-dlm Detroit. Milwaukee. VVANTKD. A SBOOND hand Top Outfffy, Troy Manufacture.— Enqoire.t ELLSWORTH'S ma>S Carriage Shop, Main strict. Byan & Jenkins, OKS AT l^AVV, ITIiTI HK1.I,'S BANK BHII.DI.Nt;, Corner Eait Water and Michigan fits., Milicautte. may5 DISSOLUTION. T 1UR partnership under the dim aod «tj IP of John- k Co , In the Million bualneaa at Hnrlron, i.^ thla clay di.-Bolved by mutual consent The books and acrnunu are placed tn Uie baadi of Charles 11. I. irr« bee, and he only Is authorized to settle dp the tiuslnrs* Cll\!v 11. LAHRAAllKK. ALKXANDER HARl'KK, WM. JOHNSON. Horlcon, May s, 1859. IIORICOIV ITIII.I N. I I A VINO pnrchised the entire Intern! of M«.«r». I L Johnonn t Uirper In their Mill, It vill hrfaltT be run by myself, liortcon, May .'). CHARLES H. LAItRAHKK, Lead Pencil*, FOR SALE RY TKUKY A- CI.KAVKlt, BUOUSKI.LEHN AM) STATIO-VEIIN, 1C7 East Water strfrl, JHltcauier. W Ehavs just "received a full supply nf ih-»e Cd<- bral^l Pencils from the mauufucl.- j of J. J. Belibach, In KeKeuiburg, llavarla. They f e can-fully assorted, and each grade is ilisl!ngui»hir! I y a i^pular brand Particular Hltrntion Is called tn '.lie ••Dp|n»i. lion i'encil," (round bl»<-k (nlt,)and to the "I'rnplt'n Pencil," (round red gilt;) s «o 10 the "Euj.-inr.-r's Tan ell," (Hexagon (flit ) A^ll i.| . Inch Kill be louud su|«;ri- r to any other penc I In the market. Alwa33»on hand a romplete assortment of b'acl; and colored lead pencils of all tlie desirable £r:vdrs A .1M- rount alln<red to the Trade proportioned lo eiu-nl nf orders. api-9 VOLUME SKVKNTH — OF— AICROTI't I'K A( Tl< Al. IMPOItlV Just rere red by [mijr-l] HTaiCKLv.MJ 4 C '. HOAHOlNCi. A f&Vi Boarders can be accommodate.] wiih buar.t and pleasant ro(»ins, at 153 Cass B retl, l..-t»^*-n Onelda and HUldle strt-etn. majT-.l-'w MTi:U STATK.S . Roswell 8. Benedict, William A. Ha I, Leirlt 8. benedict and Henry C. Southirick, BUSINESS CAKDij. CHANDLER & HICKCOX, Attorneys &Cunsellors at L^ fiOt- 2- KNE^tAND BLOCK, " I. C*OS3. I. H. P1UISB. CROSS k PARRfSH,. ATTORNEYS & COUNSELLORS AT LAW. No. 10, Albany Uullilln?* .... _____ » p l .......... WISCONSIN. LTV.H IUIOB«. .UUDEI. J. CKOTICg. .RU_«OH C. OBIDLn Elmorc, Orookii «& (irjdley, Attorneys at La w , OFFICE, NO. 9, iH AUXIN'S BLOCK. -MILWAUKEE. ........ [d^21 ] ........ WISCONSIN iiLoonr.oon, , ATTORNEYS & COUNSELLORS AT LAW, Arcade UttMlng, 173 Kant Ifatfr «/., Jllhrnulrn. 0. W. PEOCBIII, formerly } PKCCBAHS A COLT .Albany, (• ruscia BuioDOono. New York. ( t. BLOODQOOD ia U.S. t'ourt Commission?!- »nd (Jom- mtsstoocr for several states. r n U.UrALHKS ................ .JOSHUA (*TAB«. ,1'Al M KK A: STAKK, Attorneys & Uonuscllors at Law. 1ST Office, No. 1, Milclie'll'i New Bank Ballilinir.cor- irr of Micttljrau an.) KaKt Water strufU, ^ltl*KQlife. , I IMIA.1I A' «Jlt AII.ATI, A.LU» Ueyfc al Law inU SoU.MtnM in Cl»nnc«-ry , No Wisconsin street, Milwaukee. jan!- 1IU1KET L. PARK FA Kb A Attorneys and VA.^ MVI Counsellors at Law. .s TE r Kffa ro /A r r,... tv /.sv v > .V.V/A . 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Attornev and KIHIM No. \tll.WAl KKK IA OotnmiSKloiier for N ['nil.,/ .«,;!— .!•!./ i... 1 ) '•< 1 tTM RK WB-4TH KB > i •: w Ir.Tir,- A. =:*••« ».--4iN SA VACih,, Conncellor , AI.KASV HI. Y , Pei.n , HI,,.., in.l I w. I \r, itit ....: : . ... lit M. at La w [HlJs F B - »i,i»i in, I 6 i lr,| A^riil, will l , tiy rt'turn mall r *»!.. t,y E I 'A 1C 1 1TI1KR .rtive a ...ill,- -. . • XilKKN t If. TT. U H I It K I N i, '. • , II.].-H.,RT 1 M . •". J M t 1.1'.I IT .% t-.i: \s \ N i i- i SOFT \ H.\ irl A T S mem hy \,lilrrS!tlQi; ... •!.. \ \ 1:1 S-nrk •-. i-. T . i .1!"' • .:t . HOTELS, &.C. ( ) II r i s H ll\ HOICKIN •ir^r KA" « i- r . ( > I 101 < i I S I A V ATTuRNKV A >r'7ICV -fmi.irc li \'i >N I > l-.l I •-< VI) f'i">i<> I.I OK AT I 1 I J 1- 15 J. V. % . PI. \ TTO. Attorney &. Counsellor at Law 38T~(lff!'r ,n Miti-N>ll'i Bank Hu 1.. • . -^ALBANY RESTAURANT HII SI.MoN l.i-.VV. ioi VM i i i>it. \ i ioi<> i \ t r A.M. :>• •! i KV iM'ni ic !l 1 />'. 1,1 A 1:1 > i 1 !i )< ' 1\ l-.K ,V SI'A Nt i I- N IH-. al l.; t i. iu, Aii,\ 1 r \ l-tf .$• 4 J i V ATT In Un- Co-te.l Slut.- I»l- Inct Cv.urt ihi- I'ijtirl.- of Wijirooain. ID Kijuity John E. Mitchell, t'h>]»na Mi.chrll, H. W Mitchell, Thompson Litull, C. R Baker, B. Thompson, IV. U. Lynn and U. Price. I N pursuance and fc> virtue of a <l»:ree road- t»v L!.r Ulilrl.-t Court t>f tli^ DfHU-d SLilr* for ih^ Ili.-inct W Iscortsm on the u-uih daj of Xehraary, IS.'^), u. Cl.^ •.hove entitled came, I shall .ell al puNir mic-t..m'M United States .1Ur«h»I'« Offlre. in thr c.f M.I Ikce, In tills riintrlct, on Tuesday, th.- lelilh .lay »f y, 1SJ3, al :l o'clork r. M , ll.r f." Ih.n n,, ,\ r , , .».! |>erty. or ».. mach t^ere'^f af may r.r ne«-r«.xr) l.< satisfy sr.i'l .1 L re-,U.wl: AH thai <-.-n»,n p..-..r parrel of land eilotle .-n the Couotv of V -rLa^'r .1 ' quarter xlAke on the *e»l tide o( Beotion numtx-r 6f. K. -I. I A K\V I.I I . Attorney p.nd Counsel.or at Law i: \ x i \\ t i i it N i K i i i . Mll.ft fl kl : . . ',. p .C-, « ' -, ,.->.It >1 IN M (ii|. lllontr) ui I it \» ami I ii 11 I 1., i I > 'A H' V>. K V--- • - rt II I 1 ,,;,.» ,,. , :. ... . . f , . . 1 O O 1 > 1 N 1 \ ( L'V ::•:....••.• i > i. n \ • -^ .A i-11 /hi itu of rahce oamtwr crntr« nf tin- hlif eipt.ty-«1x (Hfij .l (.">•') I i riffhl ( H) eatt; Ihrt.rr way nftrro (1A| oliKln ^-t-r* fut iwrlve (»_') . north mxty-our (bl I .l f^-Jlh al. n. U.e t -IhtMice n'.r«.l, J ^a.n» an.l Qft, | ... . . i .. _ t ( \ Horn. > . ot:,. - .,. v \ K I 'I: A 1 • _ i u \ <", Two days •otns In pe initatory Bcene which may p»Te Intereating to some of oar readeri. LonisKapeleoii, Emperor of the French, is thenetttwtenUte of great-power, who has a direct interest in the issue. It is readily sur- nflBed of him, that he is always willtny to engage in a war in-order to withdrew the alien- Son of the naUon from borne oflalrs. Bat the kingdom of Sardinia is bounded oh the west by France, and In addition to thia' clronm- -. . ,. be given to the iact Italian family.- Stafl is now about 72 years of age. ago tile editors of the Prussian papers quested by the authorities not to m»« mention of the jnoveraents of the forces. vu Tuesday next tbe Wortemberg Estates will meet; in ofder to grant 6,000,000 florins for the army, and to authorize the Government to bnynpataoeitafar price any horeei that ft may rerioire. In a law paised- in 1855 tbV Government can appropriate any horses which are needed for the defence ot the kingdom.-*. Lieutenant General von Luders, a very distln. IT LOOKS LIKE DOING SOMETHING —A f^w days sinci « e stated that a party compos*! of Directors in ilie Chicago Bt. Paul and Rond du Lac Companj, made a tour of inspection ov^r tbe unfinished portion of the lifts of this road, for the purpose of ascertaining its present con' ditton. We-now find in the Chicago Trilnmc of tbe 4lh inst,, tbe following etatprnent,which gives additional confirmation lo the probability that tbe people of the Rock Rivor Valley will soon have tlic pleasure of witnessing thu consummation of tbis important enterprise. The company now in process of organization will have the me»na of carrying on to completion this Road, and when once in oporation there can be no donbt bnt whnt it will b* a payine institution. It passes through a region of country singularly well calculated to furnish it with a Urge, reliable,aud steadily increasing business: • , "Onr readers will be glad to learu that the difficulties which hitherto prevented the completion ofthis road from Janesvilie to the La Crosse Junction, fifty-six miles, have at length been definitely adjusted, and arrangements now perfected to complete the road by or before the 1st of October. Tbe efficient superintendent, Qco. L.Dnnlap, Esq., with a party of Railroad gentlemen, has Just returned ftom a careful examination n f the line, and from the information gained from tbe ton?, we learn that it will probably be Tally complied some weeks before the Mme mentioned. Tbis announcement will be received with great satisfaction - by all our citizens, as U will open up to the direct trade of the city the beat and most densely populated portion of Wisconsin, as well as give us another route to the Upper Mississippi, through Us connection with the La Crosse Road.— Waltrloum Dem. • nnrOi Ftjrt.ty-tl* nn. tho'ice n-.n on quarter Im* < {•!•*'I r...|. |., !l My acre* I..- U (111 chains an.l tlilrtjt (SO) lints; then \^>t decrees eajl twenty t'M) rha twelre (13) chAini; thence due west sal-l Bectir.n two hundr.-d and tli;rty place of iM-pnnlnp, containlnc «eve same more or Irs*. Marshal's Oflice, Milw&atee. March 15, l^M). M. J. TIIOMA.t, I s. (i. A. t J. C. .-TlHIWHTH«a, Crem|l't1 Solicitors. CIRCUIT COURT, I County of Milwaukee. \ John A. Pape, executor of the la*t will ami of lUl'-kish II K.-ed. drceiued, PlalnlllT. M i-.l .1 . \ l-. OHIO «»i TI n •i i K I • M; .t M i N ' i uATAWBA O S3 BR.-NLY, I'A l' a SIII.'.VAI KKK, A N 1 ) i NT iV «! H.\( <•). I ) I-.A 1 «• r u i i » I- . May. ' hac. I.V.>D. Hoel II. Camp, Charles W. Perkins, Alpha Krnjl P. lleriib,TK, Frederick W lie tihrri:. H. Raralfn. William H. Ljron, \Varren 11 Robert Sh»«-, M -rrls .H,,lier, John Hone, Jin ll-olrn, I'erklns, Mulford lielroer, C llill, C. F. A. llinrich.t. ICtliTArd \VilleU, Jus^ph VVi|. letfl, Salomon Jackson, 'John Burf;e-sA, Uot*ert G. Dal , Jolin II. UodUard, Joieph B. lli.-tmcs, J,.s,-|iti 8 Uoitlniii, Jr . Thomas A Uec», William L Pelrcer. Jainea Patlrc, Johti M. McFarlauc, William i'nill|0, OelrnJanU. The Blaie o( Wisconsin, to the above named delendauu I," OC are hereby summoned >ud rniulrnl in answer 1 the coroplnlrrt In thta action, which is Qled In Uie ollice Of the t'lf rk of the Circuit Court f,»r the County of Milwaukee, at thr OUj of Ml!waa*er, In sml County, and to §tTFe » copy of your answer to the nabl complatiit on U.e Bobscrlber*, at their ®flice, iNos. S Mid 4 Albany BuildluK, in the laid City ot .\lilw»ukee, witliio twenty days after the service, exclu-ive of the day of such service; »nd if you fall to aniwer the c.iiq- (ilaint within the tini« aforesaid, the plaintiff will apply to the Court for the relief demanded In tbe cnmnUinl. Wnnrw the Hon. All] HUH McARTHUR, Judge of Circuit Court for >ald LVunly Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, lith day April, 1S59. HOOKER i SPANRENBCRO, PUlDtlff'B Atlorneyp. may4-l»"6w Milwaukee, Wwconsli \Yilliam* <V Auction and Commission Merchant's, \O. riLi. i (->>ani!.ze, at u- r r 1 rr County. fST l..l~-rtl » v return* mad.- . M. 11. -B..n.l«. N . janlj .t.NT.i AMi M \\ I XI <»> . rt.,-ular (in.- r r 1 li.- - .m ,r K.\ \lii.V Url.-nl f East W a t e r S t A < AIJIK i .71.11. ..If f D R. TRACY 1'^ riff riff it ] ••.••wnr- SAI,I: In the C. S. Dijtric Court for Uie D..«tric of Wisconsin guish War in Bavaria. n ted Minister of teries were 8«ot from Mnniok to Augsbnrir bl tween which oily and Ulm and Linden 'two' powerful corps d'armet are toTx placed It is rumored that a Military Contention has rt> oentry been concluded between Prussia Ba. *-*"'" ---- '-.and.JJararia, and there li fe 1 *% report. The Gerf fbattha . «wInlerpiU«rf Frmnoe^na iis own natural to render-tt him to regard wltt indiflfenaoe anyinterfer- Sariinia'ag army a , sn *P«ted iim of pJbtl ttngjnlsohief from the 4*y that he sent ail Helena medals to be distrTbnSd armies wbich Blood J»as already 1»en (bed m tt«; Oermanfrontiw, though only IB a street rt>w. Bfar, ----- - ..... tk« Crawford Clinrehyord (Eng.) I* seen the following epitaph : "Here lies tte body of Peter ftneTl, tblrty years clerk of ttis pwlsU. He lired fwpeoted a pious and worthy m aD , tt d rfied on his way to church to»Ut at a wedding, on the Slat of Anpirt, 1811 agwl 70 ye»«. Tfce inhabitants prCraylord raise .this rtone toiig ry, and as a tribute of his tothfuVwrri IMTI-.D M Marr Anu Ad&ms, admlnistra- trii of Frederick W A Jains, deceased, v». David P. null, Marlon Alton (lull, tdvlQ HaJraer, Trustee, Michael Coughlln, Joshua ilathaw>a;, B/ron W. Clark, Charles S. Clark, Robert U. Bell, The Farmers A Millers B&nk, Henry L. Palme-r, Herman Schwanlng anil Au- gB5t Greullch, Ascl^nee^ of the People's Bank or Haertel, Qreenleaf A Oompanj, Edward U. Tyler, Jabu U. Foster, lie-race II. Hunn, Jasper E. Ooodr ch, and Aadrles Dumei and i William J. Abrams. | I N pnrsuMCe and by virtue of a decree ma»le by the District Oonrt of the United State* for the District' of Wisconsin, on Ihe eighth day of April, 1859, In the above entitled canse.I shall sell at Pqblle Auction at the Dnlted States Marshal's office In the City of Milwaukee, on Wednesday, ihe lenlh day of August, 1849, at three o'clock In the afternoon, the following described property, to wit : "Lot number [fil and the west fifty [60] f Dombered seven [T J and eight [8], In block twenty-eve {25J, In. Sherman's Addition to the El»th Ward of t Olty o/illiwaakee." Marahtl'i Office, Mllwa^ce, Itay 7, 1859. If. J. THOMAS, D. S. Marshal. A. 0. Mir, Compl'ts Solicitor. may&-lib2w3m memo- ttl« cleric w«j Jn.t Ihf h !° h tllDe ' ore and ten ' . on l aa J r -«o he changed amen. A eecond he took— (he departed : what then? ' i tWrtj-on* year* Jn the armr, 1 active wmrice in the field in ^AJgeriajand lathe court* of fifteen to'ttonak «f d gained ... *, . -JL——- »;»"-»•*• J.QB18-J men walked in. Tlie landlord, when years ago wag a fencing; mister fa th e u«t wooH gn«t«,-8nd remitrked tha to ^oonle ! J •**. ^ . _ j -jSs&'SS** . i^ n- fcs " ^'^J>^ /"' '' " , ." •' •r*.f ^ -iJ- * •' . *'•..* Mafe- "'' I /-V f ~"V " ' ' ^ ••' ate »i h'j rang ont amen. Bis horn WM exalted In blowing amenL And'helo > t^Unliwi n datthree»corr*nd ten; , Aa& here ^ with Jhreeirlves, be waits tui again • v The trumpet «hall tbe Mm to »lng out Jtmen." - -. tA G&08SK Inilg, PROM THsl H«PCniICAS.' r¥r. BrflarriDgtonthM |«rchased tbe Uni. tod State-bate!? property, aad takes pome^ ..« ?*,twfl«y,: he ...havtajr also' bought the iw. •M-vH. will *J» ionw; as be bog?: ; is. fcercHit«»d»thetr busing in e Indians are doJnfi* good bu8!tie«9there'in the ::r- David P. H«ll, Marian Alton Hall, Ed win P&lner, Trustee, Joshaa H»thaway, Byron W. Clark, Chariest. Clark, Robert B. BeD, The Farmers'4 Miller's Bank )• In'Kqntty. Henfy L. Palmer, Bennaa Sehwarttog and Auput Greullch, Assignee* of the People's Bank of Haer- tcl, Oreenleaf * Co., Edward.Q.Tyler, Jabez Hi Foster, Horace fi. Hnnn and jMper B. Goodrich. I N pnrsulnceand bTTlrtae of a decree made by the District Conrt or the Dnlted State* for tie District of Wisciusln, oh the eighth day of April, t,. o, 18S9, m the aboVe entitled cause, lahall»ell at PuMlc Anctlon, M tbe UElfcd State* Maria»l'« Office, la the City of MHwsnkee, on Thursday, tbe Slit day of J«ly, 18S», at 3 e'clock fj j^, th* followl.g descritwd property, to rlt: ft* cut one banareit (10.) feet of lot* numbered •Men (I) «nd elickt (8) «n Wot* BOBtered. twenty-nte (»), InlMierman'i JUdliloa, ;ln the Bforth War* of JheCHyflfMHwatttee. • n **T»^ »*«i MUiwriteejjAptlUS, 1SS9. •Prt»->in8w3m.; M. J. TPOMAI, U. B. Mar.h.l. «•• C««jrc—ila T . :JU be«n gr of adml Probate. deceased !bn!of litid (Mate! hartatr *odilr month* from graoted to Mary BrefCT, Oltt the first day ol April, 4. I>.,l»St, Ixdnctilov- tS for. «r>illor. to pr»«t their clalii agiin.t Saw «e~ ' " '^yt^'^t^MtiSm'^.'&^S'aM Mrfoni (nlnit u* raid Bvrry Braer. dectaMd. apf»4»w4iJ r BTKOftPAOil, booty J«4fe. j.. M, an-l i' f.115 retnrne.l in much impr..Y^.| ^--I'l;., a-t.i . .,., r. thank* f. r paj.1 f.ii .. r t Drs TKACY an.l PKIIRISK'M I "Ti.-.-. \'t, r [.'. • ,i May, Wlii be f..ll'l.l *L V..l]nk''i N.w H,!il.l.n t '. N * ir, t3y~ I>r. IVrrlnt-'i. r^s-.lrnre :» .u 4th e:r -.-t. "r houMt north i.f ?pr-:i... Milwaukee, April '£4, 1-.V* *|.r;T MII.\VAi:)<l-J-. HAXAAU. Oi DELORME&OUENTiN l.MJ JC.ixt WaUr .^rf-ri, NKXT DOOR TU .MESUR^. URAOFORD HRi) p H. r»n.-v (}»n«J.<«. Toys, Willow Wir- -vnr) Yi^Re.' N l-in AI.Mi, KmftroHlery in<l /^-phyr Womtr.1. B. i:\.M I .AC-JKK Iit: \ > I> II I I. I l"><) I avi VARIETY ..f Uisne '311. 3,1.1: \ i ^ A 1 .» >« >.\ H<> u -1. Muaica, Knte ail:t.*nre free. i: i 'naaTii f , P.\PI-:K J. J. ,Hcf>lKATII A: i <>., •Jl \VIXO\M\ STHIIKT. IirrOBTKKS, »HOLI3AL* ISO aKTHL nKAI_l.K> IS Paper Hangings, Window Shades, &c. Competent workmen lent tn all parts nf the City in.l Country for Hocorallng and Paper llancmiria ill u branches.all work warrante.1. ' feb'i- ANGUS SMITH & CO., Storage, Forwarding & <' MKKCHANTS. Proprietors of the I,AK«. r. KI.I.V.V i'ou \VAUI: no i M , At the terminus of the Milwaukee J Mtsstafi'ppi an.l Uie Milwaukee, Watertown A Utraboo Valley Kallroads. t3ff~ Liberal ailvancea m.t.le on property In store, or for shipment to Eastern Marbetsl oct^.' ROOFING, HARDWARE, if. « . ii B-; A «' i. i; t v «* o ( > : S10N Or- 1 1 Ih. BIG KED KETTLK : Hardware OK Stoves. Sheet Iron, Tin —AMD— .U.KIU1TI UAL Cor East W Aier 111 l v respectfully inform th.-tr put.ll.- <rnerally, Licit Ltiey 'iav- . WK<T WATKB STRf*T r ih<.<4i.. «f iJe «liov- nnme.1 in with Sl'ADK". SUOVKL.- 1 , HAKfc.K, I A M i I . \ 1 . I Ho W. B. tJrcgory A: Co., COMMISSION MEltCHAN'l'S. NO. 2O8 U«JST A*'ATKIl STUEtT. Persocal attention piven lo Consi^nmeati of Floor and allklnrts nf Proilnce. decll G. A- CO. Manufacturers, and Dealers in Leather, Flutllofrvt littles, Ac. f > 14S East Water ttreet, Milwaukee, Wi§ UF~ Cash paid for Hides, PeJta, Wool, *c. mull PKTKK'S PATKNT Non-Explosive «.os Lamp. T HE public li now farnred with the BKST, BA^BST and most ECONOMICAL LIGHT ever produced, equal If not superior to the best Coal Gass. It la ad spied to Churches, Hotels, Stores, Reading Rooms, Prirate, Dwelllnzs, Railroad Oars, *o., *c. A trial will prove ita mpertorlty over all Portable Lights now la use. It Li nnltke all other Lamps, belnjf easily managed, irllUaDt, econoplcal, free from smoke or smell, and what U more, entirely safe from all danger of explo- «on. Apply at i JOHN GOODMAN'S, 85 Wisconsin street, to B. W. fARNUM, decS i Agent for the State of Wisconsin. P. BABKER, 104 EASaP WATEIS STREET. JiUtoautee, Wisconnn, Has just received a large In»otc4 at WENS' A.\l> J,OY*> HATS • Ot KVKRy GEABE AND QDAI4T7. . A flnt-rate assortment of 3 1 a* «, \*r G-o o<a s T of IN "N1-S HATS, new s " gr '* U ' rednf a SMOKED SALMON. Smoked Salmon at 'nucrfl MAPL.K SYRUP ' ^ nolce • rt '' e| HTJHN 4 CBQ»B»'8. And Afrrt.Tnlturil Implemenu. ft-nt-. »llv \* • sorta .if SHEET I HO* AMI TIN M-US- v »te. -tc. etc. Btovet pul up lo oriler. f3ff~ lloodn^ RKPAJHIMG of all, »ml every ««r^ n Our line punctually atton.le.1 Ui. |ay~ Orrlerij left will he aLten.leil u. «.t.N,.at »»8l» " MFACLK BOOTS AND SHOES. PRICES REDUCED — ON— B O O T S A N D X 11 O 1 1 .-;inv\ r j. t >, I <- k U M i i > \ It I r •« DEFY COMPETITION B. F. CURTIS & CO., 141 1-2 East Water Ml., ARE SKLLINQ BeiC*r«nch Calf Sewed BooU f, ,,,, American Calf Sewed Boots American Calf Pegged Boots Ladles' Congress, Heeled Boots Ladles' Lace Heeled Boots .. Ladles' Congress Gaiters.. Ladies' Uesvy Soled Snow Shoes .ur Can -hem, *n t'lete A.«s r- A •iimpr si M 1 i. 'i it r.-.itM.^ i:<i.' OA.-IH 3J5 i .j tinlne u.r y.iur I ,.M> 1..IO 1,4U j WAKTKO. A 8ITDAT1ON is Salesman or ghlppinit Clert. m . Qroctxy or Warehouse, by a man who haa had many K (.lit 1-. I . 1 K years experience In the business. W: constant employment. Address L. M. L., Milwaukee P 0 . no ohject, nut: fctcre.oscopir W E have reclved a flue lot at Sterescopi.: embracing views of interesting locuiitiea m RUSSIA, SWirZEUI. A^D, SI> K O Y P T , NUBIA. QfSXCS, ITURKXY, fKXl^YD, .«('., Also a large variety of new American Views. New and Tery desirable stvles of Stereoscopic [nstiu« ' ' STRICKLAND * CO., Booksellers and Stationers, 134 Kast Water »treet. •«lMT... «» I .|.r'Jll SI. ,tc' ments. ways on hand at fluid, Spirits Turpi-nWne, al- EAtEISOTON-8. 1 itlE f and Specie. bu lurnKln-,| ,t ' Uie Buptut 0;uirt:li, nearly

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