Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 12, 1888 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1888
Page 3
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THE EVENING GAZETTE: THURSDAY, JAITOARY 1888. BARGAINS! Evening Gazette TH» Evajnjjo QArirrrB CAD be bad at Ml th newsstands. Price TWO CUNTS. THUKHOAV, JAN. 12. IRS*. Cloaks, S&awls, HOC1ETIF.H AWn AMtlSEMKXTS TO-SUWHT. Modern Woodmen. IJuainesa. BREVITIES. Elliott. is very Dress Goods, Blankets, Bed Comfortables, Knit Underwear, Toboggan Caps, Leg-gins, Gloves, Mitten Corsets, Bustles, Handkerchiefs, Mufflers. j* y And many other Goods to be sold very CHEAP FOR CiSH To reduce stock before Invoicing. *» CALL AND SEE. —Little Florence much better. —The thermometer this tnornin ranged from 3 to 0 above zero. —A enow storm set in at noon toda and has been in continuance eve since. —Sterling camp No. 12, M. W. A installed their officers elect last night The GAZETTE published the list at thi time of their election. —The party at Josiah IliH'a was i surprise party composed of old f riendi who went in hearty home fashion, and had a pleasant, enjoyable time of it D—Mr. A. M. Bruner, financial secretary of the State for the Y. M. C. A. waa in the city yesterday and las night.' He left on the Omaha for Chicago today. —It was Mr. Paul Robinson and Miss Jennie Philleo who were married yesterday evening and not Mr. Henry Rob mson, as our Informant gave it in to ui. „ Rev. Mr. Fife performed the ceremony. —The Dixon Telegraph of yesterday says: "The Sterling papers are patronized by the merchants very much more liberally than those of Dixon, and the result is that trade is drawn to Sterling that should come here.' —The Y. W. C. T. U. will hold a meeting to-morrow, Friday afternoon, at the Congregational church, at 4 o'clock Miss Moreland wilr be present, and would like to meet all who are interested in the work. —Interesting meetings are in progress at the Broadway M. E. church, Sterling. Special services under the supervision of Mary L. Moreland Prayer meeting at 2:80 p. m. Gospel meeting at 7 p. m. All invited to attend. —The dance given by the Sterling Pleasure Club at the Gait' House last night, was a complete success. About thirty couples were present, and all seemed to enjoy themselves; thanks to Mine Host Bushnoll, who made it pleasant for all. —The meeting of the Wednesday Club last night was very enjoyable. It consisted of a very pleasing impromptu programme, after which a collation was served. It was resolved to engage Mr. Baker to come here and conduct another opera. —The following officers of Sterling Rebecca Lodge No. 26 I. O. O. F. were installed last evening in their respective chairs: Miss Annie M. K. Annas, N. G; Mrs. Jennie Vandermark, V. G; W. M. Cavert, Secy; Mrs, Hattie E ,Cavert, Fin. Secy; Mrs. Emma Gurtisen, Treas; R. Eastabook, R. 8. to N. G; Mrs. Haskell, Xi. S. to N. G; John Lefever. R. S. to V. G; Mrs. M. Stockle, L. 8. to V. G; Mrs. Nettie Eastabooks, Conductor; Mrs. L. Heoffer, Warden; N. Merrill, i: G; Mrs. M. Kadel, Chaplain. —The marriage yesterday of Mr/ W. F. Blake and Miss Lou McDearman was largely attended. Precisely at 12 o'clock Pastor Gilman Parker pronounced them one. Ajt once the guests with the newly wedded pair got down to a very fine dinner. There were many congratulation's and presents. Mr. Blake is a merchant in Greeley, Colorado, and has a home already fitted up whither they go, after a short tour in Wisconsin. Mrs. Blake will be very much missed especially from the First Baptist church of this city. —Talking with Dr. J. erinary surgeon, yesterday, be told us the best plan to follow as to preparing the bit for the mouth of a horse in cold weather is to dip in cold water. The water, at once freezes about the bit and then it can be placed in the mouth In entire safety. It is considerable trouble to take the bridle Into the house to warm 'and some people will not take that trouble. It is entlrely'easy to dip the bit in the water. Many horses' mouths are injured by cold bits. —Thei statistics of the weather report as kept by Albert Powell for December for the last five years taken at about 6 o'clock in the morning are- aa follows: 1887 201-2 degrees, storm - 18 1888 10 2-6 degrees, " - 9 1886 20 6-6 degrees, " - 18 1884 171-2 degrees, " - 18 1883 181-6 degrees, " - • . 10 The lowest temperature for the last month was 16 degrees below, and the highest 89 above and only five mornings below zero. The year 1885 had only two mornings below zero. The year 84 had the greatest number of^ mornings below zero which was eight. *"•"•** —Everybody waa satisfied with the result of last nlghfs meeting. It was enthusiastic, full of energy. Some rousing good speeches were made;tbere were many subscriptions taken. Reports were made by the several solicitors and report was also made upon overflow laud. The speakers without exception commended the project and insisted that there shall be no going back; that the dam would be a blessing to the community and should and must built. The several committees are all actively at work today and never before was there such confidence, •enthusiasm and energy united upon' any single object as that which now j marks the people upon this dam sub-' jeot. The meeting lust night exceded expectation in interest and tangible results. j —The OAZKTTK i» lu receipt of a let- tar from Or. S. W. Gilleapl* in which tie announce** the tad Intelligence of tit* 4*&ili o.' Ua wife, Hit. J*UKUJ H. Gillesple, which occurred January at Kansas City. The deceaspd was th daughter of Mr. J. O. Mills and reside for many years at Sterlinj.;, where ah Imd mutiy friends. Hhn ^vng years, 1 month and 25 days. —Walter Pfunsteln, aged about 2 years, and son of car-repairer Pfnnstei Is wanted on a charge of forgery a Clinton, Iowa, and our officers her have had a warrant for his arrest fo some time. Last night officer Shult saw him in Conlon's saloon and then hurried to Deputy Sheriff Drake, wh came up and arrested the young man The two officers started for the cala boose with him; when near Cruse'scor ner he eluded them and started off at a run. Mr. Drake and Mr.Shultz startec in pursuit, but the former got his foo in a hole and fell, straining his leg. He arose and fired his pistol to put other officers on the alert. After an exciting run of two or three blocks, Mr. Shultz when within ten or fifteen feet of Pfun stein, fired his revolver, when the fugitive halted and he was nabbed. The two officers then ^ot him Into the cala- boose all right and put him -into the cage-cell. Two or three hours later when officer Shultz returned to the cal- aboose he discovered that the young man had improved his opportunity by working a bar loose and got out of the cell, and Indeed had got where but one bolt kept him from freedom. The cuffs weie then put upon him and he was placed in a box cell. Mr. Drake speaks in high terms of Mr. Shultz; declaring that but for his jwiftness of foot and courage Pfunsteln would have got away, and but for his vigilance he would have got out of prison. He re- jards officer Shultz as ono of the very sest night watchmen the city has ever iad. Sheriff Hudson, of Clinton, was telephoned for, came over on the 10:28 and left with his prisoner on the itio this afternoon for Clinton. —How a short paragraph may awaken memories that have been laid jack uncalled for years and years, Picking up a day or so ago a paper published in the town of our birth, we saw record of the death of an old school and playmate. It told in few words his illness, his death, his age, his virtues. That was all; but it seems to us that in the hour or so that we mediated in sadness over the tidings that ;wice a thousand pages would not be sufficient to record the many scenes and Incidents in which the deceased and the writer figured together in child and boy and young manhood. More than thirty years were uplifted all in a trice and we saw him a brown- haired.vrosy-ctieeked boy trudging to school books in hand. And there were fishing and hunting parties, and nut fathering and fruit picking, and par- ies, and boating and buggy rides, ichool scenes and school-ground games until the boy was cast aside and manly ares began. And then there crowded n the shifting, wild, dangerous scenes f war, ending in his goiifjp-pne way and we another; and then the meeting after the battles were over, somewhat mbittered because of differences, yet rowing Into warmer relations as time touched the scare with his healing, .little more than a year ago we saw im,again and for an hour or two old each the other of the scenes we ad passed through in the fifteen years we had lived far apart. He was manly ooking, industrious, progressive, had a if e and eight children, and was near- y forty. Death took him first, and all tiat is left are the memories of other ays, so many and yet so sad, because hey were but are not, and mourn as we may, the things that have been anuot be again, and the forms we ave known and the faces we have oved, once they are led from sight and arth by remorseless death will be een.only in 'such changed conditions as will preclude the possibility of re- umption of old relations. Only a brief aragraph that nine In ten of the read- rs read indifferently as they read the 36 market reports or the news from Europe; but that paragraph brought ack to us scenes not called up since heir enactment and made us again ass through all the stages of child- ood, boyhood, youthhood and man- ood, and the refrain to the stanza of ach memory was the sad and heart- leeding one "of, That is what you were nd what he was, but never again will iey be. As we write fresher memo- ies force themselves and we can scarce- avold recording this and that scene nder tha delusion that that which is o real to us and so exciting because f its startling realism must be of in- .erest to others, also. Alas I though_ ach of us baa had such experience and ur hearts have ran out into bitterness n the thought that as we grow older IB friends of our youth decease and hat age but narrows our circle of loved nes. Movement* at Population. DKPAHTURES. Mrs Mary Rundlett for her home in owa. ARRIVALS Mr. W. H, Miller and wife have re- urned home. A Sociological Power. The genesis of voluntary attention t» o be found In Its utility. When the con- Itions of life become at all hard, and especially It they become so by more or leas udden changes, the power of adaptation, o them is dependent upon voluntary at-' «ntlou to details; upon consideration of omething besides the Immediately at- actlve and useful. The savage IB lazy, Inspired only by chase, by war, by play; his Interest is In the unknown, the unforeseen, the chance. He 1* not capable of continuous labor. In half civilized communities work is repugnant. Voluntary attention in * (actor of civilization, and la maintained with effort. The moat constant characteristic of criminals is l&ck at power to pursue a st«ady calling; and th<t luliau anthropology's regard this *» «^r»v»rs!oB to primitive fcabits. Voluntary attention thus IMUD« In, oJiJ U n*! a* a 6*xLj!u«icjU viewer.—Prat. Rlbot —Mr. William Shaft and Miss Emma Courtwrigbt were married to-day in Qenesee towhship. ^** MOCK FAI.I.A. -i-The Oxford League met last night ai Henry Landls". -t-Mr. A. M. Batcheller has left on a business trip for Batcheller & Son. H-Richard Arey, in the employ of The Eureka had his right hand badly cnt yesterday afternoon while at work. A part of one of the fingers was removed by Dr. Morrill. -!-Articles of incorporation have been issued by the secretary of btate for the Goodell & Woodworth Manufacturing Co., capital 812,000, for the manufacture of express baby wagons, sleds, baby cab and carriage runners and other novelties. Glad to see this move. As the GAZETTE has several ilmes urged, there is room for just this kind of an enterprise here. Dr. C.~M. Wheeler's office, over I. Wolfs store. Chronic diseases and diseases of woman my specialty, tf. The Turner Society will give a grand masquerade ball in Mmnnerchor hall January 10, next. Costumes can be procured at the hall. K3 Pay Your Taxen. Tax books for Sterling township are now open at Sterling National JBank. "'arties are requested to pay their per- lonal taxes on or before Feb. 20th. WM. A, CONNELLY, dwtf Collector. The Boston Store leads in low prices, as is generally acknowledged. The best ;oods at the lowest prices. 80 Thirty-five oents , for twgnty-flve 'ounds of Pai-cake flour at the Sterling Mill Co. tf 30 people and a carload of special cenery is required for the production' if "Micheal Strogofl" at the Academy if Music on Sat. Jan 14th, *80 ; For sale: A lot of fine new No. 1 cutters; very cheap, to close out, at D. . Miller & Co's barn, by Keefer & Gleason. • RI* The "Atlanta, Constitution". The largest audience that has yet aa- embled at DeGive's was present last light to witness the performance of Michael Strogofl." This play has ound immense favor with the public, t has pleased since its first presenta- ion. In Paris it ran for nearly three ears, and also bad a long run in Lonon and New York, and is jnow on the oad for Its fifth season.' This being its eason in Atlanta, it was given a wel- ume reception. so What? For the next thirty days I will sell leatlng Stoves very cheap, for spot ash. H. E. Reynolds. No. 87, 1st av- nue, Sterling, Ills. mwf-tf A conflict for possession. When your system becomes disordered do not let disease take possession. Take St. Patrick's Tills at onco. Thry act promptly, cure coatlveness and bilious disorders. They ward of! disease and toue up the whole system. Strickler & Boorse. tf Wheat flour for pancakes at 81.25 per hundred pounds. Sterling Mill Co tf To Trade. A well Improved farm in Whlteside Co. of 140 acres to trade for Neb.—or Kansas lands. Strike quick if you want it, it Is desirable. tf F. B. HUBBARD. A 50 cent bottle of Dr. Blgelow's Positive Cure will promptly and thoroughly cure the worst case of recent cough, cold or throat or lung trouble. Buy the dollar bottle for chronic cases Pleasant to take. For sale by O. A. Oliver. Proposes to raffle his horse Capoul, r. Tickets, which are 82 each, can be ad at M. P. Maas', John Lawrie's, the jalt House, and Henry Stein's in Sterl- ng and Chut Wells in Morrison. The rawing will take place at M. P. Maas' Vednesday, Feb. 22. 84 One of the grandest spectacular reductions of the age, is what is said f "Micheal Strogoff." Be sure and see his beautiful play. Academy of Mu- .c, Sat., Jan. 14th. 80 Any one who Is affected with Tet- sr, Salt Rhe'nm or any Itching or marling skin disease should try hamberlaln's Eye and Skin Ointment. n hey will certainly never regret It. It s guaranteed to give satisfaction If old by Strlckler & Boorse. tf Where, Did Yon Hay T At Reynolds hardware store; if you ant to get steel traps, 87 First avenne, outh of DaVis & Webei's Sterling 11. • • mwf-tf It will pay you to call at the Boston tore and see the fine display of dress oods, embroideries, flannels, etc., now ffered at such low rates that a person rill scarcely believe possible they can e sold for. 80 James M. Fitzgerald's Restaurant. teals'at all hours; oysters in every ;yle. Prices very reasonable. Under Keefer's drug store, corner 3rd and Loust streets. - tf If you see a person taking a bundle f goods to bis wagon, you will know he is in a specially good humor that e brought them at the Boston Store ecause the bargains offered there ut all in good humor. 80 John A Watson, the broom maker, eing unable to deliver brooms to his d customers at present, wishes to in- orm them and the public generally, bat a full stock of his brooms can be ound at Reed & Son's Feed store on econd avenue. 83* If your overshoes or rubbers wear bin at the heel, get a pair of plates put n at P. J. Unkel's. ' tf Dr I. Rader, of .Fulton, Kan., says: ; have been practicing medicine for 7 years. Many times I have pre- jribed Chamberlain's Cough Remedy nd do not believe it has an equal in he market', It is a certain cure for oughs, colds and hoarseness. It is a plendid expectorant. It contains no ?ium, chloroform or any Injurious ubstance. 60 cents per bottle. 8ol<f y Strickler & Boorse. tf See the new ad of N. Carpenter & >. tf Wheat Sour for pancakes at just one quarter the price of Buckwheat at the Sterling Mill Co. tf The"C. H. S." Is the finest 10 cent cigar on the market. The "Velvet" and 97 for a 5 cent smoke can't be beat. First class dealers, C. H. Seloff, manufacturer, -tf A large stock of watches, clocks and silverware at Clark Giddlngs & Co's. Also they do flne watoh repairing, tf PEOPLE'S COLUMN, will insert three'lines In this co- uran one time for 10 eents, or lor «0 centa a week. Each additional line will be 6 cents a slnule Insertion, or 15 cents a week. FOB KKitT. M Y residence No 1103, Second avenue. J. F. Winters. Mrs. 83» R ESIDENCE or E. W. Edson and the store room under Farwell Hall. Apply to J. A. McCune. . tf Stockholder 1 * . The annual meeting of the Sterling [ydraullo Company will be held at the fllce of B. Champion, Sterling, 111, on Saturday. January Uth, 1888, at 7:30 p. a., for the purpose of electing a Board I Directors for the ensuing year, and ot th« transaction of such other bu»i- «w aa may properly come before toe Jjnusa F. I'UATT, ttoe. , ID,, J»u. 4th, iewa, sa D WELLING house, corner 6th Ave. and 4th Bt. Apply to Mrs, M. H. Krelder. « "P\ONT sleep outof doors when you'can get a J-/ conuortable house lor from six to seven dollars per month, of F. B. Hubbard. • - - U O FFICES for rent In Bell block, being desirable, and flnished In elegant shape. Apply to J. E. Bell & Bon. « r FOll HALE. A CHANCE to make money. J. A. Bartlett offers one or both ol his billiard parlors for sale at » bargain. tf I OFKEIl for sale my entire stock of goods, with Its good will, on reasonable terms. C. A. Sheets, successor to Martin & Klnulo. U Sterling, Ills., Dec. 17, 1887. MOOD light bob-sled >-nd a democrat wagon. m Enquire at tljls office tf L LE Brewery and fixtures for sale. George E, Rogers, Sterling, Ills. Addresi, i POINTER FOR SKATES! SKATES! SKATESI CUTJL.EU-Y, CUTLERY, CUTLERY, HARDWARE & STOVES, At my new store on Third street, opposite Jit- cob Elsie's Merchant Tailoring establishment. Lewis D. Wynn. CUT HA.T£!S! -ON-' Pianos and Organs ! ! UNTIL AFTER THE HOLIDAYS- Bl« Stock;: Host Favorable Te: WEBNTZ CO. (GaltlHouse' Slock,) WEIGHT & WILLIAMS, PLUMBERS, GAS & STEAM FITTERS. Jobbing and Bepalrine Promptly Attended to. Dealers In Lead and'Wrought Iron Pipe. Wood and Iron Pumps, of all Hindi Hose, 1'acklni Steam and:Water Quages, Valves, Fittings', Bewer hlpe, So. Estimates m&do on Plumbing, Bteam & Gaa Jobs Mr. B, F. WILLIAMS, Formerly with Wm. McCune & Co.. attends to wood andiron pump setting and repairing. •Mr, E, M, WRIGHT, Formerly with the Sterling Water Co., glyes hU personal attention to all plumbing, steam and gas contracts. OUR LAMP PALA.CK Is complete with the latest designs In Ranrlnr. Stand and Bracket Lamps, Burners. Chlmnen, &e. Prices to suit the times. Call and see our Little Ulaut Lamp and Eureka Bafet* Valte. All work warranted. Your ordeis solicited. Telephone 81. Malt ftUttM Block. Notice of Stockholder's Meeting, T HE ANNUAL MEETING of the stockholders a[ th« Wl'l ami A Ortoa Uaa- afecturiBgiXimiMuiy. will b« hekt at UM cooiptt- u.y's office at two o doc* p, m., oa th» 8KV!Wr&K.VrH BAY Of JANUABTC. !*«. fur ll» purpotaoi steeling a Board of fur uw «i> uiax y&r, nuJ tu? THE WILD WAVES ARE! SAYING, AND PASTE IT IN YOUR HAT, SIbTER, THAT —FOR— -AT- Fuller's Book Store, Will alwayn Find th« Choicest Brand* »f CIGARS -" TOBACCOS JNO. P. LAWHIE'S. Farms, City Property v Personal Property an Srockeof For other Property g Pr GEO. W. , CHAHBKBLRVJ BOOH 8, ACAOEHY OF MUSIC, fcj Office open evenings. Cone Down After Sapper and Hit bj the Open %>rat« and let •• Talk BnslaeBa. ^(^withstanding Their (Rousing Holiday Trade • Have Still A Fair 'Assortment of CLOAKS & MUFFS STAPLE $FAJfCY <D<RY GOODS At their Usual (Reasonable Prices. Come one, comealU This rock shall flea From its firm base As soon as we. THE URLY BIRD KATCHES THE WURM. COCHRAXT SELLS THE BEST CIGARS —FOB THE— LEAST MONEY All Grate of AT LOWEST RATES. SAVE TOOK -MONEY!!- This is good advice and we charge nothing for it. Perhaps you may wish to know how to do ao, and it is easy for mo to tell yon. The first move to make is to buy your goode.ot THE E GROCERY Yon will then know that you are getting them at the lowest possible Hgure. Those who have traded with us in the past know this well, and we want others to know it. .We are selling just now a first-class BOB SLED At a lower figure than th«y were ever sold before, and they are go- i g off fast This is rather a new departure for us, bu' rr~ always intend to keep up witli vo demands and requirements of ru customers. In adding this new ir- -ire we have not neglected, nor dr rro intend to, any other part of our i r.siness. We are selling groceries of all kinds a LITTLE LOWER Than they can be had elsewhere. We can and do do this, and the why and wherefore of this is that we buy many of our goods directly from first hands thus saving th« profit made by the jobber. TRY THE BEE HIVE Aud se& if -what is said fort is not absolutely oorr&oL Farmeis, don't fof- S t f we want to sell »B SLED, i BEE HIVE

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