Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on October 8, 1938 · Page 5
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 5

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 8, 1938
Page 5
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Page 6 Saturday Morning, October 8, 193S of Sl«w? fronj AH Prt* of tft» County Solicit*^ Ui)4«r tfel* rit4. The Local Department DASHES HERE AND THERE Apartment for rent.--Sparks Apts., Denton, Md. Pigs For Sale.--T. Sidney Collins, Federalsburg, Md. He that baa patience may compass anything.--Rabelais. The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.--Psa. 23:1. For Rent -- House *on Franklin street, Denton.--Fred R. Owens, Denton, Md. A benefit supper will be served by Denton Community Club in the clubhouse on the IDth of October. For Sale--1 gallon glass jugs and Coca Cola barrels, excellent for cider. --Townsend's Confectionery, Denton. Kindling--35 cents per box or 3 boxes for $1.00. Coal of all kinds for the best heat.--Nuttle Lumber Coal Co. For Sale--Good clean seed wheat, threshed before the rain.--G rover Passwatcrs, Denton, Md. Phone 8-F-12. Two-room apartment for rent.-Mrs. Mark Smith, corner Riverton Ave. and Second St.; also, a furnished bed room. The Ladies Aid of Hickman M. E. Church will serve a chicken and oyster supper in the community house on Friday, October 14. Job's Daughters will have a bake next Saturday, the 15th, in the vacant store room next the Denton A. P. Store. Open at 10 a. m. The Preston Parent-Teachers Association will hold its regular oyster supper at the school on October 21, beginning at five o'clock. The Ladies Circle of Denton M. E. Church will have a portion supper in the Sunday School room next Friday, October 14, at 5:30. The officials of Bethlehem M. E. PERSONAL AND SOCIAL NEW Interesting Items About Yourself An Your Friends Announcement was made this wee of the marriage of Miss Hattie V Shockley, executive secretary of th Caroline County Welfare Board, an Malcolm Caplan, postmaster of St Michaels. The wedding took plac three years ago. Mrs. Walter Newcomer and he daughter, Doris Mariej have returnei to their home in Burbank, Calif., ar riving last Saturday. They had spent six weeks with relatives in Denton and vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. Roland Fisher ar;i i-on, Eddie, and Mr. and Mrs. Johi Renninger were week-end visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ell- svanger. Mr. I. V. Stonebrook, of Baltimore, and Mrs. Lloyd Holbert, of Washington, visited briefly with Mrs. Everett Pepper and family the past week. The Good Cheer Bible Class of Denton M. E. Church will meet next Thursday evening, the 13th, at the home of Mrs. John E. Chaffinch. JUrs. Everett Pepper has returned to her home here after a recent visft with Baltimore, Catonsville, and CHURCH NOTICES The pastor, Rev. M. S. Andrews, will preach at both the morning and evening services this Sunday, October 9, in the Denton M. E. Church. Sunday School will meet at 9:46 a. m. Epworth League service at C:4B p. m., in charge of Miss Anne Breeding. At the mid-week prayer service on Wednesday, October 12, the pastor will begin n series of studies on the Book of Acts. Denton M. P. Church--Rally Day will be celebrated in both morning and evening services tomorrow, Sun- lay, October 9. "The Results of a Real Rally" will be the subject of the lastor's sermon in the morning. Chil- Iren of the Sunday School will have harge of the evening service. The Jible portrait sketch for C. E., nt :45 p. m., will be of Mcphiboshcth. There will be no morning worship t the Williston Community Church Sunday, October 9. Sunday School, 0:30 a. m. Divine worship at the Church of 10 New Jerusalem, Preston, Sunday, ctober 9, at 11 a. m. Subject for thp our, "The Everlasting Covenant." Masses on Sunday, October 9th, in he Catholic Churches of Denton and Rockdale relatives and friends. jRidgely will be as follows: In St. -.r- T^I . ,-.,, . -r., , Elizuhoth's Church. Donhon. 8:30 Miss Eloise Ellwanger, of Washington, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ellwanger. Mrs. Mark Smith has spent the last ten days with her grandsons and their mother, Mrs. Duke Smith, at Cambridge. The W. C. T. U. will meet Monday evening, October 10th, at the home of Mn?. Walter Sparklin, at 8 o'clock. Mr. Win. K. Scotton is spending two weeks in Atlantic City, N. J. Mrs. L. J. Hooper, of Easton, is visiting Mrs. Wm. K. Scotton. Elizabeth's Church, Denton, 8:30 o'clock; in St. Benedict's Church, Ridgely, 10 o'clock. Confessions will be heard in St. Elizabeth's Church on Sunday morning at 7:45. WEEKLY RID6ELY NEWS LETTER [terns of Special Interest to Residents of the Seventh District The Ccnimunity Club met for the first time this season on Monday, afternoon, with a one-o'clock covered ill h luncheon, which was much enjoyed. In the business meeting which followed, Mrs. Ronald Lane, vice- president, presided. It was determined to omit the annual supper in October and to hold a card-party on the 28th. The feature of the program was a history of the Club, compiled and reud by Mrs. Albert White, who is our officinl historian. ThLs was of great interest, reminding us of many forgotten occasions and achievements, and made us very proud. Another very interesting item of the program was the roll-call, which was answered with "What I would like to see done in Ridgely, and would be willing to help do." These subjects we hope will be pursued further. Rev. W. E. Habbart, of Bethel Church, Chester, occupied his former HOMEMAKER CLUBS Written liy Publicity unit HCSJ/C Af. l, Home Detiiotnttr.itiiin ,itjciit. GIPSY SMITH IN BALTIMORE Church will hold on oyster supper on Thursday evening, October 13, in the community house. Supper will begin at five o'clock. The Twentieth Century Cluh will meet at the home of Mrs. Darcy Coul- boumc on Wednesday afternoon, October 12th. All members try to be present. The Christian Comrades Bible class of Concord M. E. Sunday School will meet at the home of Mrs. Hilda Maloney next Thursday afternoon, October 13, at 2 o'clock. The ladies of the HoBbs Aid will hold their annual Fall supper on Thursday evening, October 27th, in the Community House at Hobbs. Remember the date, October 27th. Copies of the Denton Journal in the early years of its publication are in demand. Issues for October 1876 are desired especially. Those of earlier dates arc solicited also.--The Journal Printing Office, Denton, Md. Special clearance of well known makes of enamel paint. Quarts formerly $1.25 now 50 cents and pints formerly 75 cents now 35 cents. Come and get your color now before sold. Only limited supply on hand.--Nuttlc Lumber Coal Co. The Ladies Aid of Union M. P. Church," Burrwville, will have a benefit supper in the community house on Wednesday, November 2. The menu will include ham, oysters, chicken salad and various side dishes in season. Serving will begin at 5 o'clock. Tickets, 50 cents. The Chicago Cubs and the New York Yankees axe battling it out for the World's Championship honors in baseball. The ftnst two games were played in Chicago and were taken by the Yankees. The teams moved east to New York yesterday and will resume the struggle this afternoon at Yankee Stadium. The ladies of Nichols M. E. Church will hold an oyster supper at the church, located near the Drayton Race Track on the dirt road leading to Fcderalsburg on Thursday evening, October 27. Oysters, fried chicken and all the other delicious food will be served. Serving starts at 5 p. m. Come and bring your friends. The Ladies Aid of the Church of the Brethren will hold a bake Saturday, October 29th, beginning at 10 o'clock, in the vacant store room next to the A. P. Store. Dressed chickens, cakes, rolls, biscuits, candy and salads will be on sale. In response to the many requests for Chinese Food, we will serve Chop Suey platters from 11 a. m. until 6 p. m. Come and have your lunch, dinner or supper. Bridgetown M. E. Church will have a. special service tomorrow at 2:30 p. m., in celebration of its 165th anniversary. The scrmoij will be delivered by the Rev. Lester E. Windsor, pastor of Mt. Salem M. E. Church, Wilmington. Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Caskie, Gospel Singers and musicians, of Baltimore, will have charge -of the music which will include selections by a male quartette from Sudlersville. The Bridgetown Church was founded in 1040, a log chapel of the Church of England but was abandoned during the war with the Mother country. The present brick structure dates from 1773. The first quarterly meeting of the Gouchcr Club of the Eastern Shore ·will be held Saturday, October 8th, at the Wicomico Hotel, in Salisbury, Md. Luncheon will be served at 12:30 p. m. in the main dining room. Mrs. R. M. Nock, of Salisbury, will accept reservations. The business session, following the luncheon, will be presided over by the vice-president, Mrs. Wilbcrt Mcrriken, of Denton, Md. Guest speaker for the afternoon will be Mrs. Jtichard E. Tome, of Baltimore, a representative of the Gouchei OYSTERS A LA' MARYLAND Do you need a change of diet? Try oystere! They arc back in the market, and you can have them raw or cooked, in cocktails, on the half shell, steamed, creamed, stewed, fried--as you like them--served with a dash of this or that as an appetizer, or, as the principal dish of your meal. The season opened as usual, when September brought the R's back to the calendar. Sanitary supervision of the industry is under the charge of the State Department of Health. Inspections of the plants arc made by the Bureau of Food and Drugs, under the direction of Mr. A. L. Sullivan, Chief of that Bureau, and the concerns that are operated in compliance with State and Federal requirements arc duly certified. Certificates mutst be renewed annually. They may be withdrawn at any time for failure to conform to the sanitary requirements. Dr. R. H. Rilcy, Director of the State Department of Health, said that certificates were granted to 223 firms for the season of 1937-1938. In preparation for the current season, notices were sent during the summer to packers and others engaged in the oyster business calling their attention to the regulations of the U. S. Public Health Service which must be met in order that their establishment may be approved for interstate shipments. Features emphasized in the requirements were summarized by Mr. Sullivan, as follows: Cleansing and sterilization of utensils, shucking buckets, etc. Shucking buckets mui;t be of sanitary construction. Gipsy Smith the World Renowned Evangelist, of Cambridge, England, is now conducting his third Campaign in Baltimore, Maryland. He first came to the Monumental City in 1908 when a most successful meeting was held in the Lyric. Last year he came to Baltimore under the auspices of a joint committee of clergymen and laymen. More than one hundred thousand people attended the services within two weeks and over eleven thousand decision cards were signed. The campaign this year is being held again in the massive Fifth Regiment Armory, under the auspics of the Baltimore Evangelistic Association. Accompanying Gipsy Smith this year is his young bride who was Miss Mary Alice Shaw of Hollywood, California, until their recent marriage. Rev. Dr. Kingman A. Handy, a Baptist Clergyman, is Chairman of the Campaign Committee this year. The song leader is Mr. Samuel Grcs- sit, well known in Baltimore miwic circles. Rev. Raymond W. Cookc, Executive Secretary of the Associated Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Maryland, Inc., is again Secretary of the local committee and handles the pulpit in Ridgely M. E. Church last Sunday, preaching from the text: "Rejoice in the Lord alsvay; and again I say, Rejoice." In the afternoon we were addressed by Rev. Essel Thomas, of Easton, who used as lis topic The Conversion of Andrew. District Superintendent E. C. 'Hallman was with us in the evening, and u-=ed as theme The Stranger in the Midst of You. The text was that which told of the repentance of Judas. The persons of the story, he said, exhibited three kinds of conscience: the perfected conscience of Jesus, the submerged conscience of Judas, and the perverted conscience of the priest. Mrs. Hallman and Mrs. Habbart accompanied their husbands. Mrs. Herman Mitchell, of Middletown, Del., and Mrs. A. A. Bock and granddaughter, Miss Bertie Laughlin, of Spokane, Wash., on Wednesday of last week visited Mrs. Andrew Mitchell and sister, Miss Edna Detwiler. In the evening, accompanied by Mrs. Mitchell's grandchildren, Joan and Jimmie, they all, with Mr. Henry Detwiler and family, of Denton, visited The Homemakers Clubs will carry out their plans made last December to hold their County Rally on November 1st in Denton. Miss Venia M. Kellar will be present and tell about her trip to England in 1037. Special Demonstration,? have been planned for the older girls and women of Caroline county, and nonmembers as well us members of organized groups are welcomed and invited to attend. The places for the meetings have not yet been determined. October--D:30 a. m.-3:30 p. m.-- Sowing machine clinic. The women should, if possible, bring the headd of their machines, and have the help af an expert in cleaning and repairing. Installation of adequate equipment so that utensils may be thoroughly cleaned, rinsed and then disinfected with hot water at 170° F. with live steam. Tanks, blowers, etc., to be thoroughly cleaned daily and then sterilized. Packing and storage rooms to be maintained in a clean condition. Packing rooma must be free from surplus material so that they can be cleaned and washed down daily. An ample supply of hot water for handwashing and washing of utensils. Shell oysters to be protected in storage. If plants are operated during the fly season, oysters must be protected from fly contacts. Screening of packing room may be necessary. Attention of the packers was called to the fact that under the Minimum Requirements of the U. S. Public Health Service, all shipments of shell oysters must bear shipping tags giving ^information as to the source of the oysters, the quantity, name of the shipper, consignee, etc. The use of a uniform shipping tag is required and insisted upon in certain States. All concerns shipping oysters .0 the State of Massachusetts should secure a permit from the Health Dement of that State. MRS J. SPENCER LAPHAM Caroline county lost one of its most useful Christian women when Mrs. J. Spencer Lapham passed away at her home, near Goldsboro, Tuesday afternoon. She had been in very poor health for more than a year and had been confined to her bed for several weeks. Complications caused her death. Mrs. Lapham was Executive Secretary of the Caroline County Chapter of the American Red Cross, which position she had held a number of years. She showed real leadership in recent years when our own section as well as otlier sections of the country sent out appeals for help during floods. Mrs. Lapham was a member of the Goldsboro Methodist Church. Mrs. Lapham, who was 74 years old, waij a native of Chicago, 111., and before her marriage was Miss Harriet Bridgeman. She was born and educated in Chicago, where she taught school in her younger life. Besides her husband, she is survived College Alumnae Association. In ad-jby two children, Edward W. Lapham, dition to her report on the activity of of Goldsboro, and Mrs. Carolyn Sor- the other clubs, Mrs. Tome will give a preview of the college's fiftieth anniversary celebration to be held in Baltimore October 14-15-16. All Goucher alumnae in the vicinity arc Invited most cordially, to this meeting. ccn, of * Willmette, 111. Funeral services were held at her late home Thursday afternoon at 1:30 with her pastor, Rev. Fred Holden, officiating. Interment was made in Odd Fellows cemetery, Smyrna, Del. announcements. Mr. Irving H. Mezger, candidate for Congress, is Chairman of the Finance Committee and J. Marshall Stewart, President of the Pimlico Merchant's Association, is chairman of the Committee on Ushers and Entertainment. Noonday meetings arc being held each week day except Saturday in the Mt. Vernon Place Methodist Church. A feature of these noon meetings is that a Baltimore Clergyman divides the time with Gipsy Smith. These meetings last for only forty minutes. A great young- people's rally will be-held on Saturday night, October 8th, when Gipsy Smith will speak especially to them. On Sundays two meetings will be held, at three o'clock and one at seven-thirty. All of the evening services begin promptly nt seven-thirty. Saturday night is usually the rest night for the Gipsy and he is making an exception this week for the young people's service. Consequently he will use Monday and Saturday nights of the second week for his rest. On Thursday night, October the 13th he will tell the dramatic story of "Three and one half Years with the Boys in France". On Friday night, October 14th, he will tell his life story, known as "From Gipsy Tent to Pulpit." Although Gipsy Smith i; 78 years of age he has the vigor and enthusiasm of a man not much more than half that old. His singing voice is as clear and strong as it was thirty years ago. Special amplification at the Armory makes it possible for every person in the vast auditorium to hear distinctly. Requests for special reservations for groups of twenty-five or more should be addressed to the Baltimore Evangelist Association, 416 Garrett Building, Baltimore. SHORE FEDERATION TO MEET AT CENTREVILLE "Mrs. John L. Whitehurst of Baltimore and Mrs. Harry L. Ilarcum of Salisbury, prominent National and State Clubwomen, respectively, will be the chief speakers at the fall meeting of the Eastern Shore District Federation scheduled for November 3rd, at Centroville, Md. This date was set and general plans for the meeting were made Wednesday, September 28th, at a board meeting of the Eastern Shore District held at the Hurlock Community Houi'c. Mrs. ^Edgar F. Bradley, Hurlock, District President, was in charge. Twenty-two board members attended. The fall session of the District will be held all day November 3rd at the Opera House in Centreville, and will begin with new suggestions for the year's work by district chairmen. Mrs. Harcum, President-Director of the Maryland Federation of Women's Clubs, will speak in the morning. Mrs. Whitehurst's topic will be "Democracy in a Changing World". She is First Viec-President of the General Federation of Women's Clubus and a past President of the Maryland Federation. Her address in the afternoon will be followed by a one- act play under direction of Mrs. Sterling Harris of Ccntrcville, .head of the little theatre movement A program of music is being planned and arrangements for the luncheon will be announced to indivdual Clubs. Get yourself some handy scratch pads for 1 cent each at The Journal office. Mrs. A. G. Gelletly and family, at Pealiquor, where they enjoyed a wiener roast. The hostess also served apples, homemade pineapple ice cream and cake. Ridgely Volunteer Fire Company elected officers Monday as follows: Chief, Joseph Snowberger; first assistant chief, William Ewing; second assistitnt, Walter Bennington; captain of company A, Harry Swann; lieutenant, Mallory Winstead; captain of company B, Clinton Bloxton; lieutenant, Allen Temple; chief engineer, Lee Covey; assistant, A. S. Thompson. It was decided to hold a turkey supper in the Church House on October 19. Harvest Home service, postponed from two weeks ago, will be observed in the Methodist Church next Sunday. All friends of the church are invited to contribute fruits, vegetables, and other eatables which will be used to decorate the church on Sunday and will afterward be packed in barrels for our annual donation to the Methodist Hospital and the Deaconess Home. Rev. O. B. Reed is holding revival meetings at his other appointment, Bridgetown, and is being assisted by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kaskie, gospel singers and instrumentalists, of Baltimore. On Tuesday evening the group of young people from Federalsburg Church of God were present. Bridgetown Church will celebrate anniversary next Sunday. Mr. Willard Jones and family moved the first of the month to their lately purchased farm near Price. Miss Ada Matthews dined with them there on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Cockrell, with whom they traded, are occupying the house on Third avenue. Mrs. John Swing and daughter, Margaret, and son, Mulford, and hia two children, Mrs. Mattie Brumbaugh and daughter, Mary, and Miss Maud Sleek attended the John Charles Thomas and Jessica D'ragonette concert at Easton Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Margaret Cole suffered the November 2nd--1:30-4:00 p. m.-- Coat alterations. Miss Shelby, Clothing Specialist, will assist the agent. November 4th--9:.'JO a. m.-4:00 p. m.--Coats made from old or new material. MLss Shelby, Clothing Specialist, will assist the agent. November 9th--9:30 a. m.-4:00p. m.--Complete the coats started November 4th. November 16th--1:30-4:00 p. m.-- Meat and vegetable canning by Miss Margaret MacPhecters, Nutrition Specialist, U. of Maryland. Those interested in any of these projects should get in touch with the Home Demonstration Agent's Office promptly for further information. , Furman's Grove Homemakcrs Club met on Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Charles Cannon, near Ruthsburg, with sixteen members present and three visitors, and with Mrs. Vernon Baker, president, in the chair. Meeting was opened with the singing of "The More We Get Together", and "Battle Hymn of the HILLSBORO-QUEEN ANNE LETTER Newsy Items from the Twin Towns Along the Tuckahoe Miss Lulu Beavcn has returned to Philadelphia after spending some time with her mother, Mrs. Florence Beaven, and also her counsin, Mrs. Nick Brown, at Dallas, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Byron and Mrs. Emma Gardner, of Chester, Pa., visited Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Bejiven the first of the week. Mrs. Gardner remained for a longer visit. Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Fleming and daughter, Laura Virginia, and Mrs. Blades spent Sunday with Rev. and Mrs. C. W. Spry and family, at Pitts- villc. Mrs. N. C. Clark, Mrs. Susie Thompson and Mrs. Herbert Beaven gave a card party" Tuesday evening for the benefit of the Community Club. We are glad to wlecomo Mrs. Emma Bcauchamp home. She has been with her daughter, Mrs. Owens, :n Betterlon, for quite a while. Mr. and Mrs. James Price and daughters, Katherine and Mildred, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Willnrd Republic", with Mrs. Charles Barton as accompanist. It was decided to adopt the "Mile of Pennies" method to raise money for new books. Mrs. Dodd was appointed reading chairman. Miss Bessie SpafFord gave a demonstration on The Art of Make-up. Roll call was answered by many and varied old-fashioned beauty treatments. Refreshments were marshmallow cocoa and ginger bread. The Smithson Club held their first fall meeting Wednesday afternoon. The meeting was called to order by the president. Some old business was settled and it was also decided to hold a supper Tuesday evening, October 18th. After the business meeting Miss B. Spafford gave a very interesting demonstration on the "Ait of Makc-Up." There were eleven members and one visitor present. After the meeting adjourned refreshments were served by the hostesses of the day.. The next meeting will be November 2nd. ttusscll on Sunday. Mrs. Mary Cooper, Miss Ethel S. Holt and Miss Virginia W. Holt were supper guests of Miss Clara Price Saturday evening. Mi's. Joseph M. Eaton and daughters, Charlanne and Ellinor, and Mrs. Charles Jarrell spent Saturday in Washington. Miss Martha Beaven, of Wilmington, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Nelson Beavcn, at Matthowstown, recently. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Me?sick, of Wilmington, were recent guests. of Mr. W. A. Holt and sisters. Mr. Edwin Gale, of Wilmington, is the guest this week of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Gale. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jarrell and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Eaton visited Newark, Del., on Sunday. The Community Club entertained the members at a covered dkb supper Monday evening. Mr. Milton W. Beaven made a business trip to Baltimore on Friday. Mr. and Mrs. E. Bramble spent the week-end in Philadelpha. QUEEN ANNE PRESTON Mr. and Mis. John Noble gave a dinner party last Saturday evening for Miss Mary Downing and Mr. William Downing, of England. Those present were: Dorothy Noble, of Easton; Dorothy Lee Patchctt, Charles Proctor Jr. and W. E. Bonner. After the dinner the party went down to Robinswood. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cannon, Mr. Purnell Cannon, Mrs. Geo. Poole and Mrs. A. M. Willey attended the funeral of Mr. 0. M. Hignutt, near Denton, on Monday. Friends of Dr. Lennon, of Federalsburg, were delighted to sec him in town this week, but ho will not bo practicing until after November 1st. The County Federation of Women's Glubri met on Wednesday in Preston High School to talk over their plans for the fall program. Mn,-. Paul Van Dyke, Mrs. Katie Parker, Mrjs. Emaline Wright and Miss Florence Hubbard spent Wednesday in Salisbury. 4-H NEWS amputation of part of a finger for an infection. She is in the hospital at Dover. By a coincidence her sister, Mrs. Ralph Ober, was also in hospital for the same reason. Her case however, was less severe. Rev. L. S. Matthews and daughters, Misses Ada and Elsie Matthews, and Mns. William Harron Jr., and daughter-in-law, Mrs. Frank Matthews, picnicked at Rehoboth on Thursday of last week. Mrs. Sallie Clark is home from the hospital and is again with her daughter, Mrs. Carlile Bennington. Her daughter, Mrs. Beavcn, with Mr. Beavcn, of Centrevillc, visited her recently. · ·· ' - · 'I ·-· Mrs. Carlton Marvel, Mrs. 'Clark Woodward, Mrs. Carlile Bcnnington. and Mtes Bessie Porter spent Wednesday of last week in .Wilmington and West Chester. Mr. James Johnson, after a stay, with his. daughter, Mrs. 0. B. Reed, has gone to spend some time with his son, at Milton, Del. Mrs. Charles Herzog spent last Sunday at her home in Baltimore. She was cccompanicd by Mrs, Foster Sudler, of Sudlersville. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Seward entertained Sunday their daughter, Mrs. Peter Hoffman, and her husband, from Norristown. Mr. Davis Eilson is home after spending the summer in Swampscott, Mass. He had some experiences in the hurricane. Mt. Raymond Grouse spent several days with his aunt, Mrs. Bernard Ringgold; and on Sunday returned to Philadelphia. Mrs. Mary Garrigues and Mrs. Paul Allcgra, of Baltimore, recently visited their mother, Mrs. Selby Smith. Mrs. Ronald Lane and her sister, Mrs. Elmer Anthony, of Centreville, spent part of last week in Philadelphia. ' Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kibler last week entertained her parents, Mr. Mrs. Charles Ness, of Dallaatown, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. David Swing are spending some -weeks in Rehoboth. A trip to Wilmington to see an Art Gallery, Historical Museum, Old Swedes Church, Christiana Park, a factory and a hotel will be offered as a reward to Caroline 4-H girls who won State honors in- 1338. The girls are June Lynch, Ridgely; Jcanette Stevenson, Greensboro; A u d r e y Jump and Mary Zeiglcr, Denton, and Jeanctte Reihl, Furman's Grove. The first three girls won blue ribbons in clothing work, the fourth in baking, and the last in canning. The trip will be taken with the Home Demonstration Agent today, October 8th. ORPHANS' COURT The Orphans' Court for Caroline County met in regular session on Tuesday, with Judges Towers, Handy and Dennis present. The following business was approved and ordered recorded: The last will and testament of Marion H. Downes, Jate of Caroline county, deceased, was duly proved and admitted to probate. On application, letters testamentary on the personal estate of said deceased were granted to Hattie W. Downes. Bond filed and approved; notice to creditors issued; J. Boone Jarrell and H. Clinton Wright named appraisers. Petition and order to withdraw certain amount of money from bank filed in guardianship estate of Victoria Luther, minor. Account of sales of personalty filed in Elizabeth Robertson estate. The Just will and testament of Ralph B. Thompson, late of Caroline County, deceased, was filed, proved flrid 'admitted to probate. On application, letters testamentary on the personal estate of said deceased were granted to Grace Coleman Thompson. Bond filed and approved. On application, letters testamentary on the persona] estate of Henry The Woman's Missionary Society of Hillsboro M. E. Church met on Tuesday of last wgck at the parsonage in Hillsboro, with Mrs. A. W. Strickland as hostess. In the absence of the president, Mrs. D. M. See, the meeting was presided over by Mrs. Ralph Holland, secretary-treasurer. Those present were: Mrs. E. G. Jump, Mrs. Bernard Sparks, Mrs. G. C. Moore, Mrs. Howard P. Flowers, of Queen Anne; Mrs. J. E. Branfblo, Mrs. Ralph Holland and Mrs. Strickland, of Hillsboio. Miss Elaine Murphy entertained a number of young friends on Sunday evening, at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Clark. Those present were: Misses Juanita Howard, Elizabeth McDonald, Helen Lee Short, Carolyn Holland, Elaine Murphy; Messrs. Charles Cannon Barton, Harry Gibson Jr., Bernard Sparks Jr., Robert Knotts and George Page Murphy. Refreshments of pic and candy were served. The first games of the season, last Friday afternoon, resulted in a headache for Tri-County high school, both the boys' soccer team and the girls' ncldball team going down to defeat before Stevensvillc, the visiting team. Friday's scores were, soccer, 4-3; fieldball, 16-4, both in favor of Stev- ensvillc. Mrs. Dallas M. See returned from Eastern Emergency Hospital, early lost week, after spending six weeks under treatment there. Mrs. Sec is reported to be doing very well at present. Her many friends arc hoping soon to learn of her complete recovery. Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Fletcher and Billy visited Theo. Fletcher Jr., nt University of Maryland, over the week-end. Mrs. Irvin Holt and daughter, Jacqueline, arc spending this week with her. sister, Mrs. H. B. Wright Jr. Mr. Purnell Dennis, of St. Paul, Minn., is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Dennis, thw week. The P.-T. A. will hold its annual oyster supper^ on Friday night, October 21st. Please Come!! Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Holt, of Dover, Del., recently visited Mrs. Holt's sister, Mrs. H. B. Wright Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Sewcll, of Baltimore, visited Mr. and Mrs. Ford Sewell over the week-end. Mrs. Hayward Deane visited her aunt, Mrs. Ralph Townsend, in Easton, one day recently. Mrs. H. M. Hollis is visiting Mrs. Atwood Wash, in Richmond, Va., this week. Mrs.. Maude Reidy and daughter, Dorothy, visited in town over the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. Max Chambers visited friends in Bridgeville Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Burton Proctor Jr. spent a few days in Baltimore this week. GREENSBORO AND ITS ENVIRONS Newsy Items Concerning Second D£§- trict People and Matters The Greensboro band, which has been together since the Fourth of July Celebration, reorganized at a neeting held in the firchouse on Friday night of last week. The band at this time has about twelve members, with two or three younger boys coning along. Any one in the upper part of the county who has ever had any experience with a band instrument is very cordially invited to join our band, which practices every Friday night. Arrangements are now being made with the management of the New Theatre to have a benefit picture in the near future for the organization in order that they might have a little money in the treasury with which to purchase new music. Officers elected were W. Thomas Thornton, president; Rudolph Rimier, director, and Hugh Smith, secretary and treasurer. A very enjoyable time was had Sat- Mrs. Lee Noble entertained the Monday afternoon bridge club. Mr. Marvin Lednum visited in Preston over the week-end. Mrs. James A. Carmine is visiting in Preston this week. Mr. Harry B. Wright is in Baltimore this week. Miss Rebecca Blades was home for the week-end. Miss Sara Smith Was home for the week-end. Mr. C. W. Elzey is home for the week-end. GOLDSBORO Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Kinnamon, Mrs. Carrie Jarman, Mrs. Edith Melvin and Mrs. Virgio Cartwright spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Mollie Diggans and sister, at Queen Anne. Rev. Fred Holden left oh Wednesday morning for Harrisonburg, Va., to attend the annual conference which convened there on Wednesday night. The Ladies Aid Society was very pleasantly entertained in the Assembly Hall on Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. W. J. Murphy. Mrs. John Sylvester and Mrs. Orville Melvin and children spent the week-end with relatives in Wilmington. urday, October 1, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William R. Joiner Sr. on the Greensboro-Denton highway, when a five o'clock dinner was served to his relatives and friends by Mrs. Joiner. The evening was spent in talking about their younger days, the Bible, music and singing. They were recipients of many useful gifts. About 9:30 they were again invited into the , dining room when ice cream and cake was served in abundance by their four sons. The occasion was in honor of Mr. Joiner's birthday and was a complete surprise to him. About thirty-five were present Those entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Medford Carter, near Dover, last Sunday were: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Meredith and daughter, Dorotha, of Greensboro; Mr. and Mrs. Emory Voshell and children, Irvin and Dorothy, Billy and Barbara, of near Cedar Grove. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ross and daughter, Delcma; Miss Catherine Lane, of near Sandtown; Clifford Shulties, of near town, and Paul Shultics, of Felton, spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mre. John Shul- ties. Those who were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Tribbitt Mr. and Mrs. John Emory, of Penn's Grove, N. J., spent the weekend with Mr. Emory's mother, Mrs. Ernest Emory. Mrs. May Dean has returned home after spending some weeks with her sister, Mrs, Harris Legg, of Stevens- villc. The Community Club met on Tuesday evening in the club rooms for the first meeting of the fall. Mr. and Mrs. Olin Ford, of Marydel, were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gibson. J. Craven, late of Caroline county, son church on Monday afternoon by SMITHSON Mr. Walter McCarty, aged CB years, died at his home here September 23, from a bad heart attack. He was a farmer of this community. Mr. McCarty was a kind neighbor and always ready to help anyone. He will be greatly missed by his neighbors and many friends. He is survived by his widow, the former Anna May Harmon, and four sons, Frank, of Tilghman's Island; George and Raymond, of Easton, and Walter, at home; also three grandchildren. Funeral services were held at Smith- deceased, were granted to Jcanette Craven. Bond filed and approved; notice to creditors issued. Inventory and appraisement of personal property filed in Nellie Pearl Willis estate. Order to sell granted. m -'«· ADAMS CROSS KOADS Mr. und Mrs. Charles Fountain and son, of Pennsylvania, spent the weekend with hid parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Fountain, and family. Miss Altha Adams and Mr. Charles Doyle, of Wilmington, spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. John Adams and family. The Bloomery Ladies Aid will hold an oyster supper at Concord Church House October llth. Prices, BO cents and 25 cents. Miss Minnie Adams, of Wilmington, spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. John Adams and family. Mr. and Mrs. George Whcatley and son spent Sunday with her father, C. W. Adnms. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Adams and family entertained relatives on Sunday. the Rev. John T. Baynard. Interment was in Linchestcr cemetery. The pallbearers were: Mr. W. Buffet, Mr. A. Willouphby, Mr. C. L. Perry, Mr. A. R. Willoughby, Mr. J. Toft and Mr. J. Wilson. The family have the sympathy of the entire community. The ladies of Smithson will hold a chicken and ham supper in the club room Tuesday evening, October 18th. Supper will begin at 5 p. m. The public is cordially invited to come. The price will be 50 cents for adults and 25 for children. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Willoughby and little son, of Tanyard, and Mr. and Mm. James Toft recently motored to Washington, where they visited friends and relatives. Mrs. Toft remained for a few weeks visit with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Perry and daughter, Alecn, spent the week-end with Mrs. Perry's parents, at Cannon's, Del. Mr. and Mrs, Bernard Frazicr, of Williston, visited her mother, Mrs. E. Reese, last Sunday. Subscribe for the Journal Mrs. Bessie Dennison, of Dover, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Elbert Saundciv;, and other relatives here. Mrs. Kate Jones was a recent visitor with her daughter, Mrs. Tilden Hughes, near Hollandsville, Del. Mrs. Kate Cahall has returned from a visit with relatives at Marcus Hook and Chester, Pa. Mrs. Leland Price, of Chestertown, was a guest of her mother, Mrs. Mollie Shockley on Wednesday. Mrs. George Scout, of Smyrna, spent one day last week with her aunt, Mrs. Jennie Griffin. Mrs. Emma Johnson, who has been visiting relatives in Baltimore, has returned home. Mrs. Minnie Dennison entertained her sister, from New York, several days last week. Mr. John Crawford is* a patient at the Wills Eye Hospital, in Baltimore. Mi=s Alice Cordray has accepted a position in Federalsburg. FEDERALSBURG SCHOOL CONTRACT AWARDED The contract for building the Fcderalsburg School addition was signed Saturday, October 1st, by the Board of Education and Lange Brothers. The contract with Langc Brothers covers all the work including heating, plumbing, and electrical as well as general construction. The bids for this building were opened September 23. The list of bidders and bid fallows: Lange Bros., Baltimore $71,890.00 Engineering Construction Co., Baltimore 74,200.00 Seymour Ruff Sons, Baltimore 74,600.00 J. Roland Dashicld, Salisbury, Md. 74.88C.OO John K. Ruff Co. Baltimore 74,889.00 Charles E. Btohawn, Cambridge, Md. 76,240.00 Robert Engler, Inc. Wilmington, Del. 76,240.00 Cogswell Construction Co., Baltimore, Md. 70,634.00 Rupert Fulenwider, Wilmington, Del. 77,838.00 This building is a part of the program financed in part by a grant of 4B per cent of the cost from the PWA. Work has already begun at Federalsburg. Card Of Thanks With deep gratitude we acknowledge the sympathy and assistance extended by many friends during the illness and at the time of the death of Otis M. Hignutt and, hereby extend sincere thanks to all. Mm. Hignutt and Family. A loving: heart is the beginning of all knowledge.--Carlyle. on Sunday were: Mr. and Mrs. Chaa. Mctz Misses Mollie VanSant, Miriam King, of Wilmington; Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Kenton, of Easton. ' Mrs. Lloyd Cannon, of Prestou, spent Tuesday with her mother, MM. Mary Jackson. Mrs. Will Cannon accompanied Mrs. Lloyd Cannon and via- ited Mrs. Georgia Swann and family. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Wyatt, Of town, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Luther Bennett, of Goldsboro, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Linwood Bennett, of Linwood, Pa, Dr. 0. W. Barton, who has been in poor health for some time, is now much improved and able to be back in his office, at his usual hours. Mr. and Mrs. John Wyatt, and daughter, Miss Betty, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Wyatt and family, of Philadelphia. Mrs. Effa Plummer, Mr. and Mrs. L, W. Taylor and daughters, Misses Eleanor, Connie and Betsy, spent Sunday at St. Marys, Md. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nicholson and children, Mrs. Sallie Nichols and Miss Mabel Deane spent Sunday with relatives in Linwood, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nichols and little daughter, Joyce Anne, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shul- ties, of Henderson. Mrs. John Stover, of Gaithersburg, Md., was a week-end guest of her brother-in-law and sister, Dr. and Mrs. 0. W. Barton. Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Travers and little daughter, Connie, of Milford, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Orvillc Travers. Miss Mabel Rich entertained seven tables of bridge Tuesday evening at her home, in honor of her birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Medford Starkey and children, of Templeville, spent Sonday with Mr. and Mrs. Homer Stofft. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Standford, of Philadelphia, spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Leon Grccley. Leslie Minner Jr., of Felton, spent the week-end with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Shultiee. Mr. and Mrs. Arlic Dingledine and Mrs. T. E. Dabson are visiting in New York State this week. Mr. and Mrs. Purnal Deane and daughter, June, were week-end visitors in Marcus Hook, Pa. Mrs. Woodrow Montague, of Sudlersville, spent Tuesday of last week with Mrs. Carl Nichols. Mrs. William Sipple is spending some time with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sipple, of Chester. Mrs. Addie Jewell, of Glenola, Pa., is visiting her sister, Mrs. Harry Draper, this week. Mrs. Harry Cockran, of Easton, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rich this week. AMERICAN CORNER Mrs. Margaret Elliott and son, Clarence; Mrs. Bertha Stoll, of Wilmington; Mrs. Hattie Berry and daughter, Fannie, of Newport, DeL; Mrs. Nora Stafford, of Marydel, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Olas Smith and family on Thursday last. Mr. Carl Johnson, who underwent an operation at the Emergency Hospital, Easton, is improving. His many friends wish him a speedy recovery. The Ladies Aid of this place will meet with Mrs. Minnie Huey, with Mrs. Eva Slacurn assisting hostess, on Wednesday afternoon, October 12. Mrs. Lola Lewes has returned to her home in Federalsburg after spending a few days with Mn. Lydia Nichols. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Slacum and daughter were guests recently of Mr. Henry Carman and family. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Gregg, of Denton, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Hucy on Sunday. Mrs. Amanda Connelly, of Hurlock, visited her friends in and around this vicinity last week. Mr. Henry Garman and family entertained Pennsylvania relative* recently. NEWSPAPER! SPAPERl

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