Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 13, 1959 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1959
Page 5
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DEAR ABBY.., Sy Abigail Van 51st PAMPA DAILY NEWS FRH5A Y f . FEBRUARY 13, 1951 § "•' Slumber Party With "No Sleep" Deborah Circle tompfetes Study ..... , ttebbrfth dfcie of the Chuwft of the Bfp.therft fnel tecertlty 111 LEFORS (Spl) —the ,T u n I o r ! thfi h( ,nie of Mr*. Frank Heastofl Girla Auxiliary of the First Baptist Church were given a. slumber par with Cobb AS co-hostessi Study of the *rook of Job wal rtins different 'places in the past meant, all those tilings he said to cnm . C h for a sack supper; the i * * m two vears because every rooming-me. Miss Ahby, and then lost in- r . oume lovs furnished Cokes and! Luncheon was served during tll8 home wh«-e 'l RO the landladyjtereat in me over the weekend? I bubble gum. At nine p.m. the £irl.«rnoon hour to Mines, George MAtll, tHM to marw me f am ft friendly still love him and want to know presented a talent show in which ! Allie Byi-um, Amalie Turcotle, fv«* and am nice to everyone but how to get him back like he was cach g i,-i present performed.!Wayne Jones, Don Elledge, Mar- hr^ompn "eem to take me wrong last Friday. 'Games and singing followed until, ry Miller, Dean Burger, Ray 8ur» (ianies ana singing HHUJWCU umu i iy iniu^i, A-/^«H 4^^*^^., i,..*^ .-.v,. MJ M T eleven p.m. when bed roles werejger, Rev. and Mrs. Darryl Fry* From— HAZLEWQQD'S Farm Dairy the 1959 Maid of Cotton is Malinda Berry, a blue-eyed beauty from Oklahoma. She Is the first Maid of Cotton to fly•around the world on her tour of good will for the American cotton industry. Shown here are some of the fashions she wilt wear on her trip across the United States, Europe and the ?*rV.ast. The color and glamour of the Islands are in this tunic sheath (left) by Nanl of Hawaii. Brilliant sea and sky blues are blended In a cotton print over solid color. Luxurious evening coat (center) by Claire Schaffel Is In mauve cotton satin. Enormous cape-stoJc collar covers the shoulders. En route. Malinda Berry will wear ensembles like this one designed for her by Mr. Mori. It's a black-and-white herringbone tweed jacket, cropped at the waist, with a slim dress beneatn. Wide belt emphasizes brief jacket cut. i And t)6for(* I kno\v it • ns.Vfl to \_-iv. v ^n j*. m. *...*.. i -j*. • • . -^. — • j n - T ipack up and find myself another; DEAR MLMI; If you try to "get let down. The daily Bible reading; man. room. 1 tell them from the begin- him back" YOUR week-end is was read by Mrs. Teel, who alfloj During the afternoon, the group ning that I am not looking: for a your head: He was handing you a. led In prayer. The girls then set-; ro iled bandages and made Infant wUe but they all th'"k the >' f" 3 " line. Lose him. i tied down for a night of rw sleep garments for Nigeria. change my mind. Have you any ; and eating all night. i - - ~ suggestions? DEAR ABBY: My husband went Members piesenl were Marletiei j' ON THE MOVE | n t o a business recently with a Catcs, Loretta Parks. Marcla Me-; i DFAP ON- There la something a friend of his. It took practically, Donald. Jeanetle Maybprry. and; I about th° way you are saying all we had. My husband refuses to Frances Clarke. Guests were i"No" that makes them think'you ask him for a partnership agree-; Charlene Gustin, Jud- Coberley, •• mean "maybe" Get yourself a mem on paper. He claims he can Terri Brewer, Sue SUibblefield, room at the "Y" or n Men's Club trust, him. We argue about this Glenna Gee. Connie and Lonnie' and vou won't be bothered by the constantly. I say maybe he can Teel and the sponsors. ; landlady. trust the man, but if something! - ; | " '' • should happen to him we wouldn't I DEAR ABBY- Last Friday I had have a chance of getting anything Id date with a boy (he is 19i and from his wife. Please tell me if I he put me on Cloud Nine with all am right? the wonderful things he had to' POLLY I say to me. He salrl h? never met'; DEAR POLLY: You are right. 'anybody like me and that he fell N O matter how strong the friend- Couples For Christ Have Bean Supper 1 in love" with me the minute his , ship - Maid Of Cotton, Fashion Ambassadress,^ Goes 'Round World In Brilliant Colors By GA1LE DUG AS NBA Women's Editor industry. , On her trip she will wear cotton fashions designed for her by 44 top, | Life Stories Given At WMU Meeting i LEFORS (Spl) — The Women's Missionary Union of the First Bap- ti«t Church met in a joint session ness' when it comes to gel it in writing. "busi- LEFORS (Spit I J' Christ," a young-married group class of the First Baptist Church, met in (he annex of the Church DEAR ABBY: Why Is it that T I have to make my dentist and doc- j tor appointments two months in •advance and when I go to the office they keep me walling; for an 1P Women's hour " omctlllies7 Nobody apologia- en( MeMr!1 ." and Mm es. H. r< -• n «f thi Fir* Bao " f ° r keCpU '* me *'"'""" cUhcr> Teel. Walter .lacKson, Bob Stri Missionary Lmon of the Fust Bap And lhpv acl , jke th flre df)jng __ „,_,_ „,.„,,;_ ,-,I,M., TO recently for a bean supper. Mrs.' Ernest Foshef and Mrs. Gene Danle\- decorated the serving table in the valentine motif. following families were L. Strick- a fflvor b s ,, nin - „_. „. . i NEW YORK (NBA* " T h » « Amer ican designers. These range Maid of Cotton, Malinda, war ri Doris E. Wilson Daily News Women's Editor with all circle., for a mission pro- (h Renf) ymj R ^ fa( ml giam from the book. "Ways of j {ce| hetter now \\itnessing,' 1 by John Caylor. in the church recently. Mr?. Harold Teel composed the DEAR NORMA: are doing or S(an]ey Rj r hjson. Calvin Lacy, you. Then L M Berry, and Joe Archer. lill Thorrt SOCIAL CALENDAR NORM A Dentists and year's UBfeiry, is 'around the first Maid to fly , sportswear right on through ^ v ... ,__'- -world as fashion ambassador for the American cotton RUTH^MILLETT to elaborate and formal evening clothes. Even her accessories em-! phasize cotton: gloves, hats and, Pleasing Pair Valentine Party 'Planned By Club I S . Air? rial o HI i t:ei «.wtui.".'^-«.i *^' v - — < inipt'for the program in the form doctors are usually behind sched-, of a television program, entitled, ule because some poor soul has, FRIDAY fi :00 -- Order of the of a television program, entuieo. >"« oeuausB siime JHJ.JI- s.iui im.-.j fi:00 .... order or tne Kai "Th- Lelor.s Baptist Hour." Mrs. had an emergency and must be foj . Gjlls Masonic Hall. W B Minter directed the pro- worked in. If you ever have to he 7:00 ... B( , la gigma Phi Di ' i "worked in," you'll understand H Rainbow gram. ' worUed ln ' her journc-vs across t h e j By SUE BURNETT 'PIOHHed by L /l/fc » T ™' I ~.-^t™ ??!«"„ ^ .""""' . _ United States, to Europe. Hawaii) AN ADORABLE s 1 e e v e 1 e s s, ° n »' HS 'V "J pr'aver " " : Confidential lo "Too Good": The and the Far East, her wardrobe; drejw and ho.ero combination de- o ^*^™^ lL Busy Be!I- lunU- ^rh.»n JS'traved the more chaste the B ,r, - the more Home'DenionstraU;.! Club com- character of Clovis Brantley, a she's chased. Believe what ymr pleted plans for a Valentine Party worker with underprivileged mpii mamma done tole you. | to be held at 7:30 p.m. Satuiu,iy in Louisiana, and gave his lifp; 'in the home of Mrs. Bahr. -story. The life story of Mrs. Tool-: For a persona reply, write to Mrs- Janie Fletcher eave a dem- P v. \vorknr with underprivileged'ABBY m care of Una paper. Ln- onstration on "Home Survey." women in La. was given by Mrs. <'!o*> a self - addressed, stamped ... .-.„... - Dinner, , Colonial Jim. ; 9:00 - Beta Sigma Phi Sorority Dance, Pampa Country Club. Pasteurized . Homogeni/.ed Pure-Whole MILK 'Nothing Removed' —at— Mitchell's, Purr's, Horn & Gcc, Ideal 1 & 3, Miller's Food Store Boston's Grocery Food Center Blake's Country Store Learning a sport Is a good way . must necessarily include clothes'signed lo please a teen, for a girl to catch a fellow, the di-: for all climates. The Maid of Cot-j rector of physical education at a ton begins her trip from New' Southern university tells the girls York in winter and completes it. 1 in her classes. Un June. Therefore, cotton has lo Those aren't the teacher's exact '. be versatile in order to meet the words" of course. But that's the 'demands of climate changes. idea she conveys to the girls. | In Malinda Berry's .suitcases. It's the truth, girls, but that's therefore, will be an all-weather not even the half of it. Sharing a'emsemble in water-repellent pop- husband's interest in a sport is an;iin. She will have an ensemble excellent way of slaying compan-iin corduory and print done in ionable with him through the i brilliant shades of turquoise. vc fc rs . ! When she goes sightseeing In It you'll look around you, you: London, she will wear a zinnia imay be surprised at the number-pink, nubby cotton travel suit 'of women in their forties, fifties, with brief jacket and pleated JaiTd sixties who are every bit as skirt. For her visit to Karachi, [enthusiastic about hunting, fish-!Bombay and Bangkok, she will ing, boating, golf, tennis or what-'have cotton tweeds in coating to ever as are' their husbands. | suiting weights. One dramatic Instead of sitting alone weekend; black-and-white tweed coat is after weekend while their bus-' styled for wear in rain or sun. hands go out for sport, these up-j Her wardrobe emphasizes use of anti-coming wives go right along rich and brilliant colors. Combina- and sometimes land bigger fish,, tlons of pink and yellow, jet black shoot more game, or bring in and 'bronze, rich pink and blue, "smaller golf scores than their hua-; tangerine and pink, saffron and bands. ' paprika point up new color ideas. When they do, thanks lo Ihe gallantry of men, it is usually the husband who does the bragging about his wife's skill. .So the sports a girl learns today will not only help to make her popular while she is dating; Browjl|e T „, f , urm lhpir around. Her interest in .port will • meetings, have been mak- give her happy hours through the, pin( . u . shion * whirh thev recenl . years of shared enjoyment with Jy n[ef} , Q Sp|l|or cuizens ,„ the man she . hlv , Lovett Memorial Library. Follow- Of course, there ^^j^ ing presentation of the pin-cush- i ions the Brownies sane several escape from women and ' " ... . «i.».i,, songs for the group, a while in a completely ™ b ' T r\r\ />• , jroop 82 Gives I Gifts To Citizens Mrs. Dorothy Osbc •? was elect- C. H. Earhart. cd Texas Home Demonstration 1 Mrs. H. L. Teel played the part Asa'n chairman and fllso a nom- of Mrs. AUegria LaParie of Sel- inee for the district meeting to be ler s adoption center in Louisiana held in Wellington in Anril. and was interviewed by Mr. Min- Those present were Mmes. Jay ter. Phillips. Harry Bahr, Wayne! Concluding the program was a Jones. Elmer Eilliams, Franklin i "This is Your Life" them, in which Poe, Dale Burch, Glenda Hamby the life of Mrs. Minnell Groves Olur Bertand and .lanie Fletcher.; was portrayed by Mrs. Tom Flor- Olur Borland and Jnnie Fletcher, i ence who played the part of Mrs. The club will meet next with Groves, who is with the Miami, Mrs. Dale Burch. 501 Horn on Feb.;Fla., Goodwill Center. 19 at 1-15 p.m. I Mrs. Alba Shores played the ' _'._.-....'. ' _ p arl of Mrs. Rosalie Franks, in coins to: — SUE BURNETT. Pam-:the "This Is Your Life " feature, pa Daily News, 372 W. Quincy St. 1 Mr. Minter closed U,« meeting Chicago 6, III. with prayer, after which hot choc- For lat-class mailing add 10 olate snd cookies were served, cents for each pattern. Print i Those present not already m e n- NAME, ADDRESS with ZONE, tioned were Mmes. Alvin Cates. STYLE NO. and SIZE. ;.I. D. Halley, Jake Leggitt, and Send 35 cents now for the new;L. M. Berry. Spring & Summer '59 issue of ourj pattern magazine Basic FASHION. 1 Read The Ntnvi Classified Ads. envelope. MHier-Hood Pharmacy Better Prescription Service FREE DELIVERY 1122Alcock MO 4-8469 1 Those . Ml ' s ' Carl dross. N( , K279 w ,th PAT-O-RAMA i.s in 10, 12, M, 16. Size 12. 32 bust, ya.ds of 35 im-h; ^ t-V yards. 35 cents >,. o vvnrlri Rill t lin r tP moil •.••«•*-^ ..»**...*^... h ., ^ , .. . n] <;->^ *J * -j > n j U,T «'i •' are eetting fewer Most husbands Thomas, leader, Mrs. Bryon Buck, yim , s , ;ontI . Bsls h,,lc,o, rtie B ..ii.iii(, it assistant leader, Mrs. Venion T O ORDER send ,' these days wan their wives ° g«* c . ommitl?e ' memher . MissM TO OKUbK. _ l _ out and enjoy the kind o (tugged . • Becky Buck.'l^len.a " outdoors life that appeal to Ihenr Oi'nningham, Tru- And the man who buys his uife a « aro a d e,. . v., , , , i,.,.,-,, „,.,„ Perkins, Jamie Sclio Sharon day is ikely to be a happy man. • •• • y Snow, Pam Thomas, Beverlv Mrs. Hext Hostess To Pioneer Club CANADIAN «Spl) The P i o- neer Cluh met In the home of Mrs. Tom Hext recently. The devotional was given by Mrs. Dan Witt on "The Stage Coach." Those attending were Mmes. Ren Beard, W. L. Helton, John Jones, C. A. Studet, J B. l.ind- ley, W. A. Merrell. E. H. Snyder, John Pundt, Dan Witt, Frank Me- Mordie, and W. R- Mines. CULLIOAN SERVICE Walls, and Lynetie Wilson. The troop is working on ceramics as its next project. Soft Woter is a "MUST" for DISH WASH IRS ^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^MH^U£|V0 „ WW^^i^^W"^^"^ MO 5-5729 HI-LAND WASHATERIA 2000 N. Hobart MO 9-9083 • open ~i Hours Daily Wash ".Oi- Ury l«c for 10 PHONE MO 4-3334 . FO$U» just received in time for that- practical valentine gift another shipment "jack winter" pants 12,98 to 15.98 values wools and washable loiettes luiii.' oaju'is and slacks colors, patterns ami sizes 8 to 16 no layaways please 217 N. Cuyler WARDS° MO 4-3251 •IONTOOM~-*V WARD SATURDAY SPECIALS SPECIAL PURCHASE NOTION ASST. Everything from shoelaces to Crayolas. 10,640 pieces to choose from. Largest assrtment ever in Pampa. SPECIAL PURCHASE! Plastic covered innerspring lounges ColorfwJ lounges with wedge-shaped bolsters _ teat 8, sleep 2. Durable t. plastic cleans easily. Each a big 30x72'. $3 DOWN BtY & PLANT NOW SALE! Glass* lined economy water heater 30-GAl CAS 10-YI CUAiiANTd Provides all the hot woter you need . . . when you reed it. Fiberglas insulation keeps woter hot longer. Water stays clean in glosi-lined U- k. 100% iufcty pilot. A.CA u^pi. SALE! Garden Mark Chor-trac- Powerful, easy to handle! Ro??. .S219. Get 2 speeds l'(ii'\siii'ii and hack: .'i J1P J r\rlr- t ntMlle 1 . iill -It-ill' U'iiiSJiii^-iuii, ditlcl r/illal act i.. u wheels -t) dtuch- Loyawoy Your Summer Needs New $5 or $10 Down Holds Till Moy 15

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