Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on February 18, 1897 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1897
Page 3
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r^^^^3£- -,***.. fJHtaM—IS r«t»B9* WSSStt Welch, W.JUBML ~ JS00& 9AU6 OFFIOT8B8, fc— B. 0. Winters. — H. It, Sheldon* ofiB KftdeL *— A. 0. Stanley, ' W. C. Holbrook. Dr.B. H. H, Wem, w, B. OnrtUh R H. A. B, Gootfeu. B, I« At- 'i Y.M.C. A;NOTKS S"i««te!*i^^ Fred Mellbsrg, of MIHedgeviHe, wa* down Saturday calling on old friends John Blotnqalst and family drove op to Polo Sunday for a few day's Vtttt, Mrs. Palmer Collins it expected horns ifrom Morrison tonight or to falls, Professional Men, Attorney*. jT. 1T» WHim " WHITE & SHELDON* and teellors ai'lm MonerLo*ne<X(mBe»lEiUte. sick • Mrs. E, L. D»w has been quite fat titie past week. ' - •, Mw, £) L, -Wilaon has for a guest.her r, Mr«, Wilson from Bound Grove. rlo—her clocking after his elevator 4iow ton by ./M, Wharfleld. • „, Ob'arle's Houser has gotie to Dixon, "where he fias accepted a t job as baker in one of the bakeries. " Miss Emma Early, of Montmorency, i& speeding a few days visiting her ifriend, Miaa Frankle Emmone., .; '» Charye JBarly,a student of Dixon col [Jege, DM been spending a few days at home in Montmorency with his jftrente. - * i Miss Emma Washburn entertained ?at tea Monday night her two B, Misses Stella Graves and Clara George.Packer's family intend mov- •e^^^ChlcsgtrliFtwoT^hrBi^w^FkBr This will make it better for Mr. Pack er'who has secured a;good. position In the Deering factory. Mr. and Mrs. John Gladhill.and Miss Emma Peters, all from . Albany; are spending a week with Mr. and Mrs Fred Courtrlght of the Kilg our farm The three ladies are slaters, '-: The STANDARD, man was shown a fine large photograph'of the feeding cattle, of Charles Hey'east of town on the "Dixon road, Such a rural scene makes an elegant view for any stereo scope. Dr. B. H. Hartzell enjoyed a pleas- i$Jiri»it from his mother, Urs, L. rtzel, and brother, John, -of Frank Grove. Bight a week's visit in Amboy, Ashton ; AokIin Grove and other places in _4 » ' 9IA ' ~ . °Colliha,_accoiapanied fhBBlJand to Morrison Monday to t several days .with her friend, Mrs. &. Brewer jmd others. f *. and Mrs. WH1 Jenkins, of Ster•, were guests of Mr.' and Mrs, L, Kline Monday at tea at their subur jp?s$<|eBee west of town, Ferguson' has rented Ed Berda' farm in Southwest Montmor for the coming year. He will the place in a short time. Mies Stella Graves left Wednesday BUioti, Ford oonLn_ty_ K fojc_ftJ_Bflveral_ ~'s~tlsit tyith the- family of her unto Zene, who is now visiting here and go with her. '' ', B. Kims ban commenced to re- Mel his house. ; When he has it com* it .will he a modern model house, will reaovsta It Inside and outside, pea part a story higher. P. Jensen, the contractor, says Is put little to sight to the build-' ne for the cpmlng spring and er. 'About all of the buildings in are" those under construction f " ftwrenoe Baer, of Cripple Creek, J , •» nugget of ore v yesterday , was chuck full of gold. A ton fee, ore would be worth about ©80,, few toaa of the ore .would be ; for any one person to this lo- . J, McNeil will go to Qalva the lat- giprfc of this week to meet in confer- o* the Y. M, 0. A, boys to jneetingftt that place, Efi will N made to get help for the of a reading room at Hubbardhas rented 4ha -large ! W. A, Ooider, four miles south worked iatit year by Will Me- Ths farm vacated by Mr, will be worked by his souj ,f Henry Vim will move ' to the by Bt* t. i» Nelaoo named Fry stuck a in tfce middle of hand 4aya ago white ImBdHag the tssea, to g£t the ihora pat the eifti4 o^en ftnd. a hsrd to get it out. The thorn tbroof h the h&od, f Mootaaoreo- a bsfk«t social a weijSs froja II ifeitt Mr. arid Mrs. D. A. Comstock, of Bo- cbelle, epent Sunday with their Rock Falls relatlvec. , "Mrs. 1.1. Bash has for a guest this weak tref mother, Mrs, Hurlburt, of Lyndon. She will return home Fri day* Henry Throop, of Southwest Mont morency, has commenced to haul his thiaga to Sterling. 'He has rented a hoiise on Fifth avenue.^_'_^_ •-•'- "Sif,~ afiflf —ilrftv- Irving - Hosier, ol Prpphetstown, are spending a few days with Mr. and .Mrs. J.E. Mosier, the parents of .Irving Mosier. 'The two John Allisons from Amboy drove down Ttilsday for a few days stay. John, Jr., came down t6 attend a case In'Morrison against the Bush Brothers*-; '' . .',." : : ";- •/. _.";.• "•.' Luther DIr, of. Tampico, Is up fora day or two to shake hands with his old sriends, made when he was a Bock Falls citizen.' HeIsSbrother of Mrs Al.Gettie. . ;: /-;'/'"/-• •..', •'-John Schwab has made for himself a cutter which is a little different from anything seen ib these parts. It is low and is quite a pretty looking rig. John Is full of new ideas. ' ; , • ,. WtB; Emmons received his material for berry boxes Wednesday from St. Joe, Mich., where, the berry men are in the habit of gettufg -them. Having some on hand,-he sent for material for only 4,000 boxes. : , Mr.atod-Mrfl.srohn bany, have yented the tenant farm house of Fred Youard, near the residence of Mr'. Youard. Mr. Gladhill will work at whatever he may find to do-thia Bummerr— — ^—^The Montmorency W- 0. T.U.,, will have an oyster supper next Friday evening at,'tne residence of Theodore Frank, near the Methodist: church in that township. 'All has been arranged for a big time and much money w,il! doubtless be, added to the treasury. Freemon "•. Patton,. of the "extreme West, who has been visiting his father William Patton, and bis brother Bae and family for the past week left^Fri- tlay afternoon ,for his home westward. He-bad- been gone- so many years from his old home in Bock Fails that hardly any one recognized him', ,JMrs, Luclnda Younp bad for visitors for several days this week* her granddaughter, Mrs. A, H, Hartman, of Dlx- on, and bee husband. -The couple, are enjoying their honey-moon," having been married Feb. 10.' She being Mlaa Ida Wills, daughter of Mr. and Mice. Charles Wills. The couple will move onto a farm south ol Dlxon March 1. Frank. Brothers have rented the large /Keystone tabernacle on Malu street and will at once move their large stock of farm implements tbe're from the Brookflejd block. .This is the largest single room In the city and is, well known for it was in this room where so many of the campaign meetings were held last fall after it was too cold to hold them oat of doors. % During the herd ico the owoere of ie islands above the rapids'are bav- ng a. good many of.the trees cut down and , hauled $way, When. the over- low cornea from the Government dami ihese trees will be too deeply covered with water to get. Among'those getting jaow ia E. J. Holleabeck,8nd some of his tree,8 are, so large that he has tauled them up on high ground a,nd will l&tw take them to the saw mill to hate theou sawed, up into boards, si's Borne good aiaed elm and aab Arrangements are being . made for ;he holding of a township Sunday school institute in Montmoreaoy Idat, The program is about' completed wiiy&a published soon. A elwUor itujte will b» had' in this city }a the near future, These iastitute^ are uofe ;he regular cotiYeotloas, but ar0 some- thijig «Ktm Joi the gathering together of all the Suadiiy School wwkera is X-*i i',V-« -' ^^ JV^r £&i*i T'iv"/,^ THE ATHLETIC CLUB MAY MERGED INTO Y.. M, d. A. flic MnM Mating Satnrdny Ktiminf Toofc Step* to That End~TheT.M. u. A. In tho Room SttrtrlBy Aftci-noon WM Attended—Mneh Inter««t Satoi-dny Night MSM Me«t!n ff . v Much enthusiasm was taaMfested a) th« meeting Saturday nlghtjn AthfeUa Club rooms, called to take fiction id i-egard to 'th« changifig of the Athletic Club Association into a public reading room, BO that the young men.of th't town could have all the advantages oi ii without being restricted on account of membership. . t 1 D. 0. Coe was chosen Chairman and L. L; Emmons, Jr., Secretary. J, M. Blckf ord was asked to state the object of the meeting, which he did by telling .thaJLltjwas upon a propositlpii.ptmergT- togihe-A-tliT6tio'€luVot-wh!ofi'h»wa8 a member, Into a free public reading room. A committee had been appointed by the club to confer with a com- mlttee from the people la regard to it. The Chairman then spoke of the grand start the club had made and the good It -had done. Bev. Gardner spoke of the great heed of such a place for the young men of the town, and especially the young men converts. ,;'.Alfred Johnson, and others of the club committee said the club was willing ".to turn over all Its proper ty under certain conditions, that of assuming the indebtedness^ and the rent of the room. The property consists of tw<? stoves, carpets, pictures, four stands, gamtfs, writing desks.and all of the gymnasium paraphernalia, with duefl afiti other' rnoheys^coming to hear equal it, lacking abou| 810. The question of organizing under the-system of a Y. M. C. A. and of its being a branch of the Sterling association was discuss ed thoroughly. Lester Wetzell and others told of the advantages of such action. ,.'.' "The responsibility of assuming the debts/and the keeping of the rooms open from the time the club should give it up until a? public organization should have It in control was pledged by nine men present: Bev. Gardener, D. O, Coe, Al Gettie, W. B. Emmons, S.T. Shkley, A,,, J, McNeil, William Jamison, Lester Wetzjell and L. L. Emmons,;Jr. Motion prevailed that the Chair appoint a committee of three to discuss and formulate plans for the organizatlon.'«,The Chair appointed A. J. MoHell, Bev, F.H. Gardener and iraraptton from the nine prevailed that D. O. Coe represent them at the meetlog -of the Athletic Club next Tuesday night. The meeting adjourned eubject to the call three. First Y, ML. C.. A The rooms of r the Athletic Club were fairly filled Sunday afternoon at the first meeting of the men under the aus pices of the Y, Mi vC. A. ; of Sterling and Bock Falls. There were about seventy-five present. George Robinson had charge of the singing and the song service was enjoyed by all, Alex Mc Neil-presided In his good natured wayi After, prayer. Secretary Hansen then trasted Life." This was listened to by the mehlq a .very attentive manner. George Bobinson'was then called out and proved that bo was not only a gos pel singer, but a gospel talker as well, The, meeting was dismissed by a benediction from Bev. Kern. .The meeting was a great* success. . ," • ' Death of Ellu little Snyder. t The death of Mrs. Ella Little Snyder occurred Saturday afternoon at .6 o'clock, at her parents, Mr,, and Mrs. Charles Little, on Grey street, of in flammatton of the bowels. Mrs. Snyder was elgh'teeq years old Sept. 1, 1896. She, was married over a year ago to Sylvester Snyder, now of Chicago,with whom she • lived but a few weeks. She had been working to Dlxon for several months. She returned to her work two weeks ago after a spell of sickness, She,was again taken eick a week ago last Sunday and came home Wednesday and was violently ill until death relieved her of her sufferings; Th» funeral took place Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock in the Methodist church, Bev. Gardner officiating. The burial was In the Book Falls cemetery, Bible We^OiK* Wt tfaha McNeil's. .The Bible reading at John McNeil's, southeast of town A couple of wiles, Friday night was a great success, This was the first one held. .Others will be held there oac&a week. N. G. Van 8»ut was out fsoja town and coa- ducted the meeting sod fully explained various passages., Edson Tumbieeon, of Bock^Faila, was there also and aided the session much by hie alaglng. As a result of the wjetlug there wefe three converaicme., in fact every unconverted persoa pr«s»nt. The projeetow of ,hs' uieettog have eattBa |o feelgood. " ' ' ^fe'T" NOTFS FROM THE SCHOOL. TFfllPjxHnrt—f,lnf>oln ssnrt Washington Pro Valentine bores were geea in some of the lower rooms Friday, A number of D!CS picture missives were presented to the teachers. Little tokens like these, prompted $j affection, are more appreciated by the receivers than any costly gifts. ; "Lincoln" programs were given to Booms 6 and 7. Next week a"W88hltJg too" jpaogram will begiven~ln~Ni»7~&, High tschool will give a "Lincoln and Washington" program on 1 the nineteenth. No. 7 wm have a "Washington, Lowell and Longfellow" program on the twenty-sixthf .*' Vieitora reported for the week are: No. 1, Messrs J, E. Durstlne, and B. L! Atklne; No. 3, Mrs. Stanley, D. O. Coe; No/6, Mrs. Stanley, Messrs. J. E. Dur stlne and C. E. Goodrich; No. 9, Alex Lyle; High School, Messrs C. E. Good- ilch^itE, Durstine, B^L.LAtkJnt,^ Mi For and A.,9. - Goodelir It will be noticed that nearly fell the visitors are members of the Board of Edmcation. 'Tls well. Let cltlzers imitate their example. . , The First Year H.. S,students in No. 0 are much Interested In reading"Lady of the Lake," Same bias's baa com ^menced the study of Civil Government and Geology. Second Year students, No. 10,- have completed Civil Government and have begun review of W. 8. History. '„ Class numbers over thirty. " The average of the work being done throughout the school Is quite satisfactory. "What better, what.greater service can we of today render the republic than to instruct and train the young?" Few" pupils absen,t on account of sickness. Minnie Coe,-Tommy Sieph ensoh, No, 6; John Washburne, No. 8; Mamie:Fry, No. 9; and Mary Peebles, High School, are the only ones 'named. 'No. B_ reports the attendance not so good as It should be. 7 Only by regular attendance can interest be maintained and progress be.a'asured, . No. 6 has fairly begun the work in history, and it promises to arouse more enthusiasm than the other books which have been used as readers. The class promoted from No. 5 is doing excellent work in Denominate Numbers; The new recruits in NOB. 7'and 8 are also deserving of special mention for good work. • ; . '/ •. . . •'••.. .-..;' '• /: - ."'• No. 7 has new portraits of Washington and adorn the walls. Some, excellent work in composition and recitations hy"pupllH of thlq room Friday p.m. This year the pupils .of this room will be able to break the rec-J ord by doing all the work required in the Qourse of Study. , : LAND NOT NEEDED THIS YEAR. Capt, t, ,I« Wheeler 8ay» Plant Crops on • . . , the Condemned Laud. If any have in mind that the Henne pin feeder will' be dug this summer they can allay their.thoughts further as the following letter received by one of the owners of land will verify. The whole is inserted to enable one to see what forin'these letters are: . "•V'." ILL"; AND MISS. OANAB, Office of A S8't Engineer, , ,Mro. F. F> Emmons. I have been directed by Major W. S. Marshal.Corps of Engineer's UnitedStates of America, to inform.ybu that your proposition, to sell to the United States 'four and seven-tenths acres for 31,410, for the purpose of Illinois and Mississippi Canal has been approved by the-Secretary of War../; •.•-''••' •"•,.;•' .•-,,' '-. I have also to inf6rm you that your land will not be required, during the coming summer and that 'you can plant such crops thereon or make such use of it as you may choose. . • Yours Very Eespt'y, L.L. WHEELER, Aes't Engineer. THOUGHT IT WAS OLD SANTA. What I- A. Kline Poand In HU Chimney ^ "tl>i» Morning. .. . ; Louie Kline was awakened very early this' morning by a fearful scratching whjeh, seemed to come from the kitchen. He entered the room but could not locate the noise for a few minutes. Then it was found to proceed from the chimney.^ His ftrst thought wae that Santa Claus was making his second trip for the winter and 'had become stuck in the small «hloaney. He pulled; put the etove pipe and by the aid of a lantera discovered not Santa, but a ecreeeh owl, If ow ha came there is a myptery; He was taken outafld put, in a cage where the children are playing with him today, & LOAN of Offimrv— JJij-eleutlou of Old ' '" '' There was s s» good meeting of the Suildlng & Loan Assoelatloa Monday The principal bualuess Wfts th« eleptipn of OJfieere. The threa retiring , Bohert MeNell, A, J, Bw- »nd C. M'. Worth were , meelteg ol tliy waoie iio»t4 of XK NWHT K\KNTS t WHAT "HAPPENED FRIDAY NIGHT IN THSS CITY. The Y, £, S, C. E. Saiip«TBtt<J Apron Ktnnley Honsp rffirfy-Plrpmpn's M*«ttat 9*. B, Cbnteh Sten'B Meetlng—ITh* Atfe- The Apron 8f»l« The sapper given by the Chriitbso Endeavor-weietf TT'FrWiy" BlgEf "«ii well attended end $10, was added to the fund of the eociety. Begular "fall gfown"8uppers weregiven for ten cents and oyster stews for fifteen cents. The supper was the Culmination of the apron sale which the society has been conducting for over a week, Many dollars worth of aprons have been sold. There remain yet some unsold, The Stanley Bon«e Forty. =--=A^ number of members o bekfth lodge, of SIEerllng, gbi~ r ujp : "a sleigh load of people from that city last night and, after a drive, came over to Bock Fa'Js and spent the evening at the Stanley House. Mine host, Whitney, and his wife being members of the Rebekah degree of Odd Fellows, a jolly evening was spent. Those com- prialng'tho load were: Mesdames— .••'.. J. 0, Melster Ben Gurtisen L. Stoeckle ; —Smoker Hattle Myers . I'. T. Van Horn John Kobergtlne ' 8. A. Sohmoeger '...• ' — Stoeckle Mlssea— ; Bertha BwartJaas .Nellie Taylor Margaret BoyeST Mae Johnson OlaraSwartly Florcnco AoSent Lora Taylor . Annie Koberstlne > , . .. Ktta Burgess Carrie Loomls, Proplietstown Messrs— . ' , F/ank Myers R. W. Baker- Ben Gurtisen P. T.;VanHorn Frank Elsele , •Athletic Cli)b Meetloff. ; fhe the Athletic Club may be turned into another direction fronf it was thought of when the organization was projected by the action of the membera last night, The club has been a thriving one, and much good has been accomplished. Its usefulness may be extended to still do further good, A proposition was read from a number of,citizens asking for the ,pon- sideratiou -of' turning the Athletic Club and Reading room into a public one to be supported by the public. Thus the necessary expense would be met by many and the good to be obtained would be extended to many. Considerable discussion followed .this prbposi- -tton-and-the-re¥ult~WBB u committee was selected to confer with a committee from the churches and the public and report. The following is .that committee: Bqlla JHalstead, J. M. BlCkford uud Alfred J obnaon. William Emmltt and BU Engine. William Emmltt h'as been having bis engine, which he used to have .on his little steamboat, rigged so as to grind feed for his dairy cows and bogs. The whole thing had not been, used for a so long a time that all joints were rusty and the thing soon got to 'shaking very much. Well the. engine ran the grinder very well and. the meal was running from the spout finely, when all pf_a sudden a terrific noise from the ehginft'was heard which had. beenT left to itself for a while. A noise of an en ormous amount of steam escaping as though the whole top of the boiler had blown up. The way those men scattered was.a caution, Especially funny Was the way Mr. Emmltt tried to get out of the way .One says be run around the barn and kept on running, wJiIJe another says he crawled under the granery and bid. It must have been a funny sight. Walter E,lohelbarger,who, was present, soon.found the trouble. It seems that the engine shook so that it loosened the steam pipe which runs to the whistle and it finally ,came ofi and that caused the steam to escape With au aw'fal noise, FROM AN OLD RESIDENT. A former Kock Fall* to the Sierra Nevada*. Mrs, Sidney Barber has just received several copies of "Town Talk," a week ly paper published in Passedena, Cal,, In which are? several articles from the p.e1» :of Hon. Theodora ,y. Lukins, President of the Paesadena National Bank and.ex-mayor of that city. TTbe series of articles 'are entitled, "A: Hundred pays' Trip In the Sierra Nevada*." They are profusely illustrated with elegant half-tone cuts of the beautiful scenery seen in^that re- Slon. The Grst cut Is that of Hdn. Lakins and his friend, who went with, hit), "At the start." This was the two >n a pair burros and other pack burros oaded with the neceeeary things for BO loug a trip aiou« In the mouutaina. The last cut is "At the finish" se they appeared wheo they were ready to come home. • They look vejy esedy and busby ou their bums, ewrljf people .of tbiseid^ oltfae river MU reattwbar tlou, I,ufciB«»i jlie Butterick Patterns . FOKSPRING Now on Sale. The Delineator for March. The early Spring 'Number now on*Sale, or delivered at your residence on receipt of request .by postal. Per copy ' TheJ3lass of JBasfaiQjt forMarch now on sale. With its Colored Plates and 56 pages of reading, matter, it is the; greatest fasjiioa magazine e^cr published for. the price. Per copy Tne Butterick Fashion Magazines for ' March are particularly in- ' teresting numbers, containing as they do valuable hints on the Early Spring > Styles. We mail , them" to any •price.'- BOWeBtBdtSt. ' ' Opposite BtndolphHouae. "; • •»-',•• Agents ' Botterick Publishing Co. (Limited). ail Kinds of JobFrtnl •I I n '• l 1 • ifot ail smduol JOB rlintlOE, S- $8% WWB« i iiiitiiigi LetterHe^dd-Ni Statements, Knvelouec, &o.,pnunpuy •tragular rates. Address PHb HTAMDABU. Ht«Ung. 111. Phelps' Four "C" ure< Ttia only kaowq Specific for . * ' • Cure Guaranteed or Money re-*'' funded. For Sale only at Will. P. Hallett's New Drugstore, Are Yoiisitited the'CfgorYou'0^?

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